February 18th, 2008

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 Do you have any friends that you really like, but sometimes they can get to be too much if you've hung out with them all day?
How do you deal with your annoyance without coming off like a rude SOB?
Gone to my happy place by neversince

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I need computer help, TQC!

I'm trying to delete a real bitch of a file, but I suck with command prompts. I'm typing in

C:\Users\Kali>Desktop>DEL spooky.avi

but it keeps telling me that 'Desktop' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

What am I doing wrong? How the hell do I delete this file?

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what travel guidebook series do you prefer? specifically, which would you choose between rick steves, let's go, or lonely planet? (or is there another you think is better?)

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I asked my room mate tonight if it was okay that me and my boyfriend have my dorm alone for four hours tomorrow. She said she can't because she needs to study. I said to her that I understand, couldn't she study somewhere else? She said she'd try, but no guarantees.

TCQ, wtf? Should I punch her in the face?

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If it's "Totally Free Checking," shouldn't it be TFC Bank instead of TCF Bank?

etaoh failboat me.
Twin City Federal, according to wikipedia. The first place I'd checked was google but then I remembered wikipedia.

Replacement question! Have you ever revealed someone else's secret because you were mad at them? What was it, please?
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Jesus has turned on the GameShark to your life. However, since GameSharks are prone to freezing the game if they're overloaded--and restarted a person gets messy--he's decided that he's only going to give you two special codes. These are permanent alterations to you, since it's a lot of work to make a backup copy in case he doesn't like the way it turns out or the it freezes at a bad spot. He also tried the Konami Code, but it turns out that life is actually a Microsoft product, not Konami.

Keeping in mind that you must suffer with all of the consequences that you may deal with, what would you prefer Jesus overwrite your save-data with?

1 - Cease Aging
2 - Near Omniscience
3 - Extra-Sensory Perception [Including, but not limited to: Telekinesis and Telepathy]
4 - Superhuman Strength
5 - Always roll natural 20
6 - Flight
7 - Shapeshifting
8 - Time Travel
9 - Infinite Ammo
10 - Press [start] + X to Level Up
11 - Infinite Gold
12 - Easy Dark Side Points
13 - Easy Light Side Points
14 - Take No Damage
15 - Attacks to 50% more damage
16 - Have all Pokémon
17 - Invisibility
18 - Press [select] + Y + L2 to select stage
19 - Use Magic
20 - Go through walls [Press Y+L1+R3 to activate/deactivate]

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sue johanson thinks that anyone who hasn't had penis-in-vagina sex is a virgin. she specifically said that people who have had anal sex, including gay men, are still virgins if they haven't put/gotten it in a vagina.

when was the last time someone's opinion surprised you? was it funny?
space, fire

First question

I'm usually just a lurker, but I was wondering something. I've never worn make up before but recently I cut my hair short and I've become somewhat interested (now that my face is more accentuated). What are good brands of make up/colors you would recommend for someone with hazel eyes and a pale complexion? I can post a pic, if it'll help.

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Do you think the benefits of Soy are exaggerated?
Do you think having a diet rich in soy is very healthy?

for the record: I know nothing about soy other than i like drinking chocolate soymilk and eating soybeans in my salads and pasta.

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What's your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?

Can you go under water without plugging your nose?

What's the nicest thing someone's done for you today?

What size shoe do you wear?


Thin Mints.


My friend Chris picked me up from my boyfriend's house after possibly the worst visit ever and took me to Wendy's for lunch, 711 for Slurpees, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ulta, where he carried around my make up because I kept dropping it. THEEEN he took me to the movies. :) It was really nice of him.

6.5-7 US women.

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I had the most bizzare dream last night. I dreamt that I was at church and that there was this huge caged wall that prevented us from leaving and there was this girl, this very obese, obviously delusional girl that tried to tell us that she was Christina Agulara(howeveryouspaylhername) and we all knew she wasn't and omg, I've heard people with laryngitis sing better *NAILS ON CHALK BOARD!*

Anyway. This is how I knew I had over slept. When I over sleep I have these really freak odd dreams that are like my brains way of saying WAY UP BITCH!

1 Has this ever happened too anyone else?

I spent about 2 hours at the local laundromat. Got basically all of my work clothes washed and for the most part dried. Before that. I got my kitchen table cleared off and the area rug vaccumed. I felt very productive yesterday.2) What was the most productive thing you've done recently?

3) Do you prefer odd numbers or even numbers? Am all about the even numbers. I find it difficult to remember odd numbers. They just don't want to stick for some reason.

