February 1st, 2008

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lies and trusts

 If person A violates the privacy of person B, by doing something like reading B's journal. but in the process of said violation finds out that person B has blatantly lied about something important, is person A allowed to confront them with the information? Or does person A have no right to get mad since they found out the info in a way that might be upsetting to the lying person? 

If you thought you were likely to find out something about your mate that might break up the relationship (whether because of the act  itself or because they had lied to you about it), would you still make the effort to find out the unpleasant truth or prefer to stay blissfully ignorant?
Soft Lips Hard Bones
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Longest time you were giving oral sex to someone?
*not long enough*

What kind of peanut butter, what kind of jam?
*creamy with raspberry*

Last movie you watched?
*American History X was on*

What should I make for breakfast?
*I think blueberry pancakes*

Science? Or Science Fiction?
*Science Fiction*

Italy or France?
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(no subject)

When I type something into the bar at the top of firefox and press enter, it won't take me to the site. It wont do anything, in fact.

Why is Firefox doing this? How can I fix it?

(no subject)

Have you ever started something with someone who was still in love with their ex?
Please, tell me stories. Either how wonderful it turned out , or that it's a completely disasterous idea and I need to let go.

Story: They signed a lease together with friends while they were still together, broke up last August/September and he's living there until the lease is up, therefore making it damn near impossible to move on being that they see eachother all the time. He blames himself for the demise of the relationship. She wants nothing to do with him and he doesn't want to talk to her most of the time either. He made every effort to start things up with me and now goes back and forth between being depressed about his ex and being depressed about me, talking about how he's "undeserving of another opportunity to be loved or to love" and doesn't feel he has any relationship potential left in him.

Emo emo boy.
But i care about that stupid emo boy and it hurts =\

So, please, give me advice?

& if anyone wants the whole story of "us", ask...

(no subject)

1) What's the most avant garde band/artist you're currently listening to?

(venetian snares)

2) What do you feel like you HAVE to do in order to sleep well?

(my feet and hands have to be clean and i cant wear underwear or i pick wedgies all night)


Are you a fashionista type that keeps up with all the latest trends or are you the type who doesn't give a flying fuck?

Or are you somewhere in between?

How would you describe your style?

I don't want to make another related post, so I'll add this:

Could you include a picture of you in your favorite outfit?

(no subject)

Have any of you ever used Rosetta Stone? I know of people who use it, but I'm not insanely familiar with myself, outside of having used a free version in high school when I was home schooled to learn Spanish (which I still don't speak a lick of.)

6 years ago, when I was in public high school, I took Japanese and loved it. The home schooling system we used didn't offer Japanese and I had to abandon it after almost two years of commitment. I'd love to pick it up again, and this seems like the most convenient way to do so. But how effective will it be?

(no subject)

help me, tqc!!

i haven't done anything with my hair in three years, except for redyeing it red ocassionally. i need change BADLY. but i have no idea what to do. i'm open to pretty much anything, and i'd like some fun colors in my hair, probably purple or turqoise. given that, what would you do with my hair?

Collapse )

(no subject)

When were you last you misunderstood someone? Did you realize you misunderstood them, or do you swear that they gave the wrong information?

apparently my friend who gives me a ride to school in the morning said she didn't have her class on Monday, and I thought she said Friday. In result, I slept until 7 and she called saying she was outside my house. I swear she said friday. it's all her fault if I don't get to school today.

(no subject)

1: Does your voice change octaves depending on your mood or time of day?
2: What is the weather like where you are at today?
3: How much money do you have in the bank?
4: What are your plans this weekend?
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(no subject)

for those ladies engaged/married.

did you help pick out your engagement ring?

what do you think of NOT having a traditional diamond engagement ring (having another stone instead)?

how much did your so spend on your ring?

could you show me your ring?
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(no subject)

I'm doing this 'five senses' activity for a group, and for touch, we're putting things in paper bags, and people have to feel what it is. What non-messy things would be interesting to put in them?
Flaming Sikozu

Hypothetical situation...

