February 10th, 2008

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what is the last thing you realized you've taken for granted?

for me, it's having a refrigerator. you might remember my post a few days ago about how my fridge broke and now I'm using coolers to keep shit cold. well, the fridge is still broken and i'm still using coolers to keep shit cold. everything's wet and smelly and i feel gross eating anything that's not fresh or from the pantry. i just wish i had my fridge back :(

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do you feel weird having a tv or radio on while you're having sex? does the room have to be completely silent for you to feel comfortable gettin' your groove on, or can you tune out other sounds easily?

the other day my boyfriend turned on the radio before we had sex so no one in the house would hear us. it was on the only station he could clearly get; an 80's station. there were a few moments where I got distracted by The Police & Pat Benatar on the radio. it's hard to tune out Love Is A Battlefield.

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my boyfriend and i just got done watching every episode of dexter on DVD & we loved it! but now we have nothing to watch. we want to start getting into another show, but aren't sure which one to choose. i suggested weeds, heroes or lost, but he vetoed them. we've already seen the office, scrubs, and arrested development.
what would you suggest?

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I work at Coach and lately my feet have been suffering. I cant seem to find a stylish black pair of shoes that offer the right support for 9 hours on my feet.
They have to be stylish, and professional and all black.
I don't want a heel.
I've been to DSW, searched Zappos and Overstock but can't find anything.
Does anyone have any suggestions, maybe from personal experience?
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Job halp, plz.

so I got a new job in November, as a receptionist for a vet hospital. The job I applied for was a full time position, but due to school I could live with just 20 or so hours a week. Now, I'm barely getting any hours--like literally, I had 2 hours this week before they smiled on me and gave me a few more. We're fairly new, so we don't have the budget to have me there, but the Office Manager and the other receptionist get first pick at hours--always 36+, so always screwing me over. Now, I like the job, it's chill, but the no hours shit is killing me, soooo

1. how do i approach getting a second job? i applied at CVS as a pharm tech, but how do I describe my work situation to them?
2. how do i pick priority for the jobs? CVS would be hella closer (~2 miles), while the hospital is about 40 miles.

tbh, i feel like the hospital can kind of suck my ass and make me an alternate, since they kind of fucked me with my hours, but ugh idk :[ advice, please?

OH AND have any of you ever taken Seroquel? How did that go for you? Was the weight gain awful?
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Next thing you know shawty got low low low...

Dear Dr. LJ,
I've sprained my ankle again for the second time in three months. The same ankle, too! It's not very severe. The sprain happened at 12:20am and I had to do some light walking until I got home at 1:15. I soaked it in warm water for half an hour. My job requires me to do a lot of walking (about 10 miles a day), so I need to get this cleared up as quickly as possible.
Doctor, what is the quickest way to fix a sprained ankle?
Thank you!
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Why do people post to customers_suck with "witnessed sucks," or stories that start with "I don't work retail anymore, but 15 years ago this happened to me!"

I thought the point of C_S was to vent about things, so you don't strangle customers when you go in for your next shift, not to live vicariously through other peoples' stories that you just so happened to see?
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Give me a word

What is a word that is more definite than "probably", but less definite than "definitely"?

Words that are still too definite or not definite enough: assuredly, certainly, clearly, conceivably, conclusively, decisively, definitely, doubtless, imaginably, indubitably, likely, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, plausibly, positively, possibly, potentially, presumably, reasonably, surely, unquestionably.

None of the thesauri I've looked at have been able to give me an appropriate word. "Apparently" is the closest word that I've been able to find to what I'm looking for, but it is still too definite.
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I brought a string cheese to work but I forgot about it until just now. It's been in my room-temp backpack for 4 hours. Do you think it's still good? I really don't need to barf at work but I'm starving and sleeeeeepy.

ETA: What is the most questionable thing you've eaten? How'd that work out for you?
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What country best resisted and kept their own culture after being annexed by the former Soviet Union?

