January 23rd, 2008


Divorce Kits?

Has anyone ever used a divorce kit as opposed to getting a lawyer?  Would you recommend it, and if so which program did you use?  I'm looking to get a divorce in Virginia, uncontested, no children, no house, and have been seperated for over a year now.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks TQC. 


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Do you ever get tired of your username/email/screenname/whatever?

I don't of my email, because it's my name. Nor really any of my usernames, either, even if they're dumb (like severalmoose). I was 'the_gurl' and then 'sunnyskychick' when I first got the internet and I was like 10. I would be tired of those.

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How well do ear plugs work? I could really do with them.

How inconsiderate is it of neighbours to play their drums at midnight? Please tell me about your hellish neighbours.
Manhatten of the Dr sort

Oh look a question.

Ok so there is a furry animal in my attic.  Lets call him "Raccoon".  I live in a condo and said condo has yet to remove Mr. Raccoon from the attic.  We've placed traps and such in there but it's a no go.  (Not like smush raccoon in the face traps...but box it up and poke it with a stick trap)

NOW this has gone on for about umm a month now.  It's still there.  I figured oh he's just piddle-farting around up there I don't care.  BUT Mr. Raccoon started digging.  He has dug a hole through my ceiling above my window (I have a one of those box windows where you can sit in it, but it has no support so you'd fall through and land on some concrete outside)  He stuck his little furry paw through my ceiling. 

I've taped one of those CD cases to the ceiling in hopes the plastic will persuade him to go elsewhere.  HE'S STILL SCRATCHING AT IT.  How long do you think it will last is my question? ;D

I'm sleeping with my Red Ryder B.B. Gun...
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1. What's the main thing you look for in your friends &/or s/o?
2. What would you say your worst flaw is/especially relating to what you desire of other people?
3. Would you rather be a bitch and happy or integrity yet be unhappy?
4. What kind of questions are your favourite on tqc?

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hate pimentos

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Let's say that you live in a city, in the ground floor of a duplex.  It's winter, and has been steadily below freezing for a few days.  You've been noticing kitty prints in the snow around your back porch, and have even seen and heard a little cat meowing at your door.

Would you put food out for it?

Would you be worried that you were "stealing" someone's pet?

If the cat sticks around for a while (say, a month or more) would you try to take it to the vet, get it tested for FIV and feline leukemia, and, assuming it was healthy, attempt to make it part of your household (assume that there are two humans and two neutered cats in the apartment already)?

ETA: my cat is currently asleep on my arms and lap.  should i stay on the internet so i don't wake him, or wake him up and take him into bed?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. what's the time where you are?
2. what are you up to (other than TQC obviously)?
3. how you doing?


1. 2:14 a.m.
2. trying to make sense of my life.
3. i'm ok. i'm hungry and bored and lonely tho.

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One more before I hit the hay.

Tonight I was at the bar playing pool, which reminded me of the time I had a pool stick broke over my back. So I ask...

Ever been in a "bar fight" and/or has anyone ever hit you with a pool stick? a chair?

name calling

When you named your child/pet or do name child/pet how did you come up with it? Look for a something that sounds cool, unique, ordinary , but surely not complicated for others to not be able to pronounce or make fun of (like Jessica, James, Chris , and so on) or did you look for one that means something to you.. say the Spanish word for triumphant.. or powerful or whatever.
Sissy Fight
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Calling Dr. LJ..

This isn't really a Dr. LJ question but does have to do with shots. 

1. What is the most painful shot you have ever had?

2. Have you had the Gardasil shot?
2a. How long did the pain last after each of the sets?

1. The Gardasil shot.
2. Yep, but only the first set.
2a. It still feels like someone punched me in the arm two days later.

First day of college dorm apartment living (at least for me).

1. Why is the wireless internet my school ranted and raved about actually so very shitty that it freezes my computer when it randomly decides to disconnect in the middle of the night?

2. Where can I buy Christmas-type lights in non-Christmas colors?

3. What's the best way to put up curtains without a curtain rod?

4. What's on your wall right now? Photos?
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1. One of my teachers keeps asking if my job is what's causing me to miss so much school.  I can't tell her I'm missing school because I don't want to go.  Does she want me to quit my job?  Y/Y?

2. If you wear boots, do you tuck your pants in or pull them over?  Which is a better look?

3.a. Do you think you'll feel weird or awkward watching The Dark Knight this summer as Heath Ledger is dead? 

