February 11th, 2008


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How old were you the first time your parents left you at home by yourself, with no babysitter?

[I was eight, which seems a bit young but I guess they trusted me not to burn the house down.]
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i had a bit of an accident preparing dinner for tomorrow night and i didn't realize i'd cut myself until i bled a bit on the couch. is there a good way to get blood out of it ASAP? it's a cream color if that helps.
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I'm taking a plane from Georgia to California (five hour flight, three hour time zone change); it leaves at 9 AM, meaning I'd have to get up at about 6 AM in order to get there in time. This is a problem, as I RARELY get up before, oh, noon.

I'm torn between these three sleeping schedules:

a: going to sleep at my normal time and sleeping on the plane to compensate (the con here is that I might be super grouchy while navigating the airport - a task difficult enough as it is)

b: staying up all night and sleeping on the plane (the con being that I get a bit less sleep than I'm used to - only five hours)

c: going to sleep early and not sleeping on the plane (the con being that my current sleep schedule is perfect for California, with no need to adjust, and going to sleep early might ruin it)

Thoughts? If you were me, how would you go about planning your sleeping for the night before?
Family Planning


Have you or anyone you know ever had a pharmacist refuse to sell you birth control?

Do you think they should be able to refuse to sell it to you?

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Why do my professors pick the most boring topics for us to write papers on? There are so many interesting things in the text I'm using now and he chose the one topic that reads like Ben Stein reciting binary. What is/was your least favorite thing to write papers on?

Why does my house keep vibrating? It feels almost like someone has the bass on a stereo up really high, but there's no music.

Random Questions

1. What is the best program to edit videos? I want to upload videos to my computer and edit them, split them into parts.. etc.

2. Is Commerce Bank good?

3. Am I the only one obsessed with Bravo's "Make Me A Model"?
Rocky Horror Batman Show


Why did my stupid cat just shit all over my clothes!?!??!!?!?!?!?
His litter box was cleaned out yesterday, completely dumped! He used it this morning to poop and then he took one on my WORK CLOTHES!!!
Over the past week I've been switching him from Special Kitty kibble to Iams kibble. I mixed about two pounds of Special Kitty with Iams and then after two days of that, I added another two pounds of Iams, so it shouldn't be the kibble, right? Is he pissed at me for trying to get him used to the dog?


edit: Also, last night he kept crawling on my face and he woke me up by blowing a ripe one in my face.
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What are your thoughts on the "Illuminati?"

I am trying to track down The illuminatus!  books. Any good places to order them in Australia? i have been to my bookshops and been given a odd look. And no luck with the Library either.

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Imagine this. You're hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex. It's just the two of you standing and talking alone outside before going to see a play his sister is in. There is a slight sexual tension in the air. Suddenly, he asks if he may be forward with you. What do you think "____, may I be forward with you?" means in this situation?

I thought it meant I was about to be asked another question; one likely pertaining to if one of us were into the other.
Instead, it meant kisses! D: I was bewildered!

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So, tonight someone asked me, for the first time in my life, if I would to be their valentine.

He's a friend of mine who I'm not attracted to physically, but his personality is an all around winner and makes up for not being "hot" and honestly, that's what I want in a guy - personality. In fact, his personality is so awesome that it's actually making me physically attracted. Good thing, yeah? Plus, he's totally cool with the idea of me leaving for a month at a time, and he's 100% opposite of your typical college guy - I wouldn't be worried about loyalty and whatnot. So with that in mind, a few questions...

1. He lives in an apartment of 5 people who I'm good friends (including the one jackass that I've ever slept with drunk, which I regretted and still do.) Will this be awkward if we start to date?

2. Said-jackass goes out of his way to make it known to me that he's seeing this new girl who lives in West Virginia. He started seeing her (or rather, screwing her) a day after he got romantic with me and tried to get me into bed again, but I said no. Lame, typical college boy. Will I look desperate, even though I'm absolutely not, dating his room mate?

3. Have you ever had a valentine? If so, will you tell me about it?
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1. What song (if any) do you have stuck in your head right now?
2. When you have a song stuck in your head, do you roll with it, or do you try to get it out of your head as soon as possible?
3. What do you typically do to get your mind off of the song?

