February 3rd, 2008


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I've just been to see Cloverfield and just out of interest i was wondering....

1 If you were in a disaster zone - something happened that was chaotic and awful (i know monsters like that are not real but heh, lets suspend reality), what would you do? Do you think you would crumble and wither into a pitiful sobbing crybaby? Or would you be brave and try and just get on with a plan?

2 Have you seen Cloverfield and what are your thoughts on it?

3 What is your favourite disaster/monster type movie?
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How do you ask a friend to leave your house when you invited him over for 3-4 days because he didn't have a place to stay and now it's been more than a month?

p.s. - He's not poor. He's just cheap. Staying at my place = no money spent on rent

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I've loaned my SO money, not too much, but probably $200-300 altogether. He gave me $15 so I could get a printout of my accident report a few months ago and has been mentioning a lot lately that I never paid him back for it. Should I mention the money that he's never paid back, should I just give him back the money (I don't even have enough to pay him back, anyway, so he'd have to wait), or what?

I got a digital camera and I don't think it came with a picture card. I checked the box but there was nothing else in there, and even though the instruction manual mentioned the software for a picture card, it wasn't clear on whether a card was supposed to be included. If you have a digital camera, did yours come with a card or did you have to get it separate?


Valentine's Day

If you have a significant other, do you do anything special with them for Valentine's Day?

If you don't have an S/O - or in the past when you didn't have an S/O - what if anything do you do for Valentine's Day? (ignore it? take yourself out for dinner? try to find a date? get drunk? etc)
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guilty pleasures

What's your musical guilty pleasure? What about your literature guilty pleasure?

Music - Peter Murphy's solo stuff, especially "Cuts You Up." And i was just watching Rick Astley videos on Youtube.
Literature - Books about depressed/anorexic/mentally ill people. Makes me feel more sane.
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Taking my idea from this post, what is the worst thing you have ever said about someone? Did you say it to their face?

This one girl always used to tease me and tear me apart in elementary school. We were going out for the last recess before Christmas break and she was teasing me, so finally I walked right up to her face and said "At least I'm spending Christmas with my real family" (She's adopted). We actually ended up becoming best friends in later years, so I feel even worse about saying it now.


a -long- while ago i had caught a cable movie centered around a female guitar player w. blonde dreads. subs in for a local band, yadda yadda, they kick her out, she learns guitar, starts her own band n catches a break.

i don't remember much else, and i don't remember what it's called.

any help?
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I always crack my fingers and knuckles. Not, you know, in public because a vast majority of people think it's gross.

I remember being told in grade school by a rather annoyed teacher that if I kept doing it, I'd get arthritis or my bones would get brittle.

For some reason, I've been cracking my fingers a lot lately. I keep remembering what she said. I know this is probably insane, but cracking your fingers isn't harmful in some way, right?

(This teacher also told me that the calcium deposits in your fingernails happened because you lied. She'd inspect your fingernails if she thought you were lying to her. She was a weird one...)

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I've just friended about ten people on facebook, before noticing I was still signed in under my friend's account...

Have you ever done something like this? How did it end? Is there a way of removing friend requests, or will I have to find these people and inform them personally?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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what movies have you seen where the movie was quite good but then had an awful ending and totally ruined the movie for you?

i just recently saw a movie this weekend where it was like that
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What would you think if you read this on someone's profile?

My man is the most important thing in the world. As it should be for every woman. I'm lucky that he lets me use his computer to share my views, I'm even more lucky that he approves of them, and that he allows me to not only have them..but share them.

Edit: Now with pictures and a profile

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If your spouse sends you divorce papers, you sign them, send them back to the lawyers, does that mean you are divorced or would someone contact you and let you know? I need to file my taxes and I don't know how to file. My ex says he doesn't know if we are divorced either and he doesn't know the name or number of the lawyer he went to.
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1. How long do you have to have to take a nap? 30 minutes? An hour? Two hours?
2. Can you nap anywhere or do you need to be in bed?
3. Is there any time in the day that is too late for a nap?
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How the HELL do I get my stupid ass cat to stop busting open my door at 6am? He did it a few times last week, and then again this morning, and the door was locked!!
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Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in God above if the Bible tells you so?

