February 24th, 2008

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1. Why do so many people believe that HIV/AIDS was created by the government, that the government created crack to make black people into addicts, 9/11 was caused by the government and other crazy conspiracy theories?

2. Why is it that a belief in an HIV/AIDS conspiracy results in substantially lower condom use?*

Surveys show that about 25% of Blacks, 20% of Latinos and 10% of Whites believe that a government conspiracy resulted in the creation of HIV/AIDS. I'm sure that if I looked up the surveys for the other conspiracy theories, they'd be alarmingly high, too.

*This is from this study, but it's not entirely clear from the abstract if they ruled out external factors, such as economic class, as causing the correlation.

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Do you read all communities from your friends page or are there some that you go directly to the community page to read?

Which communities are too much for your friends page?

Relationship Questions.

Describe an unhealthy relationship.

Describe a healthy relationship.

What are signs that you are ready for a relationship?

What are signs that you are NOT ready for a relationship?

* I'm gathering up info for a study for a class and to use for a group project.
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So, TQC. I am needing some advice on what do to now.

Someone hit my car today, with their car, while I was at a film screening, so sometime between sunset and midnight. I was lucky that they left a note with a contact number on it. There's only damage to one panel, but it's still pretty distressing. I figured that by the time I got home it was too late to call them tonight, and I will call tomorrow morning. In in Australia, if that makes any difference to the law on this matter.

So. What do I do now? Should I call my insurance company and tell them? What do I say to this person when I call them tomorrow? (Aside from, obviously, thanking them for leaving contact details and not just driving off) What information do I need to get? How does this whole thing work?

Edit: I'm a little shaken, clearly use of the word "shock" gave some people the wrong impression.

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some stores have already stocked Easter candy. personally, I love Easter just for that reason. Reese's peanut butter eggs? YES PLZ. and I just can't stop eating Starburst jelly beans.

what is your favorite holiday/seasonal candy?

The New School

 There is a university in NYC, located in Greenwich Village, called "The New School".  It seems to be marketed toward hipsters, and the cost of tuition is about $1,100 per credit hour.  Does anyone attend this university? What's it like?
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my sister thinks that IAWTC means that "I Am Way Too Cute" are there any other meanings that i can convince her it means?

if a baby was picking its nose and eating it's boogers... would you stop them?

would you rather road trip around the USA or backpack through eastern europe?

do you have pictures of yourself in your bedroom?
EDIT: i don't want you to like... POST pictures of yourself in your bedroom... i mean... do you have pictures of yourself like... in picture frames... in your bedroom.
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I really want a cigarette right now.
What do you want?
Is anyone else kind of incensed by this headline?
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So, I'm researching various and sundry things because I can't freakin' sleep. Again.

I keep running across this listed as symptoms to various conditions:

"Unrefreshing sleep (waking up feeling tired or not rested)."

Which is kind of how I would describe every morning of my life. I thought it was more or less normal.

1. Do you wake up feeling refreshed, tired, or just rested?

2. Are you a morning or a night person?

3. What do you do when you can't sleep?
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You know those free re-entry passes the movie theatre gives to you when the movie you paid to see was having technical difficulties? Can you use those at any theatre of the same name, or are they only usable at the specific theatre you got them at? These are for AMC. The tickets don't say anything about where you can use them, only that they are unrestricted. So I assume you can use them at any location, but I just want to make sure.
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Will you guys post some more so I'm not violating any rules by having two posts on one page? >:O

My question:
Do you ever feeling like, even though there's only a ten year age difference between you and a person, what they know is radically different than what you do? My cousin left me a comment on myspace that suggested the concept of commenting was foreign and I was like, wait what? You're only seven years older than me, technology shouldn't be so far-fetched should it?
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Hay guys. I've gotta get ready for work in like a hour, but I want pancakes. Should I make pancakes for my family? Should I put chocolate chips in them?

Or should I eat cereal and sit here until time to get ready and roleplay with my friends?

