February 6th, 2008

chan marshall


For a while i have been thinking about what art i love, and who else i should check out. My favorites include Roy Lichtenstein, Escher,  Salvador Dali,Street art (Banksy, and local artists) and things my friends write.

which artists do you think i should check out?

Who do you like?

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 I have an in-class essay tomorrow. I'm supposed to prepare the outline of my essay and pick quotes.
However I've been sick the last few days and have no motivation to do anything but eat chocolate and sleep.

Should I suck it up and write it tomorrow at 6:00? or
Should I get a sick note and write it later?

Do you believe neo-citrin and tylenol cold & flu stuff works?
I think it just drugs you and makes you feel good inside.


Kristallnacht - coordinated attacks on Jews in their homes and businesses throughout Germany and Austria on the night of November 9, 1938. The beginning of the Holocaust. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristallnacht

And I read about coordinated plans to march on Church of Scientology buildings throughout the world on February 10 2008 and I see the vitriol, the anger, hatred, malice. Could this become a new Kristallnacht?

What should I do?



This thread in ljsecret http://community.livejournal.com/ljsecret/251517.html?thread=99900541#t99900541

This wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Chanology_Timeline

Despite assurances of non-violence, the level of anger scares me. The aura of let's go out and show them how much we hate them when applied to members of any religion upsets me greatly. "Never Again" means something to me.
audrey hepburn, how to steal a million

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Music or silence?

My answer: Music, definitely. I think the only time I prefer silence to music is when I'm reading. Although, silence can also be nice if the music in question is particularly horrible.

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Suppose you have 2 classes at school that is approximately 30 minutes away from home. You also have a break between the 2 classes for one hour and 45 minutes. How do you choose to spend it?

What's the best prank you've ever seen?

(no subject)

In this scenario, you have a teenage daugher, 15 years of age. One day, during dinner, she says "Oh, I'm cutting down on my preservatives intake. I read that it's bad for the baby. Oh, I'm pregnant, btw. I think I'm gonna keep it". What is your response?

"Damn right you're going to keep it. Life needs to be preserved, even unborn life"
"You wish! Tomorrow we're going to the clinic and we're gonna suction that womb squatter right outta there, pronto!"
"Sure, why not? You'd be a great mother"
"I don't think you should, honey. Think of your future. I suggest you give it up for adoption"
"Do what you want. Just know that I'm not caring for the little bastard. It is a bastard, right? Or do you know the daddy?"
"Out of my house, harlot! Go stay with your baby daddy"
"Whatever. Welfare pays extra for babies, right?"

You have a teenage daughter, 15 years of age. One day she says she can't participate in P.E., due to the fact she's pregant, but don't worry, mom/dad, I'm getting an abortion soon. I've been saving my babysitting money". What's your response?

"No, dear. Save your money. I'll pay for your termination"
"Like hell you will. No daughter of mine is getting an abortion"
"Dear, abortions cost money. Why pay for the termination, when pushing you down the stairs is absolutely free? Come, let's play on the staircase"
"So, it costs me nothing, right? Knock yourself out, kiddo"
"Out of my house, harlot! Go stay with your baby daddy"
"Please don't. That's human life. I suggest you give it up for adoption instead"

Your 15 year old daugher says, "Mom/dad, I've decided I'm going to move in with my boyfriend, Gunther. He's going to be a professional skateboarder someday". What's your response?

"Over my dead body you are. Back to your room!"
"Ok, but it costs me nothing, right? You become his problem. Amirite?"
"Honey, can't you shack up with someone who isn't a complete loser? I suggest you keep looking"
"Professional skateboarder! Oh wow! You're going to be rich! I give you my blessings"
"Fine, but we're putting you on some birth control. No way I'm getting a grandkid this early with an unemployed son-in-law"
"Does he have a brother?"

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what is the greatest comeback you've heard in any type of argument? it could be something you said, heard, or someone said to you.. anything.

a recent one for me:

my mom: shutup you son of a bitch!
me: last time i checked i was the daughter of a BITCH!

(i love my mommy very much and we are closer than i've ever seen any mother and daughter.. which is also why we fight like this sometimes... she actually laughed when i said that and it broke the tension.)

