February 12th, 2008

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1) Which should I give my boyfriend for Valentines?
a) Moontrap
b) Alien Apocalypse

The other one will be a surprise next time he has a bad day.

2) Am I the only one who thinks listening to Ben Stein recite binary would be awesome?
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1) Is there anyone here who's got a SO, is married, etc who DOESN'T have Valentines plans? I mean clear-cut "we're not doing anything", not "oh, well, I'm hoping he surprises me!"

2) What's the ugliest article of clothing you wore as a kid?
me: either green flannel pants with oversized ugly sweatshirts, or platform sneakers.
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What's more worthwhile to learn a language? A class or a book with a CD?

If it helps I do have people that are native speakers of language so they can correct any problems I may come across. I just don't want to end up spending a big chunk of money when I could get the same thing out of a book for way less.

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should i minor in german? i kind of want to. i think german is fun. it's not really very useful but if i find that the minor is more effort than it's worth i can always forget the idea.

i'm a math-econ major.


it smells like fish in my house because i cooked fish tonight. i've lit scented candles, i've sprayed lysol, i've febrezed all the fabric surfaces, i even smoked a cigarette inside because that helps sometimes. i don't have incense and i can't open the windows (it's like 12 degrees outside and i don't want to get robbed again). i ran the washing machine and i let the sink fill up with soap bubbles. is there anything else i'm forgetting that can help kill the stench?
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I checked webmd, but I'm not sure. Do I have the flu?

-headache from hell
-achey and sore everywhere, especially my back and shoulders
-chills. Despite being wrapped in two down blankets, I'm shivering. It's also 20 degrees out here, but the heat is on in the house.
-no sore throat or runny nose
-no appetite, and I've had a stomach ache all day.

Either way, I have the next two days off from work, so if I am sick (and I feel miserable), I can recover. I just wanna know what I'm fighting.

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1) is it wrong that im writing someone paper for them for cash?

2) what are your favorite songs from the 90's in the following categories?

others that dont fit in these categories:

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Task: Illustrate the seven cardinal sins in a book. take photos, draw stuff, computer graphic draw stuff, photoshop your LIFE away, whatever.

Idea: meld photos/possibly drawings with images of horrible plants. ie, graft a photo of envy onto poison oak, greed onto a venus flytrap, wrath onto a weed, etc.

Question: does that sound lame, cliche, decent, or awesome to you?
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When was the last time a friend/family member said "Hey, remember that one time..." and you didn't?

What was the story they thought you should remember?

My sister just asked me, "Hey remember a few years back we dropped a box of tacks and I said it was 'tacky' and you were like 'hey it's New York' and we thought we were hilarious?" I have NO IDEA what she's talking about. Nor can I figure out why we thought it was funny.
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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For all you current and former college kids out there,

what is your opinion of fraternities and sororities?

what are some positive things about them?

what are some negative things about them?

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So we had a pretty bad ice storm yesterday.

My car is like an ice cube. It is going to take me forever to get the ice off of it enough to make it drivable. School was canceled everywhere, so I don't have class. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from the law firm I work at. The husband is home as well. His supervisor called last night and told him to take a snow day.

So...roads are pretty hazardous....state and local police are still urging people to not get out if they don't have to...

My shift at the firm is only 4 hours..its roughly 16 miles away from my house. On a normal day, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get there. On a day like today? Probably twice that.

Should I call and tell them I can't get out? Or should I suck it up and try to drive on the ice?

ETA: Also, I missed work last Thursday (I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays) because of strep throat. The week before that I missed because of the flu. They are pretty understanding though. Everyone else in the office is sick.

ETA #2: I just called. The answering machine is on. Which means nobody is there or the morning meeting ran 30 minutes over schedule (which is highly unlikely).

So...why didn't they call me!?! What the hell!? Everyone has my number, especially the boss!

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1)do you know anyone who says people of faith?


2)do you know anyone who says faith community?


3)3)do you ever get really nervous about what other people really think of you?

eta: what do you associate with people who use these terms?

also, should I sleep or go to the library?

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How sick do you have to be to miss work/school/whatever you have planned? If I'm feeling dizzy and queasy is walking a few miles going to make it worse?

Also: if you've graduated high school, have more of your classmates come out as some sexuality other than straight after or prior to your graduation?
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How do you motivate yourself to clean?
When it's a daunting task, how do you prioritize in order to be as efficient as possible?

