February 27th, 2008

The Black Lou Ferrigno Two

Shocking ?s

1) Have you ever had an electronic device ruined due to a power surge? If yes, what was it?

2) If you feel like you're going to get shocked when you touch something (ex. a metal door handle), do you try to touch it really fast to get rid of the static discharge or do you just touch it however you normally would?

3) What's the last thing that shocked you?

(no subject)

TQC, I just worked my first full shift at the coffee shop!
I had to sample coffees all day!
Having never drank coffee in my life before, and drinking about 20 ounces in whole starting at 2 and ending at 11, I'm a little wired.

If you were hyper like I am right now, what would you do at 12:20 at night, with no car and 3 bucks?

Turtle Power

Poll #1145077 Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO GO!

Which was the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret Of The Ooze
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Turtles In Time
TMNT (The CGI movie)

Who was your favorite turtle?


Who did you like better?

The turtles

(no subject)

I just got myself Firefox :D I've seen people mention that Firefox has different add-ons before. What are your favorites?
The spell checker thing is pretty nifty.

I was watching Law & Order and realized that just about every actor on the show sucks. The regulars are okay, but everyone else sucks. Do you know any other shows like this?

What are some good Playstation and Playstation 2 games?

I found a copy of a book I want for $1.99 online. Shipping and handling is almost $5 for just the one book. Is it worth it or should I just hunt the book down in local bookstores and hope I find a bargain?

(no subject)

So now that I'm all depressed and can't sleep:

Any good survival stories out there you'd like to share? Please?

Also, should I get my boyfriend's mother a Mother's Day gift or card? I know my boyfriend probably won't end up doing anything because he's heartless absent minded about these things, so maybe splitting something?
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If you were to, say, go kind of crazy with bleaching cream and bleach your eyebrows to a curious shade of blondish red, how long would you expect for them to go back to their regular dark brown color?

(no subject)

I was told the body can only metabolize up to 30 grams of protein at a time, but I just read a work out diet that claims someone that weighs 200 lbs should eat 340 grams of protein in 5-6 meals a day. If the body can't metabolize the protein, what's the point in having the extra protein?


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is there anywhere online where i could watch Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in full?
i looked on the CBS website, but didn't find full episodes. i am so entertained by this show and the man.
*EDIT* I'm not looking to download or otherwise get information on 'warez' or BitTorrent stuff. More like, where are they hiding the streaming kind of stuff that they already have on the website. i know that programs like QVC air online as well some, I didn't know if maybe they did that with CBS shows.

do you ever get a hang nail on your pinky finger that is so painful but you know if you yank it out its gonna bleed like a motherfucker?

i need a weekend job. What places are friendly towards college students who only have time to work on weekends?
Perkins Monocle

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Those in the UK:
Did you feel that Earthquake at 1:00am? If so, where abouts are you on the isle?
I'm right on the epicentre in Humberside, it was 4.7 on the Richter Scale. Which basically means so powerful that cup fell over somewhere in Birmingham. Scary stuff. It is strange though that the majority of the country seems to have felt the same earthquake.

Those outside the UK:
Have you ever had an earthquake in your area? Did it cause much damage?

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Should a single individual between the ages of 22-25 with an income of 50-60K rent a home or buy a home?

Should a single individual start out with a condo, apartment, townhome, or a house?

(keep in mind the individual is looking in California)

(no subject)

1) What was the last thing that really satisfied you? As in, you had high expectations, etc etc and all were met?

2) What was the last thing to totally disappoint you/flat out let you down?

3) Do you have a favorite word combination? Like glazed doughnut or jello pudding pop...

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(no subject)

i'm the college yearbook editor, and I hired a couple gals to work for me. They get paid a bit.

One hasn't been doing her job, so I decided to fire her. Problem: she hasn't been responding to emails or phone calls or facebook messages. I finally emailed my boss to let him know what I was doing (figured I should do that). He said he'd take care of firing her for me! Hooray!

Ze kvestion:
How much will it suck for her to hear that she's fired on her birthday? Before she became queen of not responding she was excited about being on the yearbook staff, and its even on her facebook profile.

Have you gotten fired on an important day like that or Christmas or something? How did you feel?

(no subject)

Which of your parents are you most like?

Which of your parents do you like most?

Who's the best looking.. you or a sibling?

Do you have any nephews/nieces? What are they called?

