February 13th, 2008


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Why did UPS send my coffee from the company in Chicago, to Tennessee, and then to Atlanta where it is currently "in transit", when I live in Chicago?

And why did that ridiculousness cost me $6?

ETA: UPS effed up! They missorted my package, and it is now rerouted back to me. And yes, I check my tracking numbers incessently. I have no life.

Also, now I think its funny that I watched them send my coffee all over the country for the past few hours and they just noticed. :p

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My dad is a garage door repairman, and his customers ALWAYS give him weird little gifts. Usually they just give him cookies or useless things they have sitting in their garage. Sometimes he gets some pretty cool stuff though... a bike, a ping pong table, an arcade game. I've never heard of this kind of stuff happening to anyone else before though... so I'm curious:

If you've ever worked in a job that required you to make house calls, have customers ever given you odd gifts for your service?
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So, I have recently been coming to terms with the fact that I am a rather insecure person. I like to come across as confident and comfortable, but the reality is that I care too much about what others think of me and often worry that people don't like me (or won't like me).

Now that I've moved past the denial stage, what should I do to become more secure with myself? I really haven't a clue where to start.

Marketing Text?

So I'm working on a homework assignment, and in the list of things that I'm supposed to assume about the project it says:

"Logos, special fonts, cover artwork, marketing text, and advertisements will be provided by the customer."

What the heck is "marketing text"??

Since everything else is that list is a type of graphic, I'm thinking it's a term for some kind of graphic... but has anyone heard that term before or does anyone know for sure what it is?

I tried Google, but as you can imagine that was pretty pointless.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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If you were going to introduce (I use that term loosely) someone to the Beatles (he knows who they are, since he doesn't live in a hole, he just has never listened to them) what are the first two songs you would show them? Just two!

My boyfriend has little to no knowledge about good music. I'm slightly sick of mentioning insanely popular songs by older bands and having him look at me like I'm mental because he's never heard of them. I'm putting together a cd for him (which I'm sure will be the first of many) but I'm having trouble picking which two Beatles songs he has to hear first.

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Did (or does) your mother (or woman who raises/raised you) work outside the home? Have a career?
If so, did she work (or had she worked) all her (adult) life? If she did, were there any interesting perks to her job/career?
How old is your mom (woman who raised you) now?

My mom worked in department stores as a sales clerk, and for a while worked at an Estee Lauder counter for (western Pennsylvania's version of an) upscale dept. store. She had two huge drawers full of perfumes and cosmetics that she got as free samples. It was kinda cool to play around with that stuff when I was in my early teens. Oh, and there was a store discount too, although it wasn't much (10% for us, 20% for anything she bought to wear to work) My mother worked from the time I went to grade school until she divorced my dad and remarried. After that she worked part time jobs here and there but was mostly a full time housewife. She's 68 now.
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we're all going to hell, but who's drivin' the bus?

in light of this most holy season of lent, here are a few questions that are theme'd. if you aren't a catholic or something, then you should go out right now and convert so you can answer these questions with the proper sense of perspective.

!. did you go and get your forhead smeared with ashes on the proper day? do you wash your face later in the evening, or do you leave the smudge until it sort of falls off over time?

@. you still keeping your promise for lent? avoiding meat? started smoking again yet?

#. what is your favourite sin? now, think about this carefully because i don't want to see fourteen comments saying "sodomy lolol".

$. in england, beaver was considered a fish(lol), and people would eat it on days when meat was normally forbidden. and that's why there are no beavers in england, because all the english people fucking ate them. have you ever eaten beaver? anything exotic?

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TQC, I have questions.

Who do you think will win in the general election? That is, between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, since obvs, the Democrats have no nominee yet.
(If you think someone besides those three will win, um...who is it?)

Where do you live?
Who do you think will take your state? Democrats or Republicans?
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 if you had been born a different gender, would you still be the same person you are today?

do you feel that there are certain personality traits that you surpress in yourself in order to fit in with your gender role?

do you ever wish you were a different gender?

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nutritionally speaking,
is it better to have a donut for breakfast or no breakfast at all?
is it better to drink 2% milk than no milk at all?

By the way I drink 2% and I had a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast and a banana for breakfast.

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Did you file your taxes yet? If not, will you be filing them early or do you wait till the last possible minute? How much do you expect to get back or pay? What are you going to do with the refund if you're getting one?

