January 26th, 2008


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I have seen so many commercials wherein the women in the commercials are always having to save the men from themselves, regardless of the subject. The men in these commercials are generally so stupid that they would die if not for the long-suffering attention of the women involved.

The commercial that inspired the question, for instance, is an H&R Block commercial in which the man bought a tax-filing software and the woman made him tell the box that he was stuck, since the box didn't come with people to fix the problem. Another commercial says that you have to basically fool guys into eating healthy. "He'll never know it's healthy!"

So TQC, here is my question: Can anyone here think of a commercial made recently that goes against this trend? Can anyone think of a single commercial where the guy saves the girl from her own foolishness or that relates a story where the girl screws up and the guy fixes it? I can't remember a single one.

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True or false, Brian May is a sexy bastard?

True, oh and to take you back a day or two, when I asked about the red special, it referred to the guitar he made from an old fireplace mantal excuse me, mantle-pardon that silly error-there, now all the grammar Nazis won't keel over in the agony of a periodic error and cause the stick up their ass to impale their innards and sever their spine.
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Have you ever been on a merry-go-around? I'm getting nostalgic and want to find one, but I don't think they put them in new parks. I haven't seen one in ages.

Edit: I'm referring to the push kind, not the carousel ride.
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Have you ever had Reese's Dark Chocolate? Were they as blissful as they sound?

Have you ever had anything turkey that was spicy? Thoughts? Does "spicy turkey" sound frightening to you?

Have you ever called up pizza delivery to order just an appetizer?

I want Pizza Hut's Boneless Buffalo Wings sooooo bad and I keep adding them to my cart but then deciding that is too much to pay for fricken Buffalo Wings.

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Is it normal for kittens to be a bit lethargic and sore after their first vaccinations?

I brought my 2 new kittens for their first vaccinations this morning and tonight they just want to laze about and sleep and one is very sore around the injection site and cries out when his brother steps on him. I haven't had kittens in 10+ years (I have 2 adult cats) so I feel like a total kitten-n00b.

Of course if they don't perk up in a day or get worse, I'll be calling my vet immediately. But I wanted to see what was usual in others' experiences. Thanks!

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Settle a debate, plz!

What is the most likely outcome of a man illegally parachuting off of the Empire State Building?

A.) He could very likely hurt people by landing on them, cause a traffic accident, push someone into traffic, etc.

B.) No one would really get hurt. There is a small chance he may cause a traffic accident, but the crowds could be cleared by yelling "watch out!" very easily.

Also, does one always have to hit the ground running when they land in a parachute? They're not slow, right?

Also, can you guys validate how right I am, and how wrong njyoder, who chose option B is?

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 do you ever think about how weird the concept of babies and birth is?
 am i the only one who gets really weirded out at the fact that babies are like parasites?

if you had a lesbian/gay lover would you adopt, get a surrogate or get donated sperm if you wanted to have a baby?
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I'm leaving for college tomorrow and will be missing my boyfriend terribly.
He has given me a blanket of his to take with me for when I get sad and miss being with him.
My question is, what does a girl give her boyfriend?
Guys always give their shirts, hoodies, and things like that, but what should a girl give?
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Would you rather battle zombies with the weapon of your choice or join in the epic battle between pirates and ninjas?

If the former, which weapon would you choose?

If the latter, which side would you join?

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Is it selfish of me to see my friends throwing birthday parties for other people and wish that someone would throw a party for me? Even if no one would come, because my birthday is in the summer and therefore everyone is at home?
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Cell phones on buses

Is an otherwise quiet public bus a good time for a long chat on your cell phone? Today on the bus from Seattle to North Bend --an hour and a half ride-- someone was talking loudly on her phone THE WHOLE TIME. The side of the conversation I could hear went like this:

"You're dating someone new? What does he look like? Does he have a younger brother? I don't date men who are shorter than me, and he can't be too scrawny. I like to feel protected. But muscles that are TOO big are gross too.... No, I won't date a truck driver! Hold on a second, I just got a text message...... Sarah said she's making cheesecake for tomorrow. Are you gonna be there? No, don't bring Cheetos, eww!"