Do you believe in rock 'n roll? Can music save your mortal soul, and can you teach me to dance real slow?

Now that that's over with, I'm going in to the mountains today to help a friend film for a project. It's gonna be cold and windy and the weather may or may not be scheduled to take a turn for the worse. What should I bring?

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1: Will you be watching the Superbowl today?
2: Do you plan your meals or is it more spontaneous?
3: What do you prefer to take for an upset stomach?
4: What is your strongest sense?
5: Do you and your friends have nicknames for one another?

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I had braces from 2000-2001. From August 2001-June 2005, I wore a retainer on my teeth all day and all night without fail. From 2005-now I have been wearing it at night. My orthodontist has completely forgotten about me (haven't been there for over two years).  It causes the saliva to somewhat collect in my mouth and gives me bad breath in the morning (plus it's not very attractive romantically!). Do I have to keep wearing it? What will happen if I don't? My braces have been off for six and a half years and my teeth are perfect. What are your experiences with orthodontics?
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Have you ever experienced a CEV? If so, share what you saw.
I have some pretty intense ones.

(Closed-eye hallucinations and closed-eye visualizations (CEV) are a distinct class of hallucination. These types of hallucinations generally only occur when one's eyes are closed or when one is in a darkened room. They should not be confused with phosphenes, perceived light and shapes when pressure is applied to the eye's retina.)
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Can anybody recommend any good podcasts on science, technology, science fiction and/or cyberpunk, steampunk or subcultures?

Has anyone been under sleep dentistry? What was it like?

I'm traveling by myself to London and Tokyo next month, any general advice?

What/where are the best second hand stores in London?
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Playstation power switch

1. My son's PS2 won't turn on or off. Last night I noticed it was left on, I hit the power button repeatedly, but the green light stayed on, finally I turned it off at the surge protector. This morning, they turned on the surge protector and couldn't get the PS2 to switch on - it stayed on the red light. It's a slimline PS2.

Has anybody else had this problem? Do you know any fixes?

2. I was taught long ago not to use water from the hot water faucet for cooking or drinking. I think the worry was that hot water leaches lead from pipe connections. Is this a myth? Has anybody else heard this? My Hamburger Helper box says "add hot water" and I get the feeling that other people will just turn on the hot water tap.

Hey you guys! I died!
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Nut replacements

Hello! i was wondering if any of you have nut replacement ideas? i have several friends with really bad nut allergies and i want to make them alternative versions of things like pad thai. any ideas or experiences you can share would be great!

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Self-defense weapons

I'm planning on going job hunting this coming weekend. As a college student who uses public transportation as a means of getting around, the dorms have a free bus services that travels from the dorms to the train station, vise versa.

Unfortunately, this bus stops running after 11:15pm, which means I have to use the MARTA bus to get back home. (MARTA is just the name for Atanta's public transportation system.) The bus doesn't stop in front of the dorms, so I have to walk about 5-10 minutes.

Now, I'm not usually scared of being by myself, but the area around the dorms isn't exactly friendly. But because I am so desperate to get a job, and I want to keep in mind that I may not always make the 11pm bus, I'm interested in weapons in case I'm ever attacked (in the sense of being raped, beaten up, etc--nothing like having my purse stolen, which I've always been given the advice to just cooperate). I've only been able to come up with a knife, but I'm not sure how I'd feel stabbing someone tbh.

Are there any other alternatives? I've thought about me drop-kicking someone but I know that's just a fantasy, haha.
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1. Do you or does someone you know have synesthesia? What's it like? (I know there are several different kinds, right? Is it always there, or can you sort of... turn it on/off, or does it come and go on it's own?

2. What's the last thing you dropped?

3. What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken? Lost?

4. Will you be watching the Superbowl? (grr, flex)

Have a bunch...

1) I know a lot of people born in August, which means conception must have taken place in November or December, the "festive" season. So I'm wondering, is there an increase of people born around 9 months after Valentines Day?

2) Ladies, do you go pee straight/soon after sex? 
I know you're meant to, or it's supposed to be good for you....