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what movie have you seen the most amount of times in the theaters?
I'm pretty sure I saw 'The Ring' 3 times in the theaters

how often do you buy snacks/popcorn at the movies?
usually only if they have some sale like buy a giant gallon size cup of soda & get a free large bag of popcorn

what is the last movie you saw in theaters?
Juno [saw it twice]

what is the last bootleg movie you watched?
Sweeney Todd
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Help please

Hey TQC-ers, I am looking for an audio rip of the "Yes We Can" viral video that's going around in support of Barack Obama. 
Can anyone direct me to one?
JB ♥ Kiss

clementines are in season!

1. my recycle bin has been missing from the desktop of my laptop for weeks now. it doesn't come up in search either. did i delete it? how do i get it to come back home?

2. i'm an architecture student and there are 16 other people in my studio. i spend most of my life in the studio and with those people. having a crush on one of them is a bad idea, yes?

3. assuming my portfolio doesn't get me to the second year of architecture, is broadway a good alternate route to take?

4. my cranium calendar wants you to guess the celebrity from the following clues: leia, postcards, debbie.

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girls: have you ever squirted when you came?
guys/girls: is it a turn on for you to see it?

do you place your fingers on the correct keys when typing?

was i supposed to vote yesterday? D:
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Parents of TQC

1: What made you decide to have children?
2: Did you always want to be a parent?
3: Are you the kind of parent you thought you would be?
4: Is parenthood harder or easier then you thought it would be? 
5: Did your childhood shape the way you raise your kids?
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what are your feelings on living with a roommate?

specifically a roommate who you have been friends with for 6 years.
do you think it will ruin the friend ship to live together?
we have already established rules about cleaning, guys, money, and food.
i really dont want to ruin our friendship by living together but she is the only person i can stand being around constantly.

so what do you think?
Bert Shocked

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Lets say you are stranded on a deserted island with NO CHANCE OF BEING RESCUED lets just say there are many sharks and waves and dangerous things around the island, even if people figured out where you were, it wouldnt be worth the 100s of lives it would take to rescue you, mmm K?

Now (pause)
You are given the choice between:

inhabiting the island with any one person of your choice
internet access for life

which do you choose? if its a person, who do you choose? 


What if the person you chose, got to choose one other person to bring?
Do you know who that person would be?
Would that change your decision?
happy, hearts

How is your lifestyle?

1. What is your age?
2. What is your occupation?
3. Do you plan for the future? Or do you just fly by the wind?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Are you happy? How do you deal with life when you are not happy?
6. Any addictions?
7. Do you smoke?
8. Do you drink? How much/often?
9. Do you take drugs? What kind? How much/often?
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Whenever something goes terribly wrong, who should be the one to pay the price: the people who came up with the idea or the ones who had to carry it out?

Disclaimer: For purposes of this question, assume the act is not anything illegal.

Edit, since that question depends too much on circumstances..

Putting aside any feelings you have for Hillary or Barack, who do you think will be elected president first: A non-white male, or a female?

My name is Jonas.

Do you listen to music while working out?
Yes, very loudly.

What is found on your "work out" play list?
I usually hit shuffle; I'm gonna create one soon though. I'm sick of hitting skip whenever a slow song comes on! I want some ideas of what you all have on yours!

Have you ever been caught singing with your head phones on? I'm not talking about singing quietly to yourself, but full out JAMMING?
I find myself singing on the top of my lungs quite often. It's pretty embarrassing. haha

How important is music to you in your every day life?
We can't listen to music here at work; I'm convinced if they let us play the radio/cds the day would go by a lot faster. Customers even complain how quite it is here!
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when was the last time you were in pain due to fashion?

** i haven't warn heels/wedges in a long time, and dug out a pair in my closet this morning, now i'm in pain and am barefooting it around the back office...def. gonna change at lunchtime. argh.
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Dear TQC,

Is it just me, or is everyone having financial hardships right now?
Is it just me or are other people having to decide what is more important? Food, rent, car payment, clean clothes...ect.
Why does this shit always seem to happen to me??

what are your financial hardships right now???
girls in white dresses

don't ask, don't tell.

do you have an unspoken agreement with someone?

for example: your mom knows you have sex, and that most highschool students do. she doesn't ask you about it as long as you don't do it when she's home. or  you have a friend and you've come to a habit where you won't ask why she likes to date retards if she doesn't talk about how she likes to date retards. all of this is without expressly talking about the situation to arrive at this conclusion.

