February 20th, 2008



My brother just gave me a bag full of Tazos from his childhood. Would they be worth trying to sell on ebay at all? I know nothing much about Tazos.

I do 1:12 scale miniatures out of polymer clay (sculpey and fimo). Many different eras and things. Any suggestions for items I could make, or that you'd like to see in miniature?
I've gone a bit... blank for ideas, and I'd like to try new things. Every day items from any era, made in 1:12. :) Not furniture though please.

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Have you ever hosted or participated in a "murder mystery" party (where one of the guests "dies", people have parts to "act out" and everyone guesses who the murderer is)?

I have always wanted to do one, and I figure I'll give it a try for my birthday (in mid-April) but not sure what is involved.

Did you/the host buy a kit for it, or did they make up the characters and roles each person had to play?

Was it totally lame, or fun? What made it that way?

How soon did the participants know their characters (ie. were the parts given weeks in advance, handed out at the door, or ...something else)?

Any other suggestions you could give to make this work well would be greatly appreciated!
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Turns out that Jesus, despite being the son of God, managed to fuck up and your life wound up undergoing a major freeze just before you won the lottery--and he didn't save it before hand. The only point that the game saved was an auto-save at age three. Turns out Jesus was going for an achievement of some kind. After thinking over the situation, he calls your spirit into the room (don't ask) and informs you of the new situation.

You're obviously upset about losing your powers (and/or pokemon) but he gives you some alternatives to your currently astral situation. However, you decide to try to clear your head and make the best judgment you can make for someone who currently has no real body or anything.

The alternatives:
1 - Accept your station, and become a ghost.
2 - Go through your entire life, without the cheat codes.
3 - Have Jesus try one more time (with cheats), but this time try to not get the achievement and save often.
4 - Start a new game, with no cheats (meaning you are no longer yourself)
5 - Quit the game.
6 - Have Jesus try one more time (with cheats), continuing to get the achievement
7 - Tell him to get a different console
8 - Lose the game.
9 - Start a new game, with cheats (meaning you are no longer yourself)

Which do you choose?
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Chinese Calendar

We got a calendar free at a Chinese New Years celebration. It's a Gregorian calendar with all the text written in Chinese except for the numbers and major Western holidays. Almost every day has a dot that is black, red, white (with red outline), or green. They don't seem to obviously correspond to the phases of the moon either. My question is: What do these dots mean?! I would really like to know. I'm hoping somebody who speaks Chinese or is familiar with Chinese culture can answer me.

February, for example, looks like this:

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Now for something NOT about threesomes.

1. How many of you guys/girls out there are knitters? 
I just started. Well, I've been knitting for a couple of months but never learnt to cast on or off, I had to get someone else todo it.
Tonight, I decided I'd finish this scarf that i LOVE for a friends birthday, and I taught myself to cast off via the internets. yay me!

2. What was your first knitting project?
I made this huge long blue swatch, which I am intending to incorporate into this kickass blanket I am making for myself. Just because it took so damn long to do, I can't have it go to waste!

3.Who taught you to knit?
My aunt taught me years ago, but a girl I used to work with taught me when we were bored at work a couple of months. And I've been obsessed.

4. Are you totally obsessed with buying stuff?
I have about 7 pairs of needles (three huge pairs, and four smaller- some metal, some plastic) and SO MUCH WOOL. I buy pretty ones that I can see turned into scarves, cos its going to be winter here soon.

5. Can you recommend me a helpful community on here?
I am going to need somewhere to show off my totally awesome knitting skills.

6. Stories, hints, tips, encouragement plzkthx. 
also, someone remind me about italics

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1) how do you pronounce vermont? is it ver-mahnt or ver-mawnt?
2) where are you from?
3) if someone asks a question asking where you're from, and someone says that they're in a region which happens to be near you, do you check their info to see how close they are to you?
4) i'm staying at my ex's apt tonight. his roommate, for some reason, is sleeping on the couch i was going to sleep on, and is using the blanket i was going to use. there are no other blankets or pillows, and no other couches or beds. if you were in this situation, what would you do?

my answers:
1) ver-mahnt, except my ex said ver-mawnt, and within a month, i started saying ver-mawnt. i've lost that habit, though.
2) western new york.
3) yes.
4) this happened to me two days ago. i just didn't sleep, partly because there was a random fat guy in the chair, whose phone rang every two minutes from 5:00am-5:20, and then again every five minutes from 6:00am-6:30.
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Imagine your best friend of the same sex. Imagine they have a significant other that you became friends with. Imagine you talk to both equally and like both (as friends/people). But say that s/o is cheating on your best friend, and tells you, but doesn't tell your best friend.

Is it your place to tell your best friend? What would you do in this situation?

