February 8th, 2008

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1. Do you consider there to be such a thing as a Jewish ethnicity or race, or is it just a religion?

2. Would you say that Europe, as a whole, harbors some anti-semitic sentiments?
2b. If you can't say anything about Europe as a whole, or even if you can, which countries stand out to you as being particularly anti-semitic?

3. Do you think comparing black in the south to Jews in Europe is a valid comparison?
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a shit question. no, for real.

okay so like two weeks ago, my dog (who we named elvis, b/c of the lip thing she does!) swallowed one of my diamond earrings. i inherited them from my grandma, and they're very significant to me, so i need them back. i brought the other one into the vets office where i work, and she said that elvis would have no problem passing it in her poo...i would just need to go through the poo and find it

so i've been using a pooper scooper for two weeks..and i have quite an impressive collection of fertilizer going here.

how should i sift through the shit???
when i find the solitaire, how should i sanitize it?


 If you're not a pet person already is it possible to become one (ie at age 24)? 
Does anyone know what I mean by not a pet person?
To me pets are just animals, not babies.
I want to get a dog when I move out and have a place of my own but it's more because I want to force myself to get exercise and fresh air every day
Am I a cold callous bitch?

edit: I'm not actually serious. So I will ask what I really wanted to know in a different way

which movie is this?

one of the main characters is a guy with a really bad stutter, at some point the bad guy comes along and tells this character that he won't kill him/he'll stop killing everybody/something like that if he can say ______ without stuttering. the guy tries really hard but stutters on the very last word.

thanks so much, this is really bothering us!

edit: that didn't take long :) thank you!
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1- What is currently annoying you?
2- Where did all these new people come from?
3- Does anyone out there know anything about connection problems for Rock Band? (lol me sneaking in a personal question) :(
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For you Photoshop users:

My color selector randomly changed a while back, and the system it's using now is really irritating. Who can help me put it back? D:

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Wow, I'm stupid. I figured it out after comparing the screenshots closely. It was something stupid, too. D:

Umm, new question:

Look to your right. What's the first thing you see??
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video montages

Have you ever made a video montage?

Of what?

What song did you use? And why?

Would you like to share the link? Or would you share the link of your favorite amateur-made montage?
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Da real fing

Did they change Coca-Cola recently?

I haven't drank it a long time and I had some the other day and I thought it tasted funny and I just thought maybe I got a bad bottle or... something. I just tried some more from the vending machine and it tastes funny still, not like I remember it. I used to drink pretty much nothing but Coke, then got sick of it. Now it tastes strange to me. It seems unlikely they would change it, but who knows.
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So my parents and I went out to watch a play tonight, and then afterwards we met up with some of our friends in the cast at a bar afterwards. Long story short, my dad and I got drunk, while my mom just got angry.

Any suggestions on how to handle this situation tomorrow?
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I just accidentally stumbled on the myspace of one of my exes. He was particularly emotionally, verbally, and once physically abusive to me. Now he's engaged and both he and his fiancee look like they're ecstatic together. This really bothers me, for some reason, although it shouldn't. I've moved on and am with someone I love and doing fantastic, but it makes me so angry to see that he's happy and that's not a good feeling.

Is this normal? Why am I pissed off, idgi. :(

Please validate my feelings tqc.

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I've rewritten this several times now, it keeps turning out tl;dr and drama-rific.

My Aunt, who has always been extremely judgmental and preachy, seems to have tripled her efforts at being this since she joined AA. I don't drink or feel the want to, but she still keeps sending me all kinds of info on how eeeevil alcohol is for my non-existent fetus. Plus, every time she's come over for family functions since joining AA more of our things disappear. She swears they go to a good cause. TQC, how do I deal with the batshittery that is my Aunt?

Do you have a family member or friend that you find frustrating and exhausting to deal with?

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How long have you been in this community?
About a year this march.

If you got really drunk, what kind of flash tattoo do you think you would get, and where?
A skull, and probably on my ass or arm.

Do you lead a perpetually boring life?

Why are you awake?

Do you need to pee?
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gta vice city


I always get stuck on the Dodo mission for the film studio asset. I can never keep the plane in the air.

Do you have any tips? I am using the PC version.

