February 23rd, 2008

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There used to be a picture on new grounds. It was of a toy kung fu rat. Those annoying things where you squeeze its paw and it sings and dance. The picture of was of one of those standing over the body of a drowned rat making it look like the kung fu rat pwned the drowned rat. My google skills are failing me. Can someone find this picture for me?

What do you have due for homework? Assuming you have homework.

I am an idiot :(

I went to Sears today and found a nice fragrance I really liked, but it turns out I accidentally bought the women's version. Do you think it's possible to take it back even though I've already opened it and used it (even if it's just once) ?

I'm so dumb :(
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Why do I continue to check customers_suck? Before I even click the friggin link, I know that all I'll find is people freaking out over the slightest racial adjectives, posting random things they saw happen, or, even worse, the "I don't work CS anymore, but fifteen years ago THIS happened!" stories.

Do you have any communities that you lurk in, even if you know they're beyond help?
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Hypothetical: You attend a pretty conservative, private Catholic college. You believe all that the Catholic Church professes, including the "right to life" for unborn children. A professor states that he is voting for Hillary Clinton in the next election. Would you be mad/upset/other?

(Trufax: This is happening at my old college right now. I'm rolling my eyes at all the upset students.)

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Another question because my tv picture post has slowed down.

I love absinthe, but my lil bro doesn't like being around me when I'm drinking it because I tend to turn loud & obnoxious (probably because I drink Fairy Bombs, which is absinthe with energy drink).
So I need another alcoholic beverage. I love bourbon but am getting sick of it at the moment. I hate rum & scotch & most pre-mixed vodkas are too fruity/sweet for my liking. I also dislike wine/champagne. Oh, plus I usually only drink beer when I'm in the mood for it.

So can anyone recommend a good drink that's reasonably priced?

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Do you like the soccer team Manchester United or consider yourself a fan of said team?

Have you ever been to a UEFA Champions League game?

Have you ever been to the state of Virginia? If so, what did you think of it?
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there's a song I've been hearing on the radio that I kinda liked. it was pretty corny & stupid, but really catchy. I didn't know the name of the artist until just now when I searched for the song. it's by Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana.

TQC, when is the last time you found yourself liking something embarassing? what song is your current guilty pleasure?
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I'm going across the street in 15 minutes to get coffee.

1. Should I get the normal $1.50 cup of hazel nut or a latte?
Thanks to meerasedai for the idea. I have a medium nonfat hazelnut latte, extra hot. And it's yum!

2. What do you get when you go to a coffee shop?

3. If you don't drink coffee, wtf is wrong with you what do you drink in the morning?
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i want a wireless printer. does anyone else here have a wireless printer?

i'm debating whether to get an hp all in one (which i currently have without the wifi part) or a lexmark. the lexmark is cheaper, but the reviews are really mixed on it.

you complete me.

Will you complete this sentence?

        If I had _____ for every time ________ then I'd ________________.

How about these?

        When I was your age, _________________.

        Solutions for a small _____________.

        Hungry? Why Wait. Grab a ______________.

       Get the door -- It's _____________.

       Come see the softer side of ________________.

(some of these courtesy of the surrealist )
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unrelated questions

1. Should I be all responsible and pay off more of my credit card bill with my tax refund or should I put that money toward a new laptop because mine is on its last legs?

2. Short, chubby ladies -- where do you find your non-jean pants? Do you buy them at the trendy stores and then get them hemmed or is there a special store that you got to?

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1)what does no one believe you about?

No on believes that I get fuzzy brain but I do. *it's much harder to read things, write things,etc when my brain is all fuzzy*

2)what do you think of people selling products to raise awareness?
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My dog *see icon* is old.. he's ten and a half.

He's gotten quite stupid over the last few months, he just stares at the floor. Not a big problem. He also seems to poop in his sleep. We have tile floors, so, while that is just nasty and a pita, its not THAT big of a deal.

Here's the problem...


he has a water bowl in the house and one outside, both are always full. He pees outside, then licks it up.

my question is this: WTF??????

all his bloodwork came back FINE... so, thequestionclub, what's wrong with my dog?

