February 25th, 2008

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Oh, TQC.

Somehow I got myself into this situation where I really need a beaver (animal). This beaver should be freshly dead, or even alive and under $200. I don't know where to get one, and I need it in less than six months.

1. Where can I find a dead beaver?

2. Are there any laws against someone mailing me a dead beaver?

3. Care to shed ANY light on how to get a beaver?

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What is one word you've never heard someone describe you as?

What is one of the most common words used to describe you by others?

Does this differ from how you describe you?

How do you feel about not being/ being described in those terms?

Do you have a favorite era of poetry? How about poet?

What insults do you have for me for asking those poetry questions?

If you were invisable would you beat up a mime?


YES! Reading Carlyle is like having a philosophical orgasm.

Which would you rather do (in general, I know we all get urges to do one or the other sometimes)?

Read or have sex (or masturbate)?

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Has your sibling ever walked in on you naked? What did you do?

I thought I had locked my door, until my 17 year old brother walked in just a few moments ago. He screamed "OH MY GOD!!!" :(

I need your help

Alright TQC, my friend and i wanna go to Coachella super bad. I have the money, she doesn't. Now, I was merely wondering if I made a donation cup, would anyone truly donate one dollar (or mere pennies even) to it.

I am completely seriously about this too.

So, my question, Would you donate any money to help my friend go to Coachella?

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Poll #1144008 Dumptruck

Which of these things would you have installed or attached to your car?

None of the above. No way

You're on a road trip with friends. You're sitting in the back seat. Your car is gridlocked on the freeway and hasn't moved in 10 minutes. Suddenly, you have to go to poop really bad. Your lunch isn't agreeing with you. You bring this up to the friend driving, and she says that under the back seat is a toilet, and you should just go there. What do you do?

Go ahead and use the bathroom under the seat. Nature calls
Hold it as long as I can
Hop out of the car and poop on the road, right next to the car
It's undignified to poop in my friend's car in front of all my friends. I poop out the window instead
Run to the shoulder, hop a fence and squat behind a tree, and hope traffic doesn't pick up

You purchase a used car with an Indipod. You're on a road trip with friends and you're running really behind. If you don't drive 100 miles in the next 45 minutes, you're going to miss the last ferry (to something cool. Consult the area near you for cool ferry-related details). No time to stop. Suddenly, your friend in the back seat says that she has to pee and if she could use your portable toilet. Do you let her?

Sure. When you gotta go you gotta go
No way. That's just gross. I pull over to the side of the road and let her piss there, even if it is a barren location and lots of cars are passing by. It's her shame
Nope. I pull off at the next exit and find a gas station. I'll have to drive faster to make up for lost time
She can piss out the window
Star, Star of Life, Life

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What do I need to know before I get a cat? Tell me everything you know about owning cats! I want to know everything from feeding them, litter boxes, scratching, hairballs, etc...

My friend's have a cat who is about to pop any moment (not their fault, they acquired her already preggo) and I'm trying to convince the hubby that we should take one of the kittehs! He is far from a cat person so this is going to be quite the chore.... At least I got him to agree to SEE the kittens first before making a final decision... So help me out people!!!
Kill Bill - Elle
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Srs bsns!

Dear Dr. LJ,

I have the most curious sensation in my stomach, especially concentrated in the lower region. It feels much like I am about to explode with diarrhea; however, I continually fart every minute as I have for some time (it's what woke me up actually) and my body has no desire to shit at all.
Dr. LJ, why does it feel like everything below my stomach is queasy and giving me these gut-wrenching farts?

Otherwise: How are you?!
What woke you up this morning?
Momma's Chicken Noodle Soup, would you like to have another bowl?

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My future M-I-L lent us a rather large sum of money recently. Tomorrow (well, today) I'm mailing her a check for the full amount.

Should I just write 'thank you!' on the check memo?
Should I write her a short note and include it with the check?
Should I not write anything?

If I should write a note, what should it say?

My relationship with her is hard to define. I wouldn't say we're "close", but we do get along well.
i say, old bean

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TQC, why is it that I'll fall asleep around 2am but wake up at 5?
Do I just deserve not to sleep? D:

why are you awake right now?

what do you hope to accomplish this week?
kitty + books

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what time is it for you & where are you located? why are you awake?
it is 6:06 am for me; i am in new hampshire. i am studying/pretending to study for an anthro midterm in 5 hours.

why is it bad to sleep in a bra, girls & ladies of tqc?
hannibal skull

Publicly, I have....

