February 9th, 2008

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1. How hard do you think it would be to fit a Coke can into a woman's vagina?

2. Ladies, do you think you would be able to fit a Coke can into your vagina? You can use as much lube as you like.

3. How exactly would I go about inserting a Coke can into my vagina, if I wanted to do this?

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I think I have a kidney infection. I'm drinking cranberry juice to "flush" everything. the only problem is, I fucking hate cranberry juice. it's about to make me vomit it tastes so disgusting.

what are some alternative methods to clearing up a bladder or kidney infection (or maybe a UTI) ?

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1. What's on your to-do list for tomorrow? Do you think you'll get it all accomplished?

2. What song is stuck in your head?

3. Favorite Perfume?

4. Favorite shoes?

5. Scariest Dream?

6. What do you think of drive-in movie theaters?

7. Do you play Urban Dead?

8. Favorite fictional (movies, books, tv, etc) relationships? why?
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1. Should I make funnel cake? I've kind of been craving it since someone posted about fair food earlier.
2. Aqua Teen or Sealab?
3. If I cave and get a better MP3 player, should I get an iPod of some kind or a Zune?
Brother of the soul.

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Okay, for some reason, when ever I go to my main page here on LJ, or search LJ, it displays everything in the Russian version of the site.

Any ideas as to why it does that and how to fix it?
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So, I read and hear about people getting infections from a sore or cut all the time, but I've never experienced that. The only infections I've ever had are stuff like UTIs, ear, and sinus infections. I have cuts all the time from my cat or whatever stupid thing I've done lately, but I've never gotten an infection, even without putting on some kind of antibacterial stuff. I just wipe the blood off and leave it.

So, TQC, am I a cyborg because I don't get infections, y/y?
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1. I sound like a kid on the phone. Sometimes telemarketers ask to speak to my parents, and I have to yell at old people so they can hear me. D: I heard a lady on the radio saying this is caused by "speaking from the throat, not from the diagphram or the gut." I get what she means by that, but how can I learn to speak from my... gut? Like, taking deep breaths first? I am clueless.

2. Do you like how you sound on the phone and on recordings/etc?
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I'm currently writing the first piece of fiction I've ever written (it'll only be 600 words max, but it's something).

What are you going to do (or, what have you already done) this year that you have never done before?
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When you were in school and you had to peer-evaluate other people's work did you suggest a lot of corrections?
Were there more grammar or spelling errors?
Did you make most/all the corrections suggested by other students or did you think you were right and left it as it is?

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this is a weird question but when your underwear does not stay put (moves around a lot, does the whole wedgie thing on its own) does that mean it's too big or too small?

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How many internet friends do you have? (by friends i mean you actually know stuff about them.. like you do friends you can touch)
How do you know them?
Do you care about anyone that you know only through the internet as much as people IRL?
Is it lame to have internet friends?..

imagine a light dimmer.. and you're turning it.. and its making a noise going from one note continuously all the way through up the octaves.. like the noise on lost..

is there a word for that?
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So soon im starting a performance based training thing, that will run a couple times a week. I am really looking forward to it and it should be a lot of fun. I may also have rehearsals on other days not specified. March is looking to be fairly jam packed.

So basically in about 2 weeks time things will get really awesome and full. I am not working at the moment.

Should i get a part time job soon or wait until most of my planned  activities die down? I will be busy on unspecified days and would hate to miss something i planned because of work. I suppose the performance thing will look good on a resume too once it is finished.

What is your opinion TQC? should i enjoy everything/work at the same time OR just do everything as planned and go from there?

cheers xo

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So, I'm in Japan and I'm watching TV... and this anime came on and I have NO IDEA what it was.

I think it was set in some kind of school... And they were all wearing these weird floaty glasses. And they had like... projected computer screens or some shit, and they were all on the internet or something. There was this weird, squiggly puppy thing that gave a little boy a red ball of light...and then the puppy exploded... There was a Misakosan and a Michikosan, I think...

I've tried googling a bunch of random things hoping it would give me something, because I just have to know wtf I just watched. But no dice...

So here I am...
Anyone have any idea?

EDIT: Ah, I finally found it... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denn%C5%8D_Coil


I'm hungry!

1. What's your favorite kind of cookie? Do you have a recipe?
I use Alton Brown's "chewy" chocolate chip cookies, but I like to mess around with the recipe - more vanilla, adding caramel or mint flavoring, using different kinds of chocolate chips or peanut butter chips. A couple nights ago I made them with Madagascar bourbon vanilla and dark chocolate chunks.

2. Do you like chicken nuggets? What's your favorite thing to dip them in? Do you make your own or do you buy the sauce?
Yes, and I like sweet and sour sauces. Mcdonald's sweet and sour sauce is a guilty pleasure of mine. I also like Thai garlic chili sauce which I buy at an Asian grocery store.