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Why do colleges feel the need to change their name every 5 to 10 years?

Does it really make a college more appealing to prospective students when they change their name?

If you were going to rename a college what would you call it?
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House parties

I live next door to a newly divorced woman in her 40s and her 3-year-old daughter (sometimes). For the past 3 hours, all I've been hearing is the pounding of bass from her stereo. It's only 6pm, and when this happens, it stops before it gets too late, so it's not annoying me.

My question is... what exactly are those two partying so heavily about?
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Do you have an (emotionally) strong or weak heart?
If everytime someone hurt you emotionally were reflected as scars on your heart, whether little scratches or deep wounds, what would it look like?
Who was the last person to hurt you like that?
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It feels like I have a rock in my boob - cancerz?

If so, how long do I have to live? It's the size of a peach, so I'd say not long.

Have I offended/upset anyone because you or someone you know has cancer? :(

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when i was a kid, there was a CD we used to listen to all the time. It had songs like 'does your chewing gum lose it's flavour', 'ahab the arab', 'junk food junkie', all silly songs.
Do any of you remember what the CD was called? Wacky wonders or something like that. I really want to find it for my small types to have fun too.

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What professions do you have the most respect for?

Customer Service
Public Service
Something you missed because you are a loser

What medical profession do you have the most respect for?

Other Specialty Doctor
Physical Therapist
General Practitioner
Physician's Assistant
Registered Nurse
Nurse Assistant and things like that

How much respect do you have for an EMT or a Paramedic?

Mean: 8.43 Median: 9 Std. Dev 1.67


No more ticky, please
I don't like ticky

It would be really excellent if you could elaborate on your answers. :-)
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You work at a busy retail store in the mall. You also wear glasses daily, and have no extra pairs/contacts. Just humor me here for a minute.

One day, you accidentally step on your single pair and break them. Is this grounds for calling into work? What if you're calling off in order to have somebody pick you up to buy a new set?
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Desert living

Any Arizonans out there? Thinkin' about moving to a new city and a friend recommended Phoenix (after I told him I was thinking about Austin TX). If you live in the desert, do you feel isolated? I live in Boston and I'm close to the woods, to the beach, to small towns and big cities, everything but warm weather. Will it be a major culture shock?
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1. What are some good websites for someone that would like to buy a car online or find out more information about one?

2. Has anyone had any personal experience or anything you'd like to share with owning a GM-made Saab (1995-now?)

3. Would you be interested in buying a 2004 black Volvo XC90 with almost 58,000 miles, near-perfect specimen for only $20,000? Edit: You can bargain if you want. The car is currently in New York, but I am willing to split some shipping costs.
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so, all this talk of LOLCATS is what brings this journal here.
i raised a kitten, and while i don't have a ton of pictures, i got several very amusing pictures. people have told me i need to make them into lolcats, but i look at them and try to make them lolcats and my mind goes blank.
here's the pictures i think would be good for it.
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What do you want to be when you grow up? (mom, superhero, nurse, office assistant, ect.)

Or for those of you who are grown up, what do you do?

Im in college and im trying to figure out what i want to do with the rest of my life.

I also need a new job. Where should i work? i need to make at least $12 an hour.

Have you seen Children of Men? Do you think the world is really going to end up like that?

What do you think the world will be like in 50 years?

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My roommate (Carmen) and i brought a friend (Jessica) to a party thrown by a boy that Carmen has ongoing history with, and is actually obsessed with. When it was time to leave, Jessica refused to get in the taxi and ended up staying at the boy's house. This morning, I find out she hooked up with the boy.

I cannot tell Carmen because she is very dramatic and would (1) leave Jessica nasty messages, (2) cry like a baby for a week or so, and (3) never ever want Jessica anywhere near her again.


I want to send the boy a message, telling him NOT TO TELL CARMEN at all costs what went down. But also, I'd like to reprimand him for being so insensitive - he knows she really likes him, and he's always after her to hook up. (to which she has more than once acquiesced)

Can I do this? or is it essentially none of my business?

I'm at a loss here, I rarely deal with issues like this.
Thanks guys.
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Is your current hair color the same as your natural hair color? What was your hair like when you were very young?

