March 3rd, 2008


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I have to do a group project for my political science class. I don't mind the project itself, but no one in the group is ever able to meet at the same time, which gets very frustrating.

1) What is the worst group project related experience you've ever had?

2) I hate cold weather and do not own (let alone wear) a down coat. So why have I spent the past four years at Syracuse University?

3) The band Live is easily one of my favorite bands ever. Do you like Live? If so, what songs? Most important, is it pronounced Live as in alive or Live as in "oh, don't worry, he'll live"? I've heard it both ways!

4) Last year, for my birthday, I went to Portugal (I was doing a semester in London and I flew to Lisbon with a friend for $36.) This year another friend and I are trying to get tickets to Red Sox-Yankees at Fenway. What's the most awesome thing you've ever done for your birthday? What's the most awesome thing you've ever done for a friend's birthday?

5) I'm from the NY metro area, so St. Patrick's day is a bit of a tradition even though my family isn't Irish. What holiday/occasion do you observe even if you have no ethnic or religious connection to the event?
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Have you ever played President/Asshole card game? Not necessarily the drinking game.

Yes, I enjoy it.
Yes, it sucks.
What the fuck are you talking about?

Do you like bubble tea?


Where would you rather live for four years?

Yokosuka, Japan
Naples, Italy
Sasebo, Japan

Will you post at least one picture of the last thing you bought in a comment?

No, you asshole.
Yes, of course.

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I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced (a labret on the left), and was wondering if there's anything that I should expect, things that people don't tell you . When I got my tongue pierced I had a sore throat for a few days afterwards, I hadn't read anything about that.
Are there any side effects like that with a lip piercing?

Non serious answers are great too.
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You are a man. (STFU, I SAID YOU'RE A MAN!)  And, for the purposes of this hypothetical scenario, you are straight and married.  Get over it for five seconds.

You and your wife have three kids, and you are DONE wit de babymakin'.  She's worried, though, that instead of just relying on birth control and condoms, that there should be a more PERMANENT birth control going on in the household.  She mentions that you should get a vasectomy, but she NEVER mentions getting her own tubes tied.  In fact, when the subject is brought up, she's completely against getting her tubes tied, but she is still nagging you to get a vasectomy.

How would you feel about this?  How would you handle this situation?

Ladies, you can be ladies again: Would you ever put your husband/SO through this situation?

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When you are alone and crying, do you watch yourself in the mirror?

edit: I probably should have prefaced the question. At the end of the video for "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab the girl is crying at the end and watching herself. Thought that was...interesting. I swear I am not an emo child. :D


How do your parents feel about you having a person of the opposite sex [or same sex if you prefer that] in your room?

How old are you?

If you've moved out are your parents involved in your relationships?
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Rocky Horror Batman Show


My long distance girlfriend's cat Horatio died last night unexpectedly. He went to sleep and never woke up. He was only a year old and she is devastated. She got Horatio and his brother and sister when they still had their eyes closed and nursed them with a bottle because the mother abandoned them.
She took him to a vet not too long ago because he was quite a bit heavier than his brother and sister and ate the same amount, as well as having undescended testicles. The vet said there was nothing wrong with him. She's taking him for a necropsy tomorrow to see if it was something preventable.

How can I make her feel better? I sat on the phone for a while with her, but she had to go to work. I want to drive up there and be with her, but it's 1200 miles and I only have twenty dollars.

What should she do if Horatio had something preventable that the vet missed? Would it even be plausible to sue? At the very least she's never going to that vet again.

I'm really upset about this too, even though I'd only seen pictures of him. Will you guys share some funny animal stories and pictures with me?
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a few years ago on HBO i saw part of a movie that i can't seem to find. the most i can remember was that it was about a girl who looked to be mid-twenties, lived by herself, and had a doll. the doll was in a glass case and she talked to it. the girl meets a guy who i think wants to be a film-maker. she develops feelings for him and invites him over so he can show her a short film he has made. his film is a gory/romance thing involving blood and sex. after the movie is done, the girl tries to seduce the guy into having sex with her. she cuts herself somehow and spreads the blood on her and says "see? it's like your movie." the guy gets freaked out and leaves. the guy had just closed the door to her apartment at this point and before he walks off, he can hear the girl inside yelling at her doll like it's a person.

what was this movie?