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so yesterday I thought I had to work, I drove all the way there to find out it was my only day off for the week. OOPPSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever messed up on something like work, plans, anything?

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1)  What was the last thing someone told you that you didn't know whether to take as a compliment or an insult?  Did you later know how to feel way after being told?

2) What was the last unexpected thing someone said to you?

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1)do you think it's weird to think hummus might have bacon in it?

I didn't believe this- this random girl did.

2)how do you eat tapas?

I did it wrong. ;_;

3)when does spring start in your neck of the woods weather wise?

late feburary, early march.

eta: how do you hang prints in your home? do you frame them? do you use thumbtacks?
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1. Have you ever had to live with someone you absolutely hated? How did you deal (before moving out, if you did)?

2. Do you have a family member(s) that you cut out of your life completely?

3. Do you like energy drinks? Which one is your favorite?

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Hanifah Tough

I have a sweatshirt

I've had my favorite sweatshirt for a few years. Because I live in Arizona I only get to wear it for maybe 2 months out of the year. So the other 9 months it's stuck in the back of my closet. This year I pulled out my sweatshirt and it is incredibly musty. I've washed it a bunch of times but I can't get rid of the smell. It's still cold out (cause of global warming?) and I want to wear it but I don't want to stink. Help?

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ok my friend and i want to see one of these movies today before the awards tonight; which one should we choose?

a) gone baby gone
b) michael clayton
c) no country for old men
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Akira, Ghost in the Shell, what movie would you recomment I watch with similarities to these??
Third Miracle, Pollock, next (same as above)?
Amadeus or Immortal Beloved. Which one do you like more?

ETA: I've seen all of these movies.
ETA2: I hope I'm making sense. This is why I don't ask a lot of questions.

Besides the big blockbusters and Oscar hopefuls, what movie would you recommend to watch?

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I'm looking towards going on holiday for a week sometime this year. It has to be within Europe though as I don't really have the funds to go elsewhere. Also, Greece is out because although I love it, I can't keep going back (I've been 4 times already) as there's so many more places I want to see.

So, where do you suggest?

I really do not want to end up in a tourist trap like Benidorm etc. I am mainly looking for somewhere with a lot of history & culture (pretty much most of Europe really) and an added benefit would be somewhere warm. I would love a few days spent on a beach.

Is there anywhere in Spain that is suitable?

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My husband has a the flu and I've been taking care of him and I'm starting to feel like I might be catching it. Can I take any steps to prevent this or nip it in the bud?

What is you favorite word?

What movie(s) do you know every single word to?

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My boyfriend and I just broke up last night. So what should I do today? Choices include:
- getting homework done
- napping
- catching up on the L-word
- crying because I miss him
- cleaning
- hanging out with other people, even though I don't feel very social
- whatever else you can suggest
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What kind of music did you listen to when you were seven years old?

My daughter is a big fan of Hannah Montana, but she also likes guitar blues. How'd she end up so cool? Her mom's a total dork...
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Hey kids, it's that time again, time for mbmargarita's 3rd annual Oscars poll! Or I think it's something like that. It's very last minute this year so sorry if you're all tired of Oscars questions but those of you who aren't, will you answer my poll? Let's see how good TQC is, collectively, at picking the winners.

(Also you'll notice that there is no WILL win for best original screenplay-- I could only have 15 questions so I decided to skip it because, whatever, Juno's supposed to win.)

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 1. Have you seen the movie Zero Day? What'd you think? 

2. Am I a huge nerd for getting excited that Vantage Point took place in Salamanca, Spain? I am going there in June, so although the movie was about shooting an American president, I was super glad that I got a sneak peek of where I'm going.

3. Do fat-bottomed girls really make the rocking world go 'round? 
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Have you ever been in a situation where you should have felt a certain way (because most people, or society in general, would feel that way or expect it of you) but felt something entirely different?

Maybe you did something cruel or scandalous and didn't feel guilty. Or got into a relationship that might have looked abusive or fucked up to everyone else, but you didn't really care...

