February 17th, 2008


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Do you listen to any old time radio shows?
Did you used to?

My whole family likes Jack Benny, my dad and I also really like Edgar Bergin and Charley McCarthy. In one of the shows Edgar has his daughter, Candy-who is like 8-10 or something, at the time-come on the show and sing. It was amusing because even though I KNOW who his daughter is (DUH ha) it took me a couple minutes to make the connection and realize who she was.
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I'm pretty inept when it comes to fashion. Generally I'm a t-shirt-and-jeans type of person, with a hoodie if it's cold. I want to start wearing skirts sometimes, but I really don't know what style to go for that I could wear with a t-shirt/polo/casual shirt. (Also, short skirts = no.)

What kinds of skirts should I be looking for? **edit: What kind of shirts could I wear with a skirt and still look somewhat casual? Is that even possible?
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LJ, friends, and what the hell am I to do?

I joined LJ about a month ago, around the same time that my marriage of 18 years shattered, hoping to find some solice here.  I have not made one friend in here because I simply do not know how to.  I am a 37 year old woman who feels as though she has lost most everything she knew and once called normal and will admit that I'm having difficulty with most everything right now.   I have fewer friends in my life than I led myself to believe.  What do I do?   Please, give me advice . . .

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So I have to attend an elective lab for my biology class this semester. I have narrowed it down to two options:
Nature Printing- Using water-based plants and leaves from various plant species you will learn the process of creating nature prints.
Cadaver Dissection- Students will have the chance to view organs of the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and respiratory systems

I'm debating whether or not my curiosity will outweigh my nervousness.

Poll #1139764 Decide my life!

Which elective lab should I attend?

Nature Printing
Cadaver Dissection

If you've seen a cadaver dissection will you please tell me your thoughts?
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Dear TQC, thanks to being super upset, I've lost my appetite. But I know I should at least eat something or I'll feel really sick tomorrow morning.

Should I eat something healthy? Or should I snack out and eat Cheet-os and have a bowl of ice cream?

Moving out

1) How old are you?
2) Do you still live with your parents? If not, with who?
3) At what age did you move out?
4) At what age do you think somebody should move out of their parents home?

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which is worse: being broken up with because your SO loves someone else, or being broken up with because your SO never really loved you and was just using you for sex?

also: what would you tell someone in the above situations?
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I'm being a fat kid and I want a midnight snack. However, I'm torn on what to have. Should I have:

Chips and salsa?
Cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sauce & jimmies?
cheddar cheese and sour pickles?

Help me decice, TQC!

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My boyfriend is afraid to make friends at school because my ex goes there and most of the people there know him or are friends with him, and he doesn't like my ex at all and wants to avoid him as much as possible. Should I give him some words of encouragement to make friends, or should I just leave it all alone and see how it works out? He's usually so social, it's wierd to know he's by himself so much now.


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1. chick peas or garbanzo beans?
2. jimmies or sprinkles?
3. soda or pop?
4. sub/submarine or hoagie?

If you have something else for any, please do tell.

Also, I think I asked here once why we simply call pickled cucumbers "pickles" but anything else we state what is is pickled beets, pickled onions etc. Along that same line-why do we call dried grapes and dried plums raisins and prunes?
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TQC! Help is urgently needed! If you cannot answer this, my faith in humanity will be lost!

What is the name of that 80s cartoon with the little people who wore flower hats? The only episode I saw they were preparing for a festival and there was a little pretty ballerina in a white dress with a white flower hat and this evil troll king saw her dancing and kidnapped her because she danced so beautifully, and this group of people - including a girl, a boy and a dog, all with flower hats - had to go through the woods to rescue her. And the troll king got angry because she wouldn't dance for him because she was miserable, and then it ended with a song about love and happiness and she came out of a flower dancing and I think the troll king cried.

I think it was made by the same people who did the Moondreamers, it was a similar style... I'm not even totally sure it was a series, or if it was just a one-off. I had it on a video that was recorded off the tv with all these other 80s cartoons, but that is the only one I can't remember.

Help, TQC!
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Calling all techies.

My computer speakers, all of the sudden, for no apparant reason, have stopped working.

I checked all of the cords and wires, and everything is where it should be and fully plugged in.