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I had a pedicure about 1-2 weeks ago because my feet was dry due to it being winter time and now my feet is all scratchy again. I don't want to go back and have a pedicure done. Whats the best way to handle it myself? Is there a pedicure kit I could buy online? What kind of foot file do i want to buy to scrub my foot?

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first q: how do you react when you first meet somebody who is to say, "bubbly" or obnoxiously cheerful? are you receptive to them or do you feel as if you act the opposite role & be nonchalant, crass, etc?

second q: what do you think fake sarcasm means? i know you know when people often give you looks if you act a bit out of the ordinary. but when they say things like "are you sure you're ok?" when you're just simply happy, it really seems they have nothing better to say, but it feels scripted like some bad teenage movie.

i feel so vague.

zoe busiek: wild card

Ok, I've been trying to find that webpage that has all these tv shows online.
Like Quantum Leap, Star Trek...you know, shows that were cancelled or just had their run on tv and aren't on tv anymore. I think they even have current shows on it too (can't recall). I think the site is TV-ONLINE.com or something...but when i tried that, not the one i was looking for.

Anyone know the site I'm talking about?

In general does anyone know where I can watch zoe busiek: wild card online for free? Actual FULL episodes?

MLP - pinkie chicken

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Has something intense/disconcerting happened while you were donating blood to you or someone else?
This kid next to me was giving double and he started seizing and um .. that's not normal. :|

Is the fact that I've got bandages on both arms and feel sort of sick from donating double blood a good enough reason to skip my math class that's in 3 hours?

Random questions..

edit: The first question is about my Grandpa, if that helps any.

1. When a family member dies, how much time do you think you should get off work?
I think a week. It's hard to pick up and carry on when someone who's always been there isn't there anymore.

2. Do you like your tea sweetened or unsweetened?

3. What is your favorite cartoon?
I like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

4. What is your favorite TV show that isn't on anymore?
There's so many. I really miss Friends and The Wonder Years.

5. Are you doing the job you wanted to do during high school?
Nope, but it's not a bad gig. 
Give a dog a home

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What kind of computer are you on right now, desktop or laptop? Do you have something different at home/school/whatever?

Which do you find more annoying?
- A skinny person who complains with how fat they are and how much they hate their body
- A fat person who complains of the same thing but does nothing about it

Would you go to something like Lebowski Fest? If there was a "fest" you absolutely would love to attend (real or made-up) what would it be?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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You're sitting in a public building next to someone who looks very nervous. Finally they turn to you and say, "I would like to tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone? You seem like a nice person and I wouldn't want you to get caught up in this." Looking out for your best interests, you promise not to tell. Apparently the person has a vendetta against someone (thing/organization) in the building and has rigged a bomb to go off in the next five minutes. They tell you so you can get the hell out of there. You know there are lots of other people in the building, what do you do?
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I can't write - for shit

When my boss emails me - or anyone else - he writes like this - with no commas or periods - and terrible spelling punctuation and grammar in general - as you can imagine - it's very irritating and difficult to read  - I expect more from a 40 year old - university educated - man that owns his own company - in the financial sector - how does he expect people to take him seriously -?

Argh! Seriously! It drives me insane.

Do you know anyone with terrible email writing skills?
Does your boss/teacher/person in senior position do anything that drives you crazy in a bad way?

Please share stories to take my mind off it. It really bothers me.
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Do you have a hangover? Do you have a lemon handy? Will you rub a slice on your armpits and tell me if it makes you feel better?

What folk remedies do you use that really work?
ETA: not just for hangovers, remedies for anything!

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anyone got any ideas what i can do for my girlfriend for valentines day?
keeping in mind that she is coming to my house because i cant get to her, she doesnt like to eat infront of people (including me) and i am also a girl (not that it has much to do with it. but it might help coming up with ideas if you know our situation)

serious answers greatly appreciated, non serious answers also welcomed with open arms.


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A Pancake Day Song
Collapse )
Who had/is having pancakes on Tuesday?
You have heard of pancake day, right? (shrove tuesday.) I ask because a friend of a friend had never heard of it before and I found that weird.
Does your area have free/cheap pancakes around?
Have you heard of that tv show before?