You've been having problems with a wisdom tooth and because of other health issues and various Dentists and Doctors concerns haven't been able to get it seen to for over a year. Finally those issues get sorted and you have an appointment to get it fixed.
Four days before the appointment you start to feel a cold coming on, you know that if you can't breath through your nose they won't do it and you'll have to wait again. You're also going overseas in just over a month.

Question: Would you take the day off to try to get better even though you could probably manage a day at work, but would probably feel sicker at the end of the day?

My answer: I'm taking the day off. Hot tea, cold and flu tablets and resting should see me feeling well enough for the appointment. I hope.
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(no subject)

If you broke someone's brand new 160GB iPod Classic, would you buy them a new one?

Does your answer change if your situation means that you're a very poor student living off less than £120 a month? (iPods cost £220)

Is it true that everyone is born with cancer and you're just waiting for something to trigger it? My brother insists he is correct, but it sounds plain retarded to me.

If your SO told you they weren't sure if they loved you anymore, how long would you wait for them to make their mind up before you left them? [If you would leave them at all]

Do you believe prostitution is immoral?

Do you ever listen to music in languages you don't understand, just because it sounds pretty? [or for some other reason]

I have a feeling that I'm going to fail all my exams horribly this year. How important is education anyways?

When you were at school, were you one of the kids who was predicted average grades, or one of the kids that was predicted straight As? Did you meet their expectations, or exceed them, or not meet them at all?
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(no subject)

Good morning TQC!! You guys are great. Has anyone ever told you that? (sure, that will count as a question for you to answer if you want)

I'm really in the mood for some tea this morning. Which flavor should I go with:

Ginger peach green tea


Double spice chai black tea?

Does black tea have more caffeine than green tea? I could use a little boost this morning. It's been a rough one.

I've decided to go with chai because of the caffeine boost. It's brewing right now and it smells wonderful!

Thanks!! And have a great Friday!

(no subject)

who else on the quest to lose weight in '08? what are you doing about it?! i'm 162.5 & my goal weight is around 140. i'm exercising on the elliptical, roller blading, cutting out all sodas, a lot of carbs, & junk food.

all i have to say is think positive, try not to stray from your "diet", & i wish you the best of the luck. i guess i can be the quite the asshole on here, but i want you to succeed! no sarcasm, bbs. :)

(no subject)

Morning TQC!

Anyone got any music recommendations, specifically songs about waiting on someone, or hoping the best for them? Basically my bf is in the hospital today undergoing surgery and I could use some background music to the day. Any genre works.

Thanks! :D

(no subject)

for the bakers again:

Ive been baking vegan cupcakes for my nephew and am having a bit of a problem.

I bought some concentrated dye for the cupcakes. I tried blue. mixed it into the batter and it looked great. However, after I bring them out... they just dont look nice at all. The truness of the blue color fades away and looks faded, brown on the bottom and not a pretty kind of blue at all. Its almost green :*( The same happened with the red.

Am I doing something wrong? Any advice? i may just make plain white and chocolate cupcakes and stick to pretty frosting.

Any help is very appreciated!!

(no subject)

What would you do if you/your partner gave birth to a child that was intersexed (hermaphrodite). Would you have the child undergo genital surgery and assign a sex as soon as possible? Would you wait and base the gender decision on the child's interests and such? How old would be old enough for you to accurately assign a sex based on their interests?
What would you tell relatives/friends/other people if you chose not to assign a sex immediately?
sailor split

Gone With the Wind

My SO's dad referred to Gone With the Wind as "that book that all women read." I'm a woman, and I've read it and loved it, but I didn't think it was hugely popular or anything.

Are you a woman? Have you read it? Have the women you know read it?

