February 5th, 2008

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What was the last thing you got excited about?

I just found out that on my colleges library, I can listen to Naxos for free. Being the music nerd I am, I looked up all my favorite pieces and have been listening to them non-stop.

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I have a little spot in the corner of my mouth that's been feel a little sore and irritated for the past couple of days. Today it looks a little red. How can I tell if it's a cold sore or not? I've never had one before :\

I like playing around with makeup. I usually just use some neutral browns if I have the time to do my makeup, but my sister got me a set of eyeshadows that has some pretty (and not too extreme, surprisingly) colors. Which color should I try out tomorrow?
(1) fishnet: somewhat bright purple/pink (2) honey: shimmery gold (3) ransom: close to indigo (4) graffiti: somewhat bright green (5) zero: black (6) peace: a peacock-like blue (7) shag: light bronze (8) scratch: shimmery peach/pink (9) underground: a cooler shade of light brown

mona marx

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i just just just got my 5 month old to bed... i have about 2-3 hours of homework to do and i'm exhausted. should i...

do the homework now and run the chance of falling asleep while reading


sleep and do the homework tomorrow knowing full well that the 3 hours of homework will take all day and get finished in time for class if i'm lucky

halp me TQC!


what is so SUPER about super tuesday in your opinion, non-serious answers recommended.
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Have you ever had a perfectly fine day, no major drama, and by the end of it, you sit down and become suddenly totally enraged and want to lash out at things, or totally depressed and hopeless and very loathsome to do it all again the next day?

Why does this happen?
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why are you awake?

i'm so excited about probably getting my own place soon so i can't sleep because i want it so bad. but i have to be up for work in 4.5 hours so this sucks.
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shoplifting game show

Would you ever willingly be on a game show like this?

Basically there are 2 people and they are each given some type of shoplifting mission (ex. car from car wash, 6 dildos & 6 dvds, suit, everything off the table at a restaurant). Obviously the goal is not getting caught.

EDIT: If you were caught you would get in the same trouble as you would if it weren't part of the game show. If you weren't caught you'd be able to keep the items.
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What community do you hate most?

Which one do you like most?

Do you watch any comms just because they're amusing, even if they take themselves very seriously?

I have a strange fascination with multiplicity, and I can't figure out why. All of the members are just so delightfully quirky and odd.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Repeat posts in a community: what do you think of them?
How about when they've been discussed fourteen times in the past two days?

Anyone else really like the show Third Watch, based solely on the episodes that come on at four in the morning?

What do you do to get rid of ants?
How do you find their source?
(Raid isn't working, only gets rid of the symptom, not the cause)

Not showering for four days is disgusting, right?

What do you like people to do?
How about your pets?
Or your kids/someone under your care?

Do we all go to hell anyway?
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So commercial

There's a commercial airing here for an insurance company (I think) where these two guys come out and sort of "rap" the slogan: "Roadway covers your butt...all night long." The first ten times I heard this commercial, I could have swore they were saying "Roadway up your butt..."

What's something you misheard?

Bonus points if it's a funny story : )
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1)what's your dream health care plan?

I go in, they take care of my health for nothing or a very small fee.

2)How is your health?

pretty poor. I have depression, anxiety, and sinuses.

3)Do you think a person's health is mostly under their control?

Not really- people get cancer, broken bones or other issues even when they are taking good care of their health

Toyota commercial

There's this Toyota commercial on now where this group of people drive out to a field and take turns rolling down it in these giant inflatable plastic bubble things. I think the slogan is  "Make Tuesday a Saturday" or something like that.
Does anyone know what these bubble things are? Or if/ where I can find one? They look like so much fun.


EDIT: Thanks to you guys, I found this link to Zorbs! Too bad I'd have to travel at least to the Smoky Mountains to try it out...

Should I go?
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if you could be world-renowned for something that you do or know better than anyone else, what would it be?

eta: so what's stopping you, you bunch of unmotivated pansies?

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Ok, so I was invited to lunch by a lady I work with. My boss and I are both going. It's always a good time.
But, today being the primaries, I know it will come up and I know exactly who they are both voting for. I am voting for someone else.

What would you do if you were me and politics came up in conversation. I am 99.99% sure it will.

Do I just nod and smile? I don't care to discuss it with them, they are the kind of people that think if you don't vote for who they vote for you are WRONG!



