February 28th, 2008

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What household chores were you expected to do when you were growing up?

Which ones did you hate the most?

What were the consequences of not doing your chores?

Did you get an allowance? How much?

(no subject)

What's your favorite restaurant?
- Is it a sit-down, cafe, buffet, etc?

What do you normally order there?

On a scale of 1-10, how expensive is it?

Do you use mouthwash on a daily basis?

And girls, what brand tampons/pads do you use?

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Poll #1145810 Hi, ho....hi, ho.....hiya, ho....it's off to work we go

What kind of coworkers would you like?

Friendly, talkative ones. The work may not always get done, by the time goes by
Quiet, keep to themselves. You don't want to be here, they don't want to be here. Let's just earn our paycheck and be done already?
Friendly, but professional. Our work gets done, and we can maybe pal around afterwards
None. I'm working from home

You're more comfortable with a ______?

Male boss
Female boss
Doesn't really matter. I'll hate them evenly

What personal effects could be found around your desk?

Calendar. Pictures or themes or humor
Pictures of loved ones and friends
Cd player
Poster/ wall art
Interesting paperweight
Interesting bric-a-brac/knick-knack/doo-dad, that you received as a gift
Vase or pot with flowers or plant in it
Book of crosswords/sudoku, inside drawer
Personalized or novelty coffee mug
At least one wacky or cool pen/pencil
Sticker/bumper sticker with cute, witty or true statement on it, adhered somewhere around desk
One stuffed animal

Method of commuting to your job?

Carpool (via car)

And lastly, have you been to any porn sites on your work computer?

Technically yes, but it was by accident
No, but it wasn't for lack of trying. It's all blocked

(no subject)

What hurts you the most?
Or, what has hurt you the most in your entire life?

for me? it's all the friends/guys that have used me and chucked me, that hurts me the most.
but the most I've ever been hurt, is when my brother died in a car accident in December :(
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i need a place to store a buttload of books (100+). do you think i should go for a bookcase or should i do shelves?

or should i go the cheap artist's (note: i actually am a cheap artist) route and macgyver a bookcase out of cinder blocks and 2x4s?
Rochelle Goyle
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(no subject)

What are some semi-tactful ways to tell your male friends that you're on your period? So far when they ask what's wrong, I tell them my uterus is eating itself. Telling them that I'm cramping just makes them ask why I'm cramping. What's a good way to get the point across without completely horrifying them?
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What is the most ridiculous name you have ever heard for a person/child?

Do you know this person personally?

I had a student last year named Frankenstein Leung and Protein Sun. This year, I have a Big To (pronounced TOE). :)
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Do you have a high drug/medication tolerance? (OTC or prescription, nothing illegal)

How long do you think you need to take a drug before you become used to it?

How long after taking panadol/asprin/muscle relaxants/laxatives/allergy meds do you feel better?

Would you take expired OTC or prescription medicine?

(no subject)

I think I hurt my shoulder in the gym this morning
What can I take to make it stop hurting?
What else can I do to make it stop?
What should I do differently tomorrow?

Do you want to see my pecs?
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(no subject)

What are some books that you know of/like that are also movies?  Which one is better?

What do you do with the following, besides maybe the obvious?
Baby oil?
Cooking oil?
What other products do you use for things they aren't intended for?

(no subject)

Does anyone know where to find one of those voices that will read webpages to you for free? I'm having trouble finding one in a search engine because I don't even know what to call them.

My mom's eyes are pretty bad and I want to surprise her with it :)

Thanks :)
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Does anyone here write lyrics?

I'm writing a story that has the main character as a songwriter, but I'm not really good at lyrics. I'm looking for someone who will lend me their lyrics for FULL CREDIT. =] If not, I'll try my hand, but it won't be pretty....

I've decided to try my hand.
If not, i'll come asking again, haha. =]
Thanks people...
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(no subject)

1. When you were in elementary school, did your school or teacher make you line up in two lines? I find this totally odd and unnecessary, and it's happening in the school where I observe (pre-student teaching). They go by a line of girls and a line of boys.
1a. Do you know why they would do this? Are they trying to alienate the sexes or something?
2. Have you ever gotten busted for downloading? My parents just got an email saying we're being monitored because my brother downloads movies all the time, and I figured it was just an urban legend :(

(no subject)

If you could interview an actor/actress, would rather it be someone you loved or someone whose work you can't stand? Who would you want to interview?