(no subject)

this is for anybody who has an LG chocolate phone..

is there any way to put music onto the phone from your computer? i know you can download it from the music store, but can you get it from your computer to your phone?
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(no subject)

If you have missed a class only once before in a term, and are pretty sure you've got whatever horrid bug your roommate had which caused her to have to be helped home and into bed the previous day, would you email the teacher that you would be missing class?

Cause I feel shitty, however I have some work that she wanted done today that isn't finished, so I figured I could take the day and finish it and then email it to her, or just show her the next class. I hate missing class, but I'd hate even more to pass this on to anyone else.

(no subject)

1. My friend and I were debating over this: When does your "early twenties" end and "mid-twenties" begin? When does "late twenties" begin? (Or thirties, forties, etc...)

I say your mid-twenties begins at 24 and ends at 27. She thinks mid-twenties means 25-27. But she turns 24 this month so I think she's just in denial that she's in her mid-twenties!

2. When did you start feeling "old" (if you have, yet)?

When I turned 22, I'm not sure why since it's not really that old.

3. What do you want for your next birthday?

I'm getting a nice vacuum cleaner! :D

4. How old will you be on your next birthday?

I'll be 23 next month
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(no subject)

I have to give names to 8 characters, 4 female and 4 male, for an on-line game my company is making. The game is eventually going to be translated into several European languages, but will be only in English at first.  Therefore I need names that "make sense" in English, but can also easily be translated into other languages.

What names can you think of that fit these criteria?

(no subject)

There are probably a lot of posts like this..but.

It's a pretty day (but cooold) and my SO and I want to do something fun. Whaaat should we do? That doesnt cost any/a lot of money? I'm so bad at this game. And we cant stay at the house. And going to the park is getting old.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Any big plans for Superbowl?
Who do you want to win?

We are going to a friends house, he just got this huge flatscreen. We are making snacks to eat and bringing beer to drink.

I don't care who wins, I don't follow football.

To risk or not to risk.

Dear TQC,
I often spew fanatical opinions about coworkers in my lj. One of my coworkers knows my user name and probably keeps updated. So far, no one has come to my office to confront me about my frank (and probably hurtful) viewpoint but I suspect that it is only a matter of time before someone does. I am very capable of supporting my perspective and sometimes think that "putting things out on the table" might actually be beneficial (in the long run). However,  I am also quite sure that the confrontation will add to an already fraught environment. 
My question is: Should I create a new journal to avoid the troubles?  OR  Continue to write merrily along?  What would you do?
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Wireless Clickery Thing?!

I'm giving a workshop in March using a PowerPoint presentation and will need to click the slides without constantly going back to my laptop... so I need a wireless clickery thing! But what are they actually called? My search for "wireless laptop mouse clicker" didn't get me very far...

And, while I'm here, any ideas for making the presentation look super impressive or fun things to do to keep people interested? I had thought of doing a slide in French or something just to check people were still awake... but is that just absolute geek?!

  • _micala


Dear Dr. tqc, I have a bad headache. I have taken three aleve, drank more fluid than I previously thought possible, eaten something, and had a cigarette. What else can I do to get rid of it, short of lying in bed with a wet towel over my face all day?

(no subject)

For those of you with diamond jewelry of any sort, do you worry that you might be wearing blood or conflict diamonds? Would that prevent you from buying a shiny new diamond for yourself or SO?

  • meiran


I'm trying to figure out my local bus schedule so I can take the bus to the metro instead of driving. And I'm feeling like a complete moron because I can't seem to figure it out.

What was the last thing that made you feel like an idiot?

What was the last thing you looked up on the internet?

Do you take public transit?
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Halloween 2

what's your favorite horror movie

If you could ask any of the candidates a question what would you ask them? (non-US peeps this question is for you as well)

Is it more fun to put tape on a dog's paw or drive a cat nuts with a laser pointer?

If you had a jar of playdoh in front of you right now and were charged with sculpting something in the next 3 hours, what would you make?

