January 24th, 2008

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i got these snapple tea bags a while ago, and they were really delicious. now that i've run out, i can't seem to find them in any store! have you heard of these before? do you know where i can get them?
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Building a list of mp3s!

What are good software and/or websites to build a long list of songs I like from scratch?

EDIT: How do the various recommendation systems compare?

Ideally it should allow me to easily look up the full song name and info easily and categorize/tag it somehow. Anything that helps build the list faster, like song recommendation, is good (like Pandora or last.fm). If possible, it should also make it easy to buy the songs in the list (or pirate them if such software exists to help automate that for a large list) and export the list.

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could anyone post a picture of themselves if theyre between the ages 18-25 weighing 130-140lbs?

i want to see what i would potentially look like if i lost 100 lbs. =\

EDIT: preferrably girls about 5'5" - 5'7"

thanks for reminding me :)
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Hay TQC,

After spending too much time on the internet, the word pwn became an important part of my every-day vocabulary. Most adults, however, don't know what this word means, and it's kind of difficult to explain. And it's unprofessional.

My issue is that there doesn't seem to be an equivalent word in the English language, except maybe "own", but that is similarly juvenile-sounding. Do you have any examples of words I can use to replace "pwn", while I wait for it to become part of general usage?

people |  rapp ; poetic/pathetic

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TQC, has anything good happened to you today? I mean.. the twenty third of january. something EXCELLENT happened to me. I've been trying to get into a college course since november, and as i was futzing around with my schedule this morning, and i refreshed the classes list and SUDDENLY there was a spot open. it was mine.

i was very delighted by this. it made my week.

anything good going on with you TQCers?
I <3 TLV

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Does anyone want to help me with my genetics lap report? There's a lot of calculations that I need to do that I don't understand D= It's due tomorrow so I can't ask my lab instructor... eep.

Also - there's nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty, Y/Y?

Help me stay awake!

Well, I'm in quite the predicament.

I hardly slept at all. About two hours of really shitty, drift in-and-out of consciousness sleep. Now, I have to get ready, take a shower, drive two hours, go to class from 8-3:15 straight (although I do have about a hour break, where I'm in school, with really no place to sleep...), and drive back two hours. I'm really, really afraid I'm gonna run off the road, but I have no choice. My sister goes too (and can't drive), so my dad is going to MAKE ME drive (logic isn't a virtue in my family..).

So what are some tips and tricks to help me stay awake and aware? To concentrate? Meds? Tips for running on very, very little sleep?

Class isn't SO important for me to be energetic, but it's very important that I'm aware when I'm driving back, 'cause I'm a shitty driver immediately. I also have two tests today (one is a placement), but if I have to choose, I'd rather have the energy burst while driving and stay alive.


EDIT: Thanks for all your responses. I took the angry parent over dying. (I also walked outside, felt really sick, and projectile vomited all over my dad's car). So he drove her to school, and back.
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Help me find a Youtube video

A few months ago I saw a short film on Youtube and I loved it, but I was a dork and I forgot to save it to my favorites. Now I can't find it. Can you help me? It starred Lauren Graham and she befriends three transgendered black women. They have silly adventures with a ceramic lawn elf, then they take her home.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Do you remember what it was called?

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It's 5.40am, I just went to the bathroom.. it was pitch black coming down the stairs and it seems my housemates boyfriend had a full bladder at the same time as me.. I guess he thought I was her or something because he grabbed me.. and whispered "oh you've put a nighty on you naughty girl"- I was too shocked to say anything and he just disappeared back upstairs..

bet he got the shock of his life when he got back into bed with her.

I live with 6 other girls ... he's not going to have a clue which one of us it was he just scarred for life.

Should I tell them it was me and lessen the shame for him.. or let him stew?

I don't like him anyway.. it wouldn't be so bad if he was too embarassed to come back over..

Can you tell me a weird quirk about yourself?
Whilst we're on the subject.. I hate going to the toilet. I don't know why but it stresses me out. I'll put it off and off and off until I'm positively desperate and on the verge of wetting myself.. only then will I succumb and go.

