January 28th, 2008

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I've noticed, particularly from American commenters, that a lot of people cook entire meals in microwaves. I've grown up with the thought that microwaves were used for reheating & cooking popcorn. I honestly can't stomach the idea of eating meat cooked in the microwave.

Am I in the minority with my thoughts? I'm actually curious about this.
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someone in my neighborhood deserves a severe beating. for the last SIXTEEN HOURS, someone has been bumping the god damned bass in their stereo. I SWEAR TO GOD...they started at eight in the morning. GUESS HOW MUCH HOMEWORK/STUDYING/READING/THINKING i've been able to do today?!!?!?!? NOT MUCH.

what brand of noise-canceling headphones are THE BEST EVER? what if i can still feel the vibrations from the god damned bass (yes, it is that loud)?

also, this has been going on for the last six months or so, and i still can't figure out who is doing it. when i find out who it is, what do you suggest i do?

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So how does the whole multi-relationship thing with Hugh Hefner and his babes work?
So he's poligimous
What do you think about Hugh?
What are your thoughts on Playmates, in general?

Pictures are optional.

Edit: I can't spell.
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1- Are you someone?
2- Are you someone online?
3- Do you care who thinks you are a someone online?
4- Do you care who thinks you're a nobody in the real world?
5- Who are you, anyway?

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You've written and published a book. It might not be equal in fame to Harry Potter, but a lot of people have heard of it. Modest person that you are, however, you haven't revealed this in a public post on your LJ or in your userinfo. Still, you're curious as to what people think of it, so you decide to ask TQC.

1. If the response was generally positive, would you reveal you were the author, or just gloat privately?
2. If the response was generally negative, would you reveal you were the author? Would you pull an Anne Rice, suck it up, or flounce?

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Who has a kindle? (digital book) (look on amazon.com front page)

Do you like it? What do you think? Would you recommend it to others?

If u don't have a kindle, do you want one? why?

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So I have my paper written, just about. I need help with the introductory paragraph.
I went on to write how I'm smart but stupid at the same time, shy yet outgoing, etc. Will you help me finish the first paragraph? Please?

This is what I have so far:

"I am a walking contradiction. I am a living, breathing inconsistency."

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Have you ever written a complaint letter to a restaurant?

My family and I tried out a new "fancy" Irish restaurant this weekend, that I've read has a excellent reputation. Unfortunately it was the worst corned beef we ever tried. We informed the waiter but he only apologized. He didn't offer a discount, free dessert, or anything. I hate to complain and I've never written a complaint letter before.

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Are you a nervous person?
Do you get motion sickness?

I am a nervous person, but tend to hide it well. But when it comes to traveling, I'm as nervous as you can be without having a heart attack (so I just get nauseous instead! yay).

I also get motion sickness on the train and in cars. It seemed to develop over the year, because I used to have no trouble with it. Now that I take the train everyday to school and drive, I have it. Awesome.

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What is your favorite bagel combination?
Mine: Toasted plain bagel (with every combination), and: cream cheese/red onions, cream cheese/lox (with or without onion), or mayo/American cheese/bologna (if I'm in a really weird mood).

When's the last time you showered?

Are you scared of throwing up?
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1) Do you use any anti-wrinkle products?
2) How old are you?
3) How young is too young to start using that stuff?
4) Any suggestions for good products?

1) Not yet.
2) 24.
3) I'm thinking prevention is the best medicine, and I turn 25 soon, so maybe it's time to start! Seems a little early though...

The petting zoo in your belly

What animals have you eaten?


Which animal would you eat if it was offered to you (at some expensive exotic restaurant)?

Polar bear

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1. I bought a big bag of sweet tarts that has little individual packs. So I've been munching on them and realized that while most of the packs have 3 pieces, some have 2 or 4. Now I just found a sealed package...that is empty. What the hell is that?

This morning on the radio they were talking about things our parents passed down to us (mainly ideas/tastes/phrases) that we would pass down to our children. Things like "Chevy's are the best" or "It's better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it".
2. So...what are some things your parents passed down to you that you will pass down to the next generation?
3. What are things your parents passed down to you that you will definitely not pass down?
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-Do you live in the U.S.?

If Yes:
Have you ever voted in Presidential Primary?
Is your state considered "important" in the primaries?
Are you getting to the "sick and tired" stage of the election yet?

If No:
What country do you live in?
What is the highest political office?
How are they chosen?
Are you interested in the US Presidential Election?