I'm having a hard time thinking up examples.
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1. Are you crushing on anyone? Who, and what are you going to do about it?
2. when is the last time you've had a crush that turned into a relationship?
3. Are you addicted to crushes?

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My boyfriend is graduating from his career program at the end of March/beginning of April, and I need ideas for graduation presents.

What's a nice, simple grad present to give an SO? (engraved watch? Pen set? Dinosaur?)


What's the nicest thing you got for high school/college grad, and who was it from?

For high school grad: an awesome super-fancy sewing machine, from my grandmother. I've used it all of 3 times in the past 3 years :D

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Are you the type of person to go out and help others or are you the type of person that continually says, "Someone should...start a group/do this/help them...?"

Why don't you do something about it?

~inspired by a stupid comment someone made in another community I read.
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I have a Border Collie style of parenting.

Herd, herd, herd.

Cause those stupid kids don't know what they're doing, where they are going and would walk into the mouths of wolves if I didn't constantly fetch them in.

Because I am a bad Collie, I am neurotic, obsessive, and destructive and try to 'herd' everything from cats, to vacuum cleaners, to newborn babies.

What kind of dog are you?

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1)what's wrong with you?

unfocused energy

2)what will you so not do?

read my school books, divide things into ebay and goodwill piles, do laundry

3)what will you do?

do a little dance, blog.

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Hey everyone! This is my first post in here
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And just to keep things fun, what is a food that is available only in your "neck of the woods"? My fiance keeps talking about this awesome Chicago Italian beef that I just have to have.  
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in line.

You go to the store with someone, you separate to find your goods, then you return to find them in a long line with a few people behind them.

Do you join your shopping partner at their place in line or do you get in the actual end of the line?

Do you find it awkward at all to be four people behind your shopping partner, like too far to talk, but close enough to notice each other?

If you were another patron in that line and you saw someone come up and join their shopping partner in front of you, would it bother you that they were cutting or would you not care because they were together at different points anyway?

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Anyone play keyboard?

I want to get my boyfriend one for his birthday in two months and am not sure what would be a good one and not cost me a ridiculous amount. Know of any?

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me & one of my best friends are going to hang out tonight. problem is.. we don't know WHAT to do. we aren't into clubs or anything. we can't afford to do much. and we watch too many movies/want to do something different.

what's something we can do together that doesn't require much money (besides watching a DVD)? what do YOU like to do with friends when you're broke?

we live in Jacksonville, FL if anyone else here does & has any suggestions for things to do in a too big, too boring city.

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I am finally moving out of the dorms for good this summer, and the one thing I've missed most living in them is having an animal.

At first, I was just going to go for the generic cat. But I've always wanted a ferret, and that's seeming more and more like what I want to go for. So my question(s) are for any ferret owners out there, or anyone who knows a lot about them.

What are the things you think someone should absolutely know before getting a ferret? How noisy are they? If I had only one, would it be lonely without another to play with? Do any of you know of any good ferret rescue organizations I could go through, especially around the Madison, WI area?

Thanks so much for any help you can give! I'd love to adopt a ferret or two, but I don't want to jump into it without knowing a whole lot about them.
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1. Many people prefer to sleep with a partner whereas I will go sleep on the couch/on the floor/on the kitchen counter to be alone. What is your preference?

2. What is your favorite cheap wine? Pretty much any cheap dry red will do for me.


I'm going to Amsterdam next month...
has anyone ever taken a bicycle tour through the bulb fields between Haarlem and Leiden? Is it plainly marked? Will we get lost?

Do you know any affordable places to eat in Amsterdam?

What can you do in Noord Holland that's outside the usual tourist box?

Heinikens,Jupliers or Hertog Jans?

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Does it bother you when you're talking to someone on the phone and they end up in a conversation with someone in the background?

Does the bothering-you factor change based on who called whom?

