February 2nd, 2008

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Weird TMI question, but I have REALLLLLY bad acne on my back, and I've had it ever since I was old enough to get acne.  NOTHING works; it all just makes it a little less red, but no less acne.  Can you recommend anything that works really well for you?

I got a really shitty haircut today.  I mean a REALLY shitty haircut.  It's so shitty that I'm going to say the word shit a few more times in the course of this little paragraph to convey to you the complete shittiness of my head right now.  The only way to fix it would be to hack all my hair to above my ears, and I HATE the way I look with short hair even more than I hate the way I look now, so I'm keeping this shitty haircut.  TQC, when you get a shitty haircut that you can't do anything about, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
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Can you think of any asexual characters in fiction? Movies, books, comics...hell, even webcomics. So far I have Sherlock Holmes and Jughead, but I've yet to get a firm positive on either of those.
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real americans eat meat?

My friend is trying to find an image of a poster he saw in a book once. It's an old propaganda poster that says something to the tune of, "Real Americans Eat Meat!"

Google images has failed him and flickr searches failed me, but maybe you'll have more luck. Can you find this image?

(I don't actually care how you feel about the propaganda, by the way.)

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1.Have you lost a pet recently?
2.Are you drunk?
3.Are you laying in bed with your laptop?
4.Do you take your computer into the bathroom with you when taking a poo?
5.Are you a Hufflepuff?

ALSO, I score 10 points for posting this to my journal and then wondering why it wasn't showing up on TQC page, lol.

My answers:
1.Yes my Kitty died, and my Best Friend's rat Skippy died. We did about 6 tequila shots in their memory.
2.Yes, I am a lightweight.
3.I am laying bed cause i am a light weight and i am drunkish.
4.I do, I know a friend that does, and I don't see a problem with it.
5.I am a Hufflepuff beeatch.

Also, is this funny?:
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I never watch the Jimmy Kimmel show, because fuck Jimmy Kimmel. I do however typically catch the last five minuets while waiting for King of the Hill to start. I notice at the end of each episode he says "apology's to Matt Damon we ran out of time"...

What the fuck is that about?
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So, it's almost 1:30am, and I'm going to bed soon.  The only thing is, I've only eaten about 650 calories today.  I'm NOT trying to starve myself or anything, but my stomach's felt a little off all day and I just haven't been hungry.  Should I eat something else because I've eaten so little today, or should I just say "screw it" and go to bed?
ETA: I'm not especially hungry right now.

Did it snow today where you live?

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I found a cell phone at the concert I went to tonight.
I reverse searched the "home" contact phone number and the results were a guys name AND "The Wave Club". I'm assuming the guy owns this place because he's listed as the owner of it according to whitepages.com ...

He lives 2 1/2 hours from me so I'll have to send the phone to him unless he wants to travel to get his phone from me.
Assuming he owns this place, I think he has money.

Should I make him compensate me?
What do I say when he calls?? "no phone until you give me $50!?" To be honest, I'd at least like $5 for postage. Fair? Or am I being cheap?

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This looks like its going to be a very poor year for myself what with paying debts, buying a car & saving for my round the world trip...so! What do you suggest I do to entertain myself that doesn't cost much, if anything at all?

Also, I have to go for dinnner with part of the family that I have not seen in several years. I haven't seen them mainly because I don't like them. I don't hate them, just can't be bothered with them & we don't have all that much in common. Aside from bailing on it completely, how do I get through this Sunday Lunch escapade? (all answers serious&nonserious welcome)

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1. what song are you currently listening to? or what's the last song you listened to?

2. do you like chex mix? what flavor?

3. what brand/designer do you own the most things of?

4. do you have a SO? if so, what's their name?


1. Radiohead - "House of Cards"

2. yeah I really like the honey nut & cheddar kind

3. I have a thing for Juicy Couture. I don't know why.

4. yes; Jake
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Is anybody else hellaciously sick and finds themselves unable to get any good rest?

Favorite comfort food that doesn't make you nauseous on top of the sickness you already have?

What are job interview questions that you HATE?

What frequently posted TQC questions do you get really sick of?

Creamer with your tea?

Jam with your toast?

Dressing with your salad?

wedding question

I'm getting married this summer and my fiance and I are are trying to keep it low budget (we just bought a house and have no money for a bigass wedding). We plan to hold it in our backyard and I was gonna hire a caterer but a couple of people suggested that I have guests bring a covered dish. Do you think this is tacky?

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Am I going to regret the time I spent talking to my ex this morning?

