February 15th, 2008


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I will be taking an lj hiatus for a few weeks, while rissie decides if she's going to take me to irl court for outing her as a law school and cancer faker.

So, since I will have tons of free time:

1. I need loooong books to read. Whole series are fine, or just single books with like 1000 pages or more. I like almost anything besides romance (including non-fic, as long as it's not sports), and no children's or young adult books, please.
Examples of the kind of stuff I'm looking for but have already read:
Atlas Shrugged
Wheel of Time
The Stand

2. I am also looking for good games to play. I don't really want to pay a monthly fee, though. I tend toward puzzle or word games, but I'll try anything once.
Games I've enjoyed:
Diablo II
Hidden object games, usually
Hellgate: London, but less buggy plz.
Age of Empires II (III and mythology make me dizzy.)

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Several of my friends are gay. One of them had a fiancee before coming out of the closet.

He mentioned that one of the things that led him to realize he was gay was when he was having sex with her while pleasuring himself with a dildo.

Now, I'm not one to question how gay people get their "revelations," but I was curious because when I pointed out that some straight men enjoy anal stimulation, he said those men only enjoy if it's a butt plug, something that's not the shape and size of an actual penis. He said straight men didn't like having something that long in their ass.

That didn't sound right to me. I admit, I'm not exactly well-versed in this kind of thing, but I don't think he can rightly say that. I'm almost certain that there are many straight men who enjoy having penis-shaped, penis-sized dildos inside them.

What do you all think?
kitty, Erica

Snuggly warm

Dear TQC do you wear leggings or long johns or long underwear or a pair of pj pants or anything under your pants when it's cold outside?

I wear these silky heavy leggins that I could wear with a skirt as well. I have a pair in white and a pair in black and they have lace at the ankles. someone who saw me in them today kept laughing at them, but I think they're cute and they keep me warm!

Does it sound cute to you?

ty <3 :)
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HOMEWORK: What popular scapegoats can you think of that DO NOT directly involve religion? Google already has the religious aspect covered, thnx.

NOT HOMEWORK: Assuming all other factors are identical, would you rather see a doctor who keeps paper medical records or electronic medical records? Why?

THE UGLY: Are there any celebrities that most people describe as beautiful but you just don't see it? Are there any "unattractive" celebrities that you think are attractive? I think Tilda Swinton is gorgeous and Angelina Jolie has a big scary man jaw.


i will be going there for a weekend getaway with some friends. could anyone who has been there please advise some spots that you enjoyed? outside of ginza is good, too. thanks in advance.

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 I went to Starbucks this morning and two interesting things happened.  1) A girl who works there (but was a customer this morning) went in and a girl behind the counter said "Hey Miss 21!  Are you excited?"  The birthday girl responded "Yeah!  We're heading off to Vegas right now."  2) I told another woman behind the counter that my name is Becky and she said "Beth?"  So I just said "Yeah" instead of correcting her.

1) When you turned 21, how did you celebrate?

2) When you go to Starbucks or any place where you have to give a name but your true identity doesn't matter, do you ever give a fake name?   When a barista confirms your name and it's wrong, do you correct them?

3) For anyone who is married: Did you set a date that was meaningful to you or was it just a random day?  If it was a date that meant something, what was special about that date?

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What have you learned since last Friday?

-I've learned one of my friends is a type 1 diabetic, another one is comfortable enough to sleep on my lap and what "sex handles" are.
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Good morning, you bastards

1) What do you think of the name "Garden of Eatin' " for a sub/pizza shop?

2) How are you?

3) Are you too good for this shit? What shit?

4) What's your approach to life? Do you have a personal philosophy?

5) What are you doing this weekend?
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A few months back, someone posted a link to a website that had all these gorgeous pictures of earth taken from space and had asked if we thought they were real or not.  Does anyone still have the link to that website?  One of the pictures looked like this.

What is one thing that is guaranteed to make you happy, no matter what?