If someone close to me has head lice should I do the treatment on myself, too?
(I can't find any lice on me.. & I used that comb thingy through my hair to look for them...)

Have you ever seen a louse up close?
Yes, last night.. I wanted to throw up.

What are you doing this week that you are looking forward to?
Starting school, sort of..

gasp zooey

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Do you know anything about matching colors?  Apparently, I shame my sex, because I can't do it.  So I need some help

I have an assignment, and it has to be on paper that is this color:
The color of the font I use on it has to look REALLY good on this color (it's not for an art class, my teacher is just insane).  Right now I'm using this blue, if only to be able to get my actual work done and worry about the color later:

Needless to say, it looks really bad.  What should I use instead?

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Hypothetical: Your friend is ill and has swollen tonsils among other symptoms. She has no health insurance and going to the hospital or a doctor is not an option. You have a bottle of penicillin leftover from when you had the same symptoms a few weeks ago. The antibiotics were given to you to take until your strep test came back. Since it was negative, you were told you could stop taking them. Even though it's probably illegal, do you offer your leftover antibiotics to her?

And no, she's not allergic. She has been prescribed penicillin many times in the past.
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My cousin has been recruited to have an "internship" this summer in Chicago through which he would be going door-to-door selling security systems, Monday-Friday, noon-dark. Apparently the average person makes 9000 dollars in a summer. You stay in an apartment building the company has rented out and pay reduced rent. I guess you have to sell two security systems a month for this thing to be worthwhile.

Anyone have any experience in doing something like this? Know anyone who has done something like this? I think it's a somewhat common technique. Any warnings about this?
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no cf rants plz

If you don't want kids, why did you make that decision?

I have many reasons, but mostly I think I would be a terrible mother because I have little patience when it comes to others and am very easily irritated.

Ghost Hunters

1. Do you watch it?

2. Do you believe that any of it is staged or fake?
(I believe that it's all real. Call me naive, but yeah.)

3. Who's your favorite cast member?
(I'm fond of Steve, even though he's a pussy.)

4. What was your favorite episode? What's the scariest one you ever saw?
(Favorite AND scariest was the St. Augustine Lighthouse episode!)

(and for those of you how don't watch the show):

1. Have you heard of the show?

2. Why don't you watch it?
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What are some nicknames you've been given over the years and how did you get them? If you've never had a nickname what's the oddest nickname someone has among your friends and what's the story behind it?
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Last night while I was still house sitting at my parents I got a phone call. The called was a woman, and knew my name. The caller said my name, then went "I need a break, I need a break" and hung up.


It was creepy.

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What have the funerals you've been to been like?

My family, while tearful at moments, spends most of the time sitting around talking, catching up, and laughing. We laugh a LOT at our funerals, especially at incredibly inappropriate moments. Just curious what they're like for other people.

lame questions

1.) I'm currently designing my wedding invitations, and it's all good in the hood, except for this one bit that just plain don't sound real good in mah brain: "Crystal ____ and Mike ____ invite you to share in their joy as they wed, on Saturday the blah blah blah." I'm a moron when it comes to writing anything, so can you think of something 8 words or less that doesn't sound quite so awkward as "as they wed"? Or is that fine as is?

And while we're on the subject..

2.) What are some words we can put on our favors that aren't the usual boring crap like "love" and "devotion"?
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Good afternoon TQC,

I skipped going to lunch today because it's rainy, dreary and depressing out. And I don't want to eat lunch alone ... again.

So I have a question for you:

Do you often eat lunch alone or with a friend or group of friends?

If you eat lunch alone regularly, do you enjoy it or dread it?

What can I do to not dread it so much?

Or maybe I should just find some new friends who have the same free block of time to each lunch with every day!
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) Why don't the U.S. Primary elections happen all at the same time like the National election does?

2) It's freezing in your office, everyone is wearing coats. You found a space heater under your area. Do you share, or keep it all to yourself so you can get nice and cozy?

