February 29th, 2008

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Have you lived in a place you weren't born in but it felt like home?

For me it is Vancouver/ Vancouver island.

What is the best dessert involving oranges?

I can out orange anyone. I practically live on it.
petit prince

attn: practitioners of cheffery

i have twooooooo cookings questions!

1. what are some good bulk lunches that i can make on sundays for work all week?
i usually make spaghetti with "meat" sauce (i use soy mince cause it's cheaper), chili with pasta, or a bowtie/chicken/feta/tomato/balsamic vinegar pasta salad. preferably keep it cheap and involving chicken or ground beef-type things

2. what are some tasty things that can be baked relatively easily for 25 people?
i've done coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies so far. i'm in the uk, so don't have access to awesome american ingredients.

thanks tqcccccc!
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I just came home from 7 days in Turkey.
I brought 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts with me. I wore them all day, all the time, with no washer and dryer and only sporadic access to a shower.

Tell me TQC, what's the dirtiest you've ever been?
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If someone told you their occupation was: "full time research and daytrader in the market", would you know what that meant, exactly?

If you would, could you enlighten me? :)

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If you were the Combine all the Disney Princesses' names, what would it be?

Why is my cat charging around the house, mewling at nothing?

Who is the coolest minor character from Disney?

Which is better?

300 or V for Vendetta?
Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella?
Saving Private Ryan or Heartbreak Ridge?

1) I tried already and failed.

2) Well..I don't know..that's why I'm asking!

3) Meeko. Or Cogsworth. (Meeko doesn't talk..but Cogsworth does!!)

4) V for Vendetta
Alice in Wonderland
Heartbreak Ridge

PC Games

What are some good PC games [other than the super-obvious like Orange Box and WOW] that have come out in the past couple years? Until recently I had a crappy PC that couldn't play much of anything.

I especially like RPGs and RTS, in depth FPSs. Unfortunately Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dungeon Siege 2 sound buggy and bad from the reviews I have read.

Your LJ

1. How honest are you in your LJ? Do you say everything, or leave stuff out, depending on who's reading it?
2. Do you ever post things that have to do with other LJ friends and exclude them from reading it?
3. What kind of postings do you usually make? (i.e. Trying to sort out your feelings, a humorous view on world events, what's going on in your life, etc.)
4. Is your journal friends only? Why/why not?
5. Are your posts usually private, public, all friends, or specific groups of friends?
6. Why do you use LJ and not something like a paper diary?
7. Do you do a lot of private posts, or can people read all/most of them?
8. Do you feel that being on LJ makes you more prone to opening up with your life's secrets, troubles, and hardships than you would usually do?
9. If you could get unlimited access to one person's LJ, whose would it be and why?

Sorry if these are random, but I'm genuinely curious.
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silly college essays

A girl I tutored had this application essay question to answer, and I thought it was silly so I figured I'd ask it here:

If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be, why, and what would you talk with them about?

(She had to answer in 1 page, btw. Glad it's not me applying.)
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So, I'm here at this hour because I was sent home from work early (too many workers, not enough work) - I thought briefly about going back to bed, but then I decided I'd try to stay on my new schedule to help my body clock adjust a little better.

What about you? - Is this a normal time for you to be online, and what time is it right now where you are?
If it's not normal or usual, what brings you to be on TQC atm?

Also, what's the last unexpected thing to happen to or for you?
hannibal skull


Who makes you smile?

Who makes you laugh out loud, honestly, the most?

Who gives you the best hugs?

Who gives you the biggest headaches?

Who is someone you wish you had never met?

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 They were talking on the radio about weird things people eat. I guess Miley Cyrus drinks ketchup. That prompted me to ask, what are weird things that you eat that usually go with other food, but you eat them solo...or what weird things do you eat in general? 

My answers: 

I love those little creamer cups you see at fast food restaurants or gas stations. I'll drink like ten of them if I have the opportunity to snatch as many. 

I used to drink pickle juice after the pickles were gone. 
I would eat pepperocini peppers, take the stems and dip them in the juice, and then chew on the stems. 