What do you think constitutes good song lyrics? Are there any common song subjects that you seem to like a lot or really hate?
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(no subject)

For those of you with your own place: When you first started out on your own, did you feel like a child playing house, as opposed to a responsible adult? If so, how long did this feeling last?
Paul Dano
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(no subject)

CNN *Breaking* News:
-- Britain's Prince Harry has been serving on the front line in Afghanistan, CNN confirms.

Does anybody else get kind of irked that we have family members, friends, loved ones, lovers on the front lines and they don't get any recognition, yet someone who is doing what he should be doing anyway gets a bunch of media attention?

Does this kind of situation, in general (not applying to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), bother you?

Could you give a shit less?

Am I stirring up a controversial "the media is a dumbass" debate?
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It has a flavour!

Has anyone had orgeat flavoring added to their drink?
Is it good?
What does it taste like?

I saw it in the coffee shop today and was like.. "WTF is THAT?" I looked it up on wiki but I just wanted to know from anyone's experience. :)
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(no subject)

TQC, do you play world of warcraft?

other MMOs?

other video games?

what do you think about them?

what do you think about the people who play them?

also, is it terrible that, when i'm bored, i'll read TQC five or six pages back?
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Dear TQC,

A math question for you!
Is Phil Collins to Genesis as Lou Reed is to Velvet Underground?

In your opinion, can anything that Lou Reed did solo be any better than what he did in the Velvet Underground?
For example, would you say that the song 'Perfect Day' is the best Lou Reed song of all time?
If not, what is your favorite Lou Reed song? And did he originally perform it with the Velvet Underground, or is it a solo work?

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Poll #1145951 The joy of multi-unit dwellings

Why does our neighbor vomit so loudly multiple times daily? (She's late 20s/early 30s, has a 6 year old son, and lives in a one bedroom apartment above us in the 'burbs of Chicago.)

24 week flu
Eating disorder
Drug use
Allergic to all foods
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(no subject)

are there any side effects to eating to many mushrooms?
*edit* When I say mushrooms, are you assuming I'm meaning the kind you don't get from the supermarket?
i don't even like mushrooms and i've been craving them.
I also have a taste in sort of the back of my throat that is somewhat like an oniony smell, only not quite and brushing my teeth didn't really help, but mouthwash did. Do I have an infection of a sorts? Is something stuck in my braces and rotting? Are my tonsils rotting? Or is it the mushrooms??

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posting this many places...

so, you know, awhile back my car got broken into and amoung many items stolen - were 3 full books of store bought and home-made burned CDs...
i put it out there in my lj and another community, and folks sent me all kinds of CDs of music from their personal libraries..
now i'm very open minded, and was and still am willing to give things i don't know about a listen-to, you know - check it out and give it a chance...
some of it i've heard of and totally love, some is new, and there is much that i wouldn't ordinarily purchase on my own, but now that i've listened to it (several times), i can find a mood in which it would fit....
i just consider it a piece of kindness from them to me that they took the time to do this and i'm most appreciative...
i now have a new collection of some classic rock, indie/alternative/punk rock, comedy, and david sent me what i consider death/industrial/kill-you-in-your-face/metal/goth rock (and he was more excited about what HE was sending than what jamie (his girlfriend) sent (alternative/some indie/punk) -
and you know, it's all good...

my question to you is -

what type of music have you come around to liking, even tho' you didn't like/couldn't stand before?
any kind of "new-to-you" music to which you've been introduced?
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My temporary position is ending in two more weeks. So this is the time I like to ask myself what I really want to do with myself. I am pretty sure I won’t get a cool job working in a screen printing shop but I like to think of what I would enjoy to do temporarily.

What should I do on temporary basis to pay my bills while going to school?

I have over three years experience as an administrator for directors and presidents. I have managed a number of programs and have a great deal experience managing a floor. I enjoy an office setting but I wouldn’t mind changing things up. I prefer a position that gave me a chance to use my creativity more then the regular office functions that I have been doing. I wouldn’t mind being paid less if it meant I be doing something that I enjoyed.

Do you think I can find the job I want in the Valley of the Sun?
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(no subject)

For ages, I've wanted to try and make these Maple Bacon Cupcakes, but I'm scared they will be complete abominations.