Would it have been appropriate to ask her to wrap it up? What would you have done? I really wanted to read my book.
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Would you rather be young but foolish and inexperienced (in the way youth tends to be), or old but wise and knowledgeable?

My answer/reason for asking: I say I'd rather be older but wiser, because I feel so young and stupid. But my 64-year old professor laughed at me and said he'd take youth any day.
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I wonder..

What are your quirks/little things you "HAVE" to do all the time?

* HAVE to clean my ears after every shower
* HAVE to smooth my eyebrows with my fingers about every 2 min
* HAVE to use a straw in a restaurant
* HAVE to smell everything
* HAVE to cover my left ear with my comforter when i want to go to sleep
* HAVE to make sure I am the last one to look when having sudden eye contact with someone
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Is it funny to hit a girl in the face with a dong?

Never tried

Ladies, do you like to get hit in the face with a dong? Males, do you like hitting people in the face with your dong?

Never tried

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So this morning my sister found out she got into the college of her choice.

1. Should I gloat like hell at school even though the news isn't mine?

2. Do you find it hard to happy for other people?

I feel like I should gloat, but I honestly don't care that much. Guess I'm a bitch.

Overnight packs on airlines.

Do they give overnight packs (toothbrush's, tooth paste etc) to people in Economy seats on international overnight trips?

I'm flying Cathay Pacific from Sydney to Hong Kong tomorrow and I need to know if I should keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in my hand luggage or not :P

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How can turtles shit so much? That amount of crap is horribly disproportionate to their size, I'm sure of it. They have a diet of pellets, dried krill, and fresh fruits and veggies, I know that all their nutritional needs are covered, but should I still be doing live feeding with them?

Do you have a wall/desk calendar? What kind is it?

dahlia 2


When you think of a space that is filled with all sorts of objects, doesn't matter what theme (if there even is one), only lots of objects, what sort of space comes to mind? Real or fantastical.

Things like dragon lairs, second-hand shops, children's toyboxes...
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Sigh... I kinda fail...

I just made a community about second brides and unconventional weddings, and I want to pimp it out. I know there's a comm out there in LJ-Land where I can do so, but I can't find it. :-\


Found! Thanks!

Follow-up question: Has anybody been to a wedding where the bride and/or groom has been married before? Was it fancy-schmancy or low-key? Anything different from a first wedding done?
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Is Dave Coulier really dead? Or is someone messing with me?

Edit: I read this on Wikipedia this morning, but now it's gone:

"Comedian, and Michigan native Dave Coulier died tragically Friday evening during a charity hockey game in Taylor, Michigan. Coulier, best known for his work in ABC’s TGIF sitcom, Full House, was participating in a charity hockey game when a center ice hit seemingly cost him his life. Coulier was involved in a collision early in the game and had to be helped to the locker room. On site medics reported that Coulier laid down on the trainers table, complained of shooting pains in his abdomen, and died fifteen minutes later. Police have stated that an autopsy will be scheduled tomorrow, Saturday, January 26, 2008."
stock- scary girl!

Freshwater fish

I am getting a free fish tank from a friend and want to make it a freshwater tank. What kinds of fish do you recommend getting?

Include pictures or links if possible.

***ETA: It is a 30-gallon tank.


For anyone who saw the movie last night, can anyone tell me who the asian guy is in the group of mercenaries? He looked so familiar but I couldnt place a finger on who he is. Ive been dying to know cuz I was totally crushing on him for the little amount of time he was in the movie :)



the kid I am watching today is grounded. (he's 6)
grounded from t.v., video games, computer, going out side and playing with his friends..

what can sort of stuff can we do so he is entertained and not trying to dirve me up a wall?
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SVU Fans Hollerrrrrr

Hey, I've got some questions for Law & Order: SVU fans.