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So today, as I turned onto my street there was a car coming down the street behind me. He started flashing his lights at me but I didn't pay attention much. So then I pulled into the parking spot just to let him pass so I could park properly. Then the car slowed down next to me and the guy stared at me! For a while it looked liked my sister's boyfriend so I just stared back kind of smiling. Then he rolled down his window, and it wasn't him! So I rolled down mine!

This random guy yelled out to me, 'You have your license?!' and I'm pretty baffled so I just said yes. Then he got out of his car and I got kind of creeped out. He came to my window and asked to see my registration, so I asked him what for. He told me that he's an undercover cop. I then asked to see proof. So he took out his wallet and handed me his I.D and said he pulled me over because I looked nervous when I saw him [?! He was very far behind me!]

I then realized he thought I pulled over because of him, but I didn't tell him this is where I lived. I looked at his I.D and read it, and it said nothing about him being a police, so he pointed to a serial number on the card and says that's all I need to see. I gave it back to him and told him I didn't believe him, and he reached into his jacket through his front and pulled nothing out. Then he said he left 'it' in the car. So as he walked back to his car, another car pulled up behind him [his car was in the middle of the street!] and he looked at me and just drove off.

Definitely tl;dr, but I want to know, How close was I to death!? Was this guy really a cop?
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Talk to me

If you could talk to one person from your past that you no longer speak to now (for whatever reason - breakup, moved away, passed away), who would you talk to and what would you want to say to them?

I wish my grandmother were alive. I really need her level head right now.

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paging nurse LJ!

for some reason, it seems like i have both really good hearing and also pretty shitty hearing. i've noticed that if someone's standing right next to me and suddenly says something to me, i usually don't catch it and have to ask them to repeat themselves. but a lot of the time, i'll hear stuff that no one else is hearing, little stuff from across the room and whatnot. like, i can "hear" when a tv is on, even if i can't see it. there've been times where i'm in my bedroom, and the tv in the living room is on but muted, and i can "hear" that it's on. at night, i'll hear every tiny little noise that i really don't need to hear, as well. there've also been times when i've been in a group of people, talking to on person, and someone else says something about me to someone else. i usually will pick up on that, and comment on it, and people tend to be surprised that i heard them.

does anyone know why this is? mostly i'm just curious as to why i don't always hear what people right in front of me say, and yet i can hear things across the room and across the house. it's sort of like i'm nearsighted, but with hearing. wtf is this? it's always been like that, too.
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Why the hell are the navigation links set to the left? Who messed with TQC's layout?

Has a dream ever made you feel sorry for someone or really affected you?
Last night my dream started out on the east side of town; some dude was pointing his rifle at a lady's eyeball at a bank. She saw him standing in her shop that looked dark so she raced across the street. Long story short, he raped her, cut her up, mutilated her genitals, and impregnated her. I..couldn't sleep after that. That's the first time a dream has done that.

torture porn

What are your thoughts on the genre of films known as "torture porn" (i.e a film that revolves around gratuitous torture sequences that add nothing to the plot)? I've never seen Saw so I don't know whether or not it would fall into this category, but movies like Captivity and Hostel would definitely fall into that category. Films with brief scenes of torture (Casino Royal, Reservoir Dogs) that are relevant to the storyline would not.

My girlfriend and I got into a huge debate about these torture porn movies and I'm looking for some new arguments. I personally think that anyone who watches these movies religiously is creepy and I'd like them to not get too close to me.

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1. In your opinion, what is the most overrated song (or band, if you prefer) ever?
Mine: Imagine by John Lennon.

2. Let's say there's such a thing as reincarnation. Who or what would you like to come back as in your next life? Who or what do you think you will come back as in your next life?
I'd like to come back as someone who's willingly living with nothing -- like a Buddhist monk or something -- but I'll probably come back as a carnie or something.

3. Out of any vacations you've taken/places you've been, which one would you say was your favorite?
Mine: I loved Scotland, but there's not a whole lot that beats the Minnesota family farm in the summers.

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Do you think it is important to wear makeup when going to an interview?
Do you think makeup makes one looked polished and put together?


I ask because I live in a hot state. Summer is around the corner and the idea of wearing foundation/powder on my face makes my skin crawl. I don't know how women in the warmer states keep their make up from melting.