3. What do you eat on your french fries? What about baked potatoes?
Usually Ranch dressing and hot sauce, or barbecue sauce, on french fries, and cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce on baked potatoes.

4. What kind of chicken wings do you like?
Butter and garlic.

5. Any strange condiments that are specific to your area?
There's a fried chicken place near here that bottles and sells their sauce - it's called Sal's Sassy Sauce and it's a spicy honey mustard sauce that is really good.

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How much trouble can someone get into for lying on their resume, saying they have a B.A. in something when they don't? (In this case, a degree in Marketing).

In this situation, the person is saying they earned it in a non-English speaking country far away where they have a friend with that same degree, who would give them the appropriate documents and then they'd just photoshop it all to fit their name if needed. Since the documents are in a language foreign to where this person lives (hardly anyone speaks that language), chances are, according to this person, that they'd just take his word for it.

If somehow they find out that he faked it, will he just lose his job or will there be other consequences too?

I'm not asking about whether or not he has the right education to know how to do the job, I'm just wondering what the legal issues are.

A bit tl;dr but I'd like opinions.

Right, TQC. So, I'm in a bit of a pickle. My boyfriend of nearly two years is in a really bad way in the hospital (complications of having cancer). I'm not with him. This is because there's about 700 miles between us. I'm in North Carolina for college and he's back home in Connecticut. I'm really, really worried about him, and haven't been getting updates on his progress like I was when he was diagnosed last year, so I'm going a little nuts. Basically, all I know right now is that he's in the ICU for observation because a procedure to remove fluid from his lungs went awry, but that he's doing okay. I don't know how bad he is exactly (well, he must be doing pretty badly indeed for his mother to have to call me). However, he says that he's doing okay, and although this gives me some comfort, he told me he was doing okay last year when he nearly died on four separate occaisions. I'm debating flying up there for the weekend. He's at Sloan-Kettering, and I technically could procure a direct flight out of Raleigh to JFK or LaGuardia, but therein lies the rub. A) it's most likely going to be very expensive, adding in things like food and incidentals. B) I don't have anywhere to stay other than the hospital, and I don't know what their policies are like in regards to SOs just hanging out. C) I feel like I'd just be getting in the way, but at the same time, I know I'd make him feel better by being there. D) My parents would likely disown me if they found out, but since I control my own debit card statements now, I can pretty much do what I want and not really worry. I do have the money, but I'd have to take it out of my long-term college fund, the stuff that's going to last me through the next two years of college. E) I have classes on Monday that I can't miss, so I'd only be there for about 12 to 14 hours at the most.

TQC, should I stay or should I go? And if I should stay, is there anything I can do to lessen my anxiety about his progress and the situation in general?

UPDATE: I just checked out a whole bunch of flights. Good news: I can get a round trip for about $200, which means I'd need about $300 or so to get through the weekend. Bad news: I'd only be there for about 20 hours, and he'd be sleeping for most of them, since I'd get there around 8 pm tonight and leave late afternoon tomorrow. There's really no point. Thanks anyway, everyone.
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Violating my personal TQC rules/I AM SICK OF MY HAIR

I need hair advice! My anxiety really drives me crazy and I literally cannot stand having hair on the back of my neck. Face is cool, I like my side bangs and stuff, but back of neck? No. I'm tired of pageboy haircuts and short bobs; even though my hair is always layered this shit is horrendous after it grows out.

Collapse )

I am down for anything: color, cut, shape, length. Any kind of "drastic" you can throw my way.

So: TQC how in the fuck should I cut my hair?

Anyone else having hair issues?
Anyone CONTENT with their hair?
How's everyone doing today anyway?

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1. My brother woke me up way too early, but I couldn't go back to sleep. So now I'm sitting here, awake but feeling kind of dead. Do you know of anything I can do to wake myself up? I can't drink coffee. Srs and nonsrs answers equally appreciated.

2. Got any big plans for today?

3. Do you recycle? If so, which materials do you recycle?

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1)Do you have any funny ron paul comics?

2)How much time do you spend cleaning per day?

3)Ok, I eat udon soup from the japanese resturant down the street sometimes, but I wonder what the squishy white things with the red and pink sides on them are?

eta: apparently it is fish cake.

4)Do you eat things that you don't know what they are?

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What exfoliating product do you use on your face?
What is your favorite item on the Sonic menu?
Should I buy a slutty firefighter outfit to wear for my boyfriend's birthday? (he is a firefighter fyi)
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Do you know anybody who takes caffeine pills regularly?

Do you think it would be weird to switch from two daily cups of coffee to just taking a pill? To me coffee seems so wholesome and a pill seems so skeezy even though logically I know caffeine is just caffeine...

I'm considering it cause I drink my two cups a day but I wasn't pleased with the amount of sugar I've been consuming in my coffee everyday, so I switched to a sugar free sweetener and my tummy wasn't pleased with that either.