(no subject)

If you still lived at home (or if you still do), and your mother asked you if you'd help around the house even though a house keeper was over doing her job, what would you say/do?
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Since you guys make more sense than the BestBuy.com policy website:

I received a Canon PowerShot A560 digital camera from my parents for Christmas. I'm assuming it was bought during December. Last night the lens broke on it, it will not retract or expand all of the way, and the camera keeps flashing 'lens error, please restart camera'. Will I be able to exchange this camera, or am I shit out of luck? I have the box, and all of the items that came with it.
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Procrastination is a beautiful thing.

1. What are you doing right now?
Watching Project Runway and cleaning the house.

2. Anything you are looking forward to tonight?
Watching a movie on the big screen with Vin and the animals.

3. Are you happy with how you look right now?
NOT at all! I need to take this weight of asap! And I'm getting wrinkles under my eyes:(

4. Last great book you read?
Christ the Lord Out of Egypt by Anne Rice

5. Last song you listened to?
Where is my Mind by The Pixies

6. Tell me something that sets you apart from the rest?
I eat at least two lemons a day x)

7. Do you own anything from one of your ancestors? If so, what is it?
I have my great great Grandfathers diamond scope. I pretty much worship it.

8. Favorite candy bar?
This is a hard one, but I would have to go with a Whatchamacallit.

9. Favorite potato chip?
Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar!!!

10. Favorite ride at the fair?
I love the Zipper! Swings would be a close second.

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Do you have any weird travel rituals?

Example: Whenever I go on vacation, I always buy a new lotion or chapstick flavor that I've never used before. I make an effort to use it throughout the trip so that when I come back home, the scent will always take me back to that time. To this day, Vaseline Waterproof Intensive Care reminds me of a cruise I took before and Blue Raspberry Chapstick reminds me of a vacation in 2001.
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Do you feel proud when you take an epic poo?

Have you ever bragged to someone about a poo you had of epic proportions?

Has anyone ever bragged to you about their epic poo?
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I want to make oven fries. What is the best way to do this? or if there's a better thing to do with potatoes besides turn them into oven fries, clue me in! I really just want something french-fry like without so many calories/fat.

ps. I want to use the potatoes that i currently have in doing this. thank you.

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I just tried to wash the dishes and the drain clogged.  Now the kitchen sink's filled up with water.  My boyfriend's mad because I refused to let him use the toilet plunger in the sink, and asked him to go buy a new plunger instead.  He said I'm too squeamish about germs.  Who is right?

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People from outside of the U.S

Can you tell me about gyms/health clubs in your area? Are they popular, expensive? What sort of things are offered?
Do you go to one? Much money does it cost? Is it worth it?
Do most people get their exercise from the gym or from other things? If other things, such as what?
Also- can you please tell me what country you're from.

Information is for an assignment I have to do for my health class

Thank you!
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Sooo... how do you know if a girl likes you? O(re: "the boy/likes you post) wondering if the answers will be the same. Or, you know... anymore useful

Does it differ depending on your own sex?

Does it differ if you're friends or strangers?

Does anyone know the answers? hint: it isn't 42

Edited to put the HTML in the... HTML sreen [/fail]
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Hypothetically, if you were engaged and you and your fiancée broke up but got back together again, would you go right back to being engaged or would you just be together for awhile before jumping right back into engagement?
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I lost about 25 pounds this year. Yay. The thing is, my breasts went down an entire cup size in the process. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the way they look now. I really miss having luscious hooters.

Should I get implants so I can stop boohooing about this? Should I gain the weight back and hope I get about ten pounds in each tit?

Or should I just learn to accept the change and go with it because plenty of men like flat-chested chicks?

(no subject)

What if this doesn't work out? Do you have a back-up plan?

What are you most afraid of losing right now?

I feel like I've been sick for the past two months straight. Are you a pretty healthy person? What should I do to prevent/stop being sick in the future?

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Please excuse my complete lack of brains.

I am feeling stupid today because I have looked at this question so often I am actually losing sight of what it is asking of me.

Yes it is a homework question but I am not asking you to answer the question, just help me understand it.

'Describe how structural and agency factors might be involved in the explanation of crime'

So could you explain it to me please?