My completion is fair. So I don't feel the need to put on too much makeup. But I tend to get weird about interviews and paint my face more then even what I wear on a date. I don't know why I feel I have to put so much effort in my look.

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I want to make a chicken pie today, but the recipe has the main veggies as celery & capsicum. Both of which I utterly hate.

Any suggestions on some veggies that I could replace them with?

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I just realized that when I want to start a sentence with "so" but know I shouldn't, I just write the same sentence starting with "thus". Is that actually grammatically correct or am I just trying to obfuscate the basic sentence structure problem with fancy terminology?

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How important is physical activity to you?
Why are you physically active?
What are your thoughts regarding pro eating disorder communities?
Do you think these pro eating disoder communities should be banned?
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tlaijing's post reminded me of this

i'm sure some of us have been in this situation before. can you tell me about an instance where someone was hugely, horribly, completely wrong in a debate, but you just can't convince them?

what was the debate? who was the person?

for me, for some reason i cannot convince my 90 year old grandmother that rape exists. she thinks that every woman who gets raped was asking for it in some way. this boggles my mind, of course.
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Adobe Acrobat

I looked over the rules again, and I think this is an okay question, but please let me know if it's not, and I'll delete the post and apologize in advance for being lame or whatever.
Background: I reformatted my computer, so I need to reinstall everything. I think this program is freeware (or whatever the term) and downloading it doesn't violate copywrite laws, but I could be wrong.

1. Where can I find a safe/reliable/trustworthy place to download Adobe Acrobat?
2. Is there one set place that is safe/reliable/trustworthy for downloading these types of files? or are they scattered?

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So, the left arrow of my keyboard broke, and I called the company to replace that one key. But they said they have to replace the entire keyboard (it's a laptop) Why can't they just sent me a replacement key? It's apparently 20 dollars to replace the whole keyboard, which I think is really odd.

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Would you rather ultimately end up with a guy who had no testicles and was generally indifferent to you but that you've fancied for a while, or with a guy you already knew who was so obsessed with you that he went a bit crazy and burned off another guy's testicles just because you liked him?

This is inspired by a crazy dream I had, not by anything real, btw.


Do you have a crush on anybody right now? What are they like?

Edit: IF YOU ARE A GUY: Which guy in the above example would you rather be?
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road trip!

1. My husband and I are planning a road trip in May. We live in South Central (lol) Pennsylvania. What are some cool places that are driveable? I don't want to drive to California or Norway.

2. Do you know of any good online road trip planners? All the ones I've been googling have been ass.

3. What road trips have you gone on, if any? Share with the class!
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Using your father's business connections to find/get a job: good use of networking or lame?

If it makes a difference, I didn't ask for any assistance; my dad's friend requested that I send him my resume.
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How much money are you willing to spend on tickets to go see your favorite musician/musical group?

I am currently in a bind, there are two concerts coming up that I would like to go to [Kanye West, Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D is concert #1, concert #2 is Jay-z & Mary J. Blige] but the MAJOR one that I want to go see (#2) the tickets START at $65 (they are in the lawn section, eh) and go all the way up to $1,300 :( there is no way that I would pay more than $600 for a ticket to see him though.. but is it crazy that I am even considering spending $500 on a ticket?? LOL idk when/if I will ever get a chance to see him in concert though.. which is why I am even considering doing such a thing. He isn't coming here so that would be the closest location that I could travel to, to go see him in concert (Dallas).. whereas Kanye (who I've seen in concert before) is coming here. I am going to see Jay-z, I talked my best friend into going with me. :p

btw, based on the poll that I posted last week.. me and my best friend will be heading to SAN FRANCISCO! We're going to be staying with her family in Rancho and then traveling up to San Fransisco for a few days..

TQC'ers around that area.. START PLANNING FOR A MEET UP! latenightdrives, I am looking at you ;)
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Here is my probably only one politically driven post of questions......

I saw the following bumper sticker:
Do you find that to be true? (you youngsters, catch up on your history)

And your opinion of this would be?
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There is nothing worse than coming back to school from spring break at 8am, be pummelled with assignments, and have to sit next to a window while you watch everyone go jacket-free for the first time this year. (It is 12 out, up from about -10 yesterday, -15 to -20 last week)

What's making your day miserable?

