January 31st, 2008

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Have you ever worn gloves while on the computer? Have you ever modified gloves for easier typing/mousing?

What's your favorite variety of nut?

Is it fun to watch other people's drama/arguments, or stressful, or boring, or something else?

New: Have you ever been delusional during a fever, or had fever dreams?

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My mother discovered the internet today.

So far I've introduced her to streaming movies, youtube, AIM, and Gmail. Anything else I should introduce her to?

Edit; I think it's pretty cool that so many of you are open to sharing pornography with your parents! My mom and I don't have that kind of relationship, sadly.
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ah bob saget

When lets say a potential employer asks you the following thing what do you answer?

1. Do you see the bigger picture or the smaller details?

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses? do they affect the job?

3. What are some things that are important in your job?

4.Which is more important: creativity or efficiency? Why?

sorry if that is a lot of questions, i am just curious :)

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i. i just bought a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans on ebay. i KNOW. but everyone i see wearing them always looks so GOOD D: anyway, my actual question about this is, do they run true to size? now i'm worried they won't fit, & my ass (or lack thereof) won't look fabulous.

ii. caramel cream diet pepsi jazz. y/n?

iii. what's your favorite font?

iv. i'm bored of my icons. what should my new icons look like? do i get rid of the kitten?

v. what was the worst thing that happened to you today? the funniest?

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1. If you go in the intersection when the traffic light is yellow and the light turns red before you leave the intersection, is that considered running the red light?

2. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
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let's get creatin'!

I've decided to participate in http://www.thing-a-day.com next month!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it (I was until a few hours ago) and don't want to bother with the site, it's a challenge to create something new every day for the month of February. This can be a cooking creation, a painting, a photo, a sculpture, a song, etc. You then document your work in a wordpress journal registered for thing-a-day.

I already have some ideas for things I can create (though maybe the idea is to be spontaneous, but whatever, I like planning). I'm going to cook a bit, knit a bit, maybe draw, write some poetry, do some origami...

What are some more ideas for little projects or crafts I can do? I don't have a ton of money. What should I cook or bake?

Inspire me, people!


10 Traits Men Look for in a Girlfriend

Do you guys agree with this article?

What do you guys think of this bit here:
2. She never makes the first move. This issue has been debated to death, and there is no true consensus. But Daily says that she strongly believes women should never, ever pursue a man. Instead, she suggests waiting for the man to initiate and plan dates. Her reasoning: If the woman is always the one calling, she will never know if he is really interested in her or if it's just convenient for him. She may find herself questioning the relationship every step of the way. Men simply aren't programmed to think like that and therefore are better suited to the chase, Daily says.
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If a guy proposed to you with a ring he had bought for(and successfully given) to another fiancee in the past, would you be upset? Would you demand your own ring?


Would you recycle a ring you bought for someone else for a new fiancee/girlfriend?
If you did, and she found out and demanded a new one of her own, would you get her a new one?

(assume you plan to get married or whatever you need to in order to reply, thanks!)
hannibal skull


Are you a snob about anything? If so what and why?

I'm a picture snob, I admit it. People who can't take a decent picture just make me shake my head.
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pet peeves

What are your pet peeves?

Just a couple:
* people riding my bumper when driving!!
* when others touch my cd's (smudging/ scratching might happen)!
* turn on your damn blinker BEFORE you slam on your brakes right in front of me!
* dont look over my shoulder if i am on the computer.
* micromanagement

my lola

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I got my first payment today from work after 2 months working there. This should have been the second time I get paid but for some reason I wasn't paid for the first month and so was told to expect it this month. 

Thing is, not only have I not been paid for the first month but I haven't even been paid the full amount for last month. In total, I'm about £200 short which is a hell of a lot  considering what I get paid. 

So my question is. 
Should I do something about it today, i.e. phone work and ask what's going on or leave it until I'm back in work and get my wage slip and ask then? 

I was looking forward to getting all the money today, so now I'm confused and disappointed =[

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What do you think are some universal gestures/sign language that anyone could understand or use without knowing ASL? For instance, gestures you might use to talk with a person who did not speak your language.
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Heaing Loss

How would you feel if you found out you were suffering from mild to severe hearing loss? Would you be open to using hearing aids, a cochlear, speech therapy, and/or other options? Assume it is enough hearing loss to be uncomfortable, and that you don't know ASL already.

