February 14th, 2008


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100] If your SO came up to you right now, and asked to watch you pee, how would you react? What would you say? Edit; for ~erotic~ reasons

50] Sonic or Mario? Why?

25] How far are you from your ideal perfect body?
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a) if there's no cheese, are tortilla chips with chicken, refried beans, lettuce, salsa, tomato, etc. still nachos?

b) what are you looking forward to?

c) what are you annoyed about right now?

d) will you hire me?
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It's Valentine's Day, let the looooooooove posts roll in!

Let's say you're moving to another continent next month. Not forever, but for at least the next year. This is great and exciting and all that, but you've also recently realized your feelings for a friend (who had feelings for you in the past, but nothing ever developed) go a little deeper than friendship. Due to distance and logistics and such, this weekend is likely the last time you'll see said friend before you leave. Do you say something or leave it alone?

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for the past few days I thought I was getting a bad flu or a cold. it took a weird turn about a day or so ago. the glands on both sides of my throat are swollen, my throat is very sore and scratchy. the inside of my ears also itch like crazy. I'm used to that during this time of year. however.. now I seem to have developed some sort of strange rash on my face. mostly around my mouth and on my cheeks. it's almost like very small Braille bumps on my face. they aren't colored, but they itch like fucking CRAZY. I don't have sensitive skin, and I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before..

tqc, what could this strange ailment be? have you ever gotten such a rash on your face? am I dying?
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You have a dinner party. You are childfree (not the crazy kind). You invite a couple over who have kids. One of their kids, while running around, unsupervised, breaks a very valuable ($500) vase you have. Parents of said child laugh it off and do not offer to pay for it.

What do you, the host of the party, do?

What would you have done if you were the parents of said child?
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I'm 21 and going to Las Vegas Friday  to celebrate my roommate's 21st birthday. What are things I absolutely have to do/drink? There is no limit  to the amount of debauchery I'd like to participate in.
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What is one movie/TV show/Series that, no matter what, you can not stay awake through or just can not get to the end of for some reason?

Honestly, I have tried 37856 (approximately) times to watch Mulholland Drive and I Just.Can.Not. finish it. I fall asleep every gosh-darned time.

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If cupid shoot two people with arrows, and they fall in love and eventually break up, and one of the people kills them self because of the breakup, is cupid a murderer?

theultimate42 and I have the weirdest conversations.

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I am single and have been for close to 4 years now, yet I don't hate Valentines Day at all. I think it's cute and fun. Why is it single people get so nasty and butt hurt over a simple holiday? Who cares if its for couples why can't you just see the fun in it?

What was the best Valentines gift you got?

What was the best one you gave?

Do you remember passing out those little Valentines in class when you were a little kid?

Did you get a lot of them?

I remember Star Wars ones being super popular when I was little - and I am not talking about retro cool this was when that movie was out , yes i am that old.

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Do you ever have to reread the question(s) you ask here when you get comments because you forgot what it was you ask?

Do you have an escape plan for your house/apartment in case there is a fire?

What is your favorite cereal?

What does your alarm clock look like?

Do you screen your calls? 
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My boyfriend ditched me and I woke up to an email of someone calling me ugly.  How much is today going to suck/10?

What a lotion for flaky palms? :(  I've been using Suave Advanced Therapy because that's what was on campus, but it's not really doing a trick.
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Do you have a nickname that is your first name shortened? Is it the most common nickname that people with your name have? (Boy that hurt to reread... okay, ie, I'm Amanda and it is often shorted to Manda, but never Mandy... not that I'm sure which way is more popular... yeeeah.)

Is chocolate cheap yet or do I have to wait until tomorrow to stock up?

What kind of chocolate did you get today?

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ladies: how would you feel if, instead of flowers or a box of fat pills chocolates, you got Collapse )

gents: if you were going to give the above mentioned gift, would you put it in a large box so your lady-friend would get excited about your apparent generosity, or a small box for the forced perspective?
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what band do you wish would get back together?

say the band you listed got back together,

how much would you pay to go see them?

now say they weren't playing in your area,

how far would you go to see them?

(if you wish to see a deceased person that is fine too...they count!)

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I know this is morbid, but which of your parents would you prefer to die first? The thought of my mom dying before my dad scares me a lot more than the thought of my dad dying before my mom.

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Poll #1138493 Don't get a VD on VD

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

Not planning to, but something romantic might happen

What is your relationship status?