Which brings me to the fourth question (to keep it even yall) my vacation is almost over. ANd I feel like I've gotten basically nothing done (aside from the laundry.) it feels like the days have just slipped away... 4) Why do vacations fly by, but the rest of the time just seems to go. so. freaking. SLLOOOOOW!?
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1) how did you acquire your present job? i'm in desperate need of one and i don't know how to get a one other than walking around town and looking for hiring signs.

2) i recently got called for an interview. the first thing the lady told me was, "we're not hiring right now, but..." wtf? why did they even interview me?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Would anyone else laugh their ass off if a gay (male) friend asked you (upon viewing a picture of a detailed and spread vagina): Wait..where does the penis go?

Is The Jungle by Upton Sinclair a good book?

What are your favorite kinds of novels to read when you can sleep but are tired anyway?

Does anyone else hate the mac keyboard?

If Jesus made you a buttplug and said, upon removal, it could have one secret power, what power would you choose?

Why does that lime green Bedhead bottle look like a pink-tipped dildo?

Mind in the gutter a bit?
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for my costuming class, I have to make a mask. I'm not sure what to make. I've already made a toucan mask (which turned out pretty kickass) so I don't really want to make another animal mask.

do you have any bright ideas as to what I could make a mask of? it can be literally anything. it can be an existing mask, a famous person's face, an abstract mixture of shapes and colors... ANYTHINGGGGGGGG. but I haven't come up with anything spectacular. any thoughts?

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Well shit. I ended up staying up all night Internetting and here it is 7:00 already. I have cleaning to do and errands to run. I have to call my SO in an hour. Should I drink some more Diet Coke and stay up for the rest of the day or should I go to sleep and forget about my errands. They're not urgent.
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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If you have all your bank details in the seller information (i.e bank account bsb) and you authorise a direct deposit on one of your ebay auctions, will the buyer be able to see your bank details when they finish the auction and go to the checkout screen?

Paypal is not compulsory in Australia and is seldom used by small, private sellers.


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1)how do you calm your nerves?

2)do you ever have a hard time doing anything if you have too many choices?

3)should I use my awesome borders coupon tomorrow even if I get lost?

4)why do schools close on president's day?

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I was reading the paper yesterday and came upon one of those advice columns that people write to. A grandmother wrote in that her granddaughter had been raped by her stepfather, but was afraid to press charges because she didn't want to put her mother through any more pain. She told the family what happened though, and the mother decided that if the girl hadn't led the stepfather on, he wouldn't have raped her. Can anyone possibly explain that way of thinking to me? I'm trying to understand it, but I just keep getting back to the whole "if the girl hadn't led the stepfather on, he wouldn't have raped her" thing and it just doesn't make sense.

There's another advice columnist who responds to almost every letter with almost the same response, different wording: if you're really nice, your problems will go away! :D

Do people actually follow the advice given in these things?

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Each time I clean my cat's litter box (not just the daily scoop, but like dump the whole thing out and refill it) she shits on my floor one time before using the litter box. Every. Time.

Why do she do this?
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there are no stupid questions? WRONG

1. Is asking someone out over an email lame, or SOOOOO 2008?  (undecided)

2. Which chocolate in the Whitman Sampler/Russel Stovers box do you NEVER eat? (any of the fruity-creamy ones)

3. What do you doodle when you're bored in a meeting, or at class?  (pretty dresses and eyes)
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Ever since my horrendous hangover last week, I've had a stomachache off and on. Right now it's back, sort of...and with some nausea. What's wrong with meee? Make it go away, please?

Also, I tried to block one user icon because it was flashing and annoying. Now there aren't any icons showing up and I don't know who anyone is. How do I fix this?
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when's the last time you got revenge on somebody? i'm not talking about "my friend text'd me "lolol" fifteen times in a row, so i got him back by calling his house and cussing at his mom!". i mean real vengance. somebody wronged you and you got them them back. bonus points if your revenge was even worse than the original infraction against you.

EDIT: g_d, you guys are such pansies(and by you guys, i mean two of you. and by pansies, i mean well-reasoned, self-possesed individuals). how about this - have you EVER gotten revenge on ANYONE for ANYTHING? at all?!
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TQC, what would give someone the bright idea that a matches fight is fun? is exactly what it sounds like. people basically lighting matches and chucking them everywhere

is there anyone you were really good friends with for a short period of time and then you never saw them again? who were they?
how'd you meet?
what cut your friendship so short?
do you wish you could see them again?