How awesome was the goosebumps series! i just found a whole load of my old books. Don't look at me like that yes i am reading them again. Shocker on shock street and the shrunken head ones are awesome.

Did you ever have a favorite in the series? what was it?
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?am i ?

Judging by my picture do I look straight or gay? And secondly I was just told that I am not approachable? Is that true would you stop and talk or keep going?
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ok now

In my last post I asked if I looked gay ? Thanks for the answers. I am lesbian and most the time people say I look straight but since I lost my hair from cancer my hair is really short everyone pegs me as a dyke and I'm so femme I'm afraid of anyone seeing my hair

You think ill look ok with short hair or stick to wigs till it grows out
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Birthday Party name?

What should I call my sex-toy/birthday party? There are so many witty things that could be mentioned like "Crystal's 24 and she's STILL playing with toys" or something, but that's kind of lame. Any ideas?

family drama llamma

* edit* now with threatening myspace page.
the picture on the page with the devil horns is me, i really like this, it's good evidence to use against her.

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I have had a lot of family drama the past few months. I have been ignoring them for a few months now, but it is really starting to get out of hand. All of this started when my grandma died and they found out me and my sister are the beneficiaries to her $2,000 life insurance policy.

My cousin will not stop harassing me. She constantly sends my texts and leaves voice mails for me telling me what a piece of sh*t I am and just being really bitchy to me. I ignore her, because I know she loves the drama and just wants to fight so she can have more stuff to use against me.

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I guess she told my uncle and my dad what happened because she got in trouble at work. Yesterday me and my boyfriend both received calls from my uncle and my father threatening out lives and also threatening to "beat the living shit" out of us.

Can I get a restraining order against all 3 of them? I am afraid that they might do something to harm to harm me or my boyfriend. 

Would you get in a fight with family over a $2,000 life insurance policy($1600 after taxes)?


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I caught the plague from my husband and plan on spending the day in bed. Should I watch season one of The Tudors or the remainder of season one of Deadwood?

Who is your favorite fictional president?

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When you  eat a donut or muffin, do you tear off pieces to put into your mouth or do you just bite into it?  Why?

I tear pieces off of muffins and round donuts.  I take bites off of donut bars.  I don't know why I take pieces off to eat muffins and donuts.  I take bites off of donut bars because they always have some sort of frosting that I don't want on my finger tips.

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I'm reading the news and they have an article with 10 of the cutest couples ever. Which is your favorite?

Barbie and Ken
Sandy and Danny (Grease)
George and Weezie (The Jeffersons)
The Ambiguously Gay Duo
Kermit and Miss Piggy
Bert and Ernie
Carrie and Mr. Big
Romeo and Juliet
Ross and Rachel
Homer and Marge
all of them suck. the cutest couple ever is _______

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If you have a significant other and they were to leave the place you live now and move far, far away, would you follow them? Or would it depend on circumstances?

What's the most memorable birthday party you had as a kid?

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Suppose in the future a law is implicated to reduce the amount of stupidity in the population.  At the age of twelve every child would have to undergo a reversible procedure to prevent them from being able to reproduce.  At the age of eighteen or twenty one they would have to take a written test on child rearing and have to score at least 90% to pass, and would have to pass a practical test with a fake baby with at least a 98% in order to get their reproductive abilities back.  These laws would be very strictly enforced and watched, which means in the process we would lose some right to privacy.  In order to save the population from self-destruction by stupidity, would you follow this law with your own children?

ETA: The government would create a special branch for this, and it would be overseen by Dr. Spock.
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What annoys you the most?

I personally hate when people are too old to drive but do so despite their blatant inability, because they feel like they are entitled to such a right. I have a lot of senior drivers in my area and HATE it!!
Yeah, you have the right to endanger lives because you fought in WWII.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *pulls hair out*
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what was the last stupid and random thought you had?

when is trash pick-up day in your neighborhood?

what kind of car(s) does your neighbor (that lives to the RIGHT of you) drive?

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You get a job that has unisex bathrooms, like those on Ally McBeal. 4 stalls, and a big mirror. How often would you use them?