What else can I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I've just discovered that I can hear music playing in iTunes, but the speakers aren't working for any sound playing in Winamp or Internet Explorer. Does anyone know how I can fix this when it's isolated to one program?

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what did the random guy who was knocking on doors in my apartment stairwell want at 3 in the morning?

my buzzer rang, it was some "Josh" guy. I didn't let him in. Someone else must have, because he got into the stairwell (either that or the door was unlocked like it is sometimes). I heard him knocking on a door downstairs for at least 5 minutes before I heard him come upstairs and knock on the door opposite from my apartment.

Then he went back downstairs. He was knocking and pounding for at least 15 minutes before I called campus security to get him out of there! He was starting to creep me out.

And yes, I watched through the peephole when he was on my floor.

I think he was drunk. yup.
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I has a predicament that I am needing advising on.

My basement is flooded.

Not horribly, nothing is ruined, we had massive rain storms last night, but it's the first time it's done this. It would be fine if the little drain in the basement where all the water is supposed to drain into wasn't clogged. The last time it happened they had to send out a plumber to fix it.

Here's my predicament.

The only phone number I have for my land lords is their office. They aren't open on Sundays. I've already left them a message explaining what happened... I think.... I did talk into a answering machine, but I don't really recall what I said... okay... I'm gonna get to the point now.

What should I do?

Is it okay for me to call a plumber on Sunday?

Do I pay for it and have my landlord reimburse me?

Do I have him give me the bill and then give it to my landlord?

It should be noted that I know the place that they used last time, or at least the dudes name, so I should be able to track him down on the net... I hope


I hate having to make these big type decisions because this stuff isn't SUPPOSED to happen on the weekends! JEEBUS!

Anyone want to join me for a really fucking stiff drink right about now?? D:

ETA: You know what I just realized; it's a HOLIDAY Weekend!!
WTF are my chances of getting a hold of a plumber before Tuesday? *GROAN*
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girl ?s

1)do you feel uncomfortable when you see commercials for personal lubricants?

2)what do you think about douching?

3)do you like to wear perfume?

eta: do the goodwill drive in things allow you to walk in and give them stuff or should you go to the actual store and give them your crap?

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Hey, Doc TQC,

I have a bump on the top of my eye.  Obviously, I can't see it, so I can't tell if it's actually attached or if it's debris, but as it's not irritating my eye and it seems to not be moving around, I'm guessing it's attached.  So wtf is it?

(EDIT:  It's actually on my eyeball, under the eyelid.  It feels like it's about the size of a pimple, and it seems to be hard, not fluid-filled.)

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I've already sent the company an e-mail and tried calling but they don't open til tomorrow so based on past experience would going to college as a half-time student affect the deferment date of your loan?

Background story: I went to College A for fall quarter and hated it, I transferred to College B winter quarter. I just got a letter saying that since I "dropped out" of college my deferment date had been moved up to May of this year instead of Jan 2012. My dad called and told them that I was still in school and now we have to fax them a form that says that I still go to school and you have to check full time or half time. My dad didn't ask if half time would make a difference; I planned on only taking 10 credit hours next quarter and I wanted to drop one of my classes this quarter.

Help me schedule my day.


Today I need to accomplish the following things:

- run
- shower
- study

However, I am in Tahoe, and it is cold outside (cold to ME, I'm sure 34 F is not cold to many of you). I'm not snowboarding with my friends because I need to study. I need to shower after the run. I don't know how great I will be at concentrating right now since I'm kind of itching to do something active, but I am worried about being cold. Because I am a wimp.

Should I:

1. Start studying now, wait for it to warm up outside, run, shower, study more.


2. Suck it up and go run now, shower to regain feeling in my hands and feet, and study in one big block until the snowboarders come home.


eta: ok, going running ttyl tqc

eta 2: Damn you, altitude, for making me hyperventilate and giving me a stupid sports asthma exacerbation. I'm still wheezing. At least I got some exercise :)

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Supposedly someone posted re: this recently, but LJ seek is not helping soooo:

I just got an IM from "GuardianSalmon". Who the hell is that?