3) White rice cooked in beef broth with green beans is decidedly bland, but I have half a pot left. What can I do to spice it up without adding meat of any kind?
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Dear TQC

I think I am dying. I went and got some mroe airborne and some fruit drops and stuff, but I still feel like crap. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but please help me figure out a way to write a one page paper, responses to two stupid questions, 5 questions testing knowledge and abilities of situational leadership theory and study for a quiz all while stuffing envelopes and surfing TQC at work and while feeling like I've been hit by a Mac truck. (no runny nose or horrible cough, just whole torso acheyness, much worse when I move around, and a slight cough that makes the torso pain feel like a million tiny knives are stabbing me. I'm also dizzy, confused, and sleepy as hell)

It is 1:13 pm, these things must be done by 5pm and I have class that goes until 9pm and then have to drive for an hour to get home after that. I've been up since 7 am and the longer I'm awake the crappier I feel. I can't really go home from work and come back because I live an hour away and by the time I get home I'd have to turn around and come back in another hour. I also don't think I have friends on campus who live here other than one or two who are in calss and unavaliable so I can't get their key and sleep in their room for a bit either...

So TQC, am I going to die? If I die then I won't pass my classes and that will make me sad. If I skip my assignments and quiz to go home and sleep I won't get an A in my class and that will make me sad too.

Help me tqc :(

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I'm sure this culture-savvy, upbeat community has seen plenty of doctor shows. ER, House, Grey's Anatomy...

So, TQC, I'm asking for your assistance in an ongoing mystery involving a headache that I've had for close to three weeks now. It's just now getting terribly unbearable and I wonder if I should go to my doctor, even though I'm not covered under any plan yet [I'm working on it, but I don't know how long it'll take].

What I should tell you first is no medicine has worked. At all. Not migraine meds, not aspirin, not decongestants... nothing.

My symptoms:

-I am just getting over a cold, but my airways are completely clear right now and the headache started well before the cold showed up.
-My ears are clogged and I have to pop them to hear things like I'm not in a different room.
-The front of my head feels like it weighs 304234823 pounds, but there is a very localized pain behind my eyes and at my temples
-I'm crazy dizzy. I can walk, but I have trouble concentrating on things... like books. This is making homework and studying very difficult.

So what's my diagnosis, Docs?

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1)what's the weirdest reason you've seen school closings for?

today, the memphis city schools were closed because uh..it's cloudy..and kinda hot.
eta: my university was closed for the same reason.

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1. What do you think is the best voting method? (mechanical lever machine, touch-screen voting, paper ballot, punch-card voting, etc)

2. Many people don't like discussing which candidate they voted for, but do you think it is bad form to just ask if someone voted without asking for names?

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When was the last time you checked your credit?
If you have, did you ever find accounts that should be on your parent’s credit?
Would you report the error even though the credit gave you a higher score?

Why do you think my parents credit is popping up on my end?
I am talking about morgage and home depot credit card.

My Mom and I have the same exact name except I have a middel name. I always get her mail no matter how often we complain to companies and the post master. Now her stuff is on my credit. Her credit is fantastic but it is still crazy annoying.

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What songs do you listen to when you're sad?
Breathe Me - Sia... LA Song - Beth Hart

What songs do you listen to when you're pissed?
Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit... People = Shit - Slipknot
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TQC, I have a pair of these that I bought a couple of years ago when my style was different. I still like the look of them, and they're soooo comfortable to wear that they're like slippers, but my style has totally mellowed out. How would you incorporate a pair of New Rock boots into a tamer wardrobe?

Voting question

It's Super Tuesday, TQC, and later today I am going to vote in the California primary.

However, it just occurred to me that, although I think I'm registered with my party, I am not actually sure. I can't remember if I checked that box 2 years ago when I registered to vote in CA, and I am not at home so I can't look for my voter registration card.

How can I figure out if I'm a registered party member or not? Most of me thinks I did register with the party, but it's possible that I said I was an independent.

ty for helping me participate in democracy :)

ETA: I will just take care of it at the polling place.

The things we like

Which one of these would be the hardest for you to give up?

The internet

Pick 2 of these that you think would be enhanced if you experienced them together? Like chocolate-covered cheese or caffeinated meat or a soft drink that gave you an orgasm. Be creative with your 2 items

The internet

Lastly, for $1,000,000, would you be willing to dress only like the Monopoly guy (Pennybags) when you went out, and you had to light a cigar with a $20 in every restaurant you patronized, in front of the wait staff. You don't have to smoke it. Plus, you're not allowed to leave a tip ever again. That's something commoners do

Hell yes!
No thank you

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What was your worst subject in grade school and high school?
When do you first remember using the internet?
What did you use it for when you first used it with some regularity?
The nose that knows

What did your lunchbox say about you?

With what type of lunch did your parents most commonly arm you when you headed to school?