Why did I let her start talking to me instead of just walking straight past her after explaining my apparently surprising presence?

Should I go for a full 48 hours without sleep or not?

Consumer reviews !

Is there a certain brand of digital cameras that is just better overall than the others? For example, is Canon better than Fujifilm? Or does it vary by model?

What kind of digital camera do you have?
Will you post a photo showing off the quality of pics it takes?

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1)what do you do when you've lost your craft glue?

2)Did you get super drunk yesterday?

3)Anyone know a microcelebrity?

4)do you drink microbrews?

5)do you own a microbusiness?


6)what do you think about the coming nanobot invasion?

7)what about sharon jones and the dap kings?

8)what demographic am I part of based on my questions?

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have you had breakfast yet? if so, what?

what's your favorite breakfast food?

mine: yeah I'm eating a bowl of fruit for breakfast, with some V8 splash drink. I really love scrambled eggs & pancakes. I wish I had some now.

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1: Do you ever practice in the mirror to calm your nerves?
2: What is the most surprising thing that has happened to you recently?
3: What is your favorite piece of technology?
4: Best Buy,Circuit City or Staples?

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Fishy Feelings

Do you believe that fish have feelings?
Or emotions, or character?
I have a salt water fish tank, and all my fish have such noticeable personalities.
I know some are aggressive and some are docile and the list goes on, so how can they not have feelings if they have personalities. (fishonalities?)
Perhaps a super dumb question, but I am stumped on this.
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My google-fu has failed:
I'm looking for a short(25-35 minutes) one act comedy.
Ideally it would have 4-6 characters in it, predominantly female.
Any suggestions?

pimp my ride?

We needed another car.
So my in-laws stepped in and said we could have thier 2000 VW beetle for free.
So while not having a car payment every month is awesome....We hate the color of it. Yellow! We're looking into painting options/custom options. So, if you had this car Photobucket What would you do to it to make it not so...um yellow and girly? (while not investing a bunch of money into a car you dont really love either) hah
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So my district manager is getting married in a few months. I don't particularly like her, but she does work hard, and she is generally a good person. I figure it would be nice to get something for her, with everyone in my store pitching in a few bucks. I asked around, and ten dollars seems to be okay with everyone. Thing is, we have no idea what to get her. She's a really picky person. I don't want to just be like "Here's a Target gift card- go wild!" So, any ideas for a universally liked wedding gift?

(There's five of us, so the gift should be 50 dollars or below)
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Livejournal Hates Me

 Is anyone else having problems with livejournal?

Every time I typed www.livejournal.com in the address bar, my computer would freeze. At first I contributed this to the fact my computer was a piece of shit. But I just went and bought a new computer last night. My new computer also freezes up every time I type in www.livejournal.com in the address bar. I found a way around it by typing my journal url in the address bar instead. I've not had any problems with any other url's on either computer. Weird right?
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1. What's the nicest thing anyone has done for you to cheer you up?

2. I have to read a young adult fiction book for this quarter. Any suggestions?

3. Are there any foods you avoid because of the way they mess with your stomach/digestive tract? (not necessarily that you're allergic to)

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1) I have naturally bright blonde hair and I dyed it brown a little over a month ago. It was fun while it lasted, but I think I'm ready to be blonde again. Will I be able to dye my hair back with something I buy from Walmart, or should I go see a hair stylist?

2) Have you heard of the musical artist Fiji?

3) Just for the sake of having another question: I told my friend that I'm interested in this guy, and she told me to go for it. I said that I couldn't, because he is hot and I'm not. However, he is somewhat socially inept. Does that bring him down to my level a bit, or is it just not to be that I shall ever date a hot guy?
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a bunch of catch-ups from my page-a-day

If they exchanged heights, would you rather have sex with
Emmanuel Lewis
Josh Hartnett?

Would you rather be a conjoined twin with
John McEnroe

Would you rather be able to fight masterfully (and kill if necessary)
with a yo-yo
with keys?

Would you rather have to always consume your favorite beverage via a humidifier
go bald in the pattern of a NY Yankees logo?

Sun glass

Movie poll

Poll #1132013 White Water Summer

Have you ever seen the movie "White Water Summer"?

I've never even heard of it

If you've seen "White Water Summer", what did you think of it?

It was awesome!
It sucked.
Other (write in comments)
Anything with a Journey song in the soundtrack is awesome.
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So it's Saturday afternoon, it's pissing rain outside, and I'm bored as hell. So, TQC, answer me this:

1) Do you wear jewellery on a regular basis? (This isn't just for girls; I'm interested in hearing from the guys, too.)