Do you feel that there is sort of stigma attached with wearing hearing aids? (Only old people wear them, for example)

Assuming you pick hearing aids, and go with a behind-the-ear model, what color would you choose for hearing aids?

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If you had a kink/fetish that you had yet to tell your SO about, and you weren't sure how receptive they'd be of the idea, how would you go about presenting it to them?

Bonus points for creative ideas.

(and before anyone gets ideas this is NOT related to my question yesterday about miscommunication)

ETA - If your SO reacted negatively once you'd brought it up, what would you do/how would you respond?
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it would sure make for a good pauley shore movie.

On Wednesday I got a summons for jury duty. I filled out my little survey and dropped it in the mail.
On Thursday I got a very angry letter because I hadn't returned my little survey UNDERLINED BOLDED P.S. WHY DIDN'T YOU RETURN YOUR SURVEY.

Am I going to jail?
Have any jury duty stories or tips for me? I've never done it before.

Networking sites

1)Do you have over 100 photos of yourself on your Myspace/Facebook site?

2) How the hell does one accumulate 500+ photos of themselves on their profiles? I know that some of these are tagged photos from other profiles, then that makes me wonder

3)How the hell does one accumulate 500+ photographs period without being a celebrity?

I've seen many people with tons and tons of pictures of themselves on their profiles. I can't even fathom having that many pictures of me. I don't even think I have that many pictures of me in existence of my entire thirty-five years of my time on this planet.
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can u reccomend a good brand to get? my eyes itches due to allergies and ive run out of my prescription but i dont have insurance anymore. I want to go to a drug store and buy something to make my eyes stop freaking itching. So, whats a good brand?
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Do you think it's remotely possible that some people really are otherkin?

Do you think people who say they are multiples really are, or that they are just doing it for attention?

How about people who say they are transraced?

(If you're wondering where I got this stuff, I got it all from fayanora's profile.)

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1.) TQC, what're some of your favorite someecards? Have you ever actually sent one? Or do you just like to read?

2.) I'm required to participate in a certain number of psychology experiments for my university psychology class. Have you ever been involved in stuff like that? Have any horror stories?

3.) What's the next place you're going to go to that you're really really really looking forward to?
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Choose wisely...

I mailed in a visa extension application nearly 4 weeks ago and I really should hear back by now, but there has been no word yet:

I have a job interview at 12 and they are going to want to know if I have my visa

What do I do?
Do I call Home Office and check the status? Even though they stated in a letter to me that I should not call unless it's an emergency and I need my passport back immediately.
Do I just be honest during the interview and say it is still processing?
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Have you ever had one of those paralyzed moments when you first wake up? I was mostly awake, having thoughts, and could open my eyes, but I couldn't move anything. It lasted a few minutes. When I closed my eyes I could envision moving my arms, but when I'd open them again I still couldn't move. I don't take any medication and last night's sleep was the same as every other night's--until this morning, that is.

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Good morning TCQ. Well, early afternoon, I guess.

I am going to the library today :D One of my favorite places!

1.) What are some books you would reccommend concerning women, the female body, women and body image/self esteem, feminism, ect ect?

2.) My little nephew is having his birthday party on Saturday. I am hand making his cupcakes because he can have milk or eggs and has to follow a vegan diet.

I have never tried to decorate attractively :/ Any tips/tricks/ideas/supplies that you can suggest to help me?

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For those of you who browse LJ from work, if you accidentally click on something NSFW, what do you do?

If certain members of TQC disappear/don't post for a few days/months, how likely are you to notice they haven't been around?


Are you excited for the two hour episode tonight?

OR do you feel like Lost is just an over-rated tv show?

Personally....I'm stoked!
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How would you react if your husband/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend told you that they wanted to eventually quit a stable, secure almost 10 year position to become a pilot? He/she would be willing to continue working full-time but would be working on the license during the weekends. It would be expensive ($7,000 for a private license and then $50,000+ for a commercial license). Would you be supportive?
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Book recs?

