February 7th, 2008

Just like a prayer

1: What faith or religion to you consider yourself to be?
2: Where you raised in said religion or did you come to it later?
3: Do you follow all of the rules of your religion/belief system?
4: Do you minister your beliefs to others or keep it to yourself?  
5: Do other faiths/religions interest you?
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what can you believe?

Are there any sci-fi type movies that you could truly buy into?

I'm usually really doubtful about stuff but the movie Mission to Mars gives me chills every time I watch it. I honestly believe that could really have happened or could happen.

Real-World Newb

I have a question about possibly renting an apartment! I'm new to this living on your own thing, so I am summoning the opinions of wise TQC members who have experience with this :)

I work and go to school full time. I take home a little over $1,400 per month. I paid cash for my car several years ago, and it is starting to fall apart, so pretty soon I'm going to look into getting a new-used car that won't cost me more than $250 a month (I have quite a bit of money in savings, so I'll be able to put down a lot depending on how much the car is). My other bills (cell, credit card, gas, groceries) total to about $260 a month (my gas expenses would go down dramatically if I moved into this apartment).

Based on my income and expenses, do you think renting an apartment for $450 a month (not including heat and electric) would be manageable? I've heard that heat/electric bills can get pretty ridiculous, but seriously, I'm hot all the time so even in the winter, I'd be likely to have the temperature set at 55*-65* just to prevent any pipe damage and whatnot.

So, does that sound like something I would be capable of based on my income and expenses? Am I missing anything? What are some important questions I could ask the property owner of the apartment I'm interested in that could potentially save me money?

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

All right, so...

My brother, dressed in all black and with his black ski mask pulled over his face, just rolled into my room, stood up, looked around, grabbed my cat from atop my desk, looked around once more, and then rolled right on out of my room again without saying a single word to me.

...should I be worried about my cat, right now? Should I be attempting a search and rescue mission to get her back?
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(no subject)

How often would you say you can be found listening to music?

Is there anything you've been listening to a lot lately, especially?

Any concerts or other events coming up that you're looking forward to?

Have you ever been musically inclined in any way? If so, what?

Work time not included, pretty constantly.
Set Your Goals, Dead Hearts, Lemuria.
Verse and Have Heart in less than two weeeeks.
Not naturally.
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Brother of the soul.

(no subject)

So, I've been to Hawaii, and of course it's a very awesome place to visit.

But I was wondering [from those who know], what's it like to actually live there?
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(no subject)

After what happened in this post, I did indeed decide to embark on a search and rescue mission to get my cat back from the clutches of my evil ninja brother (who is soon to be shipped off to _itsafrenzy, because apparently she wants him). And I dressed in my pirate costume from two Halloweens ago, because yesterday_laugh and atilla_honey agreed that I should.

It wasn't very eventful. I simply burst into my brother's room brandishing a plastic sword and yelling, "YARRRRRR!", interrupting his Xbox game of Secret Weapons Over Normandy, and scooped up my kitty, who was sitting on the floor next to his bed, before running out again yelling inaudible pirate jargon at the top of my lungs. My brother didn't come after me, and my kitty is now safe and sound and sitting next to me on my bed, purring.

However, apparently my yelling woke up my father, who was very angry about it and started yelling that both my brother and I are very immature and need to get our own places.

TQC, my brother is 22, and I am 19. Are we really too immature?

And if we are, does it really matter, since we have so much fun being immature?
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god bless the world

(no subject)

i'm looking for some new music.

i like everything from mozart to eminem.

what have you been listening to lately that you love?  it doesn't matter what genre or decade. 

if you think it is not just good but amazing, i want to hear it. 

(no subject)

Ho w much confidence do you think is too much?

If you meet/see someone who you find unattractive or average and they think they look great, does it bother you?

Do you think people are fishing for compliments if they point out their flaws? Does it annoy you when people do this or no?

How confident would you say you are?
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(no subject)

If you could have any animal as a pet without having to worry about being able to afford it, it possibly killing you or one of your visitors, etc, what type of animal would it be?

What would you name it?

I say old bean...

Have you seen my hat?