We filed ours the first day that we could. We should be getting our federal refund back on Friday but I'm not sure yet about our state. We're getting back about $1800. We're buying a new refrigerator, getting our puppy fixed, and I'm not sure what's going to be done with the rest of it.

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My annoying co-worker has called out on Valentine's day, with the reason that his aunt was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I have three reasons to be a little suspicious (besides the fact that I have caught him in ridiculous lies several times in the past few months that I've worked with him):

1. Thursday is the only day he can see his aunt that lives five miles from him? Really? Ok, maybe. I'll give him that.
2. He only works from 1pm to 6pm. He has all morning and part of the afternoon to do whatever with his family. I am supposed to leave for the day at 4pm, so him coming in at 4pm would still let me leave on time. Would that really cut into his day with his family?
3. He has been talking for ages about taking his gf to a spa for vday so they can have "his and hers deep tissue massages". He has been very vocal about this for months, and he just won $800 in the superbowl betting at work. This is what really makes me suspicious, because he would have to take the whole day off to give her a full day of vday activities.

My question: how do I find out if he went to a spa and spent the day with his gf instead of his sick aunt? He's my myspace friend, so I can look at his and his gf's myspaces, but they're not that active on their blogs. Any other suggestions?

I'm hoping he's not lying about this, but if he is, I want to nail his ass against the wall. Using a sick relative as an excuse to get vday off? Fucking lame.

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I started working with kids in August. Before that, I rarely got sick and when I did I would rebound very quickly. Now, I feel like I am always sick. I've had a bad cough since late December. I had to take the last week of January off work due to fever/ear infection/bronchitis, and I had to call in sick again today because I feel like I have the flu (not to mention my cough still hasn't gone away).

My question is this: Will my immune system ever get used to all these little kid germs or am I going to be horribly sick during every cold/flu season? I'd especially like to hear from those of you who work with kids and may have experienced this.

Do you feel guilty when you have to call in sick to work?
I do, because 95% of the time there's no one to cover my shift.

Also, do you like court TV shows? If so, what's your favorite one?
I got into them a few weeks ago when I was home sick. I think my favorite is Judge Judy or the People's Court.
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In honor of the writers strike ending...

On this glorious first-day-back-to-work, the writers approach you on the street and tell you that they're so excited to be working again, they want to cancel a crappy reality show in celebration. But they can't decide which one, so they want to select a random person to pick which show gets canceled forever, and they've chosen YOU.

So, which reality show do you cancel forever?

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You have a roommate, and he or she tells you about that urban legend about swallowing spiders in your sleep. The next morning, you wake up and you find long insect legs near your mouth, and a green substance on your lips. You panic and come running out of your room, and you find your roommate, laughing at you. Your roommate got those legs in a science project, and the green substance was mint jelly. How do you feel now?

Hahaha. Good one
Punch my roommate
Oh, it's on, bitch. Your little embarassing prank is coming really soon
You actually don't really believe your roommate, and still think that you ate a spider. You can't stop screaming

Questions from a coffee girl

1] How do you take your coffee? Tea?
2] If you drink iced coffee, do you drink it the same way as you drink hot coffee? Tea?
3] Do you say "Splenda" or "Splender"?
4] Do you get a cup of "cohffee", "cahffee" or "cwoffee"?

5] What do you think a "regular coffee" is? Where are you from?
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Word Perfect help?

I'm going to bet that at least a few of you are wizkids with the Word Perfect. (Y/N?)

One of my lawyers is having a problem with the automated paragraph numbering. She received a document in Word Perfect and the document did not have automated numbering. However, she is rearranging it and making reference to it. (This is a 400+ paragraph document.) She needs to add automated paragraph numbering some how.

Anyone know how to do this? She's been through an online tutorial and a "Word Perfect for Dummies" book.

(Thanks in advance!)

Booze induced migraines

I developed an irritating reaction to red wine and scotch- they now trigger migraines. This makes me very sad (I just started to like scotch), especially since it includes white zinfandel, whiskey, bourbon and possibly white wine (I am, understandably, reluctant to do a lot of experimentation). I can drink beer, thank god, so it isn't the alcohol itself.

Does anyone else have this affliction?

EDIT: I am 95% certain it isn't the sulfites. I can eat things with sulfites all day long and be okay.

What drinks should I try that don't include the whiskey family? Do you have a favorite mixed drink that I can try?