In a relationship

Though, if you had a choice, you'd rather be ______

Single (as I am now)
Single (not in a relationship like I am now)
In a relationship (like I am now)
In a relationship (not like I am now)

You find flowers on your desk. You have a secret admirer. How do you feel about that?

Flattered. That's about it
Ooooh, I wonder who it is. This is so exciting
Creeped out. Secret admirer is the first stage of having a stalker

Lastly, what is your feelings about those chalky hearts with the messages?

I like them. I like finding the one that's the right color and says the right message
Hate them. They taste awful
I like them only because I associate them with my childhood


This is a long one cats, sorry.

I belong to a gay students organization at a University. Now, our sister University, which is only a short distance away, is in a bit of a bind.

These students pay dues in their pride group and the dues went into a student fund with two other groups. From this fund they paid for an AMAZING 10k Drag Show that thousands of students attended. However, the rest of the money went into bringing a speaker... and the speaker the other student organizations chose was Ann Coulter. She's going to cost them 22k, and be a considerably different experience.

The problem, of course, lays in the fact that Ann Coulter is extremely anti-gay. The Pride students are paying for someone to come and harass them. Now, some people might have disagreed to the drag show or were offended, but it wasn't hetero-bashing and was an entertainment affair (I was there, it was all-sexuality friendly).

Should they protest Ann Coulter? Should my Pride organization join in to back them up? What should we do?
What would you do (given the situation)?

Should I see her anyway? I like looking at all sides of the spectrum...
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Owie bum...

Dr. Eljay:
This morning while walking to class, I slipped on some ice and fell square onto my bum, hard.

While sitting in my first class, I was in quite a bit of pain in my lower back area..

when I walked to my second class, I was in even more pain.

I am hoping this will improve before this afternoon, as I have to work (waitress) and running around could be BAD if I hurt this much. If it were a standard night, I wouldn't worry, but it's valentine's day and we have 89reservations :(

SO, my question is, if any of you have fallen and hurt a similar area, can you remember if the pain just lasted a few hours, or did it get progressivly worse. I don't know if i should call into work sick..tonight is a BAD night to call in sick, but if I don't improve, I'll be useless anyways.
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So I asked this question the other day.

Turns out a lot of Americans dislike America.

So for all the Americans out there - why do you hate your country so much? Why don't you leave? Why don't you try and change what you don't like?

Non-Americans - Maybe we should cheer the Americans up. What is something you like about America/Americans?

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Did you ever watch the Super Mario Bros. cartoon?
Did your parents ever limit how much television you could watch?
Are you wearing red or pink today?
If you had braces, did you ever get the ties in colors themed for holidays?
&; ideas & hopes fill our head & heart

I'll be giving you a great review!

When making a purchase do you depend on customer reviews to help make your decision?
If so; Which do you opt to read first; the good or bad? or?
Which usually helps make or break that decision? Good, Bad, or both?

In that case; do you make snap decision purchases or carefully weigh and calculate them?
What was your last one?

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get a strap on and f**k* the shit out of him..i love this class!!

In honor of this lovely holiday...lets talk about sex
(and because thats what we are talking about in class rightnow)

1. Where is the strangest place you've had sex?

2.what is your biggest fantasy?
(my teacher says it is rape. not actual rape but loss of control in an environment where they feel safe)

3. what is the wierdest thing someone has asked you to do in the bedroom?

p.s. i seriously love my marriage and courtship class. some kid just asked how does a woman rape a man? one of the answers my teacher gave is in my subject

oh yeah and my answers are:
on my teachers desk in the empty classroom one night
i cant even think of a fantasy right now
i dont really have a strange thing but just about every guy ive slept with has asked to put it in my butt. its so annoying.

Small Annoyances

When someone has a habit that annoys you, do you ever bring it up to them?

My mother types "eye c" instead of "I see" in IM all the time and it makes me want to pull my hair out. Should I ask her to stop?

After rereading my question, I wonder why it bothers me so. Do you ever view things differently after getting them into print?
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workout videos

has anyone seen/done the Hemalayaa Bollywood workouts? Are they any good?

I friggin' LOVE THE MUSIC and it looks like fun. I like to check them out of the library before buying in my neck of Connecticut the Bollywood workout dvd section is sorely lacking :(

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1. Do you think you could live without the interent or a computer?
2. Do you know anyone who does not have the internet or computer?
3. Is there something that others have that you do not? Cable, cell phone, land line phone?
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Back to my biology assignment, I know boring, but help would be greatly appreciated. Basically I have to plan the investigation, do background research (review of previous studies) and consider ethical issues. My issue is that I need something easy to write about that has background information readily available. So here are my questions - do you have topics for recommendation? OR do you have any websites that provide information on whether or not eating an apple will increase concentration levels & memory abilities?