I did a quick google search about negative effects of taking a caffeine pill and it only talks about caffeine itself, nothing about pill for specifically, so I'm not sure if it's any more harmful at all. Thoughts?

What is YOUR caffeine source of choice, and why?


1. I was given a whole chicken yesterday...I have no idea what to do with it as far flavoring it and roasting it.....how do you like your chicken?

2. what shoudld i do with the inerds?
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Have you been sick yet this winter?

How bad was it?

Does this year's cold/flu season seem worse than previous years?

I almost never get sick but I'm on my third cold so far this year and this one is the worst yet. I feel like I'm hacking up a lung every time I cough.
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What are some of the best Smiths songs? I just recently started listening to the band, and I only really know 3 songs by them, all of which are amazing, but I would really like to hear some more.

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Where do I find good resources for how to start lifting weights (for women, specifically, I want to work on my chest and back) that start at the basics and don't try to pretend you want to be a bodybuilder or something?

What are other good communities to ask this in?

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My pilot light is out, so I called my RA to fix it for me. My excuse is that I have no matches. My secret is that I am wuss when it comes to fire and would be terrified to light the pilot on my stove even if I had matches.

What are you a wuss about?
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International __ Day

Anyone know of any websites that has an extensive list of "special" days and when they occur, for example anything like Family Day to weird days/events like "Free Hug Day" or "Great American Pie Month"? (which is apparently this month.)

Sort-of-related-but-more-random questions: When was the last time you had pie? What kind of pie was it? Was it good? What's the best pie you've ever had? Describe the experience. (And any recipes are surely appreciated!)

Edit: Of course, now my boyfriend finds a site for me: http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/index.htm

Happy Toothache Day!

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i, at the end of october, went through a messy breakup with someone who i was together with for about two years. since then, we have not spoken one word. i've had no contact with her. recently, i've wondered how she's been doing, and generally miss talking to her on a daily basis.

apparently, she's taken all of this really awfully. to explain, we were together, and then did this weirdo best friends/still sleeping together/"allowed" to be interested in other people even though we both know that the other would never follow through with it limbo. during that time, she had encouraged me to move on, and try to be interested in other people.

however, when i did that, she FLIPPED OUT. well, i think i would have done the exact same thing. she's apparently very upset and angry and bitter about it all, and i miss her being a person in my life. i have no desire (at this very moment in my life) to be romantic with her, but i would really like to have her back in my life again, as a friend. we were BFFs for those two years, and it's sad to know that the person who knows every part of me is not in my life anymore.

should i contact her? i'm not even sure what i'd say, if i did. "oh hey, hi. i'm not with that other girl anymore, so we can be pals?" that would be terrible.

-i could possibly get a nice response from her
-she might want to reconcile

-she could still be very angry
-she could make me feel bad about the decisions that i've made
-she could totally reject my olive branch, and then i'll not want to reconcile ever

essentially, i'd like to be her friend again, at some point. the decision isn't really up to me. what do i do, TQC?
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We had a post about what you do that's annoying or what part of your personality is troublesome - so, what part of your personality do you like best or enjoy most?

If you could banish one song from the face of the earth forever, what would it be?

And lastly and most importantly -
Hey gang - remember a time in your life when you could use well wishes more than you could even imagine?
Well, our very own GW* is smack dab in the middle of one right now - will you please send all the positive energies and good wishes her way that you can muster, so that her beloved doggie family member may pull through a very tough time??
LET'S DO THIS, PEOPLE, and thank you!!

*our (as in TQC's) own GW = generalwhitey, NOT that guy in the big house in DC.  :o


Yes, very bored, and I'm taking it out on you
Some random questions:

1) If you have a sibling could you imagine moving out and living together with him/her?

2) What's the longest it has ever taken you to get ready for a date?

3) Have you ever gotten a Spongebob Squarepants fan article? For yourself or as a present doesn't matter

4) Have you ever tried mustard on cheese? Do you think it's a weird combination?

5) Has someone ever adressed you with the wrong gender?

6) My doctor is from eastern Europe, that's why his German always sounds very strange and I sometimes feel like this might have an influence on his ability as a doctor, which is probably highly unfair towards him... how would you feel about it, or wouldn't it bother you at all?
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i'm such a jerk

Do you ever annoy yourself?
What aspects of your personality do you find annoying?

I often have to mentally tell myself to shut up and stop dominating conversations. I also have a tendency to assume things which we all know makes an ASS out of U and ME. But mostly just me.
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A lot of questions.

Does anybody else here live on a Marine Corps. Base?
(I'm at Quantico, help?)

Are my hands always cold, due to poor circulation?

Where is my husband?

