January 25th, 2008

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Going to bed with *so*

When your *so* goes to bed, do feel the need to follow?...even if you are not sleepy?
While they are in bedroom and you are out and about, do spend a little too much time wondering if you should join them or do you relish in the (left alone time)?
I am on my laptop in the kitchen watching t.v and loving it, he has kept the light on in the the bedroom, so I know he wants me to join him, but, I will go when I want;)

edit..in not n
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Bug-eyed Earl


Do you find this sweatshirt offensive?

If so, how?

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I wore it to work[call center] and someone complained to a manager. They said they're "deeply religious" and they were "offended" or something.

Odd, maybe. Offensive? I don't see how. Bones are 'offensive'? I think maybe they shouldn't turn on the TV or really leave the house if that offends them.

I asked the sup who told my sup someone complained exactly what they said and he just told me they were 'disturbed and offended' and I said "Well if they are offended by skeletons they shouldn't watch tv or like ever leave the house!" and apparently he went and told the boss. I thought that guy was cool but now apparently i have a "negative review" waiting for me or something. My sup said I shouldn't have asked him about it. Am I not allowed to ask questions or have an opinion?!! The boss never came to see me or anything so maybe its nothing, but still. Gimme a break. Apparently my call center is in East Germany. No opinions you will do as told, schwein!

(no subject)

For the past three weeks I've been taking a dance class. There's a guy there who is reasonably good looking, seemingly nice and funny, and a good dancer. I have no idea if he is currently dating someone. I don't know him very well, but I would like to.

The problem is that I'm shy and I have no idea how to approach people, especially guys, especially guys who have dating potential. I am very afraid of social embarrassment, so I would really like to be able to indicate that I might be interested in him without making a fool of myself. Can anyone help me?

(no subject)

I dyed my hair earlier, and it came out much darker than I thought it would. It makes my hair look like a helmet :( I've decided I like the color, but now I want to go and get a haircut to make my hair look not so helmet-y. Any suggestions for what I can do? I usually just get layers to make it easier to manage, but at this length will it make my hair too mullet-y?

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If you have an especially strange dream, do you write it down at all? Do you actually feel anything when you're dreaming? Do you experience pain while dreaming?

(no subject)

Not sure if this is avaialbe, but is there a way to find out in advance which theaters a movie will open in? For example there is a movie coming out in a few weeks that's being advertised on TV as opening in select theaters only, usually this means a 45 minute drive for me however I'd like to know in advance if possible so I can plan a trip better.
Supernatural (Sam in Watercolor)

(no subject)

What is the shortest amount of time in which you have run a mile?

I ask because my boyfriend ran one in 5:16 yesterday (which simply blows my mind), while my fastest is around 12:00. . . . I wasn't placed on this earth to run.
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Potential housemates

We will soon be needing a new housemate. I posted an ad on the Australian equivalent of Craigslist, and have received eleven replies, all but one of which sound really quite good (I put that down to my being specific in my ad.) But now I will have to choose between them! I'm sure we'll end up with someone good, but I'm a bit anxious at having to turn up to nine people down - I know it's hard to find somewhere good to live and I'm starting to feel bad!

TQC, how do I choose between multiple potential housemates?

General tips, specific questions, what-not-to-do's?

Note: We haven't met any of them in person yet, I only posted the ad a couple of days ago, I'm just asking this in anticipation.
hannibal skull

Friends with money

When you go out with friends, usually does everyone pay for their own food or do you divide the bill equally by the number of people in the party?

Do you have any penny-pinching friends?

Are you generous with your friends?

(no subject)

damnit I can't sleep.

1. why aren't you asleep?
2. What do you wear to bed at night?
3. do you sleep alone?
4. what time is your day supposed to start?

1. my husband was snoring and my cats are running around the house like they're on crack
2. nothing normally, when we have company, I wear PJ bottums and a cami
3. nope I have a husband and 5 cats
4. today? at 7 am, normally? whenever my eyes open

(no subject)

Do you have songs that havelittle bits in that just *get you*.. you have to rewind & listen to that section over and over again?

Can you give me the Artist, title, and time in the song please..?

