February 19th, 2008


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1] When's the last time you needed your mommy?
Last night I was home alone [ironically, my mom needed her mom and spent the night at my grandma's] and the power flickered like crazy for about a minute then shut off. I am terrified of the dark in general, and I got my ass in my car and drove to grandma's house.

2] What's the last thing that really disappointed you?
After telling everyone that I think Brandon Flowers is the epitome of perfection, I realized I never really saw him speak. So I watched a few interviews. He is not so amazing when he talks =(.

3] What's the last thing that made you go "Aw!"?
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taylor swift at billboard awards

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*What songs/artist/band can you not listen to anymore because it reminds you of someone/something?

*What song makes you go "Fuck, that was brilliant". Not one you like, or even love, that you find catchy or good...but one (or more) than you think is so amazing it really affects you.

Answering my second question, I think Paramore - My Heart (Live) is amazing. Hayley's vocals towards the end of the song blow me away, and I usually do not think much of live songs.

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Why does my cat go batshit over celery? He LOVES the stuff. He'll even go so far as to roll around on the bag it was in. Does anyone else's feline go crazy over any other strange things?

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TQC, I just found what appears to be a filling in my left molar that I don't remember getting. It's either that or two little pieces of metal stuck in my tooth. What the fuck's up with that?

Do you have any fillings/cavities?

Have you ever had braces?

If yes, for how long?

Do you like your smile?

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Question for any TQC guitar players...

Do you have any tips for someone who's fingers don't quite want to bend and stretch the way they need to in order to play certain chords properly? Any exercises or personal experience that may help? I can play a lot of chords, but there are some that are insanely awkward and hard to play because my fingers wont bend right, and some I can't play at all because my hand refuses to. Any tips would be awesome :)

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Poll #1140807 Three's Company

You HAVE to have a threesome. There's no way out of it. You do have the luxury of selecting the type of threesome. Which 2 people would you like to have your menage-a-trois with?

Two guys
Two girls
One guy, one girl
What the hell. Let's throw an 'other' into the mix, and maybe someone can come up with another variation
Gaga: Elegant

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It's been a really long time since I've been to the airport! Can you bring soap on an airplane? I bought a bunch of nice soap from Basin that I need to take home, but I can't remember if soap is an acceptable carry on item. Thank you!

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Someone close to you tells you that they were sexually assaulted over a decade ago (eta: they were nine years old at the time) and that's how they lost their virginity. They tell you that the person who did it was the best friend of a family member or another close friend, and that it's possible the family member or close friend knows all about it but just didn't care or convinced themselves it never really happened. A lot of things in their life (like drug use, violence, lots of risky sex, etc) are more or less their way of reacting to the event, and they've never been able to fully resolve their issues. They tell you you're the only person they've ever trusted with any of this information and they never want to talk about it again. What are you supposed to do?

Peanut Buttah

do you like peanut butter?
what is your favorite brand?
creamy, crunchy, or extra crunchy?
what are you're favorite things to eat it with?

1. YES
2. Skippy
3. Depends on my mood, right now creamy.. but usually extra crunchy.
4. By itself or with apples, on a sandwich with jelly, or sandwich with marshmallow. and others, duh.


I've seen a lot of responses here about threesomes, and I'm surprised by how many girls are into the girl+guy+guy combo.  I'm curious.  For those that prefer this situation, do you prefer that the guys are bi-sexual and get down with each other too? Or do you prefer that they are straight and pay attention to you alone? How about vag and anal DP?

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i apologize ahead of time for the ew factor.

apparently i have the flu or some kind of food poisoning. except it didn't hit me until i was driving in my car last night. upon getting sick, i unfortunately didn't make it out the car window in time. i tried to clean it up the best i could. in the dark and feeling ill. but obviously it's still a problem and my car now smells disgusting.

ideally i'd like to go get the interior cleaning today. but i don't get paid until friday. any recommendations for cleaning my car carpet and interior before then?
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You work for a large organization but your department is fairly small and understaffed (you, 2 co-workers and your boss). Your two co-workers are consistently coming in early, leaving late and even coming in on the weekends to complete work. You can get your work done during the week so you don't feel the need to come in during "off" hours. But, do you feel any guilt about it? Do you make the attempt to come in anyway? Or do you just stick to the normal work week and not pay attention to what they are doing?

Please Tell Me Where to Eat?