What time do you usually go to bed/sleep?
argh, I'm an owl lately. I'll get up for class, but go back to bed as soon as I can and stay up all night. Such a bad habit.
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My mom's birthday gift comes today (I just checked the tracking number on the UPS site, and it was scanned in about 10 minutes away at 3:30 this morning). I don't exactly have a good place to hide it, and she stayed home sick from work today. Should I give her her gift today or wait for her birthday (February 6th)? She'll be getting a surprise birthday cake from me on her birthday either way.

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I have a small issue. This past week I got Cellulitis on my nose. Which is an infection of the skin, so basically I have a 1/2 inch red and kinda gross infected skin area on my outer nostril. The problem is I'm supposed to go on a 2nd date Friday, which is Tomorrow! I have been on antibiotics and have an ointment that I have been putting on my nose and I was hoping it would clear up by Friday, but seeing as today is Thursday and it's still here I don't think it will be fully gone by tomorrow.

The question is should I cancel my date and reschedule it for next week?? There is really no hiding this big red scaly thing on my nose. What would you do?
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Does anyone know how long it takes for them to shoot Project Runway from start to finish? Do they do a challenge every two days and finish in 2 or 3 weeks or is it more spread out?

Christian from Project Runway: The love child of Jerri Blank and Chris Kattan. Yes?



  • English
  • Polish
  • German
  • Mexican

Thank you for participating!

What do you think I am? - ethnically speaking, of course. This is a guessing game!
Also, will you humor me by posting why you voted that way? You may choose multiple ethnicities, but not a ridiculous amount: don't exceed five. I may consist of five or less ethnicities.

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TQC, my ears are all plugged up. I don't know if it's from a flight I took or a headcold or WHAT, but it's really bugging me and I want it to go away. What do I do?

P.S. It is not from these babies being dirty, fyi.

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Finish this statement:

My favorite _______ leaves me feeling ___________.

Are you at work right now? If not, where are you?

ETA: If you have a math teacher, is he/she what you would call a "stereotypical math teacher"? Like, very nerdy and socially awkward?

What about your other teachers/professors? Do you think they fit whatever subject they teach?
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How long does it take to donate blood?

I'm going to go donate blood at 10:45, and i have classes at 1:00.
This is all being done at my school, so should I just get my stuff and take it along and hang out at school after?

What goes on in the process of donating? I used to have a Red Cross Doner card, but its hiding from me, or disappeared in the whole process of me moving about 4 times this last year. Would they just issue me another one?
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Valentine's Day!

There are so many questions in this community every day that it's difficult to keep track of what questions have already been asked. I remember something similar but, I don't think there's been an OFFICAL Valentine's Day post. Tell me if it's been posted already, and I'll be happy to delete. (For those of you whiners who aren't celebrating because "it's a consumer-driven bullshit holiday," ignore this post.)

Miroku Turn

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I work part-time at a movie theater, and my boss does the schedules on Sunday and they go into effect on Monday. I found out recently that, for my friend's eighteenth birthday, she wants us to spend the whole weekend together next weekend (plus some time to help another friend with his film project). Would it be shitty of me to ask for the whole weekend off? Provided I do go, a large amount of the time would be spent out of town, so that's what another friend who also has plans to go has said she'll be doing.

If it makes any difference, this will be the last birthday before she moves away across the country for college.

Has anyone read Heart of Darkness? What did you think of it?

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as mentioned in a comment below, i have a cold sore (the 2nd one in my entire life). it's been there about two weeks now. i *think* its going away but i'm not positive and i really want it to be much smaller by saturday afternoon. i put abreva on it for a week and a half and it didn't seem to be doing anything so i just started putting campho-phenique on it (dont even know what it is really) and i think it's working better.


1. how can i diminish my cold sore either all the way or most of the way by saturday? any remedies other than store bought medicine you can think of? cold sores are lame!


2. what time will you/did you get off work today?
3. if you go to the gym, what do you pay per month?
4. what is your gym called?
5. do you watch other people at the gym while you're working out? do you judge them?
6. what is one thing you are worrying about right now?

elementary, dear watson

 What sorts of projects did you like best in elementary school?
I loved dioramas!