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Do you think if I attempted suicide my boyfriend might finally leave me?
Somehow slitting my wrist seems like the only way to get through to my boyfriend that I want him to go away.
Maybe I am being just a little dramatic about the whole issue.

Serious question:
What was the last thing that pissed you off?
How did you resolve this issue?
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Has anything exciting happened to you today?

When my boss and I were going out for lunch, 4 police officers burst into the lobby of our building and commandeered an elevator. It turned out that someone at the hotel next door called in a report of a shooter on the roof (it turned out to be a false alarm).

And what are you having for lunch?

I had a Turkey Tom from Jimmy John's.
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1. How was your weekend?

2. What did you do?

3. What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

4. What was the best thing you bought this weekend?

5. Any pictures you want to show off?
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Beta question

1. Apparently my beta community is dead, so I'm going to ask this here. Which version of the end part is correct?

"...the 'Dummy Rangers'."


"...the 'Dummy Rangers'".

2. For those of you who have no idea: What time did you go to sleep last night? When did you wake up?

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OH COME ON; I think tiny invisible things going crazy and zipping around are terribly exciting! I'm not asking for a long-winded response for each item on the list, I just thought it would be nice to think about things on a different scale once in a while.

What are your thoughts on

submicroscopic matter


In a literal/scientific, metaphysical or metaphorical way.

I was reading some things that touched on a few of these and then doing independent research on a few others and wanted to hear your thoughts on the insubstantial, the tiny, the imperceptible....

Also, how much do you hate Victoria Secret's body spray "Lovespell"? It used to be kind of okay for me but I smell it everywhere now and it makes me want to vomit. It smells like dogasspussy.

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What do you think of The Steve Wilkos show if you've seen it.

So..lemme ask that again.

If you've seen it, What do you think of The Steve Wilkos Show?

Personally, I think it's one of the best intervention talk shows out there. It's not like Jerry or Maury. He makes a difference.

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Wtf is up with my cat?

She all of a sudden started acting weird. She'll lay on the the ground and roll over a thousand times. Then she will lay on her side and pull herself across the carpeted floors with her front claws. She is constantly rubbing her scent glans on everything. She's also very affectionate. More so than normal, imo. She follows me all over the house just to rub on me. My only guess is that she is getting ready to go into heat.

Oh, she will be a year in April if that makes a difference.

She's not fixed because we're keeping her as an inside only cat. We figured that getting her spayed wouldn't matter much. I'm beginning to second guess that decision.

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what exercise equipment would you recommend that is under 200 dollars?

What is the difference between Ab Ultra and Ab Lounge 2 ? As far as I can tell, the ulta has some padding. My dad is insisting on buying me the best one but I don't see a difference really. Can you see any difference? I know the seat is mesh but is that really worth extra 60 dollars?

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I had to do a complete system restore and now my msn messenger doesn't work. I can't reinstall it because I can't uninstall it. It is not in my add/remove programs list. What can I do?
Is there any good messenger that is compatible with msn? anything that is almost identical?
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1) Do you like Acai juice? I bought a bottle for the first time. I'm not sure about it. Reminds me of wine, oddly

2) I just got handed some new responsibilities at work. As a result of keeping up with those and my other priorities, the filing is starting to get behind. I'm trying my hardest to keep up, but it feels like I can never get ahead! Is it acceptable to talk to my boss about it and possibly suggest getting a part time file clerk in here? I'm technically a receptionist, but she wants to give me even more responsibilities, so I know the filing will get pushed back even further as my duties change :[
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1. What do you usually do for your birthday?

2. Do you have separate celebrations with family and friends?

3. How did you say goodbye to your teenage years on your 20th?
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I am listening to a lot of Animal Collective/ Broken Social Scene/ Silver Jews (yes, they are called that)

Any other bands you could recommend along these lines?

Where should i hand in my resume?

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1. How long do you think a relationship can last in which both people have very little in common? They like each other VERY much and always have a good time together, but when they're apart, they're doing completely different things. Do you think that'll eventually start to affect the relationship?

