January 29th, 2008

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Valentines Day is now a little over two weeks away, what do you have planned? and perhaps you could give me some advice/suggestions...

I've been seeing a guy for the past month, but only officially for 2 and a half weeks. It's very recent and I'm unsure as to what is appropriate. He wants to celebrate. He's already told me to be excited and asked me when I want to celebrate (the weekend before or after) I can tell by certain things he's asking me that he's going to be getting me something. Now I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking I'd bake him cupcakes and since he's a bit of a nerd (he happily admits it) I would make logos of his favourite games and put them on as decoration, then have one singular cupcake say "Happy Valentines Day", along with a homemade card. Is that enough? I'm thinking like...what if he buys me something and then sees my homemade things and thinks what the hell (although I don't think he will) I'm just nervous since this is the first time I've really celebrated this holiday...or wanted to. Plus, it's very recent and I don't want to go overboard, but I also don't want to seem like I don't care. I'm debating if I should buy him something also...something small but something that I know he would like. But this seems like it could be getting too much! Ah, help please. What are you doing for your significant other?

(Now if you think Valentines Day is a stupid, commerical holiday, fine. I don't disagree, I just need help :( )
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Is there a movie out there that you would love to see someone make a sequel to?
If so, which one?
I would like to see a sequel to The Labyrinth.
Haruhi disappearance
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I just had a guy friend of mine get all annoyed with me because I wasn't conversing with him over IM as excitedly and happy as he thought I should be, so he signed off.
When did guys get so...prissy? In my experience, girls are always the ones storming off like that because the guys don't talk much online...weird!

Will rubbing lotion on my skin everyday really make a difference in the future?

I love working at Borders, but I'm quitting due to jackass managers. What other stores do you think would be enjoyable to work at?

cam jansen and the mystery song. D:

I've been trying to look for this song on all and any kind of search engines for months now. D': All I have is one lyric, which actually might be wrong, but I can describe the song really well! :D And it was played on the radio, so I'm guessing it might be fairly well known.
Well, see, the beginning goes like this:
"I remember when..."
No kidding, that's all I know. D= BUT BUT BUT the chorus is mostly screamed! :D
The band honestly sounds a lot like Breaking Benjamin and/or Three Days Grace, so yeah, if that helps any.
Can anyone help me find the song?
If anyone could help me, I will name my future child after you. 

oh yeah, and it's not Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. thanks for catching that (first two commenters), that's the answer i get a lot. :)

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1. What ever happened to Americans calling it peanut paste?
(When I was a kid, reading trashy kid-lit like the BSC, it was always "peanut paste", while we called it peanut butter. Now it seems everyone's calling it "peanut butter".)

2. Americans & Canadians too: What's the difference between a cafe and a coffee shop? If they're the same thing, why do you have the term "coffee shop" when the rest of the world (slight exaggeration) calls them cafes?

Edit: What the hell, SOMEONE used to call it "peanut paste", I was sure it was Americans, uh, or Canadians. Maybe it was actually the UK?

Edit deux: I think the mystery "paste" people may have been QUEENSLANDERS! Makes sense, they're all fricking crazy. I may have to ask my brothers who are now living amongst them (ew).

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You know how magazines sometimes offer free-trial issues? Like, they'll send you an issue and if you don't want the rest of the subscription you ask them not to bill you and you get to keep the free issue. Can I just ask for a new free trial each month and receive the latest issues?

name that song

There's this song that's been playing on the radio here (Hits 94.7FM) and they never announce anything, so I don't know who it's by.

It has a slow dance sort of beat and the chorus seems to be "fashion....I knoooooowwwww" or something like that. I'm not sure really. I hear it at work and it's loud so it's hard to hear the actual song. There's some dude rapping or something over it.

Do you know what the hell I'm talking about? What it is called and who's it by?

ETA: Ok, maybe the "I know" part isn't in it. It's more like "fashion...something....something... fa fa fashion". I think. They could be saying something else.
It's not David Bowie's "Fashion".
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On Friday, my roommate was running down a hall, slipped, fell, and hurt his foot. Since then, it has apparently hurt a lot, despite putting on an ace bandage, elevating it, and taking painkillers. Tonight it was apparently so bad that he was almost crying, despite being one of those 'boys don't cry' types. I used my Google-fu to research various foot ailments, and discovered two things: anything simple should have gone away within a day or two of proper care, and anything serious needs to be taken to the doctor immediately to get fixed.