1.) I'm thinking about buying one of the seasons on DVD (I have to have something to watch in between classes when only reruns of Rock of Love are on VH1). Any suggestions as to which season I should buy?

2.) Who's Your Fav. Character?
I have to go with Olivia. She's so fierce. However, John Munch falls in a close second.
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How would you feel if your husband (or boyfriend) giggled at your accent infront of his friends, but not at home?

What about if he introduced you as, "THIS IS MY POLISH WIFE."?

What if he started mocking you on some of the words you say?

How do you get over it if you know he's only kidding, but it sort of hurts your feelings anyway?

How do you get rid of a Polish accent?

For example, I can't make the "th" sound, because there is no "th" sound in Polish. I say "Sit in seh chair, sank you" and crap like that, which isn't even really that noticeable, but it bothers me when he repeats words in my accent, like "Sank you for seh hut dog." Because he only does it infront of his friends.

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What resource do you use to find out the music you like that you hear on TV shows you watch that does not have lyrics?

ps thank you so much for recommending google. this has been very eye-opening.


1. How attractive do you think you are on a scale from 1-10? Male or Female?
2. Do you think that many ugly people exist?
3. Do you sometimes get drawn to more attractive people without meaning to? (ie subconsciously you find them more interesting).
4. If you want to change your appearance (lose weight, plastic surgery), why? For yourself or others?
5. Did you grow up wishing to be beautiful?

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The other day I bought two items which were on sale at 2 for $40 (original price was $30 each). I now want to return one of the items. Will I get $20 back, or will I only get $10 since I no longer (technically) bought two items?
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Why might ONE particular tooth feel colder than the rest when I breathe in, and should I be concerned? There's no visible damage to the tooth, nothing has happened to it to make it feel this way, my lip ring never touches that tooth, and I don't have a cavity.

EDIT: I got off my lazy bum and googled it. The consensus appears to be that as long as the cold feeling doesn't linger after I stop breathing, it's nothing to worry about for now. I'll go to the dentist one of these days and have it looked at.

New question! What temperature is it where you live...RIGHT NOW??
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I think I'm hypoglycemic. At least that's what my doctor deduced after doing some diabetes tests and hearing my symptoms (I didn't actually get the blood sugar test done though).

My sugar is constantly dropping. I've heard of alot people having it but their sugar doesn't seem to drop that often. I'd say mine drops at least once a week. I have sugar pills which I take when it drops but they don't work as quickly as I'd like and whenever it drops I basically have to stop whatever I'm doing and take a pill or eat something sweet (followed by something a little more substantial ) and then wait until I feel better (half hour to an hour). I've talked to my doctor about it. He told me I shouldn't only eat something sweet when my sugar goes low because then it will spike up and drop again. (which is why I now eat something else to balance it or whatever)

What foods should I stay away from that could be causing my sugar to drop so often?

Wouldn't be the first time I've been called an a-hole...

A dear friend of mine of 7 years weighs more than 600 lbs. The topic rarely comes up, maybe if we're talking about baseball game seating or airplanes. I have a new leather couch. I don't want him to sit on it. The one time he's come over since I got the couch I set out benches and chairs and he went straight for the couch. Left a large saggy divot (that mostly recovered) and scratched the floor when he pushed the couch backwards. We're having people over for Superbowl and there will be benches and chairs set out, but I know he'll gravitate to the couch. Do I suck it up and ignore it or find a way to gently ask him not to sit on the couch?

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Is there anything you used to eat as a kid that once you got older you realized how bad it was for you and don't eat it anymore?

I can't believe I used to eat mayonnaise and cheese sandwiches. I gave up soda too a few years back.