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you know how most TQC'ers are American females between 18 and 26?

are there any other things (personality traits, financial status, education, mental disorders, etc.) that you think would be more common among our population?

ETA: what's something (interest/name/location, etc.) that you know *for a fact* that you share with a fellow TQC'er? my birthday.

for those outside the USA: what's your favorite current tv show? what's it about?

Forensic Identification Unit

Does the Forensic Identification Unit of a police department only show up if a crime has been committed or any time a dead body is found?

The forensic identification unit was parked at a house around the corner from me with a police car. I'm wondering if a crime took place or if they just found someone dead...

You guys rule.

Thanks for the perspective on my most recent question. I love that about yous guys.

So now my new question - who in your life is the person who comes along and smacks you up alongside the head (literally or metaphorically) when you're being a little bitch, doing something wrong, or you're just acting weird/like a moron?

My answer: my mother, my father, a few of my best friends, and my boyfriend. They're all really good at helping me get my head out of my ass. :)
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I'm not much of a traveler but I'm considering a trip to Maui in July for a friend's wedding. I have never actually *planned* a trip other than a quick overnighter type of thing, so this is a big deal for me.

I have sky miles points on a credit card (Alaska Airlines to be exact) that I have access to that will probably pay for most of my airfare. Because of this does that mean I cannot do a 'package deal' (like flight/lodging) via Travelocity or Expedia or something? Or is there a way to do it via those places and still make use of the points?


I know that this is going to seem weird but does anyone here know a good summoning spell for spirits? Or at least a good website? Some friends and I are going to Old House Woods in VA and there is reportedly spirits there. We went a couple months ago and felt some pretty wierd stuff but I'd really like to conjure something. thanks
EDIT: Me and my friends actually have a good amount of experince when it comes to ghost hunting and we are all practicing witches but we just cant find any good summoning spells... We have done them before and know how to do protection circles and the like, we just cant find any that work... We do know what we are doing

EDIT: We went and had a great time. I wrote a spell myself and it worked pretty well. Nobody talked to us but we did get some mental 'pushing' and had some other crazy shit happen. Thank you to everyone who wrote something positive and BOOOOOOOOOO to those who didnt. Oh and to everyone who thought that I was a girl...... I'm not..... sorry. Thank you again everyone for your concern. Have a great day.

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Has anyone ever tried salvia divinorum? 

If you've tried it, what was it like?

In what method did you consume it?

Salvia divinorum is legal here in the US- if you are someone that has used it, do you think it should stay legal?
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1. Do you talk to your cats in a normal voice or some kind of play voice?
2. If you have adult cats, are they playful like they were as babies?
3. Perhaps a picture? :)
4. If you don't have a kitty or you have more than just a kitty, what other animals do you have?

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1) TQC, I'm really really tired. What should I do to wake myself up?

2a) Where were you last night?
2b) Oh, really? Then why did I call and you werent there?
2c) You were with that whore again werent you?!!?!

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Oooh...my supervisor called and I missed it...

She wants me to call back around 1. She said it can't wait until next week.

What does she want!?

both serious and nonserious answers are welcome..I've got another hour to kill before class.


The husband and I are going to go see a movie tonight.

He wants to see Definitely, Maybe (No clue why. I think he has a guy crush on Ryan Reynolds)
I want to see Jumper.
There's also the Spiderwick Chronicles..

What should we see?
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My 18th birthday is next Friday and I have no idea how to celebrate it. Originally, I had wanted to go clubbing, but some of my best friends will still be 17 at the time, so that's out. TQC, what should I do?

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Last night my husband got me flowers. I asked him to put them in the kitchen for me, and he did. When I walked into the kitchen this morning, the flowers were not in a vase like I thought they would be. The flowers were sitting in between two drawers.

Why did my husband think that was a good idea?

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what is the last weird thing you have eaten? I mean something that a majority of people would eat or do to food-
I put chocolate sauce on some hot wings- does anyone else do that? I thought it tasted pretty good.