1. The traditional sandwich and piece of fruit?

2. The too-much-of-a-good-thing uninspired packet of chips, chocolate bar and cookie/biscuit?

3. The 'last night's dinner leftovers'?

4. The yuppie pre-packaged lunch combination, with the pieces of cheese, cracker, dipping sauce, sausage and treat all coming in the one plastic container from a particular food manufacturer?

5. The slightly non-traditional lunch contents that were later superficially given the blanket 'ethnic food' branding?

6. The hardcore health food box with the carrot and celery sticks, bean sprouts, rice cakes and hommous that had you making friends with type 2 for your mutual survival?

7. Some other category not mentioned above?

If you are/will be a parent, what version of lunch do/will you mainly be preparing for your kids?
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Do you have any interests listed who no one else has listed as an interest? (To find this out, check your profile page and any interest that isn't a link is one of these).

If so, what are they?


dsc is for life (It's a motto of the divide social club, a club that I'm a part of)
not getting pregnant again
recognizing behavioral patterns
♥ Ever watch the skyline?

Registery Cleaners

Last night I got sick of my computer being super slow, and a bum. So I asked a friend what the problem could be, they suggested a registery cleaner.

I did it, there are problems and come to find out I'd have to pay like forty dollars for the entire thing. Right now, I can't afford to shell out forty so I went on a hunt to find a different place.

I came across Errordoctor.com

It states that it been on cnn, well as other places for it's authenticity approval but I'm still not too sure.

Has anyone ever had experience with registery problems?
Can you suggest any helpful/authetinicated registery cleaner programs?
Has anyone used errordoctor.com?
Is it legit? (I'd hate to shell out twenty bucks, and find out it's nothing but a scam. Woe is me.)

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Have you ever know anyone whose brothers and/or sisters (or sons and/or daughters) names all started with the same first initial? I had second cousins named Lucinda, Lynne and Lisa and knew a family once that the kids were named Louann, Leroy, Laurie and Lisa. If so, what were the names? How about people who have rhyming names or gave their children rhyming names? My sister's best friend named her daughters Tara and Cara. Not that I'm saying there is something wrong with either of these methods of naming people, I'm just curious.

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I'm putting together an ultimate "BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE" mix tape.
I've already got all the inside joke songs, and the grade eight vitamin c (duh) graduation song.

What other (cheesy or serious) songs should I add?

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Do any of you work at a bank?
I have an interview at one on Thursday.
I really need this job. And I want it. Badly. Can you tell me what to expect at the interview or some tips? Thanks in advance.
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I start a new job March 1 that will reimburse me for health insurance, but I have to seek it out myself. This is pretty intimidating to me. I've been trying to read up on all the terms and kinds of insurance (PPO vs. HMO, etc) but really I'm not sure where to start looking for actual plans. Google came up with www.ehealthinsurance.com which is okay, but it only shows plans from a few companies and keeps timing out before it gives me recommendations based on the information I supplied. So...

What company do you use for health insurance? Do you recommend it?
Are there any that I should definitely stay away from?

Even if you are uninsured (like me currently) any input from past experiences would be appreciated.
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This weird kid in my astronomy class tried to tell me this story today, he 'tells it to all his friends so they know what he is like'. He said he was having sex with his girlfriend, and instead of saying "I love you" or "Oh My God" he said "I love you, God." I know this is not a true story, and I NEED to know where it's from. I'm sure I've heard it before, I just don't know where. I googled it, and had no luck. Anyone know?

My friend and I are having a death battle during Lent. We are both nonreligious, but are competing in an exercise of self control. What should I give up? I already don't drink soda, party, eat wheat, sweets, or any of the normal ideas for Lent that I can think of. Any suggestions?

X-Mas Larva

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Whatever happened to the chick who posted here RE: She was very sick and blew her nose so hard that snot came out of her ear?

I suddenly remembered that post last night and couldn't sleep for fear of blowing my nose. It haunts me still. I must know what happened. I hope she went to a doctor :(

EDIT: found *the post*, and we've been updated.

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A close friend is being made fun of by a few not so close friends. He will get over it in a few days.
Do you step in and defend him and run the risk of losing your own reputation in the eyes of the not so close friends, but making a powerful gesture of loyalty to your close friend? Or do you stay silent and support him after? Why?
look really good.
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so, my phone won't receive text messages.
i can send them and people receive them.
but, when they try to reply it says they sent on other peoples' phones.
but, i never receive it.
have you ever had this problem?
how can i fix it?
i have cingular. and, just recently got the new razr v3xx.
[my inbox isn't even full!]