What country has, in cultural terms, best re-unitedrecovered after the fall of the Soviet Union?
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(1) I've been watching Wayne's World since it came out. It is by far one of the funniest movies I've seen. Now that I'm older, I actually get the jokes! Except for one: when the cop pulls Wayne over and shows a picture of a kid and says "Have you seen this child?", Wayne flips and takes off.

What is the freaking joke? I totes don't get it.

(2) If you have a dog, do you have a type of hard rubber toy that you stuff treats into and give to them to keep them busy? My mum got one for our dog Twiggy and we put layers of treats and peanut butter in it and it is so hilarious watching her trying to chew through it and then licking the inside clean. It takes her hours and she's always got peanut butter mouth.

(3) What's your favourite Hanna-Barbera cartoon? Definitely Scooby-Doo.

(4) What should I do for my birthday? I turn 20 on the 26th and I haven't a clue. I doubt any of my friends will be in town.
(4A) Should I go eat Vietnamese with my gram?

EDIT: For #4. I have 40$ and only have a car if my parents are feeling nice that day and let me borrow the minivan. Also, I live in a place where the only thing to do is hang out at Walmart.
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Thanks for the hair help yesterday guys, I got it cut really short with side bangs. :)

Are exceptionally vivid dreams, nonstop for two or three months and seemingly neverending, normal?
Are they still normal when you're having a hard time differentiating between dreams and reality?
Does this happen to anyone else?

If you had four days to do anything your heart desires, without limitations financially, what would you do?
If you eat ANYTHING right now, what would you eat?

Is it ever too late to apologize? Opinions, plz.
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I'm having difficulty finding a school that offers both of the things I want, and I just found one - In a place only a couple hours from extended family so that my mom might not worry too much, but far enough away that I don't have to deal with them on a regular basis because I don't like them. Not to mention, I have another friend (whom my mother adores and trusts) who is planning to attend, if not this school, then another school in the same city, in addition to family of close friends living there and stuff... And I hear it's a pretty okay school, as well, and would perhaps not require me to sell organs and dirty underwear via the interwebs to pay for tuition. I've been pretty excited about this school, on the whole!

The only problem is, the program I'd like to go into requires that I have a minor in mathematics in addition to another minor.

My heart, she is a-shattered. What do I do, TQC? Shoot myself? Look for another school? Suck it up and take the minor in mathematics and try not to shoot myself while at school? Do you know of a school that allows a major in 3D Animation/Game Development/Computer Graphics/Something like that, with a minor in Japanese? Why is it so fucking hard to find a school I want to go to?

Do you like math?

Have you hinged your future on a subject you don't like?

I have two Cadbury creme eggs. Should I eat one now, and save the other, or tear both of them up and bask in double-delicious diabetic coma?

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I was reading a school book and came across this sentence: There is greater diversity culturally, linguistically, and in lifestyle choices; and there is also greater strife, less civility, and more uncertainty in our society.

1) Although I believe this statement is true, do you think the world will be more or less civil and certain in the decades/centuries to come?

2) Sort of unrelatedly, have you ever been to another country?  Where did you go?  Why did you want to go there?

3) What country would you like to visit that you haven't already?  What part of the county would you visit?  Why do you want to go there?

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Why do first boyfriends never leave you alone, even if it has been over 3 years, and they are the ones who fucked up/ended it, knowing full well your husband is a scary marine?

Kaplan Testing

I started taking a Kaplan SAT course to raise my score only to find they are not helping at all.  I've been to two classes and I find it ridiculous how much they aren't helping me.  It's just a college kid reading out of a book.  I'm not learning anything and I get so frustrated I do even worse on the tests because I feel like I'm brain dead because my score is so low!  I could've spent my money on a real tutor.  However, this is my parent's money and they spend a lot of it and I don't want to waste it, but I'm so so so so frustrated with this class, and I don't know what to do!  Any solutions anyone?  Like....has anyone successfully gotten money out of Kaplan because their course sucks?
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I enjoy hearing about peoples' religious personal beliefs. Not their religion, but what they think about the Universe and its purpose.