It's early yet, for me-but I figured I'd give time for people on different schedules to give input

My kitchen will be unusable by lunchtime so I'll have to go out. Should I get

Burger King
Wegmans-in case you don't know it's a grocery store based in upstate NY that has all sorts of ready to eat foods-pizza, salad bar, Chinese, subs, pasta etc.
OR should I try Moe's Southwest Grill

I went to Wegmans
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so lindsay lohan posed nude in the same setting, in a similar fashion, for the same photographer, as marilyn monroe

does this mean that lohan is going to get involved with corrupt politicians and eventually get killed off by their family?

how long will it be until someone who's still actually as hot as they were in their teens gives up the gold?

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1)we seem to have 10-20 less children at work lately. what's going on?

2)would you vote for someone who legally changed their middle name to lowtax?

3)what is the appeal of hidden object games?

4)do you dread calling people you don't know?

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What's a good way to get tangles out of your hair, besides combing? Whenever I comb, I have big clumps come out when my hair is really tangly. That's not what I want.

ETA: Fuck it, I'll just get my hair cut.

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dear TQC,
have you ever skipped class so you could sit home in your PJs and read TQC?  because that's pretty much what i'm doing right now.
i should be getting ready for my Educational Psych. class, but instead i'm writing this post and reading everyone else's.
i promise i'll go to my other three classes today...
cat mask


Okay TQC, I need your advice.

I was just thrown off of my parents health insurance. This wouldn't be such a problem, but I have asthma. Last night I had a small asthma attack and I discovered my albuterol inhalator was empty. My lungs have been burning all day, and I barely got any sleep.  As I sit here writing this I can barely breathe.

My question: I live in NY, and is there anyway I can get some sort of government insurance?
I'm 20, I file my taxes independently, I'm not in school, and I'm trying to find a full-time job. I really need my Advair, and my inhalators.

Also, if you have asthma, are you using the newer inhalators? Do you like them?  

So I called up CVS, and the pharmacist in there tried to run my prescriptions through, and the insurance cleared it. She said I have until the end of the month, so I have more time than I thought.
night porter

3 Q's

Girls: What the fuck is wrong with you people? Can't you just put it in the toilet? Why must you piss all over the seat!? All I want to do is go take a piss without sitting in your bodily fluids. Is that too much to ask?

Boys: What is up with wanting to have sex from behind every.single.time.

And because so far I am the only person in the world who this happens to but I know that can't be true.

When you are briskly walking for awhile, especially in the cold, do your legs itch? Really really itch? Really bad? My legs itch SO BAD when I walk and I don't know why and everyone thinks I am insane because I am walking with my hands down my pants to scratch my thighs so hard that I leave red streaks in them.


It is not dry skin ok? This is a phenomenon that is directly related to brisk walking and confined solely to my legs.

edit 2

How do you like this picture of my cat?

macro - procrastination cat
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How do you feel about CBS showing an edited version of Dexter? If you don't know, it's the tale of a police blood expert who does his job, then murders serial killers in his free time.
The Receptionist Classic

Didja miss me?

TQC, I can't decide. I want to get tickets to see Ralphie May next month when he comes to the Improv here. But do I get tickets for just myself and my boyfriend, or do I get two extra tickets for his brother and their friend (who both also like Ralphie May)? (Tickets are only $20.) What would YOU do?

And what kind of tea do they serve in Chinese restaurants? I asked the waitress last time we went and she just giggled and said "tea". That doesn't help me. I really like it and would love to have some at home/work, but I have no idea what kind it is.

What is the oldest restaurant you've ever eaten at? What/where is it? We ate at one this weekend that opened in 1919 and has been going strong all this time. It was pretty good, too, I can see why it's still open.

New Appliance

My stove/oven thingy in my new place is a "Jenn-Air" with removable burners that can be replaced by a griddle burner or a grill burner. The land lord showed us how to do it - its electric*, so you just unplug the set of burners and plug in the attachment thingy. He mentioned something about cartridges, though.

Have any of you used this kind of stove? Any tips or tricks? I'm used to the "switch it on" variety so this is all Greek to me. :)

Whats your favorite kind of appliance? What's your dream appliance, of any kind?

I want a refridgerator with a freezer on the bottom and a big crazy display on it. Annnd I want front loading high efficiency enormous capacity washing machines. And a blender that actually crushes ice. And a bagel toaster.