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Has there been a food/drink that you've craved lately, only to discovered it wasn't as good as you remembered??


Can you think of a shoulder length style of hair that
a) has no bangs
b) isn't TOO short
c) doesn't take tons of product?
ravenclaw wit beyond measure


If you shave your armpits and use deodorants/anti-perspirants, how soon after shaving do you put the deodorant/anti-perspirant on?

Do you still use deodorant/anti-perspirant if you nick yourself while shaving there?

Does the deodorant/anti-perspirant you use have aluminum in it?

How often do you shave your armpits?
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Do you like airports? If so why?

Have you ever posted on livejournal from an airport? I currently am and I think it is the most brilliant thing ever, but I am possibly too easily amused.

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I  have a new external hardrive and dont really know how to use it. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get you iTunes file on there.

sidenote: I cant get to my itunes file through "my music"
semla, semlor

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I don't know about you guys, but I can hardly wait for summer, so I'm listening to all of the music I have that reminds me of the season.

Are there any songs that make you instantly think of summer when you hear them? What are some of those songs?

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Throughout my childhood I had a favourite aunt who I have very fond memories of. She lived across the country in Calgary, but every christmas she would send us a huge care package and we would visit her almost every summer. When I was 16 and going through problems I went to stay with her for a few months, and again when I was 18 (which was in 1998). She was extremely generous and loving and was pretty much a second mom.

Anyway, after that we both went through a bunch of bullshit and we never spoke again. I got all self-involved and drug-addicted and angsty, and she she gained a lot of weight, got severely depressed and has been in and out of the psych ward. She's not the same person she used to be. I went back to Calgary with my mom the summer before last for the first time since 1998. I was excited to see her since I hadn't even spoken to her in 8 years, but in the whole 3 weeks we were there she only made time to see us for an afternoon tea. She didn't make eye contact or talk to me the whole time. When leaving, I went to hug her and she didn't hug back.

I realized that she had health/mental health issues but I guess I didn't expect that. It has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. Now my mom is telling me that my aunt probably won't be alive for much longer. Knowing that I probably won't ever see her again makes me really sad.

Now my question: should I take some initiative and write her a letter or something? Should I keep it light or talk about my feelings and that it hurt when she refused to hug me? I guess I'm kind of worried that she won't even respond (or respond in a cold manner) and that would make me feel even worse. But if she dies with my last memory of her being that afternoon she ignored me, that would be horrible.

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So I'm starting to save up for something big, though I'm not 100% yet.

My ex boyfriend wants to take me to Hawaii for his birthday next year, so I was thinking about that (I'd want to split the hotel bills, pay my way over, etc). He's not very reliable, though, and he's kind of a jerk. 2 weeks with him = eek. But still, it's Hawaii, and I can always find stuff to do without him. For that, I'd want ~5,000 dollars saved up.

I could save up for a general vacation, with the location to be determined at a later date. I'm thinking traveling through Northern Europe. I have no idea how much I'd need for that. Also, none of my friends are interested in traveling (aside for ex boyfriend). WTF? :-(

I was also thinking about getting a dirtbike. I need a new hobby. That would be around 2,000 dollars.

Or I could just put the extra money towards paying for my car. It'd be nice to have it paid off sooner.

I can save up 500 dollars every 1.5 months. I don't care how long it takes to save up. I just need help on deciding on a goal.

So, TQC, what should I save up for?

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1. What's with people that spit when smoking (outside)? I constantly see people standing at the bus stop, taking a drag of their cigarette and then spitting on the ground a few seconds later. Is it not bad enough having one gross habit?

2. How is your day going so far?

3. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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 Let's assume you're all religious or spiritual and believe in Heaven and Hell.

1) Which TQCer is most likely to go to Heaven?

2) Which TQCer is most likely to go Hell/Purgatory?