Another U.S. Presidential candidate question

I'm very stupid with politics, so I am making a spreadsheet with all the Republican and Democratic candidates' stances on things. Can you tell me if I've forgotten anything from this list? 

Mortgage Crisis
Health Care
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Iran/Syria relations
Patriot Act
Gun Control
Retirement (Is that the same as Social Security?) 
No Child Left Behind
Death Penalty
Gay Marriage
Prayer in School 
Stem Cell Research
Internet Neutrality  
(edit: Iraq war and global warming) 
Did I forget any?  

Edited for clarity and to include two majorly obvious debate topics that I forgot.

(no subject)

What are some home made meals that you missed when you were away at college?
I can't decide what I want my mommy to cook for me and need ideas. :P

What is your opinion on the military's policy of "don't ask don't tell?'

Um... YUCK

Does taking new vitamins/birthcontrol medication change your body odor?

Why do I all the sudden stink?! I bathe every day, top to bottom, and yet I am starting to smell worse and worse!
What the fuck is going on?

Tough call!

1. Which is more fun to talk about, sex or politics?
2. Which would you rather research, sex in the world of politics or the politics of sex?
3. Who do you think is the sexiest politician?

1. Politics wins hands down. There's always a hint of awkwardness when I discuss sex IRL, and I can talk about politics to total strangers.
2. I think the politics of sex would be interesting. I don't really want to read about some politician's "OMG sex scandal."
3. John Edwards
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

What was the last thing you bought online, and how much was it?

I bought three pairs of glasses from zennioptical.com and it was $47 total.


Why is there a charge on my bank card for $2.95 from here? I didn't buy any e-book. I tried to call them and I keep getting a message.


I'm arguing with someone in another community (me? arguing? SAY IT AIN'T SO!). The situation is: someone says they can't work because of their mental health issue. I say that unless the person seeks help for their depression or whatever, they are just making excuses when they say they can't do something because of their mental health.

What do you think, TQC? Do you agree or disagree? When is something a poor excuse and when is it a valid excuse?
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(no subject)

assuming you and your SO could not have kids, which of the following are you willing to do:

1- Nothing.. no more paying for birth control.. wooo hoooooo

2- donor sperm/her egg/she carries the baby

3- IVF- his sperm/donor egg/she carries the baby

4- IVF- donor sperm/donor egg/surrogate carries the baby

5- IVF- his sperm/her egg/she carries the baby

6- his sperm/her egg/surrogate carrie the baby

7- adoption

keeping in mind IVF is expensive and may not be sucessful, would that prompt you to choose a different method?
are you willing to do fertility drugs to up the chances?
if faced with multiples, (more than 2) would you do a selective reduction to give 1 or 2 babies a better chance at surviving?
a zim

(no subject)

1. i'm switching jobs and i want to get my boss a thank-you-for-being-awesome present. he's a scientist, but down to earth, he loves the outdoors and working with his hands, he appreciates good art, wine, food, etc. any ideas? i'd prefer to get something he could use, but not something disposable.

2. have you read 'the omnivore's dilemma'? what did you think?

3. i'm attending husband's friend's wedding which is on my (40th!!) birthday. am i a bad person because this annoys me?

ETA: should i cut my hair before or after my birthday (it's 3/16)?

(no subject)

I'm really really hungry. I was thinking about going to Publix to pick up some groceries.

1) have you ever heard of/been to a Publix? what do you think of it?

2) what should I buy? name a food you're craving, if you'd like

(no subject)

So, I just moved in a neighborhood with houses (i used to live in an apartment) and our driveway is 4 cars long in length and 2 car wide. So it's alot of shoveling. I did 1/2 of it and then I asked this neighbor if he wouldn't mind snow-blowing the other half of the driveway. I told him I would pay him and asked him how much would he like. He declined but he seemed irritated that I asked. He had to do someone's else driveway then he would get to mine.