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why is that the one day that i choose to go to class (the last time i went was about two weeks ago), it was cancelled?

why is that in southern california, when we get a few inches of rain, it's automatically called something like 'storm watch 2008'?!

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1: Have you ever throw anything in anger?
2: Have you ever canceled an appointment because you were having a bad day?
3: What do you do when you want to be alone?
4: What topic are you getting sick of and are annoyed you have to hear about it over and over again?

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What are your magical cures for getting over the flu?
ETA: Besides the obvious get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids

Nevermind, I'm going to the doctor right now :(
ETA: Turns out I have bronchitis and an ear infection! Yay!

What was your worst doctor office/emergency room experience?
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whats the biggest, single item purchase you've ever made?
how much was it?
did you pay cash or charge it?

excluding any real estate or basic automobiles or furniture SETS. I'm talking about ONE SINGLE ITEM. and i dont think i want to include new floors or cabinets... something that when you move, you'll take it with you.

OMG, The Smell!

Okay, TQC, I have a dilemma.

I own two ragdoll kittens. They're 6 months old and adorable, but they REFUSE to bury their poo. These two cats have the smelliest poo EVAR. I was under the impression that all cats buried their poo - every other cat that I've had has done it.

How do I train these two to bury their damn poo, before I decide they have to live in the garage?
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If you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off, do you get up? Or do you stay in bed and try to get those last 10 minutes of sleep? What if it's 5 minutes before?

I do the latter. I'm a lazy mofo like that.

technical support

I keep getting this email sent back to me when I try to email a few of my friends:

Due to an internal mail system error, your post entitled  " individual email
check, stacey"  could not be delivered to at least one of the addressees. We
apologize for the inconvenience. You may be able to recover the text of the
message by selecting "Check Mail You've Sent" from the Mail menu.

My question is: WTF?! or more clearly, is this a problem from MY end or from THEIR end? AOL doesn't have answers for me because I dont have a paid account with them. 


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1. Do you say Interac or debit? Does it matter if you're referring to the card itself or how you are paying? Do you call it something else?

edit: After a quick Google, I just found out Interac is primarily Canadian. So, if you don't know what it is, I guess you say "debit."

2. Someone askes you for ID, and instead of saying "May I see your ID, please?" They say, "May I see your drivers' license, please?" Do you get all screwed up about it and wonder why they said drivers' license and not ID? If you don't drive, do you just say something like, "I don't have a drivers' license but I have my (insert proper ID here)." Or would you just not care at all?

3. Tonight I am making tacos for dinner. Well, not really, but the Old El Paso taco dinner kit. I have cheese, green peppers, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream and hamburger. Am I forgetting anything to dress the taco with? Do you prefer hard or soft shell tacos?

4. During nice weather, do you often camp, hike, dirt bike or quad in rural areas? Does camping count if it is in a campground with amenities?
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Do you ever have dreams that seem so real that when you wake up your totally confused?
I had a dream last night that I was married to Adam Sandler and we were so happy, and riding scooters down the street in my old hometown, when I woke up I thought, I MUST CONTACT HIM SOMEHOW!!
I feel a little sad:( Strange eh?

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So, I just got engaged, woot!

My dad is giving us a honeymoon to anywhere in the world...

Where would you go?

It's gonna be so hard for me to decide...

edit: I'm sorry I said "me" instead of "us" but it was just a slip... Of course he has a say, I'm just the one doing the research, narrowing it down!

edit again: Or I'm just selfish and want to go where I want to go cause I'm a princess, lol, or something... ugh. =]
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For some reason I have anxiety like you wouldn't believe.

I usually get this feeling when something bad is about to happen.

What's the bad thing that's going to happen, TQC?

Non-serious answers are welcome, of course

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Have you ever written a letter to a company about unsatisfactory customer service?
Did they ever respond back?
Do you think it is appropriate for the company to visit your home without notifying you?

I wrote a letter to dominos pizza about two different issues I had with orders. Then about three weeks later I had a pizza man at my door wanting to talk to me about the letter. Wasn’t this a little invasive? I acted like I wasn’t the person that wrote the letter. I felt weird having a pizza man knocking at my door with no pizza. O_o

Should I write another letter expressing this issue about pizza men dropping by with no pizza?

I think the pizza guy was going to kill me for complaining.
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I have a traveling question.

I'm going to be taking a trip from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA and then from Atlanta to Del Rio, TX. I've checked all the flight sites and the cheapest it would possibly be is $650 altogether. It would be about $468 if I flew to Atlanta, took a Greyhound from Atlanta to Del Rio and flew back to Boston.

