March 2nd, 2008


How to improve my credit.

I have a credit card that I haven't paid in a couple of months and not only is it past due but its over limit too. In a few weeks ill be receiving my tax refund money and wanted to know:

Which way of paying my credit card would improve my credit if at all? Paying it all at once or in increments?
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Broken foot

I feel down the stairs today (whoops) and my right foot really hurts. I can still but my weight on it without excruciating pain, but I have sharp pains if I try to point my toes up. I don't want to wait 6 hours in the hospital for X-rays if I don't need them.

Have any of you ever broken a bone in your foot before?
What did it feel like?
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I am looking for a book I read as a kid in the late 80s-early 90s. It was aimed at younger readers, maybe age 6-10.

It was about a little girl who always wore a collar/necklace/choker/ribbon around her neck. People always asked why she wore it and she never answered. She met a boy as a teenager, eventually married him and had kids, and grew old with him. All througout their life she never took it off and never said why she wore it. On her deathbed, she said she had a secret and took the choker off. When she took it off, her head fell off.

What book is this??? I am not finding anything in my searches and want my son to have this book!
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Here's the scene: The coffee shop down the street from my house employs a very attractive guy. He recognizes me, remembers my order, etc. We chat a bit (small talk). However, I really only go into the shop once a week, max (usually more like once every two weeks). Tonight, as I was at the shop, I happened to overhear him mentioning that the next time he works is Monday.

How stalkeriffic would it be if I made a point to stop in and get a drink on Monday?
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there is a quote i have heard, and i have seen a bit from the movie and it looks nothing short of awesome.
the quote is "they're eating her! and then they're going to eat me!! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!"
what movie is this from!? it's some zombie movie by the looks/sound of it.

Stupid exes and ideas.

Background: My SO & I of 3 years broke up at the end of January. At the time, he said he'd get a tattoo that would kind of have a double meaning; the obvious meaning of the tattoo and another meaning that would be for him and me. Today, his new profile picture was him showing of such new tattoo. I'm furious. I got a tattoo in September and I had been debating between two quotes. One of those choices is now tattooed on him (I chose the other one).

1. How would you feel?? It's hard to explain well enough.. the quote was something I was deeply touched by and it bothers me to no end that it is now on his body... even though I didn't get it for this last tattoo, I was planning on getting it later.

2. I have to do one-on-one interviews with every girl in my sorority and make a presentation of everyone. What are some unique, funny questions that would be cool to ask!?

edited to fix grammer error.

And I also had told him those both choices and my meanings behind them blah blah. :[ I realize I'm big a big baby and probably looking for a deeper meaning when there may be none but stillllll..

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Poll #1147482 Dilemma

You're waiting for the crosswalk to turn green. Suddenly, a guy walks over to you and says "You're Terry the bookie, right? I got what you want" and before you can say anything contrary, he hands you $1,000 and walks off. What do you do?

Stop him and explain that I'm not a bookie nor named Terri and hand him his money back
Pocket the dough and go quickly about my merry way, making it a point not to come to this corner again

Let's say we're all single here. Think of the person you have a crush on the most. One Saturday night, you're watching tv when you get a phone call. It's from your crush "Hey, it's me. I was thinking about you. It got me so turned on. I want you tonight. Can you come over?" Then, he or she hangs up. Now, up til now, you weren't sure if that person knew you liked them, but this changes everything. What do you do?

Smile, but stay where I am. If my crush is into me, there's opportunity there to work on that later
Get dressed and drive out there to my crush's place for hot bootie action

There's an overpopulation of cats in your city. There's a lot of strays, and they breed at a high rate, and because they're cutie wutie kitties, no one wants to see anything bad happen to them, so they let them run around. Now, the cats are killing off many of the local birds, squirrels and other small wildlife in your area, endangering the local species. The mayor urges everybody to pitch in and help catch the cats, so they can be collected and mass exterminated, for the good of the wildlife. What do you do?