My question is- was it a bad thing that I asked? I mean he was my neighbor... I would do it for him if asked. Next year I am getting a snowblower, we just moved here. And how much should I pay him? I think I should pay him even though he said not to.
Sissy Fight
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Yo, my name is Joe

Hey all, 

I'll be stopping at my local Trader Joe's for the first time this weekend... 

If you have shopped there before, what should I be on the lookout for? ( Popular Foods, good candy ect ).
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(no subject)

What is the grossest thing to happen to you recently?

The other day at Best Buy I noticed a booger on my arm. It was HUGE, green, slimy, and not mine. :(

What was the last thing to piss you off?

Some girls from my school called my boyfriend's mother today pretending to be me and said all this really stupid shit that got him in trouble.

(no subject)

I have a meeting with a male professor who I am hoping is going to take me on as a student research assistant. Is it ok for me to show up in jeans and sneakers or do I have to dress "professionally"?

valllentineees dayyyy :]]]

1. What are some inexpensive, fun gifts that I can give to my friends?

2. Do you have a special someone this year?

3. How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

2. I wish..
3. I love it, mostly because it's my sister's birthday, so we go all out in our family.
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Are you getting LJ comments in your inbox right now?

2) What is the weather like right now?

3) Could you tell me about the last time another person IRL made you LOL, and why it was so funny?

(no subject)

The rent on my apartment is going up about 25% this year if I renew my lease. I like where I live and I could afford it if I stay, but at the price I would be paying I might as well get a place of my own. I've got enough money saved up for a down-payment on a place but I'm very iffy about getting into the housing market right now.

If you were me would you,

A) Stay in my current apartment and just take the hit of the 25% rent increase?

B) Move in with a friend that's got an apartment almost exactly like the one I have now but it's all the way on the other side of town?

C) Buy a small house?

D) Buy a good sized condo?

(no subject)

if this kind of question gets asked alot, then im sorry.. but,

what is the best camera on the history of the earth, in your opinion, or in anyone elses etc?
(include pictures taken with it if you wish)

price is really not an option at all, infact i want  EXPENSIVE.

i know pictures dont necessarily come out best from the most amazing camera, as its down to the photographer aswel.. but what is the best camera, anyway?

id like one that produces the best quality pictures, has the best functions etc.
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Make money

I'm a college student on a tight budget. I already work a full time job too. Is there anything I can do online for a few hours a week to make some extra cash. Maybe beta reading or data entry or something?

save text messages?

Last week I asked if I should get the Verizon enV.  Well, I ordered it and I just got it today.  I haven't activated it yet though.  I figured out how to transfer my phone list over, but I haven't been able to figure out how to save all my old text messages.  Is there a way?  I can't find anything about it on the verizon site or through googling.  I know it is stupid, but I like to go back and look at the texts my husband sent me when we first started dating, and the ones that people sent me on our wedding day and such.  Any suggestions on how to preserve these memories?  Thanks! 
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

quick question

What happens when you mail something out and don't write down your return address? I have always sent packages this way when I had pen pals to surprise them with gifts...but I remember like a few years ago I sent something to someone without my address on a package, and it got lost.  And I was told that it will always get lost if I don't have a return address on it. What can I do to prevent it from getting lost without having to put my address on it?

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(no subject)

1. What other TQC spinoff comms are there? I'm already in tqc_chat, tqc_drama, tqc_updates and I just found picture_tqc. There must be more that I'm missing, and I must join ALL OF THEM.

2. You might have heard that Fox plans to integrate its Super Bowl Sunday coverage with Super Tuesday coverage - bringing in President Bush as well as talking politics with football players, etc. Do you have an opinion about this? For some reason I have a major problem with this - mostly because of Fox News and its reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth in politics. And I really feel like Fox is doing sort of a bait and switch here - using Super Bowl coverage and its built-in audience as a way to advance its neo-conservative, biased agenda. Or am I totally overreacting here?
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(no subject)

What would you use to try to remove a faint stain from an area rug on a cheap apartment linoleum kitchen floor?