So, tell me, what do you think it's all about? Is there a purpose? Is there a god, or many gods? How do your beliefs affect your views on morality?

Feel free to be rather lengthy in your responses, if you want.

XM VS Sirius Satellite Radio

I am going to purchase either XM radio or Sirius Satellite Radio, and I was wondering what the differences are. I have experienced XM firsthand, and really like some of the stations, and have not experienced Sirius.

Which do you have, and have you tried the other out?
Also, Is there a link that directly compares them?

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Roller blades or roller skates?  Why?

Which Democrat do you think has the best chance of beating (whoever it happens to be) the Republican candidate?
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Super Delegates

As at 10:30 am PST today, Sunday February 10, 2008, the different between Obama and Clinton is 25 delegates and that number will most likely shrink today going into another primary in Maine.

Going into the DNC if the numbers are still fairly close or if Obama is in the lead, how will you feel if super delegates hand Hillary the nomination?

Super Delegates are senior members of the Dem party who are able to vote for whomever they wish. There are approximately 700 super delegates; they are not elected but rather party insiders.

Do you think that this could tear the party apart?
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virtual communication

do you have relationships (friendships or otherwise) that you conduct almost exclusively on chat/SMS?

do they feel different than "in person" relationships?

Do you get frustrated at these relationships and sometimes want to yell at the person?

I have two people in my life that want to pretty much conduct friendships solely on chat. One of them used to be a long distance boyfriend and even then he wanted to keep everything on chat. I think he thought he was funnier on chat and he was more uncomfortable on the phone or something but I got sick of it. The other one is someone who I would be dating if I was in NYC now (we had a date when I was there on business a few months ago and when I move there in a few months it's likely we'll date in person) but for now it's all chat.

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Dear TQC, I got something in the mail today from Amazon (well, actually the TRS Recovery Services) saying that I had an unpaid electronic fund transfer. But I never got any notice of this otherwise, and everything I bought recently was paid for successfully and arrived in the mail.

I'm going to contact Amazon in a minute, but I figured I'd ask here first.

What's going on? D:


So my boyfriend and I are making our way to Portland, Oregon from NJ. Anyone live there? Wanna share information on the city?

I've never moved before, I'm 18 and fresh outta school; I'd like to take my TV, computer, and bed/mattress with me--Is that insane? How do I even ship these things? We're taking a train over.

What's Portland really like? Is it as great as it seems? What are the clubs like there?
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Is there a particular phrase that you use to describe how exited you are about something? A word or clump or words that you put together that you've never heard anyone say before?

(That made my ovaries swell) is mine, gross and bizarre I know, but it gets the point across.

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1: Have you ever bought something for yourself, but gave it to someone else because they could use it more then you could?
2: Are there any shows,c.d.s or movies that are meant for kids that you enjoy?
3: Do you enjoy hanging out with your family?
4: What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
5: What should I make for dinner?:
     a: Cheeseburgers
     b: veal parmesan


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if you've ever had jealousy issues and overcame them, how did you do it?!

i have some jealousy issues with my SO, and although my jealousy hasn't really put a strain on our relationship so far, i want to get rid of it before it does. however, i really don't know where to start other than telling myself "hey, you're being irrational and have no reason to be jealous right now" and that doesn't seem to be working.

E Harmony vs. Civil Rights

My question is this...  Is E Harmony in violation of civil Rights? 

It would seem so.  They have the power to deny you based on sexual prefference and more than few other things including relgion.  They are an American based company offering a service to Americans.  And where I know there are no laws or constitutional rights protecting gay and lesbians directly, could this not fall under freedom of religion?  They are claiming to be about promoting marriages, but heterosexual marriages only.  Okay I get that but I still think that there is a pretty clear case of civil rights being violated here.  There are suits being filed against them but I have not heard of a winning one just yet.  It just seems that it should be illegal to deny anyone membership under the standard race, creed or nationality.  And I completely feel that a person's sexual interest should be every bit as much of a right as anything else our constitution protects and that companies that feel they can discriminate against customers in this fashion should be held liable and subject to suit.  Your thoughts? 
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Are you smarter than a...well, everyone?