3.b. How will I hide the inevitable tears from my co-workers?!

driving vs. flying

So I'm going home next month for my niece's first birthday, my birthday, and just to see family over a long weekend. I have a buddy going with me, assuming he can get off of work for 2 days. TQC, what should we do.

Should we drive 2200 miles (round trip) with how high gas prices are (btw I drive a full size gas guzzling truck) or shell out 250$about 500$ each for tickets (round trip)?

Also: totally unrelated but- Am I horrible for immediately thinking "I wonder what questions Elliot will have on 'He died you win'" when I first heard of Heath Ledger's death yesterday?

EDIT: I forgot we couldn't leave till a certain time because he has to sign out (damn military) and that upped the prices of tickets...now what?
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The Dining Services Department at Rochester Institute of Technology apologized Tuesday for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day menu some have criticized as insensitive. On Monday, the dining hall served traditional Southern food, including fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread, said university spokesman Bob Finnerty.

"After reviewing the situation, we are confident that there was no ill intent on the part of anyone involved," Finnerty said. "However, the menu did reflect an inappropriate stereotype on a day intended to be a day of reflection and commemoration of Dr. King's legacy."

The school has received some critical e-mails in response to the menu offerings, Finnerty said, though he did not know specifically how many people had complained.

The apology letter, addressed to the RIT community, expressed the Dining Services Department's regret for any offense caused by the menu.

Do you think the apology was warranted?

Is so, what kinda of foods are okay to serve on MLK day?

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what are your feelings on people who get tattoos in chinese/japanese characters when their native language isn't chinese or japanese?

ETA: what about people who get their own name tattooed on them?

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If you weren't willing to move into a cheaper place or drastically change your lifestyle (but you would cut back on some non-essentials), what do you think is the smallest salary you could live on?

What if you were willing to move and change (but not become a hobo)?

I have to write a paper on a vice. I don't want to write about legalizing marijuana. What vice should I choose? What's your favorite vice?

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Poll #1126157 The Bad Touch

Ladies, a coworker/fellow student just got breast implants, and she's really excited. "Tell me if they feel real", she asks, as she lifts her shirt. "Give me your hand". Do you test-grope her new boobs for authenticity?

No. Ick
Yes. I'm really curious how they feel
Yes. It's hot
Yes, but only because she asked. I really don't have to know
"Only if you buy me dinner and a movie first!"

"I also had laser vaginal rejuvination, to tighten up the area. Want to see?" Do you?

No. Ick
Yes. I'm curious what it looks like
Yes. It's hot

Fellows, a coworker/fellow student tells you he just got penis enlargement surgery, and he wants to know if it feels natural. "Give me your hand", he says as he unzips his fly. Do you test-feel his junk for authenticity?

Fuck no
Yes. I'm curious what it feels like
Yes. It's kind of hot
Yes, but only because he asked
"Only if you buy me dinner and a movie first!"

Ladies and gents, your friend makes a face, and says "I think I'm getting a hemorrhoid. Can you check and tell me what you think it is? Give me your hand". Do you do some amateur proctology for your coworker's sake?

Fuck no
Sure, why not. I've come this far
Yes, but only because I'm curious
Yes, but only because I'm bi-curious
"Only if you buy me dinner and a movie first!"
i say, old bean

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TQC = the next hair community y/y?

have you ever dumped anyone? how'd that go? edit: what did you tell them?

when you were in elementary school and it was a rainy day, what did you do for recess?
Kitty//Why u mad tho?


Why is one of my cats wandering through the house, howling her fool head off?

Her litterbox is clean, she's got fresh food and water, and she's spayed.

Wtf is her problem!?


1.) Whats the name of that candy bar that's made from English toffee, covered in milk chocolate?
2.) What are those big books called that accountants & bookkeepers use to keep track of their numbers & transactions?
I wish these were brains

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1. Is there a website like this one, but for food rather than alcohol? We have nothing in my house that seems to go together that everyone will eat.

2. If there is no website, what should I make for dinner? We're all sick and cannot go to the store. We have ground beef, shredded chaddar, half an onion, canned veggies (corn, green beans, peas), top ramean, a box of Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice (mmmmmm), a box of bisquick, a bag of rice, some instant mashed potatoes, and 3 packets of taco seasoning.