TQC, will you make up my mind for me? Should I make these cupcakes or not?

ETA: Thanks to you tqc, I'm making them. I'll make a post in tqc_updates later today about the experience.

Extra question: What's the last thing you baked/cooked that you absolutely hated?
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Which two meals are you more likely to have a snack in between?

Do you usually snack because you're craving a specific snack, or because you're too hungry to wait until the next meal?

I'm thinking of buying some snacks every week because the time between breakfast and lunch is long enough to be kind of annoying. What small, yummy snacks do you suggest I buy and take with me to work?
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My prospectus is due today (why on a non-class day?!). I work until 4:00 and then immediately have to run over to my 4:30-7:00 class.

My professor's office hours are until 5:00.

Should I deliver the prospectus on my lunch break, therefore sacrificing my lunch?

Or should I deliver it after my 7:00 class, because "hey! 7:00 is still part of today!"?


What is a word that you hate or seriously dislike?

What is a place that you hate or seriously dislike?

What is an idea that you DO NOT LIKE?

Anything else you'd like to add to your list of "hate"?
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(no subject)

Would you compliment another member of this fine community who isn't on your flist?

Will you compliment a member of your flist? (who does not have to be a member of this community)

(no subject)

I want to break up with my long time boyfriend of five years. I have lost respect for him and well I think it is time to start the new chapter of my life with out boyfriend. We live together so breaking up is kind of a challenge. How do I go about dumping his ass and getting him out of my studio?
Serious and non serious answers are all welcomed! ^_^

preference and such..

1. Who do you like more: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
2. Who do you find better looking: Brad Pitt or Hugh Laurie?
3.  I'm eating fast food for lunch, any suggestions as to what I should get? 

1. Jennifer Aniston.
2. Hugh Laurie.
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(no subject)

Does everybody really want to be naked and famous?

I'll go for the naked, plz.
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1) Do you listen to music while you're sleeping/in order to fall asleep?
2) If so, does it ever affect your dreams in any way?

3) How long does it take you to get ready to go to school/work/whatever in the morning?

4) Have you ever thought of a question to ask, and then totally forgotten what it was? I just totally replaced the amazing question(s?) I had with these.

(no subject)

so right now i have a stuffy nose, sore throat, and overall "i just got hit by a truck" feeling.
normally i would just wait it out, but my bf is coming tomorrow and i haven't seen him in a month and im taking him to a concert tomorrow night.
i need to get better!
so TQC any quick fix remedies that will make me feel brand new by tomorrow night?

(no subject)

Why do you get dressed up? Where are you going when you dress up? What do you wear when you dress up nice?

eta: What do you like to wear when you dress up just because you want to look nice, not for a particular event? Like you still have to do normal, everyday things.
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(no subject)

I have a massage at 2pm today. It's 5 blocks away. It's -14C right now. Do I walk and potentially ruin my vibe on the way back because of the cold, or do I take my car?
Any other normal day I'd walk.
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(no subject)

1. What would you say to a co-worker who asked you, in all seriousness and on the verge of tears "Am I crazy?" if you actually thought they were crazy?

2. What do your siblings do for a living?

3. In what way are you better than me?

4. Any plans for the weekend?
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(no subject)

I recently had a phone interview with this company with whom I applied for an internship. I won't find out if I'm hired or not until the end of March. I really want the internship but it's extremely competitive. If the interviewer told me that they called because my resume was one that stood out, what are the chances that I'll get the internship?
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(no subject)

1) I am STARVING, but my lunch isn't for another half hour. I sit next to the break room and all I smell is food. What should I do to keep myself from exploding of hunger until lunchtime?

2) After an epic poo, do you feel "deflated"? Do you like that feeling?

3) For those who work in an office: Do you get really excited over new office supplies? I just got an epic new stapler and I'm all excited to staple with ease!

(no subject)

Please help my team figure out an AWESOME name for the project we have to present tomorrow.


The project is about building a customer service focused website for the company, where customers could find FAQs, areas for feedback, we could take polls, etc.

That's really all I have to go on, but we want something cooler than "project customer focused website".

The prize is the CEO taking us out for fondue, and damn...fondue is good.

Doncha love fondue?
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(no subject)

1) have you ever worked in a barnes & noble starbucks cafe? if so, can you tell me about it? (i just got hired at one today.)