I'm not new to cleaning, but I have to entirely muck out my mother's four bedroom, two bathroom, formal dining room, living room, kitchen, and laundry room house. It's messy as hell because she works so much and I want to surprise her before she gets home from her trip.
TQC, can you give me any ideas?

Do you like Beethoven?


Have you ever heard of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT)?

What do you think of these peoples?

Are they crazy? Like a fox?

From their website: Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.

And for kicks- would you rather be able to run really fast or jump really far?

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Hey all.
I'm craving some good sea weed salad like no other!

What's your favorite type of salad?
What kind of dressing do you prefer?
And when you order a salad in the restaurant, do you get the dressing on the side?

help me build my playlist!

can you think of any other crooners like Chet Baker, Michael Buble, Nat King Cole? 
I'm building a nice playlist of easy jazz vocals like that.

Do you know any contemporary songs that have that sound to them, male or female (a la Nellie McKay) 

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Say you had two bosses, and one boss told the other one that you "dropped the ball" on two different assignments he has given you. Wouldn't  you think it was your right to know what those two tasks were that you supposedly dropped the ball on?

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For the other college kids living on campus -

Do you feel weird eating in the dining halls by yourself? (I do)
What do you do when you dine alone? (I bring a book to look busy/distracted)
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So, my 9:30 class was canceled (actually, the college is closed), and I just got a phone call from work telling me to stay home (I'm a waitress at a corporate chain restaurant, we NEVER close).  So, WHOOHOO, I get a free day off!  I haven't had a day off in about a month and a half!

Should I just be lazy all day, or should I take this opportunity to catch up on all of the housework I'm desperately behind on?

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1)The gas company threatened to turn my gas off in the middle of a cold snap with ice. Is that even fucking LEGAL? (*plz note; am actually paying them now.)

2a)Anyone here ever taken DHEA?
2b)If yes, has it done you any good?
2c)The bottle says "mens health" does that mean that it's not okay for a lady to take?

3) the ups man just skeert the bajeezers outta me, should I have shown him my ninja skills or asked him to call 911?

4) what's your favorite color?
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There's a game where you have a ton of little blocks and you have to match them up, number and picture to get rid of them. There are some however, that say stuff like "Spring" and "Fall" and those match as well.

What the hell is this game called? I'm home sick and had a sudden urge to play it, but I have no idea the name of it.

Thanks guys! It was Mahjong.

What are you doing right now?


This internet terminal has a supersensitive mouse. What advantage does having the friggin' cursor flick half way across the screen everytime your brush the mouse have?

Why does my girlfriend have to be an idiot?

Finding friends once they delete their LJ?

One of my LJ friends recently had to delete her LJ. However I really need her advice and she said we could contact her on myspace.com. However I cannot find her there (I suck at myspace) but am hoping that maybe one of her friends might be able to get hold of her. How can I find her old friends on LJ? I dont remember anyone's name and I tried looking up my friends LJ and that doesnt help?

SO TQC: How can you find the names of LJ's that were friends with an LJ user that deleter his/her account?
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Two days before National "I'm Obliged to Show I Love You" Day!

1. What's the last romantic thing you did? (You can interpret 'romantic' any way you wish.)

I danced with my fiance in the front room. Nice and schmoopy.

2. Have you ever gone about your day and realized it was the anniversary of something big in your life?

Today, had I not had the common sense to GET OUT, I would have been with my ex-husband (affectionately known as That Thing I Married) for eight years. It feels good to be free!

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This librarian just went on a major power trip and chased this girl down and screeched, "Excuse ME!! You cannot use your cell phone in the library." (We're in the computer lab, not the quiet area).
Does it annoy you when people who don't have a lot of power abuse the little power they do have? (example: snotty store clerks, librarians etc.)

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 I do data entry for invoices at work and our tech guys travel to different sites.  We bill for time and travel.  One guy put 4 miles in 1 hour.  Since that's what he put, I went with it against my better judgment.  In theory, it could have taken an hour to go 4 miles (terrible accident, freeway closure, etc).  My co-worker received a phone call from the company that we billed and contested it.  My co-worker said "It doesn't take an hour to go 4 miles.  It's common sense."  She then had it revised.

