February 26th, 2008


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If Tom Hanks (or whoever) gets a $20,000,000 paycheck for a movie, how much do you estimate he actually takes home after taxes, agent fees, SAG dues etc?

(And does Tom Hanks even deserve $20,000,000 paychecks anymore? Or did he ever?)
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Does anybody have a recent-ish copy of Vogue or Teen Vogue laying around?

If so...a friend is looking for contact info (specifically for somebody named Amy Astley, but a generic contact address might do). Can you please help? :(

She claims it's not on their website...but I haven't checked, so if it is, don't flame me, flame her. :P
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Lately, whenever I eat something kind of rough, the gum surrounding just one specific tooth in the back gets extremely red, swollen, and it just throbs for a long period of time!!! What can i do to relieve the pain? has this happened to anyone else? it's really sensitive and it hurts!!!

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Is there anyone who is willing to send me Haddaway's song "What Is Love?" via aim?

I need it for a video I'm putting together, and was flabbergasted to find that I do not actually have a copy of the song anywhere in my possession.

mission complete. THANK YA!

Edit: Actually, this was technically against the rules. My apologies.

Because "crapping" is offensive (censorship saves!)

If you could do absolutely anything with a penis (it's also detachable, yet fully functional) for one and a half weeks, what would you do?

What is one thing you would never do to or with your pubic hairs?

When you hear the word "suburbia", what comes to mind?

What color are the pills that you take before bed?
this is my last stick of gum, Oh


My friend read either a short story or novel in which the main character (he thinks a teenage boy) refers to his sister as "Pie". Not any specific type of pie. Just "Pie". He isn't sure if the genre of the story was fantasy, sci-fi, or just plain ol' fiction.

Do any of you know what this story/novel might be?

(Note: It is not "The Samurai's Garden" by Gail Tsukiyama)

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Why are people on LJ such pathetic bandwagon-jumping-on sheep?

NOTE: I know it's tempting to give humorous and cliche answers, but it would be interesting to hear more detailed commentary about the people involved in this kind of mess.

With the rissie drama in sf_drama and other communities where she said she had small cell cancer (extremely rare for people her age) and gave birth via a c-section we see many, many people in sf_drama responding to say she's being annoying, but nonetheless they believe her.

Why believe such a drama queen regarding cancer when tons of evidence shows that she clearly doesn't have it? Now that some intelligent people are jumping in and pointing out how what she's saying/doing is completely inconsistent with having that cancer, all of the other sheep who previously believed her are jumping in to chastise her!

Worst of all, these sheep are acting like they never really believed her anyway and that it was obvious that she was lying, when it was the opposite--they were totally giving her sympathy for the cancer and were saying that the people criticizing her before this were full of fail.

It's stupid. Why can't people get off the damn bandwagon and learn to think for themselves? It seems they're just pathetic, mindless sheeple who can only make decisions based on their knee-jerk emotional reactions and who they happen to favor at any given moment.
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Anyone have any suggestions of where my fiance and I should go for our honeymoon in June? Neither of us are into historical/museum type trips... We want something that isn't going to cost more than about $2500 at most.


Do you know what age you had your first haircut? Or what age your child(ren) had their first haircut?

Did your parents keep a lock? Do they still have it?

Do you have any pictures of your first or any early haircut?

Do you think bangs on children are horrid?

Do you think bangs on adults are horrid?

When was your last major haircut (changing styles, not just a trim)?

Did you like it or did it have to grow on you?

Do you have a picture?

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Do you type fast?


Where are you right now?

At home
At a friend's house
At my SO's house
In a car/airplane/bus/something moving
Somewhere else (specify in comments)

What have you done today?

Watched Dr. Phil
Ate something hugely fattening
Changed diapers
Had sex
Washed my car
Got pissed off at someone/something
Cooked something
Talked on the phone (consistently) for more than 1 hour
Bought something online
Ran the vacuum.
Said "fuck"

Do you have a job?

Yes... I work full-time
Yes... I work part-time
No... I'm a full-time student
No... I'm a housewife/househusband
No... I'm too damn lazy to work
No... No one will hire me
No... (combination of above reasons)

Do you consider yourself "fashion savvy?"

I don't know

What is your middle name?

Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Yep. And I am not sorry for doing so
Yes... and I deeply regret it
No... I would never do that!
No... for some other reason

Did you enjoy the movie "Superbad?"

