February 16th, 2008

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Bad Movies

How many movies can you name where the main plot of the movie revolves around a bet of some sort, or a kind of Pygmalion story?

(I *know* there has to be more than just She's All That, but dammit, I can't think of any others. I know I'll feel dumb once the names start coming in, so let's everybody make me feel dumb, TQC!)

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I know what I'm going to ask is a long shot but oh well.

Who in the hell is singing in this song?
Into The Sun (full download, mp3, sendspace)

I labeled the artist as Martina Topley-Bird by mistake. I have no clue to actually sings this song. What I do know is that the track is a remix. I've googled my ass off. I've tried itunes and myspace. My results are zero.

The lyrics are hard to understand in my opinion. I've made out only few. They are::
they are paid to see
the two of us
and if they want you they can raise our eyes up into the sun
lay your eyes on me
you say you're gonna try
you say you're gonna fly

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I have a piano competition tomorrow and I can't sleep. It's a combination of nervousness and being in a strange hotel room. -_-

What do you do to get over your nervousness?
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Hot dog?

(no subject)

What's your favorite chicken recipe?

One day I combined a bunch of stuff in the kitchen and made some pretty good chicken. I put half an inch of broth in a baking pan and a spoon of butter[i let it melt in the oven] and sprinkled some oregano and basil on it. Bake.

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who else is wide awake? like, not tired at all & could run a couple laps?

should i force myself to go to sleep since i have to go to the gym tomorrow plus seeing a comedy show (kyle cease & demetri martin :D) or hook up the ps2 & beat a game i've been putting off for months?
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Firsts and lasts

How old were you when you kissed someone (that you loved, other than family) for the first time?

When did you start talking?

When did you start reading?

Who was the last person you kissed?

Who did you last speak to in person?

What book did you read last?

(no subject)

Why does everyone come to LJ with their pregnancy questions?

How often do you stay up all night?

What's a good choice of degree for someone who is studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English Literature and is equally good at and interested in all of them?

Edit: For those of you that studied Lit. at uni, what texts did you study?
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(no subject)

Will you post the oldest pic you have of you with your SO? Or you with your best friend? Or some sort of old picture with someone special?

Then will you post the most recent pic of the two of you together?

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(no subject)

1) What is your favorite word or phrase to say?

2) Why every time I try to type an apostrophe on LJ.. quick find pops up and how the shit do I fix it?

3) How old were you until you were allowed to start wearing makeup? dye your hair? anything else along those lines?
(men - feel free to skip this one)

4) Have you seen lilshowstoppa on youtube yet? lol

if number 4 is a no click : here (this girl has a potty mouth in case there are little ears around)
most are going to think this is retarded, just wrong, whatever else.. i find it amusing, get over it.

(no subject)

have you ever taken pictures documenting a process of sorts? for example, a photo set of you before, after and during a haircut? of you making an excellent dinner? if so, show us!

have you had any experience with TMJ? if you have it, is there anything that you did that has permanently gotten rid of the pain?
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(no subject)

1. Every user name I want, it "isn't currently available". So what suggestions do you have for me to rename this journal to? Unavailable ideas I want: wakeup_eissak, lickmy_eissak, kickmy_eissak... Serious answers only. And by serious, I really mean non serious.

2. What is the background of your user name? Mine is my nick name Kassie backwards and I say it as e-sack.

Two within ten, I know, sorry, but it's also dieing at this hour to wait for three more posts. :D
Big Love


Tonight at the bar there was a HUGE fight. Even though I wasn't involved I ended up with blood all over my clothes. I was mad. I was also drunk so ended up staying the night. I just went out to my car and realized that there is blood all over it. Now I'm disgusted.

SO TQC when was the last time you were in, or witnessed, a physical fight?

PS. don't worry, I'm getting my car, and myself, tested for the HIV.

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I caught what virtually everyone at work and some people at school have. It hurts to swallow and I have no voice. What kind of tea should I make? 

Tangerine Orange
Cardamon Cinnamon
Lemon Green Tea
hannibal skull

And the Oscar goes to...

If you were to give an Oscar for :

Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Soundtrack
Best (insert whatever you wish here)

to a film/actor that has NEVER won an Oscar before (in that category/movie), to whom/which one would you give it to? Can be any year, not just current films.

EG:You can give Kevin Spacey an Oscar for K-Pax *lol* but not for American Beauty.