Don't tell me, I already know I'm thick for having to ask!
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How early would you say is too early to start drinking?

What could I drink whiskey with? Do I drink whiskey with something?

I have a  bottle of cheap whiskey and a bottle of tequila that is a not so good one, acording to my friend. I wouldn't really know as I've not had a whole lot of tequila, especially after  The Tequila Incident where a friend and I finished of a bottle of tequila and I spent the rest of the night barfing it up. ( I say barf instead of puke because of the noises I was making were kind of that noise and was causeing my friend to fall on the floor laughing.)

Do you have any Drunk! stories?


I looked through my LJ communities and then went to the Internet Anagram Sever to see if anything came up. Here's what I got:

Two Lines = Towns Lie
Get Off My Chest = Hot Gym Effects
Articulate = Actual Tire
Iambic Five Meter = Iambic Fever Time
Justice Stream = Mattress Juice
Lolhistory = Hilly Roost
ONTD Political = Dictation Poll
Random Thought = Dang Homo Truth
Tailbanger = Bagel Train
The Question Club = Oblique Chestnut
Top Five = TV of Pie
Weeping Cock = New Gecko Pic

Here were some other anagrams I found:

George Bush = He Bugs Gore
Dick Cheney = Needy Chick
Scientology = Cons Get Oily
Catholicism = Comical Shit
Buddhism = Dumb Dish
Hinduism = Humid Sin
Atheism = His Meat
Agnosticism = Taco Missing
Christanity = Hi, Tiny Racist
United States = Tastiest Nude

What are some anagrams you could find? I'm interested to know what's on your minds, and what anagrams you think might be interesting or OMG, a conspiracy.

Choose my future!

Should I...

a) Go to college and not major in what I want because my dad is paying for it, and apparently can therefore tell me what careers I can't choose.


b)  Get a job on a cruise ship and sail away to exotic destinations, giving my dad the finger as the ship pulls out of the harbor.

ALSOALSOALSO!  If you're an Obama fan (I'm not really big, but I thought I'd share this with you), here's Jonah's video for you to see!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_MWFpI6qfQ
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(no subject)

1. during sex, do you think about who you're doin' it with or is your mind totally off in fantasy land?
1a. if you don't think about your current partner, who do you think about?
2. is it wrong to fantasize about other people during sex?

(no subject)

If you had one year that could just be all yours, with no restrictions or guidelines and no obligations, what would you do with it? Be specific, please. Like, if you pick travel, where would you go? You know what I mean, jelly bean.

You don't have to work, go to school, take care of family, whatever. Although, if that's what you want to do, then say that.

(no subject)

So my parents were married for 31 years until my dad walked out (for the third time) on Oct. 26th and they are now officially divorced. My mom bought a brand new house about 20 minutes away from our old house which is where I live. My mom is also 52 years old with one friend and has no life. I am 18 years old, working full time, going to college full time and have friends, a boyfriend, etc. Am I wrong in being pissed when my mom routinely bitches at me every Sunday for her sitting around the house all day? I should also add that my mom is too lazy to actually DO anything ie go to the mall or go to the movies, etc.


What do you think causes drama in the community?

ie, do you think it's people who ask stupid questions, when people ask questions that break the rules, something else...
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fourth grade short stories.

i teach my first reading lesson on wednesday.

i've been placed in a wonderful fourth grade class at an academic magnet school and i've been observing for the past three weeks. these kids are good creative writers, fluent readers, and make connections easily. behavior problems are close to nil. i love it.

for my lesson i'm doing an enrichment activity on story elements. i have a neat graphic organizer to use with them that my teacher loves. after we do a read aloud and work through the organizer as a group, i'd like to give them a short story to read and fill in the organizer by themselves.

my problem is: what are some short stories that are fourth grade appropriate? something that would take them 5 to 10 minutes to read. i am at a complete loss. even if you could point me to a specific author that would be on a 4th/5th grade level, i'd be eternally grateful.
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coffee people!

1. if you make coffee at home, what kind of coffee-maker(s) do you have?