Even though I was wrong, she spoke condesendingly to me and grated my nerves.  For a moment, I got in touch with my bad side and thought about writing "Pease don't speak to me that way" in super glue on her chair, she would sit in it, and I would feel better.

If one of your co-workers was rude to you, how would you handle it?  Serious and non-serious answers.
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this may be a long shot but...

i caught the last bit of this movie that was on tv a few weeks ago. the ending was really cute and it's been bugging me what this movie is called. so, from what i remember, there's this single mom and she has a little daughter with a gorgeous head of red hair. her mom is seeing this man whom the daughter isn't so fond of and she ends up challenging him to a couple of simple games and if the girl wins, the man has to breakup with her mom. if the guy wins, then the girl has to be nicer etc to him and he gets to stay with her mom. so during their last competition, it was a staring contest and the girl ended up blinking first and lost but later that night she finds out that her mom and the guy broke up. the next day or so, the little girl meets up with her mom's ex and they hang out for a bit on the swings. she hugs him and says to him, "i blinked on purpose" and runs off. it was really cute and i'm dyinggg to know the name of this movie.

any help is surely appreciated and i'm sorry if my description was so vague. thanks so much in advance!
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Are any of The L Word actresses actually lesbians?

Which one is your least favorite?

I dislike Jenny most, and then Tina would have to follow. Alice annoys me now but I liked her at the beginning.

I'm confused

I don't understand why people get abortions.

I mean, that's why there's adoption, right? 

If they're not ready to have a baby, maybe they shouldn't have sex?

I mean, it's not like there's a stock pile of babies in the world, right?
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So my girlfriend is obsessed with TQC and spends her every dying moment on here. Before I joined she talked about it constantly, and I actually hated you all for the mere fact that it seemed like she liked you more than me. Anyway, I ended up joining, thinking that she'd enjoy me knowing what she was talking about, and we could discuss the awkward questions and the trolls and the like over a morning cup of electronic coffee.

She hates that I'm on here now. It turns out that I kinda like it! She's telling me I don't get to have sex with her or play with her boobs if I don't stop posting.

Do I stay for spite?

Is she being retarded?

Shouldn't she want to share something she enjoys with me?

Doesn't it matter if I enjoy it?

How awesome is it that I'm taking this shit to the forums?!

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I just got into my first "car accident".
Luckily it was just a fender bender in the parking lot and it wasn't either of our faults. We both backed in to each other. We exchanged phone numbers and I just got a message from the girl asking me to please not report it to the insurance company. I don't know what she's asking or what I should do. There was a dent on her car but no damage to mine.

How do I handle this situation?

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"I would quite happily push the button on the electric chair, I would happily inject someone with the lethal injection, and if we had hanging I would do the same thing because I want my husband back."

This is from a woman who's husband was kicked to death by a group of youths outside his home when he was trying to stop them breaking into his wife's car. She's trying to bring back the death penalty to England.

What happened to her husband is terrible, of course.. but this campaign for the capital punishment rather disgusts me. Nothing will bring her husband back, and American studies show that citizens who live in states that still have the death penalty do not have lower crime rates.. it does not stop them from commiting murder etc..

I feel so strongly about the subject that I would actively involve myself in working against any kind of mission to bring it back.

1. Do you agree with the death penalty?- why or why not..?
2. Would you support a campaign to bring it back wherever you live? (even if that just meant signing your name to a random street petition)
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1. What do you consider to be a "cuddle whore"?
2. Are you a cuddle whore?
        a. If yes, has being a cuddle whore ever had any bad repercussions?
        b. Why are you a cuddle whore?
3. Do cuddle whores participate in activities other than cuddling that earn them the "whore" label?
4. Do cuddle whores have the ability to really mess up relationships?
5. If I was a cuddle whore, would you think less of me?
       a. If Oprah was a cuddle whore, would you think less of her?
       b. What about Johnny Depp? Hilary Clinton? Gwen Stefani? Tobey Maguire?

#1 in 00s

There were numerous big bands in the 80s and 90s who might have epitomized those decades. Let's look at this decade now. Which band do you feel is the biggest band in the '00s, based on success, popularity and impact?

Fallout Boy
Rascal Flats
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Foo Fighters
White Stripes
Queens of the Stone Age
System of a Down
Sum 41
Other (comment with the band you feel should be on this list)
Actually, none of them really epitomize the '00s. There are no Nirvanas or Green Days in this decade

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I have a "friend" who annoys the hell out of me. She is all me, me, me. It's gotten to the point where I'm sick of her b.s. drama and just want to give her the boot.