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I make MEAN mashed potatoes. I mean, fabulous, melt in your mouth mashed poatotes. You can ask any one of my friends, anyone in my family, anyone who has come over for dinner at least once, and they will say that I make the best potatoes in the world.

So, TQC, what is your signature dish?
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1) I need to dye my hair brown, but only for 3 days. I'm blonde, is there any product out there that will dye my hair a nice dark brown, but shampoo out without leaving any residual color?

2) What is your favorite hour in the day? Why is it your favorite?

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TQC, I hate big cities... hell, I hate medium sized cities. This question is for those who hate them right along with me.

Why do you hate (big-medium) cities?

(PST. If you like them, don't answer! This question is not for you.)

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Pump up the jam, or something.

1.Are you afraid of death?
Lately I have been and its creeping me out.

2. What kind of shampoo do you use?
I think I'm using my bf's Prell at the moment.

3. Is there anything that you make, that you are particularly proud of?

4. Whats your favorite cartoon? You can only pick one.
Invader Zim

Homeless Bees

The other day my family and I found some bumble bees in our house (some of which were already dead) but we don't know how they got in. Maybe when my mom was bringing in some flowers from outside before the winter came because we checked the house and there is no hive. Is there some way we can help these little creatures?
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What do you think people think of your country?

What do you think people think of your state/province etc.?

EDIT: What country are you from?

And others, feel free to tell people exactly what you think of their country/state/province etc.

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i started taking effexor xr a couple of months ago. like with most antidepressants, there is a label on the bottle that says: do not drink alcohol while on this drug. i tried doing some research about why one shouldn't drink alcohol while on effexor, but i can't find any sort of information. does anyone know why exactly antidepressants and alcohol should not be mixed?

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What are some things you think are overrated?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how noisy are you during sex? (1 being dead silence, 10 being the neighbors down the block can hear you)

What about when masturbating?

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What went wrong?

ETA: should i go get Chinese food tonight? i was planning on going tomorrow (pigging on V-day, SCORE!) but idk.. what do you guys think?


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I am disgustingly hungover. I've drank my weight in Gatorade since waking up this morning, and it's not really making a difference. TQC, help me feel better. I can barely concentrate on the screen because the brightness is hurting my brains. Will you post pictures of things that are pretty/cute/interesting to help me take my mind off my insides??
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Today's question was the result of an argument between me and my mom.

My situation: my bathroom is the 'main' bathroom in the house.. her bathroom is in another room. She keeps her toothbrush in a cup near her sink. However..she keeps moving MY cup with toothbrush to the closet or shoves it into my drawer (which results in it falling out and getting mixed up with my hairbrushes and other drawer items) because she says it's unsanitary to leave it out 'in public' (her words). I tell her it's not, that's what most people do (we don't have a medicine cabinet nearby to put it in either). She says 'when people come over it shouldn't be there' to which I have no problem with. However.. when it's JUST US (and 99% of the time just ME) at home I don't see it really mattering if it's next to the sink or not.

Therefore... my question:

Where do you keep your toothbrush and, if you have one, the cup you use for swishing out your mouth after brushing?
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Has anyone here ever traveled to/lived in Peru? How was it? What did you see?

I'm visiting there this summer (Iquitos and Cusco), and I am interested in anyone's stories, tips and advice. Thanks!
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If any of you have seen Valentine's Peeps in a store recently, what store were they in?

I'm making cupcakes for the kid's at work and I thought it would be cute to top some of them with a peep. I have checked 4 or 5 stores with no luck. I live in central NJ.


So, looking around my friends list I can sum it up with this: everything fucking sucks.

1. Have you noticed a lot of bad news lately?

2. What's going wrong with you today/in the past week?

3. What's something that's worked out/gone well in the past week?

4. What do you like to blame life's craziness on? (Like, karma, full moon, etc.)

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Panic.. it's not at the disco

So the boy's flight is landed in Milwaukee and he's got a lay over there before flying to Madison. I have a serious case of the butterfly's. I am soo anxious. I have worked this up to something crazy. OK. my main fear ( soo dumb) is... what he's going to look like... act like etc. He apparently cut off part of his finger.. what if his hand is all mangled!

In other words... i think i'm having a panic attack... how do i make this go away?

Pizza party

Let's make a TQC pizza. All are invited. What toppings should we put on it?

Extra cheese
Tomato slices
Green pepper
Red pepper
Beef or Canadian bacon

What kind of crust should we get?