2) you are making a fruit salad... what do you put in it?

3) when was the last time you were sick?

(no subject)

Did you go to prom*?
Did you ever go to a homecoming dance?
Did you go with a date, group of friends, or single?
Was it fun?
Were you on the court for any of these events?

*Prom, formals, whatever the equivalent was where you attended school.
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(no subject)

My friend has this wall hanging in his room that looks like a really old menu, but we can't tell what language it is written is. These are some of the things written on the menu: (spelling may not be correct, that font is whack)

Litotipografia romana
Linne Aeree Sud Africane
Creasione: d'amico & deufemia

And as far as we can tell, the restaurant name is Da Meo Patacca: se magna ese beuf ar cambio der callo.

Any help?

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Poll #1146107 Questionable Acts

You're at a faire. There's some guy on stilts, walking about. On the stilts, his head is like 12 feet above the ground. He's moving through the crowd and approaching your section. Some guy offers you $1,000 if you trip him. Would you do it?


At the same fair, there's a dunk tank. When it's not in use, they cover it up and put up a temporary wall to hide it. It's scheduled for a 3pm show. The same guy who asked you to trip the stiltman has another bet for you. He's managed to acquire 50 bottles of Nair. For $1,000, he wants you to empty out a quarter of the tank, and dump in all the Nair instead. You don't know who's going to be sitting in the dunk tank, but it'll probably ruin their day. Would you do it?


You're at Disneyland. You're milling through the crowd, when you find that you're behind Pinnochio (well, the costumed actor in a suit). He's squatting down to talk to a couple of young tykes. His pants hang low, and you can see his underwear (beneath the suit). Their parents aren't around and no one's looking at you. "Psst, hey." You look, and it's that guy from the faire! He'll offer you $50 if you give Pinnochio a really bad wedgie. Would you do it?


It's Christmas time! You're at the mall, and there's a line of kids who are waiting to see Santa. "Psst, hey". Holy crap, it's that faire guy again! He'll give you $400 if you give Santa a lapdance, in front of all these kids and their parents. You have to make it obvious, by gyrating your butt on Santa's crotch. After that, run like hell to avoid the mall security, but if they're giving chase, he promises he'll do what he can to distract them or slow them down. Would you do it?


For $3,000, would you be willing to sneak into a church confessional early Easter Sunday morning, and, during the morning sermon (when people are most quiet), turn on a vibrator and start moaning pleasurably and loudly. After a couple minutes, step out, vibrator in hand, wave at the crowded church, and just say "sorry, I really had to get off". You then haul ass out of there before anyone can do anything about it. Would you do it?


This last one isn't that morally questionable, but it's funny. Could you have sex with your SO (or some hot guy/girl) if they wore a very convincing Yoda mask, and during the lovemaking session, kept speaking to you in Yoda-ese ("Fellatio you will. Cum I must" or "G-spot you will find. Explore you must"). Remember, the face of your lover looks just like Yoda. Do you think you could finish?



TQC, will you do me a favor? 

I have a project due tonight. The project is done, but my prof. is having trouble accessing the link, probably because it requires some sort of crazy Microsoft bullshit and he's trying to view it on a mac. IDK. 

Plz to be clicking on this link: http://katrina.blackbladeinc.com/remixed/thecitytalks.htm

Can you let me know if it works for you, and what OS you're using if it does? 

Muchas gracias.  

EDIT : Thanks, everyone. The lesson learned: Never let your programmer husband talk you into using a Microsoft program that is so incredibly dependent on both OS and web browser.  Or at least make him tell you it's dependent first. :(
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(no subject)

My 30th birthday is coming up in 33 days. My mother wants to know what I want... I have no idea. I don't really need anything, and I don't really want for anything. Any suggestions to cool online stores or anything? I like books, movies, jewelry, all things French or English, horses, music, etc. I also thought it might be nice to have something special, since it is my 30th.

In addition: what was your favorite 'big' birthday gift?
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(no subject)

My little sister is turning 11 years old today. She LOVES to read. She is in 5th grade and is the top reader in her school, reading at a college level.

I would like to get her a (age appropriate) book for her birthday. 

What do you recommend? 
Should I just give her a gift card instead?