ETA: Personally, I think it wouldn't be my place to tell my best friend, and I'd try to convince his/her s/o to tell my best friend themselves.
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1. what's the most obnoxious thing your neighbors have done [to you]?
2. how far away were those neighbors? [next door, upstairs, etc.]
3. should i go see bill clinton speak at my school tonight? it's free, he was a decent president, the stadium is a 5 minute walk away from my apartment, and i'm still heartbroken about not being at the obama rally last night. BUT i have a major architecture studio project due monday, and i'm only about 1/2 way done [after working on it for 2 weeks]. plus taboo and project runway are on tonight. ugh.
4. if you've been to any of the presidential candidates' rallies, whose was it and what did you think?

1. it's an apartment full of x number of guys [we still can't figure out if it's four or fourteen of them] and they like to play music as loudly as possible and have conversations outside my window at 2:00am.
2. directly downstairs

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Have you ever had an eating disorder?
Have you ever tried?
***To clarify the above statement, I was wondering if other people tried. My friend Amanda is trying very hard right now to become anorexic, and it's kind of scary and weird. I was wondering if other people made a conscious effort to get an eating disorder.

I absolutely did not mean for it to sound offensive, and I apologize that it came off that way.

Do you find eating disorders scary?
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Inspired by all the donut posts: Is it a good or bad idea to REALLY want a stupid fucking donut right now?
What are good, but nonconventional, things to eat in the morning?

How are you feeling so far?
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(no subject)

Did you grow up with a religion? If so, what?

Do you still believe in it? If not, what changed your mind?

If you have a religion now, is it the one you grew up with, or did you somehow find it yourself?
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PvW Delay

While I've got your attention, I wanted your take on something. If you had to name an Alien & a Predator one of two names (those names being Sid & Barry) which one would you assign to which?
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Can you be truly and honestly happy for your friends no matter what?
In the end - does this depend on your own situation in life?

I can't, I think I've never could. It's been bugging me lately.

Nowadays I think it's because my life is tranquil and sometimes even boring (anything interesting rarely happens), although I'm having a fine relationship and all. :-/

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I'm writing my resume, hoping to apply for a job at a newspaper.
I have two relevant jobs- one is at my university paper, no problem there.
The other is at the state branch of a national pro-choice group. I proofread the website, I posted press releases... (edit: this was a summer internship in 2006, I'm not still doing it.)

Now, I've edited articles about abortion/legislation for the newspaper, and in the case of an interview I could say "Well, I've edited articles and columns on the issue, and I think I've been fair. I don't cut all of one side, obviously, but I also try to leave the amount of column space and the quotations balanced. I have had to pass an article off to someone else for headlining because I didn't feel I could do it without inserting bias, but this seems like a responsible way of handing it."

BUT I can't exactly write that on a resume.

Should I leave the name in, or just write something like "Special interest group, state branch of national organisation"?
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Okay, I'm listening to the radio while tqcing, and I hear a promo for the upcoming ANTM show, and one of the tag lines struck me as pretty damn dumb. 
The promo was talking about the show being in New York City, and said "The city that never sleeps...just got a wake-up call."  Please tell me - how in the hell does that work?  Does this make sense to anyone, and if so, in what way?

Do you have any particular favorite advertising slogans or campaigns??  If so, what are they?
If you remember any fun ones that are no longer used, so much the better. 
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someone : do you not plan on having a higher level job ever in your future anyway?
someone2: me?
someone2: a higher level job
someone2: than a waitress?
someone : yes
someone2: i can't imagine such a position

1. Is what "someone2" said in response to "someone's" question blatantly sarcastic?

2. Do you see "someone's" initial question as possibly insulting?
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1. Over the weekend one of my boss's cars was stolen from his home. Yesterday, the alarm company called the office to tell him that the alarm in his garage was going off. He figured they were trying to steal one of his other cars. He tears home, only to find that they had simply returned the original stolen car. Now I'm curious. What are some reasons one would steal a car and return it three days later?

2. What are you up to today?

3. What's the last thing you bought?
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1) I have what looks like roseacia on my face, the areas around my nose and between my eyes always get splotchy red. Is there anything I can do with OTC products to remedy this?

2) What skin products are good for keeping the skin(both face and body) looking fresh, clean and young? Is there any product thats not a self-tanner that can make my skin appear less...sickly pale? lol

3) Do you know 10-key? How good are you at it?

4) What is your favorite computer game?

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Hey TQC! Two very important questions for you:

1. What awesome appetizers/food stuffs should my mom and I make for my graduation/birthday party on Sunday? What foods make you say, "Hell YES!" when you show up at a shindig?

2. I am having the HARDEST time deciding on a name for my massage and spa business...any suggestions? :( I'm at a loss.
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Memory stick

I'm looking for a new USB mem stick.

Right now, I have a 256MB cruzer mini from SanDisk. I got it years ago and cost me about 60 bucks. I carry it around for graphic and web projects.

I want to keep it semi-cheaper, around the 30 dollar range.

So, TQC, what do you recommend?
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Queer focus

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Anyone want to be a character reference for my resume?
What will you say about me?

Besides ponchos, what kind of jacket can one wear with hippy pants? (thin cotton loose pants with drawstring, in this case purple)

When will my package arrive? It was supposed to be here between 8am & noon, and it's currently 10:56am.
UPDATE: it's 12:01 & my package isn't here. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
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random impulse

Was just making myself some coffee at work and in the fridge I spotted a bottle of ketchup. again, i'm at work so I didn't want to risk the sudden experiment...