Start setting traps and help capture the cats
Do one better. Get a baseball bat and help a few of them strays meet their maker
Do nothing, and thus, support the cats in wiping out all indigenous wildlife

You're at a park and you see a man hit his dog for doing something bad. The dog cowers and the man screams at it and hits it again. Some people there step in and try and defend the dog, but he says that it's his dog and he can do as he wishes. He goes back to his bench and leaves 10 minutes later. You notice something on the bench. He left his wallet there. You flip through it, and notice that it has $1,000 in it, and what looks like aged, yellow pictures of what you think are his parents, which are probably irreplacable. He's an asshole, but does he deserve to be parted from this much money and personal pictures, or is this all part of the asshole tax? Also, nowhere in the wallet is there an ID or anthing with his information, so you wouldn't be able to locate him once he goes away. He's just leaving the park now. It's now or never. What do you do?

Pocket the money. Throw his wallet away
Chase after him and return his wallet

You're asked to housesit/apartmentwatch for your hottest friend (of the gender you're attracted to). So, you're there, in their home, and kind of bored, so you look for a movie to watch. No cable and nothing's on. No dvds, but there's vhs tapes. You put in an unlabelled tape and press play. The screen lights up. It's not a movie at all, but rather, a sex tape between your friend (owner of the place you're watching) and their ex. It looks like it's juicy, graphic, noisy sex. What do you do?

Turn it off. It's completely disrespectful to watch it. I don't tell him or her I found it
I watch a little bit of it. I don't tell my friend
I watch all of it. I tell my friend about it, teasing him or her
Watch the whole thing and don't tell my friend
Record a Full House rerun over it

Weirdest thing during sex

What's the weirdest thing you've said/done during sex to kill the mood?

I don't mean things like 'said the wrong name'. For me, it's thinking random crap and saying it outloud, like "do rabbits really have sex alot you think? I mean, their growth rates aren't as big as others...maybe the expression should be sc*** like cockroaches?" 
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i was on a porch at a house i was recently looking at that smelled of a fresh bouquet of flowers. i asked the woman showing us the house how she kept it smelling so nice, she told me it was an "Air Wicks" electric air freshener.

my sisters room always smells of rich vanilla, a scent i normally hate, but it smelled awesome in her room. she attributed her scent success to Glade plugins.

anytime i've ever gotten these plugins (in their defense, i've only tried febreze plugins), they never seem to work as well for me as they do for others.

additionally my sisters bedroom is in the basement, so it's always quite cool and the air always smells fresh. is there any way i can replicate this from the third floor of an apartment building? dehumidifiers maybe? i'm not even sure what dehumidifiers really *do*.

So I guess this is a two part question about comfort. Most importantly though, how do you keep your rooms smelling nice, preferably something low maintenance and low cost (as i'd like to keep my whole apartment smelling nice).

thanks for any tips :)

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tqc, make my decisions for me!

i'm currently working on a paper which is due monday at 5:30pm. i'm about two thirds finished writing. should i stay up and finish the whole thing and possibly mess up my already-sensitive sleep schedule, or should i give up and go to bed, and finish it tomorrow?

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 Do any of you work in a cubicle?
Are you allowed to decorate it? 
If so, what do you have decorating yours?

I have posters of Tori Amos and The Shins, random poetry, a sign that says 'beatings will occur regularly', some pictures that kids I used to look after drew for me, a disco ball and a Dr Seuss calendar. I spend more time looking at my cubicle walls than actually doing work.
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so it's nearly 3am, i'm on my third cup of tea and i don't really feel like sleeping at all.

my friends page has been read to the bone, no one is on msn/aim. facebook and myspace are just shit.

what can i do? will you do a dance for me to keep me from dying of boredom?

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What's the best way to inquire as to whether or not a place has positions available? I'm wondering if our local zoo is hiring but it doesn't have anything on its website about employment. There is a contact email form and also a phone number and an address. Should I send an email first? A phone call? Or just send my resume with a nice cover letter that says something along the lines of "Hi, I want a job, I just want to know if you have any positions open" (phrased more professionally of course). I'm not really sure how to go about contacting them.

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There makin a fucking Battleship! movie! Like its about the board game, live action shit. I can't wait till 2009 to see and some mother fucker screams "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!"

Does this rule?

What about a movie about Candy Land and Monopoly?
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Hypothetically speaking

You have two weeks to find a job or you have nowhere to live! Quick, what do you do?

You just found a maggot in your pubic hairs! Quick, how do you react?

You see a little boy walking down the street with shitty toilet paper hanging out of his pants! Quick, what do you say?

(no subject)

Which one of your icons makes you laugh?