Maximo Park, Our Velocity, 1.43-1.55

Boys Like Girls, 5 Minutes To Midnight, 1.30-1.33

Fall Out Boy, Bang The Doldrums, 2.17-2.31

Silverchair, Miss You Love, 3.13-3.32

- or am I the only strange one that does this...
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Custom Paper

Where can I order some cute or funky personalized stationery in the form of pads and postits where I can get my name put on it?
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so i'm back to the velvet underground

I'm bored. Shoot me. :B

What is/are your favorite song(s) by:

1. Whitney Houston?
2. Mariah Carey?
3. Celine Dion?
4. Madonna?
5. Kelly Clarkson?
6. Tina Turner?
7. Britney Spears?
8. Christina Aguilera?
9. Judy Garland?
10. Patsy Cline?
11. Dixie Chicks?

12. What is your favorite song ever?

Answer all that apply.

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Rocky Horror Batman Show

(no subject)

I mentioned Alvin and the Chipmunks to my girlfriend and she started hunting for a song that they did. It was about a stray kitten that they took in and then it got out and hit by a car.

Was this song something before the Chipmunks got a hold of it?

Wikipedia lists an episode:

70. "Cookie Chomper III"
Theodore encounters a stray kitten that entered through an open window in the house. He and the boys take an instant liking to the kitten, and after some compromising, they name the kitten Cookie Chomper III.

    * First appearance of Lilly, the Chipmunks' puppy.
    * Many fans of the show dub this the saddest episode of the series since it dealt with the accidental death of a kitten.
the more you know

(no subject)

Would you describe any of the following as hot/sexy:
1)watching a gal insert a tampon
2)inserting a tampon
3)taking out a tampon
4)removing someone's tampon with your teeth
5)having someone remove your tampon with their teeth?????
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Asshole just hung up on me..

What's the worst customer service experience you've had?
Did you do anything about it?

I recently canceled an impulse buy that I made online.. but the customer service guy was SUCH a dick about it. After grilling me about why I wanted to cancel (what's it to him, anyway? shit.), he promptly ended the phone call with "Ok, ma'am." *click* Wtf? He didn't even tell me if he cancelled it or not. I was being really polite for the entire phone call and I get THAT attitude for it? Mamma must've not raised him right.

I didn't do anything about it though. Because 1) I'm bad at being stern with people I don't even know. and 2) I'm a weenie.
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(no subject)

Why did you last cry?

I'm tearing up now watching soldiers return to their families. Always emotional. But my last "good" cry? When my mother told me that I wasn't going to go to the college that I want to go to...still hope that is going to change. =[
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office troll

I was in a good mood until SHE came in. The office troll. The wicked witch of the midwest. She who lacks all scruples.

Is there anyone that you work with who just makes you angry before they even open their mouth? (Because you know that as soon as they do, some vile filth is going to pour forth from it?)

And what do you do to distract yourself from the ugliness?

(I like to say mean things and pretend that I'm only joking. She'll laugh and I'll laugh even harder because she really thinks I'm joking. Is that horrible??)

(no subject)

First let me say that I am going to call Verizon today and get this resolved, but I was wondering if this had happened to anyone else.

If you have the Samsung Gleam, did you have a problem with the battery when you first bought the phone? Mine was on the charger most of the day yesterday, and had 3 bars (battery) when I went to sleep at 2am. When I woke up at 8:30 (I was SUPPOSED to wake up at 6:30, so it didn't even last 4.5 hours for my alarm to go off) it was dead.

Thank you for any input :)

(no subject)

Leading cause of blindness?

Sharp sticks to the eyeballs
Walking in on Grandpa in the bathroom when he's bent over looking for the soap
Satan and his evil schemes
Acid thrown into one's face for not wearing the veil in public
"Wait, that's not Visine, that's...nail polish remover!"

comcast sucks

The cable box I have is possessed. It switches channels randomly and then goes blank. Our other cable box works just fine, so it has to be the box itself.

How long do you think I'll be on hold with COMCAST?
My record is 45 minutes.
Driving pug

(no subject)

Do you have Sirius?