What crayola crayon did you have to sharpen the most 'cause you loved it so?
strawberry red or cerulean

How were you a brat as a little kid?
I was spoiled and moderately bossy.
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Who should cut my hair?

I need to get my hair cut in the next couple of weeks. Who should I go to:

1. Nice lady, owns her own salon. Cheaper, at around $25. I've been there once and she styled my hair kinda soccer mom (the cut itself was fine). She also cuts my husbands hair.


2. Salon that gives me "WOW!" hair. I pay around $50 for a cut. They assign you a hairdresser when you book an appointment, so the last 3 times I've gone, I've always had a different person do my hair.

I wouldn't need to tip at either place, so don't factor that into your decision.

Thanks everyone! I booked an appointment with the $50 salon.

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I'm turning 23 a week from today. My husband and I both have the day off so we can actually go out and do something!

TQC, what should I do for my birthday? I live in upstate NY within easy driving distance of both Syracuse and Albany.

(Serious and non-serious answers welcome!)

paper vs styrofoam

What are your thoughts on the paper vs styrofoam debate? Especially in regards to stuff like fast food drink cups, etc which are 99% of the time ending up in the garbage and not being recycled.

FWIW, this came up because I realized Chick-Fil-A seems to be one of the very few fast food chains still using styrofoam instead of paper.
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Looking for a house

I 'm gonna be buying a house in a few months and my future mother in law and I are going to start looking on Sundays.  I don't have a realtor, so how can I go view the houses? Theres a few I've found on realtor.com, who do I call to show me the houses? 


Luis sloooow

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I have a boss that has a really big grudge against me. She refuses to give me extra shifts, or let me learn anything new and it gets really frustrating.

Lately she was bitching to all my coworkers that I was coming in late every morning. She told them I was supposed to be there at 8.30, even though my contract says 8.45. (I know it doesn't sound a big deal, but because of the ways the buses work I have to leave around half an hour early, and then waste twenty minutes outside work.).

I ignored it because she never bought the problem up with me. However, recently she has been plastering rosters everywhere saying that I start at 8.30 so I took the issue up with her and said that I was contracted to start at 8.45. She said "well your contract is wrong".

Now EVERYTIME there is a problem (such as me calling in sick) she'll make up rules and if I say "The contract states bla bla" she'll just say "the contract is wrong"  and won't listen to anything I say. I can't take it above her head because she's friends with the big bosses.

What can I do to show her the contract isn't wrong, but SHE is?

If that was tl;dr ...

What is the worst boss you've ever had? What did they do to piss you off?

Valentine's Day

What can my BF and I do for Valentine's that is fairly inexpensive and fun? Besides the normal movie?

Edit: Thanks! I'm totally considering the sex in the theater. We live in a fairly metropolitan area, so finding places aren't a problem, I just have no idea what type of places to go to. Or things to do.

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I received a cot I bought from ebay a few days ago and it is VERY badly damaged. I tried to get hold of the seller but she isn't responding. The box it was delivered in by TNT was in terrible shape and it was by no means, a cheap cot. I paid through paypal and the TNT deliverer had me sign the box as badly damaged. The seller has 100% positive feedback (200+) and has sold the same cot countless times with no problems so I'm not TOO worried just yet but it has been quite a while and the cot was pretty expensive. What do I do if she doesn't respond?
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I'm crossposting this to shitty_advice, too.

Okay so my Fiance and I finally have a place together. We live with his cousin who is okay, but his girlfriend who is pregnant lives here too. At first I thought she was nice but now she's a rude, mean, pathetic individual (I'd really like to use other words.)

For instance, the modem is in HER bedroom rather than the computer room and I have my cable wire going to her room now. This morning I found my wire on the floor and wanted to plug it in. She went ballistic on me and doesn't want me to use it for God knows why. She left earlier and left a note saying "If your [sic] reading this, leave my modem alone." Her boyfriend gave me permission to (he is at work right now).