1. Do you ever buy anything from Etsy? If so, how did you find your experience?

2. Will you show me your most recent purchase? How about your favorite purchase?

3. Will you link me to your favorite seller(s)?

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Oh Gods of TQC, I pray I will find my answer here ;-)

I saw Definitely, Maybe (Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin) on Valentine's Day. Had a lovely time. As the end credits rolled, a song was playing sung by a male vocalist that sounds SO FAMILIAR it's driving me insane. Does anyone know what song, which artist? I've googled for the soundtrack but can't find much other than the Oasis album of the same name.

ETA: Answered!
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In which episode of Family Guy are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in a little boat together?

Do you like The Office? Which characters do you like most, and which do you like least?

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If Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential nomination, choosing Bill for her vice president would be a good idea. Y/N?

Disclaimer: Assume for the purpose of this question that this is legal. To my knowledge, this situation has never come up before so there is no precedent.
Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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TQC, what's the best way to turn someone down as a potential roommate because they're either too young or you're certain they won't be able to hold up their end of the rent? I'm 25 and therefore old and ornery and I've no desire to be put in a situation where I'm stuck with the bills. Why are there no geektastic professionals in Atlanta looking for a place to live?

If you could have any language downloaded into your brain Matrix-style, what would it be and why?

I hate shopping for shirts as I've a 30" waist and 36DD boobs, meaning nothing fits in both places. What do you hate to shop for?

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1)what do you think about the ebay boycott?

I think it's the same as those omg, don't buy gas on monday emails

2)when should you not make decisions?

when I'm in a really good mood

3)what thing are you doing that you shouldn't?

drinking a coke.
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What is the biggest miscommunication you've ever had on AIM/facebook/LJ/myspace or whatever?
On AIM, I thought claystarlingsaid that he ate his foot with a knife. But he meant cake.

What were you in to in 6th grade? What was your thing/style or whatever? What year was it?
I was a hardcore tomboy. I wore tight jeans and skate/surf shoes and shirts, and skateboarded to school, and went to surf tournaments (and lost horribly, except I won a doorprize a few times). I loved to wear my hair in pigtail braids with a beanie. And I listened to Green Day on my walkman in class. OHH BAD ASS. And I chewwed gum. I thought I was hot shit. It was year 2000.

What are your plans for the week?
I just have class and band, that's all. Nothing special.

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TQC, pretend you are a high school senior again. What kind of stuff would you either hate to hear or love to hear in a graduation speech?

I'm writing my class's speech (well, one of the two) and I don't want to bore the auditorium to death, nor do I want to come off too cheesy.
look really good.
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How long have you been on LiveJournal?
Are you still using your original username? If not, what was your original username? (If you can remember it)
Why did you join to begin with?
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Have you ever thought any variation of "I'm going to do better at this" or "I'm going to change this" about your life? Why did you think that? Did you actually do better at or change whatever it was?

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When your eyes went bad, what did you do about it? In other words, what are you using now?

Nothing. I either can't afford to improve my vision, or I just refuse to wear glasses
Lasik/laser eye surgery
My vision isn't bad. I have no need to correct it
race w/ yourself

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So I keep hearing in various communities that House icons are done and/or tired. Treating that as a given, what other icons of easily recognizable or famous people would you nominate for retirement?

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I was going to write my essay on feral cats but I'm just not inspired. Anyway, now I am writing my essay/letter to the superintendent of my former school district, addressing their lack of special education for gifted children.

How should I start my letter?

My friend suggested:

"Dear Ms. Miller,

I am one of the many students your system has failed..."

But that is not tactful (and/or) completely true, so I turn to you.


1. What's harder on the body - meth or cocaine?

2. Why do druggies always think they are experts on drugs?

3. Why am I still not suspended? Did lj decide not to honor the dmca?

It's been rather slow around here today, so...

My questions:

1. Who is the most psycho person you've ever known? What did he/she do to make you feel this way? Details, please.

2. When was the last time someone ELSE sacrificed his/her own happiness in order to make YOU happy?

3. When you think of the city of Baltimore, what comes to mind first? What stereotypes do you have about this city? What are some of the common stereotypes people have about where you live?
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1. do you believe that you can fall for someone after only hanging out with them for two days?

2. do you know anyone who got married to someone the first day they met them? if yes how did that go?

3. how soon is toooo soon to move in with someone you are just starting to date?

4. how come my dad is so annoying and watching rambo really loud while im doing my homework (ie, livejournal) ??

5. where the hell is my medicine? i have cramps and i hurtttttt

Picture CD's?