2. what kind of coffee do you buy to make at home?
2a. ground or whole bean?

3. how do you take your coffee?

4. when you get coffee outside of home, what do you order & where do you order it?

(no subject)

Do you use paper or cloth napkins on a day to day basis?
Do you dry your hands using a hand towel or paper towels?
Do you use a washcloth, paper towels or both to clean spills or messes?

(no subject)

Whenever I try to sign onto AIM with two of my three screen names, it automatically disconnects me and tries reconnecting too many times and then it says I've tired to sign back on too many times. The third one works fine, and I've tried making a new one, uninstalling aim, logging on and off, etc.

Any idea what to do? I think I may have a virus. :( I use 5.9, if that makes any difference.

Have you ever sang karaoke?  

(no subject)

If you're grabbing a taxi from the airport, do you have to make reservations ahead of time or do they just have empty cabs hanging out outside the terminals all the time?

ETA: I'm landing at FLL (Hollywood Int'l Airport in Fort Lauderdale) and need to get to Port Everglades. The website states, "Yellow Cab taxis are available on demand around the clock at the Airport. Please check in at the Transportation Podium located outside the baggage area on the lower level at the curb of each terminal."

But by "available on demand," does that mean parked out front or available to call?
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(no subject)

What thing do you have a right to be offended about, but aren't?

For example, I'm disabled but my friends refer to me as "the cripple" and we all make cripple jokes when I'm around. Maybe it should be offensive, but 99% of the time I think it's damned funny.

So, you? ;)

Best Picture Montage

Can somebody please tell me what the name of the song is that they played during the 80 years of Oscar best picture montage? They play it ALL the time for movie previews and I have no idea what it is from. Help is much appreciated!

(no subject)

i'm planning on eating chicken flavored ramen (yes, the kind that comes in a block) for dinner because i don't really have anything else in my room. i do have some canned corn and some turkey though.

- should i add it to my ramen or no?
- what do you like to put in your ramen or what have you tried?

i once tried to make a poor man's version of peanut sauce to eat with my ramen (i just mixed peanut butter with some water). it was disgusting. :(
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

I have trouble sleeping through the night.

I go to bed around 10:30pm-11pm most weeknights and wake up every morning, without fail, at about 4:21am. My alarm goes off at 6:15am, so if I do get back to sleep I always wake up feeling groggy and not well-rested after have been back asleep for 2 hours.

I've tried taking melatonin and valerian root, but both make me feel like a zombie in the morning and it takes a while to shake the feeling.

I moved in w/ my boyfriend last April, and I don't remember this being a consistent problem like it is now before that point. Also, in an attempt to sleep better, we got a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress topper - both are very comfortable, but haven't helped me sleep all the way through the night.

Any advice to help me sleep all the way from 10:30am to 6:15am without waking up at all?

(no subject)

1)what do you think of this sentence- $100 is the new $20?

2)what do you think of chai?

3)should I go to starbucks and get an expensive drink tomorrow or should I save my money?

eta: I have no common sense- how can you flavor your dr pepper? I know if you put in gernidine(sp?) syrup, you can get a nice flavor, but other than that?

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For those of you in the Boston/New England area, would you want to plan a meeting of us TQCers? I've been wanting to do it for a while and my earlier post has made me decide we should do it.

What is your favorite cover song?

Head On covered by the Pixies, and Do You Still Hate Me? covered by Set Your Goals

(no subject)

how do you motivate yourself?

i've been in the doldrums for a couple of weeks now when it comes to school, specifically my very important ChEn class that pretty much decides whether or not i continue with my major. i need to get out of this funk!

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(no subject)

1.) What color socks did you wear today?

2.) Did you spend more than two minutes on your hair?
2b.) are you male or female?

3.) Other than your S.O., did you see anyone that you were sexually attracted to today?


I want to put text beside an image on my Myspace profile. How do I do that? Is there an HTML code for it? I've Googled this and I can't find the answer. :[
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Do you like socks with gray toes? Or any other colored toes?