Without causing disruption, what should I do about her nasty attitude (that she has for no reason)?

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Ok, soooo... I love rock covers of rap/hip-hop songs... can you list your favorites?

Currently I'm liking Collin Munroe's "I Want Those Flashing Lights" and Scott Simons "Umbrella".

Yeah, yeah... I know everyone's gonna list that Dynamite Hack song... that's old hat.

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okay. i am really good about hygiene and i still sweat like crazy!

can anyone recommend an amazing deodorant? i'm looking for something that'll keep me from smelling like a sweaty lady and looking like a sweaty lady.
Haruhi disappearance
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Have you taken the antibiotic azithromycin?

Did you experience any side effects? If so, what were they, and how severe?

I got them to treat this upper-respiratory infection because they're not sure if it's viral or not, but i'm terrified of medications like this

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A group of co-workers (and friends) invite you out to lunch. You gather together and wait at the elevators. Suddenly the group disperses. You have no clue what is going on but are soon told that they are trying to avoid A, an older co-worker. They don't want her to ask to tag along. You suggest they just let her come but are immediately told no; her voice is too annoying and no one likes her.

How would that make you feel? Are you surprised adults can act like this in the workplace?

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What do you do when you find that your boyfriend has made a match.com profile and has "winked" at 25 chicks on the site within the last week?

I'm trying to find some humor in this situation.

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1. What type of hairstyle would be suitable for a girl with a round face? I have a pointed chin but generally a round face. Pictures would be great! :D

2. Have you ever had a complete makeover? From body to clothes to hair? Where did you start first and how did you keep going?

swimming pool etiquette

I haven't swam in a pool in 15 years, so...

During the "lap" time periods at a public pool, is it one person to a lap lane? As in, if there are 6 lanes, only 6 people can swim at a time? If all the lanes are full, do you have to sit there waiting for a lane to open?


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ive been given the opportunity to move to a bigger office, one that is essentially about 1/3 larger than the one i have now. the problem is, this new office is right between two of my bosses' offices, and has a worse view (the window looks out to . . . another skyscraper). should i take it?

EDIT: right now my office points south. the new office would point north. the view i have right now is essentially unobstructed, and i can see 50+ miles to the south on a clear day. the new office has a slight view to the north, but most of it is obstructed by a black building. i don't NEED the extra space, but there's no telling when the next opportunity to move to a bigger office may arise. im also on the opposite side of the floor from my bosses, so they really have to make an effort to come stop by.
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How would you react if you found out your boyfriend/girlfriend stole the Jesus fish from your car?

Do you think I'm going to hell for stealing my boyfriend's Jesus fish?

Honors Program

If you were invited to be in the Honors Program at a college, would you accept?

I know this is a long shot but did any of you guys go to, or know anybody who attended SUNY Cortland or Canisius College?

(no subject)

For those of you in college, where do you get your textbooks? Do you get them online or in the actual school bookstore?

For those who get them online, where are some good websites that have relatively cheap books?

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1)what things do you think will symbolize this era in the future?

I think this will be known as the time of hoodies, and bad things happen to white people and everyone laughs movies[i.e. little miss sunshine, juno]

2)How do you know if you're good at your job?

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1.) If some guy approached you asking if you would be interested in doing some modeling for him for a photo project, would you pretty much immediately assume that he was a pervert?
2.) You figure that's the deal behind all those craigslist ads by 'photographers' looking for models?

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do you feel that there is a requirement you must meet before you can feel unconditional love for someone? A professor recently expressed to our class that he believes you can't feel unconditional love until you have children. I don't know if he thinks you can only feel it for your children or not.

eta. he also said that ALL music was invented by black people. True??

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Poll #1126846 Cake...or Death!

You have the power to summon a lightning bolt, and it will strike on of the following 3 people dead. None of these people have any remorse for their crimes, and show no sign of stopping their behavior. So, which one would you pick for death (not cake)?

Serial child molester. Has inappropriately touched in sexual ways dozens of children, yet has managed to evade the police
Killer of 100 dogs. Hates dogs because a pit bull bit him badly when he was a kid. He, too, has managed to evade the police
Serial killer. Has killed more than a dozen hitchhikers. Police have no leads on this guy.
I don't believe in killing. I refuse to play God, even when I temporarily have the power of God.