Don't worry about it. I'm figuring it out.

I hate feeling ungrateful...

Let's say you know someone is buying you a gift for Valentine's Day. You don't know what it is, so you ask for a hint.

The person tells you he/she is buying you something that he/she wants and can use too.

Are you offended? Does it diminish the gift in any way because he/she bought it for him/herself too? Especially considering that's pretty much the only gift you are going to get from that person?

Thanks. I just need some perspective, methinks.

Edit: The aforementioned person is your SO.
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Do you have any bad temp stories?

I've been waiting since 8am for a temp to get here. I'm so sick, I want to go home. D:
My friend once told me that a temp agency sent him a temp who couldn't read or write. It was for a clerical position.
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1) Are you hungry right now?

2) What are you going to eat for your next meal? If you don't know, what did you eat for your last meal? In both cases, what meal is/was it?

3) Do you consider yourself fat, average, or thin? What do others consider you?
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1. What do you think about beets?
1.5 What do you think about The Beets?

2. My bangs get really greasy if I don't wash them every morning. The rest of my hair is okay. Is there an easier way to deal with this besides washing my bangs over the sink every day?

3. If you're not celebrating Valentine's Day, then what the fuck are you doing? Ignoring it?

Stupid hypothetical situation time

Would you rather permanently give up eating or sleeping?

(assuming that science developed a pill that enabled you to live a perfectly normal life without the thing that you would be giving up, AND that you had to give up one of these two things)

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Scenario: I'm the director for a student-run art gallery. It's an insane amount of work on top of my credit load, design commissions and group activities. I have two assistants. One works well with me and is very helpful. The other is a problem, and also happens to be my best friend. She's irritable, broody, avoids all work possible and when I do ask her to help me out she seems to want to strangle me.

She is doing none of the work and reaping the reward of having this on her resume, yet she hasn't done anything besides spend an hour (out of the eight I spent) hanging a show. She was next in line for my position, but she declined it, burdening me with two more months of this.

I was really hoping that it would work out and that she'd give a damn, but its not happening. I've talked to her multiple times and there is no change.

Should I fire her?
How do you fire your friend?
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Has anyone else noticed this weird trend of 'errbody' in place of 'everybody' online lately?

Has some latest TVshow/book/movie with an unfortunate group of fans erupted from the depths of hell?

Am I just losing my damn mind?
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Why do women torture themselves for the sake of looking good?

Someone brought in cupcakes. I had one. Other women are talking about, "Oh, my god! I'm thinking about one! Oh no, honey, here have a banana instead! OH THANK YOU you saved me! omg cupcakes, you're killing us!" ...I just don't get that attitude.

Do you ever not eat something that you REALLY WANT just because it's fattening/high calorie/you're not truly hungry? Why do you do that?

bored at work

When coffee has been sitting on the burner for a couple hours and it starts to taste bitter and pungent, has it become burnt or stale, or what exactly is it that has changed its flavor?

Do you have coffee dramaz in your place of business? (ie. the same person or people always make it and the others mooch). It seems like everyone I know who works in an office has coffee drama. lol. -- Are you the routine maker or the moocher?

Are there any passive aggressive signs posted in your place of business? What do they say?

Are you a patron as well as an employee at your work? What do you do?

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Poll #1138632 What would you do?

You're travelling through a distant city a couple hours from where you live. You're at a truck stop, and you're browsing the aisles, when you see some teenager shoplifting alcohol in the back of the store. You gaze at the store clerk, and he's reading a magazine. You're about to check out, when the teenager stands in line behind you. Do you say anything? Remember, you're in a distant town and it isn't like anyone's going to recognize you in the future or know where you live

I accuse the punk of shoplifting, and that he should be ashamed of himself. I do so loudly so the clerk hears
I tell the clerk about the shoplifting when he rings me up
When he rings me up, I pass him a piece of paper informing him of the shoplifter directly behind me
I let the kid go ahead of me. When he's done, I tell the clerk then about the shoplifting
Meh, I say nothing. Who hasn't wanted to purchase liquor when they were a teen? I just hope he has a good night
I say nothing because I'm too afraid
I say nothing because it's not my business
I wait for the shoplifter outside, and ask for compensation (money or a swig of the booze) for not saying anything
I wait outside for him, and then jump him, kicking his ass and taking his booze.