3) I have a lot of university work to do today and a bad headache. How do I get rid of a headache without painkillers [major last resort, I have to take them so often for something else], laying down & sleeping [not an option] or a hot bath [no bath here]?
My SO is out of the country so I can't go cuddle him and I need to get this work done.

4) Do you use talc powder? Why?

5) What are you currently addicted to?
Mine would be Asda's Exotic Fruit Juice and Mario Bros on DS.

6) Do you follow/read PostSecret? Ever sent anything in? If you have, has it been shown on the website?

7) How often do you go the supermarket/grocery store?

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let's say you have a SO who works, a LOT. sometimes up to 14 hours a day. because of this, you only speak on the phone to them about once a week and online for maybe 30 minutes a day. let's say this SO lives a few towns away from you, and the talking part of your relationship is more important than if they lived right down the street.

after what point/what amount of time would you start losing your patience? would you confront your SO that it's difficult to have a relationship with someone who's never around? or would you deal with the situation forever, and consider yourself to be a greedy selfish douchebag?

srs & non srs answers are welcome, though I prefer srs.
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SO, we found out that my favorite aunt has breast cancer awhile ago. It seemed like things were okay (as good as they could be) and she's been doing chemo and all that. She now has had a drop in her white blood cells, and can't be around people too much. I can't visit, since I work with kids, and who knows what kinds of germs I would bring. I'd like to send her a fun gift, but I can't think of anything. Do you have any fun gifty websites you use for fun, ecclectic gifts? I've looked a spoonsisters.com, but didn't find anything I really liked.
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Would it be a bad idea to point out to my mother how irrational she's acting? I told her I had homework to do after I did a whole bunch of errands for her Superbowl party and she's still screaming up the stairs about what a selfish bitch I am.

Families are always dramatic, yes or no?

I have a blush that I got a couple of months ago. It was fairly expensive but looked really nice. I don't use it much, so there's still a good amount left, but I dropped my purse the other day and it broke. It was one of those blushes that have all different colors in it. Can this be fixed or should I just toss it? It looked so pretty :(

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1) Do you plan to purchase Super Smash Bros. Brawl when it comes out in North America on March 9th? Do you have it preordered?

2) If you're in Japan, do you already have it?

3) What have you heard about the game?

4) What would you like to know about it?

5) Do you think it has had enough coverage?

EDIT: 6) Favorite character?

Bob Mould

What is your favourite Bob Mould incarnation?

What is your favourite song from said incarnation?

For me it would have to be Sugar and the song "If I Can't Change Your Mind" off of Copper Blue or "Gee Angle" off of File Under Easy Listening.
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First time poster right here.

I'm spending my summer vacation in the U.S. this year - mainly in Cleveland, OH. Now, this'll be the 4th time I'm going to Cleveland, and this time I'll actually be able to fill in the agenda for myself. I'll probably be visiting Arizona (Phoenix, Cornville) as well. 

So, where to go in/around Cleveland/Phoenix/Cornville (as in: summer festivals/clubs/art galleries/musea/nice restaurants/amusement parks/the good stuff - not so much the huge touristic places plz.)? Perhaps an event outside both states that I have to experience?

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So guys I went downstairs a few minutes ago to put a load of laundry in the washer and came across a huge flooding of the den/bathroom/pantry.

Collapse )

A pipe in the bathroom just randomly gave way/busted open. TQC, what could cause this?
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when you're talking in your sleep

Are you keeping any secrets?
Who are you keeping it from?
Have you shared it with anybody?

Yes, I have one right now.
I'm hiding it from my ex and everybody in the group of friends I share with him.
I've shared it with my bff (eta: and the other person who's involved).
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Do certain smells/perfumes make you think of certain things?

I have a small perfume collection and I was sniffing them and it was amazing how much one fragrance can transport me into the past. Chanel's Allure makes me think of my 16th birthday. Abercrombie and Fitch's 8 makes me think of skipping school with my not-yet-then boyfriend and falling in love with him. Refuge makes me think of being with him for the first time. Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue makes me think of last summer.