It was great!
It was okay.
It blew.
I have no opinion
I didn't see it

Have you ever licked an asshole?

Yeah.. I loved it!
Yes. But never again. Never. Again.
Yes. I didn't feel one way or the other
No, but I'd like to.
No, and I don't plan on it.

Have you ever been to Pennsylvania?

Yes. I live there.
Yes. I've been through there but didn't stop.
Yes. I've stopped there.
No. And I don't want to.
No, but I'd like to.

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out of these items, what do you have in your home?

satellite dish
ramen noodles
cream corn
rocking chair
water bed
video game system
more than 5 candles
macaroni murder lady

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I'm crocheting a scarf out of yarn I bought from the bargain bin. It's not going to be quite enough yarn. Should I rush out tomorrow and hope to find another of the same, then fight to join the new yarn into the scarf (I'm a rank amateur)? Or should I rip everything out and start over, making it narrower?

Do you watch the Olympics when they come on?
Do you like the summer or winter Olympics better?
What are your favorite events?
Do you follow these sports/events in the intervening four years?

Have you ever seen a portrait or (better yet) photograph of a historical figure and felt sudden deja vu, as if you knew them or recognized them?
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Mac help

I have a Macbook that has been doing weird shit yesterday and today. All day yesterday it wouldn't let me open any webpage, even though I was connected to the internet. Well, this morning, I can go on the internet but the colours are off. If you've ever seen what Safe Mode looks on a PC, that's what it is.

How do I fix the colours? I have already looked in the manual and adjusted the display and resolution, and nothing.

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For those of you who work full-time on a mostly regular schedule of 9:00-5:00, do you think your work would offer you flexibility if you decided to return to school part-time (evening classes) for a Master's or a PHD? For instance, if you needed to take a class at 4:00 twice per week, would they work with you to make alternative arrangements (staying later other days etc) so you could leave early?

And for those of you who have done this, how did you approach your boss?
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local lingo

Here in Austin, all the locals pronounce Manchaca street "man-shack," and Guadalupe street is pronounced "gwada-loop," and Koenig lane is pronounced "kay-neg." You can always tell when someone just moved here because they try to say these street names the way they're spelled, and it takes a while before they learn the local pronunciations.

Do you have street names (or whatever) with weird local pronunciations where you live? What are they?
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Friends.. ?

1. Do any of you have a friend who you love - but you can't stand??

Meaning, you care for them, a great deal. You like hanging out with them, you have a good time with them. But then when you read their journal or listen to them talk on the phone you're like.. "WTF?? Who are you and why are you so lame?!?!"

Any one? Any one?

2. A coworker's birthday (a male) is coming up. What colors should we decorate his desk? (Not blue and green - we have a program that gives out blue and green balloons and it would look funny).
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Air Raid!

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Should I go see my dying grandmother in the hospital? If I go I wont cry, and I'll be one of the only people there who isn't  and I'll feel like a jerk... What should I do?

P.S. She is completely unconscious in a medically induced coma.

 I went, She died, I cried.

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Have you ever laughed so hard you farted?

Do you fart in front of your SO? Is it some kind of relationship landmark when you feel comfortable to fart around them? Is there anything you refuse to do in front of them? Like clean your ears, use the bathroom, get sick, etc.

Beast mode!

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1. What is the last sentence of the most recent post in your journal?

2. What is the first sentence of the very first post in your journal?

3. What is a random sentence of the post you made a year ago today (or the closest one to today)?

4. What are you up to today?
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What do you want your funeral to be like? (Feel free to include what you want to have happen to your body, passages or songs you would like included in the service, what you want people to wear, etc.)

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Best wake up call you've gotten recently?

My friend called me at the ungodly hour of 7:30 in the morning to ask me if I had $200 laying around to bail out a guy I kinda hate, and who has never done a nice thing for me. Beautiful. After I reminded him that I was, also, a broke college student and offered him the only $50 I had, I had to go to the bathroom down the hall to laugh, so as not to wake up my roommates.

I now have a headache from all the pressure that has built up from the laughter I couldn't get out. That's my diagnosis, anyway.

it makes me feel || <-- that big

At my work, we have to let our supervisor know 24 hours in advance if we're going to miss a day or we get an unexcused absence. If we get 2 unexcused absences within 4 months we get written up and after 3 of those we get canned. They didn't explain to us how to telepathically know that we were going to puke in 24 hours, but hey, they've got productivity standards to meet.

