February 21st, 2008


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it's late at night-everybody/everybody but you is in bed and toys (your room or somebody else's) start to go off on their own. What do believe is the cause

A. Low batteries
B. Aliens passing over/coming
C. Ghosts/spirits-and are they evil or just mischievous?
D. Display of the telekinetic abilities of the owner of the toy?
E. Something else, what?

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Dear Dr. Livejournal,

My tonsils suddenly swelled up within one minute. I looked in the mirror and there's a bunch of white spots on them. I saw that strep throat may cause this (thx Google). Any other explinations you can think of?

I'll likely make a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Just wondering what to expect.
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Inspired by a debate between my boyfriend and me:

Is it "bruise like a peach" or "bruise like a banana"? 

I say peach, he says banana, and I think more people say peach. He says otherwise.
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what actors or actresses do you think are gay/lesbian that have not "come out" yet?

i think possibly john cusack and kevin spacey. i've heard things about jodey foster too but idk. appearantly jodie foster came out. ok.

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I'm going to a themed party, Superheros vs. Supervillians and I'm looking for inspiration. Bonus points for off beat or obscure answers:

Favorite Superhero?
Favorite Supervillian?

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1. What physically happens to you when you get embarrassed?
(ex: heart races, face turns red, wet yourself, involuntary twitching, etc)

2. Is there something you can do with your opposite hand that you can't normally do with your dominant hand?

My answers
1. Ears turn ridiculously red, and/or I blush really easily
2. I knew a girl who was right-handed and used scissors with her left hand.  I have an easier time lifting and holding heavy things with my left hand rather than my dominant right hand.

Dr. LJ

Ok. Heres the thing, i woke up yesterday and was INCREDIBLY dizzy. I figured i needed food, so i ate some. It helped a little bit, but i found the more i ate, the dizziness went away. And then i was good until about 2 AM when the dizziness struck again... so i figured i needed to eat.. so i called a pizza place and had some pizza. It helped, but there wasn't enough food to get rid of the dizziness. Its been gone for most of today, but im finding its coming back right now..

TQC..Wtf is wrong with me?

for those of you who aren't dr.s

What is your favorite commercial running right now?


okay so like a couple of weeks ago between commercial breaks MTV was showing snips of this doctor/speaker giving speaches he was African(i think) and had a grayish afro.

and my question is does anybody know what his name is?
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1. When you get paid, do you thank your boss or do they thank you? One of my bosses always hands me my money and thanks me and the other one gives my money and I ended up saying thank you. I don't get it.

2. Do you ever whip out your cell phone to calculate a perfect 20% tip (or whatever %)? Do you lol when people do?

3. Do you recycle?

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1 Who the sings "Irish Drinking Song"? Is it Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys or Bouncing Souls? Because me & 2 of my friends all have it on our iPods as someone different. Do they each have a version? Google turns up all of them so...

2 What's your favorite song to play at parties or bars?

3 Favorite happy music video?

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Do you know anywhere online that sells sort of quirky interesting jewelry (particularly earrings) thats cheap and USA based -- and not a major brand?

I love formulaexo.com but its in Canada and its sort of expensive for shipping.

Paypal Users.

Okay, I tried searching through Paypal, and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm asking here.

Does anyone know if you have a PREMIER Paypal account, is there a limit of how many credit card payments you can accept?

I'm new to trying to use Paypal for anything more than a few fun transfers, so I am thuroughly confused.

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My friend and I were asked by a scout to come in for interviews at the Abercrombie and Fitch headquarters in my home town. Since I'm between tour-jobs, I need an actual day job and decided to give it a shot. I'm hardly a fan of A&F, but a job is a job. We don't even know what the interview is for, but we're going to give it a shot anyway. She's studying fashion and wants the job really bad. I just need a job and am hoping for the best. My questions are...

1. How should I dress for this? Every other job I've had in the past few years has come from me being dressed in pretty much rock-attire, or what I would consider rock-attire. Tight jeans tucked into black boots, torn t-shirt, zip up hoodie, spiked hair in the back, etc... but this isn't for a music-related job. Suggestions?