The linoleum is white-ish with gray specs in it. The faint stains are a more yellowish color from the bottom of a cheap area rug that we never should have bought in the first place.
Any ideas on how to get all of the floor back the original color again would be awesome! Thank you!
dead duck

(no subject)

How do you remember to take your medication?

I have to take 3 pills a day. since my schedule is so different and I don't eat breakfast, I end up forgetting all or 2 pills a day.

(no subject)

inspired by mrsbr00kster

if you can't have children, would you mind sharing the reasons? does it bother you?
if you don't really want children, care to tell me why?

1. We can't have children because I have hyperplasia and don't ovulate. Doesn't really bother me anymore. It did when i was younger and all my friends were havign kids. But I got over it.
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Is your internet life more or less separate from your real life?

Do you have RL friends that have Livejournals? Does it creep you out when they find you and look at all your entries/your flist/your communities and look for your posts?

Ever tried to learn a language off of a computer program/set of audio cds/something (like Rosetta Stone or something like LEARN ESPANOL IN YOUR CAR)? How did that work out?

Dr. LJ, I feel tired and achy pretty much constantly. Do you think I might be sick, or am I just suddenly noticing how I feel all the time?

Do you know what Sunday is? (Not the Super Bowl. :()

(no subject)

I got rejected for the summer dance programs I applied to. New plan!

I have 5 weeks in the summer that I have nothing planned for. End of June, through July. What should I do. I'm looking to spend about 3k. I was thinking about going to San Fransisco for that period of time, or Hawaii.

What should I do TQC?
TL;DR, Teal Deer

TQC; hep me make a major life decision, kthnxbi.

See this bike above?

I am considering buying it with my refund. I need something to get to and from work (less than a mile away) and to and from shopping at local places and such.

My only question is; should I?

The items description says something about "kids" but then the weight limit is 220 lbs, *looks at self*, am 25 yrs old and not anywhere close to that. It's only 200 bucks, and considering it's the cutest one I've been able to find that isn't over a grand, am srsly tempted.

Also, would I have to part it in the parking lot (plz to be keeping in mind that I live in an area with loads of stupid ppl/methers/ijits) or do you think that they would allow me to park it inside the cart bay doors for my own paranoia's sake?

If not this one, does you have recommendations for one that I should be looking into?

The only thing i wish it had, is a windshield. D: but am supposing I can't have it all *le sigh*

Also, it snowed a bucket load here last night. One co-worker called off  "sick", her mother, whom she lives with, called off for "weather"; the thing is, they live down the street from the lady that gives me a ride work, and we made it in FINE. This morning, just as I was getting ready to leave, I saw the younger ones boyfriend buying some stuff... I call bull shit. Should I tell management? Should I just never let her live it down? Or should i just kind of casually mention it to one of the blabber mouths at work and let them do the job for me. *it should be noted that these two; at least to the people they work with, for doing things like that. and the roads really weren't all that bad!*

*sorry for the long post* *uses teal deer icon*

(no subject)

So I use Firefox... and the er, boxes you click don't work on websites. On Photobucket and LJ's scrapbook, if I try to hit the "browse..." button where normally a window'd pop up for me to select a file, nothing happens.

How do I fix this or what should I search for?
Glee: Brittana hug
  • _jebbie

hidden object games

does anyone have any full versions of any hidden object games like the Dream Day Wedding series, Forgotten Riddles and the like? I have Blood Ties but it doesn't work right on my computer :/ Would anyone be willing to upload and share? Or do you know where I can find other FREE or really cheap (less than the 19.95 ones) games that are similar?
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(no subject)

When did Barbie's boobs get so small?

WHY did Barbie's boobs get so small?


I should probably mention that they're not SMALL, but proportionally, they're much smaller than they used to be.
Got Rat

(no subject)

Haven't I seen someone on this community use this painting as an LJ icon?