1. The Past and Pending by the Shins.
2. I usually just end up singing the lyrics aloud and bothering everyone around me.
3. Listen to the song in question, and then listen to another immediately afterward. Pretty much always works for me.

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I didn't have to get up until 8 AM, however, I was woken up about half an hour ago by my mother making loud sound effects while attempting to poop.

tqc, when is the last time someone/something woke you up earlier than you needed to be up? did it annoy you?

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Have you ever worked in telemarketing? Were people mean to you? Whether or not you've worked in that industry, are you mean to telemarketers? Do you think telemarketing should be done away with (somehow, as in made illegal or something)?
My answers: No. n/a upon occasion, I must admit, but not so much any more. YES.

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What's your favorite trivia question?

My fave: What is a song that has been covered by both David Bowie and Tiny Tim?

EDITED TO ADD: I don't think Mr. Tim ever recorded "The Little Drummer Boy", but the song I'm thinking of is "Fill Your Heart", written by Paul Williams and Biff Rose. Mr. Tim covered it on "God Bless Tiny Tim", Bowie on "Hunky Dory".

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Does Mozilla Firefox have an update from the past 3 days or do I have a virus?

edit: k thanks! i was just wondering because my virus check kind of freaked out, and the update said something shifty-looking like "mozilla version 2.011.w.r77".

vee dee

since when is valentine's day a gift-giving holiday?

i'm not talking about the normal loser-begging-desparately-for-some-action-from-his-frigid-wife gifts like teddy bears, flowers, candy, and (for the affluent among us) jewelry; i'm seeing adverts for VD gifts of cell phones and blackberries, notebook computers and mp3 players; it's all there except for an oversized ugly sweater from your grandmother that you're just going to exchange for store credit

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Do you ever put something away in completely the wrong place?

I was looking for my gloves last night because I had to go outside and I couldn't find them, later after I came in I found them in my desk drawer where I have all my computer accessories. I think I may have aimed for the top of the desk but missed and not noticed.
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Dear TQC,

I'll be traveling to the UK later in the year and I have enlisted your help to inform me of what I hands down, MUST see while I'm there. I bought the travel books and all that jazz but I want some more personal input.

I will mostly be around Manchester/London area, but if theres something worth seeing elsewhere, I'll probably venture out there.

1) What should I go see?
2) Is there anything food wise that I have to try?
3) What would you do if you were going to the UK for three weeks?

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Poll #1136770 What's in a name part 3?

You're pregnant (or your SO is pregnant) with fraternal twins. A boy and a girl. Your SO really wants to name them, and is threatening to leave you unless you agree to one of the sets of names below. Which names do you accept?

Bertha and Ernie
Luke and Leia
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Lestat and Claudia
Peter and Marcia
Harry and Hermione
James and Moneypenny
Jack and Jill
Bart and Lisa
My SO can leave. Weirdo
HP love

Word woes

My sister's encountered a problem with Word '03 recently. Any document she creates at Uni does it, although others are fine.

Basically, when she goes to apply some formatting (say, underlining a piece of text), it changes the formatting of the entire document, seemingly at random. The undo list has an automatic formatting entry, so she can get her desired changes, but we're wondering, does anyone know how to turn this off? I went through the options and couldn't find anything, and I haven't used Word in over a year.

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are you expecting to receive anything this upcoming Valentine's Day?

when was the last time you took a roadtrip? where did you go?

if/when i meet stakingaclaim, how should i greet her? i should totally add a mole to my face, a'la Eva Mendes so that she'll recognize me, righhhht?

think of a TQC member (don't say who it is) will you tell me either something negative or positive about that person?

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What do you call your SO's grandparents?  (First name only, Mrs. (last name), whatever your SO calls them, other...)

My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years, and it still feels weird to call his parents by their first names.  I haven't been around his grandmothers that much, so I've never really had any reason to call them anything.

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Do you like "How are you?" questions? Do you think they're one of the only questions that can be asked everyday without getting annoying/unnecessary, or do you think they're already really annoying? Do you use them to vent or say anything you want to say, or do you answer with "fine" or "good"?
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1.  when talking with someone, which eye do you look at?  do you pick one and stick with it or do you alternate between the two or do you look at their mouth?  or do you do a combination of all three??