Right now my hair is mostly brown with some flecks of gray here and there. But when I was young, I was a very light blond.
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1. Do you know your neighbors?
2. What kind of dwelling do you live in? (apartment, house, dorm, etc.)
3. What is the last text message you received?
4. What is the last text message you sent?
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Envelope, please...

The Oscars are tomorrow! And since Jon Stewart is hosting, my fiance will actually watch it with me. I want to make a big spread of snacks and finger foods for us to nibble on.

Do you have any suggestions? Or perhaps a theme from the nominated movies that I can incorporate (besides milkshakes)? Keep in mind he's a lacto-ovo vegetarian...

Who/what movie do you think will win an Oscar tomorrow night?
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If you wear glasses, how much did it cost you to get your latest pair (glasses, prescription, exam, all of it total)?

Do you have eye coverage on insurance?

Where is a cheap, but good place to buy glasses(they will be worn for vision, not reading)?
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Have you ever been unable to resist that can of frosting in the cupboard? If so, what kind of frosting is your biggest weakness? For me it's vanilla, especially if I have fruit like strawberries to go with it. How do you eat your frosting? If I don't have fruit, I just get a big ole spoonful.
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Why has my cd drive stopped working?

I have a Toshiba Satellite M105-S3004. Has anyone else had this problem with this laptop?
It just happened out of the blue. I was going to try and update the drivers but I can't find anything.
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What's a good site where one can read about mythology from all cultures in comprehensive detail? I'm looking for both facts about the myths and the myths in story form. I know about the ever-fantastic Encyclopedia Mythica, but I'm also after something that will take me through all the cultures' myths in a rough chronological order. What do you recommend?
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1) If you had a second job that paid $8/hr, and you were only getting 6hr a week at this job and ONLY on Saturday nights, would you quit?
ETA: Assume you dont need the money for anything but spending cash.

2) What(vegetarian/vegan stuff) should I buy at Whole Foods when I go?

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A few weeks ago I'd posted an email from a book publisher that was more or less a maybe depending if I could rewrite it. I emailed back with yadda yadda and today I recieved an email that told me to rewrite a few chapters of my manuscript with a different PoV structure and then to email it to him. I replied that I'd do it in a couple weeks when I'm on Spring Break and asked if I should send it to that email address. He replied 'sounds good' and to use the email address he was using.

1) Should I be excited, and if so, how much?

2) How should I celebrate tonight? I have to go watch a movie on child soldiers later but I'm free afterwards.

3) Have you ever attempted to get something published? Was it successful? I like details.

4) Do you prefer Spring Training or the Postseason?
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1. I am housesitting/catsitting for three and a half weeks which requires me to stay in their house. I am getting paid 125 a week. Would you do this? Have you ever housesat before, and what was that like? Would you do it again?

2. Every time I make plans with some people I usually am excited about following-through until the day of the plans and then I just want to cancel and stay at home. Does this ever happen to you? Do you cancel or do you follow-through? (I'm going to follow-through but I'll probably keep it short)

3. What is your favorite folk song?

4. Have you ever tried to go on a detox diet and how did that work out for you?

another sims question

Obviously, a lot of you TQCers are avid Sims2 players.
Do any of you play The Sims 2 Castaway?
What is it like?  My husband and I have been trying to figure this out and the website is really confusing and contradictory.
Do you still get to make your own Sims, or are they provided for you?
I understand that it isn't an expansion pack of the regular Sims 2 - it is a separate game... so... what are the major differences?

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does anyone else here hate keira knightley?

do you have a song stuck in your head right now? what is it?

if you could have been raised from birth in any other place in the world, where would that be?

what phrase or word do you think is overused on livejournal?

how is your day going?
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I'm an Early Childhood Education major, and there are three courses mandatory (besides the core curriculum) at my university before we get accepted into the cohort as a junior. (the cohort is just when you sell your soul to the school of education and never look back). I've taken one of these three courses with no issues, but I'm in the second one now, and the amount of idiocy astounds me.

