February 22nd, 2008


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What's one subject in school you LOATHE?

For me, it would have to be physics.

What's a question people ask you a lot that gets on your nerves?

Why are you always so sad? I'm NOT sad. Thats just the way my face is. Ahaha...but seriously. It just looks sad, but I'm not.

Waiting for the check

1. When you're at a restaurant, how long after asking would you wait around for the check before you just got up and left without paying? Or would you never do this?

2. What's the meanest thing anyone's ever said to you?

3. What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?

Obsessed Much?

1. When was the last time you had an intense crush? 

2. Was it on someone available or taken? 

3. If they were taken, did it stop you from doing anything? 

4. How long did it take you to get it out of your system, or are you still in it's clutches?

5. What's the craziest thing you've done to facilitate a hook up with someone (driven too far, spent too much, etc)? 

6. Roughly how far is the drive from Birkenhead to London?  

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Halp TQC! Halp!

I'm currently studying abroad in Vienna. My roommate is Turkish (though I think she lives in Germany now). I've found her very rude. However, it's kind of hard to say anything, because she rarely does the same thing twice. Two of my biggest peeves are these past few nights her friends have called our room phone past midnight (it's 12:51 AM and they've already called three separate times since midnight tonight). I do sleep! (She doesn't, she stays out until 4 AM, then comes back and makes all sorts of noise). The second, and this is the biggest, is she steals my internet. The place we're staying gives you 10 GB of free internet a month. After that, you have to pay. She used hers up before I got here (I came in mid-February) and had already started plugging into mine by my arrival, using 2 GB of that. I didn't find this out until I went down to the office to ask why my internet jack didn't work, and they said that actually, the other one was mine and she was using it. They told her about it, and so I've had my cord plugged in there. HOWEVER, these past few days I've come home from class (never at the same time) to find her having unplugged my computer and plugged hers in. I generally leave AIM up while I'm gone, and of course, she disconnected me from the internet. Yesterday I came in and she said, "Oh, I'll just be on for fifteen minutes, I'm talking to my sister." 45 minutes later she signs off. Today I came in and she was watching downloaded movies on her computer. She didn't even say anything; I just glared at her and she unplugged her computer, then left. She hasn't been back. My friend said these past few days I've signed off four hours before I came back from class (so she's been on at least four hours a day, and not just the fifteen minutes like she claimed the other day). Another thing that really bothers me is that she's using my bandwidth (I do only have 10 GB) to download all sorts of movies and TV shows while I'm gone. I e-mailed and asked if I could set a password up, but I don't think I can.

SO, my question is:

What do I say/do (other than put exlax in her food?)???? (I'm a pretty quiet person, and I don't like confronation that much, but this is just ridiculous. Luckily my friend is moving in with me on the 29th, and this girl is gone.)

Help me TQC, I'm stymied!

P.S. Sorry for the long backstory, but I didn't know how to explain it without it. Oh, and the other night she was talking to her friend on her phone in German, and was saying how they could use our room for something, and she said, "Yes, I have a roommate, but she's very strange." Meanwhile, I'm right there on my bed reading, thinking, "I can understand you, you idiot." I didn't say anything, though...
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I have this half carton of eggs that I bought about a week ago. It doesn't have a best by date on it. I looked all over the carton today. Srsly.

Aren't eggs supposed to have a date on them?

Would you eat them?

Anyway, I had two earlier and I'm not dead yet. Will I be dead, TQC?

Should I just not eat any more of them? They didn't smell bad or anything when I cracked them today. How do you tell if eggs are bad?

EDIT and how are you feeling right now, in one word?

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What are some stupid things you've done that people still pick on you about?
This happened a while ago, when I still had a job. I have a Ford Explorer, and one morning when I was on my way in to work (around 5:00 am) I let go of the steering wheel to fasten my seatbelt. As soon as I let go it pulled to the right really hard. I was like, "wtf?" I drove about 2 and a half miles on a dirt road before I finally realized that the tire was completely shredded.

[EDIT] Did you read the Goosebumps series when you were young? Which book was your favorite?
Yes. I loved A Night In Terror Tower.
TH - omgwee

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Okay, I'm not entirely sure this even exists, but if it does, you fine people are the ones who would know!