How many of you have been IMed by the famous (infamous) hat bots? I just got Imed by "thetelltalehat." The person on the other end knew what was going on. My response was "not the hat bots again." It makes me almost not want to list my screen name on LJ. But I've gotten contacted by real people, so that's why I haven't yet.
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O right

1. Why does myspace suck so bad?


2. My cat (a medium haired ragdoll/persian cross), sheds. Like, a lot. Wherever she walks she leaves full grown tribbles behind. She also hates to be brushed, which puts a real crimp in my plans to de-fuzz her the normal way.

Normally, I'd just a vacuume a lot and say 'hell with it.' But, her fur is so soft and fine that the vacuume won't even pick it up.


Are there any good ways to defur a cat, without brushes, that don't involve a set of clippers?

(no subject)

I was having a debate on this subject with my boyfriend and therefore thought I'd ask you guys your opinion...

Can a guy be friends with a girl and not want anything more than friendship? By 'anything more' I mean anything from sex to a flirtacious rush. Is it possible for a guy to be in a strictly platonic relationship with an attractive girl in the same way he'd be friends with another guy?

I think it's possible. I know it's possible the other way around, as I have guy friends that I just want friendship from (the same way I want friendship from my girlfriends) but my boyfriend thinks that all guys want something more, even if it's just the mental stimulation of hanging out with a girl (as opposed to a guy).

What do you think? Am I right or is he? Please state if you're a guy or a girl.
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(no subject)

 What song(s) makes you cry (or at least tear up) no matter how many times you hear it?

What song(s) makes you happy (or brighten up your day) no matter how many times you hear it? 

(no subject)

What kind of person freaks out so quickly because they haven't received their auction from Ebay? I had a user pay me for an auction on the 31st of January. I promptly shipped the item out on the 1st. Today is the 7th, and they emailed me asking me "what is taking so long?" YOU'RE IN GERMANY, YOU TOOL! I'm in the US, OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO TAKE LONGER! I was just shocked by the impatience of this person. Now, I've dealt with German customers countless times in the past with success, and they always leave me feedback saying that it got there fast, but it's always more than a week before it arrives.

To make this not completely irrelevant and to calm some people down: How do you deal with people who are impatient? Are you impatient yourself?

(no subject)

So... my SO has a gold ring that he got from his company. He was never going to wear it so we sent it into Cash4Gold.com. They sent us a check for $26.00 and a receipt that stated it was 10K gold. Um... shouldn't it be worth more than that?
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(no subject)

How many people are on your friends list?

How many of those do you know their first name?

How many do you know both their first and last name?

How many do you know what they look like? (have seen a pic or met IRL)

(no subject)

1)About how much money would you save every year if you didn't drive, have a car, and didn't have auto insurance?
2)What actor/musician/author/comedian, etc. death would you say affected you most? Or which one do you think will affect you when they die?

(no subject)

Yesterday I found out that I might have ADHD.  The nurse told me that I can skip seeing my primary physician and she scheduled me for 6 weekly adult ADHD classes at the hospital for people to distinguish the signs of it and learn to cope with it.

For anyone who has ADHD, did you attend the classes?  What were they like?

ETA: The class is through Kaiser and I haven't officially been diagnosed.  The nurse said that the class is for adults with ADHD and we will learn the signs and learn to cope with it.  She said that if I need further assistance after the class, I can make an appointment with a phychiatrist.  My husband was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and he had to make an appointment with his physician first then with a phychiatrist then he was given some meds.  We're both Kaiser members, so I don't know what the difference is -- why he needed a phychiatrist and I need classes.  =\  Maybe Kaiser recently changed their policy in diagnosing people?

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(no subject)

Do you consider your current job to be your career?

If not, what would have to change?

More generally, what makes a job into a career??

Edit: If a career is just something you want to do (for years or for the rest of your life) does that mean any job can be a career (like working retail or fast food without ever moving up)?

(no subject)

1. Should I go to Qdoba for lunch?

  a. What should I get?  I've never been there before.

2. If not, should I go to the grocery store and get hot dog fixins?

  a. What brand of hot dog is your favorite?

  b. How do you prepare hot dogs?
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(no subject)

Breaking, Breaking news!

What do you think of Romney "suspending" his presidential bid??

For those of you who've been leaning his way/voting for him, will you share who you think you'll support now?

For all interested, how do you see this impacting the process from here, beyond McCain being that much more likely to get the GOP bid?

