January 27th, 2008

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how do i motivate myself to get up early tomorrow and go running?
how do you motivate yourself to work out?

i've been lazy since marching band ended and i want to get back into shape. /:

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I'm not a scientist, I'm just a guy with too much time to think about stuff that oughtn't need to be thought about. So, I need a little help with this theory.

You have a box that's filled with to its entirety with water. I need to give the box some conditions that may not be possible; first, the box is truly airtight; nothing can get out. The box is also somehow unbreakable, for the sake of this experiment. The box also doesn't change shape when it's heated; it doesn't expand in any way.

So, you have this box filled with water. My question concerns what happens when that water is heated.

When something is heated – including water – the particles expand. However, in this unbreakable box, there's no room for them to expand into. There's not even room for them to vaporise into. So, does this expansion process just not happen? Will the energy be passed onto something else, somehow?

I was thinking, maybe the water would just "refuse" to take on the extra energy because it couldn't store it nor use it. Instead, the air around the box will just be heated as if the box wasn't even there.
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TQC, I have a full week of vacation ahead of me. I plan on going nowhere but my couch.

What books would you recommend I pick up to read? Can you give me a very quick synopsis of what the book is about/like?

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Croissant'wich or McMuffin?


Yogurt or pudding?


Apples or oranges?


PB&J or Turkey and cheese?

Turkey and cheese

Pepsi or Coke?


Lo mein or rice?

Lo mein

Crunchy cookies or soft?


Pizza or spaghetti?


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I get to play Angel in RENT at our Drag Show!!! Where can I find a wig online that is decent quality (cuz I'm campy and I'll probably just wear it in general when I feel like it), but is not that expensive?

Does this look like a legit site to buy something from?
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1. Credit card transfers, do you do it?
2. When was the last time you transfered balances between cards?
3. Is it sunny outside this morning?
4. Could you suggest a song for me to listen to?
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One of my friends puts on deodorant after she showers before she goes to bed.  I find this a bit odd, although I guess I can understand why.  Do you put on deodorant before bed?

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a.) Are you chubby?
b.) Is it really so terrible?
c.) Where do you buy your clothes?
d.) Do you like chubby girls/boys?

a.) YES!
b.) Not at all (:
c.) DEB!
d.) Chubby boyfs are so much more cuddly.


Q: What's your favorite plus size store?

O: Mine is DEB.

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Would you rather buy a tiny studio in the city (right by your work) or a much larger 2 bedroom condo for the same price in the suburbs with a longer commute?

Edited to add: You'd be sharing this with your husband and cat.
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What tapes/records/8-tracks did you listen to a lot when you were younger, before the advent of CDs?

I had a Carly Simon tape that I adored, and the other kids made fun of me. James Taylor, too.
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Ladies and gentlemen!

Like many others, I turn to TQC to make all of my "tough" decisions for me.

In 2 weeks my husband comes home and we have a Marine Corps. function to attend, and I have actually never been to one before. He told me it's a formal occassion, so I will need to dress up, (He will be wearing his dress blues.)

Before I get all big in the tummy area from the baby, I want to look extra-good, especially since in 2 weeks it's our anniversary, and I just want to look extra-awesome for when he comes home.

As far as my dress choices go, I've narrowed it down to three.

My questions:

Which do you prefer?
Are they formal enough?

Edit: In reponse to my "coloring" Unfortunately, I am very pale. I have (newly dyed) dark brown hair, and blue eyes. I can post pictures if it's really necessarry.

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1. How do you groom your pubic hair?

2. Which part of your body do you soap up first in the shower?

3. What are your favorite trip-hop artists/groups?

4. Do you like smoked salmon? How do you like to eat it? I'm talking about real thick smoked salmon, not thin lox strips.

Cold lunch!

So I'm making my groceiry list right now, and to save money, I'm thinking of packing lunches.  On my campus, there are no microwaves...oh never mind, I lied.  There's one that's accessible to students on the what-ever floor of some building that I frequent. At any rate, what kinds of foods could I pack for lunch that are quick, easy, and if necessary, can still be eaten cold?

<b>EDIT: NOT SANDWICHES.  I am soooo sick of sandwiches, hahaha.  Sorry!</b>

Thank you!


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What is the proper tip for a haircut of $100? Is it like when you eat out and you have to leave 15% - 20%? Because if so DAMN that's going to be expensive.