What's your attendance policy at work?
What do you think of the attendance policy at my work?

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If you are at class and the professor is late, how long after the start of class should you wait before leaving? Should you leave at all? How long have you waited for a professor before?

new earth //

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I've been 'seeing' (very loosely defined...more than fuck buddies but not bf/gf) for nearly a year and have feelings for this person which leave me feeling very confused. He's not really into talking about stuff like that unless large quantities of alcohol are involved! ** edit - when he does it's always in a good way but due to the slight intoxication I'm inclined to take it with a handful of salt **

1. Is it a good idea to tell him how I feel to find out if he would want more and risk him saying no, or just carry on as we are?
2. Is it possible to have a sexual relationship with someone for nearly twelve months and not become emotionally invested in it?
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Why does it tend to be all my guys friends goal's to make me smile, when they are texting me or talking to me online?

I get lots of "make you smile?"'s

Does the opposite sex do that to you a lot?
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I have no bread, but I want a sandwich. Do you think turkey and cheddar would taste okay on a biscuit?

I have no milk, but I want to make some cornbread. Can I use half and half?

How many stamps would I have to use to mail a dvd in a jewel case (in the usa)? 2? 3?

How's the weather? I just heard thunder!! We are in a severe drought, so all rain is needed.
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bible tl;dr

past present future

Was there a Jim Morrison before Jim Morrison?

Who will be the next Jimmy Page? Will there ever be another Jimmy Page?

Did other generations sit around and complain that no good music or literature would come out of their generation, or is that something new and just a product of the current one?

Did Aristotle really say that "we can never really be sure of what influence various factors of our generation will have until we can view them in retrospect," or at least something to that tune?
See, I tried to make that argument in a debate awhile ago, but apparently Aristotle said it first. I don't know if that makes me brilliant, because I'm thinking up the same things as Aristotle, or if it makes me seem stupid, that I'm trying to use Aristotle's theories as my own...

I'm getting really tired of 'intellectuals' wondering where the Kerouacs or Hemmingways of today are. I told my friend, who wondered this in his journal, that if he was so concerned about there being no influential writers, he should go out and BE the next Kerouac and stop complaining. What do you think?
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String cheese!

I bought some kraft mozzarella string cheese about two days ago and somehow they didn't make into the refrigerator. I don't see anything on the package about keeping them cold (funnily enough they say not to open with your teeth, but that seems to be the only advice), so are they still safe to eat if I put them in the refrigerator now?

thank you everyone! I decided I'd just rather chuck them out!
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Finish this sentence.

Can you finish this sentence for me?

"Okay, here's the situation ________________________________."

I want to see if I'm crazy or not.

edit: I guess I'm crazy! Someone said this outside my office and I started singing to myself - I guess I'm either crazy or old. =-\
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Everyone likes it when good things happen. Will you tell me something good that has happened to you recently?

Yesterday I found out I am the valedictorian of my senior class! =]
Haruhi disappearance

Doctors, blech

1) I'm terribly afraid of getting an internal exam at the doctor's. I'm 20 and have yet to have one. I know it's not a good idea. What can I do to help me get over this fear and go get one? Please don't tell me to suck it up, I would have by now if I could just suck it up :P

2) Have any women in TQC had the Gardasil shot series? Did you have any side effects from it? Did it REALLY hurt going in for anyone else?

3) When you go in for a yearly physical, what tests do they run on you personally? Due to my family history, i always get my blood glucose and cholesterol checked, thyroid, hormone levels, arthritis screening, as well as the standards.

4) Are you currently taking any prescription medications? For what?
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My boyfriend is looking into buying a used car. (Anywhere between 02-06)

He works 4 (sometimes 5) days a week, for 12 hours a day (8am-8pm), so he asked me to call some places he circled in the classifieds, about cars he likes.

Everything that (I think) you would need to know are on the description...so I'm not sure exactly what he wants me to ask them (besides asking where they are located).

The miles, year, make and color are already given.. Most say they've been in no accidents.. So I guess I could ask that about the cars that don't say that..

What are some things I might need to ask?

Thanks everyone! Great questions!