Whenever nature called
Only for emergencies
I'd only use the bathroom for the mirror

You had a big meal of Mexican food for lunch, and an hour and a half later, your intestines are telling you it's go time. Like ASAP. You check out the unisex bathroom, and the really cute coworker (of the sex you're attracted to) is in there, combing his/her hair. What do you do?

Just take a stall and let chips fall where they may (into the toilet)
"Could you please leave? I have to use the bathroom"
Race to another floor and hope that you don't require a key to the bathroom, and that you make it in time
Take a trash can with me to the most remote part of the office and leave my once-filtered lunch there for the cleanup crew
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Ravers, Let Me Your Ears

-Has anyone here ever been to Noctural Wonderland?
-What was it like?
-Is there anything a newbie should watch out for?

My friend wants me to go to the 08' one, but I'm completely new to the scene.

Also, what's a majorly underrated movie to you?
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Brother of the soul.

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So, at some point or another soon, I'm going to attempt surfing.
And I'm over in the Bay Area south of SF.

I was wondering what advice TQC could offer me? :o
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1) How do you feel about your body? Will you describe it for me?

2) Who, IRL or celebrity, do you feel has the best body? Pics if you want.(but keep them SFW plz)

3) What is your favorite out of the current fashion "trends"? Even if you don't wear trends yourself, pick the one that you dislike least.

4) As far as flavor goes, do you like buffalo or straight BBQ sauce better?

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What makes you poor?

One of my rabbits is sick. So today he is in critical care at the hospital. >_<’ I have more rabbits which will have to see the vet since what he has is contagious.

Anyone want to lend me an extra $350 this week? (jk unless you want to)
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I get off work at 1600. It takes me 30 minutes to get home. I have to go to the bank, deposit two checks, get a money order, and take some cash out. I need to then go home (which is about 5 minutes from the bank) to pack a few more things. Then go to the airport, which is about 10-15 minutes away. I have a flight at 1800. I don't need to be there an hour early or anything, since it's a small airport, but to be safe I'd like it a MINIMUM of 30 minutes early.

To be safe, should I leave work early or should this schedule work fine with me leaving at my regular time?

Also, what is your favorite form of e-laughing? LOL? ROFL? LMAO? Something else?
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20 lbs in 2 days?

Has anyone tried the Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle diet?

If yes, how did that work out for you?

What other weird diets have you tried?

Any that actually worked?

EDIT: I'm not asking for advice on what diet I should try. I'm asking general questions.
I too, excersize 3 times a week and I have a great food plan.
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I was given some fairy wings for Xmas. I tucked them away somewhere, but now I need them for a dress up party.

I've pulled apart my room but I can't find them ANYWHERE.

If you were fairy wings where would you be hiding?

Are the fairies punishing me for not wearing the wings enough?

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I don't like celebrating Valentine's day, but my boyfriend does, so we compromise and celebrate "V-day" - a few years ago, we celebrated Voldemort Day, and this year I would like to celebrate Velociraptor Day.

What is a Velociraptor themed gift, apart from the obvious small plastic velociraptor?
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Have you ever used this Internet Crack?


Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations.

OK This is strait up Crack!

You will become addicted...I swear

Your book marks are gonna blow up...

You gonna start IMing everybody...Look at this! Look at this!....

My husband finally got pissed and started fussing at me about it.

Is there anyone else out there addicted to this thing? If so how many hours would you say you spend or spent on it so far?
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 Someone just farted rather loudly at work and I'm cracking up on the inside (how mature).

1) How would you react if you heard someone fart loudly at word?

2) How would you react if you were the one that made it?

I'm assuming that she thought it would be silent because she's pretty prudish and is probably embarrassed.  Poor thing.  I would die if it was me (even though everyone does it) but I wouldn't get up and leave because then it would draw even more attention to myself.

o hay free stuff

When was the last time you got a twofer? What was it?

I was just at the vending machines at the station I'm interning for and I got a bottle of Poland Springs with my can of Diet Coke for free. I'm not gonna lie, it has made my day so far.

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This question struck me this morning, and since I'm (once again) bored out of my mind (ancient Russian history tends to do that to ya!), I figured I'd pose it to all of you female TQCers:

Is there any kind of typical "female grooming" that you don't do, and don't care to do?