...but to the best of your knowledge, how do you suppose a lil' squirt of ketchup in coffee would work out?
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TQC, my toof's a sneaky ninja and went and got infected behind my back and I've been on antibiotics for three days now. My face is all swollen and so is my mouth and I can barely open it. I'm not hungry or thirsty but I have to eat something or else my pain pills are gonna make me throw up again - What should I eat?

I have pudding, ice cream, an ice cream bar, tomato soup, and chicken soup.

First Date Tips

Ok, I've mentioned this in other posts, but I have a first IRL date with a woman I met online, which is not something I do frequently. She seems very cool, and from the pics, very cute. We've talked about everything online and on the phone. So, what's a good topic to get the ball rolling for a safe, day date for coffee?

UPDATE: Thanks TQC! Your tips were very helpful...well, fun anyway. The date went well enough to plan 2 more date, dates...if that makes sense. Even got a hug and kiss...dang, she's tall...I dig it.
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(no subject)

1. what is the work environment like at your workplace? do you feel like you need a phd in office politics to survive?

2. what would you do or say if one of your coworkers said (in a seemingly jovial tone; but you know they were serious) "i'm gunning for your job"?

3. what do you like most about your job or workplace?

(no subject)

Have you ever had an eating disorder?
Have you ever tried?
***To clarify the above statement, I was wondering if other people tried. My friend Amanda is trying very hard right now to become anorexic, and it's kind of scary. I was wondering if other people made a conscious effort to get an eating disorder.

I absolutely did not mean for it to sound offensive, and I apologize that it came off that way.

As suggested:

When was the last time you stuck your foot in your mouth?
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(no subject)

If you have lived in an apartment and moved, did you get your full security deposit back?

What kinds of things will make a landlord hold part or all of your deposit? (obviously it will vary, but I'm looking for general things, or personal experience).
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(no subject)

What is it called when a book at one library is shipped to another branch?
(And how long does that usually take?)

EDIT: My mom dropped her phone in a cup of coffee. We tried to dry it out for a few days, but it hasn't worked. Any suggestions?
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I have an eye exam this afternoon and they're going to dilate my pupils.

1. How long does the blurriness and sensitivity to light last?
2. What do you do when you can't look at anything? No reading, TV, or internet. What's left?

(no subject)

1. my dad's main computer at his office died and he is reloading all of his programs and such. for his printing, he needs to find two fonts. i've searched as much as i can, but he needs to find a font called slange and a font called apple chancery. if anyone has them, or knows where to find them, that would be amazing!!!

2. do you follow the nhl? what are you looking forward to with trade deadlines coming up?

(im embarrassingly enough a die hard leafs fan, and i'm keeping the fingers crossed that we dont have to say goodbye to mats)
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(no subject)

So, I think it would be fun to be a singer for a local band. However, I've never undertaken something like that before. How on earth do I go about finding a band that is looking for a singer? Serious/non-serious answers welcomed.
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Let's say you have a very common, harmless kind of HPV- would you tell each sexual partner that you have it?

Would you expect to be told that a partner (former or current) carries the virus?

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I know it's only Wednesday, but in my opinion Wednesday can determine a lot.

When I was in School, I would tell people to ask me at the end of the day what the rest of the week would be like. During my extra hour at the end of the day, my friends would crowd around and ask. I'd have to tell them individually because it depends on your own personal Wednesday.
If it was a bad day, the rest of week would be a slight up and the weekend would be a blast. If it was a good day, the rest of the week would go down hill and the weekend would be a much needed break from society.

How has your Wednesday been so far?

Do you have any big plans for this weekend?

Do you have a reason behind your favourite colour?

(no subject)

Your country has just reverted to a barter system. What goods or services do you specialize in in order to have something to trade for necessities?

Do you separate your laundry in any way or just throw it all in together and hope for the best?

Stupid bets?

My co-worker bet me $50 last week that I wouldn't be able to find Spearmint Licorice as, according to him, "It's impossible to find."

5 minutes later, I was hitting "buy" on a website that sells spearmint licorice.

It came today and I'm now 50 bucks richer.

What's the last stupid bet you won or lost? What'd you win?

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dear tqc,

At my school, all of the piano students are supposed to go to all of the piano forums, which meet like every two weeks. Four or so fellow students perform their pieces and you watch them.

But today Chick Corea is giving a masterclass at the same time and I really want to go!

But like if I don't go to the forum it will be a lot harder to get an A in my piano class :(

So, TQC, what would you choose? An A or Chick Corea?

PS. I'm trying to like compromise with my teacher but I'm running out of time and I went by her office and she wasn't there so she probably won't answer my email since she's not in her office! D:

 PS again. Chick Corea is totally the best. I have like his CDs and stuff. 

PS again. She emailed me back and told me to go to the masterclass but then come to the forum at 2:45 which would give me 15 minutes in the masterclass. Um...okay. But like somebody from my studio class is performing then so I guess I should come see how he does and stuff, and maybe I could go to the masterclass again after, if they're still doing it. Eh.