Sooo...how can I convince him to go to the doctor? :(

Also, isn't a landlord legally obligated to make sure that their tenants' apartments are sufficiently insulated? Our doors have like inch wide gaps at the bottom, which either make our apartment very cold, or our gas bill very high (or both).
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Many diffrent people have ways of talking, so that no one understands them. Some people might speak a diffrent language in public, some talk in codes, I even know some dealers that have a form of pig-Latin no one but themselves know and understand, and when they talk in it it sounds like jibberish.

I've worked with these guys and know it decently. Also me and my former roommates have a way of communicating (in English) where when we speak no one understands us at all. Pretty lame. I know.

So ask you.

Do you know shit about dicks? I assume you don't even know. Not even a little bit. Not even 1%. You own a store.

+10 points if you know what that entire thing means
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Windows backup software. WILL PAY MONIES FOR GOOD ANSWER.

For a good answer to this, I'll even pay a decent amount of moines. Maybe $10 or more; to be negotiated. Tell me what features it will have that I requested (and other major ones) if you want monies.

What cheap/free software is good for (incrementally or better) backing up a local drive to a network drive, with the ability to efficiently resume if the backup is interrupted (i.e. the connection is broken)?

I'm backing up a largish amount of data from my local hard drive to my XDrive with a ~700Kbps upstream.

I'm willing to consider lack of a 'smart resume' feature if absolutely no good programs exist that implement. Multiple programs working in unison are just as acceptable as a single backup program, as I can write a script to unify them all myself. I'm even willing to consider something that keeps extra local backup data to aid in a more efficient.

Features that are required:
*Incremental (or better) backup.
*rsync like bandwidth efficiency or better (rsync isn't used because it doesn't efficiently resume from an interrupted backup).
*Smart ability to resume if the connection is broken (i.e. it doesn't have to recheck all files to see where it left off).

Features that are preferred, but not required:
*Compression of uncompressed files before transferring them.
*Customization of the software with scripts to potentially implement these and other features.
*Rollback to a previous backup (think version control applied to arbitrary files).

Cross-posted. earsp

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Yesterday morning I woke up to find the cat backing up at me. I looked up and it was Pink Moon time.
I talked about it to my coworker. "That's what we call around my house Mr. Winky."
Do you have a name for your cats, or dogs, butt?
snow days

snow day.


.there are 3-4 new inches of snow on the ground since last night.
.i am in a wheelchair.
.i have an exam in my math class tomorrow (if class isn't canceled by tomorrow).
.but i have a comfortable grasp of the material.
.we were given the study material yesterday.
.according to the local news, classes are not canceled for today.


should i try to make it and risk getting stuck in the snow, or should i email my instructor and stay home to study and pray for more snow?
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Because it crossed my mind, how do you read updates on TQC? Do you read it from your friend's page or do you read it from the community itself?

And the random Q: Who's your favorite superhero/heroine/villain/ess?

Mine's Poison Ivy. And I read from my friend's page.

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I have lots of questions to ask today but I want to make sure some people are awake to answer!

1) What time is it where you are?

2) Why did you choose to log into lj now?

3) What are your plans for the rest of your day/week?
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1. What are your recommendations for a Bluetooth headset? I'm finally getting a Bluetooth enabled phone, but I have no idea which headsets are good or not.

2. A question from my mom: Has anyone ever had a drink made from acai berry? It was recommended to her by her co-worker, but she says it sounds a little too good to be true. So, any personal experience with it?

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Do you ever feel like your current bf/gf is secretly comparing you to their ex in their head? like..always? does it ever scare the shit out of you? or do you think they're thinking good things?
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1. What, in your opinion, is a carefree name for a girl?

2. What should I eat for brunch, considering I am all bunged up with cold and feeling in need of merriment?
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I know nothing about video games, but I'm trying to find the name of one for a present.

Here's what I remember about it:

* it takes place in an underwater secret society
* it has a very 1950's feel to it with the music and decor
* there is a girl walking around (in a nightgown?) who I think is dead...?
* it had a really distinctly creepy feeling to the whole game

Does this ring any bells to anyone?