GuardianSalmon: hrm
GuardianSalmon: how do you know?
GuardianSalmon: I'm off ot bed
GuardianSalmon: it's been a long weekend
GuardianSalmon: I'll catch you later

As if I had been talking to them previously or something. WTF?

Drink! Drink! Drink!

Last week a 14 year old girl passed out in front of our house at 2PM after drinking too much vodka. It's pretty normal for young'uns 12 and over to drink where I currently live. A nurse passed by and said since it's half term (a week of no school) lots of people her age are doing this type of thing and ending up in the hospital.

Because I'm originally from a place where 14 year olds typically don't drink (at least not that I now of), I'd like to know why.

1. Did you drink to get drunk when you were younger than the drinking age of your country?
1a. Why or why not?
2. Do you drink to get drunk now?
2a. Why or why not?
3. IF you drank to get drunk when you were younger than the drinking age of your country please tell me which country you were living in at the time.


Thanks for your comments everyone! Keep commenting!
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Changing the Date on Entries

I have followed the directions posted (editiing date and then clicking on "date out of order" but I'm still getting an error message. Anyone out there figure it out?? I must be doing something wrong because I have seen other people do it... just won't work for me!  Almost ready to throw computer out window!!
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Are there any online hidden object/seek and find games where it's the full/only version online?

I mean ones you don't have to download-you just play them on the website
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How did I miss that?

I was watching Free Enterprise (for like the 100th time) and just now noticed that during Mark's party they are playing Still in Hollywood by Concrete Blonde in the background. 

Have you even noticed something in a movie that you can't believe you missed?  What was it?
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My sister's fiance is teh suxxorz

My dog has a wart on her eyelid and the vet says it should probably come off. Surgery will be in the $200-$250 range, and I plan on doing it soon. Unfortunately, I work a just over minimum wage job so that surgery will be about a week's pay. So Brandon, the fiance, is getting all up on me, telling me that since she doesn't really do anything for the family (wtf do his cats do for us, I ask. "Oh snoopy brings us birds" he says. what the fuck are four young adults going to do with a headless tiny bloody dead bird with no head and one wing? way to go, dumbass, for the cost of catfood for 3 days I could've bought two chickens and used the damn things) she's a pointless dog with no worth, blah blah blah I shouldn't waste my money. Every time he tells me this I hate him even more and the thing is I can't really justify my reasoning with logic. She's my dog, my family, the only thing keeping me sane, but he doesn't get that.

How can I tell him to STFU and stay out of my business without bringing the emotional side of things into it, since he won't listen to that?

Would you give a dog that doesn't really have any job or bring anything to the family a $200 surgery?

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I've never scouted out my own place to live and I've never lived in an apartment. Any tips on things I should look out for when apartment hunting?

Since many of you asked, and I'm too lazy to join TQC_updates: I'm pretty sure my bf didn't kill anyone last night. He just came home a couple hours ago and ran off to his room to sleep off the copious amounts of booze he'd drank.
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So i have some designs in my head for tattoos. Who doesn't right anyway i was wondering for those in this fine community who have quite a few...

Where do you work? Did you find it hard to find work?

I aint going to hold back because of the myth it is hard to find work at all by the way :) just curious to know other peoples thoughts.

And theres a few places in my city that have tatttoed workers (restaurants mainly) that aren't call center/nightfill options.
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What is your gangsta name? (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe)

What is your Native American name? (favorite color, favorite animal)

What is your TV weather anchor name? (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter)

What is your Nascar name? (The first names of your two grandfathers)

What is your stripper name? (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy)

What is your superhero name? (second favorite color, favorite drink)
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Every year at the end of summer, me and four of my old camp friends (two of us still go to camp but the other three don't - wow unnecessary information) always have a visit, and this year, (3rd year :D) we want to go on some type of exciting roadtrip or fun place instead of just their houses in Illinois.  We were thinking Canada, but that might not be feasible.  Do you guys have any ideas of fun, unique locations that are in driving distance of Wisconsin/Illinois?
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Ring tones!

1.. What do you search for to find ringtones? Do you use Google or MSN
or another search engine?

I just usually look for "spice girls ringtones" or something in google.