You have two coworkers who are dating, and you're friends with both of them. You're closer to the girl than the guy. She's really smitten with him, and you can tell she really likes him, and he seems to like her. One day, across town, you spy the guy kissing another girl in a coffeeshop. He sees you and excuses himself to talk to you. He then pleads to you that you not tell his girlfriend, that he'll make it a point to break up with this girl as soon as possible. He looks really desperate. You know the news will break his girlfriend's (your friend's) heart. He is your friend, too, and he seems somewhat sincere about his promise. What do you do?

Hold my tongue. I wait for him to follow through on his promise, and I keep bugging him when he's alone if he's severed all ties with the other girl
Hold my tongue, because it's not my business
I tell his girlfriend. If I were her, I'd want to know
I say nothing, because she couldn't handle the truth. I'm trying to spare her feelings

You're with your closest female friend somewhere. She's wearing white pants, and she doesn't know that they're thin enough that you can see her pink underwear through them. Now, you're not near any clothes stores nor any of your homes and neither of you has a sweater she can tie around her waist. Knowing all this, do you tell her?

Yes. She should know cause it's embarassing
I don't say anything. If there's no easy way to fix the situation, no point letting her stress out.
I don't say anything cause it's kind of hot

You have a female coworker who's been getting these secret admirer cards and gifts. She doesn't know who it is and she's dying to know who it is. One day, you spy the feller who's behind it all. It's that creepy mailroom guy that she hates. He sees you and begs you not to tell her, cause it would really ruin things, because he's not ready for her to know just yet. What do you do?

Keep mum about it. It's not my business
Keep mum about it because both of them seem to be enjoying this game. Let them find out eventually
I tell her cause she'd want to know. She'll be disappointed, but it's best she find out now
I don't tell her, but I start asking her what she thinks of that guy, and try and deflect her criticism as best as possible to maybe soften up her feelings towards him
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I have to stay up late tonight and study for my first big communication disorders test. I'm generally not good at staying up late and doing homework. Anyone have any ideas on how I can keep myself awake and actually alert?


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Do you ever get those outrageous "what if..." thoughts? Things you'd never do come to your head

personal examples-I may be talking to a teacher I get along with and wonder 'what if out of the blue I was like "that's really stupid!" to something they say or 'I really don't like you" etc. Or today I got lunch at Subway and while I was filling my cup I thought 'what if I just hurled this cup full of soda across the room because they didn't have what I wanted?'

What do you think of John Mellencamp?
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To those of you who dye your hair, do you do the 24-hour test first?
If yes, do you use it every time, every time you switch brands, or just the first time?

Edit: I never do either, just curious as to whether anyone else did.

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My friend just described to me her "three week rule." She said that one of her male friends said that, if he were interested in a girl, he would ask her out within three weeks of meeting her. Therefore, she says, if a guy hasn't asked you out in three weeks, it's time to move on.

TQC, what do you think? Is the three week limit so long that a girl should not expect a guy to be interested after that point? If not, how long is too long to be waiting?

If you're in a relationship/have been in a relationship, how long did you know the person before they asked you out/you asked them out?

What reasons would a guy have to wait longer than 3 weeks to ask a girl out?
(This is assuming no girls-asking-guys. Personal examples are great.)
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 If some giant world event (like for example, earth exploding) occured at a time of day when it would be, say, Thursday in some parts of the world, but Friday in others. How would you recognize the day? Would you say the event happened on Feb 14th or Feb 15th? Or would people from Australia just say it happened on a different day than people from North America?

For the sake of this example we'll say other planets have been colonized so humans exist in other parts of the solar system or galaxy.

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Question for guys that love anal:

Why won't you let your chick do you with a strap on so you can see how she feels?

I've asked exes if they would let me do it to them when they bitched and moaned at me that they wanted anal. And they all said no. 

What is up with that?

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so i went on an interview and i didn't get the job. the hr recruiter and the hiring managers really liked me even though i wasn't picked and recommended me for this other position that is coming up soon. i spoke with the hr recruiter about this about a week and a half ago. i wanna stay at the top of his mind so that when the job comes up everything is still fresh. i want to email him to check the status, but i'm not sure when i should do it. would emailing him tomorrow be ok or is that too soon?


for those high school graduates:

1. what makes you feel like you're in high school again, in a good way?
- a new crush, hanging out with my best friends from hs

2. what makes you feel like you're in high school again, in a bad way? 
- pimples, running into the "popular" kids from school.