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If you had to put 2-3 labels around your group of friends, what would they be? Family members?

(Examples, in case I wasn't being clear, in which I'm usually not: Friends - artists, students, dorks. Family - religious, asian, athletic)
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(no subject)

1. i've been reading a lot of self help books lately, and many of them point to meditation as something i should try, but i haven't read enough about it, and i do plan to, but i'm just wondering whether anyone here does meditation? and what exactly do you do to meditate?

2. can you tell me about the most down to earth person you know?

3. do you rather eating food that's piping hot, or room temp-warm?

(no subject)

Would you  be embarrassed of your home eating habits at work?  What do you eat that's embarrassing?

My husband is diabetic, so a sweet treat is rare.  At work, someone brought a bag full of V-Day candy and I'm eating it like whoa.  I also had a donut for breakfast.  However, I keep my chow-downs at work private because I don't want people to think that I eat candy 24/7.
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(no subject)

Is there an application I can download for firefox where I could essentially adblock a person on LJ? Like, their posts or replies wouldn't show up for me. Does this exist or is it wishful thinking? Killfile! I knew it existed!

Who would you block if you could?

What's your favorite dinosaur?

What's the nearest thing to you that is purple? Will you post a picture of it if you can?

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(no subject)

1) For those who work in offices and such: Do you ever find yourself wondering if maybe some of the companies you interact with at work employ other LJers or even TQCers, and you just don't know it? I do sometimes, haha. I'll see a company located in a city I know someone in, and the thought crosses my mind that maybe someone from that city works there and I just don't know, haha. I know, I'm probably nuts.

2) For everyone else: If you enjoy a certain condiment like ketchup or mustard, are you picky about the brand? I'll only use Heinz ketchup, and I HATE Hunt's.

(no subject)

What would you prefer; that the people you work with really like you, but think you do a crap job, or that they dislike you as a person, but think you do an excellent job?
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Quick, help!
I'm at work, and my mousepad is gone. My desk is kinda shiny or something, and the mouse isn't working so well on the wood. I can't tape some paper to my desk for a makeshift one either, because I have no tape (I'm just the lowly intern sharing a desk...).

Any suggestions? My leg is getting rather uncomfortable from being a mousepad for the last hour.

(no subject)

So I'd completely forgotten that in some cases, teachers can have their student loans paid off by working at one school for X amount of time. However, I don't know the details.
Does anyone know how this works?

I'm in Ohio, and the majority of my loans are Federal subsidized loans and Perkins.
Mick Harvey

Online Auctions

A friend of mine would like to sell a number of collectible items (including older video games) online. Since eBay has changed a number of rules recently regarding sellers, she'd prefer not to deal with them.

Can anyone recommend other online auction or classified ad sites where she could sell these? Note: she is in Ontario, Canada.
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(no subject)

What could the word "squeegee" be a dirty euphemism for?

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EDIT: I was asking for YOU GUYS to make up something it could be used for. I'd never heard it used as anything but a window-cleaner, so I thought it was funny that my 50 year old psych professor thought we meant it in a dirty way.

Will you tell me a funny story about one of your current or former teachers?

(no subject)

You and your partner are searching for your first house. Your close friends are also on the hunt and are looking in the same areas and price range. Do you share information about the houses you have found/looked at with them or do you keep the information to yourself so they don't "steal" your pick from under you?

Depressed Puppy

I have a year 4 month old Canaan Puppy.

She has just started her 2nd heat and is acting really strange, As soon as I saw a little blood I put on her doggy diaper.

She is lethargic and depressed, all she is doing is going from one room to the next and sleeping, last night she spent the entire evening on the couch in the living room (with the lights off) while we spent the night in our bedroom and this afternoon I found her in my study lying on the couch. Now I have her on the bed and she is sleeping

Before I get some self-righteous lecture about fixing dogs, she is a show dog and is a rare breed to which in the entire country of Canada, there are only 30 of the breed and of which maybe 3-5 intact females.

Is she acting like this because she is in heat or because she is forced the indignity of having to wear the diaper?

*edit* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaan_dog about the breed.

*edit* my neighbour who is a judge for field trials in both the Canadian and American Kennel Clubs just came home and he said that it is normal when in heat for them to do this.

(no subject)

Who would you sooner select as your Lingo partner?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
Jessica Simpson
Stevie Wonder
Particularly smart 2nd grader

You read somewhere how paparrazi can command up to 6 figures for a good Britney Spears picture. One day you're walking along the street, and you see Britney! Somehow she got out of her looney bin. You have your camera phone (or a camera, if you don't have a cam-phone). Without warning, she trips, wobbles for balance, and falls backwards into a puddle of mud, her legs akimbo, her mini skirt parted, and she's not wearing panties (again). She starts to cry when she sees you and begs you not to take her picture. You have a choice: pity/mercy to this poor, pathetic creature...or whatever money the tabloids will pay for her picture. What do you do?

