January 30th, 2008

Starbucks cup

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1. Who is in the house/apartment with you right now?
Just me and my roommate...
2. What will motivate you to wake up tomorrow morning?
that vanilla chai waiting for me at Starbucks.
3. What was the last text message you received?
'i promise'
4. What's the first line of the last song you listened to? And what was the song/artist?
Let it go, there's no way you can save it now // cobra starship - send my love to the dance floor

Computer won't turn off... Help?

My windows xp computer won't turn off... I clicked start, turn off computer, then turn off, and nothing happened. Tried it a few times, it's not doing anything. The same thing happened last night and I had to just hold down the power button for a few seconds on the actual computer and manually turn it off. But I know it's bad for the computer to do that, so I don't really want to do it again tonight unless I have to. Does anybody know what's wrong, or what I should do?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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Why is it so hard for conservatives that are 18-30 range to open up that they are a conservative?

Why is it so easy for liberals that are 18-30 range to open up that they are liberals?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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Hey guys, could you help me update my resume?

Last semester and this one I've been helping a doctorate candidate look at obsidian blades and categorize them. These blades are from a pretty famous Mayan site called Kaminaljuyu. Mostly it was a monotenous lab work kind of gig, but I figure being familiar with obsidian might look good as an anthropology major. Right now I have the kind of resume that lists skills and attributes, the "OMG aren't I so awesome please hire me" kind, rather than the long list of past jobs kind. How could I incorporate this experience into my resume?

Thanks for any help.
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Chinese New Year

Is anyone else going to be celebrating Chinese New Year in a week? Plans?

Will you get any Lai See packets?

If you HAD to give Lai See to someone, who would you give it to and how much would you put inside?

Gung Hei Fat Choi anyway!

Fixed! Jeez...
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TQC, what books should i read? i used to read a lot. a lot! but then i got really busy and didn't have time to read but i really want to pick up the habit again. everything i used to like it very young adult literature and i want something more.

i'll read just about anything. though i guess i prefer quirky fiction. i love "nobody belongs here more than you" by miranada july and i'm currently reading "high fidelity" by nick hornby and it's great.

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what else? what else?
I <3 TLV

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Last night my husband had a couple friends over and they all got drunk. This morning I found a pair of my jeans in the bathroom that hadn't been there before.

What do you think they were doing...??
hywh on a bike

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So, the trustees of the Toronto District School Board just approved an Afro-Centric school.


What's your opinion on this matter? If you don't care about Toronto, how would you feel if your town/city had an afro-centric school? Do you think this is a step forwards or backwards?

I'm not trying to troll, it's just a current issue and it's been heated before, so I'm pretty anxious to see what will happen now that it's been passed.

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If you are a dollhouse  miniaturist: When you first started the hobby, what intimidated you the most?
If you'd like to be a dollhouse  miniaturist, what would help you/nudge you to actually start?
Is there a comm where you can go and try to 'convert' people to your interests/hobbies? ie, post about  whatit is, why you like it and why other people should do it. Or ask for hobby recommendations.
Should there be?
What hobby or interest would you try to convert other people to?
default black mage coke slurp


I love my boyfriend very much. He's funny, caring, good-natured, sharp as a tack and witty as hell. We've been together 8 months now, and I love our apartment too.

Why then, TQC, can't I seem to get over my ex?
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Epic ... or something like that.

I need a bit of help. Someone I know wants me to help them find a ringtone for their phone, since they hate the default ones that it came with. He just really wants one, an 'epic' one, or so he says. Verizon didn't have the James Bond one he would have liked, so I'm asking you guys this: What would you consider to be an epic older movie with a great theme song? Television shows work, too.

He turned down The Godfather theme, and Space Odyssey 2001. I figure if I get suggestions from various people, I can run them by him, and maybe he would like something.

Oh, before I forget to add - he really just wants an instrumental piece - no singing.

*so frustrating*

So, does anyone know how to open an ebx.etd file?

More info: it's an ebook. My registration codes have been accepted but all i get is a file called: "ebx.etd"

I've tried opening it with abode reader 8.11 and abode digital editions. The reader can't open it and the digital editions give me a message saying: "cannot find digital editions folder".

WTF! Someone please help! Google tells me nothing i haven't tried already. I'm ready to run up a wall.
donk... donk... donk...