2.  if you heard a strange noise in another part of your house that should be empty, would you go investigate?  if so, would you arm yourself or go empty handed?  (if you have pets, pretend all of them are accounted for in the room with you) 

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I have a job interview at two o'clock at a callcenter in a bank, and I reeeeaaally need a job.

I have almost no work experience, so all I have to rely on is... myself. D: Do you have any good tips on how I can rock this interview and make them hire me?

Because srsly, you guys... no one in the world would hire me based on my CV.
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My soon-to-be roommate and I are going to look at a dog that we may adopt. If we do decide on this one, and get approval from the humane society, we'd have to come back sometime next week to get it.

That being said, would it be a bad idea to wear a cologne that I don't normally wear, just on the chance that we go see the dog again and I'll smell different?

Remember that Simpsons episode?


Your SO is overworked at his or her job. They've been eating badly and gained a few pounds, and are utterly stressed out and needs a break, but can't afford to miss work. He or she has checked the job market, and their job pays the best in their field and it's not worth leaving. Then one day, the company changes their medical plan. Among the new changes, it now states that obesity qualifies as a disability and those exceding 300 lbs. can file for disability payment. Your SO thinks that this would be perfect, that he or she will start eating a lot and reach that 300 lb. goal, becoming obese for a few months until they can decompress and take control of their life again. A mini fat-break from their job. Your SO runs this plan by you. That it'll be 6 months at most, then they'll lose the pounds and go back to their normal weight. They just need a break because the stress is taking its toll.

1. Would you be supportive of their plan and put up with a fatter lover for the next handful of months, or would you try and talk them out of it, or would you let them do what they wanted and leave them when you were no longer attracted to them anymore?
Haruhi disappearance

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1a) When you're eating a snack bag (chips, popcorn, etc), do you eat the crumbs left at the bottom of the bag or just the full pieces?
1b)Do you tip the bag into your mouth to get said crumbs? If so, do you do this in public?

2) I'm on a "healthy eating plan", but I forgot to get groceries, so my lunch consists of a can of chef boyardee noodles. Is there anything I can buy at the CVS[it's a cross between a convenience store and a pharmacy) down the street that would be healthy, you think?

3) What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done during sex?

LJ habits

1: Are the people on your friends list like you or is there variety?
2: Are the communities you join,manage or create alike or very,very different?
3: What do you think LJ is missing?
4: Are you a commenter or a lurker?
5: How many hours are you here in day?  
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1. What kinds of self-help or self-improvement books have you read?

2. Do you think that happiness is something we must seek, or do you think it falls on us only when we're not looking for it?

3. On the topic of happiness, want to take my quick survey for a research project?
Please do :) --> Click for Survey

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in about 3-4 weeks, after we receive our tax return, my fiance and i are moving 835 miles from virginia to missouri. its a little over 13 hours, that includes the two stops for gas and a few truck stops for bathroom breaks. we moved here from missouri to live with his parents last august but that was while i was still pregnant and my parents followed us with their van helping us move stuff. now that we have the baby, numerous baby things/furniture, only ourselves to help us move everything back up...we're not sure what the best method of moving everything back up would be.

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so me and my boyfriend have been looking all morning to hear this song called check ya self by rappin 4 tay but we cant download it anywhere! if someone could send it to me that would be super

also, which would you rather have as a pet? a duck or a penguin?

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 About an hour ago, I walked by a store with blacked out windows that gave a nice reflection.  I caught myself checking out my own ass as I walked by.

Gay?  Vain?  Self-conscious?  All of the above?
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1. How do you feel about attendance policies in college/university?

2. Have you ever had a professor that swears they have no attendance policy, but then passes around an attendance sheet? What does this mean?

3. What do you do in classes where you go out of sheer necessity and not desire? How do you keep from staring at the clock the entire time? (I have a 75-minute Astronomy class that will ultimately be my boredom downfall).

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TQC, I just put on sunless tanner and it completely stained my hands dark bronze. I've been washing them with soap on and off for the past half hour. I'm about to leave to have sexytime with an exboyfriend in 10 minutes. Any idea how to get rid of the stains really quickly?