Is it better when I bold the questions, or is it annoying?


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I just got the last of my teeth filled (5 today, 15 total... I'm awesome, I know), and I can't really chew. Usually I can on one side, but this morning all the fillings were on the bottom. In my house I have: pudding, yogurt and oatmeal.
Should I just eat these or should I get something else?
What do you recommend?
I'm thinking about mashed potatoes from Popeye's. Does that sound better?

ETA: Cold things feel horrible on my teeth, so pudding and yogurt might be out. I'm not sure how terrible hot things are...

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So i have dark circles under my eyes, its not from lack of sleep, its just something ive been cursed with. Ive tried two different brands to get rid of it but they don't work. Has anyone had better luck with getting rid of dark circles?
default black mage coke slurp


Do you know anybody that's received an organ transplant?

How long did they wait before they found a match?

We just got word that my brother in law has been placed on a transplant list for a pair of lungs. I'm furiously doing research and trying to figure out how I can help. He's 22.

Edited for typo.
01 ivysaur

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01. What are some of your favorite classical music pieces?

02. What are some of your favorite bands along the lines of Apocalyptica and Third Eye Open? What genre(s) would these bands be considered?

03. Who are your favorite composers?

Breaking Benjamin - Ben4

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If they made musical condoms, what song should it play based on the title? Put your mind in the gutter here, people.

I think the most appropriate ones would be "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runner or "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains.

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I applied for an internship and had a phone interview on February 8. My interviewer said she would "touch base" with me in about a week, and I haven't heard from her yet. I'm pretty sure I didn't get the position but I thought she would at least tell me if she had decided *not* to give it to me. I thought that was what "touch base" meant, give an update of sorts, regardless of the decision. But she also implied that it was going to take her a few weeks to make the decision, so I have little idea of what is going on here.

I was going to write her a "thank you for the interview" e-mail but for some reason decided that was lame and didn't, and I now I regret that, but it's way too late for that. I just want to get the rejection over with if I didn't get the position, so do you think it would be inappropriate to write her some kind of e-mail now? Something like, "I appreciate your having taken the time to interview me. I know you mentioned you would contact me in about a week and I have not yet heard from you, and would appreciate if you would update me on my status. I understand if you have not yet come to a decision, but I just want to let you know that I am still very interested in the position and I look forward to hearing from you" or something like that. How should I word it if I do e-mail her without sounding pushy?

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Your employer still hasn't given you your W-2. You've asked numerous times and have received the run-around so to speak ("my accountant quit on me", "I forgot" etc). Finally, he told you that he would have it prepared for you today. You call and he says that they have been mailed and he will have it to you by the end of the week. Do you:

1. Take his word and wait till the end of the week?
2. Report him to the IRS?
3. File your taxes now without the missing W-2 and note it in your return?
Madeline Lilli

In lieu of an ivory tower?

I have a daughter. She's seven, and she adores the quicksand ground I walk on.

Somebody told me that no matter what, she's going to start hating me in about five years when hormones kick in.

Is this true?

Can I prevent this? If so, how? If not, how should I react when she's screaming at me (that won't get me arrested)?

Women/girls, did/do you hate your mother when you were in your teens?

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Have you ever participated in group therapy? What was it like?

(For white people) Which would you rather be, black or asian? You don't have any choice in the matter and have to pick one.

Do you consider yourself to be a fashion conscious person?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do you like V8 juice? What's your favorite type? I like the spicy one.

2) What are you doing tomorrow? Flogging Molly concert for me :D

3) Skittles or Starburst?
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1. When did everyone and their mother become bipolar?

2. Bipolars, serious question: how the hell do you function in society?

3. Chicago Pizzeria Uno just started delivering! What should I get?

Baby Names on Tyra

I am not usually home at this hour, but I am taking the dog out to see her cousin. (this is a big thing because we have a rare breed, only 30 in the country).

They were talking about ethnic names on the show and how people feel about the names and I am curious what everyone thinks of these Jewish ethnic names.

From what I saw they only spoke about Asian, Muslim, Black and Hispanic names and touched a little bit on White names.

names behind cut
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coffee shower

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(sorry if  this is double posting. )

when was the last time you had alphabet soup?

would you like to share some of mine?

why are they labeling my soup "vegetarian vegetable?" is there any other kind of vegetable soup?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Anyone that has experience with Norstrom.com:
The live help lady told me that a backordered item would have a notification in a little pop-up window. Where is this pop-up window?
Where else can I find out whether or not it's backordered?

