March 4th, 2008

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How the hell do you take your mind off something that is worrying you?

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday, and I can't stop worrying about all the things that could possibly be wrong with me, and it's driving me nuts!
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should i stay up to watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson or go to bed? Eh. i'll stay up. lol.

would Rogain help my hair grow longer a bit faster?

say hypothetically you are crushing on someone after you were pretty much just out of a bad relationship that ended 4 months ago - but the crush is with someone right now. would you keep up some sort of hope as you get along really well with the crush, or would you make an attempt to get fixated on someone else?

would you take your prozac or drown your sorrows in alchohol? and by sorrows i mean depression.

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TQC, how are my eyebrows bad? I'm the first picture.

edit: Does it make a difference that most of the time I wear much more eye make-up?

edit number 2: Since it's linked directly off my Photobucket, what should I replace the picture with?

edit number 3: I TOOK THE LINK OFF BECAUSE I HAVE NOW TURNED INTO TUBGIRL. ALSO THE FIRST LINK IS NSFW or life really. On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you love Tubgirl?
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Judging SOLELY on color, not style or length, could you please tell me which color you think looks better on me? Feel free to suggest other shades.

ETA: Which do you think is my natural color?

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In reference to a previous post.

Does anyone actually use lj talk? I'm logged in, but none of my other friends ever do!

Also, do you think how popular an IM client is depends on where you live? Say, is AIM more popular in america? Msn in UK? ICQ in Europe? etc
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Ok, so, let's say you meet a guy. He's really cool and cute and you guys hang out a little and really hit it off. On Valentine's Day, you make these indefinite plans to go to a museum, and then to an Irish Pub. He texts you that afternoon, "Hey so I guess I'll take ya to that museum and then maybe we could get a hotel room that'd would be really cool."

You laugh out loud and ignore the message, because you are offended and because you're really interested in someone else.

However, you are no longer interested in someone else. Would you call this guy back/give him another chance? Is it too late?

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What's the website where you can blow a picture up super big and print it out on individual 8x11 pieces of paper? I saw it posted here once.

I heard someone say they didn't like it because it only looked good far away. Do you think this picture would look good blown up to the size of my back wall so I could make one wall of my room NYC? (warning - big [but pretty] picture at the link!)

Would a dark red go well on my other walls with that, if I decide to make one wall that picture? That was my original plan and I have all the paint and accessories (was previously doing an India/Far East theme.) Any other color suggestions?
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I'm having a bonfire on the 14th. Who wants to partay?

I need some good party songs cause my friends think my music sucks. What are some good techno songs? Rock? Big Band? Swing? Jazz?
I'm going to have a big variety but not a whole lot of R&B or Rap music. No country either.

I've already got a few songs in mind: Bei Mir Bist Du Schön by  Baccara and In the Mood by Glenn Miller (yeah, my gram  gave me a WTF look, too, but I like the song and it's danceable).  I think I'll include Haben Sie Gehört das Deutsche Band? from the Producers too, cause I'm a dork.

What is your favourite song to dance to?
What song do you absolutely despise that always gets played in clubs?
What's a song that you always get a weird look for liking?
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 I don't really pay much attention to Teenage culture but I have been hearing a bunch of terms lately that I don't fully understand. So my question is

When someone refers to someone as "Scene" what exactly is that supposed to mean? For example I heard someone at the mall refer to a group of kids as "Scene Kids" What does that mean?
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Makeup nookie

When you have a fight with your partner, do you have make up sex?

How exactly does that work? Do you actually say "This is makeup sex" Or "I'm done being mad at you now. Let's fuck!" or do you just go from FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT to FUCKFUCKFUCK?

Can you have sex with your partner if you are pissed off at them?

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A while back, there were some macros floating around that were things like "goddamn tomatoes" and "fucking beans." I've googled all sorts of profanity plus names of fruits and vegetables and still can't find them. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Can you help a girl out?