Edit re: my last question
- my feeling is that I'm slightly concerned that if the GOP settles on their nominee much earlier than the Democrats do, infighting and tensions within could lessen their strength and support as we get closer to the general election. 
This next election is so important in my eyes, and the worst thing we could do imo is to easily end up with too much of the same old, same old.  D:
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(no subject)

I'm visiting my dad in Birmingham, AL for Spring Break cause he's been working there for the last year and I haven't seen him since he left.

While he's working during the day, I'll basically be sitting around with the car. What cool stuff can I see or do while I'm there, preferably within an hour's drive or so?


When it comes to writing papers, do you have more trouble with the introduction or the conclusion?

I'm better at the introduction than I am the conclusion.
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(no subject)

okay, so, after walking around all day yesterday..

i am not christian/catholic/etc....

what's the ash in ash wednesday about, and why is it on people's foreheads? it is about the resurrection of jesus?

yes, i know i could just wiki this, but i think TQC has more interesting answers.

if you don't feel like answering this, a question with no srs bsns involved: custom belt buckles y/n?

I love them. right now i have three: a broken-hearted penguin (here.), the Hylian crest from the Legend of Zelda series, and a Fender logo.

do you like them? do you wear them?

(no subject)

What do you think about standardized dress/uniforms in public schools? Good idea, bad idea?

What about restricting students' hairstyles/color/piercings?

I think that age and what you had to wear when you went to school will impact these answers, so how old are you? Did you have to wear uniforms or standardized dress?
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(no subject)

i'm making a gift basket for my boyfriend's birthday.
putting all sorts of stuff inside of it. (this way i don't have to wrap anything!)
what do you suggest i put all of the stuff in. if worst comes to worst, i'll put it in an actual basket, but i kind of want him to be able to use whatever is holding everything.

any suggestions?
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(no subject)

Some people want someone who is a lot like they are, others are looking for someone who is completely different, some are happy with something inbetween.

What do you think the ideal ratio for an SO is where similar/different is concerned?

(no subject)

I've been thinking about eliminating wheat and flour from my diet, mainly just to see if the hippies are right. This is proving to be problematic because apparently EVERY FOOD EVER contains some form of wheat/gluten/flour/etc.

1. If one doesn't (or can't) eat wheat, what does one eat? (Proteins, fruits, and veg--obviously, smartass--but recipes, links, and helpful hints would be very greatly appreciated.)

2. Have you ever changed your diet or other lifestyle aspects just to see what happened? How's that working out for you?
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Failing College Course

I have a class at my college that I cannot pass. I've taken the class over 4 times now, and every semester I fail it. I've gotten tutoring and it hasn't helped, I've attempted to take the course through another university on some program at my school but wasn't able to because their class had filled.

The teacher's methods are just 4 exams that are each 25% of your grade, no homework or extra credit allowed. It's so frustrating. I was supposed to graduate this semester, but because of this class I'm not going to be able to.

Is there any way I could get this class waived? I don't know what else I can do and I don't want to drop out because of one stupid class.

Edit - It's a finance class.
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I just found out that the shop I work in will be closing down next Friday. I get my last official paycheck tomorrow and will also be given a week's worth of pay in cash.

How much does this suck?

Where should I look for another job? I've waitressed and worked retail, but part of what was really amazing about this job was the flexibility. I'm in my last semester of college, so I was planning to look for a second or full-time job soon anyway, but not this soon.



I've noticed there's an awful lot of songs out there about fellatio.
Which is your favorite? Least favorite?
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King Charles Spaniel

Project Runway Question

For all you Project Runway fans:

What do you think of Heidi's wardrobe choices?

Personally, I frequently dislike what she's wearing (or think "what the hell is that?"), which seems ironic for a model who hosts and helps JUDGE a fashion designer show. I mean, that glittery gold dress from last night? Not so hot.
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(no subject)

I really want a stiff drink. I'm not upset at anything in particular but I'd really rather just not feel my feelings quite so acutely right now. Is 1pm too early to start drinking y/n?
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(no subject)

who is the hawtest disney NON-prince?

john smith (pocahontas)
milo thatch (atlantis: the lost empire)
gaston (beauty and the beast)
peter pan
captain li shang (mulan)
arthur (the sword in the stone)
robin hood
mowgli (the jungle book)
jim hawkins (treasure planet)
other, OHMAHGAWD you forgot the hawtest of all and i will mention him in the comments
huh? i am disney-deprived and have no idea who any of these people are

sort of a rant

Hey TQC, I suck at love

This is my relationship history thus far: Either a) total infatuation that ends in a month or two bc it's too intense b) a long drawn out relationship that I eventually realized was absolutely spark-free (ie no chemistry).