Do you like being naked?
Do you view being naked as a totally non-sexual thing unless you're about to get funky?
What's your favorite piece of underwear/undergarment?

Who else wishes they had a ticky?
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Will you post a picture of yourself so I can make you a Sim and include you in my Sims 2 game? (Picture(s) should be straight-on of your face, and fairly expressionless, and a profile, and maybe a 3/4ths view, but if you don't have those anything will work... the bigger the picture the better!).

If I make you in my game, what kind of clothes, house, and job do you want? Would you want a pet, if so, cat/dog and breed, plox. Also, should I name you after your real name, or your LJ screen name?

ETA I FORGOT TO ASK? What aspiration? Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Romance, Popularity, or Pleasure?

Do you want to be friends with my the Sim character of myself?

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I'm rearange the kitchen so I can reach things and don't have to climb to get into the cupboards when I cook. And cleaning out the fridge.

Can you reach the top shelf in the cupboard? Second to top?
If you can't what do you climb on top of to get to it? (I usually climb on top of the counter top to reach.)
When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?
What is the oldest expiration date you've ever found in your fridge or anyone else?
Do you have refridgerator magnets or find them tacky as hell or annoying as fuck because they are just one more thing that needs to get cleaned?
I want to get a small grow light and grow things in my kitchen because it is dreary as hell in here. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a light that is inexpensive or energy efficient?
What should I grow?

All this sunshine and the unseasonable heatwave has got me thinking- How do you think the world is going to end?

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Does anyone here work in the field of forestry? Or do you know anyone who does? Specifically, Forest Soils or Forest Hydrology? What school did you go to? What job do you have, who do you work for? What is an average day on the job like?

It may be a long shot, but I had to ask. :-) Thanks.
dalek sex pistols

Ditching an accent

How does one retrain their speaking voice? I somehow seem to have acquired a Valley Girl lilt over the years, despite the fact that I'm from Ohio and I've lived in Florida half my life. I have no idea how this happened. It's very embarrassing. I would like it to go away.

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Some girl is selling a ticket for the last concert in the Spice Girl tour (in Toronto where I live).
However I don't want to go alone and I don't think any of my friends would be interested except the one who is already going.
And I feel like it's kind of lame to go to a concert by yourself (and because it will be sold out I can't go to where my friend is sitting/standing.)
What should I do?


Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach for no reason?

(It's happening to me now. It's weird.)

Do you ever know that something is going to happen before it happens? When specifically?

(Two times of note: 9/10/01. I was anxious as hell all day. I had to go to another city the next day and the night before, I told my boyfriend at the time I wasn't going to go. He asked if I was going to cancel. I said, "No, I'm not, but something is going to keep me from going." The other time was a few months ago. I got a weird good vibe about my older sister. I emailed my boyfriend and told him that I suspected something good was going to happen to my older sister. Two weeks later, she called me to tell me she's pregnant! Which is a GOOD thing 'cause she and her husband have been wanting a child for awhile now.)
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What's the dumbest thing you've ever said in another language? What were you really intending to say?

I told my husband my glasses were made out of bread when I meant to tell him they were too wide in Dutch. Luckily I was practicing on him and didn't tell the optometrist that.

Help a poor student

Long story short; I'm currently studying typography for print and screen and lacking resources on the screen side.

Can you please give me the URL of your favourite website?

ANY website please, EXCEPT Google, Facebook, Myspace or LJ as I've already looked at those. :)
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What's the largest age dif. between you and someone you've liked/dated?
I'm so in love with this server at my work and he's like 9 years older than me.

What is your fav. pick up line?
"You dropped something...my jaw!"

Haruhi disappearance
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I have boring hair and I need a major change. I have a haircut scheduled for March 12th. What should I do to my hairs?

I was toying with the idea of dying it a very light blonde, any opinions on that? Also, I like ~*~edgy~*~ and/or more rock-ish styles, so feel free to suggest anything like that, barring buzzed styles and mohawks and such since I work in an office D:

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Another question if you don't give a shit:
Is it lame to wear a band shirt of X band to X's concert? (X being the band in question)

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1.) What's your definition of 'being cheated on'? Is it a peck on the cheek? Is it full blown sex? Anything in between?