The thing is, the trip would be 1day and 4 hours long from Atlanta to Del Rio. I've only been on a Greyhound from Boston to NYC so it was only about 5 hours long. It wasn't that bad, but I wanted to know about other peoples' experiences.

Have you ever taken a Greyhound for that long? How did it go?

Do you think the savings would be worth it or should I just suck it up and get a plane ticket?

Thanks in advance :)
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what do you think you were doing this time last year?
what about 5 years ago?

would you sell your soul for anything?

when in your life did you hit the roughest spot?

TQC, where in the hell did my tripod go? did it abandon me? D:


I hate when people say Crank Call instead of a Prank Call.

Are they cranking an engine?
Someone being grouchy?

In the middle of a million definitions that essentially mean the above in http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/crank, i found this: of, pertaining to, or by an unbalanced or overzealous person: a crank phone call; crank mail.

So is there a difference between a Prank Call and a Crank Call? If you are unbalanced, it is a Crank call?

1) do you say prank or crank?
2) do you use both? why or why not?
3) do you use crank only if you are feeling unbalanced or overzealous?

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What are your favorite songs in the whole entire world?
What songs are stuck in your head right now?
What songs do you know all the words to?
What are your favorite bands?

I'm home sick from school and so bored. I need music (:
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coffee houses

i was reading an article discussing the "best city for young singles" (or something like that), and one of the factors they mentioned was the number of coffee houses a city had; i think they were talking about independent coffee houses, not places like starbucks.

this got me thinking--do people actually go to coffee houses to meet other people? i don't drink coffee so im seldom at a coffee house, but seems to me that when i do go, most people have their noses buried in their laptops. do they secretly desire someone to come talk to them? or is the "meeting someone at a coffee house" thing a hollywood fiction? have you ever randomly met someone at a coffee house?
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What's your favorite candy?

Even if you "don't like candy."
Pick the one you can most tolerate/used to enjoy.

Also, aim anyone? I'm bored as hell.
aim: born from a swan

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I never thought I'd find myself having to go to one of these parties. This saturday a dear friend of mine is having an "everything but clothes" themed party. you can wear anything as long as it's not well...clothing. obviously. So my question for you all is what is something I could wear without looking like a complete slut? the idea of wearing candy wrappers is just repulsive. and if any of you have been to a party with the same theme before, what did you wear?

if that isn't your cup of tea, then what's the best themed party you've ever been to?
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Video help

My fiance and I were at Circuit City today and we saw a music video that we really liked, but it never said who the band was. It was on like, a Circuit City dvd thing that they play in the speaker section on the tv to show off the speakers.

The video started out with a shot of (we think) Mt. Fuji, and then the band started singing in an area that looked like a Japanese Time Square with all the signs reaching into the sky. The band itself was kind of scrappy looking. All the guy except the singer had long hair and lots of facial hair. The singer had a little beard thing, and dark hair, and dark eyes. At one point, the singer is kind of posing with a Japanese Elvis-type impersonator who is wearing a red outfit. The music was kind of emo/indie, like the Strokes. We thought it was OK GO, but it wasn't.

The only part of the song I can think of right now, was something like "maybe it'll be alright." But I really don't remember now.

I know it's a long shot. Anyone have any ideas?

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If you could cut a family  member out of your life who would it be & why?

What kind of books do you really like (ie concerning plot, style, first person...)? Examples?

Does it bother you if a friend/s/o likes a book or movie that you really hated?

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Wouldn't LJ be unique if it had built-in artificial intelligence to where you could have a knowledge base built by a bot for a community which could be queried by members?

Would you have a knowledge base for your personal LJ?

You'd never have to ask the same question again!
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Is there a question that people ask you that always makes you twitchy and uncomfortable about answering? What is the question? What's your answer to said question (you don't have to answer this one, just curious).

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Reese - The girl everyone likes


I finally decided to take about 10 hours and get all of the family music onto two hard drives. The music I want is on my hard drive, in little folders like iTunes makes, but iTunes can't see ANY of my music unless I manually select the files in the folder and tell iTunes to play them. Consolidating my library does not work. Is the latest iTunes just buggy, or is it more of an "Apple still hates you" situation?

Is there anything I can do besides taking all of my files out of every single folder, then telling iTunes to play them? meerasedai is made of win and gold. THANK YOU for the suggestion!