How good is the quality of a picture CD made from film? This would probably be done at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or another film processing place. I'm having an amateur photographer shoot my wedding and she is supposed to give me a CD with images but she is using both a digital camera and a film camera. Her film camera is a Nikon N6006 if that makes a difference. Thanks!


paging dr lj.

so i'm at school, i have insurance, and i don't have a doctor around here. put yourself in this scenario please:

-the boy i'm dating was very very sick with a cough/sore throat/fever/etc for like three weeks and has been finally getting over it for the last two weeks.
-he has not been able to hear out of his right ear for a month now.
-the school nurse saw him once, knew about his cold and hearing, and did nothing.
-he went back a week later and got antibiotics.
-the cold part is mostly better since the antibiotics but his hearing isn't.

two nights ago i got a sore throat. yesterday i was suddenly much worse. today i am even worse. i have the coughing, sore throat, headache, and earache, and i'm getting a fever. since i got back to my room at 1pm, i have coughed and thrown up twice.

so, when would you go to the walk in clinic?

i'm trying to put it off and go to the nurse tomorrow, though they might not have an opening for me and they very likely won't do anything except tell me to come back if i'm still sick in a week. also, it feels as though coughing one more time might cause my throat to fucking bleed. what do i do? :( this hit me very quickly like a very sturdy brick wall.

edit: 4 out of 4 comments say to go now. are we sure they wont be like, "you baby, it's just a cold!"?

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I woke up this morning to a call from my mom asking me if I was still in school because my school sent me a check for 1000$ (the amount I paid in tuition). After calling the school, they told me it was a scholarship but didn't tell me what it was for or why I'd gotten it (they're so retarded, it's highly doubtful they even know).

So... why do you think I got it?
Do you think it's a mistake and that they're eventually going to realize and take it back?
hannibal skull


What is your favourite kind of dried fruit?

Have you ever dehydrated your own food or do you just buy it at the shop?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?
just a bill
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If you bring your laptop to a coffee shop and you aren't with anybody else and have to go to the bathroom, do you leave your laptop where it is? Or do you bring it with you into the bathroom?
Mitty box

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In relation to my post last night about 2 obscure animals on a puzzle I got for my son, I thought it'd be fun if we made a list of some other obscure animals for different letters of the alphabet.

Will you post a name and picture of an obscure animal for me?

Or alternatively, what is your favorite animal? Will you post a picture?
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(1) What's the best way to kill a wasp without getting near it or have it chase after me if the initial killing doesn't work? I don't want it to sting me because I don't know if I'm allergic because I've never been stung and we don't have any epi pens in the house and I'm all alone and I don't wanna die. I scared.

And yes, I know I'm a big titty baby.

(2) Seriously, why can't I get a job? I was told I had one in November but they screwed me over and hired someone who'd already worked there.
I'm employed at a temp agency, but they've only called me twice! The last one was in January.
(2a) Why do I never hear from any of these places when I send them emails, faxes, or snail?

(3) Where are my keys? I have a second set to the minivan, but I need my set with my PO Box key on it. Also, my really awesome blue penguin key topper is on my bedroom key and my 'It's okay to be gay' female keychain is on it, too. I've been without them for three days now and I can't check my box.

(4) My mom refuses to punish my younger brother. She buys him ciggarettes and when I told her he'd been drinking, she just said "Okay. I'll take care of it" and nothing happened. She also gets mad at me if I try and tell my dad that my brother's been doing something he shouldn't. WTF IS UP WITH THAT? She's completely ready to jump all over me if I leave a knife in the sink if I do dishes, or if I fall asleep on the couch. If my brother falls asleep on the couch she just rolls her eyes and goes back to her bedroom.

(5) I'm getting 138$ back for my tax return. Should I buy a Nintendo DS or get my cat neutered? He doesn't spray or anything, but it would probably stop him from trying to paw his way through my bedroom window at night. I'd end up with about 70$ left over if I neuter him, so I'd probably put that back or buy some dvds.
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So my face, teeth, and jaw have been hurting for a few days on the left side - I posted about it here before - and it turns out I've got a cavity that ran far deeper than we imagined and they think it's infected. Ouch. So I've either got to get a root canal or have it pulled.

Have you had either of these procedures done? What were they like? Were they expensive? I'm totally fucking terrified of dentists because I'm a super-wuss, so it's not something I'm looking forward to, but also clear I can't put it off any more.