[/edit] so, the blind of lj can read.

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Okay, LJ. I'll miss you during Lent, since I'm giving you up. I'm also giving up wheat, pasta, sugar, and white rice. I'm making pudding pie for dessert tonight, but what should I have for dinner to gorge one last time on these things?

(I'm vegetarian on the best of days, so keep your sausages to yourself).

ETA: I'm just a glutton for punishment, people! Okay?? I'm just weird. I like to challenge myself.

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So, I was amongst some of my geekier friends one night, and World of Warcraft was brought up as being lame. Now, this surprised me, because all of us play the game, and one of my friends in particular spends almost all of her free time on it. And yet she agreed with the original antagonist. And they weren't just joking around like we usually do about being geeks with no lives, and this bugged me. So, question is....

Have you ever had something similar happen? One of your friends putting down a mutual interest, in a serious manner? Did you just ignore it or did you have a stronger reaction, such as trying to argue with them?
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1. What movies/TV shows were better than the books?

2. What do I need from this website to get started doing moxibustion with my acupuncture needles? If I get the mini needle moxa, do I need anything else (e.g. the stuff in the moxa accessories section)?

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I ditch the first half of my spanish class every day and the teacher doesn't care. In fact, I've still got an A in the class. I come in quietly and go straight to my seat, ask my friend what I missed, and then wait until the teacher isn't busy if I need to get a packet or something from her. I know she notices this because she mentioned it when she gave me my grade from last quarter.

Anyone else had a similar situation in high school? A teacher that didn't care about your horrible attendance?
Did you eventually start showing up for the whole class or did skipping out become too much of a habit?
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I found out today that I am known by my friends as being the blunt and snarky one who puts people in their place when it's needed. The good news is, my friends actually LIKE this about me... apparently it keeps everyone honest.

So it made me wonder... how are YOU known to your friends?

If you don't have any friends, how do your imaginary friends see you? Does everyone in your special little world love you?

And on an unrelated note, but hell, it's on my mind.... Do you have tornadoes in your area right now? I'm getting tired of the siren going off outside over here.
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New Old Computer

 I recently acquired a computer that's about 10 years old, but don't have an internet connection at home. I bought a flash drive so I could get a few things off the 'net from the library computer, but the home computer is too old to have a "device driver" for the flash drive. 

Apparenlty the version of Adaptec (2.5) I have is too old to write data/image CDs I jsut got from Stapels, or ready them to take info. 

Does anyone  have any insights and is there a computer oriented community somewhere where I could get some help?

epic fight - pwnd
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I'm going in tomorrow for an orientation to start a job at McDonald's. Anyone here work/worked at one? What can I expect during the orientation/during the job (besides being busy)?

Project help

(I posted something similar to this a couple of weeks ago, but most of the answers I got were from people who grew up with two parents, and I *really* need more data on single-parent households, so please don't hate me for spamming!)

I'm still trying to finish my sociology project, and if you could answer the following, it would be a HUGE help! This is only for people who grew up in a single-parent household, and are over the age of 18. Thanks so much!!

1) What is your age?

2) What is your gender?

3) What is your education level (high school, Associates, Bachelors, etc)?

Once again, thanks so much for your help!

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Have you ever been in a natural disaster? What happened? Where? How intense was the disaster?

Besides blizzards and extreme cold, we get a couple tornadoes in the area come springtime, nothing huge, but other than that the weather is very dull here.

Are you celebrating Mardi Gras?

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TQC, I feel HORRIBLE. (Head, throat, SORE ALL OVER) Nothing is making me feel better.

I have classes from 10:30 till 3:30, then from 5:30-9:20 tomorrow.

Should I go to class?

What is your miracle cure?
Luis sloooow

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I have a costume bus trip this weekend.

It has a theme - "what I wanted to be when I'm grown up"/

What should I dress as that is easy but effective?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I am befuddled.

Why would somebody go out of their way to read bad things somebody wrote about them?
EXAMPLE: I know a woman who goes on her boyfriend's exes MySpace and then whines about all the mean things that were written.
Wouldn't it make more sense to just not look?
Are people really that desperate for attention?
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My boyfriend did something that I told him if he did it again I would break up with him but of course I don't have a backbone and settled with making him cry for two days. Where can I find a new boyfriend?
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Does anyone have any websites or books for those who are going into college not fresh out of high school? I'm 20, and was home-schooled (ie- parents kept me home and did no schooling), and I'm just now trying to seriously get into college; taking my SATs, deciding a major, etc. But I still feel like I don't have anyone to help me out since I didn't have a high school guidance counselor, my parents are of no help, etc.