Should I throw myself, or the computer, out the window? Should I be constructing a Steve Jobs voodoo doll?

Why do I always hear great things about Apple, but haven't had a super good experience since the IIe? (My iPod only half counts as a good experience.) Doesn't anyone else feel ambivalent (or worse) towards Apple?!
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I was posting a comment about vacations and it got me to wondering how many of you have been to Disneyworld in Florida?
Did you like it?
Would you go back?
We are going in February and have heard 2 people that didn't care for it, they were older with their kids and 1 person really liked it.

Any feedback helps :)
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1. Does anyone here live in or near Nashville? My husband and I are going to visit it as a possibility of a future city that we'll live in. Do you have any suggestions or words of advice about the city?

2a. I'm also going to NYC in April and staying in the American Youth Hostel. Has anyone stayed there? Is it as creepy as I'm making it out to be in my head?

2b. What do I need to see/do while in NYC? My husband and our nerdy friends will be at a comic book convention, so I'll be alone most of the time. Would it be too dorky to check out all of the museums and things like that?
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I just got an awesome hand-held milk frother from a friend so I can make my own cappucino. I also plan on buying a bottle of Bailey's to put in said cappucino. That being said, do you think it would be a good idea to try and froth the Bailey's?

(I personally think it sounds good in theory, not in practice)

I might wanna Mac instead.

So while on the apple (icon!) site and ordering a lappy, it says it will pre-install programs for you for extra money.  If I choose not to have them pre-install it, they still give me the stuff to intall it on my own right?  I've been reading everywhere and can't find the answer.  (Yeah, I'm a bit computer dumb). 

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Is losing your eyesight hereditary?

My in-laws said that it is because all their children, including my hubby, needed glasses. My father in law is the only person who wears glasses.

I don't think it is, but I could be wrong.

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have you ever been in a situation that was really awful, but for whatever reason, you didn't want to get out of it? it was so hurtful, but you were comfortable and didn't want to end it?

what was your breaking point?
lainy zombie!


Have you ever drifted considerably apart from a best friend in the span of a week before without anything very dramatic even happening? did it end up being permanent? please explain.
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Nippy noodles

1. What's the coldest outside temperature you've ever endured?

Today, here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the temperature was -30*C (-22*F) but with windchill, it was closer to -50*C (-58*F). I don't think this is the coldest I've ever lived through, but it was close.

2. Where you live/where you have lived, what does it take, weather-wise, for things to start shutting down? Like schools and public transit and so on?

Everything was business as usual here today. I'm a teacher, and the school was open and most of the students were there. Growing up in a smaller town than Calgary, we usually had one or two snow days per year due to cold, but that was because lots of our students were bussed in from the surrounding countryside.
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mp3 players and then some.

So, being the slow person that I am, it's taken me a good three years to realize that iPods suck. Now that my iPod has finally died, I decided I didn't want to buy another one. I'd rather have a different kind of MP3 player, and lo! Some of the ones I looked at have even cooler features than iPods do. That said, my question (which has probably been asked before, but hell if I'm sifting through 9586724598679786 entries) is:

What MP3 Player, other than the iPod, would you recommend to me? Right now I'm looking at the Zune and Zen, but if you know of other really good ones, I'd like to hear them.


EDIT: Nevermind, I decided on Zen. Thanks a lot guys!
Kissing Parts

Why oh Why?

Poll #1129021 Why am I still sick, after three weeks?

Why, oh why, am I still sick, after antibiotics and tons of meds, and even Sleepytime tea with honey?

Government-created virus; now you're going to eradicate all mankind!
Extraplanar infection from Pluto, in retaliation for being kicked out of the planet club.
God hates you, you heathen!
Geekery is actually harmful to your health, don'tcha know?
LJ Overload!
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I'm bored off my ass and I've been reading entirely too much the last few days. I'm basically trying to kill time until I move on Friday (it's a long story).

So I think I'm going to the used video games store tonight to pick myself up a used XBox. Any ideas what games I should get? I like sports (except racing), 1st person shooters, and adventure games with puzzles (for example, I'm a huge Zelda fan).

-And for any video game fans, what's your favorite game (or top 5 games, if you want) of all time? For any system.

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does anyone know how i can get a hold of the dear by amanda bynes company?
i bought a shirt there recently and it's already falling apart.
yes, yes, i know, that's what i get for an $8 shirt, but still.
i wore it once and it's almost inappropriate for public wear now.

this is her site, but it doesn't have any contact information other than to sign up for the mailing list, which i don't want to do.