¿Tienes quantos anos?
( I never took Spanish :/ )

What is your favorite store?
(In general, not necessarily for clothing)
Mine is AC Moore.

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I'm just back from my wee day trip to London (day trip! 8hour bus ride!) Anyway, I went with my friend and on the coach down she said something that had me shocked. Now I think about it I am really angry.

I have an ex that I am not over. He was from London and we spent a lot of time there. So I guess I was talking about him a lot. I wasn't moaning about missing him or anything, just mentioning him a lot. On the coach down she said ' Gee you really need to stop talking about him' This shocked me. Now I'm pissed off. She's my best friend and I guess it must be annoying being in her shoes but isn't this what friends are meant to do? Its not that when she's dribbling over the one night stand she had 4years ago that she still has feelings for.

Do you think she was being a bit hypocritical?

Also.. on the coach we overheard a woman ask the man in front of her if he could adjust his seat so she could plug in her laptop. This confused me! Are their sockets on coaches? How the hell does that work? Or maybe I imagined her saying it...

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What would you write an ode to?

EDIT: What should I write an ode to, something of serious subject matter (being that it is for school). Otherwise I'd probably write one to my dog.

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1. Do you prefer reading the book before watching the movie, or watching the movie before reading the book?

2. Has there ever been a case where the movie was better than the book?

1. I always read the books first because I'm a firm believer that books are always better than the movie adaptations. Watching the movie first would be a huge spoiler.

2. None that I know of.
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i was totally going to shave my legs and wear a skirt and be all girly next week for school, but you know what happened?!?!?! i went to wal-mart and the cart i got had this awful metal bar going across the bottom at shin-level. i bashed my shin on it no less than eight times in the same spot, so now i have this gigantic reddish-green bump thing that will soon become the most horrendous looking bruise ever.

should i go ahead with my girly-girl plans and rock the bruise, or should i wait until it goes away to glam myself up?

EDIT: at what time should i start drinking today? i have no obligations today or tomorrow, and i have an unopened beer sitting on my desk right now. it is tempting me. should i open it now, or wait until later?
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On the subject of t.v shows

1.Did you watch Punky Brewster as a child? Were you obsessed with that show?
I was, and I'm wondering if any networks still air it. Can't find it anywhere:(

2. Any My So Called Life watchers out there? Any idea if it's ever still on t.v?

3. Who remembers Heathcliff the Cat?
I had a crush on the cat with roller skates. How screwed up is that?

4. Ever have a crush on a cartoon character?

weird question.

THANK YOU for the feedback everyone! I'm going to mess around with the page, so I'm takin the link down so I can play around wiht the colors -- i'll repost when i've figured it out ! :)

(email if you want to know wtf i'm talking about)

my graphic designer sent me this logo for my new website (which is obv in draft form, hence it's on an admin page, so ignore it) - but there's something about the logo i dont like. i can't decide what. the colors are a perfect match but for some reason i feel like something needs to change.

ideas? thoughts?


also - if you dont like the purple - any other suggestions? i wanted something sage green but it's SUPER common for wedding photographers and trendy, and i want to have something not too "overdone". :( ideas would be lovely lol clearly I am not a web desgner :( YOU

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any girls here who used to be/is heavily involved in the asian music/japanese anime (or comics) fandoms?

did it ever change your perception of masculine attractiveness? as in, the majority of real guys look kind of fugly because you're too busy looking at bishounen?

if so, did you ever manage to still find someone irl that you like?

(this question inspired by the 3000+ member facebook group: anime/manga has given me unrealistic expectations for significant others)

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TQC, I need funny stuff. Could you be posting your favorite Youtube video of your favorite stand-up comedian? I'll take anything, but my tastes run towards Robin Williams' stand-up (seen all of his), Dane Cook, and Josh Blue. Thanks in advance!

Edited to add question. XD

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You need a car and you've been saving up for it. You go down to the car lot and are looking at vehicles within your price range. One seems to suit your purposes and you're now looking for a salesman, when you pass by a Jaguar. You stop and admire its sleekness, when a salesman finds you and tries to get you to buy it. You explain the car that's more suitable for you, he throws in this little offer. "I've been watching you and I'm really liking what I see. If you agree to sleep with me 10 times, the Jaguar's yours." What do you do? Those of you with SOs, think how you'd explain the car. The salesman himself is 40ish, average looking, a little chunky

Take him up on the offer. A good car is worth giving away sex
Decline his offer. Purchase the car I had been looking at earlier
Steer him to a more modest car, say, something in the $30k range, and ask how many times I'd have to sleep with him for that one
Offer him one lay in exchange for the car I was eying earlier
Offer to give him a handjob in exchange for a used Ford Fiesta

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In 2005, Jason O'Neill... came up with Pencil Bugs, crafty "creatures" that rest on the top of a No. 2 pencil. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which includes its name, birth date and care instructions. Currently in sixth grade, O'Neill was named 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year in the under-16 category. Previously, the competition was reserved for high school students, but his idea was so impressive the new category was created just for him.