To not exclude our teens:

1. what do you like best about high school, or your high school?
2. what do you like least?

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1. Do you have any Valentine's Day jokes for me? Here's mine:
Q: What did one pickle say to the other on Valentine's Day?
A: "You mean a great dill to me."


2. I had a dream that I failed at both graduate school (which I start in August) and trying to save Britney. What does this mean?
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1) Who has the most annoying voice out of anyone you know?
I have a co-worker who talks like she's holding her nose closed. It drives me nuts!

2) Which is worse: going to the doctor or the dentist? Why?

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Has Valentine's Day officially died?

I feel like everyone is just treating it like another day, nothing special.

p.s. I totally see it as just another day, I just remember some people being excited about it way back when.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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"As more individuals realize that I work as a sexual-health educator, I realize a growing trend of heterosexual men asking me the same question - "Matt, how can I get my girlfriend to try anal?" That is right, ladies - your men are curious about the exotic destinations you offer."

So, okay. what is the appeal of anal sex? I mean I've heard horror stories of men going in and coming out with poop on their junk. How is that appealing?
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Since I can't seem to do anything by myself... say you are in your final year of high school but you can be a part time student at university during high school after-hours.

You can do one paper out of the following subjects at university level, which would you choose and why?

Anthropology - TWO one hour lessons per week on Monday and Wednesday
Psychology - THREE one hour lessons per week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday PLUS TWO hours of lab each week.
Philosophy - UNKNOWN - gotta call the person to find out.

You have little to none basic knowledge of either three.

In Psychology, you either choose PSYCH108 - Individual, Social and Applied Psychology or PSYCH109 - Mind, brain and behaviour. Pick one, which one?

For Anthropology, it is ANTHRO100 - Human Culture: Intro to Social Anthropology.

For Philosophy, they are being shitheads and making you call them up and ask instead of putting it on the net.

Edited to add: Could you give a list (not a gigantic one, just one off the top of your head) of what you learnt? Like topics or just anything in particular that you learnt?

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Quick! Any Cambodians out there?

Anybody know how to say, "I love you" in Khmer?
This is from me to another girl, by the way — and we are not lesbian, it's just for something I'll write on a gift to her.


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1) What is your favourite perfume/cologne released by a celebrity?
2) Do you own any clothes from a celebrity's clothing range? If so, what?
3) If you were famous, what would you request to have in your dressing room?

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My husband was supposed to have been home hours ago so that we could go out to dinner (the restaurant is an hour away.) His cell isn't turned on, and I called his friends' house where he usually goes but there's no one home.

From your personal experience with SOs, do you think it's more likely that he's out buying me a last-minute Valentine's Day gift, or he completely forgot about our plans?

[Edit: He just came home - he was out buying me presents! =D]

Fuck my job

I hate my job and I am going to start job-hunting.

1. What was the worst job you've ever had? Why was it so bad?

2. If and when I start interviewing, what do I say when they ask me why I'm leaving my current job? What's the politically correct way of saying, "I hate the management, I feel totally unappreciated, they seem to enjoy lying to us, and I can't fucking stand one of my coworkers"?

3. What are you doing this weekend?
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Once the kid is in bed, my oh so romantic plans for tonight involve some margaritas, a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, and a movie. Should I watch Moulin Rouge, Down with Love, or Transformers?

For those of you who are dateless this evening, what are your plans?

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My SO and I decided today that we are not going to talk anymore because we won't be able to see each other regularly untill May 15th, and that is the earliest possible date.

So I want to know what is the best lame pick-up line?
They always cheer me up. 

House-Wilson cane kill

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TQC, I need offensive Valentine's Day pictures. Would you comment with some examples?

I'm not really looking for anything suggestive (like the "There's only one thing I want you to do...me," sort of deal). I mean offensive like racist, anti-Semitic, and pure tasteless. This one, from all_macros is the sort I'm looking for: http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/1421/bemeinoj8.jpg There's also one that someone posted here in TQC, I think, about two Jews in a concentration camp. That shit is gold.

Thanks in advance for having sick minds, TQC!

Edit: Extremely nerdy Valentine's macros will also work quite nicely!

Agree or disagree?

"'Swingers' are emotionally stunted, strange people, and those who get roped into this way of life against their better judgment are fools. The "swingers" have all the qualities of dogs—except loyalty."

Me: Disagree. I hate generalizations like this one. I've known plenty of swingers who were normal, mature, and did it because BOTH partners enjoyed it.
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*betty draper reading

name that skinemax

In honor of Valentine's day...