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Poll #1135395 Doggie dilemma

You have a neighbor with a dog. This dog is tied to a tree out back. You don't recall ever seeing it not tied to the tree. You're a little concerned, and you notice the pattern of the owner, and he only feeds the dog once per day, but only when the dog starts barking, and the dish is thrown down and followed by a "NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!". The dog looks miserable. One day, you just happened to be looking out the window, and you see the neighbor on the other side hop the fence with a pair of wire cutters, clip the chain, and haul the dog back over his side of the fence. A couple days later, you see the dog owner putting up fliers, offering a $500 reward for any knowledge on his missing doggie. What do you do?

Report his neighbor as the thief. Ask for the $500
Scoff at his flier. No way he's getting that poor dog back
Go to the kennel and get a dog that looks like his, and try and pass it off
Apparently, he's got some money to burn. I hop the fence while he's at work and steal his tv
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3 signs that the people you work with hate your guts?

3 signs that a person IS NOT from _________ (where you live)?

3 signs that a person IS from ___________ (where you live)?

3 signs that a person is a HORRIBLE driver?
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How good are you at multitasking? Do you think this is something that one gender does better than another? If yes, do you multitask as well as other people in your gender?

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So suppose in one of your photography classes you're showing some really personal, graphic documentary work about your past. You're feeling kind of uncomfortable about it, and one of the other people in the class looks at you and says some really nice, thoughtful things about your work. This person's words are the only reason you don't feel totally ashamed and exposed for revealing your photos, and the two of you exchange a few smiles during class but do not get to talk afterwards, because you have to leave.
You've known this person for the past three years, but you have different groups of friends and have never hung out outside of class. You would like to thank this person for what he said. You're friends on Facebook. Would it be strange to send him a quick Facebook "thank you"?

ETA: Thanks for the advice!
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My teacher was gonna call my mom because I said "God damn" in a fit of rage MILD, PROPERLY PLACED ANGER in his class. Is this ridiculous, y/n?

My mom said if I am going to make him call her, I should make it worth her while. Next time I feel the urge to swear in that class, what should I say?
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A guy you've known for only about a month and only VERY casually dated calls you every 6 minutes for about a half hour. After you have not picked up his phonecalls for 3 days. Creepy behavior or not?
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yummy H2O2.

I have a friend who wants to buy a bunch of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to drink for no specific reason other than he thinks it's good for him and he's heard about people whose cancer has been cured after drinking it. I've tried to explain that anecdotal evidence does not equal real science and he counters with the whole "of course the scientific community is going to say it's bad because they can't make any money off it" thing.

I think it's enough that H2O2 is an oxidizing agent and cytotoxic, but what else can I tell him to convince him not to do this?
Do you have any experience with drinking hydrogen peroxide? Thoughts?

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For Lent I decided to give up watching and playing excessively violent movies and video games. I'm trying to rearrange my Netflix queue so I won't get anything too violent, but I now find that I'm really not sure exactly how violent some of the movies on my queue that I haven't seen yet actually are. I'm hoping you can help me out TQC.

If you've seen any of the follow movies could you tell me exactly how violent they are?

White Noise 2
Boogeyman 2
Mr. Vampire
3:10 to Yuma
Freeze Frame
Big Bad Wolf
The Innocents
Black Book
The Plague Dogs
The Gate

Any suggestions on good non violent movies I could watch until my 40 days are up?

I don't even know if this is humanly possible, to be honest ...

How do you get it through someone's head (this person being someone you love and care about a great deal) that addicts canNOT be trusted, no matter how long you've known that person or how much you love him/her?

I'm trying to get it through someone's head that an addict will do or say ANYTHING in order to keep using, but I don't think he gets it. And I'm at a loss.

OR do I just bite my tongue and sit back and watch the train wreck?


On a somewhat lighter note: Do you ever start LJ drama just for shits and giggles?

(I used to. YEARS ago. It kept me amused at my very boring job. I did it last night for the first time since then and then immediately felt guilty. WTF?)
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Would you post a line or lyric from a song that you heard today?

You know when I'm down to just my socks it's time for business that's why they call it business socks 

Song title/Artist?