Poll #1143777 Publicly, I have...

Which ones have you done publicly?

Cut my fingernails/toenails
Picked my nose
Picked my nose and eaten it
Made out with someone (not a mere kiss or two, full-out making out)
Had sex
Applied make up (Not just some lippy, but full on foundation, eye-shadow, blush, eyelash curling...)
Picked zits
Tweezed my eyebrows/facial hair
Removed a wedgie from my butt
Readjusted a private body part
Thrown up
Peed or poo'd somewhere other than a toilet
Been in a fist fight
Applied fingernail polish

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Can you give me some ideas on what to do with a 4 hour layover at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport?
So far, all I can think of is pacing back and fourth, grabbing dinner, pacing some more, stare out the windows and pace some more.

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I have a FWB who is not certain that she ever wants to be married.  However, she would like to have kids one day.  Much to my surprise, she recently asked if I would impregnate her when she's ready (she's thinking 3-4 years from now).

1) How would you feel about such a request?  Flattered?  Creeped out?  Somewhere in between?  Other?

2) Have you or would you ever donate eggs or sperm anonymously (i.e. to a "bank")?

3) Assuming all the legal terms, conditions and documentation are solid and to your liking, would you ever donate to a known party, or a friend?

As always, feel free to elaborate.

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1) If you've ever had a previously non-religious friend or family member become very involved in religion did it change your relationship with the person?

2) If you're a drinker, a smoker, or a drug user do you spend much of your free time with people who don't do those things?

3) What are you having for dinner tonight?


If you don't know yet, what did you have for dinner last night?

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Why is it *so* difficult to get an okay-paying job (I mean only $15-20K per year)? All the entry-level positions I've tried to apply for have required previous experience. WTF?

What was your first living-wages job and what type of experience did it require?

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Why are the dumpsters filled with such cool stuff?
I found a perfectly good backpack and a year's subscription to FHM today!!

EDIT: Recycling starts at home...don't be a hater...ya'll
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Should I hit it?

I live on a very busy street, in a very busy city.
Every morning I am woken up with sirens and kids screaming their lungs out at each other.
On average, I think I honestly hear 20+ car alarms go off in a day.
I'm almost positive that I hear sirens 40+ times a day.
What is the noise like where you live?
There is a car outside that has had its horn blasted for at least 10 minutes straight.
Should I go outside with a bat and a wok (for protection) and beat the idiot who is doing this?
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1. What things do you keep in your nightstand/by you bed?

2. Is it actually better to have your pet fixed? 
I have a little rottweiler/chow puppy and I feel bad cutting off his balls...
what's the score here?


You've just discovered that your SO watches porn when you're not around. You are:

Disgusted. "How could you?"
Fascinated. "Can I watch too?"
Not phased. "Meh, what s/he does in their own time is their own business."
Morally outraged. "Porn is WRONG. Therefore s/he is WRONG."
Hurt. "Why would you watch porn when you've got ME?"
Happy. "Yay everybody loves porn!"
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Can you help a lazy college girl in a jam?

I can't access PowerPoint from my computer & I need to read a chapter outline my teacher posted. If there's a way you could convert it to a WordPad document & send it to me, I'd be forever indebted to you.

The website is: sjrcc.edu/~jenniferwilliams. It's the Abnormal Psych class & there's a outline link & I need Chapter 7 (Part 2). My test is in the next three hours, so I'm studying/cramming in that time.



Thank you mr_sadhead & everybody else (:.
Oh hay thar

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I've recently acquired a car for free (!!!). It runs great and is in excellent condition but the problem is with its looks. It has a full-blown body kit on it and to be quite honest, is not my taste at all. I prefer plain, stock cars. Also, it is a NEON BLUE. I've been driving it around for a month and, since I didn't have to pay any money towards it, I have the money to alter it to my liking. I was thinking about maybe just getting a new paint job, possibly black. It just looks ridiculous the way it is lol.

WHAT would you do to with this car (besides ditch it and run far away)?

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When your parents become old and senile (or to the point they can't take care of themselves) - what are you going to do with them?
Take them in?
Nursing home?
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how do you heat up calamari?? i got some last night, i want it down, but i don't want it to taste like ass. should i microwave it, throw it in a pan, in the oven??
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I have a water cooler that I got as a gift. I don't have the orignal packaging or the receipt. Yesterday when I went to put the water bottle in the top of the cooler the plastic piece snapped. It was purchased from Wal-Mart. Do you think they will let me exchange it?