What memorable line could I leave her with when ending this miserable excuse for a friendship? (This is more hypothetical and gleeful imagining than actual reality.)
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 What is the difference between a shoreline and a coastline? For example: Additionally, Maine’s 228 miles of coastline and 3,478 miles of shoreline offer ample opportunities for maritime smugglers.
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1) When I make tacos, I make them as such: Small layer of fat free refried beans, piles of vegetables(lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper), small bit of shredded cheese, and a good helping of taco sauce. I eat them in crispy shells, and I eat 8 in one sitting because they're not all that big. That's my meal. Is that really bad for me, or seemingly healthy and low calorie?

2) What is your favorite pattern to wear?

3) Do you hold any stereotypes about people with accents? (example: "southerners are always polite" )

Sexuality Question

Ok I was on craigslist...yes yes i know LOL

this post was posted and got us talking: http://toronto.craigslist.ca/tor/rnr/571503842.html

for those link phobic i shall cut for you...

Collapse )

People are at odds with it and all. Some think the dude is gay, some think not.

What do you people think?

For you Men: Do you think a guy can experiment with SS relations and NOT be gay, or is it a given that he's bisexual? or gay?
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1. What country do you live in?

2. As the U.S. elections draw near, I see many people saying "If so-and-so wins/doesn't win, I'm going to leave this country!" I doubt very many of them actually will, but what would it take for you to leave the country where you live? And I don't mean on vacation, I mean actually go to another country because you're either disgusted with the one you live in, or scared to stay any longer.

My answers

1. U.S.

2. If Hillary Clinton becomes president, and then in 2012 Jeb Bush is elected, I think I will leave the country. And if Chelsea Clinton becomes president after that, I may never come back.

On a serious note, I would also leave the country if the Constitution were suspended...although we're already getting uncomfortably close.
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Bra-wearers of TQC:

How do you care for your bras?  Hand wash vs. machine wash? What kind of laundry detergent?  Line dry vs. machine dry?  Why do you care for them like so?

(I ask because I have decided to hand-wash all the things I usually hand wash today, and it occurred to me that if I didn't have such big, pain-in-the-ass knockers, laundry would be a lot simpler.)

Myspace/Facebook/Whatever other social networking website ...

Will you post the photo you use as your default Myspace/Facebook/whatever other social networking site photo?

Why is that your default photo?

If it's a picture of you and someone else, who else is with you in the picture?

If it's not a picture of you at all, why isn't it a picture of you?

Collapse )

Sorry, you guys. I'm bored. And I LOVE seeing the pictures that everyone posts.

One more question: I love my boyfriend's uber-long beard. I truly adore it. But when we get married, I asked him if he'd be willing to trim it up a bit - maybe cut off a few inches. Was it unreasonable of me to ask him to do that? He agreed and all. My reasoning is that I just want him to look all nice and tidy for our wedding pictures. :)
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Do supermarkets sell american cheese in anything other than packages of slices? I want a solid block and a bag of shredded american cheese. I guess if I need to I'll use the sliced, but why does it seem like sliced is the only option?

(no subject)

I'm rather indifferent toward Green Day, but I kind of like that "Mother Mary" song by the Foxboro Hot Tubs.

What side projects, splinter groups or derivative acts do you like despite not liking the original group (or vice versa)?

grey's anatomy - dance


1. What type of phone do you have?
1a. How long have you had this phone?
2. What service do you have?
3. Do you use the pre-programmed ringtones or do you purchase/make your own?
3a. If you purchase/make ringtones, which ones do you have?
4. Do you use different ringtones for different people?
4a. If yes, what ringtones and who are they for?

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A co-workers' birthday is coming up. They've requested you make them one of your awesome chocolate cakes. You're not really friends with this co-worker, but you like them enough to agree to bake them a cake.

As you measure the flour needed, you find larvae crawling throughout it. It's probably moths, since your cupboard is full of them. Do you throw out the flour, grab your keys and wallet and drive down the road and buy more, thereby spending at least an extra $5 on this person?
Or just sieve out the little grubs and not mention it to your friend, and also not eat any of your awesome cake?
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Who was your favorite 'The Simpsons' celebrity guest star? (Whether it's just their voice or a complete cameo)

Leonard Nimoy is my personal fave, but I also have a soft spot for Cyndi Lauper.