If yes, what's your favorite station?

What are your thoughts on Howard Stern?

I love Left of Center & The Vault.
I used to dislike Stern a lot but now I think he's pretty funny with a lot of good points. I still don't like to listen to sybian rides or anything like that though. :\

Book lovers

1: What is a book that you read a long time ago and still love?
2: How much do you think you spent in books a year?
3: Do you buy bookmarks or do you use paper or something else to mark your spot in a book?
4: Any books coming out that you are excited about?

taylor britney

for those of you who know tools

I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday: http://www.dewalt.com/us/products/tool_detail.asp?productID=15104

IS this a good drill? I mean honestly?

and if you want take a stab at answering this one...what's the difference between the drill above and this one: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=240307-70-DC926KA&detail=cr&lpage=none

and in your opinion, which is better?

thanks everyone :D

(what the hell is the difference between a drill and a driver? I'm a real idiot when it comes to power tools)
(food) usagi eating ice cream
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(no subject)

1- My neighbours that like to have loud raucous sex are being really loud again. Thing is, the noise/banging has now created a CRACK in our adjoining wall. Should I just kill them already? Do you have a better idea? (ETA: We're in a townhouse. I've got to pay rent in a week anyway, so I'll just bitch if it gets worse. The cat seems to be able to hear them through the crack, cuz she keeps sitting there and yowling. o_O)

2- If you live on your own, how long did it take for you to learn how to eat 'right'? Or did you never learn? If you still live with your parents (or whatever guardians) do they feed you right?

3- Does it bother you when dreams coincide just a little too closely with real life? (IE, they're entirely possible to have happen, nothing outlandish like suddenly showing up to school naked, or free-falling from the sky suddenly...)

(no subject)

Well beeeer   and I are going to rob a bank and run off to Hawaii together.

Would any other TQC members like to tag along?

Room/board/food/plane ticket all free.

Once we reach the sunny beaches what should we do?
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(no subject)

What does cottage cheese taste like?
Have you ever bought CLOTHES from Victoria's Secret? How did that turn out?
Why does my cat stick her paw in the water dish and then lick her paw to drink?

(no subject)

Okay people:

What the hell is a check book?
Why is it so damn hard to balance? Just spend less than you earn, right?

EDIT: Why do you all use one? Why don't you just use your atm card or cash? Hardly anywhere in Australia accepts cheques any more. Most stores don't.

change of (life)style!

SCENARIO: You go into hiding, or the Witness Protection Program, or whatevs.  And you are required to change your personal style.  How would you change it?*

*Disclaimer: Should you actually go into the Witness Protection Program and change your style to what you reveal in this blog and are subsequently hunted down and visciously killed, thequestionclub and user myincognito are not responsible for your untimely broken knees and/or death. 

Pls sign here _________________ kthnx.


I just had my first motorcycle ride... my first experience with a motorcycle at all actually, and unfortunately I wasn't warned about the muffler.

Sooo, I now have a couple burns on my leg. The entire burn pretty much covers my calf, the worst of which is just a 5in x 2in section, which is starting to blister around the edges.  I really don't think it's serious enough to go to the hospital, I'm just looking for first aid tips

I kept my leg under cold water in the shower for awhile, and I'm not sure what to do now.  I've got a cold towel on it at the moment, but it's starting to hurt again.  Should I just hop back in the shower?  It didn't hurt at all under the running water... But I don't really want to be in the shower for hours.  How long should I stay in?  

Edit:  Okay, question part two.  I'm new to this state, and haven't found a doctor here yet.  Should I just call up local clinics and ask if they're accepting new patients?  Or do I just tell them I've got a burn and need to be seen?  I do have insurance through my parents, but I've never had to find a doctor before... Not sure how you do it.  
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are you already sick and tired of hearing about it?

to make it easier for some of our members.. will you provide us with as many suggestions as you can on what to get someone?

thing is, you can ONLY respond with PICTURES of the present(s).. no text suggestions, JUST PICS.

(no subject)

Would you forgive your SO for having an affair?