The majority of people think they are above average in many areas, such as driving and intelligence. This is, of course, a statistical impossibility. So, boredom on a Sunday afternoon inspired me to create the following poll. Please realize this is just for fun and not in any way an attempt at a scientific study. I also realize those who regularly use online forms of communication may have a higher mean IQ than the general population.

*EDIT* Yes, I see the poll is not working. I'll try and fix it, then properly click the first button ;-) 
*EDIT THE SECOND* I did not realize you needed to have a paid account in order to create a poll. 

So, TQC, to completely change my post, what is your favorite fail macro? :-D
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a hypothetical.

here's a hypothetical for you.

you are seven years old. you can sing abnormally well. your family is aware of your talent. you say to the person of authority in your house (mom, dad, whoever raised you)that you want to become a singer, now. you want to become a child recording artist.

what would they have said to you? what would they have done?

now imagine you are the parent(childfree people, play along). you know your kid is phenomenally talented for their age, and they say they want become a singer. would you move the family to the music mecca of your country, and try to get them a career, or what would you do?
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There's a lot of registered Independents here!

If you're one of them, and your life depended on it, which political party would you choose? (Or would you rather die on the spot?)

Me, I'd register as a Socialist, just to see heads explode when I show people my voter registration card and show them I'm a card-carrying Socialist. (Not Communist... everybody knows Communism is a red herring...)

Follow-up: Does your state let Independents vote in the primaries? Mine doesn't. :-(

Update on previous post

 Hi everyone...please see this post. I don't know what was up with LJ, but by doing the same thing as last time, I was now able to create a working poll. So, without further ado...

Poll #1136245 Rate Your Intelligence

I am...

less smart than most people
about as smart as most people
smarter than most people

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Okay, I've Googled this question but I keep getting porn sites. :/

I would like to get my tongue pierced soon, but I... um. Well, I really like... there is no polite way to phrase this. I really like giving blowjobs! There, I admitted it. Would a tongue piercing significantly interfere with this? I've heard all the talk about how it makes it better, but I don't know. If I were a guy, I would be wary of someone rubbing a piece of metal on my dick.
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this is from someone else's post elsewhere on LJ: "My boyfriend said someone else's name in bed. Has this ever happened before and what did you do?" but I was curious what your guy's answers would be. so, ditto.
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Got nothin' better to do.

Alright, TQC. It's Sunday, most of my homework is done (and what isn't will be done tonight at the dorm) and my boyfriend is gone until 4-ish at rehearsal. Which of the following sounds like a good idea?

- Keep calling the friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a while but hasn't answered his phone yet (he lives nearby btw)?

- Head downtown, go to coffee shop and drop in on my other friend at work (she won't mind)?

- Something else entirely?

EDIT: Friend called me back - he's hiding from the sun, nursing a hangover. Downtown it is!
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Is there anything you avoid doing in public or in groups that you would feel comfortable doing by yourself or online?

What do you want to learn?

I want to hopefully get involved with the ASPCA and Humane Society once I'm in law enforcement. If I were to work someplace that would give me experience for this, which would be better: an animal shelter or a veterinary clinic?

long winding road
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So, Valentine's Day came early for me. My boy sent me flowers! Elijah told me to add some vodka to the water, because apparently that makes them last longer. Anyone else know about this? And also, if this is true, how much? Because "some" didn't show up on any of my measuring spoons/cups. :P

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A few days ago I told my mom I want to be an infant bereavement photographer (http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org) and she's not been talking to me much and has been a jerk about me letting me stay out late. She says I'm sick and should seek psychiatric help and all of my friends (sans one whos a mortuary sciences major) are creeped out and treating me like I'm a baby killer

my questions are:

1. Am I nuts TQC?
2. Is the fact that infant bereavement photography even exists some sort of morally horrid thing like everyone seems to think?
3. How does one get into this industry... Do I like lurk at hospitals?
4. Do any of you have jobs that are deemed gross or immoral to other people, if so what are they?