(no subject)

1. I worked from January to May and November to December. I got married in August and listed myself as such on the forms for the last two months of the year. The question is, do I file as single or married for taxes this year?

2. I have an 8 year old male cat. For the majority of his life, he has gone outside when he needs to. This has worked out pretty well until recently. The neighbors downstairs bought a German shepherd puppy who does not like cats at all. She chases him when she's loose, searches frantically whenever she smells him outside, and barks whenever she sees him. Both my husband and I have had pets killed by German shepherds, so we're quite worried about this. He's afraid to go outside now, and has had several accidents indoors (something he hasn't done since he was a kitten). The dog's owner and I are planning to make another attempt at socializing the two, how should we go about doing it, if at all? Also, what are some ways to stop the indoor accidents without bringing back a litter box?
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Who wants to come to Poland with me?

Who lives in or around Stafford, Virginia that has some free time and wants to rescue me from my in laws?

Does sunshine make you happy?
If yes, why?

What do you think about right before you fall asleep?

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These questions assume you are a United States citizen, but there are a few farther down which will not:

1.) There is a biologoical/nuclear attack on a major city within the United States before the 2008 elections, which is declared to be a terrorist attack. Shortly thereafter, marshall law is declared, thus cancelling said elections. Dismissing the likelihood of this hypothetical situation, what is your first reaction?

2.) Let us get a bit more hypothetical. A month into marshall law a new security measure is being implemented from above: citizen verification chips, wherein small, GPS beacons with all personal and monetary information programmed into them are surgically implanted within citizens. Those who refuse are no longer members of the nation but enemy combatants. In order to work, drive, purchase goods using legal tender, you must have one of these chips. Do you get one?

3.) It has been three months since marshall law has been declared. War with Iran is underway. Concentration camps have been set up for those who have objected conscientiously against the administration. Are you chipped, obedient, and alive? Are you in the country still? Where have you gone? What are you doing, at this point?

For those living outside of the United States:
4.) How's life?
some cloud

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1. What do you know about the University of New Orleans? If you attended or know anyone who has, tell me alllllll about it please.

2. I have a cigarette burn right below my eyebrow (mardi gras gets dangerous). Is there anything i can do to speed the healing process, because it looks ridiculous as you can imagine. Will this leave a scar?!

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Can someone please explain Collapse )

I got an e-mail saying she had to cut her ribs to look like that. It looks very obviously photoshopped, but do people actually do that to themselves? Ack!

EDIT: I thought she got surgery to look like that, I had no idea what corset training was or that corsets could make your waist look that thin. wow!
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so I was just sitting down, eating dinner with my family and my little sister kept throwing her ball up, so I told her to stop and just eat her food. my mom then said "i wish you'd just be a kid"

what does she mean?
how do i go about being this..uh.."kid"?

If given the choice to help decide who in your city would be rewarded the "key to the city" what qualities/qualifications do you think they should have? why?

where is your mind?

body problem

My neck has been bothering for the past 3 days. If I turn to the right it starts to hurt..

Any ideas, ways, or things I can do so I can stop the pain?
aside from taking tylenol.
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i had a therapist a little while ago who was a male (i'm a heterosexual female). i don't see him anymore, but while i was seeing him, the meetings made me feel kind of uncomfortable. he was always very professional and a really nice guy, but i always felt like there was some sort of sexual tension between us..even though we were both in relationships and even though i wasn't attracted to him at all. i think it's because therapy itself is like a very intimate and revealing relationship minus sex or any sort of physical contact. have any of you who have been to therapy experienced this sort of weird tension too?

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Guys, I'm sick...
Remedies? Please?

Note: I am a 17 year old female. I cannot have anything containing aspirim. I cannot consume alcohol, partake in any substances, and I have to wake up tomorrow morning and attend school.