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Does anyone other than me remember zomba.com?

I last saw it in high school, so that's a decade ago. When you went to the site, an Antonio Banderes-esque guy would endlessly extol the virtues of Zombacom. It wouldn't actually do anything except loop into infinity, was completely useless, and totally awesome.

Bonus cookies if you can find a link to it (my Google-fu is weak, apparently), the sound files, or the neon green graphic it used.
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Random from an email I just got

1. What do people in China call their good plates?

2. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out of the window?

3. If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

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On tv the other day, there was a woman talking about a white "flowery skirt" that goes underneath your tshirt at your waist to help cover up your underwear due to short tshirts. What is this called?

(no subject)

1: What is your favorite place to hang out alone?
2: What is your favorite place to hang with friends?
3: Have you ever gone somewhere still wearing your night clothes?
4: Denny's or IHOP?
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My boss at my workplace has her favorites.  I know, who doesn't... but she goes way overboard.  Her favorites can do anything - they aren't accountable to get any work done, they take FAR more breaks than they are alotted (we get 2 15-minute breaks a day.  They take 4 or 5 20-minute breaks...if not more)  They are allowed to come and go as they please, without recording it or taking leave.  They usually leave incredibly early or sometimes don't come in at all without reporting it. (Leave reports are public) Everyone knows they do, but they're the only ones who get away with it. They almost flaunt it in front of the rest of us.  The rest of us (We call ourselves "The B Team" as an inside joke) are under constant scrutiny and are reprimanded if we take time off, (We are not allowed to be gone twice in one month)  The "B Team" is REQUIRED to work at least 10 hours of overtime each week or else they loose their yearly raise.  The "A Team" does not have to work overtime. 

Most of us realize how unfair the working environment is, so most have quit.  I gave my notice last week and only have a few days left here.  The boss can't understand why so many people are quitting.  I think she knows that there's a double standard (she should - she's responsible for it) but I don't think she's making the connection that that's why so many of her employees are quitting.  She's freaking out because now that all of her "overtime workers" are leaving, the company will be in a state of chaos. 

My question is, should I tell my boss exactly why I'm quitting?   I've read that it's not a good idea to complain as you walk out the door of a company.  Is it worth it to try to explain it to her, or should I just leave and let her figure it out on her own?
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1. How do you feel about potential employers checking your myspace/facebook/LJ/etc?

2. Would you remove inappropriate pictures/information if you were applying for a new job?

3. Do you think it's an invasion of privacy?
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not elaborating.

Let's say that someone you're friends with misunderstood something really important. You failed to correct that misunderstanding and now it's too late to correct it without them getting upset/you looking like a liar.

What would you do?

How would you correct it?
Snoopy Enterprise

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So while I was working this morning, my eye glasses flew off my head from a 60MPH wind gust. I managed to get my glasses back, minus one lens however.

So for those who have had to get just one lens replaced for your glasses, how much did it cost? I doubt my insurance will cover it plus I'm hoping it will cost less the the co-pay anyway.


Is it possible to go back and re-file one's tax return to add a W2 if they forgot to do so the first time?

Have you ever royally screwed up your taxes?

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Which of these covers would you most like to hear?

Celine Dion singing 'Eye of the Tiger'
Rascal Flats singing 'Cornflake Girl'
Tool singing 'My Heart will go on'
Tori Amos singing 'I like Big Butts'
Hannah Montana singing 'I Touch Myself'
Marilyn Manson singing 'My Achy Breaky Heart'
Snoop Dogg sampling 'Walking on Sunshine'
The 'Margaritaville' remix
Luis sloooow

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Where and why did my boyfriend hide the tea towels.

How do I explain my BF's actions to my angry flatmate?

How long do you use a towel for showering before you wash it?

 I used to have a new towel for every shower, but  when I moved in with my BF, he said that's silly.  

Now I use it more than once but I'm curious what other people do.

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Good morning!

1) Have you ever had an IV? (Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the giving of liquid substances directly into a vein) (says wikipedia)
2) How did it feel?

I had three liters of fluids pumped in me recently and it really freaked me out. The fluids were so cold that I had the chills for hours and hours. And the arm that the IV was in felt frozen solid. It was sooo weird.

3) What are some little things in your every-day life that give you great satisfaction?