How do I find a happy medium between infatuation and totally boring?

Does anyone else experience these patterns?

I know I shouldn't seek out love. But what do you do if you're not the hottest gal in the room and guys aren't bending over backwards to date you?

And our whole culture has become much more casual about dating, making it very hard to initiate anything without looking desperate. Do you agree?

exercise machines

I'm thinking about purchasing a stationary bike, or some other kind of exercise machine.

For those of you who own some kind of exercise equipment, what do you own? How much did it cost and where did you get it? Do you like it and use it often?
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(no subject)

My feet seem to be overly sensitive to hot water. When I'm in the shower, the temperature will feel good on the rest of my body, but my feet HURT. Why do you think this is?
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(no subject)

1) When did Laptops begin to be called notebooks? Why are they called that? (is it just because of their shape/size?)

2) I'm considering adopting another cat in Spring. Any advice? Cat or kitten? Color preference(what would YOU want to adopt?)? Anything else?

3) I have a biscotti. I do not like biscotti. Would you like my biscotti?

4) I can run 3/4 of a mile at once without exploding, right now. Any suggestions to increase my stamina?

(no subject)

I'm currently enrolled in college, but I also owe another college $800. From the e-mail I received today, it seems I need to get this covered ASAP. I'm waiting for my financial adviser to call me back so I can see if a loan from them will cover it.

If for some reason theycan't, what are some alternative loans? Obviously getting a job would help, but it seems this payment is due within the next week or so.
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(no subject)

1. For those of you who buy bottled water, do you care if it comes from the islands of Fiji or some Spring in an untouched land or are you okay with just clean water in a bottle?
2. How old is too old to play with Shrinky Dinks?

Collapse )

(no subject)

is it bad to wish bad things on people who have really hurt you?
ETA: i mean, i want revenge, but i'm not really the one who can do it; it'd have to be someone else.

do you think that the time that you've known/dated/whatevered a person determines how much you can (potentially) care about them?

for example, if you date someone for a week and you date someone else for two weeks, do you think that it's impossible for you to care about the first person more, even though you didn't date them as long?

okay, this is the explanation behind my questions. i usually don't like to do this because i don't want biased answers, but here it goes.

i dated a girl OFFICIALLY for a little over a month. the month before that, we were doing all the datey things, and basically, were dating for about two and a half months, in total (unofficial and offical). she cheated on me with some straight, asexual girl from like, 20 hours away and says that it's impossible for me to be heart broken because "it wasn't like we were in a three year long relationship. there's no way that you could be broken hearted." that makes NO SENSE to me, whatsoever.

also, i am trying to be her friend, but i am so angry at her because she's hurt me so much. i really want this new girl to break her heart, and that'd be my revenge. i know i can't do that to her, personally, but i sort of wish it on her. : /
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(no subject)

1.There was an entry on stupid_free a couple months ago that had something to do with "real women". Anyways, someone posted a picture of a plus size model who did high fashion (black and white stuff) and looked fabulous. Apparently she was a regular sized model but got sick from being too skinny all the time. I really want to know the name of this model, does anyone know of her? ETA: Found! It's Crystal Renn.

2. There's a children's book that I read years ago and want to know the name of. Some sort of apocalypse had come and now everyone lives underground. No one has any hair, there are restrictions on what food you can eat (you can only have the same desert 5 times in a row). There's four spirals where people walk to get exercise. The main character is sick of the lifestyle and eventually finds a way to the surface where he finds people who have hair. Obviously someone doesn't want him finding this out and try to block him.
That's all I remember, does anyone know the name of the book? I think the word 'city' is in the title.

(no subject)

1) Where do you work? Where would you rather be working?

2) What are the chances of something bad happening to photobucket and me losing hundreds of very important pictures?

3) I don't want these pictures on my computer anymore, so what's the best thing to do with them? Put them on a disc? If I were to do that, what type of cd would I have to use? Could I use one that holds music, or no?


 I am trying to figure out the title of this movie... I don't exactly know the whole plot. It is about like civilization ending, or being killed off and there is only a few people left, and I think they were trying to save the women or something. It is driving me crazy I don't remember the name... It is from maybe a couple years back.