(For some reason, applying lotion to my hand BEFORE the fact didn't occur to me)

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My computer needed a system restore recently. After the restore, Adaware no longer worked. I'd click the icon and I'd get an error message. I tried to to download and reinstall, but I can't since it's supposedly still installed. So I tried to uninstall it, but it's not in the Add/Remove programs list. So how can I fix this?

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What's a safe way to introduce a kitten into a house with a 2 year old cat?

Of course I've done a google search, but I'm looking for people who can answer my question because they have experience doing this. So, if you've ever done this yourself, mind helping?
happy monkey

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1. do you find that people automatically assume that you're single or not single/engaged?
2. do you make assumptions about a person's dating status? what brings you to those assumptions?
3. did you watch the Grammys? what's your critique of the show?

1. my coworkers just assume i'm single. i mean i am. but i didn't "tell" them, so i'm wondering how they came to this conclusion. when i was with someone i never talked about him, but they knew i was with someone. i just never told them we broke up.
2. i always just assume that everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend. things seem nicer that way :p
3. i did watch the first half hour... but i got bored.. and went to sleep.
» save your soul

film review

Okay, so for school, I've got to do a review on any film I want. I have to talk about music, camera angles, all that shiz.

What film should I review? I don't have an idea myself. >_>


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Poll #1136930 Another poll about gender and, this time, teh gay

Your SO says to you one day "Honey, I think I might be gay. I do love you, though, and don't want to break up. But, to accomodate my new preference, would you be willing to compromise your appearance, to keep our love life alive? Would you be willing to get a closely-cropped, boycut and start wearing ties? (if you're male, then she wants you to grow your hair long and always stay clean-shaven, and lose a lot of muscle mass)." To make your relationship work, would you be willing to make these small physical adjustments to keep him/her interested?

Yes, I would do it
No, I would not

You give birth to a baby (or your SO does). The doctor told you that it was a girl, due to the ultrasound, but there was a hidden penis as well. Your child is both genders (what used to be termed hermaphrodite). The doctor gives you options. You can keep the child the way it is, and maybe at some point it can decide what gender to be, but it would grow up very confused. Or you could choose to have the sex of the baby altered to male or female. Your SO says that he or she is fine with whatever choice you make. What choice do you make?

Keep the baby both genders and let it decide for itself at some point
Have the baby altered to a boy
Have the baby altered to a girl

Your parents come to you one day and, in a serious tone, tell you that when you were born, you were both genders (penis and vagina). At the time, they felt it best that you were only one sex, and made the decision, which is the gender you are now. Upon hearing this news, how do you feel?

They made the correct decision. I like being what I am
They made the wrong decision. I really feel I'd be more comfortable being the opposite gender
I'm happy with the gender I am, though the news would explain a lot about me. Some traits where feel a little...off

Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz will be involved in a graphic lesbian sex scene in the next Woody Allen movie. How do you feel about that?

That sounds so hot. I can't wait
Eww. Lesbo stuff. I'm making it a point to avoid it now
It's a Woody Allen movie. I have to see it. I love his films
It's a Woody Allen movie. I have to not see it. I hate him

Paris Hilton reportedly made out with Elisha Cuthbert in public a couple weeks ago. She's also going to be appearing in the L Word. She could be into chicks now. How does this make you feel about her?

Same as always. I hate her
Same as before. I really like her
Same as before. I really don't give a shit
She's bisexual? Hmm. I think this makes me like her more now
She's bisexual? God, she sucks even more now.

Take a Trip

Any advice for someone with little cash who wants to get out of the city?
Where should I go that won't cost a fortune?
How should I go about getting there? I don't have a car nor am I old enough to rent one.

I live in New York City and I've been considering taking a trip either in the summer after I graduate high school or in the spring to upstate or Montauk (East Hampton). Suggestions would be much appreciated. To be completely honest, I have no idea how to go about getting to either place and to what I should do while I'm there. All I know is after a long four years, a new setting that isn't as crowded would make me so happy.

Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts!
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My latest grammarfail, while writing an opening statement for a mock arbitration:

"In those 26 years, Ms. Balch has not once been the subject of discipline. Her work reviews have all been outstanding or highly-effective, with no negative reviews whatsoever. Ms. Balch works the 3-11pm shift at the Syracuse Hospital. During the shift, she makes rounds, prepares the patients for dinner.."