For me, it's seeing the brown tint of the water coming off my hands when I wash them. It feels so good to see all the germs go down the drain. I feel accomplished.


4)What's your favorite cereal?

Mine has to be fruity pebbles. I'm going to enjoy a huge bowl of it now.
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My BF and I just got a letter from management saying they have been told we have a dog. We are not supposed to have pets, but I have seen and spoken to many who do. One guy told me he got a Rx from his doctor saying he was depressed and needed a pet!

What excuse should I use when I meet with management next week? (serious and ridiculous ones are acceptable - they just might work)

Can you post a picture of your pet(s)?

Does your pet know any tricks?
       I taught my dog to "tag your man" like in Dance 360 and she jumps up and down and hits my hand with her paw.

EDIT: I understand the "why did you get a pet then?" comments, but I live a large complex where people freely smoke pot in the parking lots and MANY people have pets. This complex is half section 8 and half college students. The rules here are obviously very flexible.

Sinus infections

I don't mean to sound like a dumbass here, but I have a question about sinus infections.

I've been sick the past few weeks on and off, and low and behold, I went to the doctor's yesterday and found out I have a sinus infection.

He prescribed the Z-pack (Azithromycin). I got it filled immediately. Took the first two pills yesterday and took the third pill this morning (you take two on the first day and then one every day for 4-5 days after).

I'm still running a fever. A very low-grade fever, but a fever nonetheless.

Is this normal? I thought after one days' worth of antibiotics, that would kick out the fever, if nothing else. Now I'm starting to get concerned though.
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My uni's GSA is having a bake sale tomorrow, and I volunteered to contribute. So.

1a. What kind of baked goods are best for bake sales? Cupcakes, muffins? Cookies? Rice Krispie (or other cereal) treats?
1b. Any particular kind of those I named above? (banana, chocolate chip, etc.. Probably not the best time to try out bacon chocolate chip cookies, yeah?)
2. Do you have any favorite recipe to recommend?

If any of you happen to go to U-M Dearborn, come to the UC tomorrow and buy gay baked goods from us. ;p
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How mad would you be if 2 weeks after they told you you were pregnant, the Naval Clinic on base called you to inform you that you were, infact, not pregnant.

How come the military is supposed to be organized and trusted but they fail at simple pregnancy tests?

(Being pregnant was happy news :/)

How do you like your pizza?
Mine: Chicken breast and broccoli with cheddar cheese, and instead of spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce.


What book(s) are you currently reading?

What was the last book you finished? Would you recommend it?

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

God it Not Great -- Christopher Hitchens

I Am America - And So Can You --Steven Colbert (It was hilarious)

amack: glowing

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What are some iconic images you can think of that have a sort of sad association? (ie: any image of JonBenet Ramsey, one of the more famous images of Princess Diana, the Kent State shooting picture, etc.)

ETA: I'm hoping for specific pictures you can think of that preferably have people in them.

New idea.

Deleting posts is banned right? So...

I want to download some happy music, so what is your favorite upbeat/has a good beat happy active music?

Kind of pop-ish, but more along the lines of:

Le Tigre, The Capricorns, FREEZEPOP!! and not pop-ish like Ashley Simpson and the likes.

I need cheer up music.

The Heartbreak Kidney

1) You go in for a physical, and your doctor discovers something unusual. You're sent down to get an xray, and the results reveal that you have a third, fully-functional kidney. Considering that the human body can exist on only one kidney, you have options.

Q: Do you keep your extra kidney as backup (to your working set), or do you donate it to the needy, or do you try and sell it on the black market?

2) Pat Robertson is dying and needs a new kidney. He sends word out to his flock, but he has an uber rare type and no one is a match. You go in for a physical and your doctor says, OMG, you're a perfect match for Pat! Now, Robertson hasn't offered any monetary reward for any kidney, but rather, has said that saving his life will earn you a great reward in heaven, and that's reward enough. Plus, you'll be hailed as a hero. He's beloved by many, and his loss will impact many, but only you and you alone can save his life.

Q: Would you give up a kidney to save Pat Robertson, accepting only thanks and national acclaim for your gift? Or would you demand something else? Or would you just let him die?

I know this shouldn't be asked here...