What does Sunday mean in your house(cleaning,church,cooking,etc,etc)?

When you make plans with friends, do you:

a: check to see if things are still on.
b: assume they are.

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To all the photographers in TQC...

Are there any rules to where you can and cannot take photos?
Do you feel comfortable taking pictures inside markets or shops?
What about taking pictures of people without asking first?
I took a picture of an old woman yesterday and I think I really pissed her off.
But I find if you ask first, they pose, and I'm looking for natural.
Do you know what I mean?

(no subject)

Do you think there would be fewer teenage pregnancies if parents recognized that their children are sexual beings and talked with them about sex and protection, or do you think teens are just irresponsible?

Did your parents talk openly to you about sex as a teen?


After your most recent break-up, how long did you wait to date?

Do you think starting to date (just casual dates, not serious relationships) after one month will actually make me feel better, or probably not?
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1)are you going to do some spring cleaning?

omg, I plan to give tons of stuff away and put a lot of things on ebay. This will not get done.

2)So how are your ears?

mine hurt.

3)what should I do for spring break? difficulty: I can not travel.
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If you've ever had to stand up for a wedding, did you feel happy/honored to be chosen or cranky to have to spend so much more money? If you've never had to stand up for a wedding, how would you feel?

(no subject)

I don't drink so I am in need of info for my short story

How many ounces of alcohol is there in a Cosmo? Not like ounces in the glass but just the ounces of alcohol in the drink.

How many ounces in a glass of red wine?

How many ounces in a gladd of white wine?


(no subject)

Do you subscribe to any podcasts? If so, which ones?
-Too many, probably. Some French, Arabic, and Hindi language ones, a couple Indiefeed channels, The Street Fighting Podcast, a psychology one, and some ones geared towards anatomy and physiology lectures.

Did you take honors courses in college? Was it worth it?
- The college I'm applying to is asking me to go to the Honors Orientation to see if I'd be willing to try it...I'm a little worried, because it's really close after my trip to Bonnaroo.
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(no subject)

1.As a senior in high school, I have to do a 10 page research paper and a 40 minute presentation on a topic of my choice. My only problem is, I don't know what I should research. I was thinking of art therapy, but I don't have a thesis for that except maybe that it should be used more often? I was also thinking of doing something with Synesthesia ( but again, no thesis.
So, TCQ, what should I do my research paper on?

2. Is there anyone who actually likes Sunday?
I hate it because I usually end up spending the entire day doing homework/getting ready for the school week.

(no subject)

1. What's the WORST experience you've ever had with an airline/on a flight?

2. This is an odd question, but what about the best experience? (i.e. staff upgrading your seat for free, things like that)
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(no subject)

For those of you that have seen the Sobe commercial with the lizards and Naomi Campbell dancing to "Thriller":

Do you agree that the commercial would be much improved without Naomi?
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Have ever been persistent with someone you liked, even though you got into a situation where all you could think was, "god damn it, they're already picking a fight with me"?

All Grown Up

1. What are the things in life that you feel you are too old to do? (Ride a bike with a helmet, play in a sandbox, whine, throw tantrums, play with bouncey balls in stores, those kinds of things.)

2. Why does  a strong personality comes across as offensive when a person is just calling it how they see it?

3. What is your favorite "screw it I'm not putting on any clothes today, but I gotta wear something" outfit?

Collapse )
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What is the worst side effect you've experienced from any sort of medication?

Did you quit taking it, ask for something else, or keep taking it? If you kept taking it, what was the reason/motivation for just dealing with the side effects?

I ask because my new inhaler is giving me massive headaches. But I'll have to deal with it because I'm too creeped out by my current doctor to ask him for something else and I can't take off from work to go to a new doctor right now.

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I am tired of being single.

1) How do you suggest i find someone to have a relationship with?

2) What kind of person do you think would be my type?

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question for those with tattoos:

can you describe at all what it's like having one? like, what you think about when you notice it(if you notice it) do you ever have days you wish you hadn't done it, days where you're really happy you did, was it worth it, etc.?

i'm thinking about getting one. i really don't feel like the tattoo kind of person but i feel like i want just one. i feel like i want a reminder of something i've loved for a long time and still makes me happy. something concrete. you know, something i still feel is apart of me after years and years. i wish this made sense... there's one thing i've thought about getting since i was 13 but i've never really THOUGHT about actually doing it until now, so obviously i'm hesitant since it's forever.
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University of Phoenix

My brother was accepted to the University of Arizona and one of our neighbors stopped us the other day and told him "Congratulations on getting accepted to the University of Phoenix." on that note, have you ever known anyone who got a degree from the University of Phoenix?