2) If so, what pieces do you usually wear? Or do you mix it up from day to day?

As for me:

1) I've been wearing jewellery on a daily basis for about six years now.
2) I always wear two specific things: my college ring and the white gold chain my godfather gave me for Christmas. Sometimes (but not often) I wear earrings.
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1 - Who would you thank first in an Oscars speech?

2 - What's the most shocking thing you ever learned about your SO?

3 - What do you love about his/her body that she/he doesn't?
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Yesterday morning our freezer stopped working. It wasn't keeping anything cold. The refrigerator portion still worked, however, so we moved everything that was in the freezer into the fridge so it would stay cold.

In the afternoon, the fridge broke. We have a large freezer in the garage, so we moved that into the house and put all of our freezer stuff in it, and used coolers with ice to keep everything else cold. This seemed like it would work ok until we could buy a new refrigerator.

But now the large freezer is broken too. Keeps things colder than if they were just laying around in room temperature, but it's basically useless. It is plugged in to a different outlet than the broken refrigerator.

Is the breaking of both appliances related, or do we just have really bad luck?
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Is anyone else having trouble with Shoutcast?
Like I open the homepage and I get the error "
Unfortunately, there weren't any SHOUTcast streams found under the genre ."

And I get that from ANY genre....

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Vacation Time! Now where the hell am I going to go?

Hi! I know I asked a question similar to this one before, but things are finally getting serious. I need to start planning a relatively short (approx. 2 week) international vacation, probably to take place during July or August, and the wife and I are really not sure where we want to go. I'm open to almost anywhere, as is my wife, with some reservations. We'll probably do 2-3 cities in one, or less likely, two countries.

We've been thinking of destinations as diverse as Ethiopia (probably Addis and a loop by air of historical sites), Brazil (probably Rio and Salvador de Bahia), and Turkey (Istanbul) with a side trip by ferry to Ukraine (Odessa). But we're mostly still completely up in the air. So we come to you, O TQC, to ask: where would you spend a two-week summertime international jaunt? Specific cities and towns are especially welcome, but countries are cool too.

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i may or may not have taken some durrrrtay pictures with an ex. i want these pictures to be off my computer, in case anyone ever has to fix my computer.

is there a hosting site where i can put these pictures at where they won't get deleted? i should say that there's no nudity, just kissing, so they're really not that dirty at all. : /

i just want them to be saved (i'm a sentimental kind of lady), but not on my computer. why ideas?

secondly, do YOU have any public, naked pictures of yourself online? was it put on the internet by accident? were you trying to get into a rating community?

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I've learned from experience that in a relationship, you sometimes need to pick your battles to avoid needless, unproductive fights.

What kinds of situations/mistakes/habits do you ignore in your boy/girlfriend for the sake of keeping the peace?

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If you died tomorrow what would be the thing you most regret not doing?

Are there any toys out today that you would have loved if they had them when you were a kid?
I want some of those shoes with wheels on the bottom dang it!

Going to vote on Tuesday?

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Does it bother you when people say someone is too pretty to be with their SO?

Are you guilty of this?

What are some random associations you make with words? Whenever I hear the word rare I automatically think of Pokemon.

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1.There are cheerleaders I can hear clear across the room-I've already moved-should I buy some coffee just to throw at them?

2. I'm listening to Queen's The Hitman, what do you think of the idea of Freddie Mercury as a hitman? (pretend he's still alive-although a zombie Freddie would be a force to be reckoned with)

3. What do you think of people in restaurants and such who just let their kids wander around, (not bothering anybody necessarily)?

I got called out on something yesterday. Should I change this about myself?

I'm scared because I never realized that it makes people uncomfortable when I do this. I always thought people appreciated it.

I always ask people questions about themselves. Like when they tell me something, I always ask why or how, and try to get down to their motivation because I like to learn about people.

My friend, whom I've met in the fall, told me that I make her uncomfortable when I do that because she feels that I "dig into people and try to see them, their personal feelings. Like a psychologist." She said, "I'm transparent, and I thought you were, too, at first, but you're not as simple as you look. You have a protection up, and that scares me. I don't know what your subtext is." (She can't speak English well, I think she meant that she can't read me.) She started to say this when I asked her how long she has known a mutual friend K. She said, "longer than you, but I feel more comfortable with you." I asked why. And she said that I seem softer than K. I asked how. And it was then that she called me out on that (what I said previously). She says that she doesn't trust me enough. I just like to know people's opinions.