Hm, no. Oops.

What's your most common grammarfail? Are you able to catch your own mistakes, or do you use a proofreader?

I have people proof read everything, and I read things out loud.
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If you had a child that was born with both female and male sex organs (and both were functioning), and you were given the opportunity to have one set removed, would you? If so, how would you choose which organs to remove? Or would you just leave both intact? 

EDIT:Nevermind, I was not aware this was asked recently.

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Why is the london page on craigslist.org blocked for "sexually explicit content" while every other city in the world is not blocked??

Why is the internet filter at work so dumb?
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 If you had to choose between listening to one of your favorite songs on the radio, but the station was staticy [is that ever a WORD?} or settling for an "okay" or somewhat annoying song on a clear station, which would you choose?
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1. do you have any qualms about eating in public?
2. for those who work (and stuff) do you eat lunch at work, or do you go out to eat?
3. for those who eat subway sandwiches, do you eat the 6 inch or the foot long sandwiches?
4. in what areas of your life do you feel inadequate?
5. what's the best thing that's happened today for you?

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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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I know its been asked a lot but I'm bored and curious so,

what song (if any) makes you weep like a baby?

for me personally...very rarely can I listen to "Wish You Were Here" (by Pink Floyd of course...if you didnt know that I'm very sad for you) without bawling.

Down in a Hole and Nutshell by AIC make me a little teary as well...mainly because I'm still remarkably sad that Layne Staley is dead :(


im kind of stuck in the stone ages when it comes to tv--the only two shows i watch regularly are the twilight zone (which ceased production in the mid-60s) and M*A*S*H (which ceased production in the early 80s). of course, this makes me a bit of a tv luddite.

on the upside, i have directv with tivo, so . . . which shows should i be tivo'ing? i'd like something current (i.e., shows currently in production). also, i only watch tv for maybe an hour a day, and i dont have any premium channels. im open to pretty much any type of programming, but could never really get into reality tv.

(and if youre wondering why i have directv/tivo when i dont watch much tv, i have it almost exclusively to watch baseball during baseball season).


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I few weeks ago I was complaining here about not being able to find purple shoe laces. I had been telling my friend in MA. Somehow it came up when her parents (in CT) were visiting her and so her dad had mentioned he recalled a store in the mall that had all sorts of colored laces so he went and got me a pair (actually he got me three but that's because he's sort of neurotic)

Was this gesture

A. Creepy
B. Sweet
C. Funny
D. Combination of two or more of the above (specify please)

I think it's funny and sweet, I don't know him ALL that well but he's a really nice guy and it was even funnier that he bought three pairs, just because he didn't know which one I would want but is so detailed oriented and neurotic I think he didn't want to take the risk

Have YOU ever recieved an odd gift? Whether it was the actual gift or the person who gave it to you?

EDIT-don't know if it matters but I SO forgot to mention, I'm in upstate NY so he mailed them to me

Birth Control Pills for Men

Someone just IM'd me informing me about it and I just did a google search for it. While I read up on it, I would like to know

Guys: Would you take a birth control pill? Why or why not?

Ladies: Would you ask your hunk of love to take the birth control pill? If he agreed, would you cease taking yours? Do you or would you still require your man to wear a condom even if one or the other or both of you are on the pill?

Edit: I asked a guy friend if he'd take it. He said "Not if there would be bad side effects." Later in the conversation he said he thought it was the girl's responsibility to take the pill. Why is it OK for the girl to suffer the side effects of the pill but not for the guy?

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I have a ton of free time today, TQC. If I make sugar cookies today for Valentine's Day this thursday, do you think they'd still be okay by then?

My SO's parents have been going away for every holiday the past year. They said that since their youngest is now 20, that they don't have to bother with holidays anymore. Did your parents stop celebrating holidays after you got to a certain age? Do you think their is an age limit to enjoy holidays?

so i'm back to the velvet underground

This Or That: Mariah Carey Edition

1. Butterfly or Daydream?
2. Daydream or Music Box?
3. Butterfly or The Emancipation Of Mimi?
4. Glitter or Charmbracelet?
5. Honey or Fantasy?
6. Fantasy or Heartbreaker?
7. Heartbreaker - original with Jay-Z or remix with Da Brat and Missy Elliott?
8. Vision Of Love or Emotions?
9. Hero or One Sweet Day?
10. We Belong Together or My All?
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How do you calm yourself down when you're angry?