1. What is your favourite ringtones site?

I don't really have one, I just got some new ringtones from www.highfiveringtones.com

3. How much do you pay, or do you usually get free ringtones and where

I usually get my ringtones for free but I'm also subscribed to one
service. I hope I can find some great free websites.
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Did you see Across The Universe?
If so, did you like it or hate it?
I loved it. It restored my love for The Beatles. I grew up on them and over years, while testing out new music, lost my appreciation for them. This movie brought it right back.

Can you suggest a book for me?
I usually read any thing from the PUSH series ( www.thisispush.com ). I also read the Harry Potter Series, Cirque Du Freak and Many others. I'm really a crime buff and have yet to find a True Crime book that interests me. If that helps!

Whats a fruit you find absolutely disgusting?
I would have to say Grapefruit. Just..yech

Cars, cars, cars

In August I will be in the market for a new car in the $15,000 range. I am stuck between buying a new Toyota Yaris or a used Honda CR-V.

Now, I know the Yaris would get much better gas mileage, but when it comes to safety, I just feel a hell of a lot safer driving a CR-V.

Can you offer me some pros and/or cons for each? Also, personal experience, and what you would choose?

I am not asking for what other cars you think I should get, I'm asking CR-V or Yaris.

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I want to have a good day today. Should I start it off with peanut butter and jelly, or with cream cheese? I'm going to make a sandwich.

EDIT: Kay guys. You can stop voting. I got tired of waiting so I chose cream cheese because it's one thing to spread on bread instead of two.

Poor little kitties!

My two cats got spayed on Friday. They have these net jumpers on, and no pain medication whatsoever (I'm wondering this myself, too).

They've been really apathetic since the pain medication they received at the clinic wore off. They mostly keep to themselves somewhere out of sight, but that's what cats do when they're in pain.

I take their food right in front of their faces, so they won't have to move to the kitchen to eat. I've put old blankets on the living room floor so they don't have to jump anywhere to get to a soft spot to lay on.

Is there any more I can do to make them feel a little better?

I hate so see them so miserable. :'(

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Have you ever taped yourself having sex?

Did you erase it later?

Where you embarrassed at your O face? 

Have you ever done it in front of a mirror?

Was it a turn-on or turn-off?
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in the info it says "don't be afraid to ask" but i'm already debating leaving this community because of the negative responses i saw to some questions.

just because someone asks a question you consider unintelligent or a sign of their own apathy, does that give you the right to scold them for it?

if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all ... right?

i get it's your opinion, but it's totally unnecessary.

New moisturiser wanted

Skincare questions for the girls:

What moisturiser do you use?
What is your skin type?
Does it work for you?
How affordable is it? Do you think it is good value?
What other kinds of moisturisers have you tried that didn't work for you & why?

I'm looking for a new moisturiser...
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Will you be affected by the television stations switching from analog to digital broadcasts by this time next year?

Do you have cable, satellite or an antenna right now?

Do you have a TV with a digital tuner? Are you going to buy one before next year?

If not are you going to buy a converter box for your old TV?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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Ok so Americans voted and here are the top 10 our nations Greatest Presidents

10. George W. Bush
9. Teddy Roosevelt
8. Harry Truman
7. Thomas Jefferson
6. Bill Clinton
5. George Washington
4. JFK
3. FDR
2. Ronald Reagan
1. Abraham Lincoln

what are you thoughts on this list?

if you can change it, what would you change?
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So, me and my boyfriend get to have some "serious discussion" tonight/tomorrow after he showed up at my house at 2:30am drunk on Friday night/Saturday morning, and told me he has been purposefully trying to fuck up our relationship because he's "afraid", and that drinking is more important to him than I am. And some other stuff.

I sobbed for about 12 hours on and off that day. How do I keep myself from crying now that he's sober and we get to talk about our "issues"?

Do you have any tricks to keep yourself from crying in situations like that?

My dog is really cute. Is your dog cute?
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Hey, r0x, what makes us a shitty community??

And of course, polkadotdrugs thinks we're unnecessarily mean.
If you agree with either of them, will you step up and say so, and by all means, tell us why you're still here??