Is there anything you're selfish about, but you think it's kind of justified?
for instance, i'm really selfish when it comes to sleeping. If i'm still asleep I expect my housemates to STFU even if it's in the middle of the afternoon or a weekend, but I get ill if I don't sleep.. and then i germ all over them and they get ill too.. so it's in everyone's interest to accomodate me really.
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Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

What's the worst birthday you've ever had? What happened?

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What's your favourite birthday present you've ever gotten?
For my 18th birthday, my parents and friends threw me a surprise party (but they boffed it up and it wasn't really a surprise). And this year's will be pretty good, if my parents follow through with it. They're going to pay to get my cat neutered, so they say. My girlfriend also gave me really awesome owl figurines for my birthday last year.

Worst birthday present?
I don't really remember a specific bad present, but I'm always getting makeup for gifts and it blows.
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I think that my name (Jamie) is light blue.

What color do you think your name is?

Do you think Jamie is a light blue name? Does it change color when my middle name (Lee) is added?

Or am I not making any sense?

(no subject)

I lost my cell phone around Christmas and I need another one. Badly. Do any of you know where I could get a cheap* Motorola Rzr or Krzr that are compatible with Alltel and that also do not require a service plan/contract? I've been trying eBay but they're all too expensive. I'm poor, yall.

*By cheap I mean, under $50.00.

(no subject)

What do you call your grandparents?  What's the story behind it?

Do the other grandchildren call them that?

     I call my maternal grandparents Wee Wee and Paw.  Wee Wee is a bastardization of the name Granny, which is what my mother wanted me to call my grandmother but my grandmother thought I was saying Wee Wee and thought it was cute and wanted me to call her that.  It used to embarrass me so bad but  I'm over it now.  Paw I think is from my oldest cousin who calls him Paw Paw.  She calls our grandmother MeMaw.  Then our youngest cousins call them Grandma and Grandpa.  So I think it's odd that the grandchildren from my grandparents 3 children all call them something different. 

Paternal grandparents are Grandma Pam and Grandpa Ross, which is kind of weird since they are the only ones I call Grandma and Grandpa.
Kill Bill - Elle

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Why do my friends come to me for relationship advice?
I've only been in three relationships and the one that lasted longest (2 and a half years) was so rocky throughout that it hurt (the other two were very short lived).

Time for non-serious

ETA: How many times do you think TQC sees the word "why" in one day?
hannibal skull

LJ friends

When someone friends you, do you instantly friend them back?

If they don't friend you back, do you unfriend them after a certain time has passed?

If you unfriend someone, do you feel the need to tell them why?

Have you recently friended/unfriended someone?

Unfriend? Defriend? Which is better?
Can't sleep wrong


What's the most interesting thing you have done to avoid doing something you didn't want to do?

What's the most interesting thing you have done to get what you wanted?

Would you ever flash someone you've never met IRL via webcam?

(no subject)


Where should we go on vacation this August/September?

San Francisco, CA (we would be meeting up with wookiewife & perhaps latenightdrives)
Washington, D.C (we would be staying with sarahonlife)
ewl. I'll post my suggestion in a comment.

ETA: we will srs end up going to wherever y'all pick lol so either the W.COAST or the E.COAST! choose wisely :D


Is someone's bad BO as bad of a distraction in the classroom as, say, an offensive tee shirt or wild hair style? Keep in mind, the smell radius is about six feet.

What do you do in that situation?

Do you ever go to the Waffle House?

Do you play songs on the jukebox if they have one?

Which songs?
Let's get it started!

Weird hypothetical* situation

Say you were dating a guy with a job that had him traveling for about eight months out of the year. For several years, he and his best friend (another guy) worked together and traveled together. Then his best friend got transferred to another division. So after years of being together all the time, they're suddenly not. Since they still work for the same company they've gotten into the habit of calling each other almost every day and going over what happened at work. (EDIT: He calls you every day too.) Now assume, that because of the nature of the job, your boyfriend only has an hour or so, right at the end of the day when he can actually call and talk to people.

Would you prefer he call you first and then his best friend, because he just can't wait any longer to talk to you? Or would you prefer he call his best friend first and get the work talk out of the way, and then call and fall asleep talking to you?

*Seriously hypothetical, I don't even have a boyfriend.
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me - with gun

(no subject)

Why is k_andra screening comments? Should we all collectively smack her nose with a newspaper and say "NO. NO."? Or is there something more creative we can do? Edit: lololol, y/n?