2. My resume is completely music related and geered towards an artist/band. Should I just use that one? I worked at a pet store when I was 16, but that's hardly worth anything on a resume now. Or should I just not use a resume at all? I'm afraid that'll look poor on my account.

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Photo album sites

What is everyone's favorite online photo album / site?

I'm looking for something easy to use and upload
something that doesn't limit amount of pictures of if it does, you can upload a lot
and one that is free.

Right now I'm using Multiply and/or Flikr

Anyone know of any other good ones?

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Inspired by this question:

What types of people-- or specific people, aside from your friends-- do you love in class?

There's a kid in two of my classes who takes every opportunity, even when it is not relevant at all and makes no sense, to establish that he is totally 100% not gay at all, but that he thinks a character in whatever we are reading is.
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Want to help our Animal shelter? Please

Is there anyone out there who wants to help our animal shelter? Pretty please?

It's fun and easy.... It's a site called ZooToo www.zootoo.com and you write reviews on animal/pet products and services and get points. Our shelter is currently #5 and the winner wins a million dollar makeover for the shelter. They also have other prizes for the other shelters that make the top 10. We get more points if you refer someone so you can send me your email if you would like to join or you can log in yourself and join. When you join yourself you have to enter the area code 11743 and choose Little Shelter Animal Rescue. The shelter is a no-kill rescue located in Long Island, NY. I am a volunteer at the shelter and it would be wonderful if some of you would help us out :) Email me if you have any questions or want to send me your email so I can refer you :) Thanks so much! Sorry this is long I don't know how to do it like a link so you can click it without reading the whole thing right here.
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1. How do you take care of your skin? My skin is really blemished and bumpy and prone to acne. :( I've tried taking care of it by cleansing, toning and moisturising etc but it just doesn't work! :
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 dear tqc,

it's seven in the morning here, and i just found out that i forgot to eat yesterday. as you can imagine, this makes me sort of dizzy and weak today. i don't have any money to go get food right now(i'm at work), but i certainly intend on eating when i get home. but i am a naturally indecisive and weak-willed person, and i can't make up my mind on what to consume. while i would normally just pick the default(saltines and orange juice), i'm going to give you all the option of running my life for me. wtf should i eat?
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HALPZ! Who was it yesterday the posted about the zootoo help? I'm totally doing it but I have a few questions.

Should we revive donuts or is that old meme?
Besides OTC medication, what do you do to treat your cold sore?
Do you have a secret ambition that you don't want to tell anyone because you're afraid it'll jinx something?

For girls:
Since guys get boners to announce that they are horny, my friends and I began discussing what VAGINAS should do. We all agreed that when a girl was horny, it would be best if her vagina opened their lips and issued forth a song of massive power, labia swaying to the beat.
SO, females, if your vagina sang a song when you were sexually aroused, what song would you choose?
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9:57 PM 2/20/08 · little excerpt from a longer post

Wednesday I started and finished book #5 of The Dresden Files and I'll probably start #6 before I goto bed. #5 is entitled "Death Masks" and, unlike all of the titles to the other books, I can't figure out why for the life of me. There's no real mention of masks anywhere in the book...although I suppose the transformative nature of the Fallen could be attributed to masks but that's kind of a stretch.

The only mention of masks I noticed anyhwere in the book was in the morgue, to stave off infection from that one body. Does anyone know why it was called "Death Masks" exactly?
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How many questions do you think you would need to ask/read on TQC to come up with a personality profile of someone?

Is there anyone you feel you "know" because you've read their comments/posts?
If so, who?

(obviously people on your flist don't count)

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I have an appointment to get an IUD next month, and the receptionist told me I had to make the appointment for when I have my period. Any ladies who have an IUD, did they tell you the same thing? I haven't heard this before, and I can't exactly track mine so I just sort of guessed when it might be :\

When you were little, did you ever say what your wedding was going to be like?


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A man in __________ has asked prosecutors to file charges against his neighbors because their towering redwoods blocked sunlight to his backyard solar panels.

Who would you side with?
Can you guess which state this happened in?


Some people believe having taxes done at H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt will lead to a smaller tax refund. Do you believe this?