Here's what I'm looking for:

A map website, akin to Google Maps, that will allow you to input many addresses, and it will then plot all of them on a map so you can see how far away they are from one specific address (like where you live).

Google maps will do this if you put in something like "pizza", but it won't do it for multiple specific addresses, as far as I know. (If it does, will you please educate me, because apparently I'm stupid? :D)

Can any of you help me? :( I don't even know what I would Google to find something like this!
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Guys/Gals with long hair:

I love hoodies, but I hate the way they make my hair sit. Even when I pull it up into a pony tail, it gets caught on the hood and doesn't feel right. Drives me crazy.

Am I the only one who has this problem?

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I'm bored, and it's only 2:42 AM. I've plucked my eyebrows and ate an orange and watched Ashes to Ashes. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?
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Pink Button

3 For the Road

A. In your opinion, what makes a penis very attractive or ugly?

B. If you are a female, are you able to have any of these types of orgasms (?):

  1. vaginal orgasms

  2. clitoral orgasms

  3. multiple orgasms

  4. orgasms induced by nipple stimulation

C. What is the most disgusting thing that you've ever seen?
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When you were a kid, what was your favorite thing to do on a snow day?

I used the zip-line we had put in the back yard to zip out over the snow, drop down in to it and make giant dinosaur tracks without having to leave any little footprints in between. It was awesome.
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So my boyfriend (works for a major electronics company) has decided that I should get an iPhone once my cell dies. He has one, and really likes it/plans to help fund mine. My cellphone is nearing the end of its days.

What do you guys think about the iPhone?
What do you think of AT&T?
If you don't like the iPhone, what could make it worthwhile?
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Is "Hey the entire office is dying from this flu, I'm going to go work at home where there's no germs" a reasonable 'excuse' to leave the office?

FWIW, 17 of 35 employees are out sick today, and I can hear two others getting sick.

Have you gotten the flu from hell this year?

What's the lamest excuse you've given to get out of work/school?
What's the longest absence you've taken from work/school for health reasons?

(no subject)

1. Do you use the words noodles and pasta interchangeably? (e.g. "I had noodles and meatballs yesterday")
2. Are they one and the same to you?
3. How soon before a vacation do you start packing? (Let's say it will be a 1 week vacation)
4. How do you feel about intentional misspellings for business names? (e.g. Kwik Kuts)
5. What was the last thing you said to another person?

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Would you consider yourself moreso "book smart" or "street smart"?
Side question: Is everybody becoming dumber as a general populus? I mean, this has always bothered me, even if it is juvenile: say you read a classic lit book & have trouble reading it due to its' language because OUR daily vocabulary is much simpler. People say we've evolutionized since then but.. I hate asking psychological questions & I'm trying to have more variation, SO..

Should I go see No Country for Old Men by myself @ 1:35? All of my friends would be in class, & that's the only playing time. I'd just feel weird going alone but I heard a lot of good things about the movie.

(no subject)

do you believe that there are situations that can't be fixed?

should I go to the library and then a movie[charlie bartlett] or stay in, read my books here and bead bead bead? difficulty: it's 46 degrees.
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I remember hearing of a book from somewhere, it was basically similar to a "Choose your own adventure" type book, only it was more for adults, something along the lines of showing what the choices you make in your every day life can impact your whole life...Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help..

if not, do you know of an adult-type of Choose Your Own Adventure novel? thanks!
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When was the last time you were actually glad to get up in the morning rather than sleep in?

What was your last brain fart (cranial flatulence for those who may be offended by the immaturity indicated in the term "brain fart"... the rest of you can stick with "brain fart" and giggle like a 12-year-old boy)?
The nose that knows

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1. Do you still use the word 'actress' to refer to female actors?

2. Does it seem strange and/or outdated that an industry known for breeding liberalism, entertainment awards shows almost invariably have categories for 'actresses' and not 'female actors'?