2.) What's your FAVOURITE place in the United States? If you've never been, what's your favourite place ever? Pictures if you can?

3.) Have you ever heard of Burning Man? What's your opinion on it?


Whole or skim milk?


Have you tried the new chocolate Skittles?

Yes and they're awesome
Yes and I have no opinion of them
Yes and they were nast
No, but I want to
No, and I don't care to

Do you believe in God?

Not sure

Banana bread: yum or yuck?


Do you enjoy Raisinettes?


Which of these artificial flavors do you fancy?


Do you smoke pot regularly?

No, never have
No, but I have in the past

If I were to change my username, what should it be changed to?

Laptop or Desktop?

Honey ham

Have you showered today?

No, and I don't intend to
No, but I will later
real men read

Christy question

Ok. So. If Jesus was supposed to have absolved everyone's sins when he died, thereby making it ok to eat pork and work on the Sabbath, etc., then why are people all crazy about things like homosexuality and pre-marital sex and stuff like that? If people are supposed to have a tabula rasa post-crucifixion, what's the beef with all these other unabsolved sins? Does that fall under the whole "original sin" category? Why can some Biblical sins be written off and not others? Is it just a historical control/hypocracy thing? Picking and choosing? What's the deal?


Does anyone know of any combined Juris Doctor/Masters in Social Work programs? I was thinking of just doing law school and then I was thinking of going grad school for social work but I'm just not sure.

Any one know anything about this stuff?
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Would you rather have an alarm clock that wakes you up

by shaking your bed violently
by gradually making your bed ice-cold (say, within 5-10 minutes)?

If you designed your own alarm clock that would definitely get you out of bed on time, what would it do?


What should I do?

Okay TQC. I'm dying my hair a dark red tonight, and I'm thinking about maybe cutting my hair as well. It's been a few months and I figure it might be fun to have a change.

I'm open to ANY AND ALL suggestions, even if you think I should leave it. I'm just in the middle of a huge debate about this

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Have you ever tried a raspberry caramel macchiato?

Do you think it's THAT WEIRD to put raspberry in a caramel macchiato? Why does everyone look at me strangely when I suggest it would make a tasty drink?

(I just tried one tonight and it was good)

If you have a non-neutrally painted bedroom, did you match your walls to your bedding or your bedding to your walls? Are you more likely to change your wall color or your bedding?

What is your favorite farm animal?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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So, as some of you know, I am angrified at the boyfriend. Tomorrow me and one of my besties is spending the day together before I see him that night and hopefully getting to talk more. What things should we do to make sure tomorrow is a super fun fabulous day without the dumb boy?

Should me and my bestie just become lesbians together?

And to those interested, yes I am actually making those Sims 2 characters, haha. I have about five of you done!
Belle bookworm

Completely random mush of questions

Do you agree that you shouldn't mix money with friends/family? Collapse )

Have you ever been to a wedding where you didn't know one of the parties? How did that work out? Was it awkward?
I'm going to one in April, I've never met the bride! The groom was one of my dearest friends in college, and the bride is friends with my brother and sister-in-law

Which day of the week is the most depressing for you?
Tuesdays. I hate Tuesdays

(US centric.. I think) Will you owe or get a refund on your tax return?
I'll owe... my first job, which I was at for 6 months, refused to withhold federal or state income tax.

When do other countries pay their income tax? Do almost all countries have income tax?

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I'm dumb and spent last night playing bomberman with the boy instead of *gasp* watching RAW.(to my credit, i had gotten very little sleep the day before and honestly believed it to be sunday.)
TQC, i've looked everywhere for the Hornswoggle and McMahon match but all I can find is the last 9-10 minutes. Anyone know where I can find the whole match?
random//my dumb face

Yes, I'm stupid

I was sent a credit card offer and on a whim decided to accept it. By the time it got here though I realized I really shouldn't have done that. It says on the card that if it's not activated within 14 days that the account will be closed, and I haven't activated it. If I just chose not to activate it will it be as if I'd never accepted the offer?

I've already got the bill in the mail for their enrollment fee, do I have to pay that since I didn't activate the card?

Edit - I stopped being a moron, called and cancelled it. And I don't have to pay the fee. Yeah... that was a stupid moment, I admit it. Won't happen again.
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How much is annoying?

I applied to this rp community, and it took them about week to respond. I reapplied, and after a few days without a response I IMed the moderator. She said she'd get on it, and thanked me for reminding her about it.