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When do you get up?

after the alarm goes off the first time
after the alarm goes off the second or third time
when the alarm no longer goes off after I hit the snooze button
when someone/something physically forces me to get out of bed

What are some of your favorite vegetarian or meatless meals?

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Has anyone had any luck with male bettas in tanks with other fish?

I know, sounds dumb. But I've seen a few tanks at stores with, for instance, a male betta and a few goldfish.

I have a 20-gallon with a pleco(5ish inches), 3 female cherry barbs, a chinese algae eater(3ish inches), and a few ghost shrimp. So there's plenty of room. I imagine it would depend on there being, say, lots of plants for the betta to make a clearly defined "my territory" area with, and on how the individual fish feel about it?
Fight Club - plane
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How would you feel if a family member or close friend committed suicide and the details of it were highly publicized?
Can you think of other situations that would pertain to these feelings?

Ideas, anyone?

So it's me and the bf's two-year anniversary tomorrow and as far as I know, we're not planning on actually doing anything since we're apart (think about 600 miles apart) and giving each other gifts over break next week anyway. Any ideas so the day would feel more special? And sadly, no, cyber/phone sex isn't an option due to various difficulties at the moment.
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TQC:  I have taster's choice coffee, earl grey, chai, hot chocolate, an apple (I'm not hungry though), and access to a vending machine that sells diet pepsi/pepsi/mt. dew/diet dew/cherry pepsi/diet sweetened green tea.

I am so tired it hurts :P

What should I go to wake up!?

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What are some of your favourite substitutes for mayo? I don't particularly care for it and I can't justify buying it even in a small container.

What sauces do you like on your sandwiches/subs/hoagies/whatever else they're called? And what do you call subs?
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I need some new things to post in food_in_fiction so I'm asking you guys.
What's your least favourite food/food related cliche in fiction? (books or tv or movies)
What's your favourite?

What other threads should I create in that comm to get more activity going?

I need to make a new colour scheme for a forum.
Right now it's pale yellow and aqua. I want something that's easy to read off of, something cheerful, and something not too 'busy'. What should it be?

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What's something you like or a hobby you have that you love so much you lose respect for people who don't have your same opinions? Or vice versa, something you hate so much that if another person likes it, it affects your judgment of said person.

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Sorry if this has already been posted, yesterday there was a question asked about whether or not you would show up to a TQC meet-up and some people commented saying that they hesitated to even get a group together because they didn't know if anybody would show up..

SO, to make it easier for you guys & if you want to participate.. will you comment with your location and see if anybody is serious about hanging out and what not?

I am going to be in Dallas this weekend and I am for sure getting together with stakingaclaim! shinga, WTF MAN :*(! Is anyone else in the area that might want to get together for a few hours or at least just drop on by and say hey?

I'll be in SD next month, and I am for sure getting together with latenightdrives and perhaps macabre, i'm so excited.. how should I greet both ladies?

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my computer is ridiculously slow lately, and i asked a friend to help me fix it. he has a lot of computers (roughly 13) and he is very smart about them.

however, when i mentioned that he'd be fixing my comptuer to other people, the reaction was "OMG DON'T LET JOHN TOUCH YOUR COMPUTER HE JUST LIKES TO TAKE THINGS APART DON'T LET HIM HE WILL RUIN IT!!!11!!"

soooo, what do i do about this? i trust john for the most part and he is getting some parts to seriously help me out, but i don't want my computer to be good for only parts after he touches it.

what do i do, TQC?

secondly, what do you put in your chicken salad?
me: miracle whip (mayo blowsss), celery, scallions, garlic salt, chicken, salt and pepper to taste.
derek smalls

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1. do you/have you ever gotten fake nails? are they a pain in the ass to keep up with? how often do you have to get them filled?
i really want to stop biting my nails/putting my fingers in my mouth all the time and i'm feeling like getting acrylics may be the only option.

2. what publications do you subscribe to?
i just got a subscription to bark today and i'm totally excited because i'm a crazy dog lady.
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Found Condoms

So today I found condoms in my boyfriends jacket. He has not worn that jacket in a very long time and the condoms had an expiration date or July 2006. What would you do TQC?