Wow, sad.

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From Gilligan's Island: Marianne or Ginger?

From That 70s Show: Jackie or Donna?

Do you think who a person picks says something about their personalities?

I tend to date men who pick Ginger and Jackie.
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1a. Do good toupees exist?
1b. Have you ever seen one?

2a. What is your favorite letter?
2b. Why?

3a. If you like dogs, what is your favorite breed (mixed breed is a great answer if that's your opinion)? 


If your city had a dessert cafe (like this or this) how often do you think you'd eat there?

Alternately, if your city DOES have a place like this, what's it called? How often do you eat there?

Where do you live?
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5 Questions:

1.) Does anybody else like making a milkshake with Bailey's?

2.) Why do milkshakes always make me thirsty?

3.) What's your favorite way to drink soda?
Mine is out of a can, through a straw.

4.) Do you get annoyed when people post comments in response to your questions, with things like, "I don't drink soda."
-Well what the hell is the point of commenting on this post?

The only reason I ask, is because I'm interested in hearing the opinions of soda drinkers, I don't really care if you don't drink soda.
Give a dog a home

swing, swing, swing

So the other night, I couldn't sleep and ended up watching this show about women who are in relationships and are swingers.

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All of the women on the show said that their marriages are stronger than many peoples' they know and that they feel their relationship is rock-solid.

Do you think you could ever be a swinger?
Are you already one?
Do you know any?
Do you think it is moral? Immoral?

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robocop or terminator?

this isn't a question of who would win, just whichever you preferred growing up. there's just something about robocop that i like a smidge more, cheesiness & all. def deserves another movie..

Math question!

Based on the following formulas for Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Activity Factor (how active you are on a scale from not very active at all to holding an active job plus working out pretty much every day):

655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age) = RMR

Sedentary = RMR x 1.2
Light Activity = RMR x 1.3 or 1.4
Moderate Activity = RMR x 1.5
Very Active = RMR x 1.6 or 1.7
Extreme Activity = RMR x 2.0 to 2.4

How many calories do you need to consume in a day?

I need about 1700 to 1900.

excuses excuses

 Ok, tomorrow I have court at 11:30 (don't ask). Well, I just found out that my SO took the rest of the day off and I want that too! So what can I give my work as a good excuse to not come back in for the rest of the day?

I was thinking saying it's a DDS appt cause then I wouldn't be feeling well? But not coming in cause you're numbed up is a lame excuse. His work is a little more formal where he puts in for a day off. My work is really informal-I come and go as I please and get paid the same way. So it's not like I ask for time off, just , "I won't be able to come in because of..."

What is a good excuse to say I won't be able to come in tomorrow?

Um, snarky answers are amusing, but good brainstorming would be appreciated! THANKS 

edit: jesus you people are curious. we're filing bankruptcy but this really doesn't have anything to do with a made up excuse except if I just told my employer: "after being beat down, i'm not gonna feel like coming back in thx"


What is the best material to get for a nostril retainer? quartz, lucite, etc?

also, anyone know the benefit of a straight one versus a curled one? My stud is curled but all the straight retainers I've looked at seem to be a little more discreet.
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. what time do you wake up on average everyday?
2. how long does it take you to fully wake up and be alert?
3. are you having a love affair with your bed?
4. if you could donate money to me, how much would you REALISTICALLY donate?
5. who was the last person you talked to via an instant messenger?
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What's worth doing in LA?

Must be close-ish to the MTA.
Must be free and/or cheap (less than $20 per person).

Serious answers plz. :( My Google-fu turns up a lot of super touristy things.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and what are your favorite cheap-ish restaurants in the area? I'm looking for something unique to LA (or the west coast, I guess), and something that would be around $50 (or less?) for two people.
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srs poll.

how many people do you know who are named Michelle and claim to be named after the Beatles' song of the same name?

i know more than 37 michelles claim that

which house should i buy? (both have hardwood floors that are beautiful)

currently owned by a property flipper...it's in the suburbs and cute, surrounded by wooded area, in the center of our price range
currently owned by a gay architect with really good taste...it's tricked out like you wouldn't believe, in good part of the 'burbs (or at least not the gross suburbs) and on the WAY upper end of our price range
flip a coin
neither--stay in the pathetic rental forever
lol, real estate crash is coming harder than ever, wait til March

which of these items on my South Beach diet shopping must you also buy from time to time at the store?

nuts, preferably pecans this time
mass quantitites of ham
mouthwash, husband likes the red kind (lol fake cinnamon flavor)
dishwashing liquid, something fruity by Dawn
cool whip free
sugar free jello, raspberry is #1
rubber gloves, omg i can't wait to get a dishwasher in my new house
gallon sized recloseable bags
turkey bacon
progresso soup
"pl spgh" i don't know what this is but it's on the list
blackberries (the food, not the pda)
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I've posted to hair communities, but this one has more volume, and therefore more, and faster answers.