How do you deal if your friend has a boyfriend who is a douche (verbally abusive, controlling, dented her brand new car and ripped out one of the air vents, etc etc) who she complains about yet doesn't break up with him? How do you not get angry or cope with the anger because you know it's her life and her decisions? She can't go places without consulting him and it's taking a toll on our friendship because I'm tired of hearing her bitch and then seeing her give him chance after chance. I don't want to tell her not to vent to me because I'm her friend and she's a sweetheart.

Does anyone still get highlights with the caps anymore (instead of foil), what are the disadvantages of this?
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How do you get rid of ants that come into your house when it rains?

edited to add: 2 yr old child in house. would prefer to find a way that doesn't require too many ant traps that the child could potentially get into.
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[Asked again because the other was posted at a bad time.]

What are good software and/or websites to help build a list of music completely from scratch?

I'm willing to pay if the pay system is significantly better than free ones.

Consider the following:
-I don't know the name of much of the music I like.
-I want a decent recommendation system.
-It would be preferable to be able to export the lis to use in other mediums.
-It should make it easy to look up song names, but if not, I can just use CDDB or something else.

Any other helpful features would be gret.
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Do you talk to your roommate/SO on instant messenger while they are sitting next to you/in the adjacent room?

I know I do... and it makes for some hilarious conversation.
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Is the stomach flu going around your area?
Have you gotten it, or has someone close to you gotten it?

Does it bother you when someone posts a question directed to or about another person in the community? For example:

"Anyone remember what loanwords's favorite color is?"
or like
"Hey, shippo, where'd you get your awesome icons?"
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My roommate's bottle of fabric softener took a tumble off the top shelf of the closet and broke open all over our (carpeted) floor. We soaked up what we could and threw the washcloths into the washing machine, but is there anything we can do to get the slippery feeling (and the disgustingly stifling scent of tropical flowers) out of the carpet?


1. I need a 2nd job for some extra money.  I currently work a 9-5 gig.  Whats some good work to apply for for nights/weekends that won't kill me on top of my current job?

2. More fun:  what mythological/magical creature would you most like as a pet? 

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For those of you in college:

1) Has the semester started yet?

2) Are you nervous, excited, or neutral?

3)  What classes are you taking?

4) What is your major?

5) Was there something in particular that sparked your interest in your major?

6) When will you graduate?

7) Are you working as well?

8) Any opinions, advice, or stories you'd like to share about your life as a student?

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For those of you in relationships,

are you or your SO the more responsible one?
Are you equally responsible?

For you single people out there,

Can you name a movie that's so bad it's actually good?

I'm at a complete loss...

We're supposed to write a 3-page paper on ourselves for English. I think this is a stupid assignment, since that is such a broad topic.

She doesn't want "I was born in... I have three sisters and 46 cats..." We're supposed to write about our interests, our passions, life goals, etc.

I have no idea how to even start the thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

(Sorry, I know it's a homework question, but I really, really need help)
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My next door neighbors' unspayed momma pitbull is in my backyard right now. I hate that they have her, but normally they keep her in their fenced yard. She's now sniffing around my unfenced yard. Should I call animal control?

I'm 95% positive that my county animal control is no-kill. They have bred pitbulls in the past... I don't know what happens with the pups, but I highly doubt it's good. :(
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Okay TQC, I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

A couple years ago I heard about a school/course/class for personal safety that was offered somewhere in Montreal and I haven't heard of it since. I know I found their website at one point, but that was years ago. I'm considering moving to Montreal in the future, and I want to find this website again and look over it.

The guy who runs the business has a trademark class called "The Ripper" (I think...or something like that) that he does in cities across Canada and the US. The classes at this place aren't martial arts, they're the best ways to fight back when attacked (scratching, going for the eyes, etc.) and they're suppose to be quite good. I think kick boxing was also offered here.

Has anyone heard of this place?
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All About IT.

Hello there,
My dad wants to buy a laptop but with too much brands in the market now, we are confused on which model to get.
Well, we have an acer laptop at the moment and don't wish to have another one.

So can you guys give an idea on what brand and which model is good.

I have macbook in mind.

Thanks in advance.
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We're doing some sort of thermal printing in art, and we're printing our designs onto shirts. My design is a fetus in a womb. It's going to go on the bottom front of the shirt (stomach). I also want to add words to the top, over the chest.

What should the shirt say?


Would you wear a shirt like this? What would you do if you saw a girl wearing this shirt?
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1. Do you know of any good Moroccan or French music / artists that I can listen to?

2. Has anyone here ever been to Morocco? Did you like it?

2a. If you haven't, what's the best country you've visited and what made it so great?