My art teacher counts off if you miss classes without an excuse, but I've had a medical excuse for each time I've missed, even got a note saying that I was AT THE DOCTOR while class was going on and there was nothing I could do because sometimes it's, you know, an urgent problem. She's told us on numerous occasions that she has Lyme Disease and is gone pretty frequently, but still knocks off points even though I've gotten excuses, come in early to talk to her about it, and offered to do extra work to make it up. Am I right in being angry over this? What would you do if this happened to you?
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Arrested Development
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Do you ever imagine semi-disaster scenarios just to plan out ridiculous and over-the-top reactions to them? What happens, and what do you do?

As an example, one of mine is being dumped by some faceless future boyfriend at a nice restraunt. I throw a screaming bitchfit about what a coward he is for taking me to public place so I presumably wouldn't make a scene, and how there was no trust in our realtionship, etc, and at the end of all that I dump water all over him and say "you're all wet" (I KNOW) as I storm off. x)

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1. What's worse, not being able to sleep, or not being able to stay awake?

2. What is the best brand/kind of spaghetti sauce?

3. About how many days and/or months until your next birthday?

My answers
1. Not being able to sleep
2. Prego Traditional
3.  116 days, A little less than 4 months

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If you could have a third eye, where would you like for it to be? Why?
What are some views that most people either can't see or don't pay attention to, but are visually interesting?

(no subject)

When I was a little kid, I had very long, thick, wavy dark hair. Whenever my mom and I would go places, people would walk up to us and comment on how "gorgeous" my hair was. Some people would even pet/caress my hair. It creeped me out, especially when I was really little.

A friend of mine experiences the same thing -- her hair is not only long, thick and wavy, but it's this absolutely mesmerizing shade of red. You know, that classic "coppertop" colour that everyone who wants to be a redhead aspires to. We went out for her birthday a few weeks ago, and when we were leaving the restaurant, this middle-aged woman reached out and took my friend's hair in both her hands, asking if it was "real."

Honest to God. I know it was creepy enough when I was a kid, but I cannot even imagine how it would be if someone did that to me now.

So, TQCers -- have you ever had this, or anything similar, happen to you?

(no subject)

Scenario: Your dad dies when you're 5 years old. He left a nice life insurance policy in your name. You're a minor, of course, which means your mom (whom you live with) can access it at any time. She doesn't work, but chooses to live off of this life insurance money. You're well taken care of, though.

You recently find out about this. How do you feel, knowing that
your mom spent the money that was supposed to be your college/car/leaving home fund simply because she was too lazy to get a job?
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You have just been given a plane ticket to anywhere and your schedule is cleared for the next two days. Where do you go?
Would the answer change if you were going for a week?

Candidate Match

A week or so ago someone posted a link to a test that matches you up with the 2008 Presidential candidate with whom you most agree on various positions.  It began by asking you to choose two issues that are most important to you from a list such as:  Drug Policy, Foreign Policy, The Economy, Civil Liberties, etc.

My results were Ron Paul 78%, Mike Gravel 73%, and Barrack Obama 60%

Anyone know which site this test is on?
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I am looking for a comic. It's a "fiction vs. reality" type comic. In the fiction panel, a stick figure guy wins an internet argument and says everyone likes him now. In the reality panel, another stick figure guy comes up behind him and asks if those are skid marks on his chair.

Every attempt at Googling this is failing. Can you please help me, internet? (And this time I will save it to my hard drive for future use.)
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I know you're sick of my Italy questions. It will be over soon, though.

I'm going to bring my backpack on the plane as my carry on and then use it during the trip (carry snacks, water bottle, hoodie, etc). I was originally planning on bringing my regular jansport backpack. My husband thinks this will make me look like a stereotypical tourist and make me more likely to get mugged. He thinks instead that I should bring my messenger bag. For what it's worth, the backpack only has zippers and the messenger back has a flap that snaps shut.

So, TQC, should I bring my backpack or messenger bag?

(no subject)

1. Due to rather bizarre circumstances, you must spend the next two weeks living in a painting.  Which do you choose?

2. Do you prefer automatic or manual flushing toilets?  Why? 

(Edited to suit uberash's taste in fonts.)

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What is your favorite food combo that other people may find gross?