You have the power to create the most delicious cake. It makes Sara Lee taste like cat droppings. You can reward one of the following 3 people with said cake (not death). Who gets the cake?

Soldier in Iraq who saved his unit (of 9) from certain doom, as he risked his life to lay down cover fire, and personally helped the fallen to safety
Gang exit professional, who has spent the last 5 years helping young men leave gangs and start their lives over again. He's helped 27 men reform
Old retired secretary wins $15,000,000 in a lottery, and donates every penny of it to charity
I don't believe in playing God. No one gets the cake
I have no problem playing God, and I choose to reward the cake to myself

You have the power to make one of the following people eat a urinal cake (not death), taken straight from a men's room in a popular nightclub. Who gobbles the sanitation puck?

Dr. Phil
Amy Winehouse
Gene Simmons
Donald Trump
Lindsay Lohan
Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Mike Huckabee
Lynn Spears (Britney's mom)
Hillary Clinton
Heather Mills
dead zone johnny & sarah

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 What type of shirt or sweater would you wear with jeans and these boots?
 Is there a way to keep your jeans from getting bunchy around the knees when they are tucked into boots? They are tight skinny jeans, but not the denim-equivelant-of-strechpants skinny jeans.

Another TQC post made me think of this question ...

So let's say you're dating someone of the opposite sex. It's a serious, monogamous relationship.

Let's say that person cheated on you with a person of the same sex.

Is that "better" or "worse" than if they cheated on you with a person of the opposite sex? Would it hurt you more, less, or about the same? Why?
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sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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I am in need of some serious inspiration as far as graphic making goes...I'm in a slump, I haven't made icons forever and now that I have a bunch of free time on my hands I'll make a few and then decide I dont want to make any more for that subject...therefore

1a. What should I make icons/graphics of? (Seriously, I dont care what sort of subject I get replies of...I'm itching to make something but I just am too indecisive to chose)

1b. What do you do to spark your inspiration/creativity?

And on another topic.

2. Can anyone recommend an exceptionally good oil free moisturizer? I'm easy to please with body lotion but I haven't been able to find a moisturizer I like for my face.
popart red

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My friend gave me a 1kg block of brie cheese for my birthday. I am about a quarter way through it and it expires tomorrow. What interesting things could I do with it? (besides eating it.. I am making myself sick!)
tiger on your couch

More Office Issues

The view/no view office question reminded me of this. In this hypothetical situation:

You start a new job, first day at the company. You are given 2 choices of location - either a regular cubicle, average size, perhaps slightly below what your position would merit (say you would merit a small office) OR what is clearly the best office in the place, large, great view, well furnished, and clearly way above your job level. Other people more senior had the chance at the office but they declined due to the hassle of moving. HR freely offers you the choice of either, both choices are sanctioned by the company, the only repercussion would be what others might think if you chose one or the other.

Which do you choose?
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Will you tell us 3 lies and 1 truth?

1. I am actually only 5'2" but i always say that i am 5'5"-5'6" because i wish i was taller.

2. I am allergic to gold.

3. I don't know how to swim.

4. My boyfriend is 10 yrs older than me.

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Do you have a white bedroom? Will you post pictures of it?
If your pet(s) turned into a human do you think it/they would be smart, stupid, funny, etc?
Are you into ~running/jogging~? What is a good way to start for someone who is mildly out of shape?

(no subject)

Will you tell me a favorite childhood memory? 
What is your favorite arcade game? 
Do you ever playfight? O_o Who wins? 

My grandfather was a vendor and use to give me a bag of quarters to play all the arcade games in his warehouse. 

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1) Do you think it would be weird to date someone who shared the same name as your mother, father, sister, or brother?

 2) Which of the following would be the best name for an environmentally friendly laundry detergent? :
a) BioBubble
b) BioGent
c) Gentle
d) Envirogent
e) SimplySuds
f) ChloroClean

(for those of you curious about number 2, i'm working on a project for a communications class about brand name selection... thanks!)