(no subject)

Have you ever met anyone famous? Were they nice, asshole etc?
Paper or plastic?
Do you look at the keys when you type?

I have met Jerry Rice and the members of Velvet Revolver, sans Scott Weiland. They were all very nice.


I would say 85% of the time I do.
I Will Not Be Afraid Of Women

My skin hates me, TQC.

What is the best moisturizer you've ever spent money on? I am approaching eczema-like levels of dry skin. This is getting ridiculous and unsightly, not to mention uncomfortable. It is on my forearms, wrists, and the backs of my knees.
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Have you eaten anything recently you thought you would not like, but actually ended up liking?

How do you normally spend days off from work?

Who do you think you could beat in this community at arm wrestling?

(no subject)

I was told that there was a rather disturbing case involving U.S. Child Protective Services in 2002: thousands of children supposed to be under their watch were discovered in other countries, decapitated. I've been Googling to no avail, and I'm wondering if I've gotten one of the details wrong, and it's throwing off my search? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for reading!
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help a felon out.

a friend of mine went to jail for something stupid a few years ago, and is now looking for a job. he has worked in various busboy-type jobs since, but would like to maybe get a job in an office. i'm trying to help him build a resume, but he is worried about explaining the 8 month gap in employment. that said:

1. what is the best way to explain to a future employer (during an interview) that he spent some time in jail?
2. how much information is disclosed about this type of thing on a background check?
3. will this be on his background check for the rest of time?
4. is he required by law to give details of his conviction?
5. what is a good thing to search for when it comes to trying to find places that hire ex-convicts?

he lives in pennsylvania, and went to jail in maryland. from what i can tell, the laws about this stuff vary from state to state, but i'm not really sure what to search for. any input would be wonderful.
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My friends and I want to go to the anime expo and we were planning on renting out a hotel room for 4 days. It's in downtown and it's going to be held at the LA Convention Center. I've been searching for cheap hotel prices and couldn't find ANYTHING. Four people are going and we wouldn't mind one room for all of us with two beds. The cheapest I found was $400 a night and that's way too much money. I was hoping for something like 60 a night or something. Do you know any hotel that would charge such a low price?
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(no subject)

What online sites do you use to sell your photography? And NOT stock photography.

What are your experiences with them re: fees, how quickly you get your money, and quality of work the client receives?

(no subject)

There was a comic or a cartoon a while ago and I can't remember what it was. But the character was all happy about it being winter and thought they saw the first snowflake and tried to catch it on their tongue, but it turned out to be ashes from somebody burning leaves on the other side of a fence. Any ideas?

What is your favorite thing to eat on a stick?
As in popsicles, corndogs, lollipops, etc.

macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

Did you read Pick-a-Path or Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid?
How would you feel about a similar book for adults?
Would you read it?

ETA: The one I'm reading that is an example of this is called 'Pretty Little Mistakes'.


For my Nutrition class I have to make up a children's story about one nutrient (protein, fat, carbs, water etc), and have the main character, the nutrient, tell the children information and facts about itself.

Anyone have any ideas of what the story could be about? What I should name the nutrient?
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assuming you do not have any extenuating circumstances which would have made you unlikely to finish, do you consider graduating high school to be an accomplishment worth mentioning?

stupid question of the day

So, ladies with menstrual cups:  How do you like yours? 

I am in love with mine after my first full day using it.  What should I name it?  Should it be a boy name or a girl name? 

Suggestions for naming my new silicone love? :)

(no subject)

would you be mad if someone stole credit for your cleaning activities? my brother told his fiancee that it was him who washed the dishes D:<

does pork and honey go well together? my brother is being all ~masterchef~ and put honey on our pork chops before he fried them and it smells weeeird.

have you ever held off dumping someone just so that they'd buy you stuff for your birthday/valentines/christmas?
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Mix CD

Help me LJ, I am making a mix cd of Eurotrash.

so far I have:

Groove Coverage - Poison
Scooter - Weekend
Praga Khan - Injected With The Poison
Lords of Acid - Gimme Gimme *yes I am aware that LOA is a side project of Praga Khan*
The KLF - What Time Is Love
Traci Lords - Control * Yes I know that she is American, but it is the style*
Apotheosis - O Fortuna

*edit* Maybe some Juno Reactor, but not certain what.