My land lord approved my idea for a big vegetable garden, hooray! I need to get some overalls!

Where can a big girly (sz 16/18, US) get some overalls? The wackier the better, but durability is key. Men's stuff is OK as long as I can fit my big butt into it.

Have you ever grown veggies? What did you grow?


1. what is the furthest you've traveled to see a musical artist(s)?
a. what artist was it?

2. do you consider $350 a lot for a flight from detroit to seattle (think general midwest to northwest flights), or is this about average?

3. do you consider subway a healthy alternative to fast food?
a. what would you order that you would consider healthy at subway?
b. any other healthy alternatives to fast food that you can think of?

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how does playboy ship their mags?

It's my uncles birthday (he's 26, btw. I'm 25.) and he reads shitty magazines like Maxim and Stuff that are filled with b-list girls who are half naked and ads. I wanted him to read Playboy, since it has at least top notch nudie pics and less ads and some actual content, and that it was a pretty cheap gift. At around 16.00 for a year's worth, so I got him a gift sub and he lives in an apartment and I was wondering, to those who get playboy in the mail, how do they package the magazine, is it covered it any way; I just hate for the mailman to one day slip it in someone elses mail box and he'd get in trouble. (This happen last year when his Stuff got shipped with that stupid Avril cover got into another mail box by mistake and those people threw a shit fit.)
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the gym

I work for the YMCA so I have a membership which entitles me to use their gym. I've seen it a few times and it looks rather nice. However I have never used it because I'm too self-concious. Anyway I plan on going tomorrow or next week. In your experience, what time is the gym least crowded? I've heard around 10-11 AM is a good time to go, do you find this to be the case?

Also, as I've have never been to the gym, what is some general advice you'd give to someone going for the first time?
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this question is for people who use tanning salons/have used tanning salons in the past.

the company i work for is opening up a new tanning salon in town and we're trying to make it the best of the best. what is something that you really enjoy about your tanning salon? anything that made you go "wow"?

also, what are the amenities they have available for you in the room? candy on the pillows? deoderant? spray water bottles? cleaning solution?
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I was in the mood for hot chocolate yesterday, so I went to the store to pick up some of those single serve pouches to keep in my desk. They only had two flavours, raspberry chocolate and mint chocolate, so I bought one of each. I had the raspberry yesterday, and it was yummy. I just made myself the mint one and now I'm asking myself why I continue to buy mint flavoured foods when I don't like mint flavoured, anything aside from gum and toothpaste.

What foods or flavours, if any, do you continually find yourself buying even though you don't really like them?
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Some Pig

I was watching a re-run of Drawn Together the other day in which Spanky Ham has sex with a spider, afterwords, she writes in her web "Some Pig". what does Some Pig mean?
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I am super tired and shaky and feverish today, and I have class in an hour - Should I go? The class is English, and the teacher takes points off if I don't go, and the class is only an hour and fifteen minutes long. On the other hand, if I do well on assignments, that point amount if pretty negligible, and there will be discussion in the online class section as well, so I won't miss much of anything.

What should I do? ;;
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I have some friends flying in from Hawaii to California, and I wanted some fun way to welcome them that combines the cultures of Hawaii with California -- maybe a lei made out of something very CA? I thought about showering them with "gold dust" but that's actually quite annoying.

Any suggestions?

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There is a woman that I work with who is intimidating and gets annoyed if you ask a question more than once.  However, the guy that trained me on my job suggested that I go to her for questions because she might get offended if I don't ask.  Really, there's no winning.  I will feel frightened and stupid regardless of who I ask.

1) If you had a question, would you continue to ask the guy who trained you and you feel comfortable asking (but sits on the other side of the room 10 feet away) or the scary girl who will be sitting right next to you and might get offended if you go to someone else or might get annoyed that you're bothering her?

2) What does your work space look like?  (pics and/or a written description)
I took a picture but can't upload until later.

3) What is your job like?
I spend all day doing data entry for invoices.

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My fiancee and I just broke up. (I guess we weren't meant to be in this particular life).

I have some money left over from my share of our wedding fund. I think I'll save a little more and then go somewhere for a few days.