Normal crust
Deep-dish, pan
Stuffed with cheese
Thin crust

How many slices do you think you'd eat?

Only 1
More than 7
None. I hate pizza

Judging by the amount of slices people will be eating, I ask the mathletes in the room to tally how many pizzas we need. Figure a large pizza has, what, 12 slices or so? Based on the final slice count for question 3, how many large pizzas do you figure we need to order?

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The other day a friend and I were discussing gifts, and came upon the topic of how we buy gifts for people when we go away. Which I have always found an odd phenomenon--you pay all this money to go away, and then spend more money on other people, not for a special occassion or anything.

Anyway, we were wondering, is this something mostly found in Americans/Westerners, or does pretty much every culture do this?

Also, we seemed to find that females did it more often than males, do you agree?
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Everything's better with bacon. Not turkey bacon or faux-bacon, but actual bacon.

What is one item you think would work well with bacon?

My answer: chocolate chip cookies
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TQC, where did this post go? I recognized the repost, LOL'd, clicked to read comments, and it was gone! I was sad.

What is a gift you really want to buy some one, but you can't afford it? What is the gift and who do you want to give it to?

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for people who don't want to be bothered with another valentine's post:
how do you feel about montel williams?

do you like giving blood?
do you refuse to give blood?

what's with people who belong to literally hundreds of communities? you can't possibly keep track of them all!

do you play any game far too much?

i play backgammon on this site near CONSTANTLY sometimes, http://www.geocities.com/Baja/4954/

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Do you have the hots for a dirty boy in a band who never does anything with his life?

If you prefer people who're driven, or are driven yourself, have you ever considered someone who isn't driven or considered being less driven?
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1) TQC, I've been kind-of a miserable silent prick at my new job. Not so much a prick, but kinda unfriendly. I'm basically stuck here for at least a year, though, so...should I bring in valentines cookies & cupcakes for my co-workers tomorrow as a gesture of good will?

2) For those of you who work and dislike your job: How do you get yourself to go in everyday and do a professional job? What do you do for work?

3) Should I spend $100 on cosplay shit for Anime Boston, or should I forego cosplay this year (thats difficult to do, I love to cosplay lol) and save the money I have for swag in the dealer's room?

4) Who is the most interesting person you have ever met? Can you tell me a little about him/her?

Gift card madness

I' ve got a gift card for Circuit City burning a hole in my pocket. The thing I want most is a point and shoot digital camera. I've been looking at reviews and such but can't seem to make a final decision. I want it to..

be under $200
use a rechargeable battery (I really don't want to buy batteries)
have a viewing screen (i don't care for a regular viewfinder)
have a fair amount of internal memory so that I wouldn't need a memory card - hopefully 

Any thoughts?

And because this is my second gadget question in a week.....a non technical query.

If you were on Death Row what would your final meal be?

What should I have for dinner?
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Rock Out.

I was watching the Documentary Air Guitar Nation.
First Question: Can anyone tell me what song this guy's jamming out to in the clip under the cut?

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Question relating to the movie:
Air Guitar: Lame Or Awesome?
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american pastimes

1. WHY are there (US) congressional hearings on illegal steriod use in baseball? Isnt' this a criminal matter? Why are they wasting their time when this should be in front of a judge?

2. I was watching Gaslight last night (movie where Ingrid Bergman is driven batty by Charles Boyer, she acts all affected and nutters throughout the flick but it's a damn entertaining movie) and I was thinking.. this is a PERFECT vehicle for Britney Spears, she has no trouble acting affected and nutters in front of cameras. She'd have to be cast against someone who could really act, though (Ben Kingsley? he can play maniacal evil, as in Sexy Beast)

have you ever recast a movie 'in your head'? I know I asked this a while ago specifically about Gone with the Wind.. but have you done this for any other movies?

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1. Have you heard of Spanx apparrel?

2. Do you own any?

If yes:

3. Which items do you own? Did you buy them in a store or online?

4. Are they actually comfortable? How do you wash them? Are they difficult and/or time-consuming to get on and off?

5. Did you find that the size that you wear of Spanx apparrel is the same as the size that you usually wear in clothing, or did you have to go a size bigger or smaller?

6. Can you give me any advice, from which items I should/shouldn't buy to tips on buying them online when I can't actually try anything on?