ETA: Found them! (Thanks, bellasmommy)

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You're in the grocery store, browsing along, selecting your frozen peas or whatever. Suddenly a song comes over the speakers. And it's that song. You know, the song that was the last one you danced to at your high school prom. Or the one that always reminds you of that road trip you took with your best friend. Or the song you danced to in the parking lot with your friends in college. Whatever the reason, it's that song. The song that, if you were in the car, you would crank the volume up and sing your little heart out and dance. But you're in the grocery store. With people.

Do you smile to yourself and move on? Bob your head a little? Mouth the words and dance a little? Or full out sing and dance through the aisles?

Does your answer change if you're at the store with someone who would presumably feel the same way about the song as you?
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Do you ever think you need someone to knock some sense into you? What about?

Let's say you're sleeping with your SO. In your sleep, you wake up your partner, start cuddling up and end up having sex. Your partner doesn't realize until later that you were asleep the whole time. Is this rape?

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1)do you have personal theme songs? do they change?

yes. they have become more cheery- my last theme song was a long december- but it no longer fits.

2)it snowed today! a really late festivus miracle or an atmospheric precipitation pattern?

3)am I a bad person for not pairing my socks or folding my clothes?

Give Up

You need to give up one. What would it be?

1. Sex or Movies?

2. Chocolate or Cheese?

3. Music or Books?

4. Attractive or Brilliant?

5. Ice cream or Cake?

6. Ocean or Forest?

7. Salt of Sugar?

8. Money or Muffins?
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Did you know what blowjob was when you were 8 years old?

not sure
I had heard the term, but didn't know what it meant/thought it meant something else.

I left out "a" before blowjob, and it's bothering me, but I can't edit it.
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Another tipping question

Ok, I know people ask about tipping here all the time, but here's another one. I am getting a haircut today, and I'm wondering how much I should tip on a $16 haircut.

The place I go is pretty nice -- way better than Best Cuts and other similar chains -- but I guess it's just cheap because it's out in the middle of nowhere. The guy who cuts my hair also washes it (they don't have a separate hair washing person). He charges $16, so I usually give a $4 tip (which, conveniently, is my change from a $20). Thinking about it percentage-wise, 25% seems like a decent tip, but then $4 doesn't seem like much. So, TQC, how much would YOU tip on a $16 haircut?

I'm going to sound like an idiot..

but I'm am in this subject! I had a job during the summer, it was only like a two-month job, but now people keep telling me I have to call them for a tax paper..what tax paper? does it have a specific name? what do I say to them when I call? I dont just want to be like "hi..can you please send me the tax paper?" sounds weird! what am i supposed to do? and yes that was my first job ever

Creepy pants?

I've noticed that in both of my dog, sometimes when he rolls over and I pet his stomach, there's like...a pair of hard balls in the middle of his tiny wang.  His regular balls are where they are supposed to be...but what are the hard ones that come and go?!  Haha come.  *facepalm*

Am I a doggy pervert?

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What's the higest number of tests/quizzes/papers that you've had during a 7 days period?

Starting today I have two major (over 1k) papers, and four major tests.  I also have an endoscopy and a short paper due D:
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TQC, do you agree that giraffes are sick, evil bastards that are ruining our neighborhoods?

What other animals are deceivingly cute, but you know they deserve every bit of profiling you give them?

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i want to go hang out in a first grade class. you know, help the kids with stuff like math and spelling, read to them, get them their snacks at snack time. do you think a teacher would let me if i told the school i'm thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher?

i'm guessing no but.. one can dream. and i'm NOT creepy. i really like spending time with kids. i babysit my friends kids a lot. i like how they're just little people. it's cool.

who is your favorite celebrity?

mine's Dave Grohl! he's just so awesome.
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Don't they say that the longer between meals you wait, the more the savory the food is later?
I forgot to eat dinner last night and am eating my first meal in twenty hours (six hours was sleep). It's so nummy.

I know these are overplayed, but what did you eat last?