So, here is my dilemma:

I have blonde hair now, and have for the majority of my life. I really can't stand it lately, but I'm afraid to get rid of it.
Whenever I branch out from the blonde, I feel upset and want to go back blonde.

There are a lot of good reasons NOT to stay blonde.

Foremost, and most simply, the upkeep is killing my hair.

But I'm afraid no other colors would work well with my face/complexion/etc...

Under the cut, I have pictures of my hair, and hair that has inspired me to go a brown color, I'm just so afraid and need some advice.

(For the record, my roots are a honey/dirty blonde color. Too dark to blend in with platinum.)

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And for those of you who just don't care...

What's your favorite flavor of V8 Splash? Do you even like V8?
Mine is fruit medely.

(no subject)

Last night at 3 am, right when I was getting ready to go sleep, my stepsister got home, came in my room and said "I have company, wink wink, we're gonna be loud so put some music on or something!" I was exhausted and didn't want to put music on, and wound up sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Is this an acceptable thing for someone to do? It seems to me it is not, but maybe I am naive. I say if you're gonna be having sex while someone's in the next room, you either do it quietly, put music on yourself, or don't do it there. Plus now my leg hurts from sleeping on our stupid uncomfortable leather couches. So:

1. Is my stepsister's behavior okay in your opinion?
2. When's the last time you were kicked out of your own room?
3. If I were to stay in my room and put music on, what is the least sexy music I could have played? (I was thinking the theme to Elmo's World. Over and over and over.)
4. Should I have just told her to stfu because I was going to sleep? I lack guts, tqc, help me have guts. :(
5. What'd you have for breakfast? When's the last time you ate breakfast?
6. I had some whiskey yesterday. Did you know that whiskey ACTUALLY burns your stomach? I thought that fire-belly thing was an exaggeration. That shit hurt. Do you like whiskey? Is it supposed to do that? Did I not mix it with enough 7-Up? Am I going to die now?
7. Possums: ugly, cute, or both?

next try...

What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Or if you just use lotion or bodywash, which do you like best?
What are some odd things you ALWAYS do?

Chanel-Coco Mademoiselle
I always lock the door when I shower and I always turn the handles of doors atfer I just locked them (like to make sure they are really locked eventhough I know I just locked them)

(no subject)

How would I create an audio podcast with mp3 music plus my voice for instruction? (I tried googling but am still a little confused)

Do you think America is going into a recession?
Do you feel affected by the economy or do things seem the same from last year?

Are you between jobs?
Do you temp?
If so, are you worried a recession may make finding a job unattainable?

What is the longest amount of time you been without a job?
How did you take care of your finances?

(no subject)

I'm about to dye my hair.
I think your hair is supposed to be clean first. I haven't washed my hair since Monday.

will a little extra natural oils or whatever really affect the color?

thank you. the directions don't say anything about hair cleanliness.
much appreciated, tqc.

Rock, Bigfoot, or Martian?

Have you seen the NASA photo from Mars?

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See where I circled and drew the arrow? People are now saying that is proof-positive that there is ET life on Mars.

What do you think? Rock, Bigfoot, or ET/Marvin the Martian/etc?

(Serious and non-serious replies welcome!)
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(no subject)

There are 7 girls on a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats. How many legs are there in the bus?

who was the last person to question your intelligence?

did they assume you were smarter or dumber than you really are?

did you prove them wrong?
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Three questions:

1) I'm relatively new to LJ and I've been enjoying it. Should I upgrade to a paid account? Are the benefits really worth the charge?

2) I absolutely hate the user name I picked. I could pick a better one randomly. Should I get a name change token to change it, or should I keep what I'm stuck with now?