If you could have ANYTHING you wanted for lunch today, price/health/location and such being no issue, what would it be?

(no subject)

I waste too much time on the internet. I need to study, exercise, read, clean my house, cook, find charity work more.

How many hours a day should I limit myself too?
& should I have specifics, like limits on email/lj/msn?
Should I ban myself from TQC entirely? I not, how long should I spend per day/week?
How can I earn more internet time?

Is this an entirely bad first move toward this?


Have you ever had to call the police,animal control or children services on someone in your area? 

Was it a hard decision?

Did you feel guilty after it happened?
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(no subject)

Did you have abstinence only or comprehensive sex education in school?
Do you think it was helpful or educational or completely useless?
Did your teacher ever give out misinformation they labeled as truth?
pretty sax icon

Political question! *cue lights and sirens*

Just out of curiosity spurred by current events, I did some research on Barack "Hussein" Obama...

Firstly, he's a "junior", so his dad's middle name is Hussein, too. Secondly, he was born in 1961, and Saddam Hussein didn't "take office" until 1979.

So, TQC, what's the big deal?

What's your middle name? And do people make fun of it?

Mine's Beth. I have a feeling I was named after a Kiss ballad. Woe.
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(no subject)

If you have appliances on your kitchen counter like a toaster, coffeemaker, etc, do you leave them plugged in all the time or just when they're in use?

(no subject)

If I have identical twins is it possible for one of them to be
born intersexed?
If so, would it be okay for me to just make it the
opposite sex from the other twin so I could have one of each?

Would what you do if you had intersexed twins? Would you make them both the same sex or separate ones?

(no subject)

Have there been any strangely tragic deaths in your family?

Four in mine that I know of.  My uncles George and Keith, and my cousins Annie-Ruth and Mary. 

George was accidentally shot in the head when he was 13.  He lived on for a few days before dying.

Keith died in a fire caused by an electric blanket at 24.  At least that's what I was always told.  When I was older my mother told me that Keith's ex-wife, told people she shot him and then set his trailer on fire.  Which makes sense because his wife was crazy, and it was the middle of the summer so why would he have an electric blanket.

Annie-Ruth and a friend had picked up two boys who had been broken down on the side of the road.  She was sitting on a draw bridge that was up with a full container of gas in the trunk.  A drunk crashed into the back of her car and the gas caught on fire.  Everyone made it out, but she was burned very badly and died a few days later. 

Mary was raped and murdered.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Inspired by shinga's post about lunch, I am now really craving Mexican.

Should I eat what I brought, or go get Taco Bell for lunch? I need to run out anyway so it's not like it would be a special trip.

When is your birthday?

What should I bring for my work's potluck on Monday?


I have SOME experience with alcoholics/addicts, but not enough to answer this question:

I know an alcoholic who is supposedly trying to get her act together. She claims that going to 1-2 counselling sessions a week will be enough for her to kick her habit. As far as I know, she's not attending any AA meetings.

Is that REALLY enough?!

I was always under the impression that in order to kick the habit, one would have to go to a rehab facility. Or at least go to a therapist more than one or two times a week.

This has been an issue for her for YEARS and she's been to the hospital multiple times for it. Of course, I'm really worried about her, but I'm washing my hands of it for now. Keeping my mouth shut and opinions to myself and only giving them when outright asked.

(If it matters, she's in her late 30s.)
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be careful

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What's the best hair product/procedure to use if you want mega-volume?

I have TIGI Catwalk Root Booster, which I think works nicely, but I want something better. Shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, anything. Thanks!

(no subject)

1. Have you ever counted how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop? If so, what did you find out?

2. What's on the agenda for today?

3. What would you buy first if someone handed you $10,000?
Notes from the Field

Resume question!


What can I do to make my resume look spiffy? What's a good format to use? Is there content I should leave out / definitely include?

What's your favorite jobhunting website? CareerBuilder isn't turning up much except more assignments with my current temp agency, and I flatly refuse to consider a temp position unless it is explicitly stated that it's temp-to-hire.

**Edited to insert a missing pronoun

**Edit x2 for clarity.

I've got 7 years total work experience.
- Retail/customer service
- Administrative/Clerical
- Film/Photo

I'd prefer something administrative. I've been a secretary for about 2-3 years now.
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

1. What's the longest you've let something broken on your car stay broken? What was it?

2. Have you ever been (or know anyone who has been) heavily pursued by someone you weren't that interested in, but finally gave in because they were so persistent? How did that work out for you?