Have anything to share?

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When you post in a community, do you like to get lots and lots of responses even if it degrades into things that are totally random, or do you just want to get an answer to your question and be done with it?

I love when random conversations arise in the comments to my posts, and I love when I'm still getting responses (even if they aren't directed to me, but to someone else) days later. It entertains me!
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1. what is the furthest in advance anyone has ever asked you on a date? (excluding formal events like the prom or a dance or something, just your standard dinner and a movie type date).
2. If it was pretty far in advance, did it make you more excited or make you lose interest?
3. When you break up with someone, how do you typically feel about the person? Do you want them to go away? Do you feel guilty? Do you want to be friends? etc.?
4. Any experiences dating coworkers? How did that go for you? Was the transistion awkward?
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Gravity always wins...

Do you know someone who has had plastic surgery - the kind that's unrelated to health or medical reasons, but simply out of "vanity?"

Does/has your opinion of that person changed? Do you think for someone to get a "vanity" procedure done, he/she must have low self-esteem, or deeper issues?

If you don't know anyone who's done this, how do you think you would react if a friend of yours got plastic surgery?
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When someone says something you don't like on LJ, do you delete and/or screen their comments in a huff?

What do you think of people who do that?
What do you think of joey_rama deleting EVERY comment to her post?

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My roommate's boyfriend has told the following lies to her:
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What the hell would motivate someone to tell ridiculous, pointless lies like these? Do you know anyone who tells stupid lies like this? What lies do they tell? Should I twat-chop my roommate for believing all of this bullshit, or what?

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1) I've had an uncontrollable pinky twitch for the past three days. What could be wrong with me?
- I'm kind of convinced it's a finger seizure, tbh. Epilepsy ftw.

2) Does my possibly schedule for next year seem like a bit of an overload?

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3) How's your day going?
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hosting nude photos.

does anyone know of a photo-hosting website that will allow full nude pics?  i've tried a private photobucket album and photobucket keeps deleting any pictures with nudity below the border!

i would like a place to host some of my photography (which includes nudes) in a private album that has the option of allowing a guest password for friends.

so, TQC, do i have any options?  and thanks!

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1)what was the last stupid thing that shocked you?


2)what does funcational mean?

3)what should everybody be panicking about?

it snowed!!

eta: am I imagining seeing mariah carey on tv singing 'touch my body'?

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have you ever found yourself immediately connecting with someone you've met on the internet? like within a week of talking, you knew you found someone/something good [even if it's just friendship]? how did you handle this and how did it all work out? do you still talk to the person? feel free to tell me a story
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Favorite Kids in the Hall sketch?

Favorite Chris Farley SNL sketch?

Favorite Whitest Kids U Know sketch?

Will you be watching Lewis Black's new TV show Root of All Evil?

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so let's say you are dating someone. it hasn't been too long, a few months, but you've know them for longer and feel very close to them.

would you continue to date this person if he told you he wanted to move to Israel in the next five years? yes, Israel.

i am 26 and don't have any urge to move to Israel.
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Last night, I really wanted a grape Popsicle.
Today I want to make tuna casserole for dinner.

TQC, my boyfriend wants to know: does this mean I'm pregnant?!
(Okay, you know I'm just kidding, right? I am smarter than that, people. Give me some credit. Move on to the real question.)

Also, what kind of gym shoes (running/cross-trainers/walking/whatever) do you have? Do you like them? The bottom of one of mine FELL OFF last night when I slid my foot in so I've got to go get a new pair tonight.
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So in preparation of the new computer on Thursday, I'm looking for some good RPG games to install. I'll have alot of space (160 gig). So I need suggestions!

This is what I have so far thats gonna be installed:

1. World of Warcraft (of course)
2. Sim City 4
3. Diablo 2 (old skool!)
4. Warcraft 3
5. Neverwinter Nights
6. Baldur's Gate

In the bookcase I also have the 10th Anniversary of Myst, that I may install. Crystal also has the Kings Quest collection. Anyone out there in cyberspace, (the 'verse, lol I'm such a geek, and you are too if you can tell me where that comes from.) have any othe rideas?