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Poll #1134247 Kids Kids Bang Bang

You have a 15 year old son. One day he says, "Mom/Dad, I have a problem. I like both Veronica and Betty. I'm not sure who I like better. This is complicated because I got them both pregnant. I know I know, I should have worn a condom, but it just doesn't feel as good wearing a rubber, ya know? Anyway, both of them want to keep the baby and I don't know what to do. Oh, this girl named Sabrina might be pregnant too. What should I do?" Your response?

"Oh, son, what a wonderful gift! Grandchildren! What a blessing!"
"Wow, you're certainly a stupid one. You're grounded til you graduate. Let me talk to their mothers and hopefully we can convince the girls into giving up their babies"
"Try really hard to coerce them into getting abortions. I'll pay if I have to. We'll get through this, honey"
"Condoms suck, don't they? Well, you couldn't help it. Accidents happen. My little baby's gonna be a daddy. So proud of you"
"Here's what you do. Get a friend. Both of you wear ski masks. Jump each one of these girls and have your friend hold each one down while you punch her repeatedly in the stomach..."
"I'm behind you all the way, son. We'll raise these babies together if we have to"

Your 18 year old daughter wants to go on American Idol (yes, it's still on). She thinks she's a wonderful singer. However, in actuality, she's tone deaf and her range is exactly 2 notes on the scale. In other words, she sucks, but she thinks she's going to win it. As her parent, what do you say?

"Honey, are you sure about this? Simon can be awfully mean. He may hurt your feelings and I don't want you to be hurt"
"This should be good. Do you still have that tight red dress that you said makes you look like a sausage? I think that would be perfect"
"You are a good singer, dear. I'm behind you 100%"
"The truth, dear, is that you aren't very good. You may not want to hear this, but if you went on AI, you'll embarrass yourself and I don't want you to do that. Face facts, child."

Through his best friend, your 17 year old son has suddenly found religion. He's embraced mormonism. He tries really hard to get you to join him for church each weekend, and badgers you every couple of days about the afterlife and how you might not be there with him. How do you deal with him?

Give in. Join his church. Give face time to his religion if it makes him happy
Ban him from going to church. No son of mine is going to be a mormon
Teach him about religious tolerance, and how you don't support proselytization.
Laugh at him. Tease him about his faith. He'll eventually be too embarrassed to bring it up to you again
Ground him. Now neither of us can go to his church

Your 15 year old daughter has her girlfriends over and her door is closed. You made them cookies and open the door to bring it to them. You see them sitting in a circle, and your daughter is inhaling from a big bong. It smells like cheap weed in the room. What do you say?

"That's it. Everybody go home now. My daughter and I have to have a long talk". You then ground her
You say nothing, just smile. Then you call her friends' parents and tell them what you saw
"You call this weed? Please. Let me get my kush stash"
"Alright! I got next hit! Move over, girls"
Call the police. Let them sort it out
"You girls want some vodka too? I got some in the fridge"
You just start screaming, and keep at it until all her friends leave. Then you lock her in her room

(no subject)

Are there certain subjects you shouldn’t talk about with your SO?
If so, what would these subjects be?

How would you feel if you never completed high school and your SO is giving you an ultimatum to get your GED and go back to school or leave?

Do you think it bad character to tell your SO to go back to school?

If you have no SO, make believe you did.

My SO acts like I am nagging when I tell him to finish he GED test. He scored high but was still one point off on his math. He has failed the math three times and is reluctant to study or re takes the test. This is frustrating for me because I know he isn't stupid, but how he is acting is childish and ruining his opportunities.

I am not sure what the hell to tell him. Any time I ask if I can help he makes me feel like a broken record.

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I play online Scrabble with a friend of mine and I know she is cheating because she uses words that no normal person would know (like the genus name of some plant species that's only found in China, or the name of an article of clothing that was popular in medieval Spain).

Should I start cheating back, or should I just continue to let her kick my ass by 200 points every game (or, I suppose, I could just stop playing with her)?


Edited to add: She's not just making words up; they are real words that I can find in the dictionary. I think she's using some website or something to plug in the letters she has and find words she can make with them.

(no subject)

So I'm looking to join a few clubs at my college. Flipping through the student planner, they have a two page list. I can get a general idea of what the majority are, but... any idea what the Apha Gama Sigma Club is?

(no subject)

TQC, please settle an arguement for me before I have to find a field of pigs for the body of my recently murdered boyfriend.

Kiwi. The fruit, not the natives if New Zealand.