When my mom would make hamburgers, she would always end up with too much lettuce and tomatoes after dinner, so I would take that, ranch dressing, and toast and make a lettuce sandwich. That's not very weird, but I've never heard of anyone doing it before.

southwest airlines / oversized people

Is there anyone out there that has flown on Southwest who is of large size / borderline size who has fit into a seat? There has been and is also disclosed on their rules that if you cannot fit into one seat, you will have to purchase 2 seats. If you feel more comfortable in sharing this info in private you can email me at gimmecoffy2@yahoo.com. I am 5'9 and keep fluctuating in size each year and have been flying on Delta, but due to rising prices i was thinking about flying Southwest. Your help is appreciated. Thanx.
Beast mode!

It's Leap Day!

1. How high can you jump?

2. Do you ever just want to do cartwheels for no reason? Do you ever do them?

3. When did you last play leap frog?

4. Did you have a trampoline as a kid?

5. Should I get a moon-bounce for my 25th birthday party?
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Is it mean to laugh at my friend who thinks his life is hopeless becase "the world is ending in four years anyway"?


Do you believe the world is ending in four years?


Why or why not? You have room for 255 letters

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Can you name and give recipe for trashest meal?

Pancake Sandwich

Take two pancakes.
Spread Cream cheese on both pancakes.
Put lots of bacon on.
Drizzle or drench with maple syrup.
Remember some butter!

Squash pieces together and eat! Num num num… You be in diabetic heaven!


1. Would you consider it anti-feminist for a feminist to work at Hooters?
2. If yes, why? If no, why?
3. Do you like Hooters?
4. Would you bring your children there? Why or why not?
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The other day, I received a spam e-mail with the subject "change your dagger into a BROADSWORD!".

Ladies: when fighting on some ancient battlefield, do you prefer a dagger or a BROADSWORD!?

Cheesewheel alert:
Paid users: Do you want to try my thread unfolder script that works with the new "Expand" links on comments? (I wrote it after seeing this post from yesterday).

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If you were a farmer and your crops consisted of inorganic items, what would you grow? Other than money. Something you'd want to sell. This is how you make your living.

What untraditional farm animals would you raise?

What would your farm be called?
mitch banana


My boyfriend is "mad" at me because he thinks I only want to watch movies such as chick flicks and I never want to watch anything he wants to watch because I dont like horror movies or movies with lots of blood & guts & violence such as "Saw" or "Hostel".

What are some good recommendations for movies that we would both like that arent like those I just mentioned?

I enjoy movies based on true stories and/or dramas, and some examples of movies I like are Blow, The Departed, Boondock Saints, Armageddon, American History X, American Beauty, etc.

Any other good ones? (BTW, assume I am extremely sheltered when it comes to most movies that 'everyone has already seen' because chances are, I havent seen it)
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If I were to Google your given name, would I find anything on you? Like your Journal or your photo album and so on. Or were you smart all those years ago and didn't put any of your personal information on the interbang?

A Hypothetical Situation

You are a college student that (gasp) actually cares about your grades. You are enrolled in a class that you need to graduate and if you don't pass now, you won't have time to retake it. You have a one-page scholarship essay due in the afternoon that you haven't written yet. You can take your laptop to class and probably get away with ignoring everything the professor says while working in your essay. Or you can use one of your two free absences and stay home to work on it. Keep in mind that it's early in the semester and your roommate is eternally ill.

Do you go to class?

No, but I e-mail the professor and pretend that I'm sick
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Do you have trouble remembering birthdays?

I ask because The Boyfriend has to subtly remind me every year when exactly his birthday is coming up, and I am ever so grateful because otherwise I'd have no idea. I keep thinking it's three days later than it is. I've known the guy ten years and it still gives me trouble. VALIDATE ME, TQC. I need to know I'm not alone!

If not (or if so and you just want to answer more questions), what simple thing do you have trouble remembering about people?
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A guy and a girl meet at a club/bar/party, hit it off and decide to have a special cuddle/ make sweet, sweet Sarah Mclachlan love/ have a "quiche" etc.

Several weeks later, the woman discovers she's pregnant and contacts the guy. He does not want a child and wants her to have an abortion or adoption, however she feels that it's the right time in her life to have a child/wants a baby/needs a kidney donor in the future.

Should the man be forced to pay child support if he doesn't want the baby but she decides that she wants to keep the child?