Another SB question

There's not anywhere I can watch the Super Bowl online for free, is there?

(We just moved today, we don't have our cable hooked up yet, the TV only gets CBS, and we don't feel like going out to a bar to watch it.)
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1. How old are you?

2. Are your nails painted right now? If so, what color?
Yes, black.

3. Did you have any amazing meals today? If so, what?
I had scrambled eggs with baby spinach, garlic and swiss cheese toast.

4. What is going on in the room you are in right now?
I have 3 dogs and 2 cats napping, ANTP is on, and beans baking in the oven.

5. Do you have anything for sale on Etsy?

6. LAST QUESION! What are you ashamed of?
I have not been taking care of my feet very well, so they kinda stink:(

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Do you have an actor/actress which ruins a movie for you no matter what?
For me it's Nicolas Cage. No matter how good the movie is, as soon as he enters the movie is ruined for me, I'll spend the rest of the movie going on and on about how he sucks...

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I have a "friend" who asked me to help her write the coding for her webpage. I did all the work and did damn good. So she asked me to do a few more. No big deal I thought until she just told me that I was doing all the coding for her to take the credit for it and get paid for it!
i'm pissed. I didn't get thank you, I didn't get offered anything for my work and now she thinks i'm gonna continue to do it for her for free while she gets a check.

would this piss you off too?
ever have someone do something like this to you?
should I write her next code and somehow screw it up on her?
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1. There was a sign in my friend's dorm lobby that said "Yield to Others. Everyone has rights." Someone wrote "except Jews" underneath it. My friend and I thought it was hilarious and stole the sign. Our friend seems to think this is not funny at all, and we are very bad people. Would you find this funny?

2. Do you have the same kind of moral hypocrisy that I do? I think that stealing from stores is wrong, I won't do it. But taking street signs, posters, menus, silverware, and bowls from restaurants (put them in the to go boxes, SO MUCH EASIER!) is perfectly okay, and helps stock our kitchen.

3. Mythbusters: great show or greatest show?

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If you were having sex with a girl would you be creeped out if she had hair extensions?

How would you reward yourself for losing 40 pounds?

I am taking a year off of school next year, will I ever go back?
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While waiting in the express checkout line with my frozen french fries and Lean Cuisine entree, I noticed that the woman in front of me had things like fresh vegetables, lean meats and yogurt and I began to feel a little embarrassed with what I was buying. :(

When you are grocery shopping, do you compare the contents of your basket/cart with other shoppers' and if so, do you sometimes find yourself feeling self-conscious about your purchases?
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let's talk about sex babee!

1. what's the first thing that comes to mind when I mention the word SEX?
Right Now?? Didn't we just have sex? damn! what are you a machine??

2. do you and your SO have a secret code word from sex ? (like when youre at your in-laws and wanna go do it, whats the secret word?)
Buttered Noodles

3. how often do you have sex?
Once a week if my husband is lucky

4. what's your opion on sex?
I can live with out it

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1a.  Have you ever tried making a little bit of money from sites like "Surveypayoff.com" where you, apparently, get paid to take surveys?
1b. If so, what's the deal?  Is it a total scam?

2. On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your degree of social interaction?
(ie- If you are almost always spending free time socializing, 10.  If you rarely socialize, 1)
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 So, there's a quote stuck in my head, probably from a movie.

"Stay there and try not to die!"

This could be said over a phone, but I'm not sure. Any idea where this is from? It's driving me crazy.
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What is something you'd like to say anonymously to a TQC member (or two, or three, or all of us bitches)?

Will you share so we can guess who it is, and spawn lolarious drama? ;)

In other news, inspired by the SuperBowl... what moments in life would you like confetti to fall down on you during?
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tqc, what should i name my dog?

i've had her 2 1/2 weeks, and have been calling her chiquita banana, but she's not learning it too well.

i'm fostering her, but it's nice to tell potential adopters what her name is.