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Hello TQC.

I have a bad cavity. I have no money/insurance. I went to a dentist and was checked out. I can have the root canal for 2000.00 Two. Thousand.

Or I can have it extracted for 150 bucks. The dentist "strongly advised AGAINST that" because its my primary molar and does all my chewing blah blah blah.

TQC, wtf should I do?
mr jummy

(no subject)

What should I cook for dinner?

Why have we only had one sunny day in the past month?

What has you depressed today?

If you aren't depressed, what has you in a good mood today?
tank eyes

(no subject)

Where the eff is my cell phone?


Bathroom counter.
I must have wanted entertainment for my afternoon poooooooo

I seriously need to drink less coffee. I'm strung out!!!!
muppets: bork! bork! bork!

Chef Jacket

Does anyone know where you can get one of those Top Chef Jackets like the ones the contestants wear?

I see they have aprons, but I'm not looking for that, I want to find one of the jackets (or at least find a vendor who sells something similar), and thus far can't find it, on their website, googling, or otherwise. So I pose it to TQC.

(no subject)

What's your favorite website from a DESIGN standpoint? Content doesn't necessarily have to be interesting.

What's your favorite website for it's CONTENT? The design can be shitty.
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What's your energy level right now? Tired? Hyper?

I'm so tired but I can't fall asleep, so I took melatonin a few hours ago. Still can't sleep, so I just took a benedryl. It's only 4:30PM but I don't care.

When was the last time you had to go to the hospital? What for?

Umm...I think when I accidentally OD'd on Ambien. I woke up in the hospital and was like "what the hell?" No memory of it what so ever. Ambien = the devil for me.
Pez&Ziv colour

Jericho Season 2

Season 2 of Jericho is set to start on February.

Today the first 3 eps of the 7 ep run were leaked onto torrent sites.

Who leaked them and why?

Fake and cerial answers welcome.

My answer

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For those if you in college...
What sort of bag do you carry your books/laptop in?

I have a bookbag that I carry my laptop in as well as my books but I never seen to have enough space for the smaller things. Carrying another bag seems weird... any bag suggestions?
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My 17-year-old cousin who has some problems with drugs (cocaine) came to stay with me for a weekend at the beginning of December. Today, I found one of those milk-to-go bottles hidden in the back of my closet. This is a odd since she was staying in the guest room, not my room. I haven't had anyone staying with me since, and I live alone, so I assume it was my cousin who put it there.

It is half full. I am afraid to open it.

What do you think is in it and why do you think she put it at the back of my closet? Should I open it?

Edit: Consensus was that I should open it, so I put on yellow rubber gloves and did so. It was half full of... chocolate milk. Shocking, I know. I mustered up some courage and smelled it because I wondered it maybe there was alcohol in it, but nope. It just smelled like sour milk.

So the question remains: Why was it in my closet???
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Are "flare" or "wide boot cut" jeans considered out of style?

2) Will you post a picture of a clothing/accessory item that you think everyone should own?

3) Why did having an upper respiratory infection give me no appetite all week?

4) What song do you currently have stuck in your head?


I have been looking all over, but I can't find any good sources!

Can any one find me really good pictures(as in traditional drawings and paintings as opposed to photographs and anime-style characters) of Asian style rabbits?

Thank you!
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(no subject)

1. What have you found to be the least-disgusting way to clean a toilet? I'm trying to get over my fear of hair, pee, and poop splatter. Not that my toilet is that bad... I'm just paranoid.

2. Can you recommend a multivitamin for women that you like? Mine makes me throw up in the morning because I'm supposed to eat it with food, and I generally don't get hungry until noon. And by then I'm somewhere else with no vitamins on hand.

3. What's your favorite recipe? Bonus points if you post it for me!

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You move into a new town and you think you know no one there, but then you find out while on LJ that one of your favorite TQC members lives there too! Who is it? Do you tell them and suggest hanging out? If so, what will the two of you do while you're hanging out and being all BFFy? (Besides getting hookers and blow, that's a given really)

In a totally unrelated area, does your boss have terrible handwriting? I feel like I'm learning a whole new language when I decipher mine's.