Where should I go?
(I'm in Canada)

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If your mom ran for president, would you vote for her? How about your dad, would you vote for him?

If you ran for president, would you vote for yourself? (I'm talking just hypothetically, do you think you would have the qualities needed in a president).
(food) usagi eating ice cream
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So... any idea of why a cat would eat anything made of paper? I don't mean chew on, I mean eat. :(

If you dunno, then what's the dumbest thing a pet of your's has done?
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Hey guys.

1. I have a social psychology test today, and it is 25% of my grade. At this point, I am pretty confident I will get a B or a B+, but this is an important class to get into the psychology major, so I'd like to get an A. I have an astronomy class at 2, and most likely a mini quiz in that class. The lowest 2 mini quizzes are dropped. Should I (after getting my ass off livejournal) skip the astronomy class to study and just hope their isn't a mini quiz or let it be one of my dropped ones, or should I go and study between that class and the test? (about an hour and a half in between, but I have to eat at some point)
I'm thinking I will probably just skip, have a nap, and study
I decided to go, but I forgot my PRS transmitter for the quiz, so I may as well just leave now. F@#K THIS GAME.

2. Does anyone know if there are any programs like itunes that are compatible with an ipod? Word on the street has it that these programs exist.

3. How many Starbucks are there on your campus? If you aren't in college, then in your town/area? We have one in the bookstore, one free standing one, and one in the library. I feel like I am missing one, but I'm not sure.
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I was raised Mormon. I'm leaving because I think it's sexist.

Every time I go in to see my Bishop he rambles on at me about how we are not directly equal, but women are given the gift of having children and raising them and how men don't have this wonderful gift so this is why men dominate most church roles.

Something like that. Last time I went I would just stare at his face and then everything in the background would have those halos you get when you stare at a bright light. So I wasn't paying that much attention that time.

Am I justified in what I'm doing? I feel so guilty, especially for my parents.

Was what I was seeing pretty loopy? I was late on my meds.
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1. why do we believe our dreams are true/real (at the time of dreaming) even though they're so obviously outlandish?
a few nights ago i deamt that michael jackson was coming over to my house for lunch, and i was so surprised and disappointed when i woke up and realised it was a dream. wtf?

2. what was the last thing you dreamt about?
i think i dreamt about actually getting a treadmill at the gym, and not having to use that dreaded step machine thing instead. i never get to use the treadmills. ppl are always hogging em.

3. can you show me your country's coat of arms?
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How do letters of recommendation work, especially at the college level? I don't know any of my professors well enough but I doubt many people here do. Do they really just have a form letter written up?

Anyone had any experience asking a professor they didn't know very well about getting a letter of recommendation?

Gas Stations

So when you pay with cash at a gas station and then have to go get change, is there a way the clerk keeps track of who gets who was at what pump, or do they just have to rely on memory?

OK, I think it's been settled that no they don't have any special way to tell, the clerks just do it from memory if you don't tell them what pump you were at.

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One of the dogs is spinning in circles and barking at the ceiling. I don't get it, what's so interesting about the ceiling?

I've been to several stores looking for Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice for All and called a few other stores, none of them have it. Did everyone start playing the series at the same time and that's why they're all gone? How come there are so many of the first and third game, but none of the second?

I found a stack of really cheesy 'tycoon' type games and tried all of them. The worst one was probably Oil Tycoon, since oil is boring. What do you think would be the absolute worst 'tycoon' game to exist? What would be the best?


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1)How do you do your budget? In your head, on paper, Quicken or Excel? Not at all?
2)Will you tell me about the last subtitled movie you saw? What language was it in? How did you like it? Would you recommend it?

cat macros?

What are some of your favorite cat macros? Will you post them here?

Someone in one of the library cubes behind me is scraping his or her yogurt cup thingy and it's driving me crazy. What's the most annoying sound you've heard lately?

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inspired by rudezombie

what state do you live in?
what city do you live in ?
do you know your states facts?
care to share some of them with the rest of us??

I live in Indiana
I live in columbia city
a few
our state bird is the cardinal, we are called the Hoosiers, larry Bird was born here, Dan Quale has a musuem in Huntington In named after him .