I want to read love stories. Good, happy ending love stories. The last time I asked for suggestions, I ended up with three books about love triangles, cheating, and divorce.

None of these are things I'm in the mood to read about. I don't even care if the main aspect of the book is the love story, just so long as it's not endless angst about which guy to choose, or whatever.

1. What is your favorite romantic book?

2. Has anybody ever recommended a book to you, and you hated it? What was it?

3. What book do you tell almost anybody to read?

4. What book are you reading right now? Do you like it?

Collapse )
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) I'm going to a concert on Feb 20th. The venue (The Palladium in Worcester, MA) is an hour south of me. I'm intending to leave work at 4pm, which would put me on the road to actually head down there by about 5. If "doors open at 7pm", do you think leaving at 5 will give me enough time? (if you know MA, I'll be taking rt. 495 south)
Yes, I know this is completely dependant on traffic and weather and all, just take an educated assumption :P

2) I need a new everyday bag. I like across-body straps...can you suggest a new bag/purse for me?

3) What was your favorite color when you were 10 years old? If you don't remember, what is your favorite color now?

4) I work with a bunch of whiny, fratboy type men in their 30s who like to complain ALL THE TIME. What should I do to shut them up?

Morals! Whee!

A friend forwards you an email from a friend whom you don't know. Friend B says he'd like the opportunity to work at your company. You get everything set up, actually convince a Manager to call Friend B back (M doesn't think he'd accept the offered pay) and B gets the job. After this, you find out that rather than a nice normal hiring bonus, it's a very large hiring bonus. $3500 after 6 months, another $1500 after a year.

The first payout is in a week. You do not work in the same area as Friend B and have not had the opportunity to get to know him (he is a very, very smart senior software engineer and you are in marketing).

How much, if any, do you give Friend B? What is your take on hiring bonuses?
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I've seen everything else on at the cinema except for two more films.

Charlie Winston's War and The Valley of Elah.

I wouldn't usually bother watching either, but I've got five hours to kill before I go home.
Which one should I see?
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so if you have a string that you want to make into a bracelet theres a way of tying the ends together so that there are two knots. and if you pull the knots away from eachother the bracelet tightens, and if you pull them together the bracelet loosens. does anyone know of a name for this type of knot and/or how to make one?
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Why is it that when I come home to visit, my parents never let me "visit" I get stuck driving my brother to the orthodontist, doing their laundry, mopping, doing the dishes and everything else my brother and sister are too lazy to do?

Are they trying to drive me away?

Do you like fruit snacks?

I love them.

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I want to make a quilt that looks like a scrabble board.

Would it be better to make a plain scrabble board, and then possible later make quilted letters that could velco on, or to make a quilt depicting a finished or half-finished game?

If I should make a game, what words should I have on it?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) What are you planning on having/what did you have for dinner?

2a) What's the best salad dressing you've ever had?
2b) The worst?
2c) The weirdest?
2d) What salad dressing did you use on your last salad?

3) What food combination do you enjoy that everyone else thinks is revolting?

4) What popular food combination do you dislike?

1) I'm going to have a salad, a baked potato with butter, salt and pepper, and a bowl of tomato soup.

2a) Either the house dressing from a local restaurant called The Roma, or the dressing on the garden salad at Burton's grill.
2b) Sub shops that classify "dressing" as a big ball of oil, gross.
2c) I think the Poppyseed dressing I have is quite weird/interesting.
2d) Light ranch

3) Pickles and cheese don't seem to be popular, nor does grilled cheese and ketchup(locally at least, all you internet freaks love it like me, haha)

4) I'm not sure if it counts as a "combination", but I really hate mayonnaise on pasta salad.
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what is that one website where you can enter the letters of your name and it will tell you the different letter combinations you can make?

I know i've seen it posted here before but i never bookmarked it...

i have a song stuck in my head...

but i don't remember the lyrics.. just the melody and the music video. i think the band was from somewhere in eastern europe and the singer was a small red head girl with a bunch of guys dancing around her... it was a pretty trippy video. it's probably from the 90's. i've also heard it played on alt-rock stations. does anyone know the song i'm talking about?? the only lyrics that come to mind are... "give it up, give it up" and something like "cotton caaandy" which might not even be right. :/
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I'm bored. my boyfriend has vanished. I don't have a job. so I'm going to watch a movie. these are the ones I have picked out/I'm willing to watch..