This is as a result of a one night stand.
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do not want

Last week I had a dream that my boyfriend's family died in a plane crash. Today I found out that his mom was on a plane that caught fire and had to do an emergency landing.

Have your dreams ever (sorta) come true?
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Hey TQC,

If you were married in one state (only married, never resided as a married couple) and lived in another, which state would you file for divorce in?

Is everything going to be okay?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Have you learned anything new today?
I just learned how to be a magical internets pixie! That is, I learned how to process web orders at work :D

2) Are you planning on doing anything/being interesting tonight?

3) Do you have any interests/hobbies that people make fun of all the time? What do you say to these people?
I like anime. I get the typical "lol, tentacle porn" from people all the time. I just go along with it, like "oh yeah, but I'm picky about quality. 5 tentacles or less? Man, thats just not even trying."
Zooey face


What should I have for lunch?

Poll #1146590 Lunch?

Where should I eat lunch?

Noodle&Co. (I love their mac & cheese)


What color is the wall closest to you?
Hanifah Tough

House Vs Wilhelimina

I have been having this discussion with my ex every Tuesday and Thursday night for months. What do you all think? BTW I know all of these questions seem similar but the differences are subtle and based on the character's personality. I know my questions are a poll so if that's against the rules (even though it doesn't say so on the front page) let me know and I'll delete.Collapse )
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1. my boobs are really cold right now. is there anything out of the ordinary/weird going on with your body right now? there is no such thing as TMI here.

2. ok, so, this might be a drama-provoking question, BUT when i was in the shower this morning, i was thinking: is race sort of synonymous with breed?
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Tom shaming you

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1. What are your beliefs on God, the origins of our existence, and what happens after death?

2. As a child, did you want to save your virginity until marriage?

3. What would you do if your SO asked his parents if they would help finance him in seeing a psychiatrist and their solution was to take him to church? Hypothetically speaking, neither of you are religious.

4. Ladies, if you have had a baby did you get an epidural? How much did that help?

5. Do you volunteer or donate to charities?
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What is your favorite way to ornament or adorn yourself?

(Mine are: brand-new socks in bright solid colors with a different color on each foot, enormous metal medallions at least six inches in diameter, nipple glitter, neon pink lipstick.)

(no subject)

1. Is your journal Friends Only?

2. Why/why not?

3. Is there anyone in TQC you would like to add to see if their FO journal is worth reading?

4. Would you be willing to friend other TQCers on a trial basis to check out each others FO journals?

5. Would you be hurt if someone decided to unfriend you shortly thereafter?

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Would you like to interview me? ONE question only [it can be about anything]


The catch is that I can only answer you using a picture.

(no subject)

Do you like log cabins?

Would you ever live in one?

*Assume for this purpose I'm talking about a log-cabin style house, complete with heating, plumbing, and multiple rooms and so on and not a basic camping one.
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LJ etiquette question.

If you friend starts writing suicidal entries but locks them so that only his ex-girlfriend (who is also your friend) can see them, is she obligated to keep quiet about it? And if she does tell me (as she did) am I allowed to talk to him about it?

(Regardless of etiquette I'm probably going to say something, at least. I'm just curious what you guys think about it. His ex-girlfriend got in touch with the guy's brother too and let him know what he was saying).
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Search your name in this.

Are you as disturbed by this as I am?!?

(fwiw, I'm pretty damned disturbed)

edit: I just looked up my dad's name and they have a listing for him that uses a nickname that is NOT his real name and would NEVER be used for any proper papers or accounts. HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS NICKNAME???? I know it is referring to him because the info they have for that name is correct in it's details. :( :( :( It's not even a shortened form of his first name - it's something silly.

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Poll #1146781 This or that

Would you rather have to use a colostomy bag for the rest of your life, or have to wear dentures (for some legitimate dental reason that I can't think of here, they can't replace your missing teeth otherwise)?

Colostomy bag

Trip to the mountains or a trip to the beach?


Which pet do you like better? Fish or hamsters?


Milkshake or frappachino?


Would you rather bungee jump or parachute?


What's worse? 5 minutes in a freezer wearing only a bathing suit, or 5 minutes on a suntan bed wearing a fur coat?

Suntan bed

For 24 hours, you can eat anything you want and not gain an ounce...or $100?

Eat anything

Crunchy cookies or soft cookies?