And completely unrelated ...
3) I don't watch anything on television these days. Is there anything out there worth watching that I should give a chance or am I better off just not watching it?


whether you love them or hate them: disney

- If Disney ever made a good full-length animated feature again:  What story should they do?
I have always wanted the Snow Queen to be made into a brilliant Disney film.  I also think the Tinderbox is a great story, but it would have to be "disneyfied" not to mention that its hero is really not a good guy. <--edit @ 2:03pm - I just re-read it. Actually he's got many redeeming qualities. Disney should tackle it!

- Which story would make a hilarious and/or inappropriate Disney animated feature?  Particularly after it was "disneyfied"?

(no subject)

do you or have you ever worked more than one job at a time?
how long did you do it for?
what did you or do you do for work?

i worked at papa johns delivering pizzas from 10 am - 7 pm plus weekends, then I would go do industrial sewing from 9 at night til 6:30 am 6 days a week

(no subject)

My brother is working a 24 hours shift this weekend...

Have you ever worked a 24 (or longer) hour shift?
What do you do for a living?
How was it?

(now I have the song shiftwork stuck in my head. ew)

(no subject)

I have this really old tv, it only has an RF... the screwy thingy, theres no red/white plug in. I'm trying to hook up a dvd player to it, is there an adapter I need for it? Or just time to buy a new tv?
yummy beer!, yummy

(no subject)

Please presume availability of all parties in both cases.

Would you rather:

have Eva Longoria as your lover
service Paula Deen as often as she asks, and in return, she cooks you dinner every night that you choose*??

*if you're not a guy, lesbian, pan-sexual, or anything else that will allow you to consider sex with a woman, then you may opt for an alternative form of service that the ladies choose, such as foot rubs, massages, or corn removal.  :P

happy monkey

(no subject)

1. what's your favourite love movie?

my coworkers are talking bout how much they love the notebook. am i the only one who thinks that's a corny and dumb movie? i hate love movies. down with love!

(no subject)

Poll #1126311 Bevy of bizarre questions

In some country far, far away, the citizens voted for who they thought was the sexiest person in their country, and this person is almost a dead ringer for you! You're exactly their type! Do you move to this country ASAP, so you can plan on moving to the top of the dating chain?

Yes, I'm moving
No, I'm not

You're dating someone new. You really like them. He or she invites you to their family BBQ so you can meet the relatives. Turns out, the person you're dating is related to George Bush. Not only that, but your SO is Dubya's favorite nephew/niece. As a show of support, George wants to be your friend, and invites you to a bible-reading session with him. Your SO is excited about the thought of you and Bush bonding, and exposes all of your sham excuses, so you'd be forced on your date with Dubya. What happens now?

I break up with my SO. It's too weird to be dating a member of the Bush family. I couldn't stop talking shit about their uncle anyway
Be friends with Dubya, but only because I like my SO. Let Bush think I'm a real keeper for his nephew/niece and he'll get off my back
This is awesome! I'd find reasons to buddy up with Bush and his cool helicopter rides, secret service and presidental knowledge

You're in need of a car, and you only have a couple thousand to spend. You spy an ad in the paper where a 2007 BMW is being sold by its owner for only $2,000. When you call, you find out the car's tip-top, but the reason he's selling the car is because he feels that it's haunted. Some creepy things have happened to him when he drives, and he says that he's been having bad dreams since he bought it. The car only has 5,000 miles on it. Would you buy it?


You're at the DMV when you're approached by a complete stranger. "You don't know me, but I know about you. I have bad kidneys and need a donor. One day, I rifled through your doctor's office, looking for people who might be compatable with me, and your file has led me to believe that I'd have the best success with you. I want one of your kidneys. I will pay you $75,000 for it, but it has to be right this instant. This suitcase here is full of money. It's yours. Simply come with me to that motel room across the street, where my surgical team is awaiting, and they'll put you under and remove your kidney. You'll get patched back up and I'll personally drive you to your doctor afterwards for a checkup. You can have a friend monitor the surgery if you don't trust me, and step in anytime if he or she thinks that I'm doing something I shouldn't. I just need the kidney ASAP!" Do you walk with him to the motel room, give up one of your kidneys, and earn 75k for your troubles?


For some creepy Howard Stern-like radio show, they'll pay you $15,000 if you make out with your sibling for a minute. With tongue. Do you do it?


why does God hate Terry Gilliam??

after Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) • Jabberwocky (1977) • Time Bandits (1981) • Brazil (1985) • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988) • The Fisher King (1991) • Twelve Monkeys (1995) • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) came ...