Which movie should I watch?

Mean Girls
Brokeback Mountain
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
House of Wax
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
Garden State


for those of you who have sedentary jobs (i.e., desk jobs), what do you do to combat sleepiness throughout the day? seems like no matter how much sleep i get the night before (usually around 7 hours), i still end up getting slammed with sleepiness around 10:30am and again around 3pm. im looking for answers other than "drink coffee," because i dont drink coffee (it upsets my stomach). would it help if i ate breakfast? (i don't normally). i feel like the only one at work here who's taking cat naps.

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 1. What do you wear to an interview at a small, local movie theater? Some girls I know that work there told me to not dress up and just wear jeans and a tee shirt because if I dress up too much I'll just look out of place. What kind of clothes would you wear? sweater & khakis? 

2. I drank some kava kava two nights ago and have had stomach pains ever since. Has this ever happened to you?

3. Would you advise taking a dose of Adavan for extreme anxiety, even if you aren't having a panic attack? Could doing this lead to a dependency?
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My economics homework is to think of twenty things I value (personality traits, material possesions, people, things, whatever, etc.) and list five long-term goals for myself.
So TQC, what do you value and what are some of your long-term goals?

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so, it seems like the consensus is that i should start eating breakfast. i'll give it a shot. problem is, ive never really eaten breakfast on a regular basis my entire life, so my next question is:

what do you all eat/suggest for breakfast?

i'd like to avoid overly sugary products, so "pop-tarts" or "donuts" is probably out. im also not a huge fan of cereal. time-saving tricks would be nice too, because i don't really have time in the mornings to make something at the stove.

(no subject)

1. Do you like spice cake?

2. I should have some nachos y/y?

3. Should I bathe my dogs or watch Reefer Madness and bake cupcakes?

4. What was the last dream you had that left you really disappointed when you woke up?
Last night I dreamed I fell in love with a really beautiful woman. Then, you know, I woke up.
Bravo Seinfeld

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What do you do with your free time?

I'm trying to look into classes or something exciting .. Maybe a different way to excercise (dance class, kayaking.. something!)

Currently.. I work, go to the gym and go out on the weekends to a bar/movies etc.

tcr - i shit thee not
  • saltyj

(no subject)

Will you fill in the blank with a famous person?

 "If _________ died, I'd be a complete wreck."

Stephen Colbert. And I had a dream where he died once. It was HORRIBLE.

(no subject)

Do you ever read those memes on your friends livejournals where they say the top 10 things they have always wanted to say to that one person, and you get paranoid and think they are about you?

My best friend has basically done nothing for the past year and a half of high school, and just realized she is failing everything. How should I comfort her. Srs non srs answers are good.

(no subject)

1: Do you have a guilty pleasure movie that you watch alone, because it makes you cry and is embarrassing?

2: Where is your computer located in your house?

3: Did you do anything fun today?

4: Have you even gotten stuck with the bill when out to dinner with friends or co-workers?

house of yes

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one of my guy friends is getting a new tattoo. he wants a quote across his ribcage, the only problem is that he can't remember the quote he wants. he remembers it was in a movie and that the quote was in another language and then the movie-dude translated it into english, where it meant something involving love and hate. he can't remember the quote, translation, or movie. or what the movie was about. or the actors. TQC, ANY IDEAS?
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(no subject)

1. what was the last thing you looked up on wikipedia?
2. have you ever had a toe nail come off? what was underneath the nail? did it ever grow back?
3. who was the last person you felt jealousy towards, and why were you jealous?

1. government and political stuff. i'm typing up some information and i wanted to make sure i fully understand and state things in the right way.
2. not.. yet... :(
3. one of my coworkers. because she has a great boyfriend and they've been together for forever, and he's smart, and hard working and has a good job and is passionate about what he does and i'm just jealous cause i want a guy like that for once, and i want a relationship to last more than a few months!
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Bending the rules of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I am 3 degrees from him.