[mata090680] froggy with a bow
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What's your default icon? Mine the one I'm posting with, of course.

Any story to go with it? There is just a lot of expression with mine, I guess. I like Keira Knightley, though I never saw the movie this icon was made from. 

EDIT: LOL! my inbox has never been so full of notices!

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How many calories should a 23 year old woman eat to MAINTAIN her weight?

I work out with ten pound weights 3x a weeks, work an active job where I move/walk for six hour shifts five days a week, and power walk when I can.

I know there are mathmatical equations that would tell me, but I was just wanting your opinion and/or a round about answer.

thanks :)

Save us

Have you ever seen a word misspelled so badly you forgot the original spelling?

Of course, this had to be on facebook.
"...I even write your annecials on my arm dude.. its bad ass!"

It took me a while but apparently annecials=initials
hate pimentos


Should I go see Third Eye Blind in February? 

Pros: I love them.  The show is only 2 hours away.  It would be something fun to do, and the husband and I haven't had much of that lately.  I'd like to see them in concert again.  Tickets are reasonably cheap.  This is the closest to where I live that they've played in at least a few years, I think.

Cons: The show is 2 hours away, and we are in Pennsylvania, and it's February.  It might snow a shit-ton, and that will be no fun to drive in.  I don't know anyone in the town that they're playing in.  Husband and I will have to get up at 6:30 for work the next day after driving home all night.  The only other time I saw them in concert was last March at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the energy of that show will probably be way better than the one that they're going to do in Kent State in February. I'm worried that it will not be any fun.  The show is at a university, which probably means no booze at the venue (not that I'm an alcoholic, but I do like to have a drink or two at a show) not to mention the drive home that neither of us wants to be smashed for.

halp me, intarnetz?
gasp zooey

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My friend was telling me about a poll she saw on some news website, where the majority of those polled said they'd rather lose a million dollars than have George W. Bush elected for four more years (the poll was assuming that was legal and possible).

So I ask you, my lovely TQC-ers:

Given the choice, would you rather have Bush elected to four more years as president, or lose one million dollars (or whatever currency your country uses, seeing as this could be a touch choice for people other than Americans)?

What do you like better - yahoo mail or gmail?  If you don't like either of those, which email do you use, and why do you like it?
I ask because I just switched from yahoo to gmail, and gmail confuses and annoys me.

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Do your eating habits tend to chang when you are stressed/tired/anxious/depressed ect?

In what ways?

I go through times of bad anxiety/stress/depression and hardly anything sounds good. Ive been living off oatmeal (homemade with quick oats) and chicken tenders kids meals from burger king. :/

(no subject)

What's your favorite historical event?

I just found out yesterday that the french revolution is probably the most interesting thing ever. <--- Any book/movie/film reccommendations are greatly appreciated!

(no subject)

to the females: what do you like the most about being female? what do you dislike the most? what do males have/what can they do that you wish you could, but can't?

to the males: what do you like the most about being male? what do you dislike the most? what do females have/what can they do that you wish you could, but can't?
donk... donk... donk...

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What, to you, is the worst word ever?

Is it a swear word? A 'regular' word that's painful to you because of something in your past? Is it even in English?

I'm talking just a single word here, no phrases, but a person's name (i.e. Tom Cruise) would be OK.
another eyecon

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Say there's a person who is always on-time to work and does the job exceptionally, can always be counted on to fulfill personal obligations, generally is a very responsible person... who is stoned literally every waking moment. Gets up in the morning and before peeing, eating, or drinking a cup of coffee, has to get stoned. Carries a pack of ten pre-rolled joints to smoke during a four-hour round trip drive. Goes to work stoned every single day (but as I said, does the job perfectly and always comes in on time). Generally smokes enough weed that s/he never actually seems stoned.

Would you consider this person to "have a problem"? Elaborate if you want. I'm curious.

I'm normally not this gross. Or dumb.

Okay, so way back when, I posed this question to you fine folk.

And lookie here, I actually got my gallbladder taken out 1 week ago.

(I'm so much better now with that stoopid thing gone, I can eat! Woo.)

Okay, so now the post-op instruction sheet said that I can take my bandages off after 48 hours and shower. But I was to leave the white steri-strips on.

So that's what I did.

And I haven't removed the steri-strips yet. It's been 1 week exactly and seriously, these strips are looking funky and nasty. Like REALLY old bandaids? With all the sticky stuff turning black and shit?
(I've been showering and drying and all.)