3. If you are prone to depression, or even if you only get depressed occasionally, what are your "triggers"? Weather? A certain person? Money? A certain thought?
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Funny kind of a question:

For a minor point in my undergraduate thesis, I'm trying to argue whether or not Sandra Bullock's star image changed, if even slightly, post-Miss Congeniality. Like, before MC, she played a lot of tomboyish characters, and I'm pretty sure she still plays (mostly) the same kind of characters, but I realized I haven't seen many of her post-MC movies, or at least not recently enough to remember the details of her characters.

So my question is basically, do you think Sandra Bullock's characters from Infamous, The Lake House, Crash, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Murder by Numbers, etc., are more "feminine" than her characters from earlier movies, including 28 Days, Forces of Nature, Practical Magic, Hope Floats, Speed 1 & 2, The Net, and While You Were Sleeping? Feel free to describe specific character/plots to me to jog my memory if you'd like.

Thanks everybody, I appreciate it!
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1. if you watch project runway, who's your favorite designer? who's your favorite contestant (regardless of design abilities)?

2. did anyone see reign over me? is it good?
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My husband and I both have naturally blonde hair, and blue eyes, with very pale skin.
We had decided if our baby was to be a girl, her name would be Ophelia.
If we had a boy, then Victor.

I was telling this to my in law's...
(The incredibly lol-worthy ones from last night...)

And they decided that those two names, sound like they are made for dark haired/dark eyed children.

Uh, I don't really care, we're going to name our kids what we please, but my question is:

1)Do certain names make you think of how someone might look, automatically?
When I think of little blonde haired, blue eyed girls, I think of names Like Autumn, Ellie.

2) What's your name and what are your natural features?
I'm Rachael and my features have been described above.

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Q: If you lost your thumbs in a senseless Wii accident, would you (yourself specifically) feel that you are still more advanced than all the other species on the planet? Or would you feel that you'd be lapsed by intellectual accomplishments made by dolphins, chimpanzees and some pot-bellied pigs?

Edit: no poll


Have you ever gotten a permanent wave in your hair?

After it fell out, how was your hair (was it dry, damaged, ect.)?

How long did it stay?

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What internet shorthand do you use? Under what circumstances? Do you use any shorthand in real life? Any favorites?

Before TQC, I only used a few like lol, gtg, brb. Now many have been added to my e-vocab, like iawtc, i no rite, srsly, etc. and I find it weird because I always hated people who used such shorthand :(

I say "whatev" in real life. "Obv" is my favorite though.
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Is season three of Doctor Who any good?

I've just finished watching Season two and I'm in love with it, but if he's got some new companion who's just shite (I'm going to miss Rose horribly), well, I'd rather not watch it than be disappointed. Though in the end curiosity probably will out and I'll end up watching at least the first couple episodes anyway.

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is there anywhere online that I'd be able to watch tonight's SAG awards?

I'm in Canada and the only channel airing it is SunTV. it's been shaking and scrambled all day and I doubt it'll fix itself in time for the awards. I also have JLC's Internet TV thing and none of the international broadcasters are available on there.

I'm desperate. I'm an awards show junkie.
Fruit kiss!

Good news!

I just found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant, which is good for two reasons: 1) yay for her! and 2) I'm off the hook!

What was the high point of your day?
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Cholesterol Question

I recently donated blood and they are doing this thing where you can go online and see your cholesterol levels 3-5 days after you give blood. Well I looked at mine and it said my cholesterol level was 228! WTF mostly! I'm 19, I work out 5 days a week for at least 45 min. and I haven't had soda, chips, etc. in almost 2 years!!!

So my question to you, is it possible to have extremely high level of HDL  (good) and low levels of LDL (bad) and they just didn't seperate the two when they told me my level?

 I'm really worried now...

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In re:  "Where do you hide a black/white person's food stamps..."

Did anyone have a shit-fit over the "white person" rendition?

Edit:  Does anyone have the link for that?

EDIT THE SECOND!  Thanks, found the post!

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Why is it always so hard to say goodbye? I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months so far. We're both in college, but go to different schools that are 165 miles apart. The two of us are in such a serious relationship at this point, with talk of living together after I graduate, and marriage in our future. We both knew getting into the relationship that we were going to be apart a lot of the time. It's always so bad when the two of us see each other on a weekend and the weekend ends. Why does it not get any easier?

Edit: We don't see each other every weekend. I really made it sound like we do. We usually see each other once or twice a month if we're lucky. We don't always have the money for the gas to make the drive, and most of our relationship, I haven't had a reliable enough car to know if it would be able to even make it back to my house.