How many degrees are you from Kevin Bacon?

ETA - Ok, so by the rules you guys are playing by, I own Planes Trains and Automobiles, so I'm 1 degree.
asoneill - Yahoo Me


Has anyone used Turbo Tax before to prepare their taxes? (Or some other tax prep software?)

I've only used H&R Block before, but it's just so expensive that I would like to avoid going back if I can.

(no subject)

do you know how to pronounce Ayn Rand's first name?

I mean.. how to pronounce it properly?

no this is not a quiz, obviously if you say YES I can't ask you to say the name haha
Kill Bill - Elle
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It's my little brother's eleventh birthday today. He loves watching me do "cool" doo-dads on the computer; he thinks my typing skills are super l33t or something.

So will you guys wish him a happy birthday here?
Lego Head

(no subject)

Poll #1130907 It's the end of the world as we know it!

Assuming the end of the world is nigh, how would you prefer to go?

Robot uprising
Death from above (meteorite, asteroid or comet impact)
Gamma ray burst (death by extreme sunburn)
Alien invasion
Nuclear winter (brought about by nuclear war, super volcanos, etc.)
A pandemic (bird flu, Black Death, zombie outbreak, etc.)
Other (please specify in comments below)

Which of the above do you think is most likely to occur as an end of days scenario?

I've already called out 3 times this week

I've been out of work for the past two days (including today) due to a high fever, horrible cough and cold. My fever has gone down (although it's still there), my cough is still horrible and my cold hasn't gotten much better. I'm scheduled to open tomorrow and my manager says there's no one to cover for me. I know how miserable i'm going to be when tomorrow comes. And getting up at 4:00 in the morning when still really sick is going to make it that much worse.

If you were in my position, what would you do?
Hell's Libarian


What is the best, easiest, and fastest (or any of the above) ways to get my cat to stop meowing in the night?

it's a she
she's nutered
they have food and water
they're indoor cats only (and we're on the 15th floor so she's not going after things outside, she can't see outside)
and the other one doesn't do this (he's generally asleep on the bed).

Any sugesstions? I'm out of ideas and it's getting rediculous and I don't like locking her in the spare room alone at night. (yes she's got litter, water, and food in there)

~ K.
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As I've posted here a few times, my little brother is going through a really hard time. He was in a psychiatric hospital for a while, and once he got out he began going to group therapy. He was getting better, but has seriously started regressing. We're all trying to figure this out and help him out.

I've been thinking of getting him a guitar. I figure maybe it'll be an outlet and cheer him up a little. He never really showed an interest in music, except for They Might be Giants and random Japanese music (he's a little into anime...). But I figure it's worth a shot.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does this sound like a good idea? Any suggestions for a starting guitar? Acoustic or electric?

Edit: He doesn't show interest in anything, really. He spends most of his time sleeping or on the computer... we're trying to get him AWAY from the computer, right now. He's not really into people, so trying to encourage him to join an anime club (or something like that) is completely useless, as he won't do it. He'd probably be open to going to guitar lessons, though. And he's been diagnosed with Psychotic Depression.

Random Questions

1. What do you do to relieve stress? (Personally)

2. How much do you pay for your health insurance each month? What type do you have?

3. Favorite short story?

4. Favorite horror movie?

5. Describe your favorite shirt.

6. Favorite amusement park?
b. Water park?
C. Zoo?
D. Beach?

7. What do you plan to do in the spring?
B. Summer?

(no subject)

I had a nose piercing not too long ago. I took it out during a stay at a hospital and the piercing is closed over. Could I possibly get it re pierced in the same spot or should I just pierce the other nostril?

Also, I am taking Coumadin, which is a blood thinner. I was told to make sure I don't hurt myself to badly because there is a chance of bleeding out. Would a piercing harm me so much that I would bleed to death?

(no subject)

I have a night class across campus tonight. We're having a pretty awesome snowstorm right now, so what normally is a 15 minute walk may take me 20-25. Plus it's supposed to get much worse by the time I get out of class. I don't really mind walking in the snow, it's more the icy sidewalks and falling on my ass that I'm worried about.