So should I remove them?
Wait until my follow-up appointment? (It's tomorrow.)
The trouble with waiting is, well, what if I was supposed to remove them and like I go there and the surgeon is all, "What the hell, lady?"
But what if I remove them tonight and I wasn't supposed to?

I don't know why I didn't just call the dude last week.
I'm lame.

What to do?

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What do you think the odds are that I'd be able to get a tattooist to tattoo a very well known surf gang/brotherhood/whatever you want to call its motto on me?
I'd ask my local tattooist but he's currently moving shop at the moment & I'm unable to contact him.

The story is I want 'my brothers keeper' on my back, but it's the motto of the Bra Boys, a very large & well-known surf gang in Australia, especially as they brought out a documentary about themselves last year.

ps. I want this tattoo because it pretty much sums up myself, not because I want to be omg so kewl! Yay gang tattoos!!1
pets - jezabelle sees your soul

(no subject)

what kind of pet(s) do you have?
be more specific than "dog" "cat" "bird" etc

anything "exotic"? ie: llama, chinchilla, weird ass reptile thing

what kind of pet have always wanted? (ie: specific dog breed, llama, sheep, chicken, etc)

if you dont have pets, why not?
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Do you have anything that you'd consider a "bad habit" that you do when you're upset?

Like smoking, drinking, punching something.
Mine's pretty stupid but I'd probably get a bunch of nasty comments.

What's your habit?

State of the Union Address

1. Are you American?

2. Did you know it was tonight?

3. Do you plan on watching it?

4. If you answered yes to 1, and no to 3, are you ashamed of yourself?

edit: I've been told 4 is worded in an accusatory manner.
This is unintentional.
Miroku Turn

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My dad's boss brought him a pineapple back from Hawaii. What should we do with it, aside from cutting off the top and planting it?

Edit: Of course I'll eat it, pineapples are delicious and the smell of it makes me drool uncontrollably. I meant so far as preparing it goes - Cooked is not so great, I was thinkin' desserts maybe? :O What do you do with pineapple?
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Did you know the checks that Congress intends to send to citizens with certain income levels is actually accomplished through deficit spending?

Is there anything that's beneficial other than the alleged short-term stimulation that may come from the spending that remains in the U.S.?

ummm yeah...

The fucking State of the Union is on in the back.. I hear..

Army of Compassion (the fuck...?)
Justice to the Enemies
The Whirl Hatez Freedum

Is anyone else watching this?
Are you trying not to vomit?
What is your drinking game to go with it?

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I'd like to read historical fiction about ordinary people. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

2)Do you know any awesome books about culture bound syndromes?

3)dear random lj people, sometimes I get very specific stomach aches centered in just one spot. $200 worth of serious or not?

eta: subjects in tv shows you're obsessed with?

women with large numbers of kids. I like to watch jon and kate, and now I'm watching something about the duggars.

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Does anyone have any good advice for passing a log book test for driving?. I still have 6 weeks until my actual driving assessment but I am truly petrified. So much is riding on me passing and I've been driving assisted for 3 years now but I need ANY advice you can throw at me, particularly if you live in Australia because I'm assuming we have a different system to other countries. Any tips/advice would be really appreciated. I've had a few professional lessons and am having 2 per week for the next 6 weeks. Thanks in advance, it would seriously mean a lot.


Ok, so I've felt REALLY crappy all evening...I even came home early from work.  About 10 minutes ago I started listening to Groove Salad and now I feel much better. 

How do you feel after listening to this for a few minutes?
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You Must Have!

I'm looking for anything that any of you may think is a must have out there.
Mostly computer based stuff, like downloads or programs.
But I would love to hear any other opinions on things not just myself, but everyone should have.
At least access to.
So, will you share?
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Can police dogs smell alcohol?

I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow. If I smuggle in alcohol, will the police dogs they have at the main gates spot me out? I've smuggled alcohol in successfully before...but they never had police dogs before. Why do they have police dogs now???
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Okay, so genetics gave me really dark circles under my eyes. Well, it might not be genetics, but I get plenty of healthy sleep, so whatever. My question is, do any of you know of any cream that actually works in reducing the darkness of under eye circles? I don't care much for the puffiness or wrinkles going away, it's just so DARK.

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Have you ever broken a bone?
If yes, how?

What is something that someone has let you down on recently?

Is there anyone's voice that is really soothing to you?

So I'm not pregnant and this makes me very happy.
What made you very happy today?

Here is a kitten for yooooou! ♥
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