Slippery Dress Shoes

I have this really great pair of dress shoes, but when I wear them with nylons, my feet constantly feel like they are going to come out of them and my shoes are going to go flinging off. Does anyone know of any inserts or anything that will stop my feet from slipping?
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How lovely, I'm sick on a snow day, so I don't have to miss anything.

Does/did anyone else hate missing school?

The principal called my house five minutes after I asked if I could stay home with this terrible stomach flu. I was overjoyed.
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You guys are full of teh snark.

And I NEED some snark to not be so pissed off by this!

Watch this CNN video:

Link here!


Seriously, are you fucking KIDDING me?!

My opinion: They were being rude little bitches with that lame sense of entitlement that the "pretty" ones usually have. Especially (no offense to you youngin's) that 18-year-olds have.


(Serious and non-serious are always welcome!)
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I'm looking for a video on youtube I saw about a year or two ago. It's of these two guys, I believe they're in a park, and I suppose it's stop motion, because it's supposed to look like they're flying or hovering. They're having some sort of battle, and one of them dies. Anyone know what the film is called?

Have you ever changed the name of a pet after already getting used to the name? What'd you change it to? 

Where do you get music for your ipod?
tiger on your couch

Locker Rooms

This is being hotly debated at my office.

How would you feel about pre-op transsexuals being able to use locker rooms of their choice? Is gender a fluid concept that if someone feels they are of a particular gender, they should have free access to the locker rooms of that gender? Or should some documentation be required, perhaps from a doctor stating the person is undergoing some sort part of the process? Should they not have any access at all until they are post-op and have a completely new gender?

Does it make any difference if the facility in question were gender-specific, like a women's-only gym or something of that nature? For the purpose of this question, let's assume that the locker rooms in question are of private business like gyms or spas, not public domain places.

Also, I constantly mix up the ideas of sex. vs. gender, so if I've used it incorrectly here, feel free to correct me.
I &lt;3 TLV

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For those of you who are married, have you ever spent time apart due to schooling or careers? How long were you apart for? What was it like? My husband wants to work in a city over an hour away while I finish college (1 more year) and I'm worried about missing him too much =(
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Dear TQC, do you ever bake things you don't really like to eat?

I bake cookies occasionally when I'm bored, but I really never eat them!

I gave some of the cookies I baked last night to my boyfriend to take to his work. What else should I do with them?

I made cinnamon butter cookies, and chocolate chocolate chip cookies with marshmallow filling.

another shoe post

TQC, I haven't been shoe shopping in about 3 years. (okay get it over with - laugh) I've been wearing two pairs of New Balance athletic shoes for God knows how long.

Can you tell me what's popular right now (casual shoes)? I want to conform.

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my roommate is really sick with some sort of virus. she isn't treating it with anything and i think she's just going to wait it out and just let it go away on it's own. she said that it's going around campus and that it just sort of sprung up on her out of nowhere.
we live in a tiny, tiny room and i'm around her a lot. should i take something like airborne? or is that pointless?

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Last night I made way too much three cheese sauce for noodles. So I packed the sauce in jars and placed it in the freezer. Now I hear that you shouldn’t put cream base in the freezer. What is the worse to happen when I defrost my lovely sauce?


What's making your day suck?

My dad turned my phone off last night without telling me (I found out when I couldn't call my mom to take me home) and now I can't get any texts or phone calls from people who would say happy birthday to me.  Great.

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personality desk test

What are three things on your desk (or by your computer) that would tell the most about you, should a random stranger pass it by and study them?

- my plush shakespeare
- a sketch of a ballgown I did during a meeting
- magnets of vintage ladies

What's something on your desk/by your comp that always makes you smile? 

- a penguin xmas ornament I received as a gift
- photos of my theatre students.

MISC - moustache

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Why oh why is my last.fm stuck at 40,999 played tracks? It stopped tracking, like, five hours ago. I've been looking forward to hitting 41k for a day or so now and when I get to it... NOTHING. I'm probably around 41,030 now and still nothing. I am not amused. :(

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My best friend & I are thinking of taking a trip towards like uhm, August/September.. we're both originally from CA and were thinking about going back there.. thing is, we don't know which city to go to.

We've been talking about hitting up San Francisco.. she's from Rancho Cucamonga and I am from Van Nuys.. I'll be going to San Diego in March.. so count those cities OUT of the mix.

Where should we go? Should we forget about California and go elsewhere? We're just trying to get away from everything and go somewhere that we'll be sure to enjoy.. we're your normal 23 yr olds, nothing TOO expensive but we're pretty much down for anywhere/anything.