I know it is not I am legend.

Can you help me please?

(no subject)

What's the strangest nickname you've ever heard?
What's a food you didn't like as a kid but enjoy now?
What's a food most people seem to like that you don't?

I once met a guy called Butterball.
I refused to eat pizza until I was 16 or 17.
Coconut, milk, and any kind of candy other than chocolate

(no subject)

My face turns insanely red/purple after I exercise.  It also turns red when I speak in class, get warm, embarrassed, drink alcohol, etc. . .

But it's the exercising part that stays red for, like, two hours.  Any way to make the redness not last so long?  *I read in a magazine to take a Benadryl... any experience with doing that?

(no subject)

Yesterday, I was at the spa getting a pedicure when the woman next to me turned to me and said, "Do you mind if I take [my sweater] off? I'm pretty warm, but my bra straps will be showing." I was very confused and said that of course she should do so immediately, if it would make her more comfortable.

TQC, did I miss a memo? Are bra straps suddenly HORRIBLY OFFENSIVE? Or have I been boorish and uncivilized in divesting myself of sweatshirts and sweaters in public without asking those near me if it was ok? I'm sure she was just being nice, but it really threw me off. She was probably about 35, if it makes a difference in your answers.

(no subject)

Hey everyone~

My question involves Chemistry and science projects. It doesn't have to be like a big science fair project. But it has to be at least Gr12/Gr11/University level kind of demonstration. The audience will be  kids in gr7-8 so it has to be interesting for them but complicated enough for highschool

I had a few ideas. Like fire that's not too hot to touch by using  solution of alcohol and water. And the color change that you can get by mixing certain chemicals (forgot which ones) and making the color revert back to normal water. 

So something that may seem like magic would be very good. Or something that you can create new substances.

Any suggestions??? :D

Thanks so much in advance!

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(no subject)

My husband was looking at our bank statement and we noticed that Java Crew (a place we get coffee a few times a month) had double charged us.

We ALWAYS get the same things and it is alwasy $6.50. On the bank statement it shows that on 1/22 Java Crew ran our card for that amount twice. We have never gone twice in one day.

TQC, what should we do? Is there anything we can do?
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(no subject)

Say your best friend is seeing somebody who you personally find incredibly unattractive.

Do you mention this at all, or are you just happy for your friend?

Say you're the friend who's dating the person.

How would you feel if your bff basically told you they were repulsed by the person you're seeing?
How would you respond?

ETA: Just to clarify, this distaste has nothing to do with personality or behaviors... it's purely based on appearance.
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(no subject)

So I just got in a car wreck a few hours ago. It was definitely my fault. One car flipped and it hit another, putting a dent in that car. The one that flipped is definitely totaled, but it wasn't an especially nice car, so it shouldn't be worth a TON of money. Nobody was hurt though.

Any experience with this? How much can I expect my insurance rates to go up? What do I need to expect in the future because of this?


Edit :Just for info, I'm 21 with a perfect driving record. I drive a 96 Honda Civic.

(no subject)

My ears turn red when I drink any kind of alcohol.  Why is this?  Does anything weird (asthetically) happen to you when you consume such libations?

I'm making ice cream and didn't have corn syrup, so I used a common emergency substitution of 1 cup white sugar and 1/4 cup water.  Will my ice cream still be delicious?

Do you take your own snacks to the movies or do you shell out five plus bucks for popcorn and candy?  I take my own, and I work at a movie theatre.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

(no subject)

How do you drop a hint to someone (re: your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever) that they're getting a little clingy?
Is calling someone 12 times in six hours "just to talk" too many times?
How about 34 times?
Does anyone know where I left my keys?
Ooh the angst

real estate law, anyone?

Okay... I am living in an apartment with a 12 month lease that ends on Feb. 29. The first paragraph of the lease states that my landlord must give me 30 days notice of any rent increases. Further on down in the lease, it is stated that I must supply a 30 day written notice before I move out.

On Feb. 5, my landlord taped a letter to our door stating that the rent was going up starting in March. Well, upon seeing this, I went to the apartment office (the same day) and gave notice that I would be leaving at the end of Feb. when my lease is up. They are trying to charge me rent for the first week of March, as well as a $50 proration fee, because we didn't give them 30 days notice.