Monopoly or Scrabble?


James Bond or Jason Bourne?

heartlocks @ lipshine

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Have any of you ever used a language program such as Rosetta Stone to learn a foreign language?

Did it work for you?

My department head is highly recommending that I become fluent in Spanish, since there are so many Spanish speaking people in the U.S. now. So I'm trying to find the best program possible.

(no subject)

Are any girls going to be proposing today?

For the Uk-ers here - who saw GMTV today where that girl proposed to her boyfriend live on air? Is it just me or does that look like it's not going to last long? (Can't find it on Youtube, but it is here: http://www.heatworld.com/Article/4614/GMTV+/Watch+the+cringiest+TV+moment+of+the+week )

ETA: I fail - this has already been done. I'd still like to know people's opinions on the video, though.
Notes from the Field



My Changeling LARP is having its seasonal 'formal' next weekend. I am considering a dress or skirt rather than my character's usual nice jeans + button-down shirt.

Should I wear a dress?
Should I wear a skirt?
If either of these, what sort? My character likes shades of red, purple, pink, and plum. Which sucks because I don't.

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(no subject)

what would you do if you were dating a guy/girl you were very, very much into and wanted to make it exclusive, yet they were dating several people and not willing to commit yet?
Sam outside

(no subject)

  Since it's a sunny 82 degrees outside today i decided to do a little laying out. Well after only laying down for about 10 seconds I started to feel like I was being bit. I jumped up and sure enough these tiny little green bugs were all over my back! 
Pictures under cut.
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They itch like crazy!! Anything I can put on these guys until I can make it to the store? I tried lotion but it stung and I've taken a shower.

Besides that, what's the weather like where you are?
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(no subject)

Just what do you think you're doing, young lady/man/other?! You are not leaving the house in that. What is that you're wearing, anyway? Did I raise you to dress like that?

Seeing as you're dressed like that, what exactly are your plans tonight? Who will you be with? Do I need to call their parents? Will anyone be drinking?

Where did I go wrong with you?!

(no subject)

 What are your precursors to romantic love?

Another way of saying it would be what needs to be in place before you could fall in love with someone (e.g. physical attraction, admiration, respect, etc.)?

(no subject)

apparently i've gained 12 pounds since marching band ended D: i don't think it's that noticable, but i want to get in shape to feel healthier.

what should i do now?

i'm thinking about going running before school in the mornings and adding on a mile each week, does that sound good?
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(no subject)

What is are some hobbies/things you used to enjoy, but grew tired of and no longer do/now dislike?

Are there any said previous hobbies you lost interest in that you wish you still enjoyed?

I've been jobless for awhile. I have a mini-vacation planned for the end of March. After that I'm entirely free. I have the money for the vacay, would it be stupid to postpone finding a job until afterwards just so I can guarantee there will be no conflicts?

(no subject)

In two hours I am babysitting three boys that I have never met before - ages 2, 4, and 6. What sorts of things can I do with them? I hope they like to watch tv! hahah

Their parents are only going to see a movie so this is only for about 2/3 hours.

I am terrified! Please help!
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Has TQC ruined anything for you?

What are some simple things you'd miss about the internet if it disappeared? I'd miss saying "iawtc" and answering questions on TQC and being able to look stuff up with just a few keystrokes. Oh, and stupid drama. My life would be so boring without the internet. :(
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Oops. I was doing 60 mph in a 35 mph zone this morning. (I didn't even notice it dipped from 45 down to 35) There was a cop car hiding underneath an overpass with a police officer standing right outside with his radar gun pointed at my car. I braced myself for the worse, the flashing red and blue lights....

But he did not pull me over.

Why was that?

Has something similar to this happened to you before?

(and, yeah, I know I should not have been speeding to begin with....)


ok, other then the average topics (jobs, current events) what kinds of things would you talk about with meeting your partner/spouses parents for the first time tonight?
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(no subject)

Yet again, a question about a supposed debate between supposed friends!

My friend and I are debating identical twins dressing identically.  At what age does it stop being cute?

Personally, I think the cuteness ends when they get out of high school.  My aunts are identical twins, and they're 40-some years old, and when they dress identical, it just looks ridiculous.  I guess Twin Day is a perfectly fine excuse to dress alike, or if you're actively trying to perpetuate the stereotype that twins are incapable of independent thought.