Any ideas? We hate the cold, so please refrain from anywhere that'll be like 40* or below :\ we've had ENOUGH of the cold weather here.


Okay, it seems to be a toss up between SF or DC, which would YOU pick?

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What does this face mean?

Is there any way to make my text sparkly or otherwise really annoying?

I just realised that subconsciously, I was expecting upon going to the right site, I would have food, or at least no longer be hungry. What unrealistic achievements do you expect from the intarwebs?

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What can I eat that won't make me throw up?

Who else has a snowday?

Can someone find me the picture of the evolutionary timeline where the man turns around to tell the apes to stop following him?

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For those in US, how high would gas prices have to go before you'd have to make serious adjustments in how you spend your money/change your driving habits?

How much is gas for a gallon, or a liter if you are outside the US?

For me, it'd be over $3.50. I am already starting to feel the pinch, and gas is currently $3.21 here.

Hygeine...or high gain?

Apologies for the last post. It was meant for another community. I deleted it.

For $2,000, would you be willing to go 2 weeks without brushing, flossing or rinsing your mouth (that includes those anti-plaque mouthwashes)?


For $15,000, would you go a full month without brushing, flossing or rinsing your mouth (again, that includes those anti-plaque mouthwashes)?


For $1,500, would you go without bathing for the next 14 days? Perfume, cologne and deodorant are forbidden


For $5,000, would you without bathing for the next month? No deodorant, perfume or cologne


Lastly, for $2,000, would you not wipe your butt for one whole week? Also, you may not bathe this week either

Haruhi disappearance

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1) Is getting 2 vials of blood drawn enough to make someone(lets say a 5'5", 165lb person) a little weak and lethargic the rest of the day? Should one avoid strenuous exercise or is it okay to act as normal?

2) What is your favorite quick bread? (examples: banana bread, pumpkin bread, blueberry bread.)
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1. How much would your partner/so/whatever have to gain for you to not find them attractive anymore?
2. Adversely, how much would they have to lose for you to not find them attractive anymore?

mostly curious because one of my good friends who is super thin has gained like five or ten pounds and thinks her boyfriend won't have sex with her anymore because of that, when really it just makes her look healthy and better!

3. What body type do you find most attractive?
4. Do you prefer hard water or soft water? Why?
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TQC, my anus is spurting liquid fire.

1. Is this food poisoning from the old cheese I ate yesterday or the bug my girlfriend had 2 weeks ago catching up with me?

2. Do you know any home remedies that don't involve me being more than 2 minutes away from a toilet? None of the shops on campus have any sort of helpful medicine.

3. When was the last time you had diarrhea?

4. Isn't diarrhea an amusing word?
marcel&#39;s rap

Question for the Canadian ladies

I need a better bra. Since I bought my first one at La Senza, I've never strayed from that store (mostly out of convenience and price). But now my chest is a 38D, so I need mega support. I'm looking to spend around $50. I'm thinking of checking out department stores...so what brands make good bras?

This question is directed to the Canadian ladies, because that's where I live, and I don't want to shop online.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Have you ever had a really good, close friend suddenly become a really angry, bitter, critical person who was just over-all hard to be around? Who changed to the point where they weren't really the same anymore? What did you do about it?

My best friend went through a really bad break-up and she's still not over it. Every time I spend time with her I leave feeling drained because she's just so angry and negative, and critical of me. It sucks, but I don't know what to do. It gets more complicated since she's a projector in the psychological sense, so I can't really talk to her about these things because she doesn't see them in herself. She used to accuse me of being that way and I used to believe it until I realized it was actually her who was that way.

Question about medication

Okay, so I am starting a new prescription for Wellbutrin SR. However, I have read a couple of reports that the generic version of this is not even half as effective as the brand name. Do any of you take this prescription? If so, have you had similar concerns?

For those of you who don't, do you take any antidepressants? What do you take?

Last but not least, do you know of any lj communities that keep up on people changing their LJ user names? (Not for, like, trolls, but just in general)--EDIT: I guess not, so I made one called aka_users

in a restaurant.