3. With 'actor' being well-established as a gender-neutral term, should there still be separate award categories for male and female actors?

scrubs-esque moments in your life

Would you share with me a scenario like the following:

1. someone says something to you
2. You tell me what you wanted to say (or wish you had said)
3. and what did you really say?

for example:
Coworker: Wow, only 3.5 seconds thru the door and you're already grumpy
Me: (in real life) *feeble laugh*

New condo paint colors

Hi TQC! oneblackshoe reminded me that I wanted to ask this yesterday:

The boy & I just bought a condo. It's brand new, doesn't even have walls yet..so we get to pick things like the cabinets (cherry wood), the light fixtures (brushed nickel) and other things like paint colors.

For the living room we've decided on a light coffee color, for the master bedroom we've chosen a light slate-gray.

We're stuck on the guest bedroom & the office and that's where your opinion comes in!

If you had two rooms, blank canvases, to paint, what two colors would you pick?
Links to a picture? Or links to ideas?
What did you do in your house?
What are somethings you'd like to do color-wise in your own house?

Just one stipulation:
- In the guest bedroom there will be a desk that my mom refinished/stenciled for me. It's maroon. It would be cool if the wall color in there didn't compete/clash with the desk.

Thanks for the opinions!! :o)
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I don't know that much about law.. but if someone was caught with: 64 grams of cocaine, an unmarked prescription bottle filled with Loritab pills, an electronic scale, 60 grams of marijuana, all packaged for sale. In addition, police recovered a loaded AK-47 assault rifle, a .22-caliber revolver, a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, approximately 500 rounds of ammunition and a pistol holder... how much jail time do you think he would have to do?

This person was also charged with burglary, criminal mischief and harassment in December and does not have a permit for any of the guns.

I said he's probably going to jail for at least 5 years and my friend is arguing with me saying that he's more than likely only going to get 6 months!

I live in the US if that makes a difference.


Last night, on my way home from work, I was driving north along Belair Road (north of Baltimore city). I nearly wrecked because I saw something REALLY weird in the sky.

There were two plane-looking things. Each one had four white lights in a row. They were flying slowly and somewhat close to the ground. What was VERY weird is that the lights weren't flying straight on. It looked like they were banking to the left as they were flying straight (if you can picture that - sorry, I suck at describing stuff sometimes!). I DID see a flashing red light in between two of the white lights on both "planes" (for lack of a better word).


Things to note:

1. DEFINITELY not helicopters. I grew up near where the president of the US got on and off his helicopter on his way to Camp David (I grew up just north of DC). So I know what a helicopter looks like and how it acts.

2. As far as I know, there aren't any airports in that area. The closest one I can think of is BWI. I asked my boyfriend, who is from the area, if there are any smaller local airports in the area. He said none that he knew of.

The weirdest thing was the fact that they weren't flying straight. The lights were tilted at an angle, leading me to believe they were flying at a tilt. (Stick your arms straight out at your side and lean to the left, putting your right arm up a bit, sort of like how you imitate an airplane flying... that's what it looked like.)

Sorry if this made no sense. But I'm VERY curious as to what these things were!!! They definitely weren't normal planes. And as far as I know, no military airports/bases in that neck of the woods. I've lived in the Baltimore area for almost 11 years now and I've never seen anything like it!!!

Edit: This happened at 9:45 at night!
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mp3 and rss

What kind of mp3 player do you have right now?

If you're planning on buying a new one soon, what kind will you get? Why?

How many Podcasts do you subscribe to?

If my 5th gen video iPod stops playing in the middle of the song, does it mean it's going downhill? It's fine if I turn it off and turn it back on and it hasn't happened that often.

Do you use an RSS reader regularly?

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speaking of the flu...

1) is it true that this flu season is worse than others? i've never been sick this much in my life. working around children doesn't help either.

2) what's the highest temperature you've ever had? have you ever hallucinated from a high fever?

last night mine was 101.4 but i know it's been higher...i clearly remember when i was younger with a high fever hallucinating that there were spikes coming out of the bathtub my mom was sitting on, and hallucinating about bugs.
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 Have any of you ladies on here had experiance with Burt Bee's products [that's what they're called right?]?

I am wanting to try their tinted chapstick/lipgloss whatbeit. But I don't want to spend $8 on one little thing of chapstick unless I know it's really worth it.

Any praises about the product? 