WTF? Entrepreneur of the year for THAT?

Discuss. Is this ridiculous? Are those things clever? Are they innovative? Are the award givers on crack?

Police People

I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I REALLY can't find the answer on the internets, so -

Do you have to be an american citizen to be a police officer in america?

(Yes, cop shows have me intrigued)
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Computer help!

Let me start off by saying just how frustrating this is for me. I am the computer wiz that everyone I know goes to for all their computer needs. I can't figure this out and I have fiddled around almost everyday for about a week.
Now, I have both PowerIso and DAEMON Tools.
I bought Sims 2 Deluxe (with Nightlife) and I had asked around to my friends if anyone had expansions. One friend happened to have just about everything you can get, and made them into PowerIso files. He told me to just mount the PowerIso thingie, and it would auto run.
Now the hitch, Everytime I tried to mount it, I would get an error message saying to insert the disk.
After a week of trying, I gave up. One day I wanted to check up on my sims. Well, it kept telling me to insert disk into drive (I had only tried the pets and seasons) and after trying to mount the images once more and fiddling a bit, it still gave me messages to tell me I failed at life.
Fine. I'll just delete the attempts and then get onto sims. That'll work... right?
After about an hour of deleting and trying to load the game. And dismayed thoughts about having to delete my sims as well, it finally worked.
Yay, my sims, I haven't seen them in..... Where are my sims? Pleasantview? Nope. Veronaville? Nothing.
How in the flaming jesus did all my crap get deleted? And how can I possibly make all this work?!

Random Questions

1)Which of these do you prefer? Give reasons if necessary:

a) Naomi Watts or Nicole Kidman?
b) Scary or Funny?
c) Cinema or Dvd?
d) Book or Movie adaptation?

2) How old were you when you lost your virginity? Who to?

3) Why did the chicken cross the road?

4) What is the chicken doing now he has crossed the road?
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I need to make a grocery list.
However I am dying to death from an ass-kicking cold.
Help me make my grocery list?

no, i don't care about serious answers. but maybe i'll get some ideas.

Mix tape.

My bestfriend is on his way back from Afghanistan. He Actually is back in the US Already but not back home, he's at de-briefing, or something like that. He'll be home on V-day or his b-day which is the 19th. I want to make him a Mix CD because I'm bad at buying gifts for him, (aka don't know what to get him). I want to put some popular songs on it so he can get re-aquainted with the music and also some songs about being home.
What songs should I put on it? or what should I get him for V-day or his B-day or both?

Hungry like the Wolf

You get bitten by a large, stray dog. You get it checked out, and there's no rabies or any other known diseases. You got about life as normal. Around the full moon, you feel very tired and completely drained, and go to sleep early. The next day you read about how 4 people in the city were killed by a wild animal. You think it's awful but don't think much of it. The next month, same thing. Around the full moon, you go bed early, and the morning after, the police find 5 dead bodies, torn apart by a wild animal. Maybe after a few months, you really start to notice the pattern in these two things; the early, exhausted bedtimes around the full moon and the various deaths. You start to wonder about the bite. Then, one morning after, 4 more people killed by a wild animal, and you find fresh blood on your hands. You have no recollection of anything that happened the night before, and as far as you remember, you went to bed early and stayed there.

1. What do you do about your current situation, and the many past deaths that might have been brought about by your hand? Own up to it and turn yourself in, or keep it a secret?
2. What will you do the next full moon? Lock yourself up somewhere or just let whatever happens, happen?
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(no subject)

If your life were a movie, what music would be playing in the background at certain moments of your life?

Examples may include: graduating, getting married, having a kid, the first time you made eye contact with your crush, when your first pet died, the dumbest thing you ever did..

The Sims 2

For those of you who play The Sims 2, what expansion packs would you recommend?

I'm looking to buy another one. I have Open for Business and University.

That leaves: Nightlife, Pets, Bon Voyage, and Seasons.

I also have these Stuff packs: Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life, and H&M Fashion.

That leaves: Celebration Stuff, Holiday Stuff, and Teen Style stuff.

They are currently working on The Sims 2: Free Time and a Kitchen and Bath Interior Design stuff pack.

I want to get them all (I have all the original ones). What should I get!? I have the funds for either 1 of the expansion packs or 2 of the Stuff packs.

(no subject)

A. Is it illegal to buy cigarettes online? (I'm talking about from some place like cheap-smokes.biz)

B. In reference to that, does the site look reputable?

C. Have you/someone you know ever bought cigarettes online? Did they get ripped off?

2. Does anyone use ANGEL for online classes? Do you like it?

3. Have you ever gone on a hiking trip (more then one day of hiking)? How was it? Where? I'm think of going on the Appalachian trail this summer.
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Imagine this scenario: Your SO invites you to hang out with you at their job tomorrow. You say you aren't sure, but maybe. Tomorrow comes, and you decide to go. Before you leave, you notice they have made a note on their MySpace/Facebook/LiveJournal account about ten/fifteen minutes ago saying they are extremely stressed out and want to "say fuck it" (but don't elaborate).