1. When I was a teenager, I used to watch a lot of cheesy soft-core sex movies on late night Cinemax. There's one movie that I remember about a girl who was orphaned or something, so she went to live with like, her sleazy uncle, but he tried to rape her, so she ran off and was taken in by this lady who owned a brothel. Of course she became a prostitute in the brothel, and eventually inherited the brothel from the previous madame. Does anyone else remember this flick? Do you remember the title?

2. There's another movie I vaguely remember about some young Asian schoolgirl who kept sneaking away from school to bang this white (??) businessman. Anyone know what this one was called?

3. What's your favorite dirty movie?

Dirty, hairy

Ok, you're single, for this hypothetical

You've got a crush on this guy/girl you work with. You're so attracted to this person. You think about them a lot, and they seem to be flirting back. One day your company has a pool party, and your crush is there in a bikini/trunks, and they look hot. You're so much more attracted to them. Then, something interesting happens. Someone pulls their bottom down. Normally, this would be an OMG SO SEXY experience, except, when you see this person's bare ass, it's covered in hair. Not wooly like an ape, but think stark patches of long hairs every few inches apart. Plus, what looks like an ugly ass zit or two. Your crush, embarrassed, pulls their bottom up and goes about their business. During lunch, they sit by you, and engage in some light, playful banter. After seeing their bare, bear(like) buttocks...are you still interested in them, or does an ass like the 40-year Old Virgin's chest constitute a deal-breaker?
Queer focus

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What is your most embarrassing walking-in-on story?

I just realised how fucking expensive gyms are, how can I motivate myself to get fit & build muscles now?

If you saw someone age 20 say, wearing a wig around shopping, what would you think?

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I baked my boyfriend cookies but I kinda burnt them. I have half a thing of cookie dough left. Should I rebake them?

I usually bake cookies for 18 minute or something at 350. But I cooked these for 14 minutes at 350. WHY DID THEY BURN?

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Can you help me with something?

Under the cut is very short youtube video I saw. Totally non-offensive, not objectionable so don't worry.

But anyway, I KNOW the song on it is liek one of the most overused songs ever and it is on some horor movie that everyone everywhere has seen.

But i cannot put my finger on the song title or the movie it was in. Can someone tell me what the song is?

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Okay, me and two friends are cleaning up another friend's apartment, and we found an open can of Juicy Juice on the counter. Apartment owner said the juice had been there for about a day. Is it still drinkable, or should it be tossed? Keep in mind, juice is possibly consumed by a 6 month old, or his mom, who is expecting a second child. TQC, any help?
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Does anyone know what celebrity said this?

"They want me to do some more, and they're paying me. At some point you go beyond compromise.."

Definitely male, no distinctive accent. I know it's a long shot but maybe someone out there with a good memory heard this on a late night talk show or something?

I can has help, TQC?

I was in a really bad car accident today and my car is totaled. Now I need to get another one. Will you guys tell me what cars you've had that you have loved?

•I need to be able to drive the car into the ground (i'm a little hard on my vehicles).
•I need it to be environmentally friendly (not necessarily gas-free, but definitely a ULEV).
•I need it to be on the smaller side because I do a lot of parallel parking and city driving/parking and it's easier that way.

P.S. I'm a girl, so go ahead and assume I can't drive because in my case the stereotype applies.
Oh and a new car is almost out of the question because i'm not gonna be able to spend much more than 10k between the money i'll get from insurance and what little I have.


hey  everyone.

im gonna be in a fashion show soon and i was wondering if you could all help me with some stuff.

does anyone know where i can find a shirt similar to this:
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and where can i find awesomely metallic clothes?

suggestions please?
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Please answer in pictorial form:

1) How was your day?
2) What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?
3) What is the last thing that touched your lips?
4) What was the last thing/person/comment/etc that made you smile?
5) What are you putting off?

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so i just got off the phone with my dentist office for getting my wisdom teeth yanked out of my poor mouth. so i'm here to ask my fellow tqcers that have had the same thing done some things...

how badly did your mouth hurt after?
how long did it take for your gums to heal?
how long until you could eat again?
anything else you would like to tell me about your experience?

i am so effing scared to do this. gah!
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oh golly

I won free cocktails at my favorite bar/restaurant last night and they were amazing. Thus i have decided i will learn to make some of my own!

What are some of your favorite cocktail recipes!

the Martinis are on me! xoox