First off I'm sorry for putting this here, but I need some unbiased opinions!  (Sorry about grammar too, I'm too pissed to care right now)

My recent ex, broke up with me because "he was too busy and wanted to focus on school" and on & on, felt tied down and wanted to flirt with other girls.  You know, "Let's be friends, don't wait for me."  I was a little suspicious and asked if there was someone else, he said no. 

What a fucking cowardice liar.  There is someone else, and he's been with her ever since the day he broke up with me.  His own best friend told me!  What's worse is that it's a girl my ex and I both work with, and she's always been nice to me.  She also has said recently how much she likes me and that I'm a nice girl.  They both told me they want to be my friend...

I want to put them both in their place. 
Should I put them in their place?
Should I just let things go because we all work together? 
Even though I said I wouldn't cause drama, should I? 
Or should I just ignore them?
EDIT: What if they apologize?

I'm just pissed because he said he really wanted to be my friend, but he didn't have the balls to be honest.  Which if he was I would've been fine with it and things wouldn't have been this messed up. 
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Guys, I've been a douchebag and I haven't been following the election at all. I'm a registered Democrat in New York State- who the fuck should I support and why?

Who are you supporting and why?

Did your parents ever let you "vote" for them when you were younger?
Bruins - shadow

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So my son has hid my camera on me. I have torn the house apart and I cant find it anywhere. :( :( :(
Im looking at Amazon for a new one, and Im confused.
This is the camera that disappeared. If mine is an SD600, then one would assume that an SD1000 would be a better model, right?
Why is THIS so much cheaper!? Am I missing something?

(no subject)

 I forgot my mp3 player was in the door pocket of my car for ohh....a few months now. The temps have been down to 0 and below a few times. 
It won't turn on, and I can't find the cable to charge it right now.

Do you think it's fucked? It's a Creative Zen Micro Photo.

(no subject)

1)my thighs hurt when I move them. I have to do some walking to class and some running with children. How can I relieve this pain?

2)what have you been mistaken for by a total stranger?

me: a doctor, a nurse, a teen mom, etc.

eta: are you frightened by adults in animal costumes?

Spicy Brains

(no subject)

Where is a good place, online or off, to buy classy women's dress shirts (collared, button-down) that don't cost a fortune (under $40, preferably)?

Are there any generic foods you like more than the name brands?

I like Dr. Phizz, Schnucks' Markets' generic soda.
nkotb - joe - yay

Lady... o/`

Lady by Kenny Rogers just came on the radio and reminded me....

Does anyone else remember the Disney music videos??

Let's Hear It For The Boy - with Pluto
Lady - Lady and the Tramp *misty eyes*
Eat It - characters eating
Express Way To Your Heart - Goofy in traffic and sh*t lol

There were more...

OH! Puppy Love - 101 Dalmations. LOL
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Have you ever had a teacher, whether it be college or high school, that you just absolutely could not tolerate?

I think I'm currently taking a class with the worst instructor I've ever had. She never comes to class organized, counts people absent when they are here, and for some reason has difficulty assigning homework. She'll say she's going to assign something, and then change her mind. We'll come to class the next time, and apparently while we were all gone, she changed her mind again and wanted us to do the homework. We use Blackboard. Last weekend, she got online and added more homework, without telling any of us.

At least we get a good laugh at the beginning of class when she mispronounces names. She calls a guy named Jared, JaRod.
sport for our neighbors

Going to Puetro Rico

The fiancee and I are going to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon, courtesy of his dad and his dad's timeshares. :D It'll be in late February/early March of next year. I'm really excited at the chance to brush up on my Spanish and visit a place I've always wanted to visit.

If you've been to PR, what was it like? What'd you do? What destinations/etc would you suggest we visit (I'd like to actually see the island, as opposed to just seeing the touristy stuff, though touristy stuff is fun too). Got any suggestions/advice/tips/stories/etc.?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? What happened?

2. How difficult is it to pass a GED test?

3. Let's pretend that you're going to your very first concert. You can either go alone or with a parent. What do you do? :(
Okay, I just want to add to this that you're quite young, and you don't know anyone, so it doesn't matter who sees you or whatever. (Yes, I'm talking about me.)

4. What is your favorite flavor of Ramen?

5. If the Doctor asked you to go with him, would you?!

6. Have you ever lived in Alaska? Would you?

7. Are you saving up for anything?

8. Am I supposed to number my questions? Okay.

(no subject)

Do you have a navel (I promise I can spell! Really!) piercing? Do you have pictures of it that I can see? How long ago did you have it done?