1. When replying to "What do you want to teach?", this one girl raises her hand and says "I want to teach Kindergarten, because it's the easiest grade to teach and the kids are cute and all you have to do is color and make bulletin boards and man, it's just really easy!". About ten other girls in the room put their hands down because they had the same exact response. What is it about Kindergarten that seems so easy? Does nobody understand that Kindergarten is quite possibly the hardest grade to teach?

2. We were discussing discrimination and racism in the classroom when I heard this gem. "I know that, like, black people have their own month and stuff? I was thinking maybe we could, like, give every race their own month? But white people could, like, have like two, because they've, like, done more stuff than any other race?" Is this girl going to die early in a pit of fire along with the others in the room who agreed vehemently?

3. You have to apply for the cohort in order to start officially student teaching. There are about 40 spots and usually about 120 applicants. Will half of these girls ever possibly make it in? I used to be afraid the chances of my being accepted were low, but I'm not so sure any more.

4. What's the most ignorant/racist thing you've heard someone say lately?

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1) What's the most expensive bill you ever paid?

2) What would you like to see happen in the final episode ever of The Simpsons?

3) If you could have any part of your looks changed what would it be?
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Does anyone know anything about gallstones and alcohol?

I have gallstones and I can't exactly remove my gallbladder atm (or anywhere in the near future, as that costs $$$), but my 21st bday is coming up in May. I'm not really a drinker but I want to go all out on that night. Does anyone know if I drink a lot - or a little - will I go into a gallstone attack?

I've checked webmd. :( I'm also getting mixed reviews from looking at various websites from google. Thanks!

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I'm a sophomore in college.  I only have 3 somewhat close friends here.  If I stay in all weekend, I feel like maybe I'm missing something.  If I got out (like I have for the past two nights) I just want to be home because I don't feel like I fit in with people I meet.. and I feel worse and more lonely for the next few days.  The only time I am truly happy is when I go home or my parents come here. 

1.  Is it okay, or even preferable, that I remain standoffish and go through college without the typical experiences, or should I try to force myself to make more friends? 

2.  How was the college social experience for you?

3.  Do you feel more ready for the world because of how you handled your free-time in college?

4.  Steak, chicken, or fish?
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 1. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
The Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus "Best of Both Worlds" Concert Tour

2.What did you think of it?
I thought it was pretty good. The Jonas Brothers are pretty damn fine, so that didn't hurt.

3. What is the most recent really embarrassing thing you've done, and then found out that someone was watching you?
My friend and I were parked in my driveway, listening to the Across The Universe soundtrack and dancing in the car. Then, we looked up, and three of my brothers friends are watching us. Two of them are EXTREMELY sexy football players, might I add. We started laughing so hard, because we wanted to disapear....

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If you have an HD TV what kind do you have?
What brand?
What HD carrier do you have?
Do non-HD channels look good on an HD TV with an HD converter box? I've seen regular cable hooked up to HD TV's and it looks like crap. I know there's going to be boxes, but how is the picture quality otherwise for standard signals?

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Whats your most recent musical addiction? (song/artist/whatever)
Mine: This is for Real by Motion City Soundtrack

What is your favorite salty food?

Should I cook dinner or order in?

If it makes a difference, if I cook I'll probably have tacos, and if I order food, I'm not sure what I'd get, so suggestions for that, too?
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more questions

What would you think if someone said that they felt really safe whenever they saw you smile or laugh?

I know it's not good to make generalizations, but I know a guy who is in his late 20s that is very concerned with his tummy/spare tire (which must be minimal because I can't see anything) and says his hair is thin (but it is very soft!) and he always wears a hat because of it. What is up with that? I mean, obviously low self-esteem but it just seems so strange to me because I'm not used to guys being so obsessed with things like this.
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Where are you in your education?

What degree do you have or are you currently pursuing?

I'm working on a Masters of Science in Justice, Law, and Society with a concentration in Justice and Public Policy.
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Beanie babies.

My mother has a habit of getting me "cute" things that I have absolutely no use for, but I never have the heart to get rid of them. However, I've been moving around a lot the last couple of years and am moving again next week, so this business of moving cute crap that I don't even want has got to end.