How in the world were we supposed to give them 30 days notice, if we didn't know our rent was going up until the 5th? What should I do? I would simply refuse to pay, but I don't want it to affect my credit!
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(no subject)

I know you can request a free credit report once a year (just found out I'm in good standing, whee!), but is there any reputable, secure site I can check my credit SCORE from? All the ones I see you have to pay a small fee to obtain.

(no subject)

Which is the craziest Baldwin?

Alec-the democrat in need of anger management
Daniel-the reality star drug addict
William-the quiet one who stays out of the spotlight
or Stephen-the fanatical Born Again

Who is the most talented?
red sox- dp raindrop.

(no subject)

 does anyone know an online store that sells quirky little household objects like urban outfitters?
(besides uncommon goods, perpetual kid, ikea, & target).
somewhere with those prices & cheaper, also.


Parking tickets!

A few nights ago my SO parked my car in my driveway, but only left around 2 feet between the garage door and the front of the car (I usually leave around 4 feet). The next morning I went to my car and found a $100 parking ticket for "parking on the sidewalk." The ticket was issued at 10 p.m. so I assume it was a bored cop. :( I'm going to try to protest it, saying there was enough space... or something...

1a. Have you ever successfully protested a parking ticket?
1b. If so, any advice?

2. What was the most expensive parking ticket you've recieved?
I got a $250 ticket once because my bumper was about 6 inches into a corner ramp.

ETA: 3. What was the last thing your SO did to annoy you?
The parking thing :(

(no subject)

If your SO disappeared one day out of the blue with no evidence of if they were alive or not, how long do you think it would be before you started to or felt like starting to date again?

Drew Peterson, do you think he's guilty or innocent?

If you think he's guilty do you think he'll ever be convicted?

(no subject)

Today at the skating rink I was practicing some beginner goalie stuff, which pretty much involves me skating back to front and side to side in a 6 x 4 box. Now, our facility has 2 rinks in the same building, but today there were about 6 very skilled child to adult figure skaters going through their routines all over the ice (I mean literally... their programs were huge and took up the whole place a few times). My boyfriend, who was helping me, kept telling me that it was rude for me to not get out of the way of the people who were doing their routines. My arguement is that I paid just as much as they did to be there and that *I* wasn't hogging up the whole floor with my activity, I was just in my nice, neat little 6 x 4 box waaaaay over on the side. Why should I be the one to dodge when they are the ones taking up all of the PUBLIC space? (and if they needed so much room, why not just rent the rink or something?) I was never directly in their way and would certainly have moved if they were going to crash into me... but I'm not going to nosedive out of the way every time they come past!

And if they hadn't been skating on both rinks and taking up the whole place it wouldn't have been a concern, but there was just nowhere to escape them... I just don't see why they had to be in every inch of the place or why I and all of the other skaters should be expected to dodge them the whole time.

So am I rude for not wanting to get out of the way or was he just being silly? I certainly don't want to be the asshole of the skating rink, but I'm not going to let people walk all over me for the sake of courtesy either.

Feedback is really appreciated! Thanks!
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Poll #1134851 Disney Heroines (Classics)

Who was the best Disney Heroine?

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Bambi's Mom (haha)
Other (explain in comments)

Who most resembled an independent 21st century woman?

Other (explain in comments)

Of the Disney Heroines, who did you want to be most?

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty

Who are you most like today?

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

Which Ticky?

Ticky 1
Ticky tuuuu
Ticky Ticky Ticky
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I have auditions for my schools musical on Monday. I've seriously been looking for two weeks for a good song to sing. I'm primarily an alto, but I can go up pretty high if need be. I have a very wide range. The musical is Once Upon A Mattress, but we can't use music from the show. But it has to be a musical song. Any suggestions? 
Anything suggested will be greatly appreciated!