We do keep in touch daily, whether it's IM, phone, or texts. But I guess I just thought the longer we were together, the easier it would be spending gaps apart. But that really doesn't seem to be the case.

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 What should I ask my dad for for my 18th birthday?

I'm trying to choose between a new lappy, bongos, a pink sewing machine, or feeding one of those children from Feed the Children.  I can do the kid thing on my own though, so it's not a good gift idea.

Any other ideas?  I really can't think of anything I actually want so I might go with a raincheck.

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mouse trauma

Six months ago I was sleeping peacefully in my bed when I awoke to noice a small shape (a mouse) scurrying across my bed.
Since then I have slept in the guest room because I have been too traumatized to go back to my bed.

So TQC, how can I get over the post traumatic stress of this event?
Has anything similar or gross happened to you?


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Ladies, you're on a packed train standing and a man offers you his seat. Are you:

a. flattered that there is still "chivalry" in this world
b. insulted that he thinks you should sit because you're female

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Lit majors, what on God's green earth is "mood tone"?

Disclaimer: this is not my homework. The owner of the homework has asked numerous people including a relative who said "12" when she said she had a question for him. So, either we find the definition, or 12 it is! :)

If you can help, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

Oh oh, and the other questionable one is "concrete symbol" but we googled this one (as well as the other, with much less luck) and we came up with "concrete representations of an idea" ... is this correct?
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I'm reading something that says "The URS is headquartered in Minnesota." Neither Word nor Firefox pick up on "headquartered" as a misspelled world, but it sounds terrible to me to use "headquarter" as a verb. What do you think, TQC?

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1. Do you like getting those e-mail friendship circle things (I am your friend because/we're good friends/send this to 10 friends etc)
2. What is/are your favorite kind/s of ethnic food
3. What is your favorite sea mammal?
4. Kayaking or canoing?
5. When somebody posts opinion questions (such as this) do you like/care if the poster gives their answers

my answers (like it or not :P)
1. No, much as I like my friends I find them annoying and pointless-at least if I get them regularly-especially if they tell/ask you to send it to ____ more people
2. Middle Eastern and Mexican
3. orca
4. kayaking
5. I don't need them to, but I generally like to see what they (and others) put.

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Since my last post was about eye color, this time I'm gonna switch it up a bit.

1a. What is your natural hair color?
1b. Parents natural hair colors?
1c. Siblings natural hair colors?
1d. Who doesn't have their natural hair color?

1a. My natural hair color is a medium brown with reddish/copperish highlights.
1b. My mom's natural color is dark brown and my dad's natural color is almost black.
1c. My brother has dark brown hair.
1d. I dye my hair a reddish color, my mom dyes her hair a medium/dark brown to cover up grey hairs, and my dad has salt and pepper hair (mostly salt, though). My brother is the only one who still has his natural hair color, and he wants me to dye his hair blond.
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I have been to two separate psychotherapists for anxiety/depression. I never felt any different/better after a session with either of them. Am I doing something wrong here? I feel like there's not a point to going if it's not helping anything.

Did therapy work for you? What did you do/talk about during your sessions?

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Do you read fanfiction? If you do, what's your favorite thing to have in a story? If you don't, what would it take for you to start, like, what would the fic need to guarantee for you to try it?

I adore fanfiction, but I'm really picky about writing quality. I love stories that explore the hows and whys of a universe that isn't addressed in the story itself, like how magic wands actually work, or what diplomacy involves when both parties are ninjas.
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1. there was a post a few days ago about online survey sites where you get money. are there legit ones where you can actually get money, without signing up for a ton of useless & annoying shit? what are they?

2. how much are you annoyed by people that say they are lactose-intolerant, but then you always see them eating ice cream, cream sauce, etc.?

3. what's your favorite kind of cookie?
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Who's going to make me dinner? I'll repay you in a most kind manner of your choosing.
( I can crochet! )

So, what're you making me and what do you want in return?
Let's go people.
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sickness question

okay so two nights ago at about this time my friends and i went out to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner. Both my friend and I got crab cake sandwiches. Afterwards we went to a friends house and I'd say that within an hour of leaving the restaurant my friend was in the bathroom throwing up. He went home and threw up some more there... I felt fine. Later his boyfriend told me he'd been feeling sort of queasy earlier in the day and he thought it might be the flu even though he'd previously blamed the crab cakes.