A bit of Dr.L.J.

When you're really tired do you get really shaky?

And for those on anti-depressants, do you find you're way lazier and sleep more than most people you know? And able to consume vast amounts of coffee with little effect?

Who can't wait for warmer weather?
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Do you think that Chuck E. Cheese's is really where a kid can be a kid?  Or is it more where the devil resides on earth?
Honestly, it feels more like the latter.

Where were you a kid?

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This morning I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast, chocolate flavor, as my breakfast. I also had coffee. Both were made with soymilk, and I put mocha-flavored Splenda in the coffee. I subsequently carried two separate thermoses full of chocolate-flavored, soymilk-containing drinks with me to school today.

This got me thinking.

Would it be (1) awesomely delicious or (2) disgusting to combine the coffee, the instant breakfast and the soymilk together? Would it become some sort of delicious, caffeinated, chocolatey, protein and vitamin-rich super drink? Or would it be disastrous for some reason?

Have you ever done this?

Evil Employee

I work at a call center. We do not have assigned seats. This morning I came in and sat at the desk I usually sit at. There was a purple pen there that someone left behind. I decided to use it because I needed a pen actually.

Fast forward a couple of hours later. I am on a call and using the pen to write down something. Another employee comes in, one that does not really like me I suspect. She sits at the next desk over. She sees the pen that I am using, stands up and snatches it out of my hand as I am writing, saying that it was her pen.

Was she wrong to do this like that?

What would you have done in my situation?

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has someone ever used teeth when they were going down on you? was it at all enjoyable? want to tell me about your experience?

i ask because recently, i was on the receiving end and this person like, took a mouthful of my vagina and CLAMPED DOWN and sloooooooowwwwwwllllyyyyy dragged their teeth down my vuvla of sadness. i asked her about it later and said "hey, xyzname, could you use a lot less teeth next time?" she claims that she's always done that and has never had a complaint.

so, maybe i am just really sensitive or something, but are there people out there who enjoy teeth on their vagina? i'm sure it could be enjoyable somehow, but not in a clampy/gnawy way.

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If you were gonna make the movie of your life so far:
1. What would the title be?
2. Who would play the main characters?
3. What would the opening scene be like?
4. What's the basic plot?
5. Would you have music specifically composed for it, or use already recorded songs?
6. If you pick the latter, what songs would you like to include on the soundtrack?
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What is your favorite cover of an old song?

Is there a music artist that you like that is not your normal musical genre?

Do you ever get fixated on a color?

What instrument do you love the sound of?
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this is geared more toward the ladies of the community, BECUZ. (but if you are a male and want to answer, feel free to do so)

have you ever dated anyone that earned ($ wise) a significant amount less than you did?

did it bother you that they weren't on your level (in regards to pay/income)?

did it get in the way of you guys being able to do stuff since you for the most part had to end up paying (or were afraid that you weren't able to do such and such because the other person might not be able to afford it so why even bring it up - because it might make them feel inferior to you since it's usually the man that makes more than the woman)?

Sexual odds. Some ends

Would you ever join the Rent-a-Dildo program?

Yes. I'd like to be able to check out various toys without having to purchase them. What if they suck?
No. That's disgusting

You find out that your SO got drunk with his/her friends, and they were near a petting zoo, and your SO was dared that he/she wouldn't have sex with/go down on a sheep/goat. Well, let's just say that your SO didn't back down from the challenge. You heard about all this from a common friend. What would be your reaction?