I had mine pierced a year ago and it still hasn't healed. My skin still is a little red and puffy and sometimes bleeds or has a gooey discharge. I think it migrated, too, because it's just not very deep in the skin so the barbel moves around a lot, which is probably part of the problem. I think I'm going to have to take it out but I don't want to.

(no subject)

Can you suggest some easy-to-make, healthy fruit desserts? Recipe/link appreciated.
Healthy chicken recipes?
How do you keep lettuce from going bad really quick after you've opened the bag?

Srs bzns

1. Could you define "furry" for me please? Act as though I'd never heard of it.

2. Do you identify yourself as a furry in any way? (Feel free to make qualifications if you like)

I know, I'm throwing a lit match on a gasoline soaked pile of dirty rags...but I'm curious about something here.
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Wax Tarts vs Votives the battle rages on. 

Which are better to scent with? Wax Tarts or Candles? Which do you prefer? Where do you buy them from? ( Favorite etailers / retailers )

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i think i am going crazy.

is the following sentence a metaphor?

"Sadie scraped life
with a fine tooth-comb."

it's not comparing two things, but she isn't literally scraping her life with a comb.
any ideas?

this is from "sadie and maud" by gwendolyn brooks, btw.

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What if around two in the morning some people got a little loud in the streets.
Would they kill me if I screamed from my balcony “Shut the fuck up Niggar, go pick some cotton”?
What do you think would happen?
I think it be time to call the cops...
taylor britney

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Okay I have two questions:

1) I'm having pork and beans tonight. What goes well with that? What can i serve as a side or make with it?

2) Does anyone know where I can buy mens plaid pants? I see shorts in every store of every mall there is, but never ever do I see simply plaid pants...any suggestions?


(no subject)

I asked this earlier but I'm going to reword it this time, and maybe more people are awake and might know.

Because today tshirts are getting shorter and shorter, they came up with this "lace" piece that you wear under your tshirt to "extend" your tshirt to cover any peek-a-boo underwear. It looks like a skirt of some kind.

What is this called?

(no subject)

Without looking it up, how many presidents can you name starting with George Bush working backwards to George Washington?

What about vice presidents, starting with Dick Cheney working backwards to whoever?

(no subject)

A couple of work related questions:

1. How many vacation days do you get? and do you use them all?
I get 21 vacation days, 10 legal holidays and the week between christmas and new year.
Apparantly I am the only one in this firm who doesn't use them all, I always have days over from the previous year, my coworkers use them all up.
Because of the transfer of last year's days I have 30 normal vacation days.

EDIT: I forgot: whenever a public holiday is on a tuesday or a thursday we usually get monday/friday off as well.

2. What's the most annoying about your workplace?
Two things: apparantly, even after working here for over 3 years people still think I am new and welcome me into the company when they see me.
and the second thing is that I have to talk french for about 80% of the times.


1.  What does the phrase "navel-gazing" mean? <--- answered, though funny answers still welcome :-)

2.  What would be your own personal Hell, if you were unlucky enough to be sent there?
drew pickles tilde

(no subject)

So I was just about to make baked grilled cheese, and I was putting aluminum foil on a pan, and then I thought, am I supposed to put the shiny side of the foil up? Or the dull side up? Or does it not matter?

Any help?

ALSO, WHEN DOES THE HILLS COME BACK ON FOR THE LAST 8 EPISODES OF THIS SEASON? I need my guilty pleasure show. (My friend says it probably won't come back until the writer's strike is over, lulz.)

(no subject)

1.  Do you think Rite Aid sells thread?  I want to make a tote bag, but there's no thread for the sewing machine!
2.  What's been your down and your up today so far?

down: after my Shakespeare final I felt terrible for being a MAJOR cunt to a friend last night and I cried and got snot all over my New Yorker, which sucks because I am saving my covers for wallpaper.
up: coming home to the cute puppy!  But he poops everywhere.


(no subject)

have you ever smoked weed?
how often do you smoke weed?
have you ever expirienced any really bad side effects from weed?
have you ever done any other drugs like LSD, cocaine etc?
will you tell me of your amusing expiriences? 

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words » carp

(no subject)

1. i can't find my w2 forms from a coffee shop i worked at. i only work there 2 weeks and made a total of $106 and i don't even think they took out any taxes since it was such a short period of time. will the government be mad at me if i don't send in this form in along with everything else?