I always hear of people who enroll but I've never heard stories about people who graduated and what they did with their degree afterwards.

(no subject)

I have never had cable.

Earthlink is charging us for internet per computer. My friend says I should switch to cable and cable internet. What is the best cable+internet plan out there?

(no subject)

what should i do right now?

study for a midterm (on tuesday!)
take a nap
draw 25 cartoon heads for one of my art classes (due tuesday)
eat a sandwich
play on the internet

(no subject)

My coworker is telling a story right now about how her next-door neighbour is a lesbian and how the neighbourhood was talking about it. She described what she's saying to people as this:

"Just because other people are sick doesn't mean you should talk about them..."

My question, TQC, is this: Do you know anyone that's homophobic? Have you challenged their opinion?
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London to Manchester

On friday afternoon/evening I will be traveling with a large suitcase from London to Manchester. Is it stupid of me to assume that I can just rock up to Euston station and buy a ticket for that evening or is it essential that I book? I plan on going by Virgin if that matters.

Also, what are some amusing not based in reality ways to stave off boredom on two ten hour flights?

Edited to make it clearer.
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(no subject)

1) My birthday is later this month, and my parents want to know what I want. Aside from the obvious, hookers and blow, there's literally nothing I want. I need to get some work done on my car, and I'm suddenly paying for college classes and books out of my salary... would it be weird to ask my parents for books for a few classes for my birthday?
Oh, actually! There's this one camera I want, but I was going to give it to myself once I completed 9 credit hours. Should I ask for that, or stick with the books?

2) For those of you with laptops: Do you take them with you to the restroom when you think you might... be a while? One of my friends has a TV tray in his bathroom, and I can't decide if it's hilarious or crazy. Also, I worry he's IMed me while pooing!

I have far too much bandwidth...

shamess@trinity:~$ vnstat -m


           month        rx      |       tx      |    total
          Feb '08     84.46 MB  |     71.30 MB  |    155.77 MB
          Mar '08      7.15 MB  |     14.83 MB  |     21.98 MB
        estimated       133 MB  |       267 MB  |       400 MB

I get 100Gb a month. What should I do with all the extra stuff I don't use?

All I use it for at the moment is my Debian blog really. I only have 2Gb disk space at the moment, so that kinda limits using it as a bittorrent box.
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Hey Dr.LJ,
I know how much you guys love the medical questions but I've googled the net and haven't found much. Basically yesterday I got a bit of back pain, it was mostly fine but occasionally I would get these small lower back spasms. Anyone know what the deal is on that?

Then to relieve myself I took 2 super strength Ibuprofen (Advil, basically) and I went to sleep and was knocked out for 17 hours! It did say only take 1 tablet every 4 hours, but does anyone really follow that directive? Has anyone ever been knocked out by advil? I didn't know there was a sleepy side effect.

Feel free to add any funny anecdotes involving medication.

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I came across Collapse ) in a bathroom in Belize.

1. Do you flush a public toilet with your feet?
2. Do you think it really is more damaging to the property to flush with your feet?
3. If you saw this sign, would you still flush with your feet?

(no subject)

- what are you stressed out about?
- if you/your partner got pregnant right now, what would you want to do with the baby? (keep, abort, adoption)
- what was the last thing for yourself that made you happy?

my answers:
- i have to write a paper on sartre and merleau-ponty for my philosophy class...and i SUCK at philosophy.
- abort, although it makes me kind of sad, but i'm still in college and have no job/place of my own/moolah.
- got tattooed.

(no subject)

When you see a young woman, do you address her as "ma'am" or "miss"?
Does it depend on the region you live in?
Is "ma'am" a southern thing?
I always feel old when someone calls me ma'am, but maybe I'm just weird. =/
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My cousin's grandma is Japanese and she taught her a song when she was really young. It's something like,

tai goody tai goody
ta to t'mah
ah mi tang tang
wah wah wah!

Do any of you know what it means?

Also, what movie should my SO and I see tonight?