(Ebay Link)

I just randomly clicked on 'paintings' on ebay and the original was the first thing I came up with...And I know I've seen it somewhere before.
  • ericra

This question is geared toward females..

Obviously the answer is going to depend on what type of area you live in, but:

1. Are you cautious when going places by yourself at night?
2. Do you take any extra precautionary measures when you do go out by yourself? (ie: bring mace, taser, knife, gun, or other pain-inflicter of choice)
3. Why or why not?

(no subject)

have you met anyone from the following countries?

papua new guinea <--- this no longer counts, i'm replacing it with djibouti
greenland (if i get a yes for this i will be in awe)

tell me about them.

edit: BONUS: do you live in one of these countries? i will send you a prize.

(no subject)

Beavis or Butthead?


Chicken or Beef?


Wal-Mart or Target?



Am a college student
Own more than one automobile
Have children
Like to go shopping
Think your polls are stupid

Hot Fudge Sundae or Banana Split?

Hot Fudge Sundae
Banana Split

Pens or Pencils?


Country or City?


I will be watching the Superbowl


I am in _____ time zone.


I am....


(no subject)

This is a question concerning the upcoming overly-pink holiday of Valentine's Day, so if you find that reprehensible then please skip my question. I am disdainfully aware that there will probably be a flood of these soon.

1. What is something my boyfriend and I can do on the 14th that would in no way be traditionally romantic or stimulate the Valentine-related economy? The idea is to do something fun without buying in to what the holiday is supposed to entail. I've never "celebrated" this thing before and don't have so many ideas. Things we've thought of so far include going to see a gory movie, baking cupcakes, or going to a firing range... recommendations?

2. What is the craziest Valentine's Day you've ever had?
Me: Last year I adopted my persona as the Love Fairy, benevolent healer of broken love lives. I dressed up and pelted people with sprinkles. It was completely obnoxious and very enjoyable in a way that's hard to describe. The other years, I've just ignored it outright.

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Does walking up and down stairs quickly for like an hour or so count as excercise enough to burn some calories or whatever? It won't stop raining outside and I have no excercise equipment in my flat :(

Anyone have other ideas for excercising that don't involve going outside? I don't have a gym membership.

What's a reasonable amount of weight to lose every week? I've never tried losing weight before and I've no idea how fast or slow I should expect it to go.

New music...PLEASE?!?!?!

I'm bored as ever with the music I have on my ipod and I'm looking for suggestions as what to download. I listen to everything and when I say everything I mean everyhting. I posted this at rq_version3 and they got pissy that I didn't list the bands I like. So here is a list of who I have almost all their cds:
Country: Alabama, Garth Brooks, Blackhawk, Kenny Chesney
Rock: Ozzy, Aerosmith, Metallica, Tom Petty and the Heatbreakers
Not sure what to put their music in a group as:
Paramore, Plain White T's, Wolfmother, Automatic Love Letters, Nirvana, Violent Femmes, The Ramones

If you can think of something for me to add to my ipod drop me a line...


TQC, I am getting a haircut tomorrow. I am pretty lazy, and I haven't had a haircut since May, and as a consequence my hair is LONG.

What should I do with it?

- naturally very straight hair
- it's fine, but there is a lot of it.
- it won't hold curl and doesn't do well with most styling products

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thx bbs ilu
i typed for /miles/.


will i get a chunk of this economic stimulus package if it's passed?

i only made about $2100 last year, but i was under 18, so i'm filing to get all the state & federal moneys back.

alternately, what will you spend your chunk of the "stimulus package" on?

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Can you make a coherent palindrome with 'Doug' that doesn't use the word ragu? Like my name is Sara, so mine could be 'Haha! rash, oh Sara, hah!' Except maybe it would make more sense. I don't need a sentence just some sort of word combo with Doug. Even if it only works one way (as long as GUOD is in there, basically).

archer / pam.
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When someone is late/not answering their phone/doesn't show up somewhere ... do you automatically assume the worst?