Ka-ching! This one's going on TMZ.
I put my camera/phone away and help her out of the ditch
Agree to put my camera away for $10,000

You're going to prison. The warden explains that there's a bit of overcrowding and offers you a choice. 25 days in solitary, where you'll have no company, no reading material and little light. Or 35 days sharing a cramped cell designed for 2 with two gang members (with you, that makes it 3 people in the cell). You'll sleep on a cot

Cramped cell

You wake up and you find yourself in a small, very cramped skylift, which is suspended over a deep ravine. The lift is made of hardened glass, so you can see the high drop below your feet. The skylift is unoperational, so you're trapped there in this tight, suffocating space. In the skylift with you are 2 tarantulas. Which of these things would traumatize you the most?

The tarantulas
The height
The claustrophobia
The fact that you don't know how you got there

(no subject)

i'm babysitting a 4 1/2 year old who is constipated. she can't have things like bagels or goldfish but i'm wondering if anyone knows if i could give her wheat thins? i'm leaning towards no but it says fiber on the box so i'm hoping i can because that's pretty much all they have that she is willing to eat. if not, does anyone have tips on what i could give her or ways to get her to eat other things?

she also wants ketchup. just ketchup. y/n?
chan marshall

wtf :(

Last night i was out at my favorite bar/restaurant enjoying my free tab and a beer. About halfway through the bottle (this was my first one) my whole chest area felt mega tight and i got a pain in my neck too. I felt like it was a bad tummy ache but more painful.

What is going on? :(

(no subject)

1. Have you applied to graduate school for fall 2008?
a. if not grad school, then undergrad?

2. What schools/which discipline?

3. Where have you heard from?

1. YES!
2. MA in Econ - Tufts, BU, Northeastern, Suffolk
3. Yes - In at Suffolk. Waiting on others.
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

My co-worker is sick. He's coughing and coughing hard and coughing a LOT. And he's not covering his mouth.
Gross or no?
Am I justified in throwing a bottle of hand sanitizer and a can of Lysol at him?

On a more serious note, if you have a passport, where did you go get your photo taken? How much did that run you (if you remember)?
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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Random boredom strikes again

In the interest of hypochondriacs everywhere, can you tell me what would cause a longterm recurring dull ache in my right calf, just under the knee? It's not like I'm worried about it, but it's damned annoying.

I used to have blackout moments all the time in my early teen years; my vision would just go dark and speckly all around the edges, occasionally until I couldn't see at all. Did you ever do something like that when you were young? Do you ever still?

I'm bored, TQC, and I've read through the poe-news.com updates for today. Can you post a link to a good news of the weird archive? Can you tell me about any random weird thing that's happened to you today?

What was the best cartoon of the eighties? The nineties?

edited for clarification and to add non-serious answers welcome - srsly, I expected someone to say it's lupus by this point. XD

Toilet training your cat?

Have any of you ever used this?


My bengal kitty is seven years old, and she's always been highly territorial, and when she sees other animals out the window or if anything throws her off, she pees. She's healthy, been to the vet. She's just territorial. She's destroyed so many things and I'm willing to try just about anything right now, but I don't know that this would solve the territorial problem. Any other advice would be welcome.

I know there are plug-in things that supposedly tell the cat not to pee there. She apparently finds them an affront, so peed next to it when we tried that.

LJ Banning?

I looked in the LJ FAQ, but didn't find this.

If I ban a user from my personal LJ, do they get some sort of message stating that they are now banned?? If they try to post a replay to one of my posts, what does it say?

I'm trying to avoid as much whining as possible, so a ban that is as sneaky as possible is good.


(no subject)

Sorry for posting again so soon, but I didn't think of this when I posted a while ago...

What does "raton de biblioteca" mean in Spanish? It literally translates to "library mouse" in English, but I don't know what that refers to. Would that be a librarian or maybe someone that likes to read, maybe it is a phrase similar to bookworm?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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(no subject)

1) Can you sit cross-legged on a chair like this:

2 of my best friends can. They are like.. 5'1 though, while I can't. I'm 5'8.. maybe it's a leg-length thing?

2) I'm vegetarian but I'm craving a tuna-fish sandwich with extra onion and doritos. Should I become a pescotarian?

Make my decision FOR me, please.

Do I ...

A.) Go home from work (fighting rush hour traffic, it'll probably take me close to an hour - bonus that it's snowing and Maryland drivers canNOT drive in the snow), go to my apartment, hang out for about an hour, and then drive 15 minutes to my friend's apartment complex to work out with her in their fitness center? (I do not have access to a gym on my own as I am cheap and will not pay for a gym membership. So I go to hers with her and we motivate each other.)


B.) Go home from work (fighting the same rush hour traffic and bad drivers) and go directly to my boyfriend's apartment where I will spend the whole evening in my PJs, watching bad TV, reading, hanging out with him, etc.?

*** If I go for option A, after I go to the gym, I will head over to my boyfriend's apartment and do all of option B. I'm just wondering if I should skip Option A. Heh.