Another debate - My brother thinks Malibu's Most Wanted is funnier than The New Guy.  I'm partial to The New Guy.  Which do you like better?
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(no subject)

Have you ever suspected or felt pretty certain that someone here in TQC doesn't care for you that much, without knowing the reason why?

Whether you have or haven't, here's a chance to do one of two things (or both, if you really wanna):
Will you comment here and ask people to be up front in telling you if they don't care for you for some reason?
Or alternatively, will you comment here and name at least one person you suspect of not liking you, and ask them for any reason that may be so?

PS: I'm feeling optimistic today, so I hope we can have fun and maybe learn a new thing or two with this.   8)

Edit: You guys who say you don't care if people tell you are taking some of the potential fun outta this, I hope you know.  You're all(?) smart enough that if you comment, you should be prepared for any lurking "haters" to go ahead and spout off why they don't like you. 

(no subject)

;_; I've been wait listed for SDSU.  I have better grades than some of my friends who got in.  Think I have a chance in May? 

Also, I need to open a new bank account.  With which bank do you think I should do so/Why?

(no subject)

 They just aired the episode of 8 Simple Rules just after John Ritter died, and I'm bawling like a baby. I didn't even watch that show, but I loved John Ritter. 

What's something that makes you cry every time you watch it?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

1. Say you work somewhere, where the boss's kid also works. He/she is a slacker, has left the company several times only to return with the same pay and position as if he/she hadn't left. Not too bright either, and doesn't even have any education in the field you work, while everyone else NEEDED a diploma/degree in said field. (In this case, an interior design drop-out working at a non-profit charity)

Would you be upset, or is this expected?

2. Can you suggest a documentary to me? The most obvious/mainstream choices have already been seen. I have an interest in almost everything.

3. Ladies: Do your bra and panties usually match?

4. Guys: How big is your penis?
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(no subject)

1. If some one were to evaluate your personality by the contents of your car alone, what would they say about you?

2. What about your purse and/or wallet?

3. Browser history?


Dear TQC,

WTF is this about?

OH MAN9264 (5:55:04 PM): hello maddam
OH MAN9264 (5:55:11 PM): i would just like to say poo
mme0max (5:55:15 PM): poo?
OH MAN9264 (5:55:23 PM): yes ma'am poo
mme0max (5:55:28 PM): any particular reason?
OH MAN9264 (5:55:33 PM): nope
OH MAN9264 (5:55:35 PM): that's all
OH MAN9264 signed off at 5:55:38 PM.
OH MAN9264 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in

It just happened. I am confused.


Collapse )
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(no subject)

1. Our DVD player just died. We're now looking for a Blue Ray DVD player, and my husband thinks that the PS3 is the best on the market. Do you have it, or another Blue Ray player and love them?

2. We're getting close to leaving for Italy. We had our meeting last night, and the guy who's running it told u all that we shouldn't be checking in bags. We're going for 8 days, and he told us to wear our jeans, and back 3-4 pairs of socks, undies, and tshirts in our carry-on. We can wash what we need to in our hotel sinks. Is he just insane or does he really expect us to do that?
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(no subject)

If you are in an online game and see someone's profile, and it says "check out my myspace" do you check it out?

If so, how often:

where do you most commonly link to random people's myspace page?

(no subject)

I have to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie & a remake of said movie & write a paper comparing them. Here is a list of the movies I can choose from:

  • Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954) & DJ Caruso's Disturbia (2007)
  • Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder (1954) & Andrew Davis' Perfect Murder (1998)
  • Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) & Gus Van Sandt's Psycho (1998)
  • Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958) & Brian DePalma's Obsession (1976)

    Can you help me figure out which pairing I should chose to watch & write a paper about?? :)
  • Redmeat

    (no subject)

    I'm currently preparing for my senior music recital. One of the extra tasks I have to plan is the catering afterwards. One option is to pay the on-campus cafeteria to take care of it with oily cookies and radioactive punch. I'd much rather give interesting, healthier snacks to the people who are supporting me on this important night.

    If you were attending, what would you like to be served?

    What are some interesting snacks/foods have you eaten that I could easily prepare?

    Would it be cool if I made animals out of fruit?