3. How can I describe what is wrong with this sentence: "There are sleepless nights, heavy workloads, final exams, and expectations to fullfill". I think it's the "to fullfill" at the end and it's inconcistent with the rest of the list, right? I'm editing someone's paper.

(no subject)

I live in a single room dorm with one room mate.

I've lost two black bras and my memory card for my digital camera.

Where do you suspect they went?! I've looked everywhere.

(no subject)

So, regardless of it's current actions, do you think the fact that Israel, (as a state) exists is a good or bad thing? Why?

ETA: Okay, regarding the actions the state has taken, would you still think it's existence is a good thing?

(no subject)

Is it illegal to use dog or cat for human food in america?
Let say you saw your neighbor kill its dog for dinner. Could you call the cops to have the person go to jail. O_o

I didn't see anyone do this. So don't get worried! >_<'

(no subject)

Who the heck are you? Introduce yourself to the class please. DON'T BE SHY! *pushes you to the front of the class*

I am Ria, a 23 yr old ~latina~ female.. I know way more than I would had ever liked to had known about brick. I LOVE chicken.. you have no idea how much I love it. Sneakers are my weakness.


Let's say your SO has a really hot ex. The ex had dumped your SO, and broke his/her heart. That was a couple years ago. A good friend of your SO is getting married, and your SO plans on attending a big pre-wedding, celebratory Vegas party, where all friends of the couple are invited. You can't make it due to work or something. You find out that the ex will also attend, and you discover, is newly single. How would you deal? Be honest

Let him/her go. I trust my SO
Let him/her go, but I'd call or text a lot to keep tabs on what's going on
Try to find ways to discourage my SO from going without pointing out that I didn't want them to go
Flat out say that you don't want him/her to go and if they loved you they would do what you want
Assume my SO is going to cheat and prepare to break up with him/her
Assume my SO is going to cheat, so I go and cheat on them first

Similar scenario. Your SO's friend is getting married, and he/she is invited to the bachelor/ette party. Only members of the same sex can attend, and you can't attend (if you're gay, this question doesn't apply). The party will be a large rental house, with a lot of strippers (male strippers for the women) and a lot of booze. How do you deal?

Let him/her go. I trust my SO
Let him/her go, but I'd call or text a lot to keep tabs on what's going on
Try to find ways to discourage my SO from going without pointing out that I didn't want them to go
Flat out say that you don't want him/her to go and if they loved you they would do what you want
Assume my SO is going to cheat and prepare to break up with him/her
Assume my SO is going to cheat, so I go and cheat on them first

Your SO's new boss (or secretary, if he/she is the boss) is of the same sex as you, and really, really attractive. Really fit, good looking, stylish, sexy clothes, and from what you know, single. It's a busy time at work these 2 weeks, and your SO has to work a lot of overtime, alone with the boss. Your SO comes home around 11ish nightly, is tired, and doesn't show any interest in anything romantic with you. Are you concerned?

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Is it possible for a person with severe acne to be attractive (no, not me)?

What do you think is the best job in the world? I still think the Mythbusters guys have pretty sweet jobs, same with the Smash Lab people.

What is your favorite Billy Joel song?

Follow-up and another question!

I posted this earlier today.

To clarify - The friend I mentioned is my boyfriend's older sister. His family asks me for advice on how to deal with this because, due to one of my aunts, I have the resources on hand to help out with her addiction. My aunt is a nun and knows many people in our area who specialize in treating addiction. My boyfriend, of course, comes to me for support when shit is hitting the fan. I am desperately trying to be supportive for EVERYONE involved. But I guess I got upset because she always promises that she's going to therapy and then they find out later on the road that she either quit or never went in the first place.

So yeah, there you go.

My questions:

1. When was the last time you felt like a dumbass?
2. When was the last time you totally overreacted - either online or IRL?
3. When the shit hits the fan, who do you turn to for support?

Thanks and sorry for being Ms. Uber-Bitch earlier. I know yous guys were only trying to help.
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(no subject)

Ok TQC, I am studying my life away for a giant test in one month.

I've found that, recently, movie scores really help me to concentrate. Right now I have a playlist made of the music from Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Will you please tell me some more excellent movie scores I should use to focus as I study?