Are they (typically):

-Brown and fuzzy

-Green with brown fuzz

Edit: Brown and Fuzzy wins it. I sure am going to miss him.

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i am looking to find a hobby. these are what my qualifications are:

-must be easily portable
-must keep me busy
-must keep my mind entertained
-must be inexpensive (or free!)
-must not take up too much space
-not knitting or crocheting, please.

i have a bunch of crap going on in my life currently and any idle time i have leads me to dwelling on it and assuming the worst about any potential situation. any ideas?

ETA: i will be getting dr. mario for gameboy in the next week or so, and when that happens, it'll be my main source of entertainment until i get tired of it. so, any ideas to tide me over until then?

also, what are the most odd forms of self-injury that you know about? i'm an RA and i think my bulletin board next month might be about this; the forms of SI that most people might know about but should look out for.


[OK, this is a rant.]

Do you know the difference between a tax return and a tax refund?


Yes, I do, and the people who don't are making me crazy.


So what are your plans when gas raises $5/a gallon?

How much do you spend a month on gas?

I will have to purchase a bus pass. Driving from work and school is going to make a dent in my savings.

$150 This is car pooling with SO back and forth to work.
fashion » cory

(no subject)

would you say an older person (late 30s early 40s) playing games with children (relatives) is immature or irresponsible for doing so?

the same coworker was telling me that he plays barbies or whatever with kids in his family - either his brother's kids (who he lives with) or at family gatherings - and that everyone apparently thinks he is both immature and irresponsible because of it. i can see why SOME people might say immature, but irresponsible? i think he makes himself out to be the victim all the time and i don't believe anyone has actually told him he is immature or irresponsible regarding this.
I was totally on base the whole time!

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Inspired by last night's late-night-over-pancakes discussion:

1. People with perfect vision: When it's dark outside and you look at a light (like a street lamp) do you see lines around the light? Like a halo or a starburst? Or do you just see the light?

2. People who need vision correction: Do you remember a time when you could see perfectly? What was your first clue that you weren't seeing things like you were supposed to?

3. At a restaurant, would you prefer to ask for your check when you're ready, or have them set it on the table at the beginning of the meal?

4. What are your plans for this evening?
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(no subject)

Do you ever get an urge to delete any/all accounts for various sites, like facebook, livejournal, stuff like that?

What are some of your internet pet peeves? Any livejournal specific ones?

(no subject)

1. I'm 17 years old, and my lower right wisdom tooth has come in almost all the way. Obviously, this is kind of messing up my teeth, especially because I have a pretty narrow jaw and my teeth are kinda tight as it is. It's not really noticeable or anything, but I can definitely feel and see my bottom front teeth edging up on each other. I'm getting the wisdom tooth removed sometime this summer (most likely June, maybe August); can't do it earlier because of insurance issues.
Here's my question: after the tooth is gone, what's the likelihood that I will need braces? Or is there a chance they will go back on their own? My teeth have otherwise always been pretty straight.

2. Do you have perfect pitch?

3. Have you ever gotten up to get or do something and then completely forgot what it was, or, let's say, went into the kitchen when you wanted to go into the living room to get something? What do you do to remember what you wanted in the first place?

4. ...I forgot what I was going to ask, hahaha. Oh wow. D= I'm pretty sure it was a good question, too. What medical conditions run in your family? (cancer on my mom's side, thyroid problems and mustaches on women on my dad's side, lol)
derek smalls

(no subject)

did you go see hannah montana 3D in the theater?!

if so, what did you think of it?

i did because i was sickly curious. it was hilarious/disturbing/unbelievable.

if you didn't see the movie - what do you think of this phenomenon? is she going to be the next britney?!

(no subject)

1. What kind of music/bands are you into nowadays?

2. Recently I've been standing a lot and as a result my calves have gotten larger :( It's more difficult for me to find jeans now, as I have a huge bottom + huge calves = nothing would fit. Anything I can do to make the calves smaller or leaner? I know I can do something about the butt, haha.

3. Anything you would like to tell me on this fine, er Wednesday afternoon? :D


Im painting my room *purple gusto* its almost like a coffee shop purple nice and deep. . .

anyway. . . i have a tilted ceiling and its BRIGHT WHITE and looks really weird with the deep color on the walls. . . should i paint the ceiling???

i dont mind feeling enclosed infact i kinda like it but i know at night it will be BLACK as all hell which worries me ahaha

arg. . . i dont know what to doooooo lol

so point being::: should i paint my ceiling purple to match the walls???
The Receptionist Classic

I Fail

For some reason, TQC, my new work computer will not recognize any USB storage device. I've tried two thumb-drive things, a data card reader, and my iPod. And the computer goes LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA.