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So I have to do a presentation next week for class, which usually brings on the boredom. Do you have any good or interesting techniques you use to keep your audience's attention. I'm doing a powerpoint and i'm trying to look for videos and such to make it a little more interesting but I want to know what else I could do.
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10 questions to keep us busy

1.What are you doing tonight?
going to dinner with friends

2. What would you like to be doing?
going to dinner with my friends have the bill on the house

3. Whats for dinner?
don't know yet

4. If you could have anything for dinner what would it be?
king crab legs with lots of butter

5. Do you have a favorite t.v show?

6. Do you spend cash or use a bank card/credit card more?
Cash. Wow credit card debt!

7. Going on any trips this year?
Brazil in June for friends wedding

8. Do you consider yourself healthy?
yes, except my sleep cycle

9. What's your hobby if you have one?
photography and dance

10. What do you wear on your feet at night?
thick cozy socks
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My daughter's New Year Resolution is to try a new food every week. (So far, she loves open-faced roast beef sandwiches...)

I'm thinking about taking her to a Japanese restaurant this weekend. What should she order?
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who has bought & tried one of those key finder gadgets?
you know, if you can't find your keys, you press a button & your keys beep or something.
which ones work? which ones don't work?
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This is kinda morbid but my stepmom (red_girl_42) and I were talking about it so I'm wondering your opinion TQC:

Hypothetically you have a child who is 3-4 years old. You work full time so he/she is in daycare. Its the first of the month, so you make your payment to the daycare facility (lets say its $400 a month or $100 a week). Your child then dies the next week. Would you get $300 back because technically your child wasn't being taken care of for those last 3 weeks?

What's your sign, baby?

What Chinese zodiac animal are you?


Which occidental zodiac sign are you?


DS web browser?

I just discovered that there is a web browser available for the Nintendo DS.  This is awesome, as tonight is my last night of home internet, and I will be taking a cross country road trip in two weeks to move to my new home.

This is potentially about 3 weeks without internet access. I will not survive.  In fact, I'm having internet withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it.

Does anyone have the web browser for the DS?  If you do, is it functional? I know that I can't expect great things from it, but does it work?
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Have any of you had any experience working with UPS or another package company - in particular, working to unload/load packages on their trailers, but anything else as well?

If so, what did you think, and how was it?  If you weren't used to a lot of taxing physical labor, how hard was it for you to adjust to?

If any of you have had a job where you worked rather hard physically on a regular basis, how long did it take you to get used to it?

Have there been times when you've had so many questions cramming your brain, you had a hard time deciding which one(s) to ask first??
How do you go about choosing which question or group of questions to go with first if you have more than you want to cram into one post? or similarly, how do you prioritize the questions you want to ask?

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Is there a low fat food that you think is better than the full fat version?

I love skim mike, not whole or 2%
I love I can't believe it's not butter, not regular butter
I also love turkey bacon, instead of regular.
TL;DR, Teal Deer

This may make me a cheap skate..

Perhaps its where I work.

Perhaps its that I've lived off hand me downs and thrift store chic and local yard sales the large portion of my life...

Perhaps its that I'm just a wee bit naive when it comes to the big outside bit city world out there and here I is a lil redneck on the big interwebs....

1)But is it just me, or are places like oldnavy and gap way over priced?

40 bucks for a SHIRT?! This thing had better last me until the fucking COWS come home!

I don't see how yall city folk do it. Even the stuff on clearance  does really seem to be on clearenced (well, some stuff is but others stuff...) (happy now? It's be fixed.)

2) Why is it that I paid two of my credit cards off two days ago (one on line and one over the phone) and made a partial payment on the third and neither of the two paid off ones have any credit on it, but the third does?

3) When buying trousers online, and never having bought them from said store before, is it best to go a size or two above what you normally do?
(I ask because at walmart I'm a size 8, but I once bought a pair of size 16 (yes 16) surfer pants from somewhere because I matched it up to my hips and they looked like they might fit but when I got them home, they were to small.)

I work with a girl who is 19, in a committed relationship, and just found out that she is preggers by said boyfriend. Her family is notorious for being unable to keep secrets so they aren't even trying to keep it quiet. But I thought women tried to keep it quiet the first trimester. 4) Is this normal; telling people as soon as you've found out, or is it just cliche`d to wait for the first trimester to be over before you start telling people about it?

5) Am I getting better at tl;dr, getting worse, staying the same?

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OK. I just updated to Windows Media Player 11(don't ask me why I have to use this bastardly program to begin with). How do I play from a URL without downloading the file?
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When you listen to Porcelain by Moby, does it make you think of girls?

Baby, you're the best bling that a baller could bear with the beautiful blue eyes and the long blonde hair?

Baby, you're the best bling that a baller could get with your big brown eyes as a bitchy brunette?

What about wordplay?