Ex: grilled cheese w/catsup, cheeseburgers dipped in ranch, banana and peanut butter sandwiches

(no subject)

so i'm pretty sure a lot of you saw my post saturday about my sociopathic ex, and i'm pretty sure at least a few of you heard how he's admitted to being a maschocist and that he's shot cats with a shotgun "to see what would happen". that said... i have to go to his house tonight around eleven to collect my various belongs that got left there. his parents and little brother will be home, but they'll be asleep and generally sleep through anything anyways.

i'm super paranoid about this. i don't really think he'd do anything to hurt me physically, because i think he gets off more on causing people emotional pain, not physical. but i'm still paranoid, because one of my friends keeps telling me to bring someone with me when i go and it's making me feel like i seriously have something to worry about.

tqc, can you help me feel less anxious about this?

edit: i can't really go another day, due to his work schedule, and also because i'll have to wear his hoodie every day until i go, because mine only hoodie is at his house. the more i think about it, the less i think he'd even try anything, because he's selfish and i'm almost positive he gets off more on emotional pain and thus has no reason to hurt me physically. HOWEVER. i'm working on getting someone to come with me, but most of my friends are either at work or they live really far away.

girl face

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Do you believe definitions based on qualities and characteristics are subjective? Why?

Collapse )

I think qualities like colour are really subjective, and that (in this example) they both know the colour as green. Even though the green that T2 knows is really orange, to this person, it's still green. I think that perception determines reality.

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Which is worse:
A) Having a shitty home life, but a lot of supportive friends around you, OR
B) Having a shitty social life, but a supportive family?
And why?

Also (this is inspired by a previous question about moving in with someone you're dating), do you believe that moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is ALWAYS a sign of long-term commitment? Or is it within the realm of normalcy to do so out of convenience, such as for a few months during the summer?
Give a dog a home

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$15 an hour: a good rate for a job (any entry level job, not like, a surgeon or lawyer) or paltry?

What is your least favorite color of gummy bear?

Do you think you could kick Bobby Flay's ass?

(no subject)

lol, gaiz
wut do u thnk of ppl
who always type liek dis?

No, seriously.

Also, if a mad scientist was hell bent upon turning you into any world leader (Vadimir Putin, Bush, etc), which one would you choose?

Stay-at-home spouses/parents

For those of you who are or know or have a parent that doesn't work while his/her spouse does, how does the couple work out the money situation? Does one give the other an "allowance" or do they have a joint checking account with some kind of budget agreement, or something else?


You enter a public restroom that is full-the next stall to open up is a handicapped stall do you take it even though you're not in a wheelchair? What if there was a person in a wheelchair behind you-do they automatically get it even though they aren't the next person in line, or does the next person PERIOD, get it?
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What do you think of people who dress up their pets?
Would you ever dress up your pets?
If so, how far would you go? (I'm talking, a scarf or a full outfit complete with handbag.)

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I  just got back from the optomostrist and I asked what my vision is.  The assistant printed it out for me and I saw that my vision is TERRIBLE (I already knew it's bad because I can't see but to see it in numbers was something else, haha).  We actually lauged out loud.  It's -6.00/-5.50.

Do you know what your vision is?

Can is possibly be worse than mine?

Have you had lasik surgery?  What was it like?

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Have you ever peed your pants in public? How old were you?

Have you ever pooped your pants in public? How old were you?

It doesn't count if you were wearing a diaper at the time.
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$ ?s

Do you make more money than your significant other?

Yes, I make more.
No, I make the same or less.

Would/does it bother you, if your significant other makes more money than you do?


Does anyone have an experiance working for a State or National Park in the US and would like to share their thoughts on it? (Experiances related by friends is fine too.)

the book of your life

If there was a biography about you, what would the chapter detailing your life right now be titled?

Mine right now would be : "Big Decisions Are Made, Big Changes Are Coming".  I would be living the very last page in the chapter right now.  A new chapter would start on Saturday, and it would be titled "Eastward Towards a New Dawn"

So what chapter of your life are you living right now?
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Apologies for the emo

So I spent most of last night verbally sparring with my loopy FIL before ending up having to call 911 at 6am this morning. What should I do if he wakes in the middle of the night with more of the same shit?

Non-serious answers preferred, if I don't laugh I'll cry.
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So my computer has suddenly stopped showing me thumbnails in my pictures folder. I have no clue why, and no clue how to fix this and it's quite annoying. I have Windows Vista.

Can anyone help please?

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similar to the previous question about strange foods.

Is there a food combination you eat that you see NOTHING strange/odd about but there are people that look at you funny?

I like Thousand Island dressing on my burgers and some people think it's SO weird. Dude, all it is is stuff you'd likely put on a burger anyway.

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Who else doesn't get when people are all sympathetic to somebody with a hangover, or who got hurt on their drunk excursions?

I'm not talking, oh I feel crappy because I had a little too much to drink, I mean when they knowingly/carelessly get drunk off their ass.