Would it matter what kind of affair it was? (one night stand, something that's only say twice a month, a long term affair that's been going on for years, something that happened years ago but you didn't learn about it until now)

Would it change the matter any if they came clean and told you about the affair or if you had found out about it out on your own?
Space Pope

(no subject)

 Other than the radio, how do you typically discover new music?

How much money do you have to have before you stop being crazy and become eccentric?

On a scale of 0 to Stalker, how would you rate your celebrity obsession? 

Where's The Beef?
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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(no subject)

What would you like to be famous for?

What is your favorite version of the joke, 'Why did the ___ cross the road?'
Mine is: 'Why did the woman cross the road?' Who cares, get back in the kitchen!

(no subject)

1. Do you listen to Coast to Coast AM
if so, who is your favorite and least favorite host?
2. What are foods you hated as a kid and therefore avoided for several years but when you randomly tried it later in life you enjoyed?
3. In relation to my question last night, about Peanut's shoe, do you know who Jeff Dunham is?

(no subject)

I'm in my local library's computer lab and the guy at the back has been trying not to laugh (and failing at it) at something for the last few minutes. What do you guys think he's looking at on the computer that's making him laugh so much?
  • sssea


What's your favorite smell?

What are some suggestions for things I can do to suprise my husband for when he comes home?
This year it's on Valentines day, and right before that is our anniversary.

(Last year I made a fort out of bedsheets and made him a musicbox.)

I just want cute/romantic/random ideas like this, nothing like going out to dinner, getting dressed up all sexy, or anything like that.
abominable snowman
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(no subject)

1: How bad an idea is it to work on my shoe-sequinning project in bed? :|

2: Why is it so goddamn cold in here?

3: What's the most recent thing you were super excited about?

4: What are you doing today?

5: Would you like to help my roommate and I get rid of six boxes of donuts?

1: Probably very bad. Glue guns, tiny pieces, and blankets don't tend to go together.

2: I don't know, but my thermostat is on 75 and I still can't feel my feet or fingers.

3: I'm going to LA in 18 days!

4: Going to Quiznos and playing DDR.

5: Seriously, who the hell needs six dozen donuts? He brought them home last night, and I don't know what to do with them!
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Makin' copies.

I need to find a video of Rob Schneider doing the Richard 'Richmeister' Laymer annoying copy guy character on SNL. It's pertinent to my research. I've looked all over Youtube... can anyone find it for me? :)


The husband and I are trying to pick which movie we want to go see this afternoon.

These are the two we narrowed it down to:

National Treasure
I am Legend

So..which one do you recommend? I HATE most scary movies, but I'm ok with zombie type flicks (and yes, I know it isn't really a zombie flick).

(no subject)

Why do most American's have a problem with swearing?
[I know not everyone does, just it comes across as a pretty general summarisation.
And don't take this personally and get upset.]

If this is completely untrue, why is it documented so?
macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

If there was a TQC-affiliated 'safe for work' community, would you join?

It wouldn't be questions, but a place where people can post links to things that entertain them for when work is reallly slow and dull. This question comes up a lot, and I know I wonder.
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(no subject)

Remember back in the day when you'd wait around all day for someone to call? Do you ever do that with emails?

I've been waiting for these two people to email me back for the last 2 days :(. The anticipation is making me angsty D:
eoin 1

(no subject)

So, my brother reckons that Tom Cruise doesn't really believe in Scientology, he's just paid by them to act like he does in order to get more people to join.

Do you think that my brother is right, or do you subscribe to the thought that Mr. Cruise is a whack-job?
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If you see the glass as half empty, is that really such a bad thing?
What's so terrible about a half-empty glass?

My boyfriend and I got in an unbelievably overheated debate about this topic last night when I described the tail lights of a VW Bug as looking like half-closed eyes. He said they looked like half-open eyes and called me a pessimist. What's wrong with eyes being half closed? Maybe you're comfy and sleepy. Anyway, is being a pessimist necessarily a bad thing?

(no subject)

If they were going to remake the Breakfast Club, I think that the school clique thing needs to be updated. Pick the 5 high school social subgroups that should be represented in a remake of tBC

Eclectic weirdo
Emo kid
Raver kid
School slut
Star Trek geek (like nerd, but more specialized)

If they werre going to remake the Princess Bride, who do you feel would make a good Wesley?