Thank you for your responses! I know what to look for now.
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Hey TQC :)

My left eye has been twitching a lot for two days. I'm not overly stressed or tired and I don't feel sick. Any ideas on what might be causing it or how to make it stop? I'm not concerned for my well-being or anything, it's just annoying. :P

Also, my boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon and I'd like to make him a cake. Any recommendations of super yummy cake recipes?

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TQC, my dad just spilled an entire large bottle of tomato-carrot v8 on the floor. The smell is nauseating. So.... What food product smells the worst to you? I mean, before it goes bad. Best?
I spend too much time online

titles and subtitles

If you goto the user info of your journal, near the top left there should be whatever it was you originally setup. For me it's this:

Pondering the Unponderables
Book of Vent

What are the title and subtitle for your journal?
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Dear TQC, should I get my nipples pierced, y/n? I am gorgeous and have amazing titties, if that makes a difference. AMAZING TITTIES! My boyf is most likely willing to pay to get it done for me cause he is my bitch.

Do you have your nipples pierced? Did it hurt really bad? I AM SO AFRAID.

What else should I get peirced?

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Your favorite movie is being remade and you have been cast in your dream part.  What character will you be playing?

What made you decide to leave your last job?

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Being a good little Catholic and all, I'd like to make myself a fish sandwich for dinner tonight. I have fish, but it's not breaded. I want it breaded or batter-dipped. But here's the catch (hahahahaha no pun intended), I want to keep it low-fat, yet delicious.

Any suggestions, TQC?

Also, is the Family Guy movie any good? Basically, what movie should I rent for my husband and I tonight?

(no subject)

What are your current goals/aims?
Do you think you're going to meet them?

Me: Straight A's and an acceptance to a uni to study medicine. I'll probably get the first part, but my past makes the latter pretty unlikely :/

(no subject)

1. Is it just me or do girl scout cookies make the inside of your mouth taste really bad too? Like worse than other food?

EDIT: I guess I've been noticing this with the thin mints and the peanut butter cookies; those are the kind I bought.

2. What are some other foods that you've noticed make the inside of your mouth taste bad?

3. How does the inside of your mouth taste right now? What did you last eat? When?
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Do you believe that teenagers really think they're invincible?

I never felt like this as a kid, and always rolled my eyes when adults made reference to it. Even better, I never knew anybody who felt this way, either...at least, not outwardly.

But, I can hardly speak for the whole demographic. So...

What say you, TQC? Crazy stereotype, y/n?
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name that book

The only description is: The female main character is taken though an art collection by a male who loves her and she says something like, "Oh, how nice" about the art. Female leaves, travels, and eventually comes back to the same house again. Now when she walks though the art collection, she starts to cry. The male knows that this means the female has been though troubles/had her heart broken because she finally relates to the paintings.

Any idea what book my friend was talking about?

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This is part of my objective for my resume.
I like to branch out from the traditional office administrative duties and personally assist someone with a positive attitude and recognize the quality work I do.

I am not sure if stating that I want to work with someone with a positive attitude is a good thing. What do you think?

(no subject)

What can I do for the next 1 1/2 hours? It's snowing outside, and I'm bored. My roommate is in the room. I can't drive because my car is lodged in snow.

What are your favorite types of questions that people post in this community?
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So, today I was looking through apts/housing on Craigslist because it's part of my routine for some odd reason. I noticed this ad: $925 / 3br - 1800 SF White beautiful brick home w/ gameroom. I think it's funny when ads are obviously bogus. But I also noticed a strange little blurb at the bottom of the page:
"organizes The Missionary Union for the Evangelization of the World The first classes of the Missionary Training College are held inJohann Christian Erhardt finds the body of one of his traveling companions The disappearance of Erhardt and six companions had led to temporary abandonment offor several years Upon admission to the Philippine bar she was hired as an Associate at Romulo Mabanta Buenaventura Sayoc and De Los Angeles the third largest law firm in the countryAbout the Book (Twarikh Rajgan-E-Pathania-E-Nurpur Zila Kangra (History of Pathania Rajas of Nurpur District Kangra) by Mian Rughnath Singh Pathania"

Okay, WHAT?
Collapse )

I inadvertently learned something about ancient India today.