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2000, unfinished) • The Brothers Grimm (2005, delayed, then straight to DVD) • Tideland (2005, box office bomb) • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009, now on permanent hold)

why does God hate Terry Gilliam?

Why God Why?

OKAY Brothers Grimm WASN'T straight to DVD.. but it wasn't close to being as big as any of the other movies..

my bad on that one

(no subject)

Do you know anyone who's a dick but occasionally they make you laugh, but then when you do laugh you feel ashamed and dirty like you've just been molested by a smelly old man and you need to take a shower to wash the stink off of you, and if you ever told them this they would laugh and take it as a compliment?

(no subject)

1. There's this one mirror in a coffeeshop bathroom, and I don't know if it's the lighting or what, but I always look fantastic in it. Do you have any magic mirrors?

2. Illya Kuryakin or Napoleon Solo?
Mitty box

(no subject)

For those of you who have seen Cloverfield, how bad was the camera bob? I get motion sickness very easily but my husband wants to go see it this weekend. Was it better or worse than Blair Witch? Do you think I'd make it or will I spew all over the audience?

If not...

What should we see instead?

27 Dresses
Sweeney Todd
P.S. I Love You

What should we see at the $1.50 theater?

August Rush
American Gangster
Dan in Real Life

EDIT!!! In an unrelated but pressing issue, I told my mom that I'd save her the last S'mores cookie thing by Little Debbie. It's now been sitting there for 3 days waiting for her to eat it. But I REALLY want it. Should I eat it or continue to save it for her?
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(no subject)

Go to www.craigslist.com, find your exact location.. will you show me a picture of something that someone is selling for:


ETA: since i love them, will you post a missing connection from your area?
how funky is your chicken?

(no subject)

Are you allowed to surf the internet at work for personal purposes?

If you do it anyway (or your company has no set policy on the issue), do you think your boss would be upset if they knew?

What do you do for a living?

Well now I'm pissed... (Heath related, sorry.)

Upon seeing this, I have been thrown into a fit of rage.

What do you think about these people?

Should these beliefs be tolerated?

Why haven't these people been violently attacked by non-group members?
People are killed for much less offensive things. I don't understand why/how this is has not brought violence upon them. *
Edit: I'm not saying violence is the answer.

Is there anything you can do to help restore my faith in the world?


(no subject)

What was the last thing you completely blanked on?
I was trying to think of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". For some reason the title was occluded in my brain, and the best I could do was "The ..Group .. of Copyright Free Superheroes." Nobody knew what I was talking about. I had to mention Alan Moore and Sean Connery to get my point across.

(no subject)

what are those sites where you can take surveys and/or look at ads for money? i am not on my personal computer, so it's not bookmarked here.

if you've done it, is the process hard to set up? do you get money through a paypal account?

i have no idea how paypal works, so would you like to give me a brief summary?

should i look into doing this on a public computer, as to not junk up my computer with ads?

(no subject)

what did you wish most people understood about your profession or hobbies?

a)liscenced professional counselor[what I wanna be] =/ bartender

b)often when you sell things, you want to make a profit.
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(no subject)

Poll #1126277 Animals!

Which are you? (If you eat ANY meat, including fish, you are an omnivore)


Which of the following do you think are bad/wrong/should not be done?

Eating cows/pigs/chickens/fish
Eating horses/rabbits/alligators
Eating dogs/cats
Eating primates
Eating dairy
Eating eggs
Eating honey
Wearing leather
Wearing fur
Wearing wool/angora/down
Dog fighting
Cock fighting
Horse racing
Breeding animals for profit
Factory farms


Hunting for food
Hunting for sport
Experimenting on animals: Safety/cleaning products
Experimenting on animals: Cosmetics
Experimenting on animals: Medicine/diseases
Experimenting on animals: Psycological/behavioral
Animal abuse
Animal neglect
Owning pets
Riding horses
Using products tested on animals
Bull fighting

What do you think of animal welfare?

No opinion

What do you think of animal rights?

No opinion

Do you support (actively or just in theory) PETA?


Do you support (actively or just in theory) other groups such as the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and Farm Sanctuary?


Do you consider yourself to be an animal lover?


I'm not looking for a debate or to start an argument - I'm just interested in your opinions.