So here is my question: Should I go ahead and walk and risk injury and hypothermia, or should I drive and hope that the roads aren't as bad as I think they are? Driving = much warmer but probably a bit more dangerous.

I'm torn. Decide for me please!
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(no subject)

Ah, I mostly post surveys about food/random-stuff here, so here I go.

Are you hungry?:

What are you in the mood for?:

Did you eat already?:

What are you doing?:

Are you bored?:

What communities are you on when this community is dead?:

What's you name?

Your age?

What do you mostly do on your weekends?

(no subject)

Those of you who work....and live in the United States....do you do your own taxes or take them somewhere to have them done? If you take them somewhere, do you use H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, some other business that does taxes or a CPA? If you do them yourself, do you do it by hand or use a computer program?

Halp plz

Hai guyz,

I share a garage with my neighbor and my neighbor has a cat. When she goes to work, she often leaves this cat out in the garage. I wouldn't care if it were once or twice, but she has been doing it a lot recently and it's pretty cold here, we're getting snow and on some days it's below ten degrees. The poor thing is left in the freezing garage all day or all night depending on the woman's work hours and when I go out, it tries to dart into my house (sometimes succeeding).

I'm not sure what I should do about this. I don't know the woman well, so I feel sort of weird about bringing it up to her. Should I bring it up to her? If so, how should I do it?


(no subject)

1. What's the chances of house training a ten year old unaltered male dog who has pissed and pooped in his house since he was a puppy?

2. Have you ever successfully house trained an unaltered male dog? How'd you do it?!

ETA - 3. What are some good house training/breaking resources?
  • lama999


Do we take more interest on famous people passing, then fellow humens in the world?
and why?
and who were you really upset over dying in hollywood?

(kurt cobain <3)
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(no subject)

Ladies, when you're receiving oral stimulation and you get excited, do you ever lift your pelvis into the air?

If so, is that like going on a carpet ride (for the giver)?

(no subject)

When was the last time you moved?

How long did it take you to get all your stuff out of the old place, get everything cleaned and whatnot?

Was it just you or did you have help?
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(no subject)

- What are some of your favorite smells and why?

- Only my right headphone works, my left doesn't. I tried plugging in other headphones into my ipod but it still wouldn't make a difference. Is the battery too low or something?

I like the smell of onions because it reminds me of when I was little and my mom would stay home to cook dinner.
jon snow

(no subject)

Do you use Opera browser?
If so, do you prefer it over other browsers?

ETA: Asking same question to anyone who doesn't use the obviously awesome FireFox or the declining in popularity IE.

(no subject)

What would a Schoolhouse Rock video teaching the concept of Dadaism look like?

Did you actually watch any Schoolhouse Rock in school?
What the worst subject imaginable for a Schoolhouse Rock video?



Let's make mixed tapes. Or CDs.....

In the entries on your friends page, what are the last twelve[edit:: ok, maybe just five?] songs listed under 'music:'?

I'll answer in a comment in a minute, I need to browse.
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debate question

What is Obama writing while Hillary speaks? Is he playing tic-tac-toe? Writing his grocery list?

Do you eat food even when it's past its expiration date? What if it's the EXACT day of? Sometimes. If it's moldy bread, I just pick the moldy parts off.

Are you sick? Yes. It sucks.

How bad do cold pills mess you up? I mistook a lad for a lady today.

(no subject)

1)internet people, what is that song- the sampled song is just the two of us, and the rap part is all about being a great dad and all that?

eta: super thanks for telling me.

2)what song is in your head right now?

that song
pushing off

(no subject)

If your friend slipped you a drink (whether you drink or not), would you be pissed? If not, how would you feel?

EDIT: Slipping a drink is basically the same thing as spiking it, for those that don't know.
[lost] Goodbye lost


If you blog regularly, do you find yourself composing your blog through out your day?
lol I do. 

If work offered you two weeks paid vacation, how would you take it?
people get offended cause I take lots of little vacations instead of taking one long one. I say eff them, they offer it, I am going to use it to my advantage.

do the d.a.n.c.e.