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Why is my toilet backing up into my utility sink?
Is it a problem with the plumbing inside or out, most likely?
Is it poo/pee water that I currently have in my sink?
Would I be wrong to call my landlord multiple times in a day until I heard from him about this problem?

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 I am going to Australia in a few weeks. 

Have you ever been there? 
If so, where did you stay? 
What did you do? 
Any recommendations of things I should do/see? 
Anything specific I definitely have to bring with me? 
Whatever else you want to tell me about the beautiful country! =)

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Poll #1129581 Scandalous plates

Gentlemen, you receive your new license plates for your new car. It reads 6HOM066 (delete a 6 if your home state doesn't have as many numbers as California). Would you proudly display your new plates, or would this inspire you to get personalized plates?

Keep em the way they are. They're just letters and numbers. The government isn't trying to mock me
I can't imagine displaying those plates. I gotta get personalized ones now
Actually, this plate perfectly describes me. I keep them happily

Ladies, you get your new plates for your new car. They read 5LUT666 (likewise, ditch a 6 if your state doesn't have as many digits as California). Would you proudly display these plates, or would this inspire you to personalize them?

Keep em the way they are. They're just letters and numbers. The government isn't trying to mock me
I can't imagine displaying those plates. I gotta get personalized ones now
Actually, this plate perfectly describes me. I keep them happily

If someone paid you $50,000, would you get personalized plates that read ANALFUN? Gotta keep them an entire year (not sure how long personalized plates are good for). This deal is only offered if you have a car or are getting a car soon

I'd do it
I wouldn't do it

Same scenario as the previous question, except the plates read BJQUEEN. Would you do it?



I have been trying to find a certain image from a movie.  It is from the movie "Hook" with robin williams and dustin hoffman.   Well the part of the movie is where tinkerbell (julia roberts) first meets adult peter and she steps in ink and walks up peter's white shirt.  I am been trying to find an image of those foot prints for so long and i can not find any to save my .  so if anyone has any ideas on where i could look i would be so happy.  Thank u so much.

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Anyone deleting their MySpace page tomorrow?

Edit:  I'm glad I wasn't the only one going WTF at this question, it was asked of me yesterday since apparently tomorrow's "Delete your MySpace Page Day". 

Sorry if this has already been asked, I haven't had time to check my f-list just yet :)

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I've had the flu for the past two days, 101.4 fever and pain all over. All I've had to eat for the past two days is a single piece of wheat toast with apple butter on it. I'm not hungry, but I know I should eat.

What food do you eat when you're really sick?

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Has anyone had Schema therapy? I know it's for personality disorders and the like, but I Googled it and I don't really understand what it entails. Can you give me examples of what they do?

(no subject)

I recently got back into anime and now I'm looking for some new ones. What are some definitely worth seeing?

I already like Pet Shop of Horrors, Inuyasha, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo, Full Metal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, Record of Lodoss War, Slayers, Blue Sub 6, 3x3 Eyes, Love Hina, Kiss in the Dark, FLCL, Serial Experiments Lain, Princess Mononoke..

Subject Pool

I am working on a research project for a hospital in Boston and need 45-75 year old subjects. Where do you think I should post flyers?

Have you ever participated in research for money? What was it and how much did you get paid?
    I used to do MRI studies at Mass General and at one time got $150 for just 3 hours.

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Do you like eating frozen quick breads without thawing them?  Oh come on I can't be the only one who does this D:

What is your favorite planet and why? PLUTO DOESN'T COUNT. Fun facts are encouraged.

Its annoying and rather funny that girls_with_ink has a rule against stuff being posted from there to badtattoos_4. y/n?

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Inspired by Babeebug's post below...

I had a lot of cavities filled when I was younger, so my fillings are old. I've noticed that those teeth are kind of transparent. It looks gray (from the filling). They're not turning black, because my other teeth (the ones that aren't filled) are perfectly fine.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Is my enamel just weak or what?
Crabby Bitch

I hate questions like this, but I'm desperate...

Edit: Fixed. Thank you!!!!

I can't leave work until I fix this problem on my co-worker's computer. =(

She somehow did something that made her browser bar and stuff at the top of the screen disappear unless she hovers her mouse over it. We're using IE if that makes a difference.