If you were

If you got this IM (you obviously know this person and they are one of your best friends):

"joe" : do you remember where i put something when i was shipping it home its small and i can't tell you what it is but its really small and expensive
"joe": tell me where it is

And prior to this you were talking about bad proposals, What do you think he was trying to find?

Serious and non-serious answers accepted with a smile
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when was the last time you have been to disneyland/disneyworld?
if you have an upcoming vacation to disneyland/disneyworld, when is it?

i will be at disneyland march 7-9


Where was your all time favorite vacation spot?
In the states?
Outside of the states?

Where should my husband and I go for one last big vacation before we start trying to have kids?

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I'm trying to write a story with English/Australian dialect.
What are some English/Australian sayings that I could put in to make it obvious they're British/Australian?

Is there a site that has translations?

Edit: I mean English and Australian slang... I'm not saying they're the same.

Grocery shopping

What is the most used paper product in your house?

Are you brand loyal or buy whatever is on sell?

What kind of milk do you always buy, if you buy milk?

What food product do you buy at the store that people think is weird?

Quick,Hershey's or Ovaltine?
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I took my shih-tzu to the groomer today and just picked him up a few minutes ago. They gave him the usual puppy cut, but trimmed the hair on his face freakishly short. He looks...fairly ridiculous. My question: I know it's bad to trim a cat's whiskers, but how does a dog feel about it? He's 12, and nearly blind in one eye.

ETA - Collapse )
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apparently, some of us are in the mood for Mexican food.

what's the *BEST* Mexican food restaurant around your area? (link to website if at all possible)

what's your favorite thing to order from there?

tell me about one of your ~LATIN~ friends (if you have any)? be as descriptive as you want.

Assistance required.

So today my ipod stopped playing music. It wasn't dropped, heated, left in the cold, or anything. It turns on, all the menus and volume stuff works correctly, and when you select songs it says it's playing them.... but no music is coming into my ears. I've tried resetting it, different headphones, even plugging it into the aux cable for my car stereo. Does anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it???
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1. Dear TQC, if I were to feel violent and angry, who would you recommend I kick in the genitals/punch in the face?

2. Who was the last person you hit/kicked/punched/bit/etc., in a non-playful/sexual way, but with the intent of hurting or defending yourself?

3. When was the last time you were hit in a non-playful/sexual way?

4. Who hit you/who did you last hit, in a playful or sexual manner?
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my boyfriend thinks i should be a vet. i am planning on being a cop. however, i do know i am best with animals. i know a bunch about most animals, but i don't want to have their lives be in my hands, that is my only issue.
i have a few questions with this, what are some other animal careers that i won't be struggling to keep? do you have any information for said careers, like how i can start out or what degrees i would need?
if i am going to be a cop, is it not that much harder to be a vet? not smarts wise but gore wise?
are there any really good vet/other animal career colleges/programs in california, preferably near the bay area?
i have a bit passion for animals, and i want to help them. but i also have wanted to be a cop since i was 6 or 7.. what should i do?
please help me, TQC, i have been really curious about animal oriented careers since my boyfriend mentioned it. and he is very much so not the first one to tell me i should be in the vet field. friends, family, even a few co-workers at petco have all said it. any advice, or anything of the sort would be helpful and i give you thanks in advance.

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This should be a fun question.

I have an assignment in Psychology meant to increase understanding and sensitivity for the mentally ill. The assignment is this: We have to perform an act/s of deviance or a behavior that brings us to the point of discomfort with those around us. It can't be illegal or violent. What should I do?

tl;dr I have to act strange to make people uncomfortable. What's something funny or interesting I could do?
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1. Do sneezes ever REALLY sneak up on you?

I saw this Claritin commercial where the guy was a sculptor, and is all "omg i sneeze and this guy could lose his nose!". I can't say I've ever been truly surprised by a sneeze, I always know a little in advance.

2. What kind of pets do you have?
two dogs and a gaggle of wild ducks that nest on our shore

3. do you have a job directly related to your degree, or a job that accepts any two (or four, six, w/e) year degree?
Sean and Julie

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Two black military helicopters just flew over the lake. What is going on? Is it the beginning of world war three up here in the mountains?

Will it be like in the movie Red Dawn?

What should I do to prepare for having to fight an army by myself with my highschool buddies? What about preparing to live in the woods for months and months until the US can conquer over the invasion????