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1. Have you had any pets that liked to eat anything weird?
2. On Malcom in the Middle, is that guys name "Craig" or "Creg"?
3. Is Creg ever a name? If not, why do people not say Craig?
4. What can I take on the train to snack on at uni?

I had a cat who loved to eat bread, if you left it out of the bread box she'd rip through the packet & eat it. Very odd.
Also my ferret likes to eat anything rubber, and yellow highlighters, but I think that's pretty on par for ferrets.

EDIT: 5. How many lines in this song rhyme for you? (within themselves, eg. Block rhyming with talk)

Around the Clock Talk

Block talk
Chalk talk
Crock talk
Dock talk
Clock talk
Jock talk
Gawk talk
Mock talk
Shock talk
Walk talk
Back talk
Flack talk
Small talk
Big talk
Rough talk
Tough talk
Smooth talk
Fast talk
Kid talk
Talk talk


Significant other's smell

There have been studies in the past that have linked body odor of men with genetic compatibility. I would link but I'm just lazy.

I have found in the past that there have been significant others that I loved the smell of their body odor. There were some cases that I would sleep with thier shirts because it smelled like them. Somehow it was comforting.

Do you love how your significant other smells? Is it just when they are clean that you like the way that they smell or do you like their smell after a hard workout?

Does anyone think that this is weird? I think that most people would think that this is odd since Americans are obsessed with hygiene.
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When you get that first tickle in your throat...the one that lets you know you are about to get a bad flu...what can you do to stop it from progressing further?
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family member's college records

My mom went to FIT. All we (me, my dad, my aunt, uncle, & grandpa) know is that she went, had a full scholarship, and did not graduate. I've been trying to get details out of my family members but they don't seem to have any. If I contacted FIT would I be able to get a copy of her records or something? Would they be allowed to give me such info? I'm calling tomorrow to find out about this, but I'm really curious. I will be applying there for Fall 2009 so I thought it would be kind of interesting to see.

EDIT: She has been dead for 8 years, asking her is not an option.

EDIT #2: When I call tomorrow should I call the general info number, or the alumni affairs number?

(no subject)

1) For those of you who have ever gotten engaged - how did he/she pop the question?

2) For those of you who have gone through breakups, will you post a photo of you the day you went through a break up?

3) What should I wear when i marry TQC?
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 Did you have to go to school/work today?
Negative. But I did have Mock Trial practice.

Did it make you happy or sad?
Happy on the no school, sad on the Mock Trial, because I had to turn down going to the beach. =[

Do you hate Mondays?
Only when it's nice outside.

Because it's getting really close to the rainy season here, so i want to take advantage of the beautiful February weather in sunny SW Florida!
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Maybe I'm just stupid

Anyway, I have a weekly internet radio show, but a lot of my listeners complain that when I speak into the mic, they can barely hear me.

Now, I took a look and apparently that's very true. It's not my soundcard because it works fine on sound recorder, Skype, and everything else that uses the mic so it must be my shoutcast settings. Except that even after uninstalling and reinstalling about five times, Shoutcast keeps my settings.

So I ask you guys. How can I uninstall/reinstall Shoutcast so that it is a totally clean install with all the default settings instead of my messed up ones?
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cartoon crush

when I was a little girl I had a mad crush on Bugs Bunny.

As a teenager, it was all about Mr Softee (I envisioned having children with little ice cream cone heads)

Now, I dream of Frylock from ATHF.

Who's your cartoon crush?


        So lately, I've been thinking about trying out marijuana.  Though I've tried it twice before, I've never been "high", which is rare for a 17-year-old in my town.  
       This past weekend, I went to church camp.  It was so boring and made me want to be in an altered state of mind.  Unfortunately, my step-brother, who would normally bring pot to such an event, figured that nobody would want to smoke out with him.  So he didn't bring any.  The whole camp was dry.
       Should I try it out, and achieve the state of being faded?  It sounds like a fun thing to do with friends. 
       Should I abstain?  Part of me is scared that becoming a stoner will de-motivate me, leading to a loss of my abundant ambition.

Along with your response, feel free to include synonyms for "marijuana", "high", "pot-head", and/or "to smoke".
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I'm planning on going to France for a week this summer, and possibly Italy for a weekend. I'm going with my best friend who has been there a few times before, but it's my first time.

So, what are some sights to see in France and Italy?
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For those who appreciate the vino:

Is there a type of wine you just can't drink and enjoy? Do you have a favorite that you keep going back to?