2. who are your favorite illustrators or painters?

i like jason sho green, audrey kawasaki, gary baseman and mark ryden
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

(no subject)

TQC girls,

What makes you good during sex? During the actual intercourse, penetration, what moves do you use to make your guy die?
I just have never understood what else there was to it, than rhythm. Of course, I havent had years of sex.

(no subject)

If you were a cop, you would turn in a fellow officer who was corrupt?

ETA: Turning in the cop would mean you would be labeled as a "snitch" for the rest of your career too.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

Poll #1130177 Dinner

What should I have for dinner tonight?

Cheesy Rice
A tiny salad, that's it. Fatty.
Pasta with tomato sauce, black olives and green peas
Spicy chicken ramen
Rice cooked in beef broth with green beans
A brick of cheddar cheese and some sour pickles
Cheese tortellini
Mixed vegetables
Other, I'll tell you in comments

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten together with a group of coworkers for a non-company sponsored social event outside of work? If so, where did you go and what did you do? Have you ever been invited to a social function or just to visit at coworker's residence? If so, did you have a good time?

In all my time at my job (11 years), I've only been to one coworker's home a few times (she is now my boss). None of us have ever gotten together to do something outside of work that the company hasn't organized and paid for. I think thats kind of sad. I just wondered what experiences others have had.

(no subject)

a friend of mine wanted to bake cookies today. I said sure, since she lives in a kitchen-less dorm and I have an apartment. She came over, and started asking me "where can I find butter... flour... sugar..." ... essentially everything you need for cookies, she used from our stash.

they're really good cookies, and she wants to make a second batch while I'm at class tonight so that she has enough to pass around to her friends.

is there any reason why it would be inappropriate to I ask her to pay me and my roommate back for some or all of the ingredients?

(no subject)

I don't bruise to often. I might get one less than once a year. It probably has more to do with poor circulation than how amazing strong I am. *flexes*

But I have a few now due to my foolery two Sundays ago.

Is it incredibly strange to have a bruise that looks yellow and lasts for more than a week?

How easily do you bruise?


So, my bf wants me to meet him and his business partners for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I love my bf, and I love the Factory, but his business partners are total computer geeks and all they ever talk about is servers and hard drives. It makes me want to drink hot soda.
So TQC, should I suck it up and go to enjoy a free meal?
Or should I get horrible stomach cramps and stay home, order take out and watch the telly?
If I do go, should I bring a pad of Mad Libs to fawk with them a little bit? y/n?
Pit Bull: Reindeer

(no subject)

Has anyone ever ordered off of this website: http://www.tomatoalligator.com/ ? If so, were they reliable and did you get your stuff? I want to get my boyfriend the Shit Bitch bear for V-Day, but dunno if the website is reliable/safe.

When were you last pleasantly surprised? What happened?

What are you waiting for?

Who is the pickiest eater you know?

(no subject)

1. Where's a good cheap site to buy connector cables? I've got to buy a bunch of audio video connectors (like RCA cables, S-type video connectors, digital audio cables, etc.) and I used to know a good cheap internet site to buy them at, but I don't remember the name anymore. I want to avoid high-cost places like Radio Shack & Best Buy - they make ungodly profit on them.

2a. A friend says "come watch this movie I rented with me" and you find out that it is from the 1930s and in black-and-white. Would you turn it down automatically, or give it a try?

2b. What are some of your favorite black and white movies?

3a. What if was modern but in a foreign language, with subtitles? Would you give it a try?

3b. What are some of your favorite subtitled movies?

4. Is veal immoral? (Some people who eat meat won't eat veal because of the conditions the calves are raised under.)

Braeakups are the new relationships

Fashion Issue

To those of us who wear ladies jeans- is it me or are skinny jeans over? I work at Old Navy and found the last pair of skinny jeans (in 8 short to boot!) in the store seemingly. (I bought new boots and the only jeans I can wear are skinny with them). If not, where are some places a short chick can find some cute cheap skinny jeans?
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Does anyone know what URLs are being attacked by Anonymous in the fourth wave against scientology tonight? I know information can be found on IRC channels, but I am at work and this computer doesn't have IRC, and I can't install it. :(
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1. How far back in time has your family been traced?
2. Have you got/seen documentation? (ie someone researched the family tree and wrote it all down)
3. What is the first name on the tree?