Knowing they are probably very stressed out and anxious, would you still go?

What do you do for your SO/best friends when they are really nervous or stressed out about something?

(no subject)

 Were you ever personally affected by a strike ,example, a department or your department at your job went on strike so they had to close your work place  while they were on it

the custodial staff in my province are on strike, that includes prison guards too, they start the strike tomorrow at 4pm.. if it last too long they'll have to close the schools/colleges/universities... there goes my fucking money.

what are some good songs to listen to while driving?


(no subject)

What channel is NBC for you? (4 for me)
How about ABC? (7 for me)
How about CNN? (2, I think?)
What're the prominent news anchor's names in your city/state? (I don't know mine! Whatever their names are in Los Angeles.)

Name that movie

The father in "Mary Poppins" is in another movie which is playing on AMC right now. The movie also has a woman who resembles/acts like the mom in the "Mary Poppins" but I dont think it is her. It also appears to be in England as they are talking similarly to the way they did in "Mary Poppins". There are three kids. The man's name is Mr. Brown and the woman's name is Ms. Brice in this movie. One of the boy's wants Mr. Brown to be his father.

What movie is this?

Social Psychology vs. Race in the U.S.

Should I take Social Psychology or Race in the U.S. during spring quarter? What's your reason for your answer? 

Social Psychology: Examines the actions of individuals and groups in a social context. Topics include the influence of social learning on attitudes, perception, and personality, persuasion, conflict, attraction, altruism, and aggression.

Race in the U.S.: Survey of the history of African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicanos, American Indians, and other indigenous peoples as they become part of the United States, or in the whole Americas depending on focus.

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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How do people manage to balance a full-time load at college (getting good grades), jobs, volunteering, school clubs/activities and still manage to have a good social life? Seems impossible to me.
WL: They're watching youuuuu
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Sort inspired by a previous post.

I often wonder: why, in TV and movies, people are either straight or gay? If a straight guy starts dating a guy, people say he's gay, even if he still likes women. It's like the only bisexuals start out that way. Am I the only one wondering about this? Are bisexuals just a myth, made up to scare children? What would the reason be for scaring our kids with those evil bisexuals?

Totally unrelated: what do you do to relieve stress?
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Painful Sex Possibly Linked

Does this scare you?

Women with vulvar vestibulitis, a condition marked by painful intercourse, are more likely than other women to have taken birth control pills for long periods of time and to use those with a particular composition of hormones, according to Quebec researchers.

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What is your latest obsession/addiction?

What was it this time last year?

What is one trend that is going on right now you hate so much you want to punch people who are doing it?
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+ What type of building do you live in? What type of setting? (For example, I live in a two story, yellow, post-colonial, crappy house in a tiny village on the hudson river)

+ What is the weirdest place you've ever slept in? (I've slept on a houseboat, and in a yurt with a dirt floor)

+ Strangest living space you've ever seen (a friend of mine had a residential house BELOW ground in an average neighborhood. It had a mailbox, a chimney, and a small horizontal door to get into the house.)

+ Dream house?
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If you've taken college-level chemistry...how did you force yourself to do all of the homework?

(I badly want to stab my brains out atm. It's incredibly tedious, and lots of stupid mistakes are possible.)

Edit: Moles, molarity, liters. The dilution formula. Atomic masses. I just need to do the homework to get it all straight in my head, but ew. :(

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1. Does shopping make anyone else sick? literally... like you have a time limit before you start to feel crappy when you're in a mall or you end up with a cold a few days after you were there

2. Any suggestions for what I should do to amuse myself, it's Saturday no one's answering their phones, I'm home alone and I just found out one of my closest 'net friends has been lying to me for 8 years about what she looks like/every other aspect of her life so basically she's just a really weird trolly grimeface who could in theory come kill me since she has my address and cell number although I doubt she will since she's no avoiding all contact with me (I'd actually like to talk to someone about this feel free to IM me on AIM: MUNIspotting415... even if IM mobile I'm online)

3. Name an artist/band/musician who's work you never get tired of no matter what it sounds like?

Incubus, Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Jeff Buckley and Jump Little Children can do no wrong in my eyes

4. Popping eyebrow/back/ass/pubic zits: disgusting or occasionally necessary

occasionally necessary and disgustingly fun

ETA (I found something to do):
5. Whats the oddest mixture of liquor you've found yourself drinking in succession?
5a. Does your body heed the warning "Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear"

Last night I drank: Watermelon Vodka, Carlo Rossi Rhine Wine, Bacardi Superior, Sparks (a malt liquor/energy drink), a Corona and Kenwood's Sauv. Blanc... and I woke up this morning just fine so I'm going to say my body doesnt care about warnings
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1. Do you guys know of any band/artist/music albums that have like cool intros at the end of one track to go into the next track to make it sound like one long piece of music when you listen to the whole CD? I know it's a vague question...I'm thinking albums like Panic! at the Disco type things.