It's been two days since then. If I ask about it again, is it annoying for the mod?

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All this Sims talk is making me sad I don't play it anymore.

1] What can I buy for my computer to make The Sims 2 run faster and smoother?

2] When's the last time someone yelled at you? What for?
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Phoning a Potential Employer

I'm a teacher and want to work for another school board.

Last year, I applied to the board. It has several steps:
1. You fill out an application package,
2. Then they tell you whether or not your application has been accepted.
3. After that, they call you for a screening interview with the central board. This only happens as demand rises (i.e. if they don't need teachers at that particular time, they won't do many screening interviews).
4. When a job becomes available at a school, central office sends the principal a few applicants, and you get interviewed at the school.

Last June they sent me a letter informing me my application had been accepted. I'm currently working for another board, and kind of forgot about it. I want to call the central office, and remind them that I exist and express interest that I still want to move to their board.

How exactly do I do this? What do I say? I mean, I know I want to say "Hi! I'm here, I exist, and I want to come work for you" but how does one say that eloquently and professionally?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been photographed in the nude?

2. If not, would you allow yourself to be photographed in the nude if someone asked you? Assume they're not offering to pay.


1. No

2. Depends on what kind of photograph, the pose, etc. But probably not.

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I'm feeling particularly feisty. Would you recommend a good documentary about consumerism? Books are fine too.
(Well, anything about sticking it to the man really as long as it is a documentary or book)

(no subject)

Poll #1141249 Superpowers and you

Say there's a procedure that would allow you to not only gain X-ray vision, but would give you the eyes of a hawk and night vision. The only downside is that you cannot read for more than 5 minutes at a time or else you get a severe headache. Would you want these powers?


There's another procedure, hypothetically, that would give you super strength (you could break through walls and topple cars) and your skin would be resistant to knive and bludgeoned attacks. However, the side effect is that your skin and muscle tone would feel like leather stretched over metal (all over your body). Would you want these powers?


Another procedure, where you can have the ability to fly! The side effect is that it's terribly draining, and every 10 minutes you spend in the air, your body will require one extra hour of sleep to recuperate, and denial of this extra sleep burden will leave you weakened and unable to focus, until the rest if attained. Want the power?


This last procedure would allow you to turn invisible! Unable to be seen with the naked eye. The downside is that when you activate this power, you stay invisible for the next 24 hours. You can't undo this power until one day passes. Also, things that you carry upon you will be visible, though. Only the clothes you wear become transparent, but the items in your pockets do not, so stealing would be difficult. Would you want this power?


(no subject)

1. How many hours, on average, do you sleep a night?
2. What position do you usually sleep in?
3. Is there something you need to have to be able to sleep (Lights off, no sound, teddy bears, specific kind of pillows, etc)?
4. Do you talk in our sleep and if so, what do you say?!
5. Do you know people who talk in their sleep and if so, what do they say?!

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Ok, take a look at the animation of the dancer here. Does ANYONE see it turning anticlockwise? Several of my friends and I have looked at it and we don't see how it could look like it wasn't going clockwise. Am I right in thinking this "test" is just rubbish?
Arrested Development
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it's by Brad Neely, the creator of Babycakes, Creased Comics, and that Washington, Washington video.

So, I'm taking a "Cultural Studies" class, and really want to send my teacher a link to this online cartoon series called The Professor Brothers, because he seems like he'd appreciate a such an awesome parody of the acadamia culture.

However, I've never actually spoken to him, I'd be sending this out of the blue, and as he is TOTALLY a "Professor Brother", he might think I'm making fun of him, which I don't want to do because he's a very nice guy.

So, great TQC: should I send it or not?
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My group has to create a mount for 3-D organic molecule models, and we have no idea how we're going to make it. Any suggestion of a design or some help with the construction? They are about 30x20x20 cm

And since that question's not going to get a lot of responses. What's your favourite type of medium to work with?
I like working with wood.


Have you ever eaten haggis?
What was it like?
Have you ever tried deep-frying it?

PS Are you going to burn in hell?
Is this a question that a person really wants answered?
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Pronounciation Question

There's a person I need to call tomorrow but I have no idea how to pronounce their last name. The last name is Gionet. Is it jee-oh-nay? Joe-nay? I don't know...so if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I wouldn't ask except it's for a job position and I want to start out on the right foot.