COMPLETELY non related [and i hope none of you ever need my future services!]:
5. Where's thebitingfaery is she off popping out her kid? 'Cause I haven't seen her around and I kinda miss her face

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TQC, I need to pick your collective brains.  I just ordered 3 more microSD cards to keep me happy in the music department on my upcoming cross country road trip.  (those of you with those 80bajillionGB music players can just keep your snickers to yourself, thankyouverymuch!)

How do I go about not losing 4 of these cards?  I can only have one in the player at a time. They are too small to fit in a normal SD card holder.  I need them to be fairly accessible while driving. 

I have no idea what to keep these in so I don't lose them in the car.  Any ideas?

For those of you who don't know what the microSD cards look like, here is a picture of my current one and a random penny that was on my desk.  I picked the shiny penny for the picture and not the dull, grungy ones.  Aren't I thoughtful?
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Lotsa questions.

 1. Like two years ago there was a commercial for those Nestlé Snacks that was like... this girl at a bar looks to the boy next to her and he has a Nestlé Snack next to him on the counter, so she uses telekinesis to pull the chocolate to her. Where can I find this add? Or at least the song? It went like "all I want to be is me" or something and was a girl singing if this helps.

2. Whatever happened to Nestlé Snacks anyways?

3. Is there a way to block someone on your phone? I don't wanna change my number but this guy I hatehatehate keeps trying to call me. guh. I know we can set the ringtones for people to mute, but like actually block them?

4. Where can I check US mobile phone numbers?

5. Where's my contact juggling ball?

6. I'm looking for this 80s movie, it was a bunch of kids who formed a band and went playing in a beach resort. Then this guy who was the manager of the bar fell for one of the girls in the band, and the band was offered to play in Europe but they refused because of said girl.

7. Where can I find an Irish address? I have a friend who lives there but I lost the adress/phone number etc. aha.

8. How to get a stalker to GTFO?

9. Anybody have any experiences with money orders from Amazon.com? Preferrably international if that helps.

10. Good black head removal ideas. Besides squeezing. My nose is way tiny and it's hard to squeeze them.


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My Yahoo! Games is booting me from all rooms as soon as I enter and I'm pissing off various Yahoo people.

Does anyone know what's causing this problem?
Should I go pursue some other means of entertainment? What?

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1) What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

2) What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

3) What are you hiding at the back of your closet?
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shake it ?

If you listened very closely, you might have been able to hear the gasp of horror that rippled through the universe on Friday. The cause? Polaroid has announced that they’re ceasing the production of instant film.

Do you currently own a Polaroid camera or instant film?


Interview Questions

I have an interview with the front desk manager of an upscale hotel on Monday and I really want this job. What are some good questions I could ask him? I have already read the website. Any other tips?
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I just realized that I made one of my homework assignments a lot harder than it needed to be. But it was really interesting, so I don't mind so much.

What stupid things have you done recently?
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What are some things that you say that you know will piss your friend/SO/parent/etc.?

For instance, my SO hates when I say "that's cool" in the middle of a serious discussion. Sometimes it slips out. =\
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Slighly personal question

Ok. Here's what there is to work with. 

Girl likes guy 
girl thinks guy might like her 
she needs his cell number or sn 
    What can she ask to get it? 
wants to ask him out but doesn't want doesn't want to sound like the man of the relation. in all nomality a guy should ask a girl out. in my opinion. and im really new to dating. so. obiously the girl is me. and the guy is.........secret! so what do i do?  Please POst comment, and so on!
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Help me out?

What is the FIRST image/impression that comes to mind when you hear the sentence:

"Thunderstorm in a paper factory"?

Can you provide a few details please?
If there's an actual image which comes to mind, please could you provide a link? 

This is audience research for my design project, so any help is welcome, thankies. =]
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Has anybody been to a Radiohead concert recently (in the past 2 years or so)? I don't mean a music festival where Radiohead was playing, but their own show. How much were the tickets?