2. Does anyone actually use those preset buttons on the microwave? Like the "frozen vegetable" or "popcorn" buttons?

3. For the Degrassi fans: Does anyone even care about Darcy? If yes, what qualities do you find likable in her? Why is she such a main character now? Do you like these new Lakehurst kids? Who's your all-time favorite character?

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Poll #1148305 Time for something completely different

Which would you rather do?

Cut off a transgendered person's leg
Beat a furry, who's dressed like a pet dog
Donate one of Britney Spears' kidneys
Devour a person who cheated on their SO
Have sex while pooping
Force someone to gain 20lbs by eating nothing but spiders
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For any swimmers out there...

Would swimming laps with wrist and/or ankle weights be a bad idea? I swim every day and want more resistance. Do you think I'll end up hurting myself?

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What are some exciting ways to celebrate an anniversary?

So my cousin is going to Europe & her anniversary with her boyfriend is this friday.. He wants to do something really special because she's going to be going away for so long.. but we're running out of ideas..
He wants something exciting & sort of unique.. beyond the whole fancy dinner thing..
He was thinking sky diving, but it's really expensive =/

My cousin is really laid back & she will enjoy ANYTHING..

If it helps, we live in Vancouver BC..
and she is not originally from here, so she likes touristy stuff too


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1. Why isn't life constantly awesome like in the movies?

2. If you could fast fore ward through the monotonous points in your life, would you?

3. What song(s)/music would definitely have to be in your life's soundtrack? Even if you had to change your life just for them to fit.

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1. Do you ever wish you could go back to a different time in your life?

2. When were you the happiest?

3. When were you the saddest?

4. What do you put on your tacos?

5. What is your preference, strait hair or curly hair?

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80's-90s TV Show

I want to watch Beauty and The Beast (the tv show not the cartoon/movie) with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman in it.

Anyone know where I can watch it online? or download it? Perferably Season 1 but I was hoping the whole series.

Already checked out Youtube, Veoh, TV-LINKS and Zango.


How long...

How long do you run your car before it's "warmed up?"

If it's freezing outside, but your car was sitting in the sun (and therefore is warm inside) does it still need to warm up?

Is it wrong to vote for someone you don't completely agree with, because you know the person whose beliefs match yours will never win?

Do you remember your SAT score (Americans)?

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1. The medical community has revealed they might have conjured up a blood test that will predict Bipolar disorder. If in the future your unborn children were able to be tested, would you have the fetus tested for mental health problems or is that too Gattaca for you?
2. When you brush your teeth do you use a pea size amount or the entire brush length?
3. The library in my town has only 2 shelves of books... What is the most disappointing thing your city/town has to offer?
4. Do you know of an ultra secret website that sells normal sized scrubs?
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Would you ever take a day off work because you're feeling a bit down/sad? I don't mean actual crippling depression, just sadness.

I ask because some one suggested to me when I was overly emotional this morning to take the day off and it just surprised me. I wouldn't have ever considered even thinking about taking off because I felt a bit weepy for a couple of hours. Is this a common thing?

What reasons, besides getting sick, WOULD you take off work? (Vacation time doesn't count either)
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1. Where can I find info on search and rescue procedures?
My google skills have failed neighborhood wraps around a lake, and a man went missing this past Friday. He can't swim, so they think he might be in the lake or maybe even in the woods. Sunday, there were two boats out on the lake doing something my dad called "dredging", but idk what that means. Now there's a helicopter overhead and it's circling in the same pattern right above my house and the lake, and I'm just wondering what they're doing, if it's like infared or what.
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I once saw a website that used data from regional slang polls to create maps showing where in the United States people use "pop" versus "soda" versus "Coke"...or "water fountain" versus "drinking fountain" versus "bubbler"...and so on and so forth.

The site, as I recall, was devoted solely to this one project, and was not in journal or blog form.

I cannot find it again! :(

Does anybody know what I'm talking about? You win a thousand cookies and my eternal gratitude if you can provide me with a link. :)
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If you were developing a software product/agent whose sole purpose is to monitor the intricate details of an Apache web server, would you think it would be a best practice to not give that agent the capability to monitor multiple separate instances of an Apache web server configuration?
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1)It's a dark and stormy day. Should I brave the storm or delay my ebay packages one day?

2)are you sad that netflix only lets you save 490 movies in your queue?