Ashton Kutcher
Dane Cook
Orlando Bloom
Justin Timberlake
Topher Grace
David Schwimmer
Hayden Christianson
Paul Walker
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Matthew Lilliard
The Rock
Seth Rogan
Seth Green
Chris Tucker

(no subject)

Have you ever prepared yams in a dessert?

edit: if you have any good recipes for yams in dessert could you please post them? My boyfriend loves yams and I want to make him something special!

(no subject)

My coworker is pretty sure that his neighbor recently died, but is looking for some way to confirm this.

He doesn't have her phone number, or her full name, or know anyone that knows her...any ideas of how he can check short of knocking on the door and asking if the owner recently died?

(no subject)

Last night I noticed my index finger on my right hand was numb. I started moving it and rubbing it, I even ran my hands under hot water. I thought maybe it was cold from being outside for a few minutes.
This went on for 5-10 minutes and it was yellow looking in color.I couldn't feel anything. Just as I was about to really worry, the feeling came back. I just thinkg it was really odd that it was only THAT finger that had an issue.

What do you think that was all about and have you had anything odd like that happen to you?


Will you post the first line of whichever song you're listening to (or last listened to, or have stuck in your head) so that the rest of TQC can guess what song it is?

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Also, will you try to guess what song other people are listening to?
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(no subject)

Remember that show Are You Hot? It was on for probably half a season approx 4 years ago before it got canceled. Lorenzo Lamas was a judge and he would use a laser pointer to point out the contestants flaws. I loved that show so much but have had no luck finding episodes online/in DVD form. Any ideas? :(
skylar, kiss

i am a samurai!!!

when you get a drink at the drive thru (or wherever) how do you remove your straws from their sleeves??  do you peel them open from the top like a banana?  do you tear one end off and blow thru the straw to make the paper fly??  do you slam them on a hard surface to make the straw punch thru the top of the sleeve?  do you grab it in the middle with both hands and pull apart (kinda like a samurai warrior)??  do you open it some other way?  (if so, please explain)

(btw, i'm wondering because just about everyone i know does it differently..  my brother and cousin bang their straws on the table, my papaw and aunt peel them like a banana.. i'm the only one i know who does it samurai style.. )
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My 72 Bel Air

Are you good at haggling?
Can you give me haggling tips?

I'm about to buy an old car and I think the guy's asking a little too much. He wants $4900 and according to all the classic car guides I've consulted that's on the high end for it's condition. It's in generally great mechanical shape, only 23K miles, but it has a big dent in the hood, some rust around the back window, and some random scratches in the paint. I was thinking of starting at $4000 and not going above $4500 - is that reasonable?
  • ghoulia

lol wut

The woman who waited on me at the Starbucks drive thru counter just told me I had "a very handsome companion". This is who she was referring to (the dog, not the Santa doll):

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Has anyone said something weird to you today?

(no subject)

If you drop a $20 bill without noticing and someone points it out, do you:

a) Thank them and put it back in your wallet.
b) Give them half for letting you know.
c) Give them the whole thing because you would have never noticed.

I was at an airport and a man in front of me dropped a $20 bill. I pointed it out to him and then sat down at a table with my husband. Much to my shock, he came over to us and tried to give me $10. I kept refusing but he wouldn't let it go. He said he was so surprised someone told him that he wanted to repay me. I never thought of doing this in the past when other people pointed out I dropped money. Just curious to see if others do this as well.

Peter Wingfield in Holby City

1A Ever watched a TV show illegally?
1B If yes, what was the show and why did you resort to illegal means?
1C If you did and the method was something other than a standard TV sharing site, how did you get it?

Holby City which is a British medical drama. Peter Wingfield was in the show for about a year and, as some of you have noticed, I'm a fan of his, so why on EARTH would I miss him playing with surgical instruments, removing pens from people, and generally pissing people off? The show is only aired in Britain and that I know of, not available on DVD. Very nice fans who lived in Britain would record the show and then post them on file downloading websites for those not in Britain to enjoy.