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Have you ever had pneumonia?
What do you do to make yourself feel better when you have pneumonia, or bronchitis, or any other kind of cough really?
I feel like crap, and I think I've tried all of the normal feel better things...(breathing steam, cough medicine, chicken noodle soup).
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Is there such a thing as curling mousse for straight hair?
If yes, does it actually work?

Are the home chemical curling kits horribly destructive and nasty,
or do they _actually_ work quite well and are easy?
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Every once in a while I'll see a white oval sticker on a car that has uppercase letters in it. The edge of the oval is outlined in black. I saw one with the letters USA on it today, but I know I've seen others just like it with different letters in them before. What are these stickers for, TQC?
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Does anyone have an i580? I just ordered one because my phone is slowly dying... Right now I have a i560 and I LOVE how rugged it is... I've dropped it out of moving ambulances before and it's only got a tiny little scratch on it... Are the i580's that rugged or am I going to have to be more careful with it? Also, how quickly do you get text messages on the i580? Recently it has been taking me HOURS to get texts... That's actually my main reason for getting the new phone... Well, in addition to the fact that I finally want a camera phone... So yeah, give me opinions of the i580!!!
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1. "i'm bored" question: i have art homework to do this weekend, but i can't work on it until the sun goes down (because i am finicky and can't stand natural sunlight while i'm drawing). what should i do until then to occupy my time? the internet says that i have ~two hours to kill before sunset.

2. i was thinking about cooking this, minus the worcestershire. do you think it will be good or gross?

3. i'm also in a really rotten mood today, because something loud woke me up this morning and i'm cold and bitchy and annoyed at everything. what can i do to stop being so grumpy?

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I just got an AIM message that says this:

HorseMulcher: your friends only posts have been stolen: http://zsolarstar.on.nimp.org/?=bantown

I replied but got no answer. Wtf is this? One of those virus-via-AIM things?


new phone

I'm eligible for my new verizon phone and I think I am going to get the green Lg enV.  I pretty much only use my phone to talk and text (and I don't really do too much of either).  I have an ipod so maybe if it died I would use my phone for music, but that's not a feature that's super important to me.  I might use it to take pictures sometimes, but not often.  Is the enV a good phone for me?    
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I watched the movie Pleasantville again last night and it reminded me how much I like Fiona Apple (she does the song at the end). So now I'm on a Fiona Apple kick, but I'd like to explore other artists similar to her. Any recommendations? Normally I'm much more into rock-type stuff (man, I've been in love with Clutch lately), so this interest is striking me as odd, but I like it.
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Fabulous 40

For your good mates 40th birthday, what would you get them?

For the record, I have the hookers and blow lined up, but that's the midnight surprise. I need something she can open in more mixed company.
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TQC why is there a large loud group of primarily African-American females outside my window screaming and laughing and just carrying on in general. Some of them sound angry, I think, but I can't make out any words. Is a fight about to break out? Should I grab my camera and some Jell-o or something, or...what?

(Does this group have anything to do with the girls on my floor who like to cackle at the top of their lungs for hours on end?)

Also are you finicky about the taste of your tap water?

Did you have a favorite Power Ranger?

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1. A thief has just broken into your home, armed only with a switch blade. With what weapon would you feel most comfortable confronting him - a gun, knife, sword, or baseball bat? Or something else?

2. Do you feel you are a brave person? Do you feel brave actions are often stupid actions?


What's the best way to get over a phobia? Does "facing your fears" actually work? .
i.e...I have a fear of heights, so if I were to make myself go stand on something real tall or go bungee jumping or something, would I be cured?


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I'm thinking of changing my major, TQC. I've always wanted to help people and make a difference, but I'm majoring in graphic design mostly because I didn't know what else to do and it was something I'm good at. Now I'm thinking of switching to a criminal justice major and becoming a police officer or maybe even a detective. My only problem is my parents. My dad is a police officer and he's always wanted my brother to take up his badge, how would he react to his daughter wanting to be a cop?

Have any of you ever switched to a completely different major? How did things work out for you?