If you belong to any comms where you think the members are too harsh or are generally shitty for other reasons, will you tell us which ones they are and why you're still a member?
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You're holding the egg of an endangered bald eagle in both hands, and someone throws the last remaining egg of a recently discovered flock of dodos at you. The hatched and adult dodos had all been run over by a car moments earlier. What do you do?

Also, the egg of the bald eagle pissed you off last night for lying about whether or not he smoked pot (you don't care either way, it's the principle of being lied to) and he flirted with your friends and then got too freaking clingy when you got slightly distant.

Drunk Party Suggestions

Anyone has any suggestions for what me and my friends could do at an overnight Drunk Night party? The last time we held one of these parties, we took turns spinning ourselves dizzy and trying to walk straight, had one guy put BBQ sauce on his nipples, convinced another that he had pissed in his pants, etc. I'm trying to see if we can raise the overall silliness of the party to a whole new level.

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1)Do you really appreciate door decorations on your dorm-room door in college?

2)Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome awkwardness that develops after you have stopped fooling around with one of your friends?

3) What was your favorite book series when you were a kid?

does anyone know..

does anyone know if there is a way to get ringtones without having to download them?
because my uncle is a bitch and won't turn on the internet on my phone.

& i really can't stand the corny default ones any longer.

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all the replies to my previous post bitching about the negativity in comments totally made my day.
i love opinionated people, so thank you all for not shying away from telling me off.
i actually agree with most of you - life is not nice, and the internet isn't for sugarcoating.

now a real question:

when you come in contact with homeless people or people that are asking for money, how do you respond?

In terms of Xbox 360.

Tomorrow my free month of Xbox live expires and I want to renew it, but I only have one game to play. (The Orange Box) Before I renew I want to get another game I can play online. I know about Halo and Gears of War, but what else is there? Good points and bad points? Things that set it apart from other games in its genre? Your own personal experience with the game?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Do you love scrabble?

Do you play it often?

When was the last time you played?

Do you have any memorable scrabble plays?

Have you had any huge blowouts over the legitimacy of a word in scrabble?

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Is it possible to file a police report for assault in the UK if there are no actual marks on the victim?

Specifically: A 16 year old boy trying to choke his sister to death, and then her mother punching her in the face.

I want to call the police but I've never done it before and I'm not sure if there's anything they'll be able to do as there were no witnesses and no marks left behind.

No, this isn't a joke post.

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IS this rude?....I ran into an older ex-coworker...we started talking and she says "When you are ready to buy a house, I should sell you mine."...Well, I'm ready and can't find anything in the neighborhood (her's too) I want...SO is it rude to call her and ask about her moving plans?? (I know the answer BUT I want to hear yours.)
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how do you feel better when you're sick?

what's your fave medicine for when you have a nasty cough?

i haven't had just a nasty cough in years and have no idea how to treat it :(

(no subject)

I live in a freshman dorm and I'm way past due to change room mates. I'm half through my year and I'll finish this year in June. However, I feel like if I have to be around my room mate any longer, I might just snap and punch her in the face.

She goes to bed at like 5-7am every day and disregards the fact that I am trying to sleep, then sleeps in the afternoon/evening (and since I'm polite, I am silent and turn off all the lights). She always has her friends and boyfriend over. When I inform her that my boyfriend is coming over (who I only see every other week or so and can't go to his house), she sleeps til 3-5pm and then gets angry if I ask her politely to let me have alone time with him. Plus, she never does laundry or washes her dishes! She is always loud, obnoxious, and just a spoiled brat in general. I've talked to her about this already!

TQC, wtf do I do to keep my sanity and to keep myself from killing her?


So, i am having to do a scene from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice for an english class.  And i am to read the role of Portia.  Well i have about a week to memorize alot of lines and i have never done anything like that before.  I was wondering  if anyone had any suggestions on remembering my lines.  I have read them, written them and typed them over and over but i am still struggling, so if anyone has any suggestions i would really appreciate it.  Thank You
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What kind of liquid might leak from the bottom of a late model refrigerator, look a dark purplish-black color, and dry into a hard and slightly tacky substance, with no discernible decrease in refrigerating power? Also, would said leaking be something to ignore and clean up, or something to notify the landlord about?