They're coming to Houston and I'm more than a little nervous about the price.
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Poll #1136377 Super fun food poll time!

What should I have for dinner later tonight?

leftover spaghetti
leftover fried rice
leftover chili mac
nothing, you fatass!

Also, will you post links, pictures, or other things for me to entertain myself with? :) I'm sick-ish and bored!
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How do you like your potatoes? Do you put anything on top?

I'm making a macaroni and cheese casserole kind of thing for dinner, hopefully tomorrow. It's going to be homemade macaroni and cheese with lots of cheese sauce, bits of bacon, and more cheese on top, then baked. I want to serve it with chicken. What kind of chicken would go good with this?


(no subject)

What is a fairly quick way to make a little extra money? I already have 2 jobs, so another job isn't an option. I need to save some money for a road trip to Florida in April.

How do you get rid of an inner chill? It is 3* out with a -20* windchill at the moment and I had to shovel at my work. I am still freezing. Also, I am supposed to go shopping with a friend to help him buy a Valentine gift for the girl he likes, but the state police has issued a no travel advisory? Would you still go? I am pretty sure I am going to stay inside...

What do to keep yourself entertained when you can't, or shouldn't, drive anywhere??

International Star Registry

This is a long shot but it's annoying me. They have a commercial on the radio for Valentine's Day and in the background there is music playing that is the same beat repeating but it sounds really familiar so I was wondering if anybody knew where it was from?

(no subject)

Would you date someone even though you knew that they were wrong for you? 
Not necessarily personality, but in terms of what you want in a partner and their goals?
A guy showed some interest in me and I think he's nice and cute but I see no long term potential.
Is it possible to have a fling without getting all emotional?


(no subject)

What are some taboo/sensitive subjects to mention in your family?
When we have family get-togethers people always end up being careful not to say "that's retarded" around my mentally challenged cousin.

Are you watching the Grammy's tonight?

Will you post a picture of something? Anything?
Wait, I take that back. No n00dz, I mean, unless you HAVE to.
James Franco joint

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I want to go for a bike ride, but I don't have a light. Should I risk getting a ticket/hit by a car and just go, or go for a walk and wait until I can buy a light for later outings?

What is the funniest/most entertaining thing you've seen on the webz today? Links?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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If you knew some dirty secrets about a friend, and they somehow slighted you and you stopped being friends, would you spill their dirty secrets to other people?

Have you ever done this?

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Poll #1136496 What's in a name?

For all purposes of this poll, you're pregnant (or your SO is pregnant). You are going to have a boy. It's about 8 months and a half months and it's almost go-time. Then you're approached by an old man. "I'm a billionaire, and I have everything I could ever want. I never wanted children, but now that I'm in my final days, I wish that I could pass on my name. I will give you $100,000 if you'll name your newborn Gaylord Faggalucci, after myself. Faggalucci can be his middle name. It would bring me much solace to know that there is someone else with my name in the world after I'm gone. If you agree to this bargain, you'll have to sign papers that will prohibit you from ever changing his name, or else, a lawsuit will be pressed. Will you accept my bargain and name your child after me?"

That's a lot of money. My son may endure some namecalling, but this money will give us a better life
I could never handicap my child with such a name. No deal

EDIT: I wasn't able to change it, but I had wanted the offered amount to be $300,000, not $100,000
Oh hay thar

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TQC: Where in the world (ok, Canada and US) should we go?

I am graduating college in late April and my husband's birthday is in early May. We want to celebrate by leaving the kids and getting some R&R. We don't have passports, so we are stuck in Canada and the US. (We are able to travel within the US because we are lucky enough to live on the border and can cross over to the US with only a driver's licence and BC, then fly domestically within the US. Yes, this is possible, we all do it often)


we want to see the ocean
we love good nightlife (bars, clubs, casinos)
LA is out of the question
fuck this
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This is shallow.

TQC, I need hair help.