Anyone here in law enforcement?

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I was thinking about earlier when somebody asked about the finger-pricking test at the doctor

Well, I was wondering, why can't they rub something on your finger before they give it-the way the dentist does before giving you a shot?

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Where's the *hash* button on my macbook keyboard?!
You know, the sort of cross-hatch to the side thingy.
The road sign for a castle pushed to the side.

EDIT: ok, it's alt + 3. That's weird.
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I watched the Big Lebowski earlier today and now have "Viva Las Vegas" stuck in my head.  What song is stuck in your head right now?

Also, what is your favorite cover song?  Mine is Placebo's cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill".

song searching..

so i heard this song the other day at one of my dance rehearsals, but no one seems to know the name of it..

it's like a dance rock song .. kind of like "i like the way you move" 
all i can remember from the words are something like.. "big bad girl.... sexy sexy mama... she means everything to me"

if you guys have any idea what song this is, it'd be much appreciated :]]

and if not:
what's your favorite capote book?
who's your favorite author?
what are you doing this weekend?

Girls with Tattoos

What do you fine people think of girls with tattoos?  Because I'm thinking of getting one.  A *big* one.  On my back.

I'm just curious, that's all.
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in the past, my mother has told me that "killing them with kindness" has always been the best way to deal with situations.

at the time, it did, but now when i look back on things like this (i mean, from like, 12 years ago) i get so so angry that i didn't deal with it in a more fulfilling way.

for example:
1. i was basically tortured in elementary and middle school because i was poor and smart. instead of ever telling a teacher or fighting back, i just ignored it and then cried whenever i got home.
2. last year, my roommates were absolutely awful to me. they were the worst; they'd wait to go to a movie the second that i hopped in the shower so that they wouldn't have to ask me (you know, because i was "busy") or they'd go to the grocery store without me, even when i had expressed that i wanted to go too (and i was without a vehicle). i was very nice to them and one day, when i heard them badmouthing me very loudly across the apartment, i decided that i was done with it, and i moved out. i barely see them now, but i am angry that i didn't try to ruin their things or leave them nasty notes or ask for the money back that i had lent them or anything like that.

i hate that i get so bitter and angry about things in the past, but i cannot seem to let it go. i should say that i'm not a big fan of confrontations and it doesn't feel worth it sometimes to even try to fight back.

any suggestions? really, i feel like the only way that i'd ever be satisfied was if i could punch all of them and tell them about what crappy people they are, and then punch them again. obviously, that isn't and can't happen, so i feel stuck.

oh, i should say that i feel a bit of goodness because the people in elementary school are now being the big skanks in college, posting half naked pictures of themselves on facebook and are failing out of college. well, that makes me happy a tiny bit, but definitely not enough to feel satisfied.

what do i do? should i write them letters? go talk to a counselor?

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i have a free night and i'm not sure what to do with it.
should i:
1. stay home, clean my room, play the guitar, and read, maybe watch a movie.
2. go to barnes and noble and get some starbucks.
3. see the school play of antigone and get 5 extra credit points for it
4. other...?
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Break time

What do you usually get out of a vending machine?

I got a Kit Kat on my break. I thought that the "large size" just meant more sticks of the same, normal sized sticks. BUT NO! Holy MOLEY! There are just two incredibly huge sticks. Very strange-ish!
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i was at the apple store on thursday, and on one of the computers, some one had opened a website that had a polaroid of jason schwartzman ( i believe ) and it may have been something like the un ____ .com.

anyone have any ideas?
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While thinking about risque sex five posts prior, have you gotten caught while having risque sex? If so, where? What happened?

Also, what do you have on the walls in your room?

A cop caught us once in the car in a parking lot of the town's local pool during winter when the pool was closed. lol

I have pictures, chapstick, a pen, a nail file, nail clippers, a calendar, stickers/decals, a keychain, and two bluetooth headsets are stuck on my wall.