(no subject)

Say you're checking your credit report, and you find out that you have a credit card with a $300 limit, and you've apparently had this credit card for years. You've never seen this credit card, a bill relating the credit card...nothing. And based on the credit report, it doesn't really look like it's ever been used, so it's helping your credit ever so marginally (28pts so far).

What would you do?
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i am planning on getting a Gmail account in the near future, but until then i want to clean up my Hotmail folders. is there a way i can download all emails in a folder so i can save them in My Documents or something?


(no subject)

So TQC where can I get a cool icon?
According to my fellow members my former icon looked like a big claw or a "mummy hand".

Secondly, what are you doin' tonight?

I'm seeing "The Orphanage". I'm excited to actually be doing something besides prowling TQC, watching lame movies and stuffing my face.

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So, there's this paper my English teacher told us about today. She's going to officially assign it next week, give us the due date and everything. It's supposed to be a persuasive essay on something we're passionate about.

I can't really think of anything that I'm passionate about except for something that will probably get me made fun of by everyone except my friends for the rest of the year (gay rights). I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to present the paper, and 99% of the people in my class are bigoted jerks.

Should I risk what is a pretty limited social status anyway and do gay rights, or should I write a paper about how ponies eating butterflies is wrong (ie. something I couldn't really give two shits about)?

And if that's tl;dr:

1. What song is next in your playlist? Do you like the song?
Dr H - Hammer Penis

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I feel like such a noob for asking this, but who better to ask then TQC right?
So there are alot of questions about what tattoos you have, what you look like at this exact moment and I really want to respond to them, but I don't know how to put a picture in a comment. I know how to put them in a post, but when I'm replying to somebody else's post I'm clueless.

So I suppose the question is, how do you put a picture in your reply?

Edit: Thanks for the code :D

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How many dollars will I need to take to spend nine days in America? Florida if it makes any difference. I live in the UK and heard things are a lot cheaper over there, although my mum wants me to take a gazillion dollars. Some food and that will be paid for because I am staying with a friends uncle.

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I just made a phone call to my friend asking if she'd seen my keys, and then I found my keys, but when I went to call her back, I couldn't find my phone to tell her. (As I looked for it I also lost my laptop for about twenty minutes.)

TQC, where is my phone? I turned out all the lights and called it (it's on silent) with no luck. Obvs it could not have left my house.

Should I just stop touching things and go to bed so I don't lose anything more (it's 7:30 pm)?
macro - procrastination cat
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Pretend you're married. Now, imagine your husband/wife/life partner tells you that they're leaving you.

If he changed his mind a few days later, would you be able to forgive him or will it still be over?
If you would forgive, could you ever trust this person again completely?
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Getting that cash, food, and stuff...

1. I got awarded a scholarship after my tuition was paid in full. This should come back to me in a refund check (my school issues one every spring) right?

2. What is one food item that you LOVE but can't get in your current location?

3. What is the last awesome discovery you made?


I need a recipe for peach cobbler for tomorrow. The thing is, I've never had peach cobbler. I've read several recipes and there seems to be no consensus, other than it contain sugar, peaches, and flour. So, TQC...

WTF is peach cobbler? Do you have a recipe?

1. Pastry on top?
1a. Pastry crumbled on top?
1b. Pastry latticed on top?

2. Cake-y base? Or pie-like base?

The person I'm making it for is from Virginia, if that's of any use.

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I could Google this, but I want first hand-experiences (I can't lick my monitor and know it tastes good).

What's your favorite recipe for black and white cookies? I'm absolutely craving them, but no one around here even knows what they are. One more reason I'm way too far away from New York I say.

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Hey guys,

I used to have a PC, now I have a Mac. I put a bunch of stuff from my PC onto my external hard drive and now I run it from my Mac. It's been working fine except now it's become read only, so I can't put more stuff on it. Anybody have any ideas? What can I do?

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This is kind of an odd question, but something really struck me today while sitting in a drive-thru window.