Honestly, please give me your honest opinion of this, but please don't be too harsh. This commmunity has said some hurtful stuff, but please not this time because this has always been my personality so it'll hurt a lot more. I like honesty, but please don't be mean. Should I change this (with everyone else)? 

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A question for people who suffer/have suffered from anxiety...

What helps you calm down and relax when you're feeling panic/on the verge of a panic attack?
(besides medications...because I have none)

Someone please answer fast, I'm dying over here.
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official home-made music videos?

Can anyone hook me up with some music videos?

I'm looking for ones where the artist is just messing about and doing the song and it's a home made video (like Sum 41 for The Hell Song or Cobra Starship with Guilty Pleasure) or where the artist has other people singing along to the track (like Feeder for Just A Day, Bree Sharp for David Duchovny, and uh, Nickelback for Rockstar).
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Would any kind of insurance cover fixing a dent in a car from a garbage can in high winds?

I guess I'm going to Sadies tonight since I don't have anything better to do. Do you have any funny dance stories?
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My friend is applying for jobs and I'm not able to help her with this question...
The announcements list the job title, salary ranges, description, etc. And they also list Appointment Type.
Some of the jobs are Fiscal Year, some At Will, some Ongoing.
I know that Fiscal Year means the position is for one year, with the option to re-hire or fire after the year is up.
I know what at-will is...California is an at-will state, meaning you can quit at any time or be fired at any time.
But what does Ongoing mean? Does that mean they can't fire without due cause or something?
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tqc, what do you do when you're really, really, mindnumbingly bored? i'm at home and i don't want to go anywhere. i tried bugging my friend to get up and do something with me, but all she wanted to do was sleep. i already went to the gym tonight.

can you link me to an addicting online game? i've played most of the stuff on popcap and i really like pinball.
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For ladies (and gentlemen) who dye their hair,

I'm not the richest person in the world, but I need recommendation for blond hair dye that won't make my hair too brassy looking. I don't have time to go to the hairdressers and have it done professionally, so I need the best "color from a box" recommendations.

I dyed my hair with the Loreal Feria and it looks great! Thank you so much
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What famous person annoys the SHIT out of you?

Have you ever expressed to a fan of theirs how annoying you find them?

How did that go? ;)

I hate Jennifer Love Hewitt. She drives me fucking crazy. My parents think she's the second coming of Christ and whenever I express my dislike, they blow up about how "adorable" and "smart" and "sweet" she is. They honestly get mad. It's almost funny.
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Car question

Do you, or does anybody you know well, drive a Mini Cooper?

If Yes, can I ask you some questions? I'm thinking about getting one.

If no, if you had to buy a car tomorrow, what would you get?
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Poll #1132100 Body hair!

People who are attracted to women- you are hooking up with a sexy lady for the first time when you discover A FUZZY ARMPIT! It's not stubbly, it's not a hairy mess; it's just armpit hair. How do you feel?

Completely turned off. DEALBREAKER!
Grossed out, but I'd just try not to look at it. Or think about it.
I feel indifferent. (To the armpit hair, hopefully not to the sexy lady)
I actually kind of like it.
omg that is so FUCKING sexy i can't even handle it

Feel free to elaborate in comments!

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What is one little thing that you dislike doing?

I dislike when my mother throws all of the silverware into the bottom of the sink, and then I have to reach in to murky, dirty waters, reaching blindly around, maybe grabbing the sharp end of a knife! How safe/fun!
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The man upstairs is having a loud angry fight with a woman (his girlfriend? I don't know). It is not the first time that they have done this, and tonight, it has been going on for some time now (at least half an hour). It's disturbing me a lot for personal reasons.

I ended up calling the police, who said they'll send somebody over.

Anything I need to make sure to do or say when they get here? I've never been on this side of things before. :|

The police came, checked it out, and left. Shortly thereafter, the neighbor came downstairs, knocked on my door, and yelled at me for calling the police, saying, "I don't call the damn police when I can hear your music, so why the hell would you call the police on me? It's none of your business." I just said, "I appreciate you not calling the police when you can hear our music, and I don't call the police when I can hear YOUR music; when I hear yelling, I am concerned, especially because it's happened more than once, and I wanted to make sure that everything was okay. And yes, when I can hear YOUR yelling, it is my business." and shut the door.

The end.