(no subject)

do you have any weird fears/phobias?

i realized a few years back that i can NOT stand to look or touch or even think about tiny clusters of holes, or anything with similar weird textures... such as coral, holes in rocks, etc. i once saw this picture of a hand with tiny holes in it, almost looking burnt. i about passed out :(

edited: i think my phobia is called trypophobia
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Opinions, popular or not...

I read reddit.com multiple times a day and find it thought provoking the majority of the time, if a trifle bloated with its own importance.

Today, someone posted this and it got me thinking.

So, TQC, what belief(s) do you hold that would probably be disagreed with by 90% of the people here?

The point of this post is NOT to cause flamewars but rather to provoke discussion and thought.
  • cpl593h

Tourist Traps

Do you live near any big tourist spots? Do you find it weird to be doing normal stuff when surrounded by tourists? What are some big tourist attractions near you that you have NEVER seen? What is your favorite touristy spot in your hometown?

Right now I'm studying in Rome and I live 5 blocks from Vatican City. I go there to send my mail, because their post office rocks. It's really weird to run errands in a spot that is constantly crowded by people from all over the world. Back home in Philadelphia, I'm sorry to say that I have never visited the Liberty Bell or the Betsy Ross House. My favorite spots are Pennsbury Manor and The Academy of Natural Sciences.


Does anyone else hate the word "sheeple"?

EDIT: "Sheeple" is a portmanteau of the words "sheep" and "people." It's something conspiracy theorists and government cynics use to describe the ignorant masses.

When will you sheeple realize that 9/11 was an inside job?
shep cheap

(no subject)

Is there anyone else that thinks Napoleon Dynamite sucked?
I'm constantly bombarded by morons quoting and raving about this stupid movie and I was ready to scratch my eyes out within fifteen minutes.
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(no subject)

1. Is there an artist or band who makes you want to be part of a community you are not?
[ gay, black etc ]

2. Could all drama +snarkiness on TQC be defeated by following every question with, 'Don't be mean!', or words to that effect?
mr jummy

(no subject)

When did you last experience culture shock?

If you were writing a book about the culture of your local* area, what things would you think are important to include?

*local meaning your state/region/province (or country if it's little and has similar culture throughout).

Sex and sexuality

1: How old where you when you had your first sexual experience?
2: Do you consider yourself:
    a: straight
    b: gay
    c: bi-sexual

3: If you consider yourself gay, how old where you when you knew you were gay?
4: If you consider yourself straight, have you ever experimented with someone of the same sex?
5: Do you think more people are bi-sexual then admit?
6: Do you think too much weight is put on a person's sexual preference? 
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yellow dress

(no subject)

What is a good title for an article about how sex education is good for kids in school? It's an editorial. The current title is "Why the chicken said that she would not cross the road but did, and now has an HIV-positive baby." That was too long and ridiculous though. Something catchy please.

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are having an argument:

Which would fuck someone up worse, a mini-Louisville slugger (about 36 inches long?) or one of those bigass Maglights with batteries in it? Our intent is to keep it in our closet to use if someone bad comes to our door.

I will not tell you which side of the argument I'm on.
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

If you had to be completely alone for three days without coming into contact with other people (in person), where would you go and what would you do?

Are you proud of where you're from?

ETA: Where are you from?

(no subject)

You're walking through a parking lot carrying a glass object, you accidentally drop it and it breaks. You have nothing to carry the broken glass in. There's no one around.

What do you do?

Does your answer change if there are people around?

(no subject)

Is paper money safe to wash in the dishwasher?

My mother got paid by her boss today, who's terribly sick, and she's been trying to think of ways to disinfect the money. Our other ideas were to use hand sanitizer or just fill up a sink with soapy water.

ETA: Nerr, why didn't I think of washing it with clothes? Alas, she's taken it upon herself to use water and lysol in the sink.
im french

(no subject)

1. How do you get paid? (Cash, check, direct deposit, etc.)

2. Do you think it's sketchy to get paid in cash?

3. Have you ever had Thai iced tea?

*4. Did you have your wisdom teeth taken out?