Song Search

I know it's unusual to ask for help finding something, but I'm going to this time around:

What the hell song is this?! I heard it, wrote down the lyrics, and the radio station promptly did not provide me with artist or title. Google is also failing me.


Collapse )

Any help would be great.

ETA: Apparently they're a group called Amble who fell off the face of the planet in 2007? :( They sound like the 'Barenaked Ladies' before they got big.
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(no subject)

numero uno (and the most important q): have you or someone you know ever broken their foot? particularly a bone on the outside of your foot? were you in a boot, a cast and on crutches, what? if you were in a boot: how long was it before you were allowed to bear weight on your foot?

(no, i haven't broken my foot. but my friend has, and i'm curious on her behalf.)

numero dos: if you make obscene amounts of notecards to study by, how do you keep them together/not make a mess with them?

(no subject)

TQC, I just made some gooey delicious brownies but I have a problem. I have to mail them from Southern CA to Washington tomorrow and I'm not sure how to package them.

How should I wrap them to make sure they make it to WA while still delicious (and not broken)?

Should I overnight them to make sure they're as fresh as possible?

HALP. pls. :D


How adventurous are you in the kitchen?

If you like to cook, where do you get your recipes from?

What are you still afraid to try to make at home?

What meal time is your favorite?

What is your dream dessert?

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(no subject)

Do you feel it is better to include more detail to clarify, risking insult, or leave it simple and up to the person to risk shame asking you to expound your answer for them?
Does anything on here ever make total sense?
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(no subject)

3 equally important but totally unrelated questions

1. So you know how at the end of TV shows there will be a little tag for the producer? e.g. at the end of Grey's it's a rollercoaster that says Shondaland for her production company, at the end of "Veronica Mars" it's rats in ankle chains doing a conga line, after "Lost" I think there's a cartoon and the line from Jaws "That's some bad hat, Harry," at the end of "My So-Called Life" it's the house from It's a Wonderful Life with a line from the song in the movie... (Just some random examples for ya.) So the question, TQC, is what would YOURS be? How do you wittily sum up something about you in a simple design and perhaps a snippet of a sound?

2. My former Spanish host sister is coming to NYC, and I want to take her out and show her a good time, America-style. However I don't live *in* the city, only near it, and I don't go out barhopping or clubbing much, sooo any suggestions?
2b. My 18 year old brother will probably be in the city that night too, are there any places he could get into along with us so he doesn't have to sit around by himself?

3. My Sims 2 has apparently randomly erased all my saved info. The neighborhood I made, everyone in it, all my downloads... Any ideas on how to try to restore it? (I have no idea when/how this happened, I haven't played for months but I popped in my disc the other day and look ma, no d

(no subject)

 Does the copyright date matter? My Calculus book says 2003, and I'm scared that there might be some missing information because my current Precalculus book's copyright date is 2007. I'm using it as a reference book (it's James Stewart's 5th edition Calculus book, if it matters.) My class is using a totally different book.
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(no subject)

When I was a kid, my parents sent me to a costume party dressed as Barbarella. They told me she was just a "spacewoman from a movie" and the other kids accepted that explanation, but I'm not sure what the parents there would have thought.

What's the most embarassing thing your parents said or did to you when you were a kid?
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I love giraffes...

So I watched a bit of an SNL rerun last night, and found myself cracking up at a picture they showed during Weekend Update. The picture was of a giraffe smoking a pipe, wearing a robe. I've googled all kinds of things to locate this picture, but have had no luck. Does anyone know what I am talking about, or where I can find the picture?
If it helps, the show originally aired on May 14, 2005, and Will Ferrell was the host.

(no subject)

what is one thing you would never ever want to do or would never want to happen to you? most people would say something like, "i would never want to die in a fiery car crash"..but what's one of your "nevers" that isn't so typical? (for example: i would never want to get my ears pierced or i would never want to have a daughter)

mine: i would never want to see a ghost. i think i'd die from shock.
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Will you post a screen shot of how your screen looks at this very moment? I want to see how everyone has their browsers, tabs, header bookmarks, etc., set up
lainy zombie!

(no subject)

The Macaroni Grill put my leftovers in a foil tin with a plastic lid. I don't have any plates so I put the pasta on the plastic thing in desperation and nuked it for about two minutes. Some of the lid melted and formed holes in the plastic.