Would you rather be 

a superhero with magical powers ( a la Superman)
a superhero with powerful strength and gadgets (a la Batman)
or a superspy who kicks ass w/out superhuman strengths or magic?  (a la James Bond... guess he has gadgets too)

I ask a lot of superhero questions.  


(edited to take into consideration la_jolie_vie 's opinion, though I think Batman is pretty super :-D)

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I was in therapy a few years back. I didn't like the experience at all and faked feeling better so I could end the treatment. Now all of the same problems I was dealing with then are coming back and it's starting to get a little overwhelming. I'm thinking of trying therapy again but I definitely don't want to go back to my old doctor, and I'm not sure what I'm looking for in a new one. Can you give me any tips for hunting down a new doctor? How about avoiding the ones who just murder their patients for fun?

My last doctor was probably about my grandma's age and just couldn't seem to relate to me on any level, and had this really annoying habit of trivializing the little neuroses I had that were really stressing me out. Like "Hey, instead of pulling out your hair, why not just snap a rubber band on your arm?! :D" It wasn't that I wasn't looking for help, but her suggestions were fucking stupid.

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I am going to pull an all nighter tonight to finish some school work.
When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
Is it easy for you to do?
How are you the next day?
What sort of fruit should I add to my tea for flavor?
Anyone hoping for a snow day tomorrow?
What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

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You're in a public place where people tend to bring laptops (internet cafe, restaurant, bookstore etc) You see somebody come in and set up their laptop. A while later they get up to do something-leaving their laptop on the table. While they're still away somebody else comes along and goes to take it. The person you know it belongs to is nowhere in sight. What do you do?
mornington crescent
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Can anyone briefly describe what the Lisbon Treaty is about and why I'm seeing so many signs around Dublin against it? (And don't link me to the wiki article. It was tl;dr.)
Haruhi disappearance
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Please keep in mind when voting that this shop will be in a mainly blue collar town, so we're not catering to the rich/yuppie/etc crowd. Just your basic neighborhood pizza shop. No college kids, just a kinda poor, but mainly middle class, down to earth city. For example, some of the pizza shops around are named: Meditteranean, Benedetti's(Bobo's), Pizzeria Eros, Angelina's, Pizza Etc.,nd Giovanni's, to name a few.

Also, excuse some of the incredibly lame names...I just listed everything my family has suggested thus far, hah. (if you're wondering about all the Bubba type names, it's my mom's nickname for my brother and I)
Poll #1144255 Pizza/Sub Shop Name

What is the best name for a pizza/sub shop? (Based on name alone, which of these names would make you want to eat there?)

Bub's Subs
Family Pizza
Garden of Eatin'
Bub's Good Food
Freedom Pizza
Variety Pizza
These all suck, I will give you my clearly superior name in the comments



What does adding banana do to baked goods? I want to add some to a low-fat vanilla cupcakes. Will the banana make them more moist or less moist? What about density? They can be more muffin-y than cupcake-y, but I'm starting with a cupcake recipe. The original recipe is vegan and they will have to stay vegan if that makes a difference. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Also if I am successful what should I top them with? I'm trying to keep this relatively low-fat. Just sprinkle some powered sugar? Sliced banana? Hmm?

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1. What's something that people tell you that you take as a compliment, even though you probably shouldn't?
(Ex.-Some lady told me I looked pale, and I thought that was pretty cool)

2. What are some compliments people give you that you don't take as compliments?

3. I'm bummed out right now. What should I do to cheer myself up?

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when was the last time you felt a strong impulsive urge to do something totally random? did you do it? why or why not? what was the result?

for the past week or so I've seriously been thinking about randomly buying a plane ticket to NYC and just staying up there for a week. I don't have a job but I have enough money to cover it. I've been sitting here stuck in my house day after day and I'm just itching to take a chance and go up there to just get away and have a change of scenery. I have a friend I *maybe* could stay with but it's iffy..

btw does anyone know of a cheap place to stay in Manhattan?? if I do decide to do this.

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What has someone said you were born to do?

My mom thinks I was born to be a mother.

(Though my grandmother hopes I never have kids because she doesn't want any more atheists in the family. HAH.)
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Ever since I did a system restore on my computer when I turn on my computer and AIM comes it it always has the "save screen name/passowrd and auto sign-in boxes checked. I've tried to just put in my info and uncheck the boxes-doesn't seem to work, how the hell to I make it stop?

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If you were a slice of cheese,
who would you want to be eaten by?

What type of cheese would you be?