Do you have ANY advice for me on how to make this stupid thing recognize these USB toys? [I really do need to be able to use the card reader and thumb-drive things for work, the iPod is a bonus.] I've emailed the IT person, but she takes a few days to get back to me.

Oh. The machine is brand new, I got it last week. It is a... um... a Dell. Windows XP. That's all I know.

EDIT: The IT lady actually got back to me quickly and she's coming in to fix it next week. Sounds like she knows WTF is going on already, so I'm kinda cheesed off that she didn't make sure it was all hunky-dory before putting it into my hands. WHATEVER. Bygones.
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(no subject)

I've asked this here before, but didn't get a good response.

I want to make my boyf a heart-shaped cake, and then decorate it like a candy conversation heart... but I'd like something dirty/perverted, and most of all, hilarious. Last year I made two, one that said "UR DICK MAI FACE 2NITE" and "MY TITS R HAWT 4 U." I'd like some new ideas.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Oh my God, TQC, I just spent my entire workday (well not entire, I have 20 minutes left) with my shirt inside out. Nobody noticed or anything, but still... lol.

What is the last silly-stupid-braindead thing you did? Did anyone notice, or did you catch it in time?

(no subject)

so, i've weighed about the same since i was 16. i will be 21 in march. i am 5'6" and weigh about 117 lbs. i eat very healthy (though, i do my fair share of unleahtly snacking) and have lightning speed metabolism. i should say that i've always eaten very healthy; my parents were really good about making vegetables taste good enough to want to snack on. i am (mostly) happy with how i look, but i wish i weighed a little more. i am a bit too hippy and collarbony for my taste.

i've been trying to gain weight lately, but due to being stressed and depressed, i don't think it's made a dent.

so, this is what i've been doing. every night before i go to bed, i've been eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (most of the time, the bread is buttered before the PB&J go on) with a tall glass of milk. this has not only helped me to sleep better, but i feel satisfied*, and i take medicine at night, and it's supposed to be on a full stomach, so this has been 100% beneficial.

*i have a small stomach/appetite, so i can't force myself to eat more than my body can handle. my dad says that maybe i should take a bite or two more than what i can handle, and that'll be good, but i don't believe him.

so, outside of eating directly before i go to bed, do you have any ideas of how i can healthily gain weight? i'm in college and don't have a kitchen that is easily accesible or a huge fridge, so it's not like i can keep a whole chicken in my fridge or something. convenient food is best.
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(no subject)

do you judge [lj] people by their user icons? or do you make any assumptions about that person? I guess that can kinda be considered the same thing.

is there any 'type' of icons you hate? maybe a certain style or subject?

(no subject)

So my husband's phone has started messing up, but thankfully it is still under warranty.

We're going to go get it replaced when he gets home from work.

He has an Alltel Snap (Blue Samsung). Can they transfer all of his downloaded ring tones to his new phone? What about phone numbers?

I've always had to transfer my numbers manually whenever I've gotten a new phone. Its a pain in the ass.

(no subject)

I was cleaning out bookmarks and I found my old neopets account.

Does/did anyone play Neopets?

I have millions of neopoints and want to send people presents.

Or should I just give it to an 11-year-old and make their day?
Flaming Sikozu

Wisdom teeth

Ever had all or some of yours out?

Was it in hospital or at the dentists?

How long after were you eating normally again?

Do you have any random wisdom tooth related stories at all?
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Conversation Hearts

A few years ago, I was able to find conversation hearts that weren't the typical "Necco" type.

They were more like, I don't know... one of those large smarties? They had a smoother texture to them.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Where I could find 'em? A brand name?
mr jummy

(no subject)

I went to class today even though we didn't have it (why they didn't mention this to us last week, I don't know... I feel like an idiot).

What have you done lately that made you feel foolish?