2. Are there any TV shows that you used to watch before you realized they were completely shit and you were an idiot for watching them? That happened with Doug and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch for me.

sexist insults

So recently, I've been introduced  to having other people say "so-and-so has such a sandy vagina today", and I was curious as to whether or not this is a sexist comment.

For example, I understand that it is sexist when you call someone a "cunt". However, if you say that someone has a sandy vagina, you are basically saying that this person is acting cranky, as if they had a sandy vagina.

So would this be considered sexist?

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TQC, should I call in sick/try to get this coming Friday off so that I can fly up to San Francisco on the 14th to see a band I really like?

(I'd also get to see my best friend and some other friends)

sara_t_05 suggested I ask for excuses too.

So TQC, what should I say if/when I call in sick to work?

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1. if you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you do?

2. what was the last movie you watched?

3. whats something you think is stupid, but everyone else loves?

4. did anything interesting happen to you today? what was it?

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My fuckhead roommate doesn't know I'm home, and I just heard him talking to his best friend about how he went behind my back and found a new apartment. Which makes today THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE

What good news have you gotten today TQC?


Just got done watching the whole series for the first time, having not seen any of it on TV because I generally don't watch TV. So in the spirit of that, for those familiar with the show...

1) Who was your favorite character (out of the "Big 9")?

2) Who was your least favorite (of the "Big 9")?

3) In the last episode ("Objects in Space"), upon hearing Simon's line "My sister is a ship" did anybody else think of Faulkner's famous uber-short chapter that consisted of the sentance "My mother is fish"?

4) Why is Jayne's character so popular?

5) If you've heard of the show and/or movie but never seen them, why not?

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so this summer i'm a bridesmaid in two weddings. for the first wedding, she had the dresses picked out, but know they're discontinuing them. so i know i have to pick my own dress. i'm stuck getting one from david's bridal in the color of "cornflower".

will you help me pick a dress?

here is a link to dresses (there are a few pages) and here is a pic of me and my body shape...

edit- i should also mention that the wedding is in sept. outdoors. in mn, that could mean temps anywhere from 80 F to as low as 50 F
its also more casual than formal.
and i'm the maid of honor
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What do you think of these ads condemning statutory rape?

For those with less than stellar eyesight:
- When did you get your first pair of glasses or contact lenses?
- If you wear contacts, do you own glasses? When do you wear them?
- If you wear glasses, do you need to wear them all the time or can you function without them for periods of time?
- If it was convenient and affordable for you, would you get corrective laser eye surgery?

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I was watching  Flight of the Concord yesterday and that song "It's business Time" and I found it somewhat amusing but I don't think it's REALLY FUNNY.
The reason I'm bringing this up is because everyone I know thinks it's hilarious.
I also don't really like The Office.
I'm more of a monty python, mr.bean kind of gal I guess.
Does anyone relate to not finding these popular culture things funny?
And does anyone think that Will Ferrell is seriously overrated?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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What are some things that to you are unforgivable, but is something most people could forgive?

What is something you find forgivable, but most people would see as unforgivable?

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so i'm currently looking at the social security administration's website for baby names. my name (rose) was most popular in 1911 and 1913 since 1880 at the 14th most popular female name. no wonder i only ever meet old folks with my name :P now my name is ranked 350th most popular

Anyway, on to the question.

what is your name?

when was your name the most popular? you can look it up here under the popularity by name and then you can select the number of years.

what was your names rank in 2006?
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Soul Escaping

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My friend gave me a sketchbook as I commented once that it would be nice to be able to draw. I told her I can't even manage a stick figure, but she says it's all about practice and developing personal style.

TQC, I have no style. How do I develop one?

Do you draw? May I see your pages? (May I steal your style?!)


For the adults:
What's the kinkiest or strangest thing you've done this week?

During sex, I grabbed a woman by the throat and choked her.

For the non-adults or the non-sex...ers:
Do men look good in polka dot dress shirts?

I believe so, yes.
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Would someone be so kind and make my icon valentine's day themed?

What are your plans for tomorrow?

Edit: Thanks to the people who already made an icon, but if anyone else is bored enough to still make one, I would appreciate it so I can have a wii cat army.

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Poll #1136087 Tell the Truth - celebrity edition

Tell the truth. What do you want to see happen with Britney Spears?