    1. How old were you when you started dating?

    2. What was (is) your longest relationship?
    2a. Shortest?

    3. Are you or have you ever been married?

    4. Do you celebrate wedding/dating anniversaries?
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    (no subject)

    1. Can you always tell when a mammal is a baby, without any other point of reference?

    2. Is it possible to prevent that annoying bleed-through noise on the radio, that comes from your digital cellphone?

    3. What's the newest (at least to you) music artist or act you have discovered and love?

    (no subject)

    What do you do if you find an insect in your home?
    What about a spider?
    What if it were a spider bigger than the palm of your hand?

    What would be the worst creature to find in your home?
    • reve119

    (no subject)

    1. What is something you think TQC knows about you?

    2. What is something people should know about you if they're really paying attention?

    3. What is something about you that most TQCers probably don't know?

    (no subject)

    My friend is taking a class on genocide. She's not very happy with it. I'm trying to cheer her up. Can you think of any subjects for classes that are more depressing than genocide?

    Alternately, what else can I say to her to cheer her up?

    (no subject)

    Poll #1146699 Famous for..?

    If you were going to be famous for something.. based on your talent traits .. what would i be for?

    TV Personality/Comedian type

    I'd have to go with singer..
    I'm a decent actress and musician but don't enjoy either as much as my singing. I write but I have no motivation to go back and edit/rework it for viewing.. I lose interest quickly and most of it is self indulgent crap anyway.
    I have zero artistic talent, I can barely colour inside the lines..
    I did a bit of modeling as a young teenager but I'm not quite tall enough and probably not thin enough anymore- plus.. there's the fact I don't quite look like Heidi Klum..
    I am known for my slow humour.. funny has never been and never will be my thing.

    Got anything just a little bit special about you?

    I'm pitch perfect. It means I can automatically sing, yes.. but it also means I get actual pain whenever other people sing out of tune even slightly. I don't mention it because I'd come across like a pretentious asshole

    Do you know anyone that you think will ever make it?

    My friend is assistant producer to a well known band. He's here right now showing off his first platinum disk. He makes his own music and he's.. pretty wow.
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    Miroku Turn

    TMI Time?

    Do you have any weird/mildly gross habits, such as picking at your scalp or scabs or anything? What are they?

    Are you open about them, or are you private about them?

    Would it gross you out if you saw someone else with the same habit as you?

    For the less TMI-inclined, what's your favorite kind of juice?

    Cover Page

    So I'm 3 credits (1 class) away from graduating in May. I was told I can submit a portfolio to be exempt from the 3 credits and not have to pay for a summer class.

    The portfolio was done overseas and one story was from a prompt. I'm having a hard time working in context into the story and keeping it short, so is there a way I can include a cover page which explains the prompt? I googled cover page, but it's all for critical essay documents.

    The chair of the department isn't too happy with me, and if he so much as looks at me wrong when turning this in, I'm running the opposite direction and tearing it up. So in other words, I can't just sit down and explain things about the writing to him. Yes someday I'll grow some balls.
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    (no subject)

    Which comedian used this line?

    "Yeah, my friend is a manic depressive. He got attacked by a bipolar bear. I guess that didn't help."

    He's done the Montreal Comedy Festival. Also on the episode of the show was Tim Minchin, Ed Byrne and one of the guys from Whose Line.

    Edit: It was Stewart Francis! Thanks for helping!
    • cpl593h


    We have a cleaning lady who takes care of our apartment during the week. She is awesome, and we've become good friends, and she's been helping me with my Italian. In short - she's one of the coolest people I've ever met.

    Well TQC, this morning I took a massive dump. It didn't flush all the way so I waited for the toilet to refill before flushing it again. Except that's when our cleaning lady came in and decided to clean the bathroom before I could stop her. I am strangely embarrassed that she saw my poo. I felt like I should have apologized or something, but I didn't say anything.

    What's the last body function that embarrassed you.

    Working at a resort/phone interview

    There's a strong possibility that I'll be getting a job in Block Island for the summer. Is there anything I should take into consideration? What should I bring?

    Have you ever worked at a resort or in a resort town/island? How was it?

    Also, I have a phone interview Monday. How should I approach this? I've never done a phone interview before.