One thing that I found and decided to list on Craigslist was this 10th Anniversary Beanie Baby. I left it as a "make an offer" ad, but to be honest I have no idea what this thing might be worth. I was never a Ty collector and looked around on Google a bit, but I figured that someone here might have an idea of what would be a reasonable price to take.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I found this listing on Ebay, so maybe it's not worth anything. IDK.

UNRELATED: What'd you do today?
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I just imported a bunch of quicktime files to be edited on my Final Cut Pro and the audio wasnt imported as well. I know there's a preference where I can change it (import all video files with/without its audio) but I cannot for the life of me remember where or how.

So, Mac, Final Cut Pro users....

Help, please?
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I can't find my cat. I've looked every where, and I'm not 100% sure he didn't get outside. How long should I wait before I put up posters of him?
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1. i know nutrition information gets rounded up/down/etc., but why does some skim milk have 80 calories per cup & some has 90? isn't milk just milk?
1a. what kind of milk do you buy?

2. what's for dinner? i need some dinner-spiration.

3. what kind of hair conditioner do you use? what's your hair type?
3a. i have thick, long wavy hair. do you have any recommendations for me that aren't too expensive?

4. i'm in a mood to download/watch a romantic comedy. which one should i watch?

5. how are you?

hand pain

In recent weeks I have been volunteering at a local park to help clear trails on Saturday mornings. It's not every Saturday, but is most Saturdays since the New Year. The trail work involves alot of hacking palmettos and other foilage with a machette.

A reoccuring problem is pain in my right hand after I've been hacking away for awhile (yes, I am right handed). I am wearing gloves. It's overall cramping and pain in the hand especially the fingers. It mostly goes away later in the day. This morning I did trail work for about 3 hours and the only part of my hand that hurts is my middle finger between the knuckle and the first joint.

Any idea what the problem might be (arthritis? but I'm only 26...) or how to prevent the pain from occuring?
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I just finished making a HUGE pot of pulled chicken.

When you cook something for the first time, do you follow the recipe to the letter?

When was the last time you tried to make something new?

What is one dish you make WAAAY better than anyone else?

What is one thing you can not make well, no matter how you try?

What was the last thing you cooked?

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I'm pretty sure I practiced a skill that scared the heck out of me with my EMT instructor and now have a monster crush on him. He's married. Is this natural when someone helps you overcome something, or is this my deeply-rooted psychological issues at play?

What makes a person feel old (besides age)? Do you feel old?

If "you are not as fat as you imagine," how fat are you?

(no subject)

For Christmas, I got  laptop with Windows Vista and I am having issues watching some videos on it :( Any video that I have taped with my digital camera (.mpg format) won't play correctly. In Windows Media Player, it will show the video as a few seconds long and after it plays for the few seconds, the video stops but the audio will continue. I know there is nothing wrong with the video, because if I upload it to youtube I can watch the whole thing, but I really want to be able to watch it on my computer. I have only noticed this problem with mpg videos...I have some tv shows that I have transferred from tivo and I can watch those just fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or what I need to download so I can watch these videos?

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TQC, halp!

I wasn't able to go out today and get black pants that are not jeans for my new job tomorrow!
But I do have brand new black skinny jeans!

Tomorrow, I'm just filling out paper work and getting some training. Do you think it'll be okay if I wear my black jeans seeing as I have no other black pants? (It'd only be for tomorrow, because I'd be able to get a ride to the mall tomorrow.)

(no subject)

1. Would it be weird if I called some local high schools to find out if they have air conditioning? Is there any reason they wouldn't tell me? I plan on taking the SATs again (I took them 2 years ago) but last time I took them the school didn't have AC and it was really hot. I would much rather be cold during the test than hot.

2. How would you describe this bag?

I <3 TLV

(no subject)

When someone gives you a present, does it matter to you where it came from? Even if it was something you really wanted, would you be unhappy if you knew it was stolen/found in the trash/regifted? (Assume that it looks new, and is in perfect condition)
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(no subject)

1/ What are you majoring in?

2/ How many years do you expect to be in school, working for your degree/s?

3/ Where did you/will you be interning?

4/ If you could open up a business, what would it be?