This post needs a question now, I guess, for those few stragglers that come in later. So, uh...what should I do tomorrow?
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A. I've always heard that the English language is one of the most complex languages to learn. Why is that?
B. In layman's terms, what is a Phoneme?

2. To build upon a previous question...
A. What sign are you?
B. What sign is your SO (or most recent ex, or crush)?
C. Are you astrologically compatible?
D. Do you believe in astrology?

A. How do you like your coffee?
B. Favorite place to get coffee?

4. If you could have a career other then the one you have currently (or are headed towards), what would it be?

5. Who's on your mind right now? Why?

6. What blogs do you read regularly?
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We all have people who have affected us at one point in our lives a great deal. Some positively, some negatively. But we don't always get to tell these people how much of an impact they had on us; they may go through life never knowing what they mean to us, for better or worse.

If you could somehow step outside of society's expectations, or the confines of time, or whatever keeps you silent to tell these people what they meant to you...

...what would you say to them?
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It's that time again

For the first time I'm filing my tax return as married, but still filing separately. The online forms have now popped up a window asking for my spouse's income and such - there are more fields than appear on his basic W-2. Do I have to wait until he is filing to get this info? Somehow leaving all 0s doesn't seem kosher but I don't want to wait for him to get his shit together, he's always late.

Only the second tax question! You're gonna be sooooo sick of these.

(no subject)

I'm always on time for work, stay when they ask me to, and I've never had a single customer complaint. So why did I apparently just get fired? I've been putting in applications at other places since this is only seasonal, so I'm not too annoyed about losing the job. But I called to get my hours and the new manager said "don't bother coming in next week" and hung up. What the hell?


(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find this one comic/image that parodies the lyrics for Baby Got Back? It's written in what I'm guessing is Elizabethan English and ends with "Thou hast sprang." I have a friend that was asking about it and I forgot where I saw it.

(no subject)

We moved into our ~brand new house~ and I am having toilet trouble. The one in the master suite works fine but the one in the hallways bathroom will do this:

1. If you push the handle and let go it will start flushing, ie the water will rush in but then it will not drain out. After about 5 seconds the water will slowly drain out til nearly nothing is left in the bowl but obviously all your ~feces~ are still sitting there.

2. If you hold down the handle the same thing will happen.

It was working fine yesterday, we have tried plunging.

How do I fix this?

(no subject)

I have a $25 itunes giftcard. What songs should I download??

I want guilty pleasure stuff that I wouldn't ordinarily spend money on. Like pop music or something. I'm normally into rock, alternative (especially from the 90's), new wave, and oldies.

I've already downloaded "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness and a few Live songs. I'm contemplating downloading "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears and other crap like that.

Also, there is a band, from the 90's I think, that sounds kind of like Scissor Sisters, but I can't remember their name... WHO ARE THEY??
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While watching Hockey Night in Canada, there was a Kraft Cheez Whiz commercial and it showed a mother squeezing like an assload of Cheez Whiz into a bowl of her child's tomato soup. I have never seen or considered even doing this before in my life.

Canadians: Do you actually put Cheez Whiz in your tomato soup?

Everyone: What "condiment" or whatever do you put into/onto your food that is unique to your region, or country in this case?
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(no subject)

a couple days ago someone left a comment on someone's entry and they left a hyperlink to a website that i want to re-visit. it was actually kind of gross, haha, it was about a cat who brought things home and killed them, so does anyone remember the website?

(no subject)

what is the last thing either one of your parents did that annoyed you?

I know it wasn't my mother's intention to annoy me in this way, however.. she will NOT stop watching her "Bee Gees - One Night Only" DVD. what's worse is that she's watching it on surround sound in our living room. she's particularly fond of a song they sing with Celine Dion. now she's singing it loudly, and out of key. she plays this DVD [especially this song] at LEAST 10 times a day, every single day. I feel a little dedz inside :'(
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I went and had chest x-rays today, and I've had them done before where the run down the lists of "Could you possibly be pregnant?, etc. The guy I had today didn't ask anything and just now I realized maybe I should have taken out my nipple piercings? I didn't even think of it until I got out of the shower. Will anything happen? My x-rays be ruined?

(no subject)

When a person you have never met before in your life comes and starts telling you about their day, what is your honest reaction?

Will you return the favor or look for an escape route?