To whom would you give a Grammy of all the artists who have NEVER won one?
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(no subject)

A) if you're single...
1. are you single because you want to be or because no one 'good enough' has come along or something else?
2. favorite thing about being single?

B) if you're in a relationship...
1. how long have you guys been together?
2. have you guys had the "marriage" talk? are you both on the same page as far as marrying each other?

C) if you're married...
1. how long have you been married?
2. what's the hardest part of marriage?

(no subject)

 I am thinking of changing my LJ colors. Right now I have black and blue...which means many of my icons have some form of blue in them. What colors should I change it to: 

black and green? 
black and yellow? 
black and insert color?

(no subject)

TQC, I need cool new people on my AIM buddy list (I got a new screen name a few days ago). Will you IM me and populate my buddy list? SN: A Cerebral Mosh. Thanks in advance! 
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Miroku Turn

(no subject)

If you work in food service/retail/etc., do your friends expect you to get them free shit? Is this as douchebaggy as I think it is? How do you tell them to fuck off?

Why do my friends go to movies I really want to see with me, then make fun of the movie the whole time? ;_;

Birthday Blues

So my birthday just happens to fall over February break which inevitably means that 99.89 percent of my friends will not be around. Do you have any fun suggestions for what I should do with that .1 percent of people who will be around? Something that won't make me feel completley(sp) blue?

The essential Las Vegas

My brother and I are taking my 3-year-old to Las Vegas next month. This will be the first trip to Vegas for all of us, so we are pretty excited about all of the things to see and do!

What attractions should we absolutely NOT miss?

Also, what are your favorite restaurants in Las Vegas? (We'd like to stay away from chain restaurants because we can go to those at home but we also would like to experience some neat restaurants that are affordable and appropriate for a well-behaved pre-schooler).

Thanks! :)

tcq, I can't make decisions

should I go boardgaming today? I feel terrible and unmotivated, but I usually enjoy it.

eta: I felt more positively towards the yeses, so I really want to go, obviously.

replacement question: what do you think about trees budding in the winter?
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Great day for movies, eh?

My kid's with her grandparents, my fiance is sick in bed, the weather is shitty, and I'm doing housework. I don't want to lower my standards and succumb to the usual Saturday afternoon fare on TV, but I can't decide which of my movies to watch first.

So, I'm leaving it up to the good people (*coughcough*) of TQC.

Pick a movie for me:

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
History of the World, Part 1
Memphis Belle
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Philadelphia Story
My Fair Lady
Harry Connick Jr. In Concert
Evil Me

(no subject)

When driving late at night, or when there is VERY LITTLE traffic around and you happen upon a red light, what do you do? Stop and wait for it to turn green? Go right through? Stop, check that nobody's around and THEN go right through? Something else?

(I personally stop and wait for it to turn green)

(no subject)

What's a reasonable outside temperature to open your windows in order to air out a room while cleaning?

A.-20/any time
B. 20-25
C. 25-30
D. 35-40
E. Above 40 (please elaborate)
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(no subject)

Is LJ being kind of dickish to anyone else? (Slow to load, lack of comment notifications, etc)

LEIK OMG TQC my brother turned 10 today WHAT SHOULD I BUY HIM FOR A PRESENT!? (You should all know how to answer this from knowing only his age and sex, amirite?)

What time did you go to bed last night, and what time did you wake up this morning?
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(no subject)

I have a haircut appointment at 1:00 (in about an hour).  I have poker-straight hair that goes down to my bellybutton.  I was going to just get a trim, but I've been struck with the fancy to hack it all off, up to my collarbone.  Should I do it?  (Note: my husband will flip.  He loves my long hair)

ETA: I'll post ;pics in tqc_updates

ETA 2: Deed done!  Posted!

(no subject)

1.Being cheap, clumsy, and not too bright, I decided to superglue the joint of my glasses (which was crooked). Of course, I got glue all over the lenses, and now I am looking out through a perpetual haze.

What can get superglue off of glass? Something that would need to be delicate enough to not scratch it.

2. Do you relate more to children or adults? How/why?

3. I live in an apartment, and my neighbors are so loud on weekends. Should I tolerate their parties, or tell them to knock it off? What do you do with neighbors who won't stop partying till dawn?

4. What show are you most excited to see come back after the writer's strike is over?  (eta, oh, it's already over. Um...I have nothing to say for myself.)