I've never dyed my hair before, but I'm thinking about trying it. I used to have light golden brown hair with lots of natural highlights, etc., but over the last few years it's gotten darker and more boring so now it's just a medium, mousy brown. I have been thinking about dyeing it darker. I wanted to start with cheap and not permanent, so I picked up a box of this at the drugstore today, and did a strand test. I left it on for between 15 and 20 minutes and there was absolutely no visible change, even though the "if you start with this, you'll get this" guide on the box indicated that someone with my starting color would get a fair amount darker, which is what I wanted. My hair is really really healthy, would that keep it from absorbing as well? Should I go darker? Most of the darker colors seem to be reddish, and I thought that might look dumb on me because my skin/hair are very yellow-ish naturally - but I do actually want a pretty dark color.

People who know more about this than I do (or who don't, for that matter), what should I do?

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Guys:  Would you have (or have you had/do you have) sex with a woman who weighs more than you?

One in college, VERY big gal.  She was just short of six feet tall with huge boobs and and an overall thick build.  She carried a couple of extra pounds, but wouldn't be considered fat by most.  I'm guessing she had 5-10 pounds on me.

Gals: Woud you have (or have you had/do you have) sex with a guy who weighs less than you? 

Feel free to elaborate.

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There's an ad for airwick I think, I know the product is a "freshmatic" anyway. Has an elephant, and she complains about the smell of smelly sneakers from the centipede that lives with her.

Now our original ad said "one of the perils of being married to a centipede I suppose", then they dubbed it in Australian accents with "one of the perils of being mother to a centipede I suppose".

Am I to assume the American's womens groups never (successfully) objected to the wording of the ad?

How is your summer? It's always rainy here.

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If you told someone what you were most afraid of, and they went out of their way to present you with your fear, what would you do? What if they did it with the intent of helping you get over it? What if their only intentions were to amuse themselves?

Give a dog a home

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Are you watching the Grammys? They are incredibly underwhelming to me.

I have $15 in Amazon certificates. What would you buy with that?

I renewed my paid account via Paypal yesterday. Why am I still sitting at a Plus account? Has this ever happened to you?

What the heck is wrong with Tina Turner's head/face?

What's love got to do with it?

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Two things I need help with.

1. I'm going to be visiting the stepfather's family over spring break. Which is all fine and dandy but I found out that one of my new pre-teen (I've forgotten his exact age) cousins is Autistic. I do know what Autism is but I've never been around a person who has it. I wanted to know:

How do I talk to him? Is there a particular way I'm supposed to word my sentences so he doesn't get confused? How should I behave around him? Should I mimic his mother's (his primary caregiver) behavior towards him? Are there any websites that would be helpful? If any members have children who have autism, I would like to know how they behave and how you communicate with them. I just want to make this visit as stress free as possible for him, especially since it's the first time we're meeting.

2. Three years ago I was really into a Korean drama by the name of: The Immortal Yi Soon-shin ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immortal_Admiral_Yi_Sun-shin ). Obviously it isn't shown on tv anymore. I've been searching for it for a while now and I can only find it on Amazon.com for download (Amazon.com is missing several of the episodes). I've tried contacting kbs and wmbc (the tv station it appeared on) regarding this but neither have answered me.

I was wondering, does anyone know where I can find the complete box set to buy? Or a place where I can download the complete series without any missing episodes?
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Lord of the Rings

So I just watched LotR for the first time in a year or two. Afterward, my husband asked, "Why didn't they just send the army of eagles to drop off the ring in Mordor?"

At first we thought maybe no because of the wraiths... but in the end they attacked the wraiths!

So, TQC, why didn't they send the eagles to drop off the ring in the volcano?


A free fancy dinner

Let's say that you and a friend go to a semi fancy restaurant for dinner. The bill comes out to be around $120 total. Next, this other friend comes and picks up the entire tab for you two.

1) What's your reaction?
2) How would you thank this friend who just paid for your dinners?
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Rocky Horror Batman Show

Knitting and crochet

(1) Does anyone know of a good link for a free, easy Teach Yourself to Knit tutorial with pictures? I've seen some without pictures but they have all these abbreviations that I do not understand at all.