Dear TQC:


WILL YOU share with me those upsetting thoughts always in the back of your mind?

i don't want this love to ever end.
i wish my family would believe me.
im slowly becoming everything i never wanted to be.
im content with becoming everything i never wanted to be :/
im never going to try hard in school.
i wish the mexican cook at work would stop staring at me all the TIME.
one day im going to punch him in the face.
i wish i was thinner. and prettier.
i wish i could see tim now.
got milk?

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If you were to start your own religion, what would be in your belief system?

Doesn't Lemony Snicket sound like a cookie? I could go for some lemony snickets and milk.

What's one thing your parents did that you hope not to do as a parent if you have children?
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Did your parents sing lullabies to you when you were a baby? Do you remember them?
My mom did, but I can't remember much and neither can she, unfortunately. The only line either of us can recall goes "where the sky is bluer than the deepest sea." Does this ring any bells for anybody?

(no subject)

I realized I need to change majors. So apparently, since I can't make my own sound life decisions anymore, I leave this to you.

I am going to do Middle Childhood Education, but I need two concentrations. One will be language arts. The other will be social studies, math, or science. But I can't decide.

TQC, what should my other concentration be? I'm torn between the three, with a little less affection for social studies.

If you've graduated college, how long did it take you?
If you haven't but plan on it, how long do you anticipate being in college?
I'm looking at around 6 years to get up to my Master's.


I'm trading in my car.
Upgrade? or Downgrade?

I have a 2001 Plymouth Neon. 86K miles.
The transmission is on it's last leg, gas sucks, it shakes like a freight train when it's in idle, and the battery needs to be replaced ALL the time.

What I looked at today.
A 2003 Kia Sorento.
It only has 53K miles on it, and I have read nothing but good reviews about it.

What do you think?

edit. here's pictures

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Those of you who are Proactiv users, I have a couple of questions.

1. What kind of makeup remover do you use?
2. What kind of moisturizer do you use and how soon after using the Repair Lotion do you apply your moisturizer?

I am asking because I started using Proactiv and I had the initial breakout, then my skin started to clear up.  At the time, I was just using Dove cleansing pillows to remove my makeup.  Now, I am using Bare Minerals makeup remover wipes, since I use that makeup.  My skin has started breaking out again.  

3. Have any of you had a similar situation...anything else you want to add?
4. Tell me all about your Proactiv experiences.
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(no subject)

Are there any movies or TV shows you watched when you were little, but now realize that it was way inappropriate for your age? Any funny stories relating to it?

According to a journal entry from first grade, my favorite TV show was "Married With Children". I was six.

I was obsessed with Clueless when I was in third grade (eight when it first came out).  I even asked my mom to buy me some thigh-high socks.  She bought me knee-high socks instead, and I threw a fit. :X

I'm jim halpert

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 1.What is your definition of cool?

2.What is a quality that you look for or have found in a SO?

3.If you were in a band, what would its name be, and what would its first album be called?

1. the riff at the beginning of "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin

2. the ability to have a different opinion and not have to have a huge argument about it

3. "Socks and Shoes" and the album would be called "homework over the weekend." I know I'm a dork.


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My friend has just told me that she has just taken some speed.

I'm not strictly against drugs but I'm curious about this and slightly concerned because she has never touched any other drug before. Ever. What is speed like? What are the side effects etc? I don't know anything about it.

help with a decision

Should I go to Art Institute of Boston next year or should I go to SUNY Purchase?

AIB - I went there earlier this year before getting sick, made lots of friends and majored in photography. however, it was slightly overwhelming (not sure if I want to do only photography) and i hated how it was connected to Lesley University( where we lived far from the actual school).I'd be in boston near my twin and a bunch of other friends

SUNY Purchase - I would go next year as a freshmen in New Media (a program that is graphic design, photography, video, web design and other stuff) which incorporates many of my passions. I will have to make friends again (which educes anxiety). I would be in NY near the city and close to my two of my best friends.

Has anyone ever gone to either one of these schools?

What college did/do/going to go to?

Does anyone else think that the food cooked on Iron Chef looks nasty?

What decision do you have to make?

Am I the only one who does this? And it is weird?

Even if I'm not easily read, I try to convince myself that I am easily read for moral improvement. I try to tell myself that people can see through my true feelings. This gets me to be more genuine.

Example: Sometimes when I don't like someone, I act nice to him or her anyway and smile. I hate that and feel really fake. So I try to make myself like the person (if it's an irrational reason) by seeing the good in him or her. That way I won't feel guilty for being fake 'cause it's more genuine.

I don't know if I explained it right. I just try to believe that people can see through me so I don't try to decieve people or lie to them that much, or at all. Does anyone get it?