1. My dads family been traced back to England 976, which pre-dates William the Conqueror's 1086 Domesday Book by 110 years.
2. Yes, we have a book that has the tree and other information about the family. It's quite old, so it only goes up to my dad's grandfather.
3. Guiomar - that's not our name now, but it obviously derived from that somehow.

Is this funny?

You know the song by Sergio Mendes, "I'm never gonna let you go, I'm going to hold you in my arms forever"?
Well my friend just sent me a text saying she was constipated, and I said, "I'm never gonna poop again, I'm going to hold in my ass forever."
Funny? or...I need to forget 1986?

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Okay, so. I was at my friends boyfriend's house with her, her boyf me and our other friend....who is a girl. Should she have left us alone to go mske out with him, or not? She did, and I'm annoyed.

Pen Pal Gift Exchange Website

1) Hey, I once knew of this website that was some sort of gift exchange organizer - where you would sign up for a specific gift exchange that would need to be completed in a specific ammount of time. (i.e., a mix cd for the season) You would randomly be assigned somebody to send a CD to, and then you would get a CD in return from somebody different. There were many variations of this "gift exchange" but anyway, I can't, for the life of me, remember what it's name was... Help? Thanks!

2) I'm writing a paper right now - do you hand write yours out beforehand?

3) What do you think of mysticism?

Spiders Inside Her

There's an urban legend that states that the average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep during their lifetime. Think of your own sleep and the variety of 8-legged buggies in your area.

1. Are you more likely to have swallowed something small like this or something a little bigger like this spider?

2. Have you ever woken up to find a funny, possibly a bit fuzzy taste in your mouth? Are there fuzzy spiders where you live?

3. I'm aware that it's an urban legend, but you can't say that it's unlikely that nobody ever swallowed a spider in the middle of the night. Some spiders are drawn to damp areas. Is your nocturnal arachnoid snacking habit directly linked to the spread of malaria and similar diseases which are spread by insects, which you may have aided involuntarily during the night by sparing the lives of dozens of potentially harmful flies from their spidery nemesii?

4. If you feel that #3 hit close to home and that you shoulder some blame for the many deaths worldwide, do you also feel that subconsciously you loathe humanity and wish to see its ruin?

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Ketchup on a grilled stuffed burrito? y/n?

What is something you wish you could do but have never figured out?

Did anyone see this show with Paula Abdul where they were following her around and she was totally acting like a drug addict?
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TQC, what are some excellent romance movies that my boyfriend and I could watch for Valentine's Day? We just realized that we've never watched one together, so I'm trying to come up with some suggestions. I refuse to suggest or watch Titanic.

How lame is it that we watch incredible numbers of movies together, but have yet to watch a romance?

He just suggested "Splash." I've never heard of it. If you've seen it (or hell, even if you haven't) what's your opinion of this movie?

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Have you ever heard the phrase "Sexual Minorities" before?
I just heard it on the news for the first time O_o

What are you REALLY craving right now?
Veggie spring roll, omg do want

What's your fav. Tolstoy?

don't freak out about the delete, I'm going ~off the grid~ to work on Spanglish Homeworkz
gasp zooey

(no subject)

When was the last time you were in an argument and resorted to personal insults rather than anything that helped with your point?

What do you think about situations in which this happens?
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I am in this really nifty english satire class. It satisfies the Gordon rule for 3000 words or whatever, and it's just writing about satire and stuff. I have to write an essay on one example of satire. I am pretty sure I want to do the Prince Charles Scandal with Jon Stewart and Colbert from 2001, but I'm not sure yet.

What would you write it on? (I am just interested and would like some ideas, this isn't homework help)

And for those of you who don't care about satire...How was your day?
I &lt;3 TLV

Class troubles

I missed a week of class thanks to being sick with the flu, and now one of my professors informed me that none of my absences are excused AND she wont let me make up the test I missed, so I'll probably fail the class. I need this class to graduate, but even if I get As on everything from now on I don't know if I'll be able to get higher than a D. Should I just drop the class and retake it next year, or keep taking it now for a low grade?
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This isn't really a homework question, although it sounds like it but I would really appreciate all the suggestions you guys think of.