DS question.

I recently ordered a Nintendo DS online, and it said the voltage was 110. At the time I wasn't worried, but now I'm kinda concerned that it might not work here. It's a japanese DS and I live in America. Will it work fine, or do I need some sort of adapter? What kind of adapter would I need? :\

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The TQC Christmas gift swap thing was kind of cool, but I think that we should do something for Patty's Day. Which idea would you sooner promote?

Send a card to another TQC person. Though, you must do so stinking drunk
Send something green to another TQC person
Raid a box of Lucky Charms, and send each other pink hearts, or yellow moons, or purple horseshoes, or any marshmellow theme
Small box of green vomit from the previous night's debauchery is sent to someone at random in this community
Like Pat, a picture post is made on March 17 where everybody looks as androgenous as humanly possible
Picture post in TQC where everybody wears the most scandalous green-colored clothing they own
Gathering of TQC-ers, where we dwarf-toss short people who are dressed like leprachauns
Start a feud with another community in LJ, that will erupt in a fisticuffin' donneybrook
Phonesex with various TQC members, who have to do so with an Irish accent
TQC Patty's Day party, where we beat a pinata in the shape of Colin Farrel, until he bursts and showers potatoes and cabbage to the floor
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What's wrong with my family.

How do you respond to this situation?

(Background info: I haven't told my mother or mother-in-law I'm pregnant yet, but my husband and sister and law know. She is also pregnant. Her name is Hillary)

Me: (I am drinking a can of Dr. Pepper) "Hillary, when do you start getting pregnancy cravings?
Hillary: (Is drinking a beer) "I don't know, but you should probably not drink soda while you're pregnant."


Nate(her husband): (While eating mayonnaise out of a jar) "Yeah soda is so bad for you."

My mother in law: "You're PREGNANT? IS IT CHRISTIAN'S?" (She thinks I'm some kind of whore, even though my husband was my first boyfriend/first person I ever kissed...

My mom: "Eh, I smoked pot a lot when I was pregnant with you, soda won't kill your baby."


Random questions: relationships, death, yellow dresses, oh my!

1. I'm kinda tired of my boyfriend, and all his crap. The tipping point is when he called me last night, only to say "Hey, I gotta go in five minutes. I'm hanging out with my ex." We've been together for like a month, maybe a little longer, but I just can't trust him. Maybe it's my issue, because I don't want an SO; maybe it's his issue, because as soon as he went back to college, he's hanging out with the girl he dumped for me. Anyway, since it's long distance, what's the most tactful way of breaking up with someone? Wait until I'm supposed to visit him next weekend and see him in person, or can I just skip the six hour round trip drive?

+ Also: Should I let him know how I feel now (the fact I don't trust him), or just break up with him quickly and (hopefully) painlessly.

2. Is there any catastrophic insurance companies in new york? Bare bones insurance?

3. I'm looking for some casual, inexpensive ($25 or less) dresses for spring. Any ideas? (This Q X posted)

4. Name this song! There's a diamond commercial (or something) with an older couple in a car, and it's snowing. The song is by a male, with a guitar, and goes "I think that quite possibly I've fallen for you/I've seen the paths your eyes wander to"

5. Have you ever taken an online class? What did you think? Any success tips?

6. Favorite flavor of Koolaid?

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What do you do with checks for miniscule amounts? I just paid my car off and apparently overpaid by $0.32 so they sent me a refund. It doesn't even seem worth my time to put it in the bank.

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I have to wait eleven more days. What do you do when you have to wait? How do you make time go faster?

VH1's Top 100 Songs of the 90s is on. What do you think will be in the top 100 songs of the...2000s? (What do you call the first decade?)

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Inspired by my afternoon's activities: what is better, a bacon sandwich or sex?