I join in on the good-natured ribbing that my SO is getting from all his/her friends. That's kinda funny
That's cheating. Whether or not it was sex with a farm animal or sex with a human, my SO cheated on me and I will act accordingly
I'd be incredibly grossed out. It would probably affect the future of the relationship somewhat, since I wouldn't want to touch him/he as much
It would probably affect the relationship somewhat, as I now know that all along, I've been dating an idiot
I feel relieved. Now I don't feel as bad about that one-night stand with the llama last year

Let's say your SO had some unusual fetishes and kinks. Which of the following fetishes would you be willing to entertain in order to appease your SO? The ones you don't check, I'll assume are deal breakers

Light BDSM
Heavy BDSM
Infantism (not pedophilia. Look it up)
Erotic asphyxiation
Furry sex
Water games
Faux necrophilia (you soak in a tub of cold water to lower your body temp, and then just lie there in bed)
Blood drinking
None of the above

Let's say you're dating someone. You like him/her and you guys really get along in every possible way. Except, the only sexual position they engage in is missionary. They refuse to try anything else because 'it's just not romantic'. Obviously this means that the sex is pretty vanilla, with no props or toys utilized either. Would this be a deal breaker?

my lola

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My mother has found a lump under her arm, and is going to the doctors tonight. She thinks it's nothing to worry about, but I'm nearly in tears. Am I being silly for worrying this early?

Scenario: I live in a town with no clubs, no pubs, one chip shop, no social scene, and my friends live miles away but I feel like spending some time out of the house on my own after dark; 
Any suggestions for things to do? 

Chocolate toothpaste?
What...why...I don't understand the point of it!!
Have you tried it? Did it work?
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Does anyone want to teach me the different between passive se and impersonal se? D:

EDIT:  I know the difference between the two, but I can't make the distinction in practical usage.  For example, I can't tell if the sentence Se habla ruso en ese pueblo is meant to mean "They speak russian in this villiage" or "Russian is spoken in this village" D:

What do you think of nutrisoda?


Inspired by fourcorners

Which of the following do you currently participate in?

Light BDSM
Heavy BDSM
Erotic asphyxiation
Furry sex
Water games
Faux necrophilia
Blood drinking
None of the above

What's hidden in your closet?
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In response to this

What do you think about people who just don't care about things SO MUCH they feel compelled to make a post to announce this fact to everyone and look for other people who share their opinions of not-caring?
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So, approximately 2-3 times per week, an unmarked car (as in, not a pizza guy or something) pulls up outside my apartment; somebody gets out, climbs the stairs to the unit above me, and knocks on the door. The guy upstairs answers the door, and then about half a minute later somebody goes down the stairs and the car pulls away.

TQC, you tell me: what's that all about??

I know it's none of my business, and I don't really care what's going on. It's just lulzy to speculate. My guess? Drug deals.
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We're finally able to have our dogs inside more. How can I get my cat to not freak out around them? Should I just let him work it out himself? The dogs don't chase him or anything, he's just gets scared/pissed off when their around.
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Is it fair that your in-laws constantly make fun of liberals, democrats, and anyone not republican, and say things like, "Vote Terrorist, Vote Democrat", but the day you wear a shirt that says Collapse ) they get wicked pissed at you and tell you it's not funny and it's just insulting and you're dishonoring the entire military?

(I married into a military family, everyone is a marine...)

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1.  I'm going to a Mardi Gras themed party this weekend.  I'm probably going to wear lots of purple and green-- plus the beads, of course.  I don't want to wear a mask.. Any other unique ideas for how to look Mardi Gras-ish?

2.  I locked myself out of the house today.  When's the last time you got locked out of your house or car?  For how long?

3.  Where did you get your favorite pair of pants?

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What should I make for dinner? The sky is the limit. I'm good at cooking and I need to go to the grocery store anyway. I can't get my hands on fresh fish. I hate rice, mushrooms, chicken and pasta. Super processed foods need not apply(aka canned soup, velveeta, anything that has all of the ingredients in a box) The more obscure the better. It doesn't have to involve meat.

ETA: We have a winner

Will you show me or tell me what is in your purse?

Care What People Think?