In my Speech class, I have to introduce my partner, Garnett, to the class by telling them something interesting about him. The thing is, he told me he is 'boring' and that I could make something up.

I just know that he's from Jamaica...and is the oldest of 7 children. And that he enjoys drag racing.

I can't think of anything that sounds believable. Any ideas?
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I got the free subscription to Nylon during Christmas time and recently received my first magazine.
Do I have to cancel it before they start charging me, or will they automatically stop sending magazines and just send me those annoying "renew your subscription" letters?

Cell Phones

I got my tax return today and I want to buy a new phone. Mostly because mine sucks.

Does anyone have this phone?


It is an LG AX275.

Do ring tones that you download actually sound like music? I have the Motorola W315 and the ring tones sound like shit. It sounds like my speaker is busted, but it isn't. Does that make sense?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite site to watch movies online? (That's watch, not download.) I've Googled and all, but I'm looking for personal opinions.

EDIT: I'm looking to watch Away From Her and The Assassination of Jesse James..., if that helps.
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I know this is kind of a big and awkward question, but can anyone explain to me what "kind" of Christians Wesleyans are? Like I know they're Protestants and they have the same origins as Methodism (the teachings of John Wesley) etc, this much I have gleaned from wikipedia, but I guess I'm kind of wondering what they might be like socially, politically, etc? I mean I know you can't generalize hugely, but I guess I'm wondering about how liberal they would be, what sort of beliefs they would tend to have on taking the Bible literally, some political issues, what differentiates them from other denominations, etc.

(I've been asked if I would consider teaching at a Wesleyan school, and it's not like a split-second decision I have to make right now (if they even actually offered me the job) but it just got me wondering.)

Out of ideas

What should I draw tonight? 

I've got the itch to draw... but nothing is coming to me.

What do you do when you want to be creative, but nothing is working?
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if you're a vegetarian, how long did it take to ween yourself off red meat, pork, etc?
were you successful or did you go back to your old eating habits? has it caused you to lose any significant weight?

thing is lately i've had a really weak stomach & nearly EVERYTHING has been upsetting it. & by lately, i mean months. i'm just wondering if my brain is playing tricks on me via taste aversion, or i should make a radical diet change. i want to be healthy ;( i'm at my heighest weight since early last year & i have no f'n clue how that happened like it did.

Credit recapture

Sorry but i need some advice.

In my highschool there is a program called plato where you can recapture credit. Last semester I failed brit lit, i know i'm a retard, but anyways they let me do the credit recapture. There are two sections that are required, one is called i think, writing in the work place, which has a lot to do with english, and another called life skills in work, where it's not really related to english at all, just mainly how to be a good worker and how to find a job and react in situations, but anyways, I did both of the sections, completed them to 100%.

I have an aquaintence who failed the same class, and she had to do credit recapture, the same one. She only did the writing in the workplace one and not the lifeskills. I am really upset with this because they gave her the credit for only doing half of the work. Now my question is, should i go to my counselor and demand that either A: demand an elective credit, B: say she should have to do the second part, or C: let sleeping dogs lie???

OH yeah we have different teachers that monitor credit recapture

i'm so confused i'm upset that i had to do the bullshit course, and she doesn't, what if they let everyone do that in that class?? if anything just make sure the other teacher is aware??? please help :)

edit: alright alright you've got your point across people, don't tell. Sorry if i'm too much of a Nit picker for ya'll, just trying to determine what the right thing to do was, I didn't mean to be a Bitch, i'm sorry everyone.
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1- If you have a camera, what kind is it, and what's good/great about it?
2- If you don't have a camera, how do you live?!
2b- For people that do have one (or two, or ten), can you imagine a life without a camera?
3- Do you participate in communities like ditl or adayinmylife? If so, links? :)
4- What's the last picture you took?
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Do you have your t.v on right now?
If so, what are you watching?
Or do you have it on mute, and you're listening to music instead like me?


what are your opinions on the following?

I am trying to do the right thing by getting a divorce because I am not ready to be married. He is slowly understanding where I am coming from but keeps trying and trying to convince me to stay married to him. Trying not to go back and forth and stick to my decision, also trying to help him  move on, i tell him i no longer love him, i dont want to hear his voice, and i am happier without him. 

Do you think it is ok to lie to him like this for the intended purpose of helping him move on? 
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