3)how do you deal with sudden weather changes like one day it's 70 degrees; the next it's 40?

eta: any telltale signs of illness for you?

me: underarm bump, tongue feels funny.

(no subject)

What free programmes do you suggest I get to protect my Windows XP PC & laptop? I have Norton Security Scan,  AdAware 2007 & Spyware Doctor. Basically I don't know what I need to protect it. I would usually google it but I don't have time right now and by time I'm home I could have a few answers from here.

Thanks so much in advance!
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based on a really wanky irl conversation

1. Do you think the "obesity epidemic" is something to worry about?

2. If you are obese or overweight, have you tried to lose weight? Do you think society impacted your decision to diet/exercise or not to diet/exercise?

3. Why do you think the US (or the UK or whatever country you live in) has a weight problem?

(no subject)

For those of you who live on your own or in an apartment:

what is the biggest piece of advice you can give someone about moving out for the first time into an aparment on their own?

what things will i probably forget to bring?

whats more important:
cheap aparment but in shitty neighborhood?
more expensive apartment in nice neighborhood that is better inside?

does everyone hate their job as much as i hate mine?

what was the best part of your day?
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Know of an obscure/lesser known indie/rock/something song with the line "those high voltage lines" in it?

I know I've heard it before but I can't place it at all. D:

What time did/will you eat lunch today?

(no subject)

Would you please post one line or one sentence from a private entry? It doesn't have to actually disclose anything private but it would be cool if we could all read it and wonder about it.

I'll go first even:
It surprised me, but I'm very happy and excited about it.

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I was really being light about how I felt but you guys definitely made me realize that I am just not worth the air I breathe.

I leave you with these questions to think about:

What is it that gives something genuine value?
What things are really worth striving for?
What is it that makes life worth living? Are there values that transcend cultural differences?
Can we have ethical values without religion?
If the universe operates in terms of deterministic laws, how can there be real choice?
Is all value subjective?
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Alright, so.
I have a t-mobile phone, as does everyone in my house. I have always had coverage in my house, until today, apparently. My phone shows full coverage in terms of bars, but next to it, there is the no-signal sign. Everyone else in my house has coverage, and according to customer service, there isn't anything wrong with my phone.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? This is really annoying because I have no other phone available to me.
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Do you think you're born into a certain sexual orientation?

Do you own any Converses?
+ If so, High Tops or Low Tops?
+If low tops, do you own a pair of the new No-Lace ones?

If you could have any profession in the world, what would it be?
HP love

It's a question of a geeky nature.

When you shorten mathematics, do you keep the 's', or drop it?
How about statistics (as in the field of study, not a collection of data)?

Where are you from?

To clarify, this is as in the class. So, pretend you're in a hurry, and someone stops you to chat. You tell them, "sorry, I have a _____ lecture!"
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Americans: Do you use British-English spelling/terminology? (Favourite, Colour, advert, about-turn, car park, crisps etc) Why or why not? I do, because I think "favourite" looks better/more correct than "favorite".

Non-Americans: Do you use American-English spelling/terminology? Why or why not?

Edit: Why is it considered pretentious to use British spelling/terminology if you're American?

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I'm adding movies to my netflix queue. What do you recommend?

I like comedy, romantic comedy, thriller, drama. not so much sci fi.

I really like movies made in London (i think?) like Shaun of the Dead, etc., movies of that nature.

(no subject)

Okay baby bats, what is the most gothic movie ever?

What is the most disgusting pick up line you've ever heard?

What is the worst one used on you?

I'm putting off doing homework, laundry and going grocery shopping. What things are you putting off by being here, TQC?

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Have you ever read a LJ user name over and over, thinking it was one thing, only to realize that you were wrong the whole time?

I always thought that generalwhitey said whitney, not whitey... it wasn't until I posted a question about tanning and she answered that I realized I was wrong...

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What causes do you believe in?

What causes do you actively support? What do you do to support them?

If you could change the world what would you change?
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1) I hit a weight loss plateau. I'm stepping up my running and trying to cut down my fat there anything else I can do? The only place I really have left to lose fat on is my gut.

2) If you have a birthday that falls in cold weather, did you ever wish as a kid that you had a summer birthday so you could have pool party birthdays and cook-out birthdays? pardon the awkward wording of this

3) What webcomic do you loathe most?