(edited #3)
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(no subject)

Okay TQC, I need a job. So I went out earlier today and got a few applications, for Barnes & Noble, Rack Room Shoes, and I plan on going later and getting applications for Journey's and PacSun.

So my questions to you are: Do you work at (or know someone who works at) any of these places? Do you/they enjoy it? Hate it? Why?

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

I'm on a movie kick this week ...

Is there a movie that you'd forgotten you like as much as you do and recently rediscovered?

I'm watching "Jurassic Park" for the first time in what feels like forever and I still grinned like a kid at the first scene where they see the brontosaurus. Such a kickass idea, and what a fun movie. :D
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(no subject)

1) For you SATC fans.. if you were Carrie, would you had picked Big or Aidan?

2) Who was the last person to upset you? Did they apologize?

3) What are you really excited about?

(no subject)

Have you ever injured yourself, doing something totally random that you would never imagine would result in an injury?!?

Here's an example:

Last night at dinner, I reached across the table and grabbed a parmesan cheese shaker so I could put some cheese on my spaghetti.

As soon as I grabbed it, I felt some serious pain going from the right side of my neck, down into my shoulders.

I can barely turn my head or use my right arm without it hurting really bad. When I got home last night, I took a muscle relaxer and a vicodin. Neither one helped.

And here I was, terrified that I was going to hurt myself by slipping and falling on the ice. Nope. All it took was freaking parmesan cheese.

Four questions! I'm excited.

 I'm new and I have questions.

:-D The ever inquisitive mind of a Scorpio.

A) Do you believe in Astrology?
 A2) What's your sign?

B) If you could sleep with ONE celebrity, who would it be and why?

C) Do you say dark red or Crimson? or things like that. In other words, do you use generic words or creative ones?

I ask because when I bought my Nintendo DS, I asked the clerk for the black and crimson DS. He looked at me like I was crazy. The tag said "Crimson and Black" so I said Crimson and black two more times before I finally said "The dark red one..." he said "Well why didn't you just say that then?" Well..GOSH!

D) Does anyone own a Nintendo DS? If so, whats your favourite game/least favourite game?
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Bus ethics

Got on the bus with my BF on Thursday and it was almost full, I chose the first available seat next to a girl who had a Victoria Secret bag taking up half of the available seat. I sat down but was partly in the aisle due to her bag. There were many more people getting on behind me, standing room only, so everyone was literally squeezing past me to get by. I asked her to move her bag "Excuse me, could you move your bag?" She told me to wait a minute and then proceeded to start texting someone. I decided to move her bag for her and she said "If you don't want to sit there then you can just move." I said "No, actually you can move your bag." She said something else that I didn't hear and we ignored each other for the rest of the trip.

I though it was really rude of her to A. be taking up 2 seats on a bus that is that full and B. to expect me to wait half hanging off the seat while she text messaged someone.

My BF got mad at me thought for "picking fights" and though that I should have just left it alone.

What do you think TQC? Should I have just left it alone and let her continue text messaging while people poured in behind me?

As for my bus ethics. I usually put my bag on the seat next to me, but when I notice that the bus is starting to fill up I move it to the floor in front of me to make room.


Share you shitty bus riding experiences.

The other night I was riding the bus and this truck pulled up and drove parallel with the bus for awhile. The guy inside of it had his interior lights on and was jerking off. Awesome!

(no subject)

Why are powerful women so frowned upon?
Why are strong women seen as generally unattractive?

Do you think women are inferior to men? (yes , no & why) 

Edit: Sry for posting my questions in separate posts,
For those of you currently in college or university, specifically those of you studying social sciences....
Does school make you cynical about the world?
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 I'm getting my make-up done at MAC today and must purchase $50 worth of products. What are some MAC must-haves? If naming eyeshadows, specific ones please.
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(no subject)

If someone you de-friended on lj or any similar site came to you and asked why you did so, would you respond to them?
If you chose to respond, would you be honest about why you did it?  If your answer is "it depends" or along those lines, what type of factors would it depend on?

If you'd like to share any actual stories, that would be cool too. 
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(no subject)

are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

does it bother anyone else when i post this question? i've had a couple of people say that these are getting to be more and more frequent.. i didn't think they were a problem? either way, help me think of a name for my hair blog! that way, everybody will be happy. oh what a difference a _ can make, lol. ask_ria
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(no subject)

Should I get a haircut or a massage today? I just got a trim a few weeks ago, but I think I want a whole new cut. The massage would be more expensive, but it would also be wonderful.