1. If you wanted to use a table where you could have access to an outlet would you ask somebody about to sit there (without a computer) if they would mind sitting elsewhere?
2. What if the person had been settled there for a while, but again, didn't have a computer?
3. Would you mind if somebody asked you to move in those situations?
4.and, do any of you have a story you'd like to share about a time you were in a restaurant (or other public place, I suppose) and somebody asked/demanded you do something to convience them that you thought was rude or out of line?

EDIT meant to put this, sorry, but for 1-3 assume that you/they ask very nicely and that there are indeed other free tables nearby (just not with outlets)

(no subject)

Where you ever given time out?
Who gave you time out?
Why were you put in time out?
What would you think or do when in time out?

I was put in time out both in school and at home. I use to have fun trying to find all the animal shapes in the texture of the wall. It uses to piss off the teachers since there was nothing they could do to ‘punish’ me.

(no subject)

Hey guys,

Has anyone ever been to The Giggle Dam in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada?

More specifically, has anyone ever been there when the theme was: ‘Diapers to Depends...The Dam Life Show’?

I've been to The Giggle Dam a few times (it's a comedy club/restaurant, if you don`t know), and I wanted to bring my Dad there for his 60th birthday at the end of March. However, when I checked their schedule (http://www.giggledam.com/shows_giggle_dam.html) the show that will be running during that time (`Diapers to Depends`) has the following synopsis:

`It’s been said that life is what you make it. From life’s beautiful beginning to the bitter end and beyond the cast at the Dam serves up yet another musical comedy fest all about the trials and tribulations of something we all share in common…life. This promises to be one of the most unique shows our demented heads have ever cooked up. Guaranteed to change your...er…Life.`

I really don`t think my Dad will find that incontinence-related theme that funny, since he`s coming up on his retirement and all. I was hoping to take his mind off everything for a night. Any of the other themes on the schedule would`ve been fine, if only they were running now!

Anyways, before I totally throw in the towel on that idea I`m hoping that someone who has seen that particular show can let me know if it`s something that would depress my Dad, and if it focuses on aging or death and that sort of thing, or if I could still take him to it. The shows that I've been there for were always very tasteful and funny, so maybe there's hope!



1. Do you care that Starbucks is closed for three hours today?

2. How would one go about making iced coffee at home?

3. If you use coffee syrup, what's your favorite kind/flavor?

4. If you use sweetener (including sugar, along with artificial), whats your favorite kind/flavor?

5. If you use creamer, what's your favorite kind/flavor?

6. Do you add anything else to your coffee?

(no subject)

What's one thing you like to eat that your SO just won't touch?
Popcorn. He HATES the stuff.

What's one thing your SO likes to eat that you just won't touch?
Sushi or ANY seafood. Blech.
kitty + books

(no subject)

if you warned your neat-freak roommate extensively ahead of time (after s/he asked you to be roommates but well before you moved it) that you are messy, is it fair for them to be angry with you for being messy? (i'm not asking if it's fair for them to ask you to clean up, just if it's fair for them to be mad/a bitch at you.)

why does your life suck?

(no subject)

I haven't lived with my parents since May 2006 and have been married since August 2007. My husband and I are planning to file taxes once I get my final W-2. My parents told me today that they claimed me on their taxes, despite me asking them not to and them agreeing to it. I just received in-state tuition this semester and one of the clauses in the state law says that if I'm claimed as a dependent on taxes by someone in another state, I will be reclassified as non-resident ($3000+ more/semester).

What should I do?

(no subject)

Do you ever form study groups?

How's that go for you?

I ask because up until last night I've studied alone, but 3 girls asked me to do a study group with them and I agreed. I then got stuck tutoring them for two hours and it was a waste of time for me. D:
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Why can't I find mint chips (like chocolate chips, only mint)? Whenever I need something like this I have to go buy a bar of mint chocolate. :|

So I found I actually enjoy baking. What are some of your favorite things to bake/favorite recipes that I should try? I generally bake cookies, but am open to things like cakes, cupcakes, etc.
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1. if you book travel arrangements to foreign countries via THE INTERNET, what site do you use?

2. have you ever been to Tahiti/Bora Bora/another French Polynesian destination? what's it like? what is there to do?

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How do you store your dress pants?

If you hang them, what kind of hanger do you prefer?

I just realized that I'm going to be a Grown Up soon and as such, I'll be needing dress pants. Jeans won't really cut it and I won't be wearing a skirt every day.

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Before you moved out of your house, how desperate were you to leave?