Can anyone tell me how to make it come back and stay there?

I don't know what she did and I don't know how to word it to search for it on google and IE support sites.
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c is for cookie

Why are snickerdoodles so good?

What is your favorite type of cookie? (Sorry if this has been asked before or recently).

Someone brought snickerdoodles to work today and they are so yummy. But my personal favorite has to be home made (from scratch) chocolate chip cookies.
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Has slavery in the past actually affected black Americans today?
How has it affected our fellow black americans?
What do you think when people of mix races say they are affected by something that happen over twenty five years ago?

If not in your opinion. Do you find it annoying when people say it has affected them?

(no subject)

Do you hate trolls?

Do you like the wank?

Do you enjoy a good troll, one that is funny and puts some thought into it?

Where do you personally draw the line between someone who is a troll and someone who is just sort of an attention whore with bad opinions?

(no subject)

i got new business cards today, but i hardly made a dent in my old ones. since i can't use my old ones (new company name/logo and my title is different) - what should i do with them?
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Bad Guys Suck

Someone broke the passenger side window of my truck and stole my new radio. So now I need to get the glass replaced.

If you have ever had a side window replaced:

How much did it cost?

Did you use one of those automotive glass repair places or something else (such as a body shop or mechanic)?

Did they come to your car or did you have to bring the car in to them?

What company did you use?

Did they do a good job?

Please fee free to add any comments or suggestions you have about getting the window fixed. Also, if you want to, you can tell me about the time your window was broken.
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I just had a peanut butter cookie and it tasted like fish.  I like fish, but when I'm expecting peanut butter?  ew.

Will you tell me about a time when you ate something, expecting it to taste a certain way, but it ended up being totally different?
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1. Whenever I take my dog out for a walk, right before we actually get anywhere, she goes over and pees, and then a little later, she goes to poo. Does anyone else's dog do this?

2. What is irritating you right now?

3. What is your favorite highlighter color? I like blue and green.
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anyone every file for permenant disability?

was it denied? why?

did you appeal? did it help?

was your claim approved? how many hoops did you have to jump through to get it approved?

*bonus* why did you file? (what was the injury/illness/etc?)

(no subject)

Do you always wear your seatbelt? If you are driving do you require your passengers to buckle up?

What's the weather like where you are? We're getting the beginning of an ice/snowstorm here. :/
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What mean, crazy-lady-on-the-block things can I do with the balls and toys little children seem to kick into my yard?

Usually I make them trade something to get them back, but that's getting kind of old.

(no subject)

have you ever, personally, been hazed? what happened? was it against the law at the time when it happened?

stories about your brother's best friend who was in the sister sorority of her boyfriend who got hazed are acceptable, too.

(no subject)

Would you take pride in knowing that your exes current SO was paranoid/jealous about you?

There is a company in Japan that gives employees automatic breakup days. As in, you break up with someone, you get a certain amount of days off. Would this be something that you would take advantage of if you could?

What is your biggest responsibility at your job?

(no subject)

What's the longest it's ever taken you to get completely over/past a relationship once it ended?

When you have trouble sleeping at night, what do you do about it? Any remedies, or do you just lie there tossing and turning?

How much soda can you drink in a day before you get sick of it?

Favorite flavor of Mountain Dew?
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needn't necessarily be answered in exact formatting....

Inspired by this seatbelt question:

If you are the passenger in a car, and the driver doesn't put their seatbelt on, do you put your foot down and make them? let them make their own decision? refuse to get in the car with them?

Semirelatedly, if you are texting with someone and they reveal that they are "texting while driving" do you continue to text with them or do you cut the conversation off? Do you think it matters? Do you think they will still continue to text while driving with other people even if you refuse to participate in those shenanigans?

Do you ever text while driving? Do you ever talk on the phone while driving? Do you think they are equally dangerous or that one is more dangerous than the other?

Do you think talking to a passenger and talking on the phone are equally dangerous? Dangerous at all?
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I have bad reactions to microwave popcorn.  Pretty much everyone who knows me knows this.  The last time my dipshit coworker made microwave popcorn, she was informed.  She swore she'd never make it again.