What's the weirdest Craigslist listing you've found?
race w/ yourself

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Poll #1142730 help me reach a decision,,,,,,,,,

Someone is holding a theoretical gun to my head, and I must choose a new username. Which do you like most/detest least??


I'd really appreciate your feedback, and if you feel you must say "don't change it", please give me another reason besides  "I don't like changes."  :)

(no subject)

What do you think can break a heart?

What do you think can heal that broken heart?

Have you lost the fire that was inside you? If so, what did it?
If not, what keeps you going?
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As a child, did you play sex games with friends? Did you practice making out with friends?

Were these friends of the same gender, or opposite?

Do you count these sex games when you reflect on your sexual experience?

Trivia questions!

Note: Not homework. I know the answers to these.

1. When the police arrived a man was lying dead under a car. Investigations revealed that although he was not the car's owner, he was the last person to drive it. The car had last been driven that morning but the man's time of death was established at about 3pm. The car's owner was discovered in the south of France. No one else was involved in the fair and the coroner were satisfied that no crime had been committed. What is the explanation?

2. Andy's aunt had lived all her adult life in Los Angeles. She had lost touch with Andy's mother, her sister, for over 25 years. She suddenly wrote to say she was coming back for a visit. Andy's mother gave him the flight number and asked him to pick up his aunt from the airport. "But how will I recognize her, I've never even seen a photograph!" he objected. "And she's never seen a photograph of you," added his mother. "But don't worry, you won't miss her." And he didn't, but how?

3. Albert Coley is a fishmonger. He stands 6 feet 6 inches tall in his socks, is a size XXL in clothes and wears size 14 shoes. What do you think he weighs?

Things that happen in bed

When you go to sleep, what do you wear to bed?

Underwear (t-shirt optional)
Shorts (t-shirt optional)

After a good night of nookie, what are acceptable marks to find on your body the next morning?

Light bruises
Teeth marks
Cigarette burns, where at least one smoke was extinguished on your flesh
Red palm prints on your ass
Lash marks on your back
Missing tooth
Raised welts around genitals
Dried candlewax
Missing hair
Allergic reaction to the fursuit you were wearing
Darkened finger marks around your neck, where you may have been strangled/asphyxiated
Cuff marks on wrist

Acceptable damage to clothing after a good night of sex?

Missing buttons from shirt
Ripped underwear
Pants cut by a serrated knife
Singe marks on pants
Severe runs in your stockings
Mysterious stains, possibly human bodily fluids
Mysterious stains, whose origin is not from a human
Back of shirt completely flailed off
Sock that was used to tie your partner to the bed is completely stretched out
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(no subject)

Have you ever dated someone who was significantly less intelligent than you?

How about someone who was significantly more intelligent?

How did those relationships work out for you? Did the fact there was a big difference in intelligence cause issues in your relationship?

(no subject)

Do you get bothered when people come into your room?
I really hate having people in my bedroom, and my roommate came it (just to return something she borrowed) while I was gone, and it bothers me, is this justified? She could have just left it outside the door. She knows I hate having people in my room, and the door was shut which seems like a pretty big stay out sign to me...maybe I'm being ridiculous.

srs bzns ya'll


Are bisexuals twice as likely to cheat?

Who would be more likely to cheat from this list?

A) Disgruntled housewife that is married to an alcoholic
B) Married man with a beer belly that sticks out farther than his penis
C) a bisexual pre-op transsexual
D) a bi-sexual guy/girl
E) either spouse in a gay marriage
F) a college aged female that claims to be bi so she is seen as edgy and cool
G) a college aged male that wants to experiment "being on the dl"
H) a happily married wife who has a husband with a tiny penis

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(no subject)

My cousin 's baby shower is tomorrow and I haven't gotten her anything yet. [YES! I procrastinate.. also I've been crazy busy..]

She is registered at Target, and I might just have to go with that..

I need some cheap, creative, thoughtful ideas though. I'm very short on cash and trying to save it for a trip next weekend.

1. What's something cheap, creative and thoughtfull that I could get/put together for her that won't look like I just bought the cheapest thing on her registery? 

2. Should I consider getting HER something instead of for the baby? A spa-ish kit or something?

Opinions from people who have had baby showers or opinions of others welcome, I would love both point of views.
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So.... I used to be friends with this girl for years, and I mean really good friends. When all of a sudden she starts stealing money from me, lying to me, and hacking into my school/bank accounts. Obviously I ended the relationship.