I'm feeling a bit wound-up, and I'm still in the "break everything in the room" stage so all advice is appreciated.

You hit your toe really hard. Assuming you curse, what string of curse words do you let fly?
James Franco joint

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I just sat up to pull my shirt down to make sure my butt crack wasn't hanging out, and the guy in front of me on the computer facing mine thought I was looking over the monitor at him, and he gave me this big, goofy smile, but there was also concern. Now he thinks I was looking at him, and I feel awkward.

When was the last time you did something that could have been/was misconstrued?

The Receptionist Classic


Your choices are:
a cruise in the Caribbean in December
a cruise to Alaska in September

Which do you choose?

(Both trips are 7-day cruises and let's just say that the trips are at no-cost to you.)
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) Am I wrong to be snippy and a little rude to a co-worker who chastised me for "making an independent decision" as to filing a document? (I'm a secretary/receptionist)

2) Would anyone like to hire me for an awesome job, or any job where people will leave me alone, more or less? :P

3) Easter candy seems to be out. What is your favorite kind?
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My friend has an ear infection that isn't so serious (according to him), but he still needs antibiotics. He refuses to go to a doctor because he's from Serbia and only here in New York to make some money for a year and doesn't want to ~waste~ his money on a doctor's visit/antibiotics.

However, I happen to have 15 875 ml. pills of Amoxicillian-Calvulanate Potassium. The internet sort of says they can be used for everything, basically.

TQC, I know sharing prescriptions is "bad," but these will work for my friend, right?

EDIT: He's also pretty concerned that the ER/whatever will check his, uh, "legality" in being here.


Are your dogs as obsessed with catnip as my chihuahuas? Murry and Lilly LOVE catnip. They goes crazy for it. They dig and dig on whatever surface I put it on and eat it. It's pretty hilarious to watch. They get more into it than my cat Reggie does.
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1. How do you get over feeling super overwhelmed?
2. How do you make yourself focus when its not going so well for you?
3. What are your study/stay awake tips when books bore you to tears?
4. If I'm required 12 credit hours for insurance, and have 13 but drop a 3 hour class, will I lose my insurance? or is being registered full time the only thing that counts?

(no subject)

1. Would you prefer to live on-campus or off-campus? And why?
I have to make a decision. If I live on campus with my room mate of choice, I might end up getting a crappy dorm (but then again, maybe not). On the other hand, if I get an apartment with my other room mate of choice, I'll have to learn to drive by the end of the summer.

2. Rooming with friends--good idea, bad idea? Any experiences?

3. Which do you think feels worse: being constantly cynical and unhappy, or being constantly disappointed?
derek smalls

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when you're about to fall asleep (or even just lying down to relax) do you ever feel like you're spinning?

this has been happening a lot to me lately and it's kind of fun but kind of weird. is this normal?!

petsmart petshotel

I have a second interview with the Petsmart petshotel on wednesday. I was wondering about the questions they'll be asking. Just like the first interview but with a different manager? This would be my first job and I'd really like to get it. Thanks in advance. :]

(no subject)

1) What is the most strangest thing you have ever eaten in a foreign country?
2) Have you ever gotten 100% on an exam? What for?
3) Where is your favourite place to relax, unwind and chill out?
4) Worst movie you've watched lately?

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Does anyone know of a site, that works sort of like cafepress, where you can submit photos and have them put on postcards, that you and other people can order online? edit: dammit. Cafepress can do that. I didn't see that option.

What's your favourite site or comm to do with something creative? Mine is http://www.notebookinhand.com

I've recently (past two months) stopped biting my fingernails. i hate the feeling of having them scraping on things. I was trying to scrub a pot today and it just felt... slightly sick. Does this happen to anyone else?

A friend and i are about to make home made icecream. What flavour should we make it? We'll go shopping.

another one: What's a good thread that's a history conversation? I'm trying to rejuvenate a history section of a forum.