I swear, every time my boyfriend's late for anything, I assume something horrible has happened to him.
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Okay, I totally hate to ask questions about my internet, but I really can't figure out what's going on this. time. I run Firefox, and have Adblock, but I cleared all my blocked images, so I don't think it could be that. So the question is I can't view images 100% of the time. I don't get a red x, but it's just a blank area where there should be an image. A perfect example is my MySpace page, which I am making public just for the purpose of this question. On the "About Me" section I have groups, Favorite Books, Favorite Movies, Favorite Music, and under each of those I have 200x200 pictures of my favorite movies, music and books. I can't see any of these pictures except the YYYs picture under Favorite Music. All the pictures are from the same photobucket account, so why can't I see the rest? What's going on? ):

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Poll #1131653 Ridiculous movies: can you name the movie & finish these quotes?

It's a rock monster. It doesn't have motivation.

See, that's your problem, Jason. You were never serious about the craft.
Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy.
He doesn't understand. Explain as you would a child.
Never give up, never surrender!
Look around, can you form some sort of rudimentary lathe?

Guy, you have a last name.

It's Smith.
Then what's my last name?
And your Schwartz is as big as mine.
DO I? DO I? For all you know, I'm "Crewman Number Six"! Mommy... mommy...

I mean, my TV Guide interview was six paragraphs about...

my affair with Jason!
MY BOOBS and how they fit into my suit.
repeat[ing] the computer, Fred.

Look! I have ONE JOB on this lousy ship.

Let me do it.
It's to clean the bathrooms.
It's stupid, but I'm GOING TO DO IT.
Would anyone like a drink?

Is there air?

Yes. Oxygen levels at 68%.
No, just toxic gas.
Seems okay

By Grabthar's hammer, by the Sons of Warvan...

you killed my father. Prepare to die.
I'm going to kick your ass.
You shall be avenged.
give me back my cheeseburger.

And the movie is...

Galaxy Quest
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
STFU. I don't watch *your peoples'* kind of movies. Nerd.
 TQC, I watched this movie again recently and had forgotten how hilarious it is. Will you play a poll game with me?

Another tax question...

I'm a little confused by this $300 tax rebate thing...

I just e-filed and nowhere does it mention anything about the rebate. 

Are they just going to surprise me with it when they deposit it in my bank account?

(Yes, I did make at least $3000.)
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Tell me whats on your mind?
food and sleep

What are you doing tonight?
food and sleep

Are you hungry? If so, what do you want to chow on?
I don't care, just throw it in my belly.

Have you ever attended a basket weaving class?
No, but I want to.

Do you miss your parents?
1/2 of them.

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so. how hypocritical would it be of me to want to convert back to christianity from atheism? i've been seriously contemplating this for a while for a lot of different reasons. in 11th grade i was rly pro-jesus & then in 12th my views flipped. i know it is MY business & all, but i hate being labeled fickle.
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alright.. i just got out of the hospital today for the third or fourth time because of these things and I'm tried of the IVs, shots, vomiting, and pain. Yes, glamorous. I've tried imitrex, but that doesn't work. I have to catch the migraine BEFORE it starts. I've tried only one long term treatment for them and that was Nortriptyline. Didn't work at all. I've been diagnosed with "Cluster Headaches", but they aren't regular ones. I have them for long periods of time and they are completely erratic.

My question(s):
For anyone else who suffers the same kinds of migraines or cluster headaches, what do you use as treatment? Something longterm or just when you get an attack? What do you do when you can't get rid of it other than go to the hospital?

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This bitch gave me nightmares for years after I watched Pet Semetary.

I watch the movie every now and then and her voice calling out "Raaachel Raaachel" still makes me shiver.

As a child which movie villain gave you pee-the-bed night terrors?