My fuckwad coworker just made microwave popcorn and our office reeks.  I now have a gigantic headache, my eyes are red and are in the process of swelling shut, and my nose is training for a marathon.

What manner of revenge/torture should I inflict on the stupid bitch?

I'm currently considering flying her to Texas, staking her to a fire ant hill, and covering her with corn syrup, but I'm open to better suggestions.
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Dr. LJ, I think I might have a problem.

Two of my fingers on my right hand, the middle finger and the ring finger, are numb. Well, it's just the part of my finger that's above the top knuckle. It was like that the other day when I was knitting a lot and I just figured that it was because I was knitting a lot, but it's like that today and I haven't knit at all.

Am I going to die?

Are my fingers going to fall off?

Serious and non-serious answers appreciated, as I just called my mom and she told me to look it up on the internet.
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Ever been interested/dated someone who wasn't of your ethnicity and it was plainly visible?
I'm pretty pale. I was chilling out with my friend who's black. He hugs me, I get a death glare from a group of black girls. WTF? Why is this instance worthy of a death glare?
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1. When is the last wedding you attended?

2. When is the last funeral you attended?

3. Have you been to more weddings or funerals in your life?

4. Do you plan on having either within the next five to ten years?

5. Do you enjoy the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral?

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Virgin mobile and Target

+ I have a virgin mobile. Is there anyway to access my voicemail through my home phone number, or just erase my voicemail message without having to go through and delete 86 messages?

+ Has anyone worked at Target? Did you like it?

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We got home and discovered our smoke detector was going off. There was no smoke or weird smell in the house and the detector is wired to our electrical system so it's not a battery problem. Any guesses as to why it would randomly go off like this?
*betty draper reading

ur alien bb

You are kidnapped from your bed by aliens that look like this:

They take you on board their ship and use the probulator to impregnate you (it doesn't matter if you're female or male) with an alien-human hybrid baby, then put you back on Earth.

What will you do with your new hybrid alien baby? Keep it and raise it as your own? Dump it at the hospital and let the state deal with it? Have it sucked out and flushed down the toilet? Perform scientific experiments on it? Put it in a freak show? Something else?

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 If you found out that a male coworker of yours (you are female), who has been with the company less time than you, makes a considerable amount more than you, when he has less skill, education and experience than you, would you say anything about it to the bosses? He is in the same job title as you, too, btw.

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Is anyone here well-versed in music and/or French?

My clarinet teacher wants me to play La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin (the Girl with the Flaxen Hair) by Claude Debussy. My problem is that all the musical terms throughout the piece are completely in French. I've tried the free translators online, but they aren't working for me. Some of the words aren't translating. :(

Does anyone know what these terms mean? If you need the musical context, I've posted a thumbnail of the piece as well.

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Thanks in advance!!
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Dear TQC,

Has today been craptastic for everyone, or is it just me?

Also, is there any conceivable way I can get away with these multiple murders I've been planning?

Finally, where in Godzilla's name did my notes on filmmaking technique go? I've been looking for them for a week now.
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1. Does anyone have any tips for putting contacts in?

It takes me forever, and I really don't have that kind of time in the morning. It's not that I'm afraid, they just won't go in, dammit.

2. What shows have you started watching (and liked) during the strike?

Pushing Daisies and Dexter. Complete opposites as shows, but I love them.
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What the fuck, guys, what the fuck. I tried logging onto my college's online service a bit ago to check my wait list status for a class and it wouldn't let me; every time I hit enter it said error User ID/pin not found, and then when I clicked forgot PIN to be sure, it gave me another error. I figured, oh the system's down. I tried to sign on again just now AND IT DISABLED MY ACCESS TO THE SITE. It's not that hard to remember - the user ID is my SSN, and the PIN is my birthday. Oh my holy mother balls of God, why? Do you have any idea?

What was the most frustrating thing to happen to you today?

Hair done anything cool lately?

Listening to what, now?

(no subject)

Okay, so this guy is fixing my car for me and gave me new brake pads, made me a brake line, and some other stuff concerning my brakes. He's charging me 300 for the parts and labor. Is this a fair price or am I being fucked over because I am a girl and know nothing about cars?
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Maybe you English folks know...