(no subject)

if you ever go to Coldstone, what's the weirdest ice cream combo you've had?
the last time I went I mixed chocolate ice cream & cake batter ice cream with a Reese's cup. it was oddly delicious.

have you filed your taxes yet? if so, are you happy with your tax return?
I'm going to file mine tomorrow. I have a feeling I won't be happy with it.

what's something expensive that you own but hardly ever use?
I bought an Xbox 360 that I hardly play. I rarely use my iPod but it does get some use when I travel.
hiro huh?

(no subject)

1. I don't know much American History. I'm looking for an American History book recommendation. I can't read something if it throws in misinformation as a joke, or something that's too text-bookie. Anyone have a good American History book to recommend?

2. What's the worst book you've ever read?

Dance clothes.

When watching a group of folks dance*, do you prefer?

-All matching outfits, like exactly.

-Each person wears a similar, yet slightly different outfit. (Think of the crap that Tina Knowles made for Destiny's Child.)

-Everyone shows off their individual style.

*any kind of group dancing, hip-hop, step, pop, etc.

(no subject)

1: What piece of clothing do you hate wearing, but have to when in public?
2: What is your favorite thrift store buy?
3: What do you think is your most annoying habit?
4: Have you ever rubber-necked when passing an accident?
5: What is always in your fridge?
6: Have you ever gotten caught doing something you shouldn't in public?
7: Have you ever cut your hair or shaved your head in anger?
8: Have you ever had the cops called on you for throwing a noisy party?
9: Have you ever broken a piece of furniture just by sitting on it?
10: What is your worst walk of shame story?

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sports bras.

To the ladies of tqc-- I'm an Irish step dancer. I just started up again this year, and it has come to my attention that I need a sports bra. I'm a 34 or 36D, depending, and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for a super high impact sports bra? gracias!

(no subject)

 Have you ever been a nude model for an art class?  What was it like?  I totally want to do that now!

 Why does the dog like pooping in front of MY door!?  He pees in the right place, but he poops wherever he wants!
Mitty box

(no subject)

For those that have used both gas and electric edit: heating in their homes, which would you say is better? Any pros or cons?

My husband and I are buying a home soon and one of the things we'll have to be choosing is gas or electric. Personally, I'm terrified of gas but I don't want to rule it out just for that reason.
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(no subject)

1. Do you have pain in the ass teeth like I do? Meaning they always need to be fixed and they are making me poor!

2. How will you be spending your evening?
Working on paychecks and orders.

3. To all the dog owners out there...do you have problems keeping your dog/puppy from peeing inside? How do you get the smell out of hard wood floors? Its making me nauseous.

4. If you cook, what do you think is the best thing you make?

5. Whats for dinner tonight?
Baked haddock with broccoli.

(no subject)

What's your beverage of choice and how fancy about it do you get?

Tea: do you stick with basic black or green tea from a bag, or do you have another method?
Hot Chocolate: special kind or the powder stuff from Nestle or Swiss Miss?
Coffee: Expensive gourmet, starbucks, folgers/maxwell house, made at home or at a coffeeshop?

Extra question for the coffee kids:
Do you buy Fair Trade or Organic Coffee? If you do, what kind do you get?

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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Ugh TQC, my bedroom smells like pot. Neither my boyfriend nor I smoke pot at all. Could this have anything to do with hearing people on the other side of our wall last night screaming and yelling and punching shit? We've never heard noises over there before.

2) Do you enjoy olives? If so, what types?

cleaning belly button rings

Hey everyone, I got my belly button pierced a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I've been cleaning it every day in the shower with that special antibacterial liquid soap that the piercing parlor gave me. However, I just went on vacation and realized I forgot to bring the soap with me. What can I use to clean it until I get home? Is regular soap okay?

(no subject)

Hey gotta question for anyone who knows.

I'm female and trying to lose some weight in different areas by working out and what-not. I'm looking to lose 20 pounds so I can be completely happy with myself.

I'm currently 5'7" 130 lbs. I wanna be 110-115 so I wont have any ugly body fat.

Anyone know any good websites that would tell a person how to work out? The place I live in has like a small gym with weights and different things. I just haven't a clue how to use them properly.

(no subject)

1. What kind of cell phone do you have?

2. Girls - do you tend to get clingy when you're PMSing?
I do, and it drives me crazy, because most of the time I am sane and rational about how much time I spend with people.

3. Is there a TV show on that reminds you of your life? If so, what is it?
addams family

(no subject)

The fire alarm just went off when I was in the shower.