You get the idea.

what else? and I am only really interested in the darker Eurotrash sound nothing like the Real McCoys or 2 Unlimited or Aqua.
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(no subject)

Say you're dating someone and you're both really into each other, but since you've come on strong before you don't want to make the same mistake.

How do you proceed?
When do you start to actually call this person your s/o?
Are labels like these important or do you think they put extra stress on the parties in the beginning?


I almost hit a cow today. I was driving down the interstate around 70 mph and it almost ran out in front of me and an 18-wheeler. I honked my horn and it ran the other way.. it was headed right for us tho. 

When was the last time you almost hit an animal or did hit an animal?
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Let's say you're in a closet, hands and feet tied with a nylon rope (blue colored) and your gagged with a handkerchief and some tape. On the outside, you can hear the person who threw you in there--the father of your significant other. Turns out that he isn't too pleased with the fact that you have been unfaithful. He's talking with your SO, who is crying and begging him to be gentle to you--citing "love" and "children" and "future" and "S/he owes me $40". He doesn't hear most if it, because he's too busy talking to himself about all the different ways he's going to set you on fire from the inside, outside, and use your body to make various meat foodstuffs.

However, he's raging alcoholic who tires easy, and ends up going to bed before your SO. S/he attempts to break you out of the closet, but the racket manages to wake up the father--who is very upset because:
1) He's awake
2) He missed The Late Show

He grabs a knife that he had above you on a shelf and slashes at you, missing you, but cutting the ropes. You're free. In a manner of speaking. Do you:

1- Attack the man in self defense? Possibly killing him [this will have no effect on your relationship with the SO]
2- Decide the relationship with the SO is over and run like hell?
3- Use your SO as a meat shield and protect yourself from the next attack, hoping he will be too grief stricken to bother with a new attack so you can run/attack?
4- Wonder who this man is with a knife that has thrown you in this closet?

(no subject)

Do you have any worhtless EUROS laying around that you're not using?
Could you send them to me? I'll give you perfectly useable Afghani's in return.

Have you been to Amsterdam's Red Light District?
a coffeshop?
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(no subject)

1. do you think depression is a valid reason for calling in sick (to work)?
2. what is something about yourself that you're uncomfortable discussing with others?
3. what are you worried about right now?

(no subject)

when you are holding hands with a SO, do you:

- just hold hands or do you lace fingers?
- how do you prevent sweaty palms? is it considered un-romantic to remove yourself in order to wipe your hands on your pants?

I feel like such a noob.
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When you're talking to anyone, do you ever use your middle finger to point at something instead of your index finger?

My co-workers have a tendency to use their middle finger to point at things on whiteboards or in server racks, and I always brush it off, but I saw an episode of Seinfeld not too long ago where George got the middle finger point and Jerry didn't (while in the same sitting). As usual, George makes a big deal out of it and Jerry brushes it off. Today while I was signing my lease, the girl who handled my application and lease signing used her middle finger to point.
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Guys: If you could associate your penis with an animal, what would that animal be?
Girls: If you could associate your vagina with an animal, what would that animal be?

Everyone: What's something that made you LOL tonight/today?
Me? My friend answered "Big Foot or the Incredible Hulk"
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1. What do you think of people that blast music out of their car speakers? (To the point where it makes that awful vibrating noise and you wonder if they can even hear an ambulance or police signal)

2. What about neighbors (especially in a apartment) that blast their music so loud that it vibrates the floor and gives you a migraine?

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Is there something that you don't like touching, but you kind of have to anyway?

I hate touching raw chicken, or just raw meat in general, but I make dinner every night, so it's hard not to touch. I also hate the feeling of chalk, but in two of my classes, we usually have to write notations on the board.

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Can anybody get past Stage 8 in this puzzle?

I'm stuck :(

[ETA]: From the first page: NOTE: The text is always written in a clear form, it's just disguised in some way. There are no riddles or such things. The text is always located within the image file. It's never a reference to a place outside this website!
This puzzle is case sensitive.

Basically, the answer to the next page is always in the image somehow. You have to hunt for it! Stage 8 is still making me insane.

[ETA 2]: This works best in IE.
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TL;DR with Audiodrops

I am hoping to go on a week-long trip to Denver, CO over spring break with my friends - One who is nineteen, one who is eighteen, and one who is seventeen - to meet a nineteen-year-old friend. (I'm seventeen as well.)