I really can't get into Merlot, it's so icky to me. Weird. But I've been loving Zinfandel lately.
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TQC in a quest of healthy living I have taken up running (jogging/powerwalking/whatever). Buuuut, for some reason only my left leg gets sore and crampy. ALSO my left nostril is tender, and my left ear hurts.


Crest whitestrips y/n?

Would you like to have dinner sometime? I'm buying! 

(no subject)

If the world had to be always black from night permanently or sunny and bright permanently, which would you pick?  Why?

Do you like incense? If you do, what scents do you like? Why do you burn it?

I am sad today. Will you tell me something fun to cheer me up please?

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I think one of the reasons I have been so pissed off and angry lately is because I have NEVER had a vacation. Since last June I have been working at the shop 60++ hours a week.
So this morning I woke up and decided this is going to change.
I'm going to take a vacation and start anew.
Right now I'm looking at Bora Bora, cost is less than expensive.
Any suggestions where I should go?
Looking to spend less than 3,000 the entire trip.
Hell is not an option, neither is a dumpster to all you trouble makers in TQC;)
I love you all.
John Simm, Life on Mars
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Wound healing

I've got a really minor cut on my thumb (which I did accidentally with one of my other fingernails). It's really inconvenient when I have a cut on my hand at work- I need to use about 100 pairs of gloves (I'm not exaggerating).

What helps wounds heal quicker? I already eat a nourishing diet. Any supplements you can suggest?


(no subject)

what are some of the prettiest songs you know?

how old were you when you first masturbated? (or have you?)

what was your last guilty pleasure?

do you have an accent?

what did you do that stands out this past weekend?
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Ah, roommates.

TQC, I come to you tonight asking for your advice.

I live in student housing & was basically the last one to move in. I got placed in the only available spot with three other girls. One I never see, & the other two I don't get along with. Here is a small list of things they've done to Collapse )

So my question is, should I stay here in this apartment & try to just ignore them & be the better person, or should I try to be moved to a different unit thus giving them what they want? I've had input on this issue already, but am still uncertain as to which I should do. Yes, I've tried to talk to them. In general, I'm not an incredibly assertive person, & that's half the reason why I can't decide. I know I should stand up for myself, & I have, but what should I do now that I've done so & haven't received any progressive results?
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I know smoking questions have been asked before but I'm curious after discussing smoking with my friend this afternoon soooooo...

1. Do you smoke?
1a. If you don't smoke now have you ever before, even just once?

2. If so how old were you when you started?

3. Did it make you sick the first time you smoked?

I smoke (well not right now) and my dad always told me it would make me puke my guts up but I never got sick at all so I'm just trying to figure out if this was used as a way to detour me from smoking. Tobacco (or niccotine, I'm not sure which) is supposedly an emetic so apparently it should or could make you sick. I'm just trying to figure out how many people do and how many people don't get sick

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I have asthma. It normally doesn't bother me, but for a few days my lungs have felt wet. For the past hour I have been panting and having chest pains. Feels like someone's squashing me.

Is this an asthma attack? Should I... you know, go to the hospital?
What does an asthma attack feel like?
Maybe it's a chest cold?

Our college dorm fire alarm

Jim Carrey once said, "Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches."

If you had to describe one sound as "hell," what would it be?

(no subject)

1) You have to dye your pubes an unnatural color  under threat of death (even if you don't have them). What color do you dye them?

2) Have you ever had unnaturally-colored pubes? Please post pictures.

3) Would you sleep with uberash

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What ever happened to Craig Kilborn?
Do you remember when he left The Daily Show, and everybody got all pissed off about it because they thought Jon Stewart was going to suck ass?
Did you ever watch The Jon Stewart show on MTV?
Did you ever watch The Jon Stewart Show on MTV.. on weed?
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so i've been packing all day for my class trip over to new york cityyy in america tomorrow.
though i'm pretty sure i've forgotten to pack something ahh!

1] what have i forgotten to pack?
2] what do you always take abroad wherever you go?
3] for people who know something about nyc. what can 4 17 yr old british chicks do in their free time around the city? & is it easy to get lost?

extreme protesters

What do you think of "extreme" protesters?

By extreme I mean people who form human roadblocks (happened today in the county adjacent to where I live), chain themselves to trees, or other forms of protest that will likely make the news but are also usually illegal.

Personally, I think it usually does more harm than good. It's extreme to the point where alot of people will think you're crazy thus wondering just how many people that suppor this cause are also crazy. In the case of something like a roadblock, your interference in people's lives makes them less sympathetic to your cause. At least I'd think so.