You can't base it on your best friend who you wish would go to Heaven or the person you hate most and wish would go to Hell because your best friend may be inherently evil or the person you hate most might be inherently good.  You just have to base it on who has the highest and lowest standards of good and evil.
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1. When you read the sentence "I like chewing gum"  is 'chewing' part of the noun or is it a verb?

2. My flatmate is psycho, so I can't leave the room to get food. But I'm hungry. My choices are either, an old squishy nectarine, a stale chocolate hot cross bun or some chocolate chips. What should I eat?

3. Look up. What's the first thing you see that is green?
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Une Question

Even though my Valentine's Day sucked yesterday, I'm determined not to hold it against him. So, I'm off today, and I'm going to thoroughly clean our apartment. Then, I'm going to make a scrumptious dinner that will be ready for him when he gets home.

So, TQC...

What should I cook for The Man?

Calories are not an issue. In fact, the more, the better. He need to gain about 40 pounds.
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I need to at least trim my hair.

Do I just trim it or do I cut it into a mohawk/faux-hawk?

Keep in mind, I should be going for job interviews sometime in the future. I can't decide if I really care or not.
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A week ago, I went to sleep and apparently bit my tongue in my sleep and didn't let go till I woke up. It still hurts.

What weird thing have you done/do you do in your sleep?
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Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom

Because we all want to survive the zombie apocalypse

So, TQC, you're driving home tonight when you notice that the streets are filled with zombies. It seems a zombie apocalypse has begun and you're still 10 miles from home and your gas meter is running on E. If you run out of gas and have to head home (or whatever safe house you're breaking towards) on foot, what are the odds that you'll make it?

Alternatively, you receive word from the future that a zombie apocalypse is due to begin in six months time. You've no way to prevent it. How does your life change and how do you prepare yourself for the oncoming hordes?

As I myself have bad knees and am v. out of shape, I'm quite certain that I would be killed and have my tasty brainmeats eaten if given the first option. What should I do to raise my chances of survival?

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I updated here the other night about my dog that died, thanks to everyone who replied. My vet wouldn't come and get him but I phoned a few vets and I got one that came for him.

I was thinking of making a video montage thing in Movie Maker for Mum. I can't think of a suitable song. Can anyone help? For the record, Buster was a puppy till the end. He was so lively and friendly and loved everyone he met, a real character. He was more than just a family pet. I thought of You're My Best Friend but there's a few songs with that title.

Any suggestions?
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1) If you have any siblings, are you close with them? If not, do you wish you were?

2) If you're an only child, do you ever wish you had a sibling? Why or why not?

3) What is your favorite grain?

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Recently a friend has sent/posted some racist jokes.
now I enjoy racist jokes as much as the next person, but... it seems like perhaps he is racist. I haven't seen this side of him before.

Would you confront him?
How would you tell if someone is actually racist rather than saying racist jokes?
Where can I find that icon with the little boy saying "that's racist"?

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My girlfriend does not think my plan of being homeless and living in a combi van is awesome. Clearly she is crazy.

What should be included in my combi van?

I'm currently thinking that I have a bed roll, a cupboard like thing that has ironing board like material on the top of half of it, and the other half is like a bench. I'm hoping you could get a small generator to power a hotplate, tiny iron & charge my mobile phone (at different times). Also a bucket for teeth brushing, washing with a cloth. Use public toilets and have a gym membership so I can shower (& get fit!).

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[Shameless promotion moved to journal]

Edit 2: Does anyone have the site that spawned this idea?
It was written by a guy who lived homeless in his car for some time. He used a car cover to conceal himself at night, moved his car around each night and had a whole list of rules on how to keep functioning in society & hide your homelessness.
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I hate cleaning. I was a housekeeper for a good 4 years, and it really burnt me out on housework. I'm terrible about letting everything pile up until I'm forced to do something about it, as opposed to spending 15-20 minutes per day on keeping the place tidy.

However, I've found recently that if I make a list and cross it off as I go, I don't have a problem with it anymore.

Why, TQC? This makes no sense to me.