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which would you prefer to be REAL???

loch ness monster

edit: by real, i mean EXISTING RIGHT NOW

Monday Mix

What is the craziest weather you have been a witness to?

As a kid, were you a picky eater and are you still?

What's for dinner?

Are you more of a indoors or outdoors kind of person?

Was today filled with social interaction or did you spend it solo?

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Is it respectable or stupid to turn down 200 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS to go around singing for a few months?

Story: Rumor has it that Robert Plant turned down (ahem) 200 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS for a Led Zeppelin reunion. 200 million EACH. Again, respectable or stupid?
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Take a look at the person's userinfo who comments on this post directly above you, but look at NOTHING except one thing: what communities they are members of. After seeing only that, what sort of person do you (or would you, if you already know them) think that they are?

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1)do diet sodas give you a headache?


2)with the high price of sterling silver nowadays, what will you do?

make earrings out of brass.

3)do you like soda in glass bottles?


eta: child free or wanting one? why?

childfree. It's fun to play with kids, but I like to be able to give them back and go to a house where there is no poo in the bathtub.

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So I kinda put too much soap in the dishwasher, and now it's full of bubbles.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

Yea, apparently I'm dumb and did use dish soap. But in my defense, I usually wash dishes by hand, so I'm a total noob when it comes to actually using the dishwasher
But the bubbles are almost all gone, so no bubble party is to be had :(
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what SMS do you use most often?

Google Talk
other i will name

name the other service here

why do you use that serivce?

edit if you use one of those programs that connects to every messanger program that choose which you connect to the most.

like i use adium but mainly to talk to my friends who use AIM, so i use AIM most.

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1. Remember the mini burgers from Burger King back in the 80's?
What where they called?

2. Do you hope bright neon colors become trendy again?

3. Did you wear Exclamation?

4. Do you know anyone to legit to quit?

5. Whats your fondest memory from the 80's?

6. Do you remember Ecto Coolers and Slime Pies?
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Are you afraid of heights?

I'm not normally, but...I'm in the pit orchestra at school, and for some reason, instead of putting us in the actual pit, the school board decided to build this rickety 15-foot platform for us all to play on. It's horrifying.
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what's the difference between the pink calamine lotion and the clear stuff? besides the color issue, obviously.

can calamine lotion be used on mysterious clothes-related rashes? i have never used this stuff before, it was recommended to me by a friend.
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A poll + 2 ?s

Have you ever had a conversation with a crackhead?


1) What's something that's a little odd, that you think the majority people have done?

2) What's the last thing you thought was a sure thing, but turned out not to be?
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Hello everyone. I'm graduating from college with a bachelor's in biology, and I'm starting to freak out about the job hunt. The main reason for this is that I'm not interested in working in a lab with microscopes and cells and stuff. I love animals, and I would have loved to have taken on something more focused on animals as a major, but biology is all they offer at my school. I'm terrible with anything resembling chemistry, hence my reluctance to work as a lab tech or equivalent.

My problem is that I don't really know what jobs are out there that somehow directly involve animals that I can get into. I have no "official" experience with animals; I'm great with them, but I've barely had pets, let alone a job involving animals (I almost got a summer job at a kennel two years ago, but my cat allergy leaped up at me the second I went into the room). I could never handle being a vet. I'm really not sure how well I'd do as a zookeeper; aside from my unnatural fear of bees and my hatred of winter weather, as far as I can tell zookeeping does not have many opportunities for promotion and wage increase, but I'm getting the impression that many animal-involved jobs are like that.

So there's my rant. Here's my question: what animal-related jobs are out there? I'm really just lacking in information. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would definitely help me narrow down my options.
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I think my boyfriend has a problem.
With power.
I honestly feel like as soon as I'm on my feet and focused, he tries his hardest to screw with me.
I HATE this TQC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is an amazing man, but I cannot deal with his bully attitude towards me anymore.
Believe me, I can be an awesome nag, but I don't think I should feel like a piece of SHIT EVERYDAY.
Please TQC, tell me, have any of you experienced this?
Why do people bully?
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if you were working with convicted felons, would you check out their records and find out what crime(s) they committed or would you just rather not know about it? what's the reasoning behind your decision?
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