I've tried this and I can't find the answer on flickr's Q&A. I think I'm blind or something, because this must be so obvious:

How do I display an image from flickr? I can't find the url from which to link the image. Or can I not do that unless I'm a paid member?
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(no subject)

Today, I got an alphabet animals floor puzzle for my son. Most of the animals were easily distinguishable, but I cannot figure out what the animals for N and U are supposed to be.

EDIT: Solved! You guys are awesome!

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1. How much alcohol do you need to consume to be full-on drunk?

2. Is there any liquor/wine/beer that causes hangovers worse than others?

3. Is it bad that I'm drinking by myself? I've had about a half a bottle of wine so far.

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Dear TQC, yesterday I found out my grandmother was crazy.

Grandmother says: "I don't want Obama to win, because then the black people will take over America."
"....wait, what?"
"We've done so many bad things to them, and they'll take the opportunity to get back at us."
(Going with Crazy Logic)"...I'm pretty sure there will still be white people in office if Obama wins."
"8 out of 10 murders are committed by black people. I just don't want someone like that in office."
"Okay I really have to be going I'll see you later BYE." I had to leave because I didn't want to start laughing in her face, and she was seriously starting to weird me out.

So, TQC, where does my grandmother get these statistics? Fox News?

Has your family said anything lately that was so "what the fuck" worthy?
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Today I was in a Wal-Mart parking lot waiting for a space and a car in front of me reversed at about 15km. I had no time to react or even honk my horn, she hit me so fast. When I got out of the car I was angry and asked her for her insurance info, etc. She was a real bitch and told me to "sit down and shut up" at one point.
I had a witness in my car as well as a Wal-Mart employee. The entire time she was angry and yelling and had the audacity to call the police on me because she didn't like my attitude. She even started begging people to sign a witness statement 30 minutes after the incident, people who were not even at the scene.
My entire front end is cracked IN HALF (the car has a body kit). My paint was all over her car but she didn't even get a scratch. The police said they can't file a report because it is private property and that I have to go through my insurance. I've googled our laws and it isn't looking good. I have to wait until Tuesday to talk to my insurance because it is a holiday tomorrow.

Do I have a case here? I keep hearing that police here don't enforce driving on private property. I called her at home tonight to see if she wanted to work it out, outside of insurance and she told me to fuck off and lose her number. I live in Ontario.
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(no subject)

When you are visiting an unfamiliar city, do you tend to take cabs or public transportation when you need to get somewhere too far to walk?

Do you move around a lot or do you stay in the same place for a while at a time?  Why?
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Random Questions...

1. So, I go to school In NJ. My parents are trying to move to PA. I should be getting my first car by the summer. Will I be able to get my car insurance in PA and still live in Jersey? NJ insurance is a killer. I plan on staying in Jersey (for school). Also, can my financial aid get fucked up?

2. Who are your top three favorite photographers?

3. Living with parents and having your own car or sharing an apartment with friends and not having a car. Pick one.

4. What should I do for my 21st birthday? What did you do? What are you planning to do?

5. Recommend me a good book. Last books I read: The Good Neighbor, Strings Attached, Fight Club.

6. Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency or America's Next Top Model?

7. Any photographers on here?

8. Some things you're better off not knowing. Agree or disagree?

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Help a gal out here?

I'm looking to buy a laptop computer but have no idea where to even begin.  I want to be able to get on the internet at wifi hotspots and i want to be able to sit in coffee shops and write my term papers.  That's about it.  I don't want to pay a whole lot (like maybe 500 - 700 dollars) yet I don't want t piece a crap that's going to break in a year.

Any recommendations?



What was it called?!

What was the TV show about a teenage girl who was an alien-and she could freeze time by touching her two index fingers together? Thanks guys, will you still ask about something you can't remember?

If you can't think of the name of something from the past, will you share it here and see if tqc can help?
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I've been getting really into photography with my digital camera, but all I know about what I'm doing is basic composition and stuff I learned from art classes. Can anyone recommend me a book you found useful about photography?

Do you have work/school tomorrow?
I do not. I plan to go shopping. :)
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I'm thinking about doing a website for my Master's thesis. (the whole writing a huge paper isn't doing it for me anymore) How hard would it be to design a website if I have little to no knowledge about things? Is there a book I can read?
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I have to do a persuasive essay with a group. Our topic was to get rid of our universities required freshman meal plan. Basically, it's 5k for the year and everyone who lives on campus has to have it.