Texas DPS

To take the driving test, do you have to schedule an appointment, or can I just walk in and wait for god knows how long? I didn't think about earlier or else I would've called and asked. The Texas DPS webite didn't really answer my question. :(

Also, did they make you drive on the highway? I'm in Houston and the closest one to the DPS is the Beltway 8. I've never been on that!
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Why is it called a pair of knickers/trousers/tights/ when it's just a single garment? And if you make the argument that it's because there's two leg-holes, then why isn't it called a pair of tee-shirts, because they have two arm-holes? This is bugging me, it makes no sense!
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This really cute girl who used to work with me quit like a month ago. Yesterday, I went to lunch, and she just happened to be the hostess at the restaurant. We talked for a little while before my friend and I started eating. I decided I was going to ask for her phone number when I left, but I guess they changed shifts because she had gone home before I finished eating.

I can contact her through Facebook, but I'm terrified that will sound creepy. What can I say in a message to get her number without sounding weird or threatening?
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1. If you had to choose between seeing Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys, which would you choose? The price for either ticket is the same and both are on weeknights (boo).

2. Where is my missing glove?

3. Do you (or would you) enjoy talking to other people at the gym, or do you prefer to go in, do your thing and not socialize?

4. Do all ISPs suck or is it just Comcast?

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so tomorrow my friend and i are going to the piercing place because she wants to get her septum done. i've been thinking about getting another one myself, but the question is what?? i have my right eyebrow, labret, 2 rows in my lobes and 2 helix piercings on my left ear. i've decided that i don't really want another face piercings (with the exception of maybe doing a horizontal eyebrow on the same eyebrow so that i have a diamond shape)

What should i do?

what should i get done?

anti tragus
none, stop putting holes in yourself!
horizontal eyebrow
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Do you enjoy the smell of your own farts?

Do you have animals that fart?

When you fart silently.. do you tell anyone?


My answers-

1. Yeah, actually. I'm compelled to sniff my own farts and be like 'oh, wow. that.. was a good one!'
2. Yep. A rottweiler, and my half-siamese kitten farts stinky ones too. :(
3. Only if I want to laugh at their faces. :O  

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1) what's the weirdest way you've eaten cereal?

2) what is your favorite cereal?

my favorite is cinnamon toast crunch. I'm eating it with this Yoo-hoo type chocolatey drink because I don't have regular milk.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

lyke omgz.

01. When you die, what material thing will you miss the most?

02. Where is the most exciting place you've ever traveled to and what did you love about it?

03. If you could fix any problem in the world, what would it be?


04. Ever been to a lesbian/gay bar? Are there actually any good looking lesbians there?
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1. Food Network
A. Favorite personality?
B. Most annoying?
C. Creepiest?
D. sexiest/prettiest/handsomest?

2. What's your favorite kind of soup (not stoup Rachael, you dumb bitch!)?

3. Do you like bbq?

4. Most interest flavor potato chip you've had?

A. Alton Brown
B. Rachael Ray
C. Sandra Lee
D. Not sure

2. gumbo

3. yes

4, ketchup.

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My road hasn't been plowed so I decided to have some fun.
I was the first person to be on the road since our Snow Dump (we got like 3 inches in an hour). I swerved all over the place so the next person gets to follow my tracks.

Does this make me an ass?
Do you think people will follow my curvy tracks?
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TQC, I has a wank-inducing question, which is why I'm asking it so late at night.  I'm also on sleeping pills right now, so this will not make any sense at all.

Let's say you live in a state/country/whathaveyou where abortion is protected under the law, and by definition, life does not start until the baby takes its first breath.

Let's also say that a case arises where a hooligan punches a pregnant woman in the uterus, causing her to lose her baby.  What is this defined as, legally?

I'm pretty sure in Kansas, they've made it so that it's, like, 2nd degree murder or something, but at the same time, we also say that life doesn't start until first breath, so that kind of contradicts itself.  So I'm probably wrong about the sentence.

Ah, hell, just for the wank, I'll ask: What is your state's policy on when life starts/sentences for these situations?

Fear not, gentle TQC-ers...I shall not ask for your personal beliefs.  I care not, and I do not wish to build a stable in my inbox for the dramallama.  She is smelly and poops often.

Wank on, you wankers.