She gets her act together and becomes the sexy pop star we used to love
She OD's and pulls a Heath Ledger
She stops fucking up her life, settles down, gets her kids back, and becomes a healthy, well-adjusted, responsible mother
She goes off the deep end, attacks the paparazzi with a garden gnome, and spends the next 15 years in a padded cell
Fatal, tragic end. Something so messed up that even TMZ wouldn't show it
Whatever happens to her, I hope that it involves her never making the entertainment news again. I'm sick of her already. GO AWAY!
Gets back together with KFed. I know they can work it out! If not, it'd be damn entertaining to watch them try

Tell the truth. Has Scientology and Katie-related craziness changed how you feel about Tom Cruise? Would you pay to see his movies from now on?

Of course! Ilu, Maverick
No. Fucking. Way. I can't see him as anything but a derranged cultist now
My church demands I see his movies. 15 times. Hail L. Ron
Only if the movie really looked good. But it would have to look so compelling that I overlook the fact that he's in it
Honestly, what he does with his personal life is his own thing. Who cares? Doesn't have anything to do with his acting ability

Tell the truth. How do you feel about Brangelina?

Love them as much now as I did then. They can do no wrong
They went from sexy Hollywood people to weird foster parents who can't stop collecting kids. Not sexy
Overexposure. They need to both go away. Them and their adopted brood. GO AWAY
Indifferent. Didn't care about them before, don't care about them now
I didn't think much of them before, but they're such good, responsible, people who are trying to make a difference. I think they're awesome now
If they stopped making movies that sucked, I'd probably like them a lot better

You're about to go on a 6-hour flight, and you got an aisle seat. It's not assigned seating for some reason, and there's 10 seats available. Below are the 10 people those seasts are next to. Who do you sit next to for the next 6 hours?

Ann Coulter
Kevin Federline
Rachel Ray
Bill O'Reilly
Jessica Simpson
Donald Trump
John Travolta
Paris Hilton
Steven Seagal
Fran Drescher
sleepy leila

crafty or not.

 i have oodles and oodles, ok, several yards of fleece. what do i do with it??? serious and non serious answers apply. 

Have you bought or sewn cloth bags instead of using plastic ones at the grocery store yet? why or why not?

if you have sewn them, post pics or links, bought: post the store link if possible.

DO you use dryer sheets when you wash your laundry? why not?

Do you want to come over and change my daughter, plz? shes pungent and im not really wanting to,(*edit*changed meh) shes been cutting molars. how do you parents cope with when molars cut. i thought they werent supposed to cut so soon(13mo). im going nuts.

What you tube'er should i be watching?

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Do you constantly "suck it in?"
Do you wear MAC foundation? If yes what is your shade and will you post pics plz?

If you had to choose would you rather be anorexic or bulimic?
edit again:
Original question was would you rather suffer from horrible depression or schizophrenia.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

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Google has failed me, help!

There's an ad running, I'm pretty sure it's for JC Penny, for Valentine's Day necklaces. Where the guy takes the necklace out of the box, and it starts swinging like it's hypnotizing the lady, all "you are very happy with me right now." It totally cracked me up and I want to show it to some people, but I can't find it anywhere! Could someone link me to it?

Any other funny ads you care to link to?

And there's a cat macro that I can't find. I've gone through about half of the http://icanhascheezburger.com archives but I'm getting tired of hunting, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it here. It's based on the macro of a cat "driving a car" and it was shopped so it's holding a phone, and there's this huge block of text like the cat just broke up with her tom-cat boyfriend. Anyone have a link to that one too?

So, who's getting big bucks on their tax return? I'm not getting much back, but at least it's something. I'm jealous of everyone getting their nice big refund of like 2 grand, cry.
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When i logged into firefox today it told me that it was going to install updates. When i logged in again all my book marks have been deleted. No one else uses this computer.

is it meant to do that? i am pretty angry.

Is there a building in your city that you hate?

There is one here that has different colored sides, they look like ice cream sprinkles. Everyone thinks its pretty ugly

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What are some of your quirky habits?
Do you laugh/giggle a lot?

ETA: Should I spend 15 bucks to get a name change? If I do get the rename token, what should I name my journal to?
I'm gonna keep it!

I always try to walk in step to music that is either playing or I have stuck in my head.
I giggle more than most people should.
hate pimentos

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Okay, so I decided almost 72 hours ago that I was going to quit smoking, and haven't had a hit cigarette or any kind of nicotine since then.  I'm actually not crawling out of my skin, but I have a feeling that soon I will be.  I'm also scared of gaining weight, because I just lost 15  lbs and don't want to gain it back.

What should I do to keep me from smoking that won't make me gain a ton of weight?  (I don't have a lot of time to work out/do aerobics or anything, I work full time and go to school full time)

(Srs and non-srs answers totally appreciated).

ETA: I hate chewing gum.