Do you make to-do lists?

mexican chic!

anyone know if there are any stores featuring a mexican or latin inspired clothing line right now? 

completely random, I know - but I need a mexican chic outfit for my fiesta birthday party tomorrow! i suppose I could throw on a sarape and accessorize.
taylor swift at billboard awards

The Audition

What's your favourite The Audition record?

All in Your Head EP
Controversy Loves Company
I've never heard of The Audition
I've heard of The Audition, but I don't like them (or I haven't listened to them)

Jw because I'm going to see them in May (at Give It A Name) but I haven't really listened to them.

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 Good 'eve TQC.

I am looking for a particular web site, but can't for the life of me find it.
It offers daily information and insperation to clean and de clutter the home.
I remember it saying to "shine your sink" before you go to bed so when morning comes your day can start out fresh.
Do any of you know what web site this is?

Do you make chore lists?
Do they help?
Whats your least fav chore?
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Interesting combination today!

Stemming from this article,  which you should really read, which is worse? Sexism or racism?
a: Sexism. It targets a larger population, and is still somewhat acceptable. It makes me sick.

Were you supposed to have another brother or sister, but your mother misscarriaged? How did you feel?
a: Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. She had my little sister, and my little brother after her misscarriage.


i have a plan with tmobile right now. if i was to change my plan, would that affect the price of my NEXT bill? i know about the 2 year extension, that's a given, but would they pro-rate my bill? or what.

edit: and i know that calling tmobile would solve this problem, but i feel that your personal experience would probably answer my question much faster than they would. thanks.
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There's a woman at my work who feels like she's my boss, but she's not. She's a co-worker from accounting, I help out accounting with stuff (I'm a receptionist). She takes it upon herself to "suggest" things for me to do, when she sees me check my e-mail between tasks, she runs right up here and asks if I need any help, "since I'm so busy typing", etc. Generally, she babysits me. I get all my work done promptly during the day, and then some. Hell, I ask the accounting people if they have things for me to do! This woman acts like I'm gonna kick up my feet, chew gum and file my nails all day if she doesn't "keep me busy". and no, there's no policy against a little internet use

TQC, how can I tell this woman to get the fuck off my case(in a professional manner), and let me do my work at my own pace?

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What are those little clear strips that come with certain clothes? What would happen if I cut them off?

I never noticed this until I bought a few tank tops from Forever 21. I figured they were for the top one way or another, but the top is just a piece of cloth... no pockets or opening whatsoever. I'm wondering if anybody knows?


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Inspired slightly by this post.

When you order Chinese food at a place that lets you choose zero to five stars for hotness, how many stars do you choose?


I usually order two, sometimes three.

I know one guy who, when faced with a zero to five scale, ordered seven.

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Do you prefer working really early in the morning and getting off of work still early in the day (before noon) or working the afternoon and not getting off work until later in the evening?

I work at 5 in the morning sometimes and while it's a pain to get up I do like being able to have my entire day free even after I work.

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Have you ever sat in awe as someone you love sleeps, staring at them and loving ever subtle noise and movement they make?

edit: Apparently this makes me a creep, but I really don't care at all because she's just so fucking adorable. I can't stand not to watch.

edit2: I really don't get it.

 What makes this so creepy, tqc?

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Bathroom questions:

1. Do you think men or women spend more time in the bathroom at a given time?
2. Do you take your time in the bathroom, or are you pretty in-and-out?
3. Do you read in the bathroom? What kind of stuff do you read?

Food questions:

1. What is your favorite kind of salad dressing?
2. I am making chicken in black bean and garlic sauce. What should go with that?
3. Have you had Corona? Is it good? If I'm not a beer drinker, should I just forget trying it?
4. What's your favorite alcoholic beverage (if you can drink), what's in it, and why is it your favorite?

Okay, I think I've exhausted my questioning today. 
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In my East Asian Art and Civilization class today, we discussed this:

What do you think?
smart idea or hardcore paranoia?

edit: haha read the article: read the article! http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/20/world/asia/20japan.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

do you think hoodlums in Japan wear white mirrored belts and flashy socks?
if so, wanna go with me?