Earlier this month I filed my taxes with H&R Block. I receive over $2000 less then what I was expecting.
I was talking to another employee who made roughly the same amount of money and similar living situation (no kids or married). They went to a place that was not a chain tax office and received about the amount I expected back (but did not receive).

Please give your thoughts on the subject.

Weather Grumbling

What's up with the weather in central Florida during the wintertime? Why is it 80 degrees one day, and 60 the next, then back up to 80 the next?

And why does this always mess with my sinuses? ::has a blinding headache::

Edit: I'm not complaining about the temperature itself, people. I grew up in Ohio, so 60 degree winters are actually quite nice. :) I'm talking about the way the temp yo-yos on a daily basis instead of being relatively consistent.
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Dumb questions ftw.

I have an interview at Wal*Mart on Tuesday, and because I have no sense about these things, I don't know what to wear. My last interview (at a hotel), I felt horribly overdressed, but that was a local place so they were more casual, or something. Suggestions?

I have a labret piercing, should I take it out for the interview or leave it in and hope they don't notice?

Any stories, good or bad, about working there or any similar store?

P.S. My cupcakes turned out well, yay.
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What LJs/Myspaces/communities do you lurk on due to drama/wanting to be his/her friend but being a chicken/loling at the batshit insanity/etc?

Edit: My bad, thanks dancingants. I meant lurk, not troll.

Edit #2: What was the last phone call you got that surprised you??
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 okay, okay.... okay, so get this: you are definitely insane, and you suddenly find undeniable proof of it. but... nobody else notices yet. you know you are just one weird provocation away from picking up an axe and going on a killing spree bateman style, but you appear so sane that people would have a hard time believing you if you told them.

do you report yourself? or just hold on and wait for the inevitable violence?

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In rearranging my room, I discovered that I hadn't given my friend back all of her tarot things. I still have the Emperor. Any ideas on a cosmic significance of this?

What things have you discovered while cleaning/rearranging your room?

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scenario: you're in a class, learning about an event in history that resulted in people dying from getting their heads chopped off by a guillotine. you notice that the person sitting next to you is doodling in their notes. in the margin, they've drawn three pictures: one shows a person with their head underneath a blade from a guillotine. the next shows the person with a sad face as the blade makes it's way down towards their neck. and the last shows the stopped blade and the person's severed head in a pool of blood. all of the doodles are just cartoons and are not graphic or realistic at all.

what do you think of this person? (are they weird? are they just bored? are they funny? do they have issues?)

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So when it comes to drawing anything, I suck. Is it possible for a 19 year old to take a few college drawing classes and become good at it? Or is that just a talent you have to be born with?

I have really shaky hands, and when I picture a scene in my head I can easily write about it in detail... I can never get it sketched onto paper, though. It's too fuzzy to draw. I've wanted to be good at this since I was like, 5. I feel so discouraged.

Any words of wisdom?

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where do you live & what's the weather been like for the past couple of days?
- i live in north england & it's been sooo cold for the past few days, too cold. something like minus 5 & frost everywhere; it looked like winter wonderland. (except with frost instead of snow. :P) too cold for me :(

if you have a camera, what type is it & what do you like most about it?

have you made any plans for this summer, or next summer?
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I know TQC is not usually the best place for romantic advice but I'm stuck in a situation I haven't been in before.

I've been seeing a man for less than three months and he thinks we're in a relationship though we never clearly defined anything. Anyway after the intial excitement wore off, I realized that I do not find him attractive and generally find him to be a downer and pretty annoying at that. There really is no other reason besides those and i know he's going to ask me for a reason-- what can i say that won't hurt him even more than the intial break-up will (or might)?

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When you post a question, do you wait around to see if anyone answers, do other things and check in every so often, or just walk away and not bother until much later?

Do you leave e-mail notification on or off?

The "For Dummies" books: great way of breaking things down so they're easy to understand? Or a waste of money that makes everything seem too simple?

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In GENERAL if you were to go to Dunkin' Donuts, would you tip?

only if I was getting a lot of stuff, or had some kind of complicated order.