When I was little, I lived in England. We did a whole bunch of stuff at school having to do with Robin Hood. We even went to Sherwood Forest (but they lied to us dumb 5 year olds.. it was just the woods at Chicksands!) BUT, I remember singing a song that all I can remember is "dressed in Lincoln Green-o". I looked up the lyrics, but nothing came up. Any one know the song I'm talking about?

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Ass or titties?


Boxers or briefs?


Radio buttons or tickies?

Radio buttons

Oral or anal?


Dine in or take out?


TQC or masturbation?


Deviled or pickled?


ANTM or American Idol?

American Idol

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I'm in nursing school right now, and i'm really on the verge of pulling my hair out. I am so overloaded with work and things to memorize... and... ugh.

I've been doing homework for the past six hours. I had to step away or I think I'd have just had a meltdown.

Are there any RNs in here that can give me some advice? Some inspiring words?


To all of the RNs in here.... what kind of nursing do you do? What are the awesome/horrible sides of it, in your opinion?

I'd like to eventually work in the NICU. But i'm starting to wonder if Geriatrics might be my thing.


Looking for Educational Links

I just read "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July", by Frederick Douglass. It was required reading for my Political Science class, but I found it to be shocking and I agreed with just about all of it.

I am curious what the public reaction was, all the way back in 1852, to such a speech and my google skills are failing me.

Would anyone mind helping me find more information on this wonderful article? All that was required of me was to read it, so we can discuss it in class tomorrow, but I am genuinely curious, and want to know for my own benefit.

I promise this is not a case of "omgz, I'm gonna azk the interweb to do my homework!!1", I just want links to more stuff to read, if anyone knows any good sites.

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petit prince


1. have you ever had something important stolen from you? if so, what?
2. did/do you know who stole it?
3. did you get it back?

4. if you had something stolen from you and you KNEW who did it, but couldn't prove it, what would you do? anyone have any suggestions for what i could do?
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OK, so in about two years I'm hoping to take the police exam. My only problem is the fact that besides being way out of shape I also have asthma, and there's a 1.5 mile run as part of the test. What kind of workout can help control my asthma so that I can run for longer distances without having an attack?

Why do job applications ask for the grammar school I went to?

My cousin is getting married in a few months, so my sister and I looked up her registry to find out what she wants and she registered hundreds of expensive things that were pretty unnecessary. Is it bad that I feel like she's kinda taking advantage of the family like that? I know it's her wedding and she'd like to have nice things to start off her marriage, but a $250 butter dish and a $200 sugar bowl seem excessive, no?

(no subject)

When was the last time you were proud of someone?

My best friend just found a place to sell her artwork, and was asked to paint a portrait of the drummer from Big D and the Kids Table. She was super worried about what she was going to do with her painting major, but now she's set.
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(no subject)

So, when I was using the restroom at college yesterday, the plastic case on the tp holder randomly unlatched and hit me in the side of the face. What was the last random and unexpected thing that happened to you in a public bathroom?
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Do you guys like when people post questions asking for pictures?

*I do, I enjoy getting a glimpse of peoples lives!

Would you post your favorite picture of your family?

edit: it doesn't have to be your whole family. just some family members would do! :)

edit again: Here is my family!

My brother, my mom, and me on Christmas Eve!

My dad and me!

Apparently I can't do a LJ cut... but here they are!


My husband and I often play video games together. Usually when I start winning he either A) Blames it on the controller. B) Says I'm cheating somehow. or C) Wants to give up in the middle of the game.

Are you a sore loser?
Does it make it worse when someone of the opposite sex is beating you?
What's your favorite video game?

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In March a friend and I are packing up our shit in his car and driving 7-8 hours down to the states to see Bruce Springsteen in all his glory!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited and I've been trying to figure out who is opening for him but the internet has failed me.

Tell me, do you have any idea who might be his opening act?
Have you already seen him recently? How was it?
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chan marshall


Poll #1129222 tiger army VS cat power

who should i go see? they are playing on the same night

cat power
tiger army

So i just realized that two bands i like are playing on the same night and i am unsure on who to see. So my natural reaction was to ask you guys!

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Why does it bother me that my boyfriends best friend that is a girl posts slutty ass pictures of herself in bikinis on myspace? D:

Where is the stinkiest place on your body?