So I'm all dressed up, and nowhere to go for at least an hour*.

AND that's if my ride shows up.

*I'm going to a show.

Isn't this the worst feeling on a Friday? Looking hot and staying home..

(no subject)

What's your favorite Indian food dish (and what is it?)?
Allu gobi :) It's potatoes and cauliflower.

What makes you super irritable?
For me, headaches just make EVERYTHING 100,000x more annoying than usual.
Also, the sun in my eyes.
And PMS.......

How was your day?
Long and stressful.
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1. When you have a pot of something that has a lid and also a plastic seal, do you half peel the seal as you use the product and replace the lid, or do you do away with the seal right away?

2. Are you or do you know a parking enforcement officer? Do hazard lights used while parked in a no-parking zone ever inspire leniency do you think?

3. Stick flushy handles on public toilets - flush with your foot or your hand?

4. What are you up to tonight?
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Excuse me but I NEED to know this. If you turn on your TV and watch Ghost Whisperer right now these note things keep popping up with information about the show or previous episodes. I saw the exact same fucking thing happen last night when ABC re-ran last weeks episode of Lost. WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?
Water bra

Firday Night!

It is Friday night and I'm in *pause* Idaho. My core group of friends all happen to be out of town and I think I just might go insane from boredom. What should I do tonight? Especially if it includes meeting some new people. Help...
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Anybody have pet rabbits? 

If so, what sort of cage/habitat do you keep them in? Do you have any reccomendations?

Basically I have an indoor bunny rabbit and I'm looking to find the best type of habitat to keep her in when I'm not around to supervise her. Specific brands/ products would be much appreciated. I'd like something reasonably priced (as in under 100 USD whatever is considered reasonable in rabbit habitat land) but if something is really worth it then I don't mind going over. 

macro - procrastination cat

(no subject)

If you could ask two people one question each and be guaranteed to get an completely honest answer, who would it be and what would you ask?

And no, you can't ask the same person two questions!
dont  wanna

Chinese Food

Does anyone eat chinese takeout food out of the little containers or do you put it on a plate? Also what is your favorite chinese food and do you usually order the same food every time you order?

(no subject)

did you go out and buy cheap leftover valentine's candy today?
    i didn't  myself, but when i got home tonight there was a bag of m&ms and some conversation hearts

do you have anything fun planed for the weekend?
    not really. i work and have a test on monday

what was the last thing you had to drink?
    an amaretto sour at the bar to celebrate completing my first ChEn test of many more to come with some classmates
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TV/movie quote?

So I'm looking for the source of this scene and quote. Unfortunately, I don't have the EXACT quote, but I remember the gist of it. I have a feeling it's from Scrubs but I may be wrong It is most likely NOT from Scrubs but from an earlier television show, and if anyone could fill in my missing knowledge, I would be very grateful. I know many people have memories like sponges out there, so I'm hoping someone will stumble across this question. =)

The scene is two people are standing facing each other, and they are speaking the exact thing at the exact same time. I think one person is male and the other female. The sequence is something like:

"Get out of my head!"
"No, you get out of my head!"
"Stop it!"
"(some completely ridiculous string of words said by both at the exact same time)"

In case anyone is wondering, this is to explain a pop culture reference in my data for my Master's Thesis.

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I was watching "Gone Country" with my mom, and in a preview for next week they showed Dee Snyder commenting on the clothes they were going to wear, he said something about how it had all these bright colors and sparkles everywhere (as if that was so crazy) Does anybody else find that really amusing coming from him?

(no subject)

My goal today at work was to win Solitaire Vegas 3-card draw over $1,000 and I just did. Woot!

What was your goal for the day? Did you accomplish it? Do you usually have goals for your day?