(I know she really liked the maximum ride series if that helps at all. She's not so much into the Harry Potter books though. If that helps any.)



What one fruit would you make illegal and therefore banned from your life and your existence?
What one vegetable?

Any other foods you want to ban? I'm on it.
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(no subject)

I have a potato that has already been baked, but was then refrigerated.

What's the best way to go about heating it up? ETA: How long?

And while we're at it, what do you like on your baked potato? I think I'm going to add cheese and salsa. :)
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Final Video Project

Very soon I need to have three ideas for a final project in my video production class but I have absolutely no idea what to do! It has to be 5 minutes long and tell a visual story (so anything with lots of talking is automatically out). I work with kids at a daycare center and live on my college campus.

Any ideas? What would you do if you could?

FIshy smell

Hai TQC,
I like to eat me some fish. In the spring, we catch a lot of trout and I LOVE to eat it...however there's one problem--the smell!!

After cleaning and preparing trout, my hands will smell horribly for days. I've tried baking soda, toothpaste, soaps...it just dosent help.

Also, my cutting board, sink, etc will also smell after cleaning the fish....

any sugestions? I love trout, but the smell= horrid.

(no subject)

Have you ever "adopted" a kid from somewhere like the Christian Children's Fund? You know, the organizations that say you can feed and clothe a kid for 25 cents a day and they'll send you pics of the kid thriving thanks to your support?

If you have, did you actually get pictures of your adopted kid?

So, Rhinos only have peripheral vision, so they can't look straight ahead at something and see the same thing with both eyes.

Does this mean that if you put them in a room where the left wall is blue and the right wall is red, they'll see purple?

Circuit City

Why does Circuit City hate me?
I went there yesterday to buy a digital camera and I had narrowed it down to four choices. So why did Circuit City have the displays out but no cameras? Not any of my choices. And now I've found another one I want on their website but it's out of stock and not available at any of the 3 stores around me. Why?
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shaking hands = bad sign?

Hey People!
1st timer here.

Is this a bad sign?

3rd date, we went to the movies, watched a dvd, listened to music at his place, he showed me pics of his cat and his house and artistic he had taken himself and the rest of the time we chatted about ourselves and about philosophy and literature. He smiled all the time and looked me in the eyes. At 6am I say it's too late already and have to go. He says "This, tonight was..." I spilt the tea and we clean it before he can finish his sentence. He claims to have forgotten what it was when I asked.

I step out and instead of hugging me (like he did in the 2nd date) he gives me his hand to shake, makes a funny military sign and lets me go.

  • inmars

(no subject)

how should i kill myself in a way that does not give my mother a heart attack? i don't want her to be permanently traumatized by opening the door to my room and see me hanging. i also don't want to jump off into the ocean and have her search for me with false hope.

please answer the question that i have asked. if you are compelled to lecture me otherwise, please refrain from commenting.
New Camus

Wal-Mart schmal-mart

I have a $100 online gift card to Wal-Mart, but you can only use it on the website (which completely blows because then you have to pay shipping unless you pick some shitty item with free shipping or wait a million years for site-to-store).  Anyway, I don't know what to get.  So, TQC, what should I get?  I like things that are practical, but ridiculous suggestions are always welcome.  For some background info, I'm 22, stay-at-home mom, I have an 8-month-old, and we just moved into a new apartment that we don't have enough stuff to fill it up or decorate with.

OR if you don't feel like answering for me, what would you get yourself if you had a $100 Wal-Mart online gift card?
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(no subject)

A woman is sleeping with two men who also happen to be identical twins. She winds up pregnant. Who pays child support?

Edit: assuming neither man is willing to take responsibility, is it even legal for a judge to order one or the other (or both) to pay when it can't be proven in any way that he is indeed the father?

I have to make dinner tonight and I have lost all my creativity senses.

What could I make for dinner with the following ingredients? I also have five dollars I can spend. :-P

We are poor at the moment and this is what I have to work with:
25lbs of white rice
Assorted mixture of wild and other rice’s
30lbs of pinto beans
Pigeon peas
Tomato sauce
Whole wheat noodles
Firm frozen tofu
Assorted pre cooked red/lent/pinto beans in freezer
Obscene amounts of condiments.

((really what I listed isn't poor. Some people have less.))