I'm finally going to use the gift card I received a few months ago, and I never ever go there so I'm curious. The one near me is hiring right now and they have a huge sign that says "$7.50.hour + tips!" but everyone I know says they don't tip there.
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Stupid Question Time

Is there a way to see Japanese characters (kanji, writing, whatever you call it) on websites from the Firefox browser?

I can't read or write it, but I'd much rather see it than boxes or question marks.

Additional questions! Because I'm hungry.

Do you like creamy or crunchy cereals for breakfast?
Crust on or off your sandwiches? Or do you eat your sandwich on a roll.
In a little get together situation, what is best to bring as dessert for a simple dinner?
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My gmail is refusing to load for me this morning: I type in the URL and it doesn't load, and I have the Gmail Notifier add-on for firefox, which isn't working, either. My roommate can access her gmail just fine, and pretty much every other website in the intertubes is working for me. Does anyone know of some sort of proxy kind of site that could allow me to check my email? :) Is your Gmail loading?

For those of you who couldn't care less about Gmail, can I see a picture of your favorite coffee cup?

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What was the standard drink in your house while you grew up? (what was served with almost every meal?)

It was Pepsi for us.

Should I pursue a career in court reporting? They appear to make a lot of moneys.

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Below the cut is a picture of what little alcohol and mixers I have in my apartment. I don't have any orange juice and only very little cranberry juice. I don't really like the taste of alcohol but I've been having a bad month and I want to get drunk and stay drunk for the rest of the day.
Collapse )
In case the picture isn't clear or you don't feel like looking at the picture, I have Glenmore Gin, Bacardi Superior, Grey Goose Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, Kahula, Bacardi Zombie, World's End Sweet Ripe Banana Rum Creme Liqueur, Hiram Walker Triple Sec, Dekyuper Melon Liqueur, Rose's Sour Apple mix, Mr&Mrs T Whiskey Sour Mix, Dekyuper Island Blue Sweet and Sour Schnapps and Daily's Mojito Mix.

What should I make?

Edit: I also have 7up and Sprite. Flat sprite, but whatever.
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Are there specific styles of dress that are inappropriate beyond a certain age bracket? Which and why.

To clarify, I'm talking about genre of clothing/style of dress. For example, goth and all it's spin offs, punk, pinup, skater, emo, club clothes, so on and so forth. This list is not all inclusive, feel free to add in whatever comes to mind for you.
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Have you ever had a song that you thought had a certain meaning, but later on realized the lyrics meant something completely different?

(personal) Example:

When I was little, I loved the song "Enola Gay" by OMD because I thought it was just a happy, poppy song, later when I got older I learned that Enola Gay was the name of the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb, and that was what the song was about.
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Driving a hard bargain...

I'm leaving for Turkey tomorrow, and the custom in the markets is to haggle. TQC, the last thing I "haggled" for was my car, so I'm not really an expert.

Do you have any good tips on how to haggle, especially for smaller items?
What was the last thing you bought at a bargain?

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1.) Do you like meatloaf? If so, do you like meatloaf sandwiches?

2.) My husband went to get my a sugar free non fat white chocolate mocha with an extra shot from Java Crew. If someone offered to bring you coffe, what would you request?

3.) What brand of gum do you chew?
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Not paging Dr. TQC, but maybe Nurse TQC?

I went to the doctor today, and I have an ear infection, a sinus infection, and bronchitis. Also the newest tummy bug that's all the rage nowadays.

1. What will you bring me to make me feel better?

2. Did you know that the antibiotic cipro (the one I'm on) is also used to treat inhaled anthrax?
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Are you ever super nervous when you go for a job interview?
When do you get most nervous?

It seems like every time I have an interview, my nervousness gets progressively worse. I have one in an hour and I'm starting to freak out. =\
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Creative much?

What would you do with an eighteen-inch-tall stack of pink 8.5" by 11" paper that would otherwise just be thrown away?