Business Time by Flight of the Conchords

Why did you choose that particular lyric?

Because it's damn funny.

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This is a follow-up to my previous doggie post, found within this link.

Poll #1135438 Doggie dilemma 2

The dog's owner really wants him back. A week later, he puts up new fliers, offering a reward of $1,500. The neighbor who took the dog seems more worried than normal. You're not really sure why the former owner wants the dog back, but he seems really intent on pursuing this matter. What do you do?

That's a lot of money. I want to do the right thing, but he'll probably hear the dog one of these days and find out anyway. I report the dog theft and collect the reward
No way he's getting his poochie back. I do nothing to reunite him with his dog.
Haruhi disappearance
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1) When people call your phone and they hang up/you don't answer, do you call back even if you don't know the number?
If you don't, do you get annoyed at people who do?
I get people calling my work all the time, like "SOMEBODY JUST CALLED ME FROM HERE?!?!??!". I hate that.

2) In a box of chocolates, what type is your favorite to get? Can you recognize it without a "map"?
Coconut FTFW!!
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If you could switch one aspect of your life/personality/etc with someone you know (no celebrities), who would you switch with and what would it be?
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inspired by Anna-Nicole Smith because i just realized that she died a year ago today.

who IRL do you know that..

is a natural blonde? (is their hair long or short?)

is dating someone WAY older than they are?

has big boobies? (are they natural or enhanced?)

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I just found out I got a very low C on my payroll accounting exam.


I tried to study for it, but I've been sick the last few days. I got into the class room, and suddenly I couldn't remember a damn thing.

What should I do to make myself feel better?
What do you do when you bomb a test to make yourself feel better?
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Dear TQC, I need hair advice. I have a mohawk, it looks like this (though a little longer and a little faded):

Collapse )

I am very bored with my hair right now. I want to do something to it to make it somehow different, but still keep it a mohawk.

Any ideas, other than "grow your hair out and dye it brown you weirdo"?

ETA: I'm not looking for advice on what COLOR to dye it, just how to cut it.

Also, what was the last good news you got?


Ok, I hate dancing
Whenever I dance I feel awkward
I think it might have something do with the fact I'm not a music lover either and never recognize the songs

Anyone feel my pain?
Got tips for a really  bad dancer? (besides massive amounts of alcohol)

Also what do you guys thing of learning disabilities? ie Are they all 100% legitimate or part of society's trend to categorize everything neatly into different boxes?
ie. If you're nervous a lot, you must have an anxiety disorder

I ask because according to certain people--- I am supposed to have something called a non-verbal learning disorder and generalized anxiety disorder..

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Do you remember the chicken enchilada burrito from taco bell?

Do you remember when McDonald's sold pizza?

Do you remember New York style pizza from Pizza Hut?

Do you remember orbitz soda?

What else do you remember?
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Does anybody know who makes/where I can find cheese and peanut butter crackers?

I don't mean the cheese crackers, with peanut butter in the middle, although those are awesome...

I mean cheese crackers, with peanut butter AND cheese in the middle.

Why does everyone tell me that's gross?

'80s Kid's Movie

TQC, my friend has a very important question, "In this movie this kid Sebastian goes to school and gets sucked into this magical fantasy world. It's a really shitty movie that was made in the '80s. He rides on a dragon with long flowing white hair, I would appreciate it if anybody knew what it was called. I really need to know what the dragon is called. Thanks!"

What is your favorite shitty '80s film?

(no subject)

If Person A told you they got their tattoo design from a book, Person B told you they got theirs from the internet, and Person C got theirs from a magazine, out of either of them who would you respect just that teeniest bit more?
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I just subscribed to eMusic. They have lots of music to download, but not a lot of mainstream stuff. Could you recommend some of your favorite lesser-known artists and their albums I should check out?

I have already downloaded Cat Power, M.I.A., Talib Kweli, Unk, and Muscles. I'm particularly interested in hip-hop/R&B, although any suggestions are welcome.

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1. Do you have an eating disorder?
2. Have you ever?
3. What about just disordered eating? edit: (ie eating a ton in one sitting, or being pretty strict about your diet and having like *rules* etc)
4. Do you think you think about eating more than most people?
5. Does your weight fluctuate a lot?
6. If you were 10-15 pounds more than you'd like, but your weight stopped constantly fluctuating would you accept it?