What is the purpose of the gray/colored toes on socks? Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

(no subject)


over_thefreeway is that you in your icon?

when did you notice that every TQC post is listed in different timezones?

which do you prefer? quick & to the point questions or essay style questions on TQC?


Can you post a picture of yourself if you have not so perfect teeth, but love them anyway?
^ and if that isn't you

Can you post a picture of someone who doesn't have oh so perfect teeth, but you think they are beautiful anyway?
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(no subject)

when should i finish up on my current art project? i have about three hours of work left to do on it...maybe a little bit more.

it's 9:20pm right now, and it's due tomorrow at 1pm, but i kind of feel like making/eating a frozen pizza (i decided not to make it last night) right now instead, and i kind of want to watch a movie.

should i just get it over with now, or should i do pizza + movie first? i'm planning on pulling an all-nighter, fyi.

did you finish all your weekend assignments?
what are you doing tonight? (besides sleeping)
is anything fun happening tomorrow, or will it just be a regular blah monday for you?
Bella / Alone in Woods

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Where do you go to watch movies online?

Edit 2: So, I apparently can't phrase things right. So, here's what I'm trying to ask. A couple of my friends & I were talking about watching movies online. Personally, I don't because I don't see the point. They do, so then they started to argue about what site was better. One is saying one thing & the other is saying another. So, what I meant by my question was that IF you watch movies online, what site do you prefer? Mainly as a general consensus so I can put my friends argument to rest. Like, "Hey we're not agreeing lets go ask ___ what she things to settle this!" kind of thing. I'm sorry if anyone thought I was asking for my own personal use, because I already know questions about downloading, etc are against the rules.
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Mr Messy

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I have chronic indoor/outdoor allergies and have been taking Clariton 24 hour non drowsy which is over the counter for the past two years or so. Now that Zyrtec is available without a prescription, I was wondering if there's anyone here who has any testimonials to how effective it is compared to Clariton or alone? My biggest indoor allergy is pet dander which Zyrtec is supposed to help. I was also wondering if there's any testimonials from this community as to Zyrtec's effectiveness with pet dander allergies.
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I can hear water trickling/running/whatever coming from my bathroom sink. It's definitely coming from the sink, nowhere else. I've never heard this before. The sink is definitely off. I'm not running water anywhere in the apartment.

a: Should I do anything about it?
b: Will this affect my water bill?
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  • z_o_e

PS3 microphone

My puppy accidentally chewed through the cord on my PS3 Rock Band microphone. Unfortunately, for some stupid reason, you cannot yet buy the mic separately, and I don't want to wait until April. Will this work? It says it's for the PS2, but it also says it has a USB cable. Is there a PS3 version?

Does anyone have any other recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.

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Today I took a nap. I dreamt about a man who went all around town gaffer taping pigeons. Like, he'd wrap gaffer tape around their legs and bodies, so they couldn't walk or fly. It was quite upsetting to see and I woke up feeling a bit distressed, and guilty for not helping the pigeons.

What's the weirdest dream you've had recently?
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my lola

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TQC wizards
is it just my computer youtube isn't working on? I've tried it on both a laptop and a computer, and whenever I type in youtube's url in the address bar, it either takes me to a search engine's result page or says the page cannot be displayed. =[ fixies please?
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Females - do you sleep in your panties? According to my friends mom, girls need to go free at night and let their vaginas breathe.

I've always slept in my undies.....

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I am having a really awkward conversation with an ex right now. He's all... 'oh you were so awesome for me' (and I totally wasn't, he's delusional), and I'm trying to be honest & say 'yeah, you sucked, I wasn't being me & I never really cared about the relationship'. I'm having a lot of 'umm... yeah... I need to go over ...here... now' moments.

What awkward things have you done lately?

What kind of bad relationships do you tend to have?
Clearly ones with clingy, socially awkward people.
gasp zooey

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If you got into a bet in which to win, you would have to eat and/or kill a beaver, would you do it?

What animal would you ABSOLUTELY NEVER eat, no matter how much money was on the line?