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THIS IS HYPOTHETICAL, believe me. Related to a story I'm writing. I don't know if it's, like, two months or one week ._.

If one slit her wrists open or took an OD of sleeping pills and survived, how much sick leave would they get from work? He or she can't be legally fired for doing it, right?
If it's accidental, how much would one need for physical reasons only? I don't know how slitting your wrists would be accidental, but say you hit your hand through a window glass or something similar.
h/w batman and robin

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My friend is having a tattoo party on Saturday and wants me to come get a tattoo. While I've always thought that I would like to have one, I'm not quite sure where I would get it.

Where would you get a tattoo? Where would you not get one?
Show me yours if you have them.

-I know what I would be getting, I'm just undecided as to where.
-The tattoo party is, in fact, being held in shop.
amelie half face

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Have you ever told someone the complete truth, but gotten the feeling that they think you lied to them?
Did you find out whether they did/didn't think you were lying later on?

(If you don't mind sharing) What did you tell them? How did they respond?

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Some of my friends were going to come to a movie premiere thingy with me that I have passes for, but the ones that  were going to potentially give me a ride have all flaked.

I called my other BFF I didn't originally have room for and she's super duper sick.

The premiere is tonight at 7pm. It's for some new ghetto booty call movie called How She Move. Anyone want to commmmme?
Give me ride, and I give U free pass. =]

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1. Do you like Interpol (the band)?

2. What is your favorite song from them? If you don't have a favorite song, which is your favorite album?

3. Do you think any of the songs on Our Love to Admire sound kind of eerie?

My answers:

1. I do like them...I have all of their albums
2. I have at least two favorite songs from each album:
    Antics: Evil  and C'Mere
    Turn on the Bright Lights: Obstacle 1 and Slow Hands
    Our Love to Admire: Pioneer to the Falls and The Heinrich Maneuver
3. I think parts of The Lighthouse are kinda eerie

Valentines Day

 Does anybody know any somewhat inexpensive Valentines Day ideas?
I've been with my boyfriend for nearly three years.  I usually buy something somewhat big, and make something. However, my creativity is lacking.

Cheesy ideas are welcome.
Thanks guys!
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I bought some shoes yesterday and they were suuuuuper comfortable when I tried them on.  They were  as soft as a cloud and I was excited.  I wore them around the mall for about a half hour yesterday because I had a blister on one of my big toes and my other shoes were applying pressure to it.  I could feel the heel of the shoe scraping my heel, I just assumed I needed socks.  I wore my new shoes again with the socks that I thought were designed for these shoes but the socks didn't cover my heels.

Do you have any suggestions to protect my heels?

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Who killed Peter Campbell?

Does Jessica really go to jail?

Does Jodi get the girl he slept with in the first season pregnant?

Does Burt get abducted by aliens?

I watched the whole first season with my bf and we cant rent or afford to buy the second season or more of them. Any other spoilers you want to add is great too :)

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Are there any words that you always mispronounce on purpose because of an inside joke? What are they?

When my brother was about ten he wrote a story about some people who went to "Flordia and Cubia," so now whenever I talk about Florida I say "Flordia" and usually add "and Cubia" onto it.

I also often say "gradiation" instead of graduation.

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I'm buying a laptop soon. I've never had one before and I know very little about them. I'm thinking about buying a mac. Considering that they are seriously, seriously stretching my budget, would it be worth it? Even if I get the most basic, cheapest one available? What are the pros and cons?
I store a lot of music and photos on my computer. Other than that it will be for typical college student needs. I don't play games or anything like that.

And for fun:

Being that I am interested in:
Health and fitness
Risking my life

and I hate:
Blood and guts
Most children
Being Patient
Sitting around

What are some interesting things I could do with my life?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) When was the last time you were ill?
2) What were you ill with? Details!

3) Does Dayquil make you hyper?

4) I got a doctor's note to stay home and relax to try and get better for the rest of the week. I've worked a grand total of 2 hours this week, haha. What should I do with my newfound spare time?

5) I'm going to this mall saturday. What stores should I visit?

Biggest Loser

Did anyone else think last night's episode rather sucked? Pink team getting the boot, even though they did nothing wrong except not kissing the Yellow team's asses?

I thought this show had some integrity, that the strongest competitors can stay on the show indefinitely as long as they lose the weight, but these new rules mean that no one's safe from arbitrary politics