ETA #2: Symptoms include runny nose, semi-sore throat, and slight fever. I think it's just a head cold, but rrrgh.
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Duct Tape and Room Furnace Vents

My room was originally two rooms. Long story. What it has done is give my room a direct vent to the furnace/AC and one of the furnace/AC vents. This leaves my room twice affected by the furnace/AC, making it a little too warm in winter and a little too cold in summer. I have tried to close the vent, but the vent is old and rusted, and will not close to any noticeable degree. My mother has suggested covering the vent with duct tape.

Now for the question. Would the warm air running along the glue on the sticky side of the duct tape for a long while generate any health problems? I've searched Google and only found "using heat to remove duct tape glue" sites, a little too short-term for my tastes.

ETA: Said vent is on the ceiling, in case that affects some people's answers.

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So last year I made a layer cake shaped like one of these candies. It was pink and said "BE MINE" on top. I was thinking of either doing the same thing this year, or making heart shaped sugar cookies and applying the same idea.

So what do you think I should make this year: cake or cookies? What colors and sayings should I use?

For those of you who have an SO, do you ever check out other people? Do you feel guilty about it?

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OK, TQC, this is a long shot, but hey, who knows -- maybe there's a US postal employee in here. (Or at least someone who can navigate the USPS website better than I can!)

Does anyone know how long it would take a small package (a CD, to be exact) to go from Santa Monica, California (zip code 90404) to Nova Scotia (postal code B4P 2P2)? On the CanadaPost website there's a feature where you can input the origin zipcode and the destination zipcode and it will give you the approximate delivery standard. I'm not having much luck on the USPS site.

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Which dorm room should I register for?

A) Is a double, but the building is BRAND NEW, and has a private bathroom

B) Dorm room I'd have to wait for, has four people in private rooms sharing a living/parlor room with a bathroom for everyone

Can you tell me some of your room mate horror stories? What about your funny room mate stories?

(no subject)

1)do you have a favorite flavor of cranberry juice?

2)what are you avoiding?


3)what books do you think random internet people should read.

*it even has a boring title 'clinical handbook of psychological disorders' zzzz

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Lent kind of sneaked up on me this year and I'm really not ready for it tomorrow since I haven't even thought about what to give up yet!

Any suggestions on what I could give up for Lent?

fyi: Last year I gave up ice cream.

(no subject)

what's your favorite song that has been covered by another artist?

how much money do you have in your wallet right now?

when did you last shave, and what were you shaving?

feel like sharing anything random?

& a quick iPod question: how do i clear this orange "other" stuff out of my iPod? nevermind, answered. :D thank you!

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inspired by a very strange conversation

the following letters "face to the right"

b c e f h i k m n p r s t


the following letters "face to the left"

a d g j q u y z


the following letters "face forward"

i l o v w x


Do you agree with this assessment or do you think that ALL letters equally "face" either left or right or forward?

Thoughts pls.

If you agree with the above assessment, do you think that some words are stronger or weaker DIRECTLY IN RELATION to letters facing left or right?
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What's the most you've ever paid to attend a concert/festival/show/other sort of entertainment event? What was it?

Edit: I asked because I was thinking about going to the Glastonbury Festival as my last sort of hurrah in Europe before I have to go back to the U.S. Transportation from Dublin to England is pretty cheap, so that's no so much of a concern, but apparently last year tickets cost £145 (they haven't even announced prices for this year yet), which sounds pretty sucky to me, especially once translated into $. Also, once I looked around the official website, it seems kind of...beurocratic and creepy. Like you have to pre-register to be eligible for a ticket and send them your photo and stuff. I didn't really want opinions on whether I should go or not (especially since now I'm leaning towards "no") I was just wondering why concerts are so ludicrously expensive.
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Ok, so my mom's boss is a complete asshole.

Recently, a woman got fired (she worked for my mom) for being sloppy. For the recommendation, my mom's boss wrote she was fired not for sloppiness, but for "financial dishonesty," which is complete bullshit.

Is this even legal?

Edit - she was sloppy because she turned in her work late.
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TQC, will you help me determine if I may have a cavity or not? I don't feel like wasting hundreds of dollars if it's not really one.

A few days ago one of my upper molars started to hurt. I was sitting on my bed and I felt a little 'pop' and it's been sore ever since. There's nothing visible on it and I just had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago. It hurts when I walk up and down stairs and when I open my mouth outside (it's cold :P). However, it doesn't hurt when I eat ice cream or soup or anything else to make me think it's that sensitive. Right now it just feels as though it's under a lot of pressure. It's not annoying or painful, but I do know it's there. What the fuck is this?