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So, say you've got a father who is a complete and utter fuckwit who gets bright ideas like 'She mentioned she'd like to work in a bookstore, I shall go around and ask bookstores about openings, ignoring how that will reflect on my adult daughter' or 'Hey, I think I shall sign you up to be a justice of the peace, even though you don't want to be, you're totally unqualified, and I don't know what the position even entails, but signing JP will be /totally/ awesome for the job opportunities you'd have anyway if I hadn't wrecked them'.

How do I keep my father from ruining my life, TQC?
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Water Distillers

Anyone use a water distiller at home?

How much did you pay for it?

Where did you get it?

Does anyone know where I can get a decent one for under $100?

The husband and I are looking into getting a water distiller for our house. I refuse to drink water that isn't distilled or reverse osmosis. And I have finally talked my husband into buying one because I go through water pretty quickly and we're just tired of always refilling at the grocery store.
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Valentine's Day question

Hey TQC-ers,

There is this guy who I am in love with. I know we are meant for eachother, I know we will eventually marry, but the situation is a little complicated. We are in two different moments in our lives so we can only be friends right now. He lives too far away. We never ever talk about what's between us, but we just keep it awkwardly casual. This past Christmas, he gave me pearl earrings (just the guy he is)...

My question is:

What sort of Valentine can I give him that hints at something, but isnt that obvious?
Ambiguous enough to seem harmless, but if read between the lines, have an actual message?

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what was the last thing that made you go "awwww cute"?

my doggy was all curled up on his blanket. he never does that. it was so cute... until he got up
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My cats like to climb out on the lower roof at night. It's not very steep, so there's little risk of them falling off. It's close enough to the ground where if they did fall, they'd be shaken up, but alright. It's also high enough that nothing can get to them from the ground. I think they're a little too big to be carried off by owls.

Should I let them go out there, or should I put the screen back on the window?
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What is your favorite sexual position? What position do you have sex in the most often?

If they are different, why do you think this is true?

What's your favorite computer game?
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I am watching this music documentary and they were interviewing some girls who were at an Ashlee Simpson concert and a few of them had no idea who Bob Dylan is. It kind of scared me because they are around my age. But it got me to thinking that there are probably tons of great musicians I have no clue about and would love to listen to.

What are some musicians that I should be listening to? I want anything that is good in any genre... blues, jazz, rock n roll, country, punk, grrl riot, hip hop (anything!) I always try to listen to a wide range of stuff but I've just noticed I rarely dig deep into the older stuff (30s, 40s, 50s, 60s etc) What are some great songs I should listen to? I know this question can produce a million different musicians but if you could just tell me your favorites and maybe your favorite albums/songs by them I'd really appreciate it.
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Hey guys...

1)  I have been thirsty as all hell lately, and nothing seems to quench it.  I've been guzzling about 1-1.5 liters of water a day, plus various other drinks (soda, milk, flavored water, juice...).  Any suggestions?

2)  Why the hell does my bf's kitten keep licking the inside of my elbow?  They've had her for a couple of months now, and she's never done this before.  Today she started randomly burying her head in my elbow and licking/kneading it.  O.o  Should we bring her to see a kitty shrink?

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Inspired by my roommate's family and by the previous post about marriage -

Do you think that there is a specific age where someone becomes an "old maid" or "too old" to get married? What age would you say that it might start to become weird if you have never been married?

My roommate (who happens to be mormon) was on the phone with her family the other night, and her sisters started to harp on her about not being married yet. "When are you going to get married? You're going to be an old maid!" She's only 21. It weirded me out and made me wonder what the average age is for people who marry, anyway.

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i have a friend who has a very specific and weird problem. whenever she makes eye contact with someone of higher authority, her head shakes really quickly and it doesn't stop unless she looks away...sort of like if you really tense your neck your head starts shaking, but a little more severe. because of her job, this has turned out to be a real issue for her. she works at a large company and has to meet with a lot of different people. she figures this is some sort of anxiety issue or something, but couldn't find much info on people who suffer from this exact thing. has anyone else experienced this or know of someone who has?
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Does anyone know what time Taco Bell closes on Sunday?

I've got a hankering for a cheesy bean and rice burrito and I don't wanna make the trip unless I get that burrito.

Also, why can't I find hours on their website?

ETA: Mission accomplished - and it was damn tasty.
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