Does your university require a meal plan during your freshman year? What do/did you think about it?
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Where can I do my homework tomorrow? My house is too distracting and thanks to it being a holiday my school and the public libraries will be closed. I'll probably go to a coffee shop for awhile but don't you think there is a sort of unspoken time limit on how long I could stay? I don't want to spend $50 tomorrow on coffee and pastries just to justify my presence at a cafe.

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I'm sleeeeeeeeeeepy.

Do you wanna cuddlez with me???

also, sorry about my randomness today. I haven't had this much caffeine in a really long time, and I kinda freaked out O_o

buying music

If I were to get only one Magnetic Fields CD (my first one), what would you recommend?

Do you like the band called Editors?

What music have you bought recently?

Do you usually buy CDs or mp3s? if you download (for pay), do you use iTunes or have another preference?
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Will you please tell me why I suck and I let people use me and walk all over me?
Will you please explain to me why my friends tell me that my *so* does not deserve me and I can do better, and I always end up with my heart broken?
How do I become Independent of needing to have someone need me?
Laughs on me tonight;)

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1)my mom has hand cramps. what should she do?

2)fairy godmother tycoon, what do you think?

3)do you look good in a swimsuit?

4)my stomach is all bloated. what should I do? difficulty: I'm not on my cycle.
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Ok, I'm not good with my veggies. here we go. What is the differeence between green beans and string beans? To me they taste the same. My sister got string beans with her meal and I got green beans. I couldn't tell the difference if i closed my eyes. Aparently there's a difference or else they wouldn't be listed differently on the menu.  
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If you were transported to the past, when your parents were your age, and you didn't know they were your parents, what would your relationship be with them? Friends? Enemies? Bullies?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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what is the most ridiculous question you've ever had to answer when filling out a form of some sort?

I just had to fill out some shit while visiting rehab and one of the things you have to answer is

"Do you have, or have you ever been given a prescription for narcotic pain medication which you intend to distrubte?"

Seriously...if I did, and I intended to distribute this to rehab patients, why would I answer that honestly?

What's in a name?

 Is there anyone who shares your first name that makes you cringe/gag/roll your eyes? 

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Do you like your name?

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 

What is a name you would never name your child, be it human or furry?
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Were you bullied as a child?

Do you feel it's affected you as an adult?

If you relived your childhood, would you say 'fuck it' and fight back, kick them straight in the nuts?
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would you rather be famous on the internet, or famous in porn?
if neither, would you like to be famous at all? if yes, for what?

do you think internet stardom is real stardom?
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1. Do you have a flickr?
1b. Will you share the link to it?
I'm in the mood to be inspired.
However my contacts, contact's contacts, and groups haven't been updated enough for my liking.

I'm sure a lot of you understand being addicted to sites. (obvi)

2. But do you find yourself being addicted in weird specific ways?

Most people check their lj/facebook/myspace/flickr/etc. looking for comments or people updating things.
But I've recently become obsessed with organizing things. tagging pictures, organizing albums, tagging old lj entries, etc.

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if i change my plan for my cell phone in the middle of a billing cycle, do i get charged for my original plan for the month and then the additional one i add on after removing my old one? i hope that made sense. i'm assuming they would just charge me for the minutes i used on my current plan and then charge me for the new plan as well? i have tmobile
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My friend is in the next room smoking pot halfway out the window. I feel like calling the cops just to be a douchebag.

Pot is stupid. Why do people smoke it?

Seriously, save your money for a dog or something.

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1. Do you kill spiders/bugs when you find them in your house or do you trap them and set them free?

2. Have you ever killed anything on purpose (food purposes aside)?  Do you feel guilty?
3. Kurt Russell or Kurt Cobain? 

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Music terrorists!

You are in a huge, famous band. Terrorists come kidnap you and tell you that you MUST write a concept album. It can be about anything but being kidnapped*, but it must be at least 60 minutes long and it must be a concept album. If it doesn't fit the criteria, you will be killed.

What would you write your concept album about?

*Edited after post
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