Penguin Suit

I have a black-tie gala to attend in two months.  

Rent or buy?

Spending the cash won't cause any stress with regard to my personal finances.  But, of course, there's always something else I could do with the money.

For those who say "buy" -- any brand or designer suggestions?

(no subject)

I called the boyfriend (who is at home on a day off from work) to ask if he had seen my cell phone lying around anywhere. He said he hadn't but would look in the driveway in case I had dropped it my way out the door this morning. Sure enough, my phone was out there...lying right where I had run it over.

What is is the dumbest thing you've done this week?


my mom wants to pay for me to have my teeth fixed because she thinks she should have done it when i was a kid. i don't have severe problems but if she wants to pay, why not?

anyway, i'm 27 and don't want to look stupid, or more stupid than i do already. have any of you or someone you know used invisalign or anything similar to straighten your teeth? how did it work out? like i said, i don't have severe problems, just a small mouth and some crowding/overlapping here and there.

Calorie absorption

How long does it take for calories to be fully absorbed into the body? Like, say I was bulimic (I'm not), how long would I have after I ate a meal to throw up before my body would a) start absorbing calories and b) have completely absorbed all calories.

I'm just curious I'm not trying to make fun or talk about eating disorders or anything it's just the only example I could think of that showed what I was wanting to know.

it reminded me of you!

Has a friend, family member, etc. of yours ever given you something claiming that it reminded them of you, but you just didn't see the connection? It could be anything, from something you absolutely hated to something liked but wondered how it reminded them of you. What was this thing, and what did you end up doing with it?
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Baro Bitch Stare


1. How important are/were grades to you while you were in school (high school &/or college)??
2. When do you think winter will be over? Is the end really in sight?
3. What should I have for dinner? I'm starving!
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Dr H - Hammer Penis

Stuck In a Dilemma

My dear TQC, I have another question, one of which I have been going back and forth a lot and I have decided to let you beautifully intelligent people to help me figure out what to do.

Long story short - I had my ex-boyfriend arrested for a number of abuse related incidents, he plead non-guilty to everything (because he is a prick) and I (being the victim in the case) got subpoenaed to testify against him. However, I am in Arizona, this all happened in Colorado. The trial is on April 01 (I know how ironic) and that is a Tuesday. I have classes, a test and work that day that I really can't afford to miss for two days (because I would fly out the Friday before hand so I could spend some time with my mom and then I would leave Tuesday night after the trial). I called the DA and the Witness Protection people and they told me that I need not worry about coming out there to testify because it would be a hassle for me. But thinking about it, how strong would the case really be if the victim didn't show to testify right?

So my question, do I stay in Arizona, go to class take my test and not miss any work or do I go to Colorado to testify against my abusive ex-boyfriend in hopes that it will simply make the judge happy?

Non-serious answers are always welcome.

(no subject)

What your favorite way to make ramen that's NOT plain ramen?

I love making bratwurst stirfry with pork ramen. <3

This post is inspire by being hungry and nothing at the dining center looking good :(
Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

Okay, I'm addressing an envelope to Cooper Clinic. The ad says that I can mail in an application or take one in to Cooper Clinic HR Department. Since I'm mailing it in, how would I address the envelope?

Cooper Clinic


Cooper Clinic
c/o HR Dept


HR Dept
c/o Cooper Clinic


Also, why the hell do I never get any calls from any of these places when they say "We'll call and let you know yes or no?"

And completely unrelated: How hilarious is it that my brother and I embarrass anyone we're with when he says "It needs glamour" and I follow with"And glitz!" him: "It needs sequins!" me:"And tits!"

He's sitting in the bathroom right now yelling out "It needs glamour" and every few minutes he breaks out with a bad rendition of "Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band?"
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chan marshall


When is the last time you had an out of body experience?

Do people remark on the way you think/ and see things?

People always say they think my thoughts are abstract and i always see things differently *shrugs*.

I know this might sound weird but whenever i see something that scares me it is almost like it plays music. Like one of my fears is holes and stuff and when i see it in my mind i hear violent trumpet music. Wtf is this?
princess rihanna

(no subject)

Tomorrow is character day at my school. I don't know who to be! Can you guys give me any suggestions? I thought about just wearing a toga but that isn't turning out so well.