What is the most money that has ever been in your bank account at one time? Was it there for a specific reason or you just managed your money really well?

Other than rent/mortgage, what is your biggest bill?

(no subject)

Does anyone play Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG?

If you do, tell me about your character (Level, jobs, etc)? :D Picture?

If you don't play a MMORPG, what kind of video games do you play?

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Need Help Please

The story is I have  a boyfriend for 2 years and 3 months now and i am just not happy anymore. There might be a day or 2 when i am happy but thats about it. I guess what made me so happy is we broke up way too many times. Now theres another part of this story. I have a best friend thats a guy that I know since 4th grade and I realized I like started to fall for him and I didn't want this to happen but it did. It was driving me crazy because I kept it inside of me for so many months and recently I just told him out. I thought he didn't like me but I found out he does. He told me that when me and my boyfriend were broken up he wanted to ask me out and I was like OH MY GOSH I felt like so stupid for keep on taking back my boyfriend. Please tell me what should I do, I need a lot of oppinons please!
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Would you rather go somewhere that has a liquor license or somewhere byob?

If you could eat a 3-course meal at any restaurant for 31.95, where would you want to go?

Edit: The idea is it's a really GOOD restaurant and normally a 3-course meal would cost twice as much there. Don't you guys ever eat good food?

(no subject)

how many movies that take place during one day can you think of?
Clue and Ferris Bueller are all I can think of. I think Phone Booth, but I've never seen it.

The Breakfast Club? Can't remember if it starts on a different day..

(no subject)


One of my oldest friends who lives in Boston just text messaged me asking me to drive out to Vegas tonight. I haven't seen her since last March and she's there until Monday. I have a 3 day weekend so I don't have to worry about missing work or anything. Also, Vegas is ~5 hours away.

Should I do it?

(no subject)

Does anyone know how to use audacity?

My boyfriend randomly asked me to record a song off myspace with it, but I can't record it without the song sounding hollow and crappy.

For Those Who Wear Glasses...

I'm near-sighted and I finally broke down and got glasses. When I wear them I can see stuff far away perfect now. But I can't see things close up anymore. They are blurry. Is this normal? Do my eyes just need time to adjust or do I need to go back to the store?
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(no subject)

1. Do you name things you own?
I do. Mostly electronics, really. My phone is called Robin, my computer is Miss Scarlet, my wireless mouse is Fledermaus...

2. I have a new bowling ball (this one, and yes it does actually smell like lime). What should I name it? I generally go for fannish names (see my interests, if you're inclined), but it has to be something that people I bowl with won't ridicule me for calling it.
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Just curious

What kind of strange noises do you hear outside your window?

I live on the 3rd story of an apartment building on campus and I constantly hear howling noises when the wind is blowing and I'm the first to know if it's raining. I also hear car alarms going off at night every now and then, but that's not as often as the wind thing is.

(no subject)

Are you for or against taking troops out of Iraq and putting them in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Edit: Sorry, I guess I worded it badly. I know they're already in Afghanistan, but I meant to ask if you support adding more troops to Afghanistan as some of the U.S. presidential candidates have discussed. This question is more about Afghanistan and Pakistan since so many people seem to only discuss Iraq.

(no subject)

Who has been to Moe's Southwest Grill?
What do/did you think of it?

One just opened up nearby and I was thinking of trying it sometime.

EDIT-There is no Chipotle or Qdoba where I live
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I've got clothes shopping on my mind...

I love high heels but they do not love my feet. The most I can do is kitten heels. How can I learn to walk in heels/make heels more comfortable?

Do you go by the French 4-5 piece wardrobe?

Do you believe in buying quality clothes or affordable clothes?

What is your favorite article of clothing to buy?

funny shit!

Who are your favorite stand up comedians? 

I need some fodder for my cross country trip road trip in a week.

I love Robin Williams, especially his older stuff. Eddie Izzard is great, too.
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(no subject)

Hi TQC.  My roommate just moved out and she took her dog with her.  I have since spent a decent amount of time crying over the dog.  Would you please tell me a silly story involving something your pet does to cheer me up?

(no subject)

1.Women: How do you masturbate?