Maybe it was more of a check point on my to-do list. But I didn't have anything else on the list... Did you get everything done on your to-do list?
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For just the tower from The Source, a new model, its $299 + tax and junk. Specs: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ processor, 160gig harddrive, 1024MB RAM (blah), DVD drive/burner, shitty video which I would swap out for my current one, and what I like best, 14-in-1 card reader that reads camera memory sticks.

So what do you think TQC? Is it a trap, or should I go for it? Should I wait for a better deal from a better company? Or should I harrass my ex until he returns my XP disks and keep on using The Little PC that Could? What should I doooo?

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Have any of you taken the Plan B pill? Does it caused missed periods? It says it causes "menstrual changes" but what does that mean?

My last period ended like January 11th. Isn't it about due?

I've been having PMS-like symptoms lately...
Do I have a tubal pregnancy?
kiv dancin.

friday night excitement

Poll #1139275 Curiosity, yo!

Without googling, do you know who Stephen Foster is?

The name sounds familiar, but I can't place it.

How many of the following songs do you know?

Oh, Suzanna
Camptown Races
In the Eye Abides The Heart
Beautiful Dreamer
My Old Kentucky Home
Swanee River
Nelly Was a Lady
I Dream of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair

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TQC, I need to start preparing to apply to grad school. My mentor-professor has recommended several programs to me, none of which are close to my hometown. Thankfully though, an international conference on my area of study is happening an hour from where I live in October, so I should be able to meet some of the professors that I am interested in working with in person. But I've been told that it might be a good idea to start correspondence with them through e-mail first, so they'll know who I am at the conference.

How the hell do I do this? Like, what do I say? What is the format for something like this? It just seems like writing something like "Hi Dr. So-and-so, I am very interested in your work, could we meet at XX conference in October? Thx Bai!" would be awkward.
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Have any of you fallen victim of a "skimmer" scam? Where you pay at the pump at the gas station, only to have your credit card number stolen?

How did you handle it?

Personally, I have not, but my boss had that happen a few nights ago. They've debited more than $2,000 dollars when she only had $1,600 in there. Just really odd, idk.

For those who haven't heard of it, here is an ARTICLE about it.

See you on Cops!

Ok so. A few days ago, I went to the gas station, and the screen on the pump wasn't working. I went inside and asked, and the guy said the pump was working, the screen was just out. I said ok, and went back to pump gas. I swiped my card and it beeped and shit, so I started pumping gas. I finished and waited for a receipt and there was none so I said fuck it, and left.

Now, I'm looking at my bank account and I don't see the money coming out, nor do I see a $1 hold on my account like gas stations usually do.

Did I steal that gas???

I'm actually kind of freaked about this. Should I go back to the station and ask them about it? I can't remember when I did it.... Maybe Tuesday?

Should I just wait and see if the money comes out?

Are they going to come and arrest me??

Am I overreacting...?
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1.) Does anyone else here use Mibba? If so, are you also having problems accessing the site? I tried to follow a link to my profile page there, but the site told me that my profile didn't exist; then I tried to get to the main page, but it wouldn't even load, so I'm hoping it's just technical errors. Any other Mibba users having problems with that right now?

2.) Have you seen the movie Jumper, yet? I saw it last night, and it...wasn't bad. Could have done without the cliche love-story subplot, but that's true of a lot of movies, I think. Anyone else seen it, and have an opinion on it?

3.) What about Black Snake Moan? My family got it off of Netflix, and I'm thinking about watching it tonight. I have a bit of a crush on Christina Ricci, so I'll probably end up watching it anyway, but it is worth watching?

4.) Muttonchops - a good or bad look on a guy?

5.) What's making that noise outside my window?
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who's the most impressive/interesting/thought-provoking speaker you've ever seen? what topic were they addressing?

also, this year harvard's commencement guest is jk rowling (which i think would be fabulous) -- who would be on your list of ideal graduation speakers?
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People tend to negatively judge those who spend execessive amounts of time in front of the computer or in front of the television. Which one do you think is judged more harshly, generally? Which do you think has more negative factors?