How do we feel about flip flops in the winter?

Today, it was eleven degrees out (maybe less than that right now at 6pm). I saw people on campus wearing flip flops, and one boy wearing shorts. This angers me..... severely. And this is coming from someone who practically lives for flip flops. And I'll admit... in the deep of the fall season, I will party in flip flops (if I'm drunk enough to not care about my feet). But, TODAY? It was so cold! I just don't understand.

The only satisfaction I got was seeing them all suffer. Yeah, it was cold enough that it was impossible to fake it.
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So I have a Dell Dimension DM051 Desktop, 2.66 GHz, 1gig of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS (Not sure how much MB) Graphics Card, Completely stock computer.

I play World Of Warcraft and was wondering what should I upgrade in the computer for better performance, the graphics card or the RAM itself? Looks do not matter as much as sheer speed.

Please recommend what you would get (Brand/Product), I will probably get it from newegg.com if that helps, also was looking at anywhere from $100-$300 range, thanks a ton. And sorry if this is a terrible community to post in, as I don't really know of another place to do so.

Picture made of words.

Does anyone know where I can UPLOAD a photograph, and then it'll reformat it into TEXT only (using the colours of the photograph)?
I hope that makes sense..

I have a photograph, and I need to replicate it by making it out of this quote only... if that gives you an idea.
I know it exsists, I just don't know what it's called!

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Do you give out valentines to your friends?  (as in the boxed kinda you had as a kid)

What's the best coffee beverage?

What do you think I look like?  Bonus points for detail OR paintz

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Now that you've gotten out all your extreme feelings toward each other out, will you reply here and let everyone tell you a completely neutral comment about you? Then tell others who comment something about them, something random you notice or think of or whatever, as long as it's neither positive or negative.

ETA: my old icon is back. yay/nay?

To Drink Or Not To Drink

I just received an urgent text message that says "YOU BETTER NOT BE LETTING HIM DRINK!!!!!"

I don't recognize the number.

1. TQC, who should I be keeping from drinking and why?

I have texted the number back but I am too impatient to wait for a response.

2. Have you received any mysterious texts lately?

3. If you could keep anyone from drinking, who would it be and why?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Anyone here join the National Guard for the tuition benefits? What was your experience like? Was it worth it? (anyone who knows anyone else who has done this-- please offer your insight!)

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do you truly believe in unconditional love? why or why not?

would you rather eat only your favorite food every day for the rest of your life, or never eat it again but be allowed to eat anything else you wanted?

what decade do you think has the best music. give examples.

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Did you miss me?!

I have a question, do AMERICAN people (everyone whos not English) have The Big Issue homeless magazine thing?

Do you buy it? Do you sell it maybe?

Its expensive now! I went up to this guy who was selling it in my town today, and I was expecting it to be like 20p, and he was all like £1.50 please! Thats like a third of my smoking money! But I still bought it obviously because I didn't want to disapoint him now! It was nice talking to him, he wasn't really that grateful though. I didn't even read the bloody thing because I don't like reading that much and its about boring things but still...I feel quite happy about it!

Do you feel happy when you buy The Big Issue (or your version of it)?
Mr Messy

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My current yarn supplier is going out of business. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good single ply purewool recommendation OR a recommendation of really soft yarn that I can make toddler blankets out of. I'm looking for some brilliant colorways, too. And my price range is anywhere from 6 - 15 dollars per skien. Anyone know where I can order some yarn? Also, I'm most interested in recommendations from people who have actually used the yarn. I'm currently looking into BBR and three irish girls, but I've never knitted with that kind of yarn before, so I don't know if they'd be worth buying or not.


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Can you post a picture of someone that you think has natural beauty?
...and also someone who you think is pretty because of unnautral things (ex. tanning bed, make up, teeth whitener, plastic surgery)
Worst Blind Date

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How do you guys study for an exam?

I am having a difficult time with a class of mine because the information is SO boring and I can't seem to remember any of it. So sharing any tips you have, or at least knowing your own study methods, would be great!

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Can anybody recommend any good books about the apocalypse or about a post-apocalyptic world? And don't recommend Oryx and Crake because I've already read that one!