ETA: The pink paper already has printing on one side. In fact, it's the full set of my company's books (as amended).
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My playstation 2 is dying. This is the second one I've had and since the PS3 is out I'm reluctant to spend another $100 on a used/refurbished PS2. My problem is my playstation won't read about half my games. In the games I own with a lot of load screens (like fighting games) my system will stop and start loading during the load screens turning a 30 second load into 15 minutes. In games with really big stages (like GTA or action games like that) it will stop generating scenery either leaving the character in a sudden blackness or an explosion of polygons. Is there a way to fix this or have it fixed? I bought this system refurbished a couple of years ago so it doesn't have a warranty (not that Sony honors those anyway). Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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1. Can you give me music recommendations? I want to expand my music library.

Collapse )

2. I've been harboring a crush on my friend N since November. I'm trying to gather the courage to ask him out, or at least tell him I like him, but I have no idea HOW. I also don't know if I should tell him before or after spring break. What would you do?
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After the Simpsons movie was a hit, maybe they should make movies out of more current tv programs. What feature-length movie would you like to see made?

CSI: Miami
Two and a Half Men
The O'Reilly Factor
Desperate Housewives
American Dad
American Idol
My Name is Earl
American Gladiators
Clean House
Gossip Girl
Kid Nation

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Who was the celebrity you saw in person?

I work at Starbucks and was working register today. I rang up Dan Marino. Apparently, he lives in my area. He got a decaf tall cappuccino.


Is this you?

If not you, is it anyone you know IRL?

Does it remind you of anyone in TQC?

...and, as a side note, when was the last time you were wrong about something, and what was that thing?
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My RA wants to hold a ~chick flick~ party in mid-march. What're some ~chick flicks~ that you would recommend that have recently come out on DVD or will by then?

Recent means within the last few months guiz

New cat!

We're getting a new cat next Tuesday. It's a 8,5-month-old male, which we're going to get neutered the very same day and take it home to heal. It has been in a foster home for a good while now (it's been rescued from Estonia) and it's used to cats and dogs, is very playful and social.

We already have two 2-year-old female cats, which both have been spayed.

I have asked around and done research about how to familiarize the three, and I'm asking TCQ now as well:

Could you give me some good tips with familiarizing a new cat to the old ones, please?

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I won a month long promotion at work where the individual top 15% performers in the company win their choice of a prize. (yay!) The prizes are:

1. Portable DVD player with a DVD
2. $200 spa gift certificate
3. IPod Classic 80GB
4. Nintendo Wii game console
5. Resort package for one night that includes dinner and breakfast coupons.

Which would you choose and why?

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Kind of inspired by verygwen's post.

When you add someone new (and they add you back, of course)to your flist and their journal is friends only, do you ever go back and read their older posts?

If not, do you just begin reading when their entries pop up on your flist?

What would you think/how would you feel if someone went back and read all of your journal archives?

Have you ever done that? Why?

I can't make your heart feel something that it won't

Some people are just natural born people magnets and are popular no matter what they do. Do you believe that, similarly, some people are just born unlikeable (or at best, just a person people generally ignore and don't care to get to know no matter how hard they try) or do you believe it is ultimately within our control to get people to like us/tolerate us/get along with us?

Basically, do you think it is possible that some people are naturally socially disadvantaged and cannot climb their way very far up the social ladder no matter how hard they try *without* it being their "fault"?

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What do you have in your keychain?
me: home key, post box key, key to my parents', two car keys, a mystery key, two magnet keys (to organization house and study hall), an USB stick and a coin-shaped token to a shopping cart.

I just realized I have one key that I have no idea what it is for. TQC, what do I have a key to?

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There are a lot of songs that talk about the moon. But it is generally done in a romanticised fashion. Can you think of a song that paints the moon in a negative light?

What is the funniest youtube video of all time?

What sound makes your skin crawl?

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Where might I find a simple black corduroy purse/bag?

I've seen a a few but they all have a lot of metal on them or a gazillion pockets. I like the style of messenger bags but not quite so big.
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Ok, you're having a dinner party. You can invite up to ten people, from any time in history, living or dead. Who do you invite and why?

Keep in mind how your various guests would get on with each other. And that you would have the opportunity to poison their soup, should you so choose.