(no subject)

 What's the general rule about using an "alias"? If say I wanted to start my own business but I don't want anyone to know it's me per se, can I just start calling myself soandso blahblah and everyone is straight or do I have to go talk to the courts?
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Pit Bull: Reindeer

(no subject)

Should I go bake more cookies/stuff (I will try recipes I've never made before), or play the Sims 2 (I just got a new expansion pack last night)? Why?

I am home alone tonight. Will you come and keep me company? We can cuddle!
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Hospital food sucks

You're in the hospital. You're not dying or anything, and you haven't been in a car wreck. No broken bones, no pain. You're just sick. You're allowed to eat anything you want.

What should I bring you, TQC?
petit prince

part one of two

Poll #1145364 باراك

if you are eligible to vote in the US, are you planning on voting for barack obama for president?

yes, i feel very strongly about it
plain old yes
yes, but i'm underwhelmed
leaning towards yes
leaning towards no
plain old no
no, i feel very strongly about it
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flat irons

What is the BEST flat iron I can buy that's between $20-$40?

The one I have now is a piece of crap. I have to go over the same chunk of hair at least 5 times before it's somewhat straight. I want something that leaves a chunk of my hair perfectly straight the FIRST time!

(no subject)

What is your routine in the shower? Do you wash toes first or face first or do you prefer to start in the middle?

When was the last time you felt really out of place? How did you deal with it?

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(no subject)


I am going out on Saturday night w/ stakingaclaim.. she's not a big clubber and neither am I but we'll be venturing out on that adventure together.. WUT SHOULD I WEAR?!

Collapse )

Collapse )

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and the most important question of the night.. should we participate in this thing called a jello-shot?

care to share something *too good to pass up* that you've recently come across on the interwebz? http://www.uglydress.com/
anontang DA

(no subject)

Mac users, I'm having some issues. I'm new to Mac, so forgive me for asking potentially stupid questions.

How to I get the blue ring around restart in this [http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/7074/94836470kj6.png] picture to go away? It's been that way for about a week, and appeared after I pushed tab to move from restart to shut down. It's annoying as crap and I've had no luck with making it go away. And I just noticed that this happens with all dialog boxes with more than one option...

Secondly, I turned on stickykeys a few days ago with the shift key, and I assumed it would shut off when I shut down the computer, as it does with Windows. Well, those stupid symbols still show up every time I push shift/command, and they are also annoying.

Can you help?

(no subject)

 Aside from being alone, what makes you feel lonely?

What do you do when you feel lonley?

Do you think it creates artistic vision, a la Morrissey, who claims his whole career is based on chronic lonliness?
    Edit - I don't want to make this about Morrissey, just using him as an example.
hannibal skull


Does anyone know where I can find the animated icon of the one I am currently using in this post? Harold of Harold and Maude gagging on his blood?

Many thanks in advance.

Have you ever used Tiger Balm? Do you like it?

birth control.

On average, how long after the date of purchase do your/your partners birth control pills expire? Weeks, months?

What type of birth control pills do you use? Do you like them?
Have you tried any other methods and how did you feel about them?

Mostly curiosity.

(no subject)

Ok, so I know that banks have to follow all kinds of federal guidelines so that they know your not a terrorist trying to get a debit card or something -_-.

But lets say I want to open a bank account under a fake name. Is there any way to do it?
Lisbeth Hair

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1) Girls... have you ever been with a guy(serious relationship) who didn't want to know how many guys you've slept with?
2) Guys... have you ever been with a girl (serious relationship) and didn't want to know how many guys shes slept with?

Every guy I've ever dated has always wanted to know at some point in our relationship and my current boyfriend doesn't care, at all. I asked him if he was curious and he was like "No"... is this normal, TQC?

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Poll #1145604 I mean baaaaa... Baaaaaa?

Where were you born?

South America
Somewhere else

How many cell phones do you currently own?

More than 5

(Check the ones that apply to you) I have...

Traveled outside my home country
Had sex for money
Been a parent
Been in jail
Been in a wedding
Abused drugs
Earned a college degree
Received oral sex
Had some kind of terminal illness
Stayed in my pajamas all day
Been to Disneyland/Disneyworld
Posted a poll on TQC
Been in a tanning bed
Been to therapy
Given oral sex

Do you know/work with anyone who has poor hygiene?


What makes you say this?

Are you male or female?

Not sure

When is your DOB?