Note: I'm not overweight. I want to lose 10 pounds by the summertime. Seeing as it's now February, skipping the gym one day won't hurt.

:) Thanks in advance, deciders!
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I'm on bad terms with almost everyone in my family and I haven't talked to them in months. My boyfriend just went back home (a few hours away) for a couple of weeks. My roommate's at work. I dont work again until Sunday.

How do I keep from being so lonely? What's a good way to interact with people? Do you feel like this?
» save your soul
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(no subject)

Will you recommend me a song to listen to, please? It can be about anything; by anyone. I'm in the mood for listening to music, but I don't know what to listen to. >_>;;
mr jummy

(no subject)

I just finished watching all 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica, and need something new to watch while I wait for the new season to start. Any suggestions?

I tore a ligament in my ankle on Sunday and my whole foot is purple... I feel pretty stupid about how it happened, so will you help me come up with an awesome story to tell people what happened (so I don't have to tell them I'm lame and just fell off the walking path)? If ninjas or pirates are involved, that's even better.

(no subject)

I was told today that I have a rye sense of humor but I don't know what that is exactly.
What kind of humor is a "rye sense of humor"?

What's the best deal you've ever gotten?

I need people to fill this out!

This is a poll for an english essay I have... due tomorrow. haha. Please fill it out for me. Thank you!

Oh and for the last one, if anyone wants to explain in a comment with their name and city, I can add your quote to my paper.

Poll #1141660 Music Downloading Survey

How often do you download music? (Excluding paid downloads such as iTunes)

Very often
Every once in a while
Ihave never downloaded music

Where do you download music from? (Limewire, bearshare, ect)

How often do you purchase music (CD, iTunes, ect)

I only buy music, never download for free.
I usually buy music, but sometimes download it for free.
I sometimes buy music, but usually download for free.
I rarely buy music, and almost always download for free
I never buy music

Why (if so) do you download music

For personal leisure
to make CDs and sell them to others

Do you think it is ethical to download music? Why or why not.


(no subject)

I got into a huge argument with my room mate because she had issues leaving her room once every two weeks for a few hours so I could hang out with my boyfriend alone. Her way of compromising this was to tell me that she can have her boyfriend sleep over three times a month without asking and regardless of if I said it was okay.

I told her in the beginning of the year that I didn't want to have any boy sleep over, that it was against my morals, and she agreed. She told me two weeks ago that she'd give me the room alone for a few hours, as long as I let her know before hand.

Fair compromise?
If my RA or head RA of the hall can't get us new rooms, what do you think we should do?

(no subject)


What should I make for dinner tonight? I've got chicken breast and pita bread. Everything else is packed. I'm going to stop at the supermarket to pick up some other things to put in the pita with the chicken. What should I get?
Space Pope

(no subject)

 After lunch today I put my leftovers in the fridge at work so i could take them home and have them for supper. end of the day i go to get it and someone threw it away.

Should I throw away everything left in the fridge out of spite?

(no subject)

Are free clinics really completely free?

This seems like a really dumb question, but the way I see it, I'd feel way dumber if I went to a clinic without expecting to pay anything and there's still like a co-pay or something.


There's a new celebrity on the scene. Comedic movie star and freestyle rapper, but, however, this person has no talent in either department and is a big star anyway. Go figure. This celebrity's known for having their pants drop at inopportune times (revealing shameless undergarments), and for the catch phrase "Y'all keep it real, doggiez" while flashing an ice-crusted grill in a shit-eating grin. This celebrity sounds like a complete idiot, with limited vocabulary, and fart jokes can cause uncontrollable laughing fits that can go on for minutes. Yeah, a real douchebag, but, unfortunately, this new celebrity bears more than an uncanny resemblance to you. You could pass for their twin, a fact which does not go unnoticed by a showbiz agent who notices you one day.

"Colebee (pronounced 'Coby' and is the delightful name of the celebrity) is in high demand and can't fulfill all of his/her appearances. I work on behalf of Colebee and would love to get you to become Colebee's double. You'd go to various signings and openings and say only a few things, and will be dressed the part. Yeah, you'd have to conduct a short, simple rap at every appearance, which is expected, and at some point, your pants will have to drop, so make it look embarassing, but you will be well-trained for both. You will also be trained to sound just like Colebee, to better utter that famous catchphrase. A grill full of fake stones will be fitted for you. But on the plus side, this job pays $5,000 per appearance, VIP everything, and you get lots of free merchandise which Colebee is endorsing, which range from ipods to sneakers to vitamin water. Did I mention that you'd have to act stupid on a regular basis? So, what do you say? Want the job?"

You just gotta rap briefly in front of hundreds, act like an idiot, and endure pants-dropping schenanigans, while making teens hoot and holler. Would you take the job?
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Icon Change For Today!

Will you kiss Panda?
Do you dance in the rain?
Someone comes up to you when you're with your friends and starts hitting on you. You get BAD vibes from this person. Would you pretend to be together with one of your friends to get them to go away?
What's the best flavor of ramen?
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(no subject)

1. Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
2. Which CSI series is your favorite? Who's your favorite charater?
3. Do you like Mythbusters?
4. Do you pee in the shower?
5. What's your favorite pie?
dont  wanna

5 Hour Energy

Anyone drink those little 5 hour energy drinks? The tiny ones that they sell at the counter at 7 eleven?