2. Would anyone stop me if I were to go to a store with a pad of paper, browse through products and write down their details (UPCs and other codes) without buying the products?

3. What do you think of James Spader?
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(no subject)

In terms of attractiveness and/or dateability:

Does a pretty/handsome face override a not-so-awesome body?

Does the opposite(awesome body overrides a horse face) also work?

assume all parties are very neat and clean
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

What website could I go to, to download generic music tracks? Like a typical rap or techno track. It's for editing a promotional video. You know, how editing programs sometimes come with music you can use? Where could I get that?

I'm using Final Cut to edit, just in case.
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(no subject)

Is it just a crush, or am I a stalker?

Will you go to prom with me? (and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance)

Why has nobody posted about Britney's wedding on ONTD yet? I don't want to do it. Will you do it?

(no subject)

The family have gone away for five days. I live 45 minutes away from everyone I know and 4 miles away from the nearest town. The only thing I can see outside my window is countryside, spanning for miles. I cannot drive.

How can I entertain myself? I'm going mad already and it's only been six hours.

(no subject)

What are some stupid things you've done while drunk?

Last night I slapped a cactus "to see what would happen." My hand really hurts, and is dappled with tiny bruises and sores.

What is a hangover like for you?

My hangovers always entail me puking all morning and barely being able to leave my bed. Is this normal?
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(no subject)

 Just wondering for a story I was thinking about writing...

What are some of the best things in your life? Like, the things that pretty much keep you going each day. Things that, without them, you know you would not be able to survive?

For me, it is the love of my friends. Other thoughts...??
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Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Oh, Dr. LJ, can you help me? I'm seventeen years old.

Five teeth on the bottom left side of my mouth hurt like nobody's damn business, and it hurts the very worst in the back. One has a cavity that needs to be filled, but the rest are perfectly fine. My gums are not swollen, red, bleeding, anything like that, I brush my teeth twice a day and rinse with mouthwash, etc. My jaw hurts and is kinda stiff on that side, and so does my ear, and when I chew on that side, it hurts (especially in the back). Every-fucking-body in my family has had problems with their wisdom teeth. Does this sound like my wisdom tooth is coming in?

Do you have any piercings? :O Can I see pictures?

I was thinking of getting my lip pierced after graduation, but I feel like I look like a dumbass every time I imagine myself with... Well, anything different, including haircuts, new clothes, piercings, different colored hair, glasses, etc. What do you think of lip rings? If you like them, do you think I would look okay with one?

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eknock, Ash

Nintendo DS Homebrew?

Note: This is for a friend, and not me. I'm just the asker, as he has no LJ. :P

If he installs FlashMe to my Nintendo DS Lite, will my backlight revert to the binary state of a typical Nintendo DS, or will it maintain it's four-levels-of-intensity state of a DS Lite?

(That's just copy paste, folks. ;) ) Or better yet, if you can direct me to a community that will tell me this... :)


Which kinds of foods do you prefer: Salty or sweet?

Also, do you ever have sexual fantasies which would be considered politically incorrect?

Answer to above question: Yes.


I know once you turn 19 you age out for being eligible for medicaid (for Missouri atleast) but i got pregnant and was able to get it again and have since then had my baby (who is covered with medicaid now too). i got pregnant in missouri and applied for medicaid there but once i moved to virginia i discontinued it and just reapplied and got it here again. i plan on moving back [from virginia] to missouri within a few weeks.

does this mean after i discontinue the medicaid here in virginia, i will still be eligible for it in Missouri even though i'm not pregnant?

how long do i get to keep medicaid insurance?

Off topic question...

how many days would it take for me to mail something to missouri from virginia?
oh, its nothing heavy, just a few pieces of paper in an envelope.

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(no subject)

I'm wanting something sweet should I drive the 4ish miles to the store and grab a cookie or one of those brownie bowls, OR insert suggestion?

Or should I just suck it up and ignore it?

EDIT-OK thanks guys, I gave in. I got chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with chocolate in between

(no subject)

1) My dorm smell like Paris Hilton perfume because of my overzealous roommate.
What does the place your in smell like?

2) Beef jerky: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

3) What do you think about the fall of the Roman Empire compared to the government of America?
Do you think America will suffer a similar fate eventually? Thoughts on it?
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Save my coffee!