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1. Tomorrow is 'stop light' day at the high school where I work. You wear red if you're taken, yellow if you have a crush, and green if you're available. Have you ever heard of this before?

2. Is there anyone left who still likes winter at this point?

3. I'm going to Italy in a month. It's been over a decade since I've flown out of the country and at least two years since I've been on a plane in general. I'm terrified. But I also have a few questions. When I get to the airport, I have to get in line to check in my luggage. I have to have my ticket in hand at this point, right? Then they will give me a boarding pass at the desk? Have you ever flown on British Airways - what was your experience like?

4. When was the last time you were on a plane and where did you go?

5. My aunt has cancer and is currently in hospice. It's likely that she'll pass away before I go to Italy, but my husband told me that if she passes away while I'm in Italy that he won't tell me until I get home. Would you want to know, or would you rather wait until you get home to know?

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So, I applied for two jobs at about the same time, and I agreed to work at one place (I started today) before I heard back from the other. Now, the second place has emailed me back to see what my available hours are.
What's the polite way to say thanks, but I'm already working somewhere else? Is there a protocol for this?


Participate or gtfo:D

The Word Game.
Someone says one word, and you respond with the first word that comes to your mind.
Anyone want to play?
Answers should only contain one word.
And yes, this may get ugly.

I'll start.

First word is, Yellow?

Edit: Anyone can start new words at any time:)

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1. Do any of you guys use mypoints? What rewards have you gotten with them?

2. I'm looking through the reward center, and I'm thinking of a gift card to linens 'n things, which sounds to me like a Joanns or Michaels, but when I went to the website, it looks like a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Which is Linens 'n Things more like, Michaels, or Bed Bath & Beyond?
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Poll #1138042 new lj name

i'm thinking of changing my username. what should i change it to?

thewigmaster or wigmaster
don't change it

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My best friend is currently bashing my life over AIM - saying that my writing is crap and I am trying to put on a fake "indie-girl persona with hopes and dreams" based upon my Xanga entries. I have a split personality also, the school persona and the creative one. Apparently I shouldn't be allowed to be creative. I am very very upset right now, as he likes the school me, but I don't feel as if it is the "true" me. No one truly knows. Only I do, and he is telling me that that part of me that I feel connected to...is fake.

What the hell should I do? I am so upset. I need a way to vent my frustration. Anyone have ideas? Please?
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I'm making a seafood pasta dish for dinner tonight. It will have crab, shrimp, and salmon tossed with wild mushrooms and tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce... served over a healthy serving of wheat pasta.

What are you having for dinner?


We have a checking + savings account at Wachovia. Since we moved to Long Island (NY) we realized that it doesn't have any branches here, closest one being some 40 miles away.
Also we've been getting incoming international wire transfers for which Wachovia decided to charge us $12 incoming domestic wire transfer fees. They said that they're charging domestic because the transfers have been coming through a local Citibank branch. They also said that international wire transfers have a $15-50 fee associated with them. Not sure what they're BSing about, but before that we got a number of exactly same transfers and weren't charged a penny for them.

Anyway. What are some banks you can recommend that don't have any stupid fees and are generally nice?

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TQC, how do you get rid of your nasty-ass shoe stank?

I have a pair of Vans that are old as hell (but still comfortable), and still smell awful even though I haven't worn them since this summer. I wish to wear them again in public without being embarrassed by raunchy feet stench.

(FYI, my feet don't smell. I just wore them all day, every day, when working outdoors the whole summer in B.C. Hot as hell, I tells ya.)

Edit: I forgot to mention, they're the kind that feel like suede, not regular canvas. Does that affect cleaning techniques?

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I am looking for a new dress, i want a cute short one but not so shorts that my butt shows, also that its easy to wear and that I could wear it with flats or heels. Any suggestions??pictures??

Also, have you heard about a "yo-yo dress" if yes, what does it look like??


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I have vanilla and strawberry cupcakes, and chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry forsting. I'm trying to figure out which combination I should have the most of.

Which flavor combination would you expect to be most popular amongst kids aged 5 - 11?

vanilla cake/strawberry frosting
vanilla cake/chocolate frosting
vanilla cake/vanilla frosting
strawberry cake/strawberry frosting
strawberry cake/chocolate frosting
strawberry cake/vanilla frosting

The mix

Does Anyone have:

Watching Airplanes, Gary Allen that they could sendspace to me?