(2) How about a link for free crochet projects? I know how to crochet, but only the basic stitch. I don't know any of the jargon, either, so something with pictures and easy to understand instructions would be awesome.

(3) Are there any good communities for knitting and crochet?

Unrelated Q's.

(4)  I'm sick of buttered peas, so what should I eat for dinner instead? We have  fishsticks but no tarter sauce,  deli turkey, but no bread, and there's cereal and milk, but I'm lactose intolerant. There's also eggs and corn, I think.

(5) What's a good roomy crossover or small SUV for under 22k? We're trying to stay away from Chevys cause we're tired of them dicking us around.
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Makeup effects?

I'm doing a photoshoot tomorrow, in-studio, with proper lighting equipment and all of that. I'm attempting to recreate an image down to the "special effects" makeup and the lighting. It doesn't have to be perfect, it's just a part of a project I'm doing, but I'd like it to be good. More info under the cut:

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What is the most batshit community on livejournal and why?
If you could censor something just because it rubs you wrong (it doesn't have to be obscene or anything- just something that assaults your senses and irrationally fills you with rage or nausea)?
What tastes better than being thin?
Anyone here like Squidbillies?
Have you taken the Myer-Briggs test? What is your type?

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Follow-up poll to this poll

Poll #1136565 What's in a name part 2?

In this similar scenario, you're pregnant (or your SO is pregnant) with a girl. It's 8 months in and you're about to have your baby. However, you're at a restaurant and sitting at the table next to you is Paris Hilton. She seems overly excited about the pregnancy, and she wants to be the child's godmother. "If you name her after me and my dog, I'll totally give you $200,000. That'll be hot. Paris Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell will be her middle name. Wanna make a deal?". So, that being said, would you let your unborn daughter be named after Paris Hilton and her dog for 200k, and possibly be recipient of future godmother-like gifts in the future?

Yes. Bring it on. This could be a lot of money and honestly, Paris isn't that bad a name.
No way is my girl going to grow up with Paris Hilton giving her pointers and being in her life
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Do you think Emily Dickinson's "Hope" would be totally out of place as a reading at a wedding? Or do you think it could be fitting with the right introduction/summary?

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.
The king

Who's YOUR love match? (Politically speaking)

Regardless of where you live, I'm sure you're hearing a lot about the upcoming American election. And because the United States is such an influence on most of the world, no matter where you call home, the next person to live at the White House will affect your life, if even in a very small way.   For example, I'm Canadian, but I was curious to see who'd be pre-empting my favorite shows on American stations for the next 4 years. 

So who shares your views? http://glassbooth.org/

It doesn't take long to take this quiz, and when you're done you have a pretty good idea of which politician thinks (or at least SAYS s.he thinks) the way you do on important issues.

My results?  Mike Gravel (haven't even heard of him) was my top match, with 80%, then Obama with 79% and Clinton with 76%.  Apparently, my arch nemesis is Mike Huckabee, who I only agree with on 34% of the issues.   Which is too bad, I was looking forward to having Colbert as  VP.

Also, do you think that if Obama wins, Firefox will add him to the dictionary?  Because right now, it says I'm spelling it wrong every time I type his name.

ETA: I just retook it to change my response to the capital punishment question (my reason is down there in the comments somewhere), and my new results are Gravel 81%, Obama and Clinton  80%.   STILL don't know who Gavel is.r

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1: It's 11:11 where I am. Do you make a wish? If so, do you wish for the same thing every night, or different things?

2: What do you plan to do for your next birthday? I'm turning sixteen in a month, and have no clue what I want to do.

3: Do you own any TV shows on DVD's? Do you have one season, or all of them?

Lawl. My first TQC post is a failfest.
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What are some words/phrases that are relatively unique to where you live, at least in terms of how commonly they are used? For example, when I watch Australian tv I hear people saying "heaps" and "shithouse" all the time, and I never hear those irl.

ETA: What do those words/phrases from where you live mean?

Where are you from?

Do you watch tv shows from other countries? If so, which ones?