TQC, I make my coffee here in a Moka, and it makes about 4-5 shots of espresso, or 3-4 cappuccinos, cafe con leches, whatever. I do not need to drink 3-4 of those. But I can't put less water/coffee in the Moka or it won't brew. Any ideas on how to save the extra coffee, that won't make it taste nasty? I just hate wasting it, tbh.


This question is directed toward Catholics:

I forgot that we shouldn't eat meat on Fridays during Lent (I'm a convert and this is only my second Lent), so I had a turkey sandwich for lunch and some chicken strips for dinner. Since I simply forgot, should I still go to confession before taking communion tomorrow?

I cross posted to the catholicism community but I will be shutting down my PC in 15 mins and won't be checking back until after Mass tomorrow.  I'm not sure I'll get a response from them right away, so I turn to you.

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)


My boyfriend is working the night shift tonight, so I'm alone with the cat. What should I do tonight? Nothing wild, I'm in a relaxing mood, probably gonna stay in the house.

What should I have for dinner?
Poll #1139702 Dinnersaur

What should I eat for dinner?

Gluten-free pasta with spicy tomato sauce
Chips and salsa
Cheesy rice and broccoli
Big salad with fat free ranch dressing
Tomato and herb risotto
Brown rice w/ black beans and vegetables

a movie

What was the movie that had a main character named Penelope but someone kept calling her Penal-Lope i think he was foreign or something.  Sorry thats all i have.  Its a random question so i feel like no one is going to have any idea what i am talking about but if you do thank you.
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(no subject)

Have you ever lived in a trailer/mobile home? Do you currently live in one?

How much is rent in a trailer park or whatever? Or is it just the cost of the trailer rent or something?

How many miles do you think you drove today?

What's your mom's middle name?

(no subject)

Why would someone stay in a relationship if they were completely miserable?
My cousin and his girlfriend stopped by earlier and they were fighting the whole time, it was awkward as hell. His brothers told me how miserable he is since they've moved in together, I just don't understand why he'd stay if he's so unhappy.

For those of you who wear makeup, what do you apply your eyeshadow with? Why do you prefer using what you do?
I've always used sponge applicators, they're cheap and I can just toss them out after a few uses, plus anytime I try using brushes it never works out the same.

Help me solve a mystery, TQC. My dog freaks out any time somebody says the word 'sausages'. She runs in circles and barks and jumps all over the place. I don't think we've even cooked sausages in the house the whole time we've had her or anything. One day somebody said the word in a conversation and she freaked out. What's up with that?

(no subject)

A little while ago, someone posted a question asking for videos to cheer them up or asking for people's favorite videos. Someone posted a video about Guitar Hero III that was a review of the game by a British man talking very fast. I can't find that anywhere now and I need to show my friends who have wasted their entire day playing the game. Do you know it?
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(no subject)

How do snakes mate? What is the process they go through in order to have baby snakes? How does that work? How do you tell a boy snake from a girl snake?

Edit Yes I know they have sex. Wiki makes me go WHAT and then what in painful confusion. I have no idea what that means. And watching it doesnt help, in fact I must go scrub my mind now.
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(no subject)

Do you have a list of things (or even a general idea) of things you'd like to do before you die? What are they?

Have you done any of them yet or have plans to do so soon?
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Can anyone make me an animated LJ icon from these three images? (1, 2, 3). Or can you point me toward an online animator that isn't the "gickr" one I keep finding that resizes the images way too large?

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1. What's the cutest thing a SO has ever done for you?

2. What's the cutest thing you've ever done for a SO?

3. What do you think of Beowulf (the book, not the movie)?

4. What is your name, and do you know the story behind why your parents gave it to you?
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Why did they have to get rid of the best line in the movie?

Boo, you whore.

Dumb ABC family.

Also, why do I keep accidently posting to my journal?
This is the third time I posted it, first my journal, then articulate, now hopefully it worked.
macaroni murder lady

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Tonight, I drained the fat from a pound of ground beef off into the bathtub drain. Yes, it's a long fucking story and that was my best option. Do you have any experience with boneheaded crap like this? What is likely to happen? Will I die?
Luis sloooow

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Is it normal that every time I see the > sign, as in 4>3 or Me>you, I say "nom nom nom" (eating sounds) in my head? Does anyone else do this?

Is Jerry Springer staged? If you  think so,where do they find so many trashy actors to go on it?

Do you know anyone in prison?

What are you listening to right now?