Isn't there a website I can list ingredients and it gives me a list of recipes?
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(no subject)

When was the last time somebody got on your freaking effing nerves? FRUSTRATED? Feel free to vent in this post.

"somebody" keeps texting telling me that they need to talk to me, I TOLD them that I am going to be running a bang of errands tonight after work and I will call them after 9 because that's probably when I am going to get home. APPARENTLY, that wasn't a good enough answer and *I* obviously don't want to talk to them, I am not taking the situation srs, UHM.. EXCUSE MOI?

(no subject)

Is there an option in adobe to type stuff up in the file?

I'm applying for a scholarship and the application form needs to be downloaded from the website, its a pdf file. I could print it and hand write it but my hand writting is HORRIBLE and I want to type it up so it looks need , however it wont let me type or change anything in the file. Also when I go into Document properties it says filling of form fields : ALLOWED.

Ps. copy/pasting it in word didn't work.

(no subject)

What are your hobbies?

How did you come about them?

If you had to pick one to recommend to someone how would you describe the process of the hobby itself AND the pleasure it brings you? 
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(no subject)

Drinking tea makes me have to poo if I haven't poo'd yet that day. Is there any food or beverage you drink regularly that makes you poo?

I made pumpkin cookies and they are made of heaven. Do you like pumpkin?

Should I make banana chocolate chip cookies today?

If you could

What television show(s) would cancel if you could?

What band(s) would you stop  from making music?

What actor(s) or actress(es) would you kick out of the movie industry?

What director(s) would you never allow to work again? 

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Phone Talk

I've noticed that a lot of people in this community (including me) have said that they don't like talking on the phone, particularly to people that they don't know.

1. If you're one of these people, what about talking on the phone do you not like?

2. Does it affect you at work in any way? If so, how?
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(no subject)

A recent question here reminded me that I've been meaning to ask this for a while.

Can somebody help me remember this recipe someone taught me once, a long time ago? If not, will you help me invent one that will presumably be something close? :)

I remember it was ramen noodles (without the seasoning, I think), peanut butter, peas, and orange juice. It may have had other things, those are just the ones I remember. It was meant to be really balanced, nutritionally, and cost less than two dollars per (large!) serving. It was really tasty.

Has anybody ever heard of this recipe? For all I know, the person who taught it to me made it up, but you never know. But if not, can any of you cooking-types help me invent a new recipe like it?
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What to wear for a job interview?

Hi, I have a job interview next week. Usually I'd dress pretty formally for one, but I'm kind of wondering.. It's for forest evaluating, which means going through the woods of the region for two or three months. I'm not sure if a collared shirt and high heels would show I'm capable for that kind of tough work.. So what should I wear?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here had an experience good or bad with naming your own price on priceline.com? I'm thinking about doing that, but I do not want to get stuck with something crappy.
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(no subject)

I have this friend and...she smells. I always try to tell her. I hint at it. She just goes on and on about how it's bad to take a shower every day. She showers once a week, maybe even less, even when she's on her period. How do I convince her to take a damn shower?

Paid Accounts

1. Do you have a paid account?
2. Do you think it's silly to have a paid account?

3. If you have a paid account, what is your favorite feature?
4. If you don't have a paid account, what paid feature do you wish was provided for free?

5. Why was I charged $19.90 for a year, as well as two $1 charges?

1. As of today, yes!
2. No!

3. The extra icons! I was recently introduced to LJ Hook and I am incredibly excited, now I need more More MORE!
4. I wish I could have had more icons, 15 was never enough, 20 would have been much better.

5. I have no idea!
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Okay, this is serious.
All day I have been diligently listening to classical music and working on my thesis. It is nearly 5:30 and my boyfriend has gone to tennis training until 8:30/9:00ish.

Do I discard said thesis, go get Chinese food, and put on a chick flick?

Not serious:
Today in the library my left eye began hurting badly and teared uncontrollably, with my nose following suit. The bathroom was at the other end with people at desks in between. Without a tissue at hand and not wanting to be seen with a tear stained, mascara streaked, snotty face mess I dived into my bag and wiped my face with a panty liner before going to the bathroom.

What object other than a tissue/toilet paper/paper towel/sleeve have you ever relied on to wipe your nose? If any?
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1.I met a gay Native American man today. It was cool.
What is the last cool thing that happened to you?