What is your favourite simple dish to cook? [And I don't mean microwave meals or shove straight in the oven!]
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whats something that has frustrated you today?

i'm currently working on my material science homework, and its on electron configurations. i know i did these back in gen chem 3 years ago, and i cannot for the life of me remember how to do them! i keep getting the answers wrong... its starting to irritate me
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Babysitting on a Saturday night for a miniscule amount of cash blows, however, it will be the only $$ i have to my name.

What are three (or more) items of clothing you really want?
What is one thing that you long for?
Would you trade your life for anothers if you had the chance?

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My boyfriend and I are having another disagreement, help us solve it.

Would the average English-speaking person know the following words and what they mean, roughly?

1. regal
2. robust
3. opaque
4. translucent
5. synonym
6. antonym

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More Computer Things!

My boyfriend is running on Windows XP, and s using AIM 6. How does he turn off the emoticon art? He doesn't like it and wants to turn it off so that only the texty smileys come up.
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dear TQC

Our 69 VW Bug was illegally repossessed. The man we bought it from said he was taking it in for a repair (it broke down for like the 20th time in front of Starbucks on Wednesday) and hasn't called us since then. We finally got in touch with his wife this morning, who said that we needed to pay the remaining balance on the vehicle ($450 out of $2500) before we could get the car back. WTF?! We just made a $200 payment, so it's not like we've been deadbeats. We talked to the sheriff's department in his county, and the "law is on our side," but we will have to take him to court to get the car or our $2050 back, and we need a car NOW. So what do you think we should do? We could technically afford the $450, but it would come out of our moving budget, and it would be rewarding the terrorists. We still have YET to talk to this dude and not his wife, and apparently it was all "her idea" and not his (according to one of his friends). Should we just show up at his property tonight, demanding the car, holding like some chains or maybe swinging a sword intimidatingly?

Also, we were supposed to go to a party tonight at a potential landlords house. This guys rental property is perfect for us, in a great area of town, totally what we are looking for, AND it's supposed to be a great party. We could take the bus downtown, but it will take fucking TWO HOURS and we will have to spend the night at a friends house, suck. Should we hang back and hope to hear about the bug or should we go spend a fun 2 hours on public transportation? We could take a cab but it's $40. It's been a shitty day, should we treat ourselves? 

Does anybody else HATE living in the suburbs? I feel totally trapped.
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Two of my friends just had a baby together and I want to put a nice note in the card. The card already says congratulations so I'm looking for something sweeter and more heartfelt.

What should I say?

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What's a good shampoo for dry scalp? I was using Head and Shoulders which works well but I like to switch shampoos every so often since I've heard it's better for your hair. My scalp and hair is rather dry though.

Gas money.

My future roommate and I are driving up to HSU tomorrow to go on a tour. She's volunteered to drive, and I'm going to help her pay for the gas. The drive is 244 miles, and since she's driving there and back it'll be a total of 488 miles in the end. It's likely she'll have to drive the entire trip because legally I still can't drive minors, and we'll probably be driving in rain the entire way.

What's a reasonable amount of money to give her? What would you give her if you were in my spot?

She has a 2008 Jetta and we live in California, if it makes a difference.

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So here I am soliciting advice. Yes, I am rather desperate.

I've been planning a trip to Europe with one of my best friends. On my end I'm saving up money like crazy and hoping to have $3,000 by July with my shitty campus job and whatever summer employment comes my way. His situation is more complicated and the only reason he thought he could go is because his mother (much to our surprise) said she would sponsor the trip, because we are young people and need to see the world. BUT for no clear reason whatsoever, his mother bought a brand new car instead and now suddenly there isn't enough money for her to help with my friend's trip.

My friend has other monetary obligations and even if he got a job right now it probably would not be enough to cover his end of the trip. Especially as he is not willing to stay in youth hostels, which is understandable but I see as completely unrealistic, since hotels would tack on another few thousand.

My question is simple: what in the flying fuck can we do? Is there ANY way to raise several thousand dollars by July? Is there anything I'm not seeing here that one you helpful people could point out? Or are we just utterly and completely screwed, as it has seemed from the start?