SUNY! Or general college transfer q's

1. When is generally the best time to apply (as a transfer) to a college- SUNY or otherwise- for the fall semester? Would it be okay to wait until the end of the spring semester?

2. My GPA right now is horrible (after a semester of hospitalization and, thus, F's), do college calculate your midterm grades into the GPA? Or do I have to wait until the end of semester?



Let's say that you have a ca co-worker that you have sort of become pals with.  They tell you little things that, over time, make you realize that they're providing an unsafe environment for their kids.  One kid is almost a year old and one is a few weeks old.  They provide random details about unsafe situations that probably only you would know.

1) Can you leave a tip with CPS with a vague description of what's happening or do you need to provide details of specific incidents?

2) Assuming that you need to provide details about specific incidents, would CPS investigate without telling the parents what they know?  Could CPS say that they're just investigating a tip (so the parents don't out that you're the one who ratted on them)?

3) What if you don't know their address?

Completely stolen from epilogia.  Awesom
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1. How much would you pay for a flat screen TV? Have a favorite brand?

2. My roommate will be moving out at the end of next month when I thought I'd until the end of April to find a new person. What unexpected life altering event has happened to you recently?

3. What are your roommate horror stories? I got lucky with my last one as she's been fairly awesome, but I've had bad experiences in the past. I'm curious to know how bad it's been for the rest of you.

4. Would you rather be the one moving in or the one already there?

5. When was the last time you moved and how far did you go? Why did you leave?
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What's the longest flight you've taken alone?

Have you ever traveled to another country alone for pleasure (rather than business)? How was it?

EDIT: If you haven't traveled to another country alone but had the means to, would you?
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Did you know that a Nevada business paid its employees with gold and silver U.S. legal tender coins and successfully won a tax evasion case?

If you didn't know, can you infer the argument which won the case for the defendants?

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1. Did you study abroad in college?
2. Where did you go & how did you do it [through which program, direct enrollment, etc.]?
3. What's your favourite play?
4. What's your favourite literary quote?
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Why is it that on shows like CSI, they never look for a light switch when going into a dark room and instead use these tiny little flashlights?

Is that normal police/csi protocol? Or is it just show for TV?

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Do you find it weird that though there seems to be a lot of assholes in the world most people would describe themselves as nice goodhearted people?

Also how old do you wanna be when you get married?

Me: 31 ish

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Say you make a lot more money than your significant other. You live together and they don't pay rent or utilities. You always pay when you go out which often includes hefty bar tabs, mostly rung up by them.

The agreement was that they do housework, chores, and errands in lieu of rent, but this is not happening despite many conversations about it. What do you do?
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Tomorrow when I wear a dress (red plaid), should I go with footless tights and flats, or normal tights with boots?

When was the last time you felt really sick to your stomach because of something you found out/something someone said? (Not a gross image, but something upsetting).

Should I have Mango Passionfruit tea, or sleepy time tea? Both are decaf.
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Okay, TQC, here is the situation:

Collapse )

So what should I do? Murder is not an option.

Note: Yes, I am aware I was stupid to trust her, I need better passwords and was an overall moron throughout. Reminding of this will do none of us any good.

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An issue with my husband's brother got me thinking...

If your SO became paralyzed from the waist down, would you stay? Would you leave him/her? Or would you just start getting some on the side?

I bet my husband $50 that if my brother-in-law becomes paralyzed, within a month his girlfriend will either leave or start cheating on him.

Me? I'd stay. I didn't marry my husband because of his penis.

Oh....and as for my earlier post:


We saw I Am Legend. It was good except for the little bastards talking on their cell phones in the theater.

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I saw this dog today and I can't figure out which breed it is. It looks similar to a pug except with no wrinkles. It is kind of tan/light brown in color and has an all black snout and a tail that curls up at the end. Sort of like a miniature boxer but not really. I'm fairly certain it wasn't a puggle or other mixed breed. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I've been browsing dog breeds and I can't find it!
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After having my third blowout in less than a month last night (the first two were of tires that were six months old, the latest one was one of the week-old replacement tires), I'm wondering:

Why are tires inflated, and not made of solid rubber? Weight? Nobody wants to make a two-piece rim?
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Game Show

Have you ever been on a game show, if so which one??
If you haven't, which one would you like to be on?