2. I'm putting together a runway show in May. I'm showcasing a clothing line from Nepal and jewelry from all over the world. Its going to be very exotic/jungle ish. The models will have mud on them. Anyone out there live near Boston looking to earn some extra cash in May? Looking for sexy confident people with lots of energy. One day of training, and one day of working. Both paid for. Sangria! Many artists from all over will be attending so it is a great way to get your face out in the art world. Let me know if you are interested?

3.My lips are so chapped I look like I had injections.
Whats bothering you?

4. If you cut your stomach open with scissors trying to open a box, who would you call first?


 Sorry I'm working on a paper right now...answers would be fantasic...




How has Society and Culture shaped your life?



I'm trying to answer this question myself and I haven't gotten very far


Workout sites?

Anyone know of any good sites/LJ comms that are good for finding out workouts and the like? I need to find something good to help me get back in shape for track faster that I can do on my own at home.
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I think my brain is on the fritz....I have looked under word meter and found nothing really to my liking. I know there was I had where it was a website of all sort of different types of progress trackers but I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it... Does anyone happen to know that I'm talking about?

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A few months ago I dyed my hair with a semi-permenent dark brown dye. My pourous hair held onto that color and my roots are very visable. I tried dying my hair back to strawberry blond with a permanent dye but none of the color took. Should I try giving it another attempt?
Why is my hair so full of fail? Are certain brands of dye better than others?

I'm going to make a frock coat, what color should the inside lining be?

I woke up with some really bad emo hair. What does your hair look like when you get out of bed?

I don't want to clean the kitchen or finish my home work. What things do you not look forward to?
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What day is tomorrow?

Do you know any, or very many, people with February 29 birthdays?

I was thinking about how many people I know who have birthdays tomorrow. My aunt, my neighbor growing up, his son (!!), my friend's partner, and another childhood neighbor.

There are probably more I'm not remembering right now.
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1. What words do you most frequently misspell?

2. What does your handwriting look like? Will you post a sample?

3. My roommate is convinced I stole €30 from her (I didn't) and is now giving me the silent treatment like we're in middle school or something. How long will it take her to get over it?
Edit: 3b. What sort of fun things should I do to provoke her into speaking to me?
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I usually don't come here with personal problem questions, so here goes.

My friends, let's call them Amy and Keith, are the problem.  Amy, who is extremely introverted, doesn't want a boyfriend, so Keith decides to find a boyfriend for her.  He can be very controlling.  At first, we thought he was just kidding about teasing Amy about this boy, let's call him Carl, and how they would make an extremely cute couple.  Amy gets annoyed pretty easily, but she usually shruggs it off in Keith's case.  But Keith has persisted in teasing her about it to the point where Amy tells him that she'd consider going out with Carl if Keith didn't mention him for a week.  Today, Keith was very excited because it was the last day of the bet and could talk to Carl for her.  Amy did not sit with us today.  Yesterday, she barely talked.  (Carl had no particular interest in Amy, which is exactly what Amy wants.)  Keith tells me that he wanted that couple to happen so badly, regardless of Amy's feelings.  She protested all the way, but Keith insists that I'm not hearing all of the story. Keith and Amy were talking on the phone, and apparently, Amy is not as upset about the Carl situation as I think, and that it's something else bothering her.  He insists that he is closer to Amy than I am and I can't tell what she's mad at.  I tried asking him why he went so far with the joke, and he said that he was just set on making Carl and Amy a couple.  But I can absolutely tell that Keith is just so overbearing and Amy is getting sick of him, but doesn't know how to deal with it.  I've done my best to keep light of the situation when Amy's around, just to let her know that I'm not pushing her.

What the heck do I do?!  Can you believe the way Keith is treating Amy?  What would you do?
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Why do they keep making youtube more and more retarded?

Can I still browse all video results by date, or do I have to pick from the 4 categories they give now?

Would you watch a video of someone knitting as long as it had good music?
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Have any of you seen the documentary "My Kid Could Paint That"? It's about a four year old girl (Marla) who became world famous for her abstract paintings until 60 Minutes did a story claiming her father was either helping her or doing them all himself.

If you've seen it, do you believe she did the paintings herself or is her father helping her?

If you haven't seen it, I've put two pictures behind a cut. One of them was a painting they actually filmed her doing, the other isn't. Do you believe these two paintings are done by the same person?

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