If so do they actually help give you energy / wake you up? They really seem to work for me maybe its all in my head lol
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(no subject)

Have you ever refrained from saying "I love you" to your spouse/SO because you were mad at them? (In a situation where it's usually said, like at bedtime, or in response to their saying it.)

Is this a stupid, petty thing to do, or is it just being genuine?

I did this a few minutes ago, and I feel really bad, but I can't bring myself to say those words when I'm that annoyed. Even though I still love him, obviously. But if I can't feel anything except annoyance, I don't want to say it.
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(no subject)

inspired by my "pee in the shower" question
btw, you guys are so feaking awesome... most of you do it!! yay

Do you ever shower with your SO?
If you do, will you pee in the shower while they are in there also?
(and im not looking for any kinky answers here, people! lol)

when I shower with my husband, the "pee-er" stands closest to the drain and faces that way... and i always say "i'm peeing, dont watch" when i go.

(wow, i even have an icon that fits this post)

(no subject)

1. How creative do you think you are when it comes to writing something?
2. Do you thing you can write a verse, poem, or song with this words/phrases?
      bit scared
      I can't
      not alright
      stupid things
      many friends
      never ever

Show me what you got!

EDIT: this is not part of any type of homework I have to turn in.

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(no subject)

I posted this is musicmajors, but I think I'll have quicker responses here. I just finished learning the basics of violin and viola and now I'm onto cello. (I'm a flute and piano major so strings aren't really my thing) everything's going okay except for one thing:

1. the low C string, whenever I play it, about half the time it resonates an octave up. what am I doing wrong?

any other tips?

edited low G string to C string...not to spoil the fun, I just realized it was C, not G.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know the name of the movie where two little girls (I think) find a teeny tiny woman in their yard, and they keep her in their mouths and other body parts to "incubate her" and help her grow? Then, once she outgrows their bodies, they keep her in a doll house lined with pornography. Finally, when she becomes full-size, they take her to the disco. Does anyone know what I am talking about?! I've been trying to remember the title forever.

EDIT: I found it! It's called Sharony! by Jennet Thomas!

(no subject)

Hypothetical situation: A woman is pregnant, in the first trimester, and plans to have an abortion. Should someone who plans to have an abortion cease drinking/smoking until the abortion is over, or since the pregnancy is being terminated anyway, is it ok to keep doing non-pregnancy things?

I'm thinking about this in terms of the baby's health, morally.
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Movie name please? ANSWER: Dangerous Beauty

There's a movie with a young peasant woman who falls in love with a prince or some other high-level noble.  She can't be with him cuz he's noble and she's not, so she does the only thing she can, she becomes a high-priced courtesan.  I have this memory of her spanking a king or something like that...

Came out about the same time as one that was modelled after a fairy tale, cinderella maybe, that's the one people always remember, not the one I want.

Anyone remember the right movie?

EDIT: Dangerous Beauty it is, thanks to all who answered, I'll check it out thru Netflix and then probably buy it. :)

Steak & Girls night

My husband and I just finished dinner. He made steaks, yes 2 different kind. I sliced it up and put it in my salad, I think it's really good in my salad. He thinks steak in salad is totally gross.

What do you think in salad is gross?

Also, off topic and for the ladies here, next weekend I am having a girls night at my house, I am worried people will get bored, there is no theme, any fun suggestions as to things to do, games...etc...?

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

i've tried googling and failed. in the book Survivor, there's a line that's something along the lines of driving west, racing the sun til morning, or something. i have it kind of stuck in my head but i can't remember it to save me life. do you know it? will you tell me it?

We drive west the rest of the night, away from where the sun will come up, trying to outrace it, trying not to see what it's going to show us when we get home.

AMAZING. i saw a bag under my bed and thought "i bet Survivor is in there" and sure enough it was. then i checked to see if the whole book had highlighted lines, but only the first half or so does. this left me disappointed, because i highlight the lines i like and i was hoping it would help me find that part. not too discouraged, i thought, "well i'll look near the back because i think it happens near the end" and i opened the book up randomly and looked directly at the line i wanted :)

ladies: if you're sick and you're going to get your period soon, would you rather have your period while you're sick and get all the misery over at once or separate them?

(no subject)

So my friends and I are having a small 90s-themed get together thing. What are some good songs to play?

We're also going to have food along the same lines: i.e. Chex and Candy (for Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy"), Private Fries for Hall and Oates' "Private Eyes," etc.
Do you have any more suggestions?

(no subject)

Did thebitingfaery have her baby yet?

Who is the least photogenic person you know?

What would you do if you won the Mega Millions or whatever the equivalent is where you live?

(no subject)

How many siblings do you have?
How many first cousins do you have?
How do you compare to your siblings and cousins, grouped together?  Are you the youngest, prettiest, tallest out of the group?