I've found myself really going out of my way lately to look pretty. Wearing make up, tanning, changing my outfit 900 times before I leave the house. It's getting pretty old. Granted, the tanning improves my acne, but it's still a cosmetic thing.

Do you care what people think about you?
Do you think it's ok to care what people think about you?
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Help me ID these olives:

1. When I was in Turkey, our hostel served some kind of cured olives with breakfast. They were black, similar to kalamatas but wrinkly. They had pits. I should have bought them there, because when I looked for them here I had no luck. Any ideas as to what kind of olives I had, TQC?

2. When your parents annoy you, do you feel guilty afterwards? I do. I'm always afraid I will be annoyed with my mom and then something bad will happen.
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Someone told me Olivia Newton John did a cover of "If You Could Read my Mind" but I'm not finding anything to suggest this is true. So, then, what female vocalist did cover it? Or which one covered it with the greatest amount of commercial success? thanks!

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I take Centrum Chewables. It says it has 18mg worth of iron in it. Due to some TMI stuff, I have come to the conclusion that my body is not absorbing any or all of the iron. Why?

How can I make my body absorb the vitamins and minerals in my multivitamin?

What multi vitamin do you take?

(no subject)

1) What are your deal breakers in relationships? (eg - you would never date someone who smokes)

2) What music did your parents play a lot when you were growing up? Do you like that music now?

3) Will you post the funniest picture you have?
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There's a local technical college that offers free teeth cleaning and dental x-rays. Would you ever take advantage of a service like that? What would you think of someone who would? If you wouldn't do the teeth cleaning thing, are there any services that you would consider going to a similar vocational college for, like hair cuts or whatever?

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Aid me, O great language experts!

Does anyone know what "Stand and Deliver" (like what Highwaymen are portrayed as saying) in Norwegian? Please, and thank you!

PS: This is NOT for a tattoo. I'm just barely smart enough to know that if I get a tattoo, it should probably be in a language that I speak.


How many of you have your v-card? Are you going to wait until marriage?
If you are married, did you wait until marriage to have sex? or did you do it sooner? why was this?

How old are you?

How do you propose i write my two weeks notice to the place i have worked at for a year and a half? (srs and non srs)
Do you think i should take some time off? Or should i jump right into work after i quit?

Whats your favorite kind of pizza?


To the girls[or guys if you wanna answer]: Does sex hurt you? [in an unenjoyable way, I mean] How do you deal with it or make it better?
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I wanted to ask how you were but someone beat me to it.

So. What are you wearing?

What are you doing?

What should you be doing?

What are you eating? or what was the last thing you ate?

How's the weather?

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I am currently brushing up the resume one last time and I have a quandary.

See, at the company I currently work for, I have been working there since August 30, 2006. I've worked there ever since. However, from November 10, 2007, to January 12, 2008, I was a seasonal keyholder. I got a temporary raise and a set of keys to the store. I reverted to my position of sales associate shortly thereafter.

How can I designate this on a resume? I don't want to give the impression that I was a seasonal keyholder for the entire time I worked there, that makes no sense to me anyway?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

A second, unrelated question: has anyone ever had their moisturizer, well for lack of a better word, run off their face in water? I put some on this morning, and when I walked to the store in the rain, it kind of melted off.
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After a discussion with my dad, I am left wondering the opinions of others on this very important matter that, I think, affects all of us.

So, TQC...

Who is more evil; Oprah or Martha Stewart?

(I would throw giraffes in there for comparison also, but we all know who would win that)
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Who do you think are the hottest sitcom mom and dad? Sean and Claudia Finnerty from Grounded for Life.
Who's your favorite sitcom family? I love the Taylors (Home Improvement), the Finnertys (see above) & the Connors (I think they're most realistic).
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Have you or has anyone you know ever gotten pregnant while wearing a condom?
ps: don't be silly and say you're a girl and don't wear a condom. I'm obviously asking if the appropriate person got pregnant or was wearing a condom. :D
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