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Why do people say "I'm good" when they aren't? Why don't people say, "eh, I'm okay" or "I'm horrible"?

I wouldn't have minded hearing why he looked just as sad as I did.

ETA - if you've ever experienced a close death, did it make you think of your own death? As I watched my Grandma tossing and turning in pain today, I couldn't help but see myself in 60 years, lying there myself and I absolutely couldn't shake the thought.
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I'm trying to find a job.  Besides monster.com and careerbuilder.com, what are some good websites for job searches?

Also, good websites/livejournal community for free stuff?

If you can't answer that, what's your favorite recipe?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Are you one of the people who likes to celebrate anniversaries? Are they important to you, and would you be upset if your SO completely forgot about it, or didn't want to celebrate them?

Who were you with when you had your FIRST 1-year anniversary of a romantic relationship (I mean that as, the first romantic relationship you were in that reached 1-year)? What did you do for it?

Is it cheesy and stupid to want a ring, but to not want to ever get married?
Bert Shocked

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 Can you, comfortably "break wind" in front of your:

1. Significant other?

2. Parents?

3. Best friend(s)?

I was able to in front of some girlfriends, 
I can in front of my parents, 
and some of my best friends.

Im wondering if its a cultural thing, or an intimacy issue.

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So, we've been issued a tornado warning.

What should I do?!

Actually, how weird is it that I'm in LA county and there's a tornado warning?

edit: I am being safe for the most part and I'm in my bathroom as I type.

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If your SO's family was moving and you helped them would you expect to get paid?
Who taught you how to drive?

edit: in reference to the first question my boyfriend wants 80 dollars to help us move 15 minutes away. um wut.

Funny inside metaphors

Usually in a circle of friends there are usually personal jokes and even sayings that describe a person or situation. These sayings usually came from personal interactions or converstations within the group.

For example: "I ate two bags."
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Next example: "I'm just sayin' -- so you know"
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So what are your personal sayings/metaphors? Stories please where they came from.

Just thought of another one.

Next example: "I'm building sandcastles"
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Anyone here live in College Station, TX? Attended A&M?

For homeowners:
- what was the process of buying your first house like? any advice?
- have you ever bought a house in a distant city before moving there? again, advice?

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#1. I'm in New Orleans for work. Do any of you live here? I want to go take pictures of the city but was told it's ~*omg not safe*~. Want to take me around? I don't bite. ugh.

#2. I hate the two coworkers that are here with me. They both invited me out; I said no and ordered a bottle of wine from room service. I feel tipsy from two glasses. Will you please entertain me via fun jokes and stories and pictures? It won't take much. And why do my coworkers suck so much?

#3. if you're in a live-in relationship, do you LOVE sometimes getting away and having an entire hotel bed to yourself? I do. I miss my husband but I'm fucking thrilled to actually get some blanket tonight.
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Hey Dr. TQC.

I hurt my back on sunday(you can read my journal for the back story). I know HOW I hurt it, but I don't know what I hurt. What is a good website where I can run through a list of symptoms and have it tell me if I just strained a muscle, or if I broke my spine? I tried webMD but maybe I just suck at finding stuff because it kept just telling me that I had symptoms of back pain... thanks captain obvious :-\

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my boyfriend likes to ramble on about things that I have NO idea about, and he talks about them like I'm understanding every word..

so, tqc..

01. if you have a SO, do they talk a lot or are they pretty quiet?
see above

02. what is the most distasteful word you've ever heard?
cuntlips.. o.O

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Which one of the seven dwarves are you?

Apparently I'm sleepy with a big of dopey mixed in there.
I tried to contest, but apprently when I'm tired (which is a lot fo the time) all logic goes out the window and my common sense fails.

What animal shall I dress up as for this tuesday?
Anyone got any fancy dress pictures for inspiration?

What would you do?

If someone offered to buy you ANYTHING, no strings attached, nothing....just being a nice friend.

What would you ask for?

Keeping in mind that you are a kind/nice person, not greedy. Oh and the said person works in a well paying job that can afford almost anything.