We already plan to:

-Check out two colleges we might want to go to
-Go to the zoo
-Go to the natural history museum
-Take a day or so and head to Colorado Springs, where my grandfather lives and the family of the friend we're visiting lives, and hit Garden of the Gods.

Provided my mother and father approve this, what should we do while we're there? (serious and non-serious welcome?)

In addition, it'll be about 384 dollars each for the absolute bare minimum we'll need - Hotel, gas, and food (provided we eat cheap the whole time we're there). We're all shooting for having 500 each at least, plus putting all our loose change and leftover lunch money, as well as like five or ten dollars whenever we can spare it in a 'community jar' that we'll turn to cash and bring with us in case someone runs out of money, we bust a tire, or something else unexpected happens. We're taking my friend's parents' car, and she has AAA. We'll be two hours or so from my grandfather, a friend's family, and, if the world ends and we absolutely HAVE to contact them, I've got family in Canon City, and yet another friend (who will not be coming with us, but who we're very close to and my parents trust deeply) has family in Denver as well.

What else would you recommend as safety precautions/planning? It's a nine hour drive, and it's gonna take a lot of preparation and foresight to prove to my parents we're capable of doing it. We're all trustworthy kids, but it's kind of a big deal - Not to mention, I'm a huge worrywart, but I'm pulling a blank here. What would you do in this situation?
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According to Larry Elder, a black libertarian radio show host and author, "White racism is no longer a major factor in American life," and that the Democratic party of the US is fostering racism because "manipulators like Bill Clinton consider blacks stupid and want them to focus almost exclusively on the alleged problem of white racism".

What do you think?

Do you think racism of whites toward blacks is still a major factor in American life?

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A family has two children. One child is responsible for running the dishes through the dishwasher cycles and unloading the dishwasher and putting the plates and utensils back on an as-needed basis, which is generally three times per week. The other child is responsible for taking out the garbage and the recyclables, which is once per week. This involves gathering the newspapers from a basket and the cans and bottles from another basket and dumping them into a recycling bin, and collecting the trash from six or seven different rooms in the house into a large garbage bin, then taking both bins to the curb.

Would you say these tasks are equally distributed chores? Or do you think one is more intensive than the other? If so, which one?
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are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.
9:44pm ET -- done! better luck next time :)

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Poll #1137645 This or that

Jack (Jack-in-the-Box) or the King (Burger King)?


What's more embarassing? Camel toe or pantyline?

Camel toe
Panty line

Scene kids or emo kids?


Indiana Jones or Han Solo?


Christian Bale as Batman or Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)?


Rum or vodka?


What bothers you more? Second-hand smoke (people who smoke around you) or second-hand salvation (people who proselytize around you and try and save your soul)?


Which would you rather have? A slice of moist, succulent chocolate cake with decadent frosting...or the $5 it would cost in some restaurants?

The cake
The cash

The Princess Bride or Monty Python and the Holy Grail?


Tiger print or zebra print?

Hell no kitty

Fill in the blank

1.  How would you fill in the following sentence?

Any day where _______________ is not a good day.

Serious/not serious it's all good.

2. If you were fired from somewhere for your serious lack of work ethic (in other words, you couldn't be assed to actually show up to work... you completely agree that you were at fault and you have been fired from at least 4 other similar employers since for the exact same reasons), would you continue to use your former workplace(s) for whatever goods or services they provide, even if there were other options readily available?

Mine: 1. Any day where you spend 5 hours in the emergency room is not a good day.
2. No and I wish my former assistant would stop!
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Can you give me a guess as to what would cause these symptoms?
I'm trying to figure out what my boyfriend has. He feels like there's sand in his left eye (which makes me think pinkeye, even though it's not red or pink anymore), but he also has a headache, a cough, a sore throat, and feels like he's running a fever (but has no way to tell if he actually is).
Could it just be pinkeye combined with feeling shitty? He hasn't been sleeping or eating well thanks to college life. I can't think of anything to explain the eye irritation :(

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Dear TQC,

I am currently about to gnaw my own arm off, and am contemplating ordering takeout (since dining hall is SO not on my menu right now.)

Where should I order from -- KFC or Greco? I'm torn, I tell you -- TORN!
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