If cheese could talk,
what would its last words be?
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If you and your friends could get together and recreate a movie (like in 'Be Kind, Rewind' which one would be the most fun?
Which part would you play?

(no subject)

Do you get road rage?

What would you do in the following situation?

You're stopped at an intersection and don't notice the light turn from red to green. The guy behind you gets impatient and honks. (to clarify, I don't mean like a 'hey, the lights green!' kind of reminder honk, the person is LAYING ON THEIR HORN and being a douche about it)

Do you:
A) drive through the intersection embarrassed
B) sit at the light and wait a little longer just to piss him off
C) flip the guy off
D) something else you'll mention in comments

Give Peace A Chance

Mozilla Thunderbird

Is there any way to get rid of all the code-crap at the top of emails using Thunderbird? It takes up nearly half the page if I need to print an email, or it shows up if I need to forward something to someone - I can delete it from forwards, but not from printing. I've been through the Help file but can't seem to find anything. It's paths and to/from code info, Received: Date: Message-Id: Subject: X-MaxCode-Template: To: From: X-Email-Type-Id: X-XPT-XSL-Name: Content-Type: MIME-Version: and all of this kind of crap.

Help, please?
hello lion-o

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A while back, I went to a website where I was supposed to pick and choose from 50+ pictures of boys, and at the end it made them into one composite to show me what an average of what I find attractive is. Any one know what website this is?

edit: I think I found it after trying to google it for the 50th time, and weeding through one of my friend's archived entries.


edit 2: I also remember it not being so.. lame. LOL

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Anyone else here with a fear of flying? Or anyone here who's had it, but got over it? If so, how did you get over it? Even though I know it's really irrational, I get really freaked out, especially on takeoff. And my life requires me to fly a fair amount, so this is something I need to get over. I'm not afraid of terrorism or anything, it's more a mechanical-failure/plunging-from-the-sky kind of fear.
oh mr. tea

Choose your own adventure...

You find out that you don't have long to live.

Your parents/SO/friend are/is very religious (insert whatever religion you'd like that you think would fit here) and you are not.

They want you to go to church with them (one can assume to become a follower of their religion).

Do you:
a) Comply and go, but let them know you're just doing it for them.
b) Comply and go, and pretend to become a follower - at least when you kick the bucket, they'll be relieved.
c) No way. I'll go out in my own style, even though it'll break my parents'/SO's/friend's heart(s).

Or, something else entirely?

(Question is in no way meant to offend any ill or religious folks - I'm just curious.)
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relationships & friendships

You have a friend who is involved in a relationship you strongly oppose. At what point does this start to negatively impact the friendship? Would it even cut off the friendship entirely (either permanently or at least for the duration of the relationship)?
angry asian

(no subject)

What are your impressions of this article?

Would your opinion change if it was aimed at Blacks rather than Asians?

What do you think the student is trying to say with this?

What do you think the administration should do to this student, if anything?

I'm in a High Needs Education Seminar course, and our professor brought this article into class today. We got into a very heated debate about the article, and I was wondering what others thought about it.
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Does your city have any "public" art?
Los Angeles has these adorable little berds (the artist calls them berds as opposed to birds) hanging from powerlines around the city. (see icon)

You know what I hate?

I hate when you make a random purchase from a website, only to later be flooded with offers from that site for this product or that, this sale or that coupon... You never really intend to buy anything more from that site, but oho here comes the spam. Then when you try to unsubscribe, you have to "log in" and answer a bazillion questions. But you don't remember your password, so damnit!

What's sticking in your craw lately?
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{wow} sin'dorei pride
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black / white nails

Silly question, but I need opinions.

I want to paint my nails black and white, every other finger a different color. In doing that, is that childish or ugly? Or what if one hand was all white, the other all black? I don't want one color for the entire ten, and I'd rather have nothing on my nails than make it look stupid.

Srs or Non-srs answers pls :)

(no subject)

What are some terrible pickup lines that will actually repel GUYS?
I plan to go to a party tonight, use them, and see if the line can overpower how hot I actually am. :P
Useless comments welcome :)

(no subject)

are there any movie/tv parents that remind you of your own parents? why?

my mother reminds me a lot of the mother in The Sixth Sense (played by Toni Collette). she's got red hair and she also has a very similar personality as her (tough but very sensitive and kind of broken hearted)
[pirate] never

Death by penpal

Question Club, I am flying out to meet a penpal for the first time who is on leave from Iraq. He and I have become quite close in the past few months, and I am looking forward to meeting him. I have no friends in the city where he lives. My mom is against my going-- the name 'Boston Strangler' came up in conversation.