When you finally did get to move out, how thrilled were you?

Did you ever have violent screaming fights with your parents over moving out?

EDIT: I ask because I just had a fight with my father that escalated into kicking a door in(him, and my door) over me doing the dishes whilst talking on the phone(apparently this is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!). And you know, I have nightly thoughts of holding a pillow over their heads until the breathing stops.

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What are your experiences of giving blood?

I've only tried to give blood once before, and apparently I have very narrow veins, which means the blood doesn't drain quickly enough and the whole thing has to be scrapped before a full pint can be drawn. And it makes me feel pretty ill. Very disappointing. :(

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For those who've had an internship, which (free) websites were most helpful to you in finding one?

I'm searching google right now, but any suggestions are appreciated. :) Thanks!

edit: also, will you share some funny/interesting internship stories?


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Is there any way to get money to travel? I don't want to go to college right away...I was thinking about taking a year off and traveling. I have a job and all, but it's not enough money for me to travel for more than 3 months. Are there any programs or anything that help students travel?

Also...I made it into CSUN but I was enrolled for the fall semester. I was wondering if I could just not go 2008. I'd want to go in 2009 instead. Can I do that? Or will I have to reapply?
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I know I just posted a little while ago, but now I have a poll and everybody loves polls, right? Should that be a poll?

Which is your favourite Beatle?

I can't decide/I hate the Beatles/Ticky!

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What is the worst advice you've ever found in a women's magazine?

What is the worst advice you've gotten from a stranger?

How about a friend or family member?

What bad advice to you have for me TQC?

Whoa whoa oh whoa

I'm gettin' the cold feet. I've been with Dustin for almost seven months now, and that's pretty rad. I don't live with him, we've been acting like mature, responsible people whenever something comes up that requires a serious discussion, and he's willing to let me get a cat (which is something NO boyfriend has ever done before. They all hated cats. I cannot live without at least one in my house.)

And now we're planning on moving in together and I think I'm scared. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our relationship, nothing. It's perfect. I could not even think about being with another person (other than Billy Zane, but that's never going to happen).

So I ask you, almighty Question Clubbers, not because I'm looking for internet validation, but because I've asked all my friends and to tell the truth, they are biased when it comes to me because they are my friends. It would be helpful if I could get some advice from a third party who has no previous knowledge of me and who can be completely impartial to the whole thing. Like asking Switzerland what kind of chocolate is best for chocolate covered strawberries. They know the answer and are totally willing to tell you if what you thought was wrong, because they are neutral.

Should I move in with him and see if it gets better or should I stay where I am until I feel 100% comfortable with the idea. Right now I'm 80% comfortable.
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Does your school (or did it) have any controversial faculty members?
How do people feel about the, how do you?

The sociology teacher I had was very liberal. He protests and has been arrested several times...he's also thrown blood on the Pentagon hahaha. Personally I like him, he's very intelligent and I like that he is brave enough to be so active in his beliefs even though a lot of people look down on him for it, or question him. I was with some other students once who happen to be very conservative and they were complaining about him saying that we didn't need people like that working at our school, it pissed me off. I'm not saying I would do the things he does but seriously, he doesn't hurt anybody, he is standing up for what he believes and it's not as if he's one of those people who only does the pointless little protests where they just whine, he activly works to make change.

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Has it ever happened to you that you meet someone and that person likes you, likes you. And you likethem too.Then you discover that they are extreeeemely wealthy, or famous(the person or their family). Do you feel different or uncomfortable with them?

Did you ever feel comfortable with this person again?

This happened to me, and I'm a very shy person. Making it even harder, because now when I talk to him, I feel nervous all the time. I've even stopped talking to him, and I don't want him to think I'm angry at him or anything. I know this isn't a tip kind of thing, but if you got anything, a tip, shoot! :)
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Sucktastic question time!

In facebook, whenever someone types in <3, it's supposed to show up as a heart.  I don't know if this is a common problem, but when I'm in Firefox and on facebook, it always converts <3 into |, but only on facebook.  It doesn't do it in IE or Safari.  Why is this?  Is there a way to change it?

Do you have a facebook?

What is your facebook profile picture, if you don't mind sharing?

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Which situation would you rather have to endure?:

A.) A chronically congested nostril (a la common cold or hay fever).


B.) Meat being stuck in your teeth for hours with nothing handy with which to extract the offending particles.