Im in the mood to do some pranks on this chick. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? So far Ive thought up of ordering like twenty pizzas and sending them over to her house, and getting my boyfriend to post her number on mens bathroom stalls. I need help people.

Please dont burst my bubble. I know the right thing to do is to just forget this, but really, I mean come on... its harmless fun :)

serious (and not so serious) replies welcome ^_^

Edit: Wow, when did this community suddenly become so virtuous and shit? Relax people please :) If you dont like my entry, just dont reply. kthx


My 12 year old cousin told me he was having sex since he was 11. He's always had a little girlfriend in school. Now he's 15 and he has gotten in BIG trouble for asking a girl his age to suck his $(%*$ for $20 on the school bus. He has no respect for girls/women and just has an odd fixation with sex in general.

I, on the other hand, waited until I was 18. I didn't start dating until I was 17. I'm perfectly fine.

How do you feel about kids having sex and dating at a very young age?

Do you think that allowing a child to have innocent little bfs/gfs when they're young can contribute to them having sex or being curious at a young age?
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You know the macro with a bunch of young women screaming and holding Obama posters

it looks like a very 1963 Beatles-esque type of reaction

anyone have a link to this image?

Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Are you comfortable driving in snow? At what point do you decide it's time to cancel your plans due to snowy conditions?

2a) Are you the ugly friend?
2b) Are you the fat friend?

3) What's in YOUR wallet?

4) How much do you tip your friendly neighborhood delivery person?

(no subject)

How can I learn mandarin?
I've been looking for some of those book+CD packs, but haven't been able to find any. My friend is teaching me some stuff, but more the philosophy behind the characters & what-not, I want some conversational knowledge.

What are TQC's affiliate lj comms? All I can fine is TQC boobs.

Did I have another question to ask you? if so, what was it?

for anyone interested on a follow up on the other days post, my package arrived this morning around 10 -_-
it's all a lie

(no subject)

How would you fill in the blanks?

I'm not a bad ___ (student/person/etc), but I ______


Inspired by a conversation I heard earlier that went along the lines "I'm not a bad student, but I do party."

(no subject)

My friend who is 21 (with a valid CDL to prove it) went to BevMo! the other day to buy some beer. BevMo! wouldn't sell him the beer because my other friend, who is 20, was with him. The 20 year old left the store, and BevMo! still wouldn't sell the 21 year old the beer.

Why the hell not? Is there some sort of California law that prohibits the sale of alcohol to anyone who is accompanied by an under-aged person?

Edit: Why then, is it not a problem, when my mom buys alcohol with me present? I mean, she could be an irresponsible parent who is buying it for me. (Although she would never do that.)
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oh mr. tea

Disney? Only for the chillins?

What do you think of people in their twenties or beyond being obsessed with Disney? (Assuming these people are not doing so for the sake of their child(ren).) Aka, do you think they should "grow up" or do you think it's perfectly normal and fine etc.?

Example a) A person in their thirties saving to go to Disney without any children in the going-to-Disney plans.
Example b) A 22-year old girl obsessed with Disney princess things.
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(no subject)

anyone here work with openoffice? pros/cons of it? how alike is it to ms office, particularly the word and powerpoint apps?

any other feedback much appreciated. i downloaded it last night but haven't installed it yet, and i have a lesson plan to write this weekend. everything the ed department does is in ms word and i could shell out $150 to get the home and student version... or i could use something completely different.

When It's Okay To Ask

You want to ask someone out but they just got out of a relationship (not a marriage). Would you wait for a certain amount of time to pass after the break up before asking them out?

How does your answer change (if at all)...
...if you knew them before the relationship that just ended VS meeting them during the relationship VS meeting them after they broke up?
...if you knew the person they were dating?
...based on how long the relationship lasted?
...if they ended the relationship VS the other person ended the relationship?

Would you ever be willing to date someone if you knew they broke off a relationship to date you? EDIT: If yes, wouldn't you be worried that if they'd leave someone for you they might also leave you for someone?