I have one brother.
I have four cousins.

I am the youngest, most academic (based on standardized test scores), and most musical.

(no subject)

We have really bad hard water at our apartment. My skin is really dry and my hair is getting gross because of it. Other than slathering lotion or body oil all over...what can I do? Are there special shampoos for hard water? Do they work?

(no subject)

What is the most depressing band/artist/song to you?
bonus points if you have a link

What is the most batshit band/artist/song to you?
bonus points if you have a link

What is your least favorite song and why?

I have tomorrow off from work. What fun and wonderful ways shall I waste my time and put off doing homework?
taylor - slowly love

(no subject)

How do you feel about comments that just say *hug* or something like that? As either a receiver of the comment, or as the commenter?

ETA: Or maybe, as a reader/potential commenter?

(no subject)

1: Do you hate it when people act like they know you better than you know yourself?

2: Do you think it's possible for someone to know you better than you know yourself?

3: Do you like to spin in circles?

4: How often do you dance around in your underwear?
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What kind of weather conditions would warrant canceling a concert?

I'm supposed to go see Breaking Benjamin/Seether/3 Days Grace tomorrow night, but our area is officially under an ice storm warning from 6 am tomorrow through 6 am Friday.

Here's the description:

So do you think they will cancel it? If they don't, I'm still going. It is in Cape Girardeau and I'm in Southern Illinois.


What is your favorite thing to do in icy/snowy weather?

Edit: I don't really care if you like the bands or not. That's not what I'm asking.

(no subject)

In light of the Lunar Eclipse and it being 8 degrees Fahrenheit here in Southwest Michigan, there are NO clouds and it's an absolutely perfect view.

I also live in the middle of town, it's a small town, but it's still pretty polluted by light. For one reason or another, it's absolutely perfect! The only thing that could make it better is if I had a telescope or the moon was bigger!!

Orion's belt is out and that makes me feel comfortable and carefree.

What makes you feel that way?

Also, on another note.

Does anyone play bass? Stand up preferably but Electric or Acoustic is cool too!

How do I find out what's wrong with me? Could you help me figure it out?

At the beginning of the quarter, my professor seemed to like it that I ask a lot of questions. I'd stop by her office during her office hours and ask her a lot of questions. Then as time went on, she started to avoid me. Whenever I ask her if she has any time for questions, she would look down and lie by saying that she has a meeting. She would tell other students to stop by during office hours to ask for help. She'd tell the entire class that she wants more people to ask her for help because not many people do.

Today, I asked her if she has time for 3 questions. I said 3 questions to let her know that it's not that much. Then she started to walk away and asked everyone, "Does anyone have questions?" and helped everyone else before me. After that, she was like, "Sorry, (my name), I'll help you now." Then the person next to me asked her for help and she helped him before me.

Also, one time I asked her, "Is it okay that I ask you a lot of questions?
I don't want to take up all of your office hours since other students may need it." She then said in a sad voice, "It's okay...it's time that no one else takes up."

I really want to know why she's doing this so I can fix something about myself for future professors. How do I ask her why she's like this in a non-awkward way? If it's relevant, we were working on practice problems and I had a homework question. ANd if it's relevant, I have a pretty good grade in that class.

Please don't flame. I have a feeling some of you will be like, "GOD, YOU'RE ANNOYING HER. STOP." 'cause it seems common around here, but I just want to know what I'm doing wrong so I can learn to not do it again with future professors. Honesty is nice, but please don't be mean.
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(no subject)

Why do I hate Olive Garden's commercials so much, TQC? Why do I watch those fakey lame-line-saying idiots eating there on TV and want to punch them all in the face? How can Olive Garden have such good food and such God-awful-annoying commercials?

What commercials annoy you?
I <3 TLV

Mystery book

What's the name of the children's book about a family of...some animal, and one daughter is wearing a pot on her head. Their mother keeps asking her to tell her siblings to do things, but because of the pot she always mishears the instructions and tells them to do silly things instead?

(no subject)

1)would you fill in this sentence? today would have been ____ if ____ hadn't happened

amazing, me breaking my glasses again

2)today's accomplishments?

I called 3 sites for my prac; caught up on homework, opened a new store, did a lot of advertising, and I got a shot from the doctor

(no subject)

I live in an apartment. The person that lives upstairs likes to clog/move furniture/jump rope at all hours of the days and night. Usually it doesn't bother me because I keep odd hours and I don't mind the noise when I'm awake, BUT lately she's* been getting more and more noisy.

What should be done about this?

*I've never actually seen her but I assume she's a she because I've heard lots of girly giggling.
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(no subject)

When making grilled cheese sandwiches, do you butter both sides of the bread?

I'm gonna make cupcakes later tonight. What could I add to make them less boring? Last time I added almonds but they were still kind of humdrum.
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(no subject)

OH NOES IPOD QUESTION: Should I get my new Nano engraved with my name? It's free, but I can't decide if it's stupid or a marginally effective theft deterrent.

For those who hate iPods, what is your favorite brand of chocolate?