Semi-pertinent stats:
I'm 34.
He's 41.
Nothing he's said to me has set off a red flag for my personal safety.
It's a weekend trip.

What is the likelihood that my body will never be found? Or am I going to enjoy my trip just as much as I think I am?
Vote Tyrion

Question relating to Microsoft Word

I have a document from work that's been saved to allow me to type in the boxes and add to it in certain parts, but I need to change the headers which say it's relating to 2005-2006.

The toolbar > header & footer option in Word is ghosted, so I can't do it normally, and when I right click and look at the properties, it's not read only which I thought it would be, but archived.

How do I alter the document to allow me to change the header to say 2007-2008?
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(no subject)

I've just found out that my last boyfriend (who was my first boyfriend) has just announced that he's gay.

So, TQC, what's the most surprising thing you've found out about an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend after you broke up?
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(no subject)

I once thought, "I savor the sweet sensation of anticipation".

Can you name instances where you agree?

Can you name instances where you'd rather it be done soon?

(no subject)

What's the stupidest thing you've heard someone say today?

The fiance of my roommate, who you may recall from THIS post, after seeing a commercial for a Barack Obama interview said, "Damn. There ain't no way I'm votin' for that Muslim ni*ga. If he be President and shit, we ain't gonna get away from the terrorists and shit. How you think that's gonna help...*trails off*."

I ask too many money/job questions

If any of you have worked at Kroger/Dillons/Food-4-less as a cashier, how much over minimum wage did you make (if any)?

I have an interview on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out how many hours I'd need to work so I can re-configure my schedule at my other job and blah blah.

And to lessen the focus on jobs, what is your favorite toast topping? Have you ever seen the episode of Even Stevens where Ren gets a job at that place called Your Toast?
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(no subject)

So my work is having a motivational contest of some kind. Details have yet to be revealed, but they want us all to come up with a favourite song title OR song lyric OR quote from a film. It has to be fairly short, and work-appropriate.

TQC, what should mine be?
kiv dancin.
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reality and fiction

assuming you drive, what are some things you always keep in your car?

who would you be more frightened to meet in a dark alley, michael corleone or vito corleone (if they were both in their prime, that is)?

edited to clarify
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bitch, please
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(no subject)

Ok, TQC, my laptop is dead and I need a new one. Considering the following, what do you recommend?

1. I'd like to spend less than $1500.
2. I mostly use my computer for academic work, screwing around on the internet, listening to music and watching videos.
3. I don't play games or do graphic design work.
4. I DO have a lot of music and video files and I like to be able to do a lot of things at once without things getting super slow.
5. I have a PC now but I'm willing to switch to Mac if there's a good reason.
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Internal clock.

In a perfect world, I would operate on a 30-hour schedule. Asleep for 14 hours, awake for 16. I pretty much do this in the absence of temporal obligation.

What about you? Your perfect combination of hours for sleep + wake?
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(no subject)

Would you rather:
Collapse )

Sleep a night on a bed of peanut butter or next to a humidifier full of urine?

During sex hear **oops** or **ewww**?

Take a power-drill to the Adams apple (or the relative spot if female) or fill your pants with meat and kick a pit bull in the side?

Get caught masturbating by the ghost of Harriet Tubman or Mother Theresa?

Be mechanically induced to scream at the top of your lungs for an hour every day for the rest of your life or  have your eyes glued shut for a year?


I was really young when I started using the internet. In fact, I can't even remember when it was. But I've had this livejournal for almost 8 years, and used the internet prior to that. Using the internet and having an online journal has totally made an impact on the way I write and express myself.

How young/old were you when you began using the internet?
Do you think using the internet has affected the way you write in general?
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What song(s) do you play to get pumped up for something?

Do you listen to music while you are in the shower or bath ?

What is your favorite "getting sexy" song(s)?

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[lost] Goodbye lost


TQC Guide me!

I have been whining for months about being lonely and being ready to move on, and now some guy is interested and I am all "meh"

WTF is wrong with me?! 
non serious answers always welcome!

Also separate shampoo and conditioner or 2 in 1?

If separate, do you run out of conditioner faster than shampoo?

Is having a crappy job a deal breaker in a potential mate?