1/ I finish a Print Journalism degree next month and will start working through a BA in Communications - Media and Culture and a minor in French.

2/ 6 years

3/ Canadian Cancer Society

4/ I really want a used bookstore.
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Do you guys have any recommendations for beginner's books about Wicca?
Every time I see one it usually looks like a lot of...crap, honestly, by people named Ravendream Silverwolffoxkitten and they look more like money makers than anything. There are also a shit-pile of them out there. I suppose that I'm kind of looking for stuff about its history and ties to ancient religions. But also how beginners can start practicing it at home.

ETA: I guess I kind of forgot I was posting to the Question Club, so please...serious answers only, if you can manage...

(no subject)

Per Dane Cook, every group of friends has a friend that they don't like -- a "Karen."  If you don't think that's true, then you're the friend that nobody likes.

1) Does your group have a Karen or are you the Karen?

2) Why are they (or you) in the group?

3) When you use the restroom, do you sing to let yourself know that you have washed your hands long enough or do you just count to 30?
3b) If you sing, what do you sing?

4) If you have AIM, do you allow people to see when you're typing or did you disable that feature?

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Edited to correct HTML.

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I have a cavity! Ugh. I've never had one before, so I'm scared.

Will you share your horror stories of getting a cavity filled so I can expect the worst? Or, is getting a cavity filled not bad at all?

US travel

I was talking with my roommate today about traveling around the US cheaply, and she mentioned a bus service that offers ridiculously cheap fair. The catch is that it's usually at obscure hours/days like last minute tickets they're trying to get rid of. She didn't know the name of the company, she thinks it was something like ___bus. Does anyone know what company this is?

If not, what's the cheapest way to travel around the US. I was thinking the train like Amtrack or buses.


(no subject)

After reading a recent post regarding teachers, it seems that I'm not alone in my experiences with creepy teachers.

So TQC, will you tell me some stories about your encounters with creepy/inappropriate teachers?

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(no subject)

1. i have absolutely nothing to do all night tqc. will you suggest something on the internet that will entertain me and waste some time? a blog, a series on youtube, something...? i feel as though i have extinguished everything on the internet and so it's not exciting or interesting anymore.

2. i should heat up a frozen pizza y/y? what extra toppings should i put on it to make it interesting? all it has is cheese and pepperoni so far.

3. if you type your name into google, what is the first image that pops up?

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Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12


Have you ever volunteered at a museum or anywhere else? What did you do? What was it like?

I was thinking about volunteering at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology this summer for some extra learnings and to beef up the resume. I was wondering what peoples experiences were like.
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Recently someone made a post about comedians (I already spent 15 minutes looking for it, but couldn't find it. No its not the post from 1-22) and almost everyone commented to the post recommending they listen to the same guy. I wanted to go youtube him but now I can't find the post.

Does anyone know what post I'm talking about / know the guy they mentioned?

If not, recommend a good male comedian and perhaps it will be him.

(no subject)

Do you think it's a big deal if parents swear around their young children (under 10)?
Do you swear in front of your parents?
What are you favorite/most used "replacement" curses? Like 'holy cow,' 'oh my gosh,' etc.
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(no subject)

You can order pizza with a credit card. How does that work? Is it handled when the pizza's delivered or if you pick that option do you just pay online through the website like any other transaction?

Edit: Because I forgot to ask before, what about the tip? How does that work?
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Should I go to Taco Bell/Sheetz and get crappy fast food?

I already had dinner, but now we have a friend over and we're drinking and I kinda want a taco.  Or french fries.

ETA: It's not which one I should go to, but should I go at all?

ETA:  Gone, and back!  Taco Bell, got chalupas, am satisfactorily greased out.   And also, I'd only had one beer when I left.  I wanted to go get food before I got all drunk.
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Racial Preference

Will you please go here, click Demonstration, Go to Demonstration Tests, I Wish to Proceed, click Race IAT, and take the test?
It uses about five minutes of your time.
Will you please tell me your results?

I showed "Little to no preference towards European Americans and African Americans"
What are your thoughts of racial preferencing?

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What is the harshest/most horrible/most disturbing thing you have ever been witness to?