Eating food from minorly melted plastic lid = poison, y/n?

Edit: I'm eating it regardless. Just curious.

I am still glittery

I think I'm on a fast-food comedown. I don't want to leave the house. I have no dinner.
What's really getting you down?

Did you watch/participate in Mardi gras last night? Tell me about that.

I marched with Amnesty International Australia. We got really soft shirts. We happened to see someone from our highschool in the crowd and this chick from uni was with the same float :S

Are you the first person to not just comment on my icon? Screw that. No bum for you.
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Have any of you used Would you?

My grandmother died last night and I need to stay a night or two in Pittsburgh, PA, but am very much without the money I would need for a hotel room. Staying with family is not an option, unfortunately -- that's normally what we do, but my aunt's house is in such a mess from caring for my grandmother that she won't even let people stop by.

Any other suggestions? At this point I'll probably end up sleeping in my car somewhere... lol.
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(no subject)

In honor of my sister's boyfriend cooking beer chicken for the family tonight, what are your favorite recipes involving booze of any kind? Where did you first hear of/get the recipe?

(no subject)

Serious answers only please.
Fox is starting to piss me off.
I really cannot believe I'm being messed with like this.
Is it 9:00 pm in Boston?
Who is giving head to the DOUCHE BAG at the Fox network right now?
King of the Hill SUCKS.
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(no subject)

I haven't gone to church in almost 10 years, but used to go every Sunday without fail. I've been considering going back, just once to see if I'd like it again. For some reason, I'm really anxious about walking into a church. For people who go to church, is it weird to see a "new person" there? Is there anything I have to do when I walk in? light a candle? give money? just walk to a pew and sit? (if it matters, I'd be going to a Greek Orthodox church, but I imagine it's pretty similar to any Christian church).

Has anyone gone back to church after years of not going?

What's your favorite type/genre of book?

(no subject)


Do you remove your body hair or do you leave as is?


Does it put you off if a girl has not removed her body hair (eg - under arm hair, leg hair)?
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(no subject)

If kids choose to do bad things, is it the parent's fault? Or is it their own fault?

Do you think kids should know the difference between seriously wrong, and what is right? I'm talking about things like hurting other people, not stuff like spray painting a building wall.
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Credit reports

TQC when I was younger, I was really irresponsible towards my credit. I am trying to fix it now, and I am slowly paying things off. BUT! I had a capital one visa long ago. I keep getting calls from a collection agency that is harassing me to pay them, and when I look at my credit report, it's not even on there. WTF should I do? It's obviously not reporting negatively on my score. 

Do you know what your score is?

Why is my TransUnion and Equafax higher then the Experian score? 
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(no subject)

I just moved my laundry from washing machine to dryer, only to find out that I accidentally washed a pair of iPod earbuds. Will I get electrocuted and die if I try and use them now?

What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend?


Let's just say that you and your SO are having major problems and that you've been together for years (many, many). You are on the verge of ending it all and you ask him/her, "What can I do or change to make this work?" and he/she says, "I can't stand your personality.  You would have to change that."  What would you do?  Would you change your personality to be with someone?  If so, how would you go about doing that?  Or, would you decide that it's completely not worth changing yourself that much for someone else?

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A chick just messaged me on Bebo saying that she saw my name on a class list  (I'm at uni) the other day. She said she was really looking forward to seeing me again and told me to come sit with her in class next time.

I have NO idea who she is. I don't recognise her name and I can't find any pictures of her. She can't have got me mixed up with someone else because I have an EXTREMELY uncommon name, she would have seen my picture on Bebo, and she mentioned an organisation I'm with.

So TQC...

How do I find out who she is and how I know her?
What shall I do when I get to class?
If she approaches me should I tell her I have no idea who she is, or awkwardly make my way through class with small talk?

The class is only about 20 or so people so I can't pretend I didn't see her.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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How much could I get by selling one of my kidneys?

On a related note, what are some good ways to get $15,000, no strings attached (minus the obvious grand larceny kind of thing)? And no, military signing bonuses are not an option - that's what got me into this mess in the first place.

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1. From a former question of mine: Does honey taste good in coffee?
2. What did you do/are you doing today?
3. How many grocery store membership cards do you have?
4. What kind of pajamas do you wear?
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