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Today someone told me that a majority of men in Australia beat their women.
I have never heard this before.
Is this true, TQC?

I'm not a troll, someone seriously said this to me today.

Political Cults

Someone today on another LJ argued they do not like Obama because his followers seem "fanatical" and "cult-like". I do not think the person was trying to flame, I think it was a serious belief on their part.

Do you think Obama's supports are scary/fanatical/cult-like? More than is normal for a presidential candidate?

Have you ever supported a person or cause but abandoned it because the followers/fans/supporters scared you away?

(no subject)

Why did the Boombox application on Facebook disappear? There's still a box for it on my profile, but the links don't work and I can't find it anywhere on the site.

Did you ever run into MissingNo or its cousin 'M? How did that work out for you?

(no subject)

1. The Dictionary calls; you’ve been asked to provide a picture to accompany the definition of ‘obnoxious’. What do you choose a picture of?

2. Before hanging up, the Dictionary says, “I define erotic, if you know what I mean. Call me anytime, baby.” Would you hit that?

(no subject)

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Have you met anyone who was convinced they were a particular person in a past life?

Who do you think you were in a past life?
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We were discussing this in class the other day, and I thought of you, TQC.
1. If you were really poor, and you could only buy ramen noodles or a microwave, which would you buy? Feel free to explain your reasoning.
2. Do you think tomorrow will be a good day? Why (not)?

3. Would you rat your 14-year-old brother out to your parents for smoking (cigarettes and weed) and drinking (beer, mostly)? You have evidence, but it has been acquired by ill-begotten means. Your parents already sort of suspect these extracurricular activities anyway, but are in denial about it.

What if he talked about not doing it on a regular basis anymore?

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My friend and I have birthdays that are close together, so we threw a joint party. We agreed to go 50-50 on the cost, but she epically stiffed me. I'm fucking furious. She tries to act like nothing happened. We're not children, and this shit is ridiculous. I even secured the party location and transportation for us.

How do I get her to pay up? 

All non-serious answers keep in mind that she's about twice the size of me, so beating her up is out.

Big list

1. what is something you are looking forward to?

2. What is the best decision you ever made?

3. 'All or nothing', or 'every little bit counts'?

4. What is the worst screw up you've ever done?

5. What do you like to do for fun?

6. What's the best job you ever had?
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When loading silverware into the dishwasher, do you have them pointing up or down?

TQC, I slept in a closet last night. It sucked. When was the last time you slept in a closet?
Brother of the soul.

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What's a good way to get rid of a splitting type headache?

Like one right behind your eye, or forehead, if that makes any difference.

[And no it's not the computer/interwebs, as this was before I went on at all. D:]

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Hello my lovelies!
In an hour and a half I am get to go home from work, and I want to bring home a bottle of wine(I work in a wine+liquor store)

I don't know what I should take!
Any ideas?

Edit - I remembered that I wanted to try this:

(no subject)

Should I

a) indulge in shallow girlish pleasures and watch Project Runway, ANTM, then Make me a Supermodel
b) study the 120 pages for my gov test tomorrow, which would probably raise my test score from a D to a C. then do my physics homework, which I can turn in late if I decide not to


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For those of you who graduated college, how long were you at your first job out of college before you started looking for another? After how long did you move on to the next job?

(no subject)

My fiance and I are thinking about staying in a bed and breakfast for our honeymoon

Have you ever stayed in bed and breakfast?

Was it weird/awkward being in someone else's house?

Tell me about your experience (oops, not really a question)
look really good.
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1. What kind of musical instruments can you play?
Piano, but I started learning Alto Sax, Trumpet and Guitar for awhile before I got bored of them...
2. What can you not play but you would want to learn?
Drums. Bass.

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Would you ever say "You're acting just like your father, and it's really unattractive" and expect the other person to not get really pissed off?

Is there ever a way to say that where you don't piss someone off?
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Someone be my moral conscience for me.

Neil Gaiman's charity book "Odd and the Frost Giants" is avaliable only through amazon.co.uk, British editon, yay. It won't be in America until October, according to his blog. The book is £1. So that's not bad. That's like $2.50 or so. Air mail shipping is what kills me, since that raises the price to £7.98, or $15.