I think it might go well on my Mix for the boy...

This is what I have so far.. anything else random/good/lovey you think I should add?

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(no subject)

aside from whether or not you like the Dixie Chicks, what do you think of the subject/premise etc of the song "Goodbye Earl"?

edit-meant to ask this too, sorry
While on the subject of country songs, what is the one where the man is singing about how annoying and bad his wife (girlfriend?) is and he gets her in the basement where he starts to build a wall around her-except at the end you see he accidentally built it around himself??

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Aren't kids adorable? What's something cute that a little kid did that made you smile?

The other day my SO and I went into the Christian book store and while we were waiting in line, this little girl (her grandfather owned the store) was passing out these little flyers. She was like, "free examples!" It was so cute.

We had the kids this weekend and my little step-daughter (she's almost 2) was lying on the floor on a blanket with her big sister. I was on the couch covered up (it was like 7 in the morning). She came over to me, ripped the blanket off of me, grabbed my hand and led me to her blanket on the floor so I could lay down with her and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She's so adorable.

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Hey TQCers, a series of questions for those of you with iPods!

1) How long does your battery last before you have to re-charge it?
Mine doesn't last long AT ALL. I'll admit I use my iPod a lot, but I usually have to recharge my battery every night.

2) Do you skip through songs a lot, or just let your iPod play?
I admit that I skip through songs a lot -- which might explain why my battery doesn't last very long -- but I still think I should be able to go more than twenty-four hours without recharging the battery.

3) Have you ever tried to replace your iPod battery yourself?
I haven't -- yet -- but I'm really tempted to order a battery replacement kit online and do it myself.
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Do any of the other grown, experienced women here blush easily? I swear it's the bane of my existence. I get a bit tired of being teased about being 'like a schoolgirl'.

(no subject)

Don't you hate when everything you eat tastes unappealing?

This is my last week in this hotel room with cable, and now I wonder if I should get some sort of television service?
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

My first post

I don't know why but I wanted to ask what song are you currently stuck on whether it's on your ipod, itunes or other miscellaneous music player?

My itunes currently seems to have me stuck on Cruel Summer by: Ace of Base

Edit: What is up with this new band, Girls Aloud, I've been seeing alot of them.

Also, does anyone know who Polly Williams is? I was watching Extra earlier and they mentioned she died but I don't remember any actress or singer with that name unless she changed it from something else.

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If you are the majority group in your country:

Do you ever feel...boring?

If you are a minority group in your country:

Does it bother you when people are amazed by the exoticness of your culture?


I'm white and yes, I feel boring sometimes. I need to learn more about my heritage (Finnish and Croatian).

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When putting the dogs away tonight, we realized one of their necks was bleeding. He's a basset hound, so he has a very saggy neck, and there's a swollen area, that I could cup my hand around, almost the size of a baseball. There's a small wound there, that I couldn't see well, since he pulled away when I tried to look at his neck. It isn't gushing blood, but enough to get blood all over my hand after touching it.

We are hoping that this is just a wound from the dogs messing around, but we don't want to overlook anything.

Is there anything this could be besides a dog bite? Is this something I should be worried about?

And a question for those of you who aren't into dogs...

What is the sweetest thing you've heard lately?

Mine- my ten your old brother asked my mom if she would buy a card he so he could give it to a girl in his class for Valentines Day.

EDIT: My dad is on the phone with the vet now. Thanks for the help. Wish me luck
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What are some funny euphemisms to express the importance using birth control?

I realize this question is phrased oddly, so ... an example is like "No glove, no love!" or "Don't be a fool, wrap your tool."

To write love on her arms

1) Did anyone participate in the TWLOHA event today?? If you did, do you think you actually helped anyone?

2) If you liked a boy and then found out something about him that probably wouldn't please you in bed, would you like him less? Or resolve to just let it be and possibly figure it out for yourself one day??

3) Have you ever just suddenly stopped liking a food or activity? 
My friend said that she lit up a cigarette today and it tasted horrible for no reason at all. She tried another one later and got the same result. How is this possible??

4) Does anyone want to be my valentine? =)

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i have store-brand meatless pasta sauce, butter, whole milk, vodka, and a bunch of spices. how can i make a vodka sauce out of this? what proportions should i use? all the recipes i see online ask for canned tomatoes or tomato paste.

(i know that milk instead of cream will make the sauce really thin but i'm trying to make do with what i have.)