Has this ever happened to you?
Did you ignore it and finish your shower or go out and shiver waiting for the fire brigade?

What's the most annoying thing that's happened to you today?

Do you prefer sex or chocolate?


What is a good price to charge, per hour, for babysitting? I recently started babysitting for a family member, and I don't mind doing it for her for whatever she can pay me, but she works at a child care center, and has talked to people she works with and parents of kids there and referred them to me for babysitting their kids. I just don't know what I should charge. I will sit for any kids, 6 weeks old and up. I have 3 years experience in child care, though I no longer work in that field. Any ideas? What do you charge for babysitting/what do you pay your babysitter?
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Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

1. When shaving your legs, what leg do you shave first?
2. When shaving your face, what side of your face do you start on?
3. When shaving your armpits, what armpit do you shave first?
4. When shaving your pubes, what side do you start on?
5. When shaving your arms, what arm do you shave first?
6. When plucking your brows, what brow do you start with?

Instructor woes..

I am currently enrolled in a class with the worst instructor at my college.

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Anywho....in a nutshell...shitty teacher. Can't keep her shit together, has everyone totally confused. She treats us like idiots when we ask questions. Should I just keep my mouth shut and deal with it, or talk to my department chair? This hasn't been just my class, this semester. I've spoken to other students since she started teaching there this past fall, and she acted like this in every class so far.
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(no subject)

What movie would have been better had it been longer?

What movie would have been better shorter?

Bonus points if you can tell me what part(s) should have been cut/added
Braeakups are the new relationships

I need help.

I am first timer at everything, so here goes:
I'm sick of waiting for a textbook I ordered from amazon.com through a third party. It has been past all the dates and I have a test and still no textbook.

I know I can dispute a charge on the card... Uh... Walk me through the steps please?

The most difficult decision of my life thus far

I work at 6:45 a.m. tomorrow. My friend is picking me up from work and we'll go to lunch together. A couple hours after I get home I will either go to a meeting or out to dinner with my family or go to the meeting and then after dinner with my family. I need to wash my hair pretty soon (I only wash it once every few days).

Should I:

a. shower tomorrow morning before work even though I will smell like coffee from work afterwards anyway
b. hope I have enough time after I get home from lunch to shower;
c. screw trying to smell nice in front of my friend/family


Yeah, I'm too lazy to shower tonight, so that's not an option.


i'm not catholic but i like to give up something for lent to test my will power.

what are you giving up for lent?

mine will be sex and things of sexual nature ala 40 days 40 nights

(no subject)

1. Is 'The Moment of Truth' worth watching on Fox next?
Looks like there gonna be beauty queen ~drama!

2. What are you watching/listening to at the moment?

3. What part of your body smells the worst right now? The best?

(no subject)

Do you ever hang up the phone on someone while they're still talking or arguing with you?
Do you talk to yourself?
Do you ever talk to yourself while other people are around?
Do you talk to inanimate objects?

(no subject)

What shall I watch on my iPod this evening?

I Am Legend
Little Miss Sunshine
Moulin Rouge
Interview With A Vampire
The Clockwork Orange
About a Boy
50 First Dates
10 Things I Hate About You
Robin Hood
Sweeney Todd

I haven't seen most of these :(

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I'm doing Project 365 and still have a picture to take for today. It's 10pm and I'm going to the gym shortly. I can't take pictures at/in the gym because that's creepy. Also out are my living room/kitchen/shoes. I'm really lacking in creativity lately.

Help me TQC!

What should I take a picture of today for Project 365?
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(no subject)

I'm going added-sugar free for lent... as sugar is an embarressingly large portion of my diet, i am having to change my eating habits entirely. what should i snack on instead? i'm on campus all day and night long (work/class/library), so i think i need something more substantial that fruitnveg and it needs to be packable - i'm not able to come home to prepare anything. also, i avoid artificial sweeteners in general, and would like to continue to do so....

oh, and, i hate almonds.

to anyone who has done this (or hasn't) and has suggestions, thank you!!

(no subject)

Ferrets: Cute or not?


Are you a hypochondriac?


Will you say something random? (keep it simple, bitches!)

How do you rate yourself on looks?

Mean: 5.85 Median: 6 Std. Dev 1.95

How horny are you at the moment?

Mean: 4.23 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.74

Cornbread or Biscuit?


Who is your cell phone service provider?

Do you eat meat?