Today I feel sort of achy in my stomach but haven't gotten sick... no one else we were around or went to dinner with has been sick. My friend says he feels a "little bit" better but I guess he's still sick. Everyone in this area who has had the stomach flu (my girlfriend's cousins and brother and best friend) has felt better the next day without fail.

Do you think it is food poisoning or the stomach flu? What is the chance that I wouldn't get food poisoning from eating the same food (albeit off of different plates). If it is either of these things do you think I'm in the clear now or do you think there's a chance that I'll still get sick? I haven't been eating much and have been drinking lots of gingerale... I HATE throwing up. What other things do you recommend (I also took an Airborne yesterday) to prevent me from throwing up?
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Will you tell me about your worst roommate, and all the horrible things they did? :D

Or, how about your BEST roommate, and how they were great?
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We're looking for ways to cut back on monthly expenses, and we've pretty much come to the decision that we can live a happy life without cable television. Do you live happily without cable television? Unfortunately though, we both love our internet, so high-speed is a must. Does DSL suck as much as I hear it does? We don't really want a land-line phone anyway, so that rules DSL out regardless. Also, can you think of anything cheaper than $45 (plus taxes/fees) through Comcast for internet alone? We're in the Chicago area.
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Please and thank you.

2 questions my dears:

1.) I have finally decided to get a breast augmentation in July. Has anyone here had one? Experiences please?

2.) My SO will be leaving for Iraq on Valentine's day, shitty timing eh? Does anyone know of good websites that have "I support my troops" type shirts? Cute, girly stuff? He is in the Air Force if that helps.

**Thank you**

EDIT: Since when did TQC become so fucking rude? Jealous much?
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so, I was watching CSI on Spike this afternoon (at 5 I think) and I just turned the tv on, and it's the same damn episode! Why would they do that? Aren't there hundreds of CSIs to chose from? I love CSI and now I'm annoyed.
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What do you do when the people close to you aren't supportive at all? Will you support me, TQC? :(

I told my family I wanted to change my major from graphic design to criminal justice and basically got laughed out of the room. My boyfriend's reaction was almost the same, but with a lot more concern about income.

Do you have any super secret family recipes? What kind of dish is the recipe for?
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[21:03] me: mmmmm spam
[21:04] friend: ......ew.
[21:04] friend: LOL i seriously cant get over the name.
[21:04] friend: maybe if it was named something not so gross sounding
[21:04] me: lol me neither, it should be called god's greatest food though

Seriously, do you like spam? If you were to rename it, what would you call it?
Bad Hair Day

(no subject)

1. If you are someone that has had a pedicure, how often do you get them?

2. What is your career? (or what are you studying to become)

3. What other countries have you been too besides your own?

4. How bad are split-ends for you?
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I was pouring myself some water and noticed an expiration date on my gallon of spring water.

Does your water have an expiration date?

How exactly does water expire?

(no subject)

Are you excited for Ironman?

The new movie is giving me hope for Hellboy. Should I read the series?

Oh...as a follow up to a previous post, my Petsmart doesn't carry crayfish. In fact, when I asked a lady that worked there, this is what happened:

Me: Do you have crayfish?
Her: No...what do they look like?
Me: Like mini-lobsters.
Her: Oh, well, no, but we have shrimp down there. [points]
I go down there...there are no shrimp. She was talking about hermit crabs.

TQC, do you have a story about extraordinary stupidity from store workers?

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Dear TQC,
My birthday is soon. I do not find myself wanting anything, so I figure I'll ask for things I know I'll need. I live with roommates atm, so none of the appliances/etc are owned by me.

What are some basic things everyone needs when they start living by themselves?

Fuck it, what are some basic things everyone needs, period.

PS: I already have a rhinestone Hello Kitty vibrator, so I'll not be needing another.
Give Peace A Chance

Holding on to things

What do you keep? Do you keep all the emails from your favorite aunt? Do you keep every scrap of paper your mom sent you? Are you able to look at a website that someone sends you and then delete it, or do you feel a need to bookmark it or leave it in a tab for a long time? Do you throw things away/delete them and then realize you wish you hadn't?

I'm feeling very pack-ratty today...

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I just got a really nice set of nonstick pots and pans from my inlaws. I've never really had *nice* cookware that I felt I needed to take care of. I've read all the info that came with it about what kind of temperatures it can tolerate and how to clean it/remove any residue that might build up. The one thing that it doesn't mention is the proper way to store them. I'm afraid to just stack them. I feel like that would scratch up the surfaces.

So, how would you/do you go about storing pots and pans without scratching them up?