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my nature - good to be wolf

further inspection

I'm a little odd about furries...and though sometimes confused for one, I'm not. however, I do like them in a giant teddy bear sorta way; went to a lot of amusement parks as a kid and the people in suits of a similar type just made me feel all the more like a kid.

They had to be hugged...

...I've mostly grown out of this.

If you're a fursuiter furry, as I know not all of them go full coverage, what got you started on this path?

Are you one particular animal or multiples?

Do you have more than one fursuit?

Is there any possibility you may stop being a furry somewhere down the road?

As I know some furries don't necessarily pick animals that actually have fur, do you know any that're kohona cats?

If you don't know what a kohona cat is: Clicky!
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Does anyone know what the proper temperature setting I should use on my hair straightener? I know there's like certain degrees for people with certain types or thicknesses of hair but I don't know where to find the information. I've never had a hair straightener with an adjustable temperature before. HELP! It's on a scale up to 200C or 400F.

I have this one:
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my bf are staying in for the evening since his parents are out of town. so my questions~

1. what are some good movies to rent?

2. what's a good healthy dinner to make-- that's preferably on the easier side? (not pasta though!)

3. your plans for tonight?

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How come people in the military are constantly being stationed in different locations?

And I realize part of it has to do with where people are most needed but why do they move around so often? Do situations change that much?


If a woman shaves her head, is it a myth that her hair will grow in thicker? 
Have you ever shaved your head? Was your hair any different after? How did you feel being bald?

oh noes!!

 I have a bit of a sensitive tooth on like the 3rd from the front on the right side. It feels weird, not loose, but almost like it could be, but when I touch it ,it's solid.
Do I need a cavity or a root canal?
Will it be obvious if I get a cavity?
Great Pumpkin

A hypothetical

You’re walking along train tracks with your dog and you hear a train approaching. Nearby is a guy jogging down the tracks with his mp3 player turned up so loud that he can’t hear anything. Your dog gets away from you and gets his leash caught in the tracks. You see a train rapidly approaching, the guy doesn’t hear it and you can’t save both the guy and the dog. Who do you save?

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Knowing & Saying

- Until recently, I didn't know that pickles were cucumbers. Serious.
- When I was younger, I thought that 'to be fired' meant 'to be thrown into a fire by one's boss'.
- 85% of the time, I say 'suitcase' instead of 'sleeping bag'.

1 What didn't you know until recently?
2 Is there anything you thought meant something else?
3 Is there anything you always say in place of what you mean?
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Who do you just want to scream "FUCK OFF!" to?
Rainbow earrings: y or n?
Sugarland: y or n?
You ever have one of those nights you just wanna scream, then curl up with anyone who offers?
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If you live with other people and you use the last of the toilet paper, what do you do? Do you wait and hope someone else will deal with it, or do you take initiative?

What was your worst part-time job? Why?

(no subject)

Good evening, TQC. A few unrelated questions for you tonight.

What should I wear to an audience-participation Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight? I was thinking of this pink corset I have, with dark jeans and a tuxedo jacket. No, I am not planning on doing the underwear run, so they don't have to come off easily (luckily, because the corset doesn't come off easily). Is this appropriate? It's only my second time going, and the first time I'm going to be sitting through it.

What should I put on this monster blister I have on the heel of my foot, to make it sting less (I'm already going to put a Band-Aid on it, and go barefoot as much as I can)?

Thanks in advance.

Dr.LJ halp pls!

A couple days ago I got a hugr blister on my pinky toe, and popped it because I didn't want it to pop in my shoe (apparently this was a bad idea).  Now my toe is red and swollen, and there is a long red mark from my toe across my foot and up to my knee that hurts to barely touch.  My friend's mom is a nurse and I told her and she said go to the hospital RIGHT away because it's infected, but my sister seems to think I'm a big hypochondriac cry baby.  

What's wrong with me!?

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So TQC. I shaved all my hair into a 100% mohawk.

Now how the fuck do I 'wear' my mohawk when I don't want to style it up? Everything I do looks crappy. HELP.