I have never been, but would love to be on Wheel of Fortune or Deal or no Deal
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1. So TQC, tomorrow I am going to trade some old DS games in in order to buy a new one. Question is, which one(s depending on the monies) should I buy?

Poll #1127342 Nintendo DSSSSSS :D

The question is, do we really care? :O

Super Mario DS
Phoenix Wright
Trauma Centre
Final Fantasy
Ticky box!

Other suggestions welcomed in the comments.

2. For those who don't care (ticky box option :D): What's the next thing you plan to buy?
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Living Expenses.

How many months of living expenses do you think a person should have stashed away in a Savings account in case of emergency (e.g. loss of job)?

How many months of living expenses do you have stashed away in a Savings account in case of emergency?

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How do you solve (x^2 - 1) / (1 + x)? I know how to use the distributive property and FOIL for multiplication, but don't know how to divide 2 binomials that don't have a common denominator. Do you still use FOIL for division?
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TQC GLASSES-WEARERS: how do you clean your glasses to make them perfectly clear to see through?

i have these awfully annoying smudges on my glasses that i just cannot seem to get rid of. my optometrist gave me this special cloth thing to clean them with, but it's not doing the trick for me. :(

I CAN'T SEE ANYMORE! will you help a brother out please?
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Does your *so* make you feel fat? Even if you're not.

What color nail polish do you wear the most?

Any photographers out there want to check out my page and give me some tips?

If you could do ANYTHING right now, what would it be?
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1. Should I go to a soccer game in February? I have never been to one before, don't follow soccer, and have no idea what to expect. It seems a little pricey, too. It's Roma vs. Reggina.

2. Have you had a point in your life when it was difficult making friends? What did you do?

3. The yam post made me want yams. Do you think I could make some of those desserts using just a microwave and two gas burners?

4. What is something about you that always surprises people when they find out?

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What is up with all the racist Hayden Icons (you know the girl in Bring it on! and Remember the Titans)? like the N word is used in one and the other refers to another girl as being a mexican cleaning lady

I have also seen some of the Spear's girls that are surprising to me...Why?
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What is that stuff they show in commercials that's supposed to boost your immunity up?

It's starts out something like, "did you know stress can have negative effects on your immune system blah blah..."
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What would you do if someone you didn't know was sending you slightly creepy online messages?

Some guy from (I believe) the Netherlands started messaging me on last.fm and then requested to be my friend. He sent me some messages talking about music and I responded to them because they seemed harmless, but now he's asking me about my personal life, saying that he wants to hear me sing (I mentioned that I'm a singer), giving me creepy compliments, etc.

Even though I haven't responded to a lot of his messages he keeps sending more. I don't want to be mean but I kind of want him to leave me alone. What do you think I should do? He's mostly just a nuisance -- I don't think there's a very big chance that he'll fly to the US and start stalking me -- so should I just ignore him?

serious umbrellas

I had an umbrella that I bought from Brookstone for $35 years ago and I loved it. It recently broke so I went back to get a replacement and now they SUCK SO BAD. They've changed the metal that they use for the wiring and it's so flimsy, so now I paid $35 for a piece of crap.

Can anyone recommend a place to get a very high quality umbrella, one with a vented canopy and is sturdy enough to withstand wind? I don't mind paying a lot of money because I do a lot of walking.

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I'm desperate for friendship. I'm depressed. My SO and I have been having a lot of problems lately. Everyone in my family lives like 900 miles away from me. I don't know anyone here, even though I've been living here over a year. I go to school, but no one talks to me. I feel inferior to everyone. I don't know why, but I do.

What is a good way to make friends in college?
I'm really, really shy around people I don't know.

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If you're in a loving, commited relationship, do you 

have little crushes but don't act on them (your SO is way better)
do you only have eyes for your SO and never have feelings for anyone else?

Do you think it's human nature to have crushes even when you're in love with someone else?