Oh, and for added difficulty, I live in a rented apartment so I can't screw into the walls for a mounting board or rack.


Good 'eve. 
 I'm wanting to purchase my very first SLR this coming month. 
Any recommendations?
I heard the Canon Digital Rebel XTI was really great.
I also heard Nikon makes a really great SLR.
Canon or Nikon?
Thanks for all your help.

(no subject)

what did you do today?
do you have photo evidence?

on a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a whining bitch do you think tits mcgee is?

what's your favorite Canadian thing?

how many times did you get some this week? brain? etc?
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 my best friend moved away to college this semester and i want to send him a care package.

1. what should i send him?
2. what would you want in a care package?
3. do you remember who the last person was that you met? were they pretty cool?
4. what does your favorite shirt look like?
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I've tried looking all over the Netflix site, but I cannot seem to find an answer to my question. Maybe it's right in front of my face, who knows.

Anyways, I was thinking about signing up for the $8.99 per month deal where I can have only 1 DVD out, but unlimited times per month. How does this work if I want to rent, say, a TV DVD series? For example: The Office season one. Do they just send one disc at a time, or all 3-4 discs for the season?
Anyone know?

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What did you eat today?

Breakfast - Cocoa pebbles in fat free milk, 1.5 slices of pound cake.
Lunch - Crispy ranch snack wrap from McDonald's, 4 bagel bites, handful or so of cheddar soy chips
Mid afternoon snack - Double decker taco thing from Taco Bell
Dinner - Curly fries, sirloin steak melt, root beer from Jack in the Box

my stomach is the size of antarctica right now.

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There's a kid outsidemy neighbor's house leaning on his car horn, and he's been honking almost nonstop for ten minutes. He's a smarmy little bastard and does this all the time and I don't like him. Should I go outside and tell him to kindly STFU or should I just throw a brick at the car?

puppy essentials

I'm getting a new puppy in the near future. Besides the basics (food, collar, leash, crate, etc) what items would you recommend me getting to make life easier? I've already had a recommendation for a puppy kong to keep her entertained, and also for a small playpen to put her in when I am cooking or doing stuff around the house.

I am planning on crate training her. Any advice?
pushing off

(no subject)

What's a way I can stop sneezing? I'm sick and I'm sneezing at least once a minute. There is no way I can get to sleep tonight, let alone go to school in the morning if I'm sneezing this often as as hard as I am. My neighbour actually came over and asked if I was okay and he lives 10 yards away from me because I was sneezing so loud.

Is there a drug or some weird cure to help me?
brand new, blood in my veins


Do your parents (if they're still alive and you're in contact with them, i mean) remember your birthday?
How do they celebrate the occasion? 
Do they still buy you presents for Christmas, and the like?

What about your siblings?

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Have you ever had surgery? What for?

Yes, twice. A couple years ago I had to get a plantars wart cut out of my foot. Yeah, that was fun. I couldn't walk for days.

The other time, my 12 year old brother was driving us (my half-sister and I) around in the Collapse ). He made a really sharp turn and then said, "look at the wheels!" and did it again. That made it tip over on top of me (I was on the right). I ended up dislocating my elbow and had to get it popped back in place. I also broke a bone in my foot. They gave me this really awesome drug and I remember laughing a lot. It worked out great because it happened in May, and I got to stay home the rest of the year and got out of taking finals!

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TQC, where did I put my Gold Bond itch cream stuff?
It's always right next to my bed and (of course) I clean my room and it vanishes! When i actually need it!

I have a little hive break out, due to stress (and a lot of it) between personal stuff and school starting tomorrow.

What can I use as a substitute for Gold Bond (or other products like that) to make my hives feel a littttttttle better?
hate pimentos

(no subject)

If you had to pick between a prescription drug that really helped your chronic, but not debilitating,  physical pain, or being rather constipated for as long as you took the medicine, which would you choose and why?

ETA: if you choose to take the first drug and then another to clear the constipation, would you be willing to deal with the possible side effects of the laxatives, or would you want to take another pill to clear those?

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1. what's the funniest generic name you've seen?
'Dr. Perky', which is a food lion knock off of Dr. Pepper

2. do you like salt & vinegar chips? which brand do you like the most?
I'm eating some salt & vinegar Cape Cod chips. those Snyder of Hanover S&V chips are really delicious.

3. on a scale of 1-10 (1 being 'hate it', 10 being 'love it') how much do you like feeling sore after a night of rough sex?
I'd give it an 8.