I do have the dregs of a gift card I can use on this, though. So it isn't out of pocket.

Should I order it and bask in the British edition of a Neil Gaiman book, or should I wait until the fall for an American edition, which amazon.com says will be $14.

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Getting old

I just had a rational, calm, civil conversation with someone about why we don't like each other and why I don't think we should pretend to be friends anymore.

It was so strangely NOT dramatic that it made me feel really . . . mature. It was weird.

What's the most grown-up thing you've done lately?

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 I know this is a homework question, but if you could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

I am writing an analysis paper on a short story I have to read for class, and I'm having trouble with my parenthetical citations in MLA format. The short story is by Horacio Quiroga, but it is in a book called "Texto y vida: Introducion a la literatura hispanoamericana" by Barbara Mujica- so it's a compendium of all sorts of work by Latin American authors. 

When I am quoting the story, should I cite it as (Quiroga #), or is it supposed to be cited like an indirect source would (qtd. in Mujica #)? 

I just haven't done MLA in a while, and I am having trouble distinguishing this particular work.


**Edit for clarity**

I have already been to this website:


I know it's going to have to be a last name, but I don't know if I should be using the name of the person who wrote the introductory textbook or the person who actually wrote the story. That's where my confusion lies. 

thanks guys! I got it now

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What was that episode of mad tv where this guy got called into his boss's office for making really lame jokes? He kept picking up the phone and saying hello. In the end he got fired for his lame jokes and the boss picked up the phone and went hello to make fun of him. Yea that was the only segment I caught but I was really hoping to know what episode that was from.
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Do you think it's silly that schools in my area (Camden Co., NJ - not far from Philly) are closed tomorrow due to inclement weather?

Here is  the forecast:

Thursday night: Cloudy skies with late-night snow showers. Low 27F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulations less than one inch.
Friday: Cloudy with a mixture of winter precipitation. High 34F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 80%. Snowfall around one inch.
Friday night: Rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers late. Low 33F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.

What is the relationship of the sizes of the different human body parts?

Sorry if the question seems unclear--let me try to explain:

Isn't it that the heart is the size of the fist? And the waist is twice the size of the neck? I was wondering if there are any more parts of the body which have this kind of relationship. If anybody knows, please tell me. Thanks!

I actually had the same question posted at Yahoo! Answers, but nobody gave me any decent answers. I'm serious here, so please if you don't have anything decent to say, don't say anything at all. Thank you.
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so last night i made pasta from a box that you add milk to. i didn't check the milk for the expiration date.

flash foward to today. i went grocery shopping and picked up a new gallon because the one at home was almost gone. i get home and go to put it away when i look at the expiration date just for kicks on the old gallon. it expired on the 11th. so thats only 10 days.... not so bad right? i smell it... sure doesn't smell good. crap!

but am i going to die?

or just get horribly sick?

(going for the none serious answers here)
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Free money

Does anyone here have an account with ePoll? If so, what's it like? Did you get stuff from them?

Did you ever win a scholarship or contest that you found on FastWeb?

What should I wear to my scholarship interview on Saturday? It's snowy and cold, so I'd rather not wear a skirt. :/
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Can anyone help me by providing information about the following topics regarding United States government?

What political parties do and how they operate and are organized
What interest groups do and what makes them effective
The role of PACs in the political process
Types of mass media
Impact of media in the public agenda

This is not a homework question; I'm genuinely curious.

Thanks in advance!
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When was the last time you were excited?

What is a good dish that has broccoli in it?

A. I start a performance group with the trapeze on saturday and i am so excited. I am glowing!

B. I love it on pizza/ vegetable lasange
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Inspired by a comedian I saw bring this up-

Why do people have a tendency to make a big deal when you say you don't drink/don't like alcohol?
Like, they say "oh, you don't drink? Whhhhy?" As the comedian said, people don't do it for anything else, like "oh, you don't like mayonaise, whhhy??"

also, does anybody know WHO that comedian is? I liked him but I can't recall his name

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Who do you miss right now?