I've thought of doing some crazy stunt as a fundraiser, but I'm afraid it would take too long; we'd need to buy the plane tickets by March or they start skyrocketing.

Ughh, advice please. I realize how dumb this sounds, because if money grew on trees then we'd all be a lot happier, wouldn't we? But I'm out of ideas.

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What was the last thing you watched on television?

If you HAD to choose one sport to play (and be able to play it well), what sport would it be?

Do you have a song that gets stuck in your head more often than others?
I used to have "Stronger" by Britney Spears stuck in my head all the time, and I never knew why.

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more crazy questions:

i want to buy an ocarina. i know where to buy one, but i want the kind that Link plays in LOZ- Ocarina of time. I know they make replicas, but holy crap, I do not want to shell out 40 bucks for an ocarina. So can I buy a plain clay ocarina, paint it blue, paint the triforce on it, and still have it play the same way?

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Dear TQC:

Tomorrow I am attempting to land a job. It is a walk-in interview with a prestigious company that recruits people by the hundreds. Last year I blew the interview and this year I'm going to try again. What are some good tips to make myself 'memorable' to the interviewer? I need to ace this interview badly. I know the whole 'maintain eye contact' and 'sit up straight' thing, but is there anything else?


Was there any additional footage after the credits in Cloverfield?  We usually stay past the credits, but we left.

Also, did the shooting style make you sick? I heard lots of reports of it making people motion sick in the theater, but evidently I've watched too many amateur movies, because it didn't bother me.  Except that I kept wanting to yell at him to move the camera up, down, or straighten it, LOL.

Warning, comments may contain spoilers?

Also, the movie could have done with more monster, less love story, y/y?

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My SO is planning on quitting his job this week and working for another company. This new company doesn't offer health insurance until 90 days.

My SO has to legally keep health insurance on his kids. We don't know what to do during these 3 months, besides getting a Cobra plan, and they're like $500/month. There is no way in hell we can afford that.

Any suggestions?

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I haven't seen too many films in my life that I *should* have seen (i.e. I've been informed by a few friends that I really *should* have seen Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Shawshank Redemption etc by now).

I decided to make it my New Year's Resolution to see a few more.

So, what films do I definitely need to watch before this year ends? 


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The situation:

-it's raining outside
-it's nearly 11pm
-I haven't technically showered yet today, and I don't really want to

A friend just called and I asked if I want to go out for donuts. Taking those first three things into considerations, should I go?
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Specific questions time.

1. Favorite song from Legally Blonde: the Musical? So Much Better

2. Favorite Louis Theroux documentary? I can't decide between the Swingers and the Porn Industry

3. Favorite current correspondent on The Daily Show? John Oliver

4. Anderson Cooper or Keith Olbermann? I plead the fifth

5. Favorite character from the UK version of The Office? David Brent. Gareth is a close second

James Franco joint

(no subject)

1. How do you study for a test?
2. Do you study this way even if you feel the material is pretty easy to understand?
3. What blogs/websites do you read often besides NYT/LJ/news?
4. What was the last song you listened to?
5. How did your day go?

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We got a new puppy recently, and my dad has to go to work in the morning. He doesn't want her destroying the house, so he asked me if she could sleep in my room for the night so he could get some sleep and doesn't have to have her in his room.

Problem is, SHE ISN'T SLEEPING D: So, how much Benadryl can I give a 12 week old puppy that weighs about 20 pounds without killing her? I just want her to sleep through the night. Or do I just need to bear it because any amount will kill her?

ETA: My mom's given our dogs Benadryl before, but they were older and weighed a lot more. She actually got the okay from our vet. I won't give it to her if it'll hurt her, but I know it's fine with our older dogs.

ETA 2: >.< I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No Benadryl for the puppy. I'm just now realizing how stupid that sounded.