    Supra Skytop Low (Pink/Blue)

    (no subject)

    I need help picking a class. Pick one:
    Video Production 2- Something I'm into but the teacher is super douchey. You have no idea.
    Latin 1- There no logical reason for me to take this whatsoever. But it'd kill time.
    Psychology- I'm kinda into it but it's not like a passion or anything.
    No 1st or no 6th period- But it's not like I have anywhere to be.

    And what's is the absolute best community ever in existence?

    (no subject)

    Through some odd glitch in my computer and/or sound card, whenever I listen to music in iTunes, it sounds exactly like I'm listening to it on a record player. If this started happening on your computer would you be annoyed, or would you think it was pretty awesome?

    Sociology of Deviance vs. Cultural Anthropology

      Should I take Sociology of Deviance or Cultural Anthropology during spring quarter? And why?

    Deviance: Studies the structure and process of deviance in social groups. Students discuss historical as well as contemporary examples.

    Cultural Anthro: Cultural anthropologists are researchers who learn first-hand about other cultures by living with the people under study. Topics may include social organization, economics, power and politics, language, technology, religion and ritual, and gender. Wide geographic coverage provides a basis for global comparisons of cultural similarities and differences between human groups.

    If it matters, I'm for sure taking Social Psychology.

    there's a mystery to solve, gang!

    So a couple of days before i moved into my apartment on Feb 2nd, my roommate went off to China to visit with his family. Now, he said he'd be gone for three weeks and all attempts to contact him or his friends that he lived with previously have been for nothing.

    TQC, where in the world is Rick Liang?

    Should i even care as long as his rent is magically paid?

    (no subject)

    When I say things like "undeniably awesome" or "exceptionally awesome" and the like, are the words before the 'awesome' adverbs?

    Is there a more specific word for them like "_______ adverbs"? Because "often" and "well" are adverbs too but seem...just...different you know?

    And they (my words) also aren't modifying an action, like many adverbs, but an adjective.

    Is there a specific word for using an adverb with an adjective?

    (no subject)

    What was your last impulse buy? Do you regret it?

    I just ordered a laptop from a Dell kiosk at the mall today... I can't wait for it to come! I'm stoked that I got approved for financing, even though I'm going to be paying it off much sooner
    • sejabop

    (no subject)

    1.Why do most people say Black or White?
    Instead of White or Black?

    2.I showed an old man a picture of a flower I took today and he said it looked like a hemorroid.
    What is the last thing that made you laugh?

    3. Would you rather eat 20 lemons or 10 watermelon?

    4. Do you have long nails or short nails?

    5. Do you crave pizza every day?

    6. Thunder or Lightening?

    (no subject)

    How would you respond to this situation?

    You come home upset one day, and go into your bedroom. Someone you live with comes to your room and demands you talk to them about it; you say no. They press the issue, you get pissed off and carry on telling them you dont want ot talk to them. Eventually you snap and shout at them "NO I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE?". They continue telling you to talk to them, over and over and you start to freak out a bit. You try to get past to leave the room, and the person pushes you back and up against the wall and starts repeating "calm down, calm down" over and over. You ask them to let go calmly, and they say no and carry on repeating 'calm down'. You're like, wtf, why are you doing this? and they tell you that they're not doing anything.

    Would you
    a) go "ok, ill talk to you" and proceed to talk to them
    b) flip out and after a while of this end up on the floor begging hysterically for them to let you go (as they keep refusing)
    c) something else

    EDIT: if you would do something violent, does your answer change if this is someone big enough to easily overpower you?

    even if you'd choose a or c, do you think b) is an unacceptable response

    (no subject)

    What's the weirdest compliment you've gotten recently?

    This guy told me last night in all seriousness that he likes me because I have a cute tongue. And he didn't mean anything sexual by it.

    (no subject)

    I haven't been to the dentist in years because I am terrified. Now I'm paying. My teeth are cracking off all over the place. I just fainted cos of it.

    I'm going to the dentist tomorrow but I'm really really nervous.

    I know I'm going to get teeth pulled. How can I deal with this? How do you cope when you go to the dentist if you're as scared as I am?
    I <3 TLV

    (no subject)

    If you created a piece of artwork that you were really proud of, which would be worse to say to you?

    "What beautiful art from such an ugly artist."


    "What ugly art from such a beautiful/handsome artist."