I miss Ashleigh. She died two years ago, but I ran across an article on her death from a while ago, and it's really painful to think about her. She died too young. She was an incredible person. Beautiful and talented in so many ways.


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we have a big closet that we keep our cats' food in (among many other things).
for the past couple of days, both of our cats have been scratching at the closet doors nonstop.  they have never done this before.
they are not hungry.  they are doing it right now and they JUST ATE less than 2 hours ago.
TQC, how do I make them stop?  Seriously?
I already tried putting a bunch of junk in front of the closet door, and smacking their butts. :P  neither worked.

EDIT: There is really nowhere else to put the food where they can't get to it in our small apartment.
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reality check

hi tqc

i have the most-frequently borrowed laptop (read: 90% of the time a laptop is borrowed, it's mine) in my flat. i let my three flatmates use it, but danielle uses it most frequently. she uses the laptop anywhere from 1-2 hours a day on average. my two requirements for laptop borrowing are: 1. use safari. i have passwords, bookmarks, etc on firefox that i don't want people futzing around with. 2. don't download anything, not songs, not pictures, nothing.

i frequently find pictures and files on my desktop, which i always let slide. tonight, danielle borrowed the laptop and used firefox. when i said "you used firefox!" she said "oh, i'm sorry laura, i can't believe i did that" in that why-don't-you-overreact-you-bitch tone.

so, you're an honest group, am i overreacting and being too uptight about people using my browser or am i justified in being annoyed?
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Electricity is expensive

If the electric company sends you a letter saying that they're going to shut off your power unless you pay a bill- and its winter and you know that they can't legally shut off your power in the winter (at least in my part of the country, cause its very cold), will they shut off your power anyway unless you call them and tell them you can't cause its illegal? Or are they just sending empty threats?
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If you have long-ish hair and you put it up during the day, what do you do with it at night?

for me, if it's in pigtails, I leave it, but if it's up in a pony or a bun, I gotta take it out.

Also, if you have a penis, which pant leg does it hang out in, if you are the non-constricting underwear wearing type? If you don't have a penis but are close with someone with a penis, you can feel free to answer as well.
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I was thinking of having some dental work done in Mexico. I can get a root canal and a filling for about $600 instead of $2200+.

Good idea, Y/N? Plz advise.

What cities in Mexico seem dentisty? Should I book with one of those 'dental vacation' travel agencies or make arrangements myself? Have you or someone you know had medical or dental work done in Mexico? How'd it go?

If you're just going to say something about how Mexico is dirty and how they'll probably do it with a rusty icepick then save your breath. Or hold it, even.


1. What do you think of the homeless? Do you feel sorry for them? Do you want to help them? Do you think, for the most part, they got themselves into the situation, or do you think they were victims of unfortunate circumstances? Or do you think it's split 50-50?

2. What is your opinion on federally-funded programs to help the homeless? Does it provide a necessary "safety net" for those less fortunate, or does it simply give people an incentive not to work?

My answers:

1. I recently learned that the average age of a homeless person in my city is nine years old. This made me realize that the stereotype of homeless people being middle-aged drunks who want a free ride is a myth. I do feel sorry for people without homes--as pretentious as that sounds--and I'm currently looking into volunteer work I can do. But I doubt it's out of an altruistic desire. I'm sick of feeling useless--I've never done actual volunteer work--and I want to feel good about myself.

2. I think federally-funded programs are generally good. I know some privately-funded ones do things like make people who stay attend church services, or say grace before eating. It bothers me, although if they're privately funded, I don't think the right to make the rules should be taken away. But sometimes charity work isn't enough, and even if 99 people out of 100 abuse the system, I think it should exist for that 1% that really needs it. And I think far fewer than 99% are abusing the system.

I hope my questions and answers made sense. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now.
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Change fascinates me, especially change in general opinion - what was once thought one way, is today thought another. 'Idiot' and 'moron' were once medical terms; now they're insults, much like 'faggot' is currently going through the wringer of the populace. Instant-ish communication was the New Deal of our age.

My question to you fine folk: what is the super-major change that will hit our generation that will make running water or General Electric look like peanuts, or at least comparable?