Have you ever started dating someone you were attracted to even though one or both of you didn't think the relationship could work / was logically unwise? Did it work out?

(no subject)

Inspired by a question from earlier asking whether wild-colored hair was hot or not: How many people in this community dye their hair unnatural colors?

What colors have you done? How long did you keep them?

I've had blue (about a year), two shades of purple (about a year), and a purple that came out red (6 months). I'm feeling lazy for a while, so now my hair is just black.

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Wearing a t-shirt  that says "I'm a Fucking Genius" while out bowling with some friends - Would you find that tacky or inappropriate?  If neither, what would you find it?

(If it matters, I'm  24 year old female)


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1.Are you tired or wired right now?

2. Have you ever seen a u.f.o?
I think perhaps,

3. Favorite label of jeans?

4. Do you still believe in magic?

5. Did you love dip sticks as a child? Still?
Yes, grape. Yum!

friend AWOL

If a close friend of yours-- someone you hang out with on a regular basis, sleep over at their house, tell private things to... if this close friend of yours got a weird look on his face on day when you're hanging out at his house (just sitting there), threw something at the wall, told you to leave and hid in the bathroom until you left--what would you think? And what would you do the next day if he said he didn't want to talk to you again for awhile? You ask when, and he says he doesn't know, and doesn't give an answer, and tells you it's not your fault but he can't see you...

uh, what does one do in this situation? or think, I guess, because one can't really DO anything.

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Long story short, there's this guy I used to be really close to but now he creeps me out and I hate him a lot. Let's call him Bob.

Someone's been texting me from a number I thought was my friend [same first numbers] but ended up being Bob! So now I've made plans with Bob thinking it was my friend, but I don't want to hang out with him. Should I just ignore him or tell him I made a mistake and sound like a bitch?

He has a history of randomly showing up to my house and yelling "YOUR LIGHT WAS ON I KNOW YOU'RE HOME" up at my window.
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What movie/show were you not allowed to watch as a kid for (now that you look back and think on it) a really dumb reason?

What about movies/shows some one you know wasn't allowed to watch?

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What is your job/what do you do?

I'm a photographer at a restaurant!  I get to take pictures of people at their tables, print them out, give them free ones and try to sell them more.  

Do you like it?

I love it.  It's so much fun and if I didn't work there, I would be eating there and hanging out with all the servers because it's just that rad!  Too bad I didn't have to work tonight :/

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Have you ever been really depressed and suicidal?

How did you get out of the funk?

ex: I've been miserable for a long time, but this year, I got raped, my brother died in a car accident, ive gotten into massive debt, had my heart broken more than I can count, and finally lost my 'virginity' *technically the rape was the virginity, but i dont count that since i was drugged* and the guy told me today he used me and i was a one night stand who i meant nothing to.
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I think I'm getting over my tummy bug, because my appetite is returning with a vengeance.

1. What should I have my fiance get me from Subway? I don't want to mess my stomach up again, so ranch/mayo/really spicy mustards/anything terribly heavy is probably not a good idea...

2. What do you usually get from Subway/your favorite sandwich place?

3. Sandwiches, subs, sammies - what do you call them?
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So...my ipod broke. When I put in the headphones I have to keep twisting them around until I get full sound. I tried with 3 headphones and it gives the same result, so I know its with my ipod. I never dropped it, banged it, scratched it...anything. I kept it in a really hard case that protected it from any damage. My warranty expired so...do I have to buy a new ipod? Or will mine be fixed for free? I didn't break it...it just stopped working. One moment it was fine, and the next it was shit.

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cherrybaby reminded me I have a paper due. (I need to write paper as if I were planning the rest of my life after I had a diagnosis of deadly cancer.)  And I need to find out what people around me would do.  So, TQC, you're part of my daily life :P

So, tqc.  What would YOU do if you found out I were dead?

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TQC, I have a craving for quepapas from pizza hut. But in order to obtain them, I have to make a minimum order of 15 dollars online so they will deliver to my house. But all I really want is quepapas.

Should I still order?

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1)is it me or are there a lot of those classic volvos[circa 1980s] on the streets still?

2)Do you get people who get excited about sports?

I don't; it's just a game.

3)did you go to a lot of school football games in high school?