January 22nd, 2008

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Has anyone had elective surgery as an adult? What did you have done?

Do you still have your tonsils?

Poll #1124907 Should I get my tonsils out?

Should I get my tonsils out...at the tender age of 36?

I don't care
Cut them out yourself. Save time and money.

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What songs are popular on your city's pop/rock/hiphop station right now? My radio station only shows a few songs out of the good amount that they play, and I'm trying to put together a play list for a friend's party. She specified wanting "music thats popular on the radio right now" ... 

from mc.greasy

I am a slobby person, I admit it. But so are you, deep inside.
So let's have some personal hygiene questions.

1.What's the longest you've gone without showering? What do you consider an ok. amount of time between showers?
2.Do you ever get too lazy to brush your teeth at night? (like, well I'm doing it in the morning anyway...)
3.Do you change your socks/underwear everyday?
4.What's one thing you're really strict about?
5. What do you never do?

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I <3 TLV


My Firefox gets slower the longer I have it open until it's barely working, and I have to end the process and restart it, and then it's fast again. What's wrong with it and how do I fix it?

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what do you like to put in your pasta? (simple with minimal preparation is appreciated)

my answers:
- shells with butter, garlic & fresh basil
- whatever kind of pasta, served cold, with salt, cubed fresh mozzarella, diced tomatoes, and fresh basil--the best summertime dish!

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Does getting sexually aroused require some sort of attraction to the other person, or can it happen as long as you're going through the motions?


Do you suffer from cramps while on your period? How long do they last? What helps you deal w/ it?
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Hippo Birdy Two Ewe...

It's my birthday today!

- What should I do this evening? (Have to work today, bleagh.)

- What did you get me?

- Without looking at my user info, how old do you think I am?

- What time in the day were you born? (I was born at 8:29 AM, so I'm not quite a year older at this posting...)

- How old are you?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

Are you an asshole?

Would it bother you if your SO referred to you as their "old lady/old man"?

What are you doing right this second? (besides the obvious "answering this question")

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I  LOVE my dog to pieces, but he can be a butthead. 

I came home from work last night to find he had chewed through the cord for my vaccum in 6 different places. He has plenty of toys so it's not like i am depriving him. 

can I fix this myself?

has your pet ever chewed up your belongings? what was it?
I asked how i could fix a vaccum cord. not advice on how i should raise my dog.

thank you to those who gave me advice on how to fix a vaccum cord.
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How would you react if you were out to eat or at a coffee shop and your SO ordered for you before you could do so yourself by saying, "And the little lady here would like..."?

This has become my bf's new little trick to annoy me.
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In one sentence, if you could say something to someone (annnyone, online, offline, your SO, your coworker, a family member, anyone at all) right now that you don't really have the chance to/are too chicken to say, what would it be?

ETA: work is dead today, i mean i am about to be here for 8 more hrs and i have NOTHING to do! (because of the weather) won't you please entertain me? no videos because i don't have speakers at this computer, kthanx.


I have a roll of film, which i don't want to just bring to my localphoto store, but I want the film to go straight digital. I don't thinki even want the actual prints, just the film.

Anywhere you guys know of that I can send it, a webbased company or somewhere, hopefully not too expensive!?

p.s. I'm not going to buy a film scanner for one roll, I just want to get a roll developed, and put on CD instead of getting prints.
dead zone johnny & sarah

Grammar question

Regarding the part of this sentence that says "Northeast United States", is this the correct way to say this? Or would it be Northeastern?

Growing up in the Northeast United States, I was unfamiliar with the Christian Right as its influence is not as prevalent as it is in other parts of the country.

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Poll #1125578 (Donner) Party all night long

You're in the Donner Party and your wagons are all trapped in the snow. The food's gone. You've eaten the horses. The winter is showing no signs of abating. In order to survive, you'll have to eat a human being. But someone has to make that sacrifice of their life. Let's say there's 15 of you left.. The leader of the group makes it fair: if you want to eat to stay alive, you must become part of the lottery. Whichever number is pulled in the lottery reveals the person who shall be eaten by the others in the pool. 9 other people agree to enter their lives in the lottery just in the hopes of being able to survive a few more days by eating the flesh of their co-traveller. Would you enter the lottery, and thus, possibly be eaten (1 in 10 chances then)?

Yes, I would enter the lottery
No, I would not
Hell no kitty

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What are your thoughts on this situation?  Uproariously funny or highly inappropriate?

All the employees (and the boss) of a small medical-type office keep track of the hilariously inappropriate things that are accidentally said on a regular basis.  The office has a toy box for child patients.  Boss hilariously misspeaks by joking with a (grown-up) patient that, "they did so well at their appointment that they could get a toy from the toy box, but we don't have any adult toys."  An employee decides to get the boss an "adult toy box" (filled with mini packs of lube, suggestive and/or crude pins and key chains, wine charms with penises, and other "adult novelty" items).  Boss is a different gender than employee and is old enough to be employee's parent.  Workplace is a family business with half of boss's family working there, but no employee is under the age of thirty.

I'll post my thoughts in a comment.

sci fi version

Would you rather get sucked into:

- The Star Wars Universe?

- The Star Trek Universe?

- The Hitchiker's Guide Universe?

And I know very little about sci fi (with the exception of Hitchiker book 1) so I'd love "why" 
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(no subject)

Will you post a random family picture that you got from a search engine? (yahoo, google, msn, etc)

no, you can't post pictures of your family. and no pictures of the Duggar family. keep it safe for work plz, kthanx.


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At 10:40 this morning I remembered I had an appointment at 10.
"Damn!" andijumpedoutofbedgotdressedrantothephoneandcalledhissecretary.

Is he still available?
Ok. yeah, I'd like to reschedule.

It's a good thing I scheduled the original appointment early, I have questions about CareerFest next Friday and I really want to ask them. At least I did that part right.

So now, how do I "apologize" for missing today's meeting without admitting "I forgot and I overslept"?
  • kxrxk

opinions on evil raccoons.

I keep three rabbits in my backyard. They have a large, 3 story cage, a large hole they dug under it, and a 20 by 20 foot space or so to romp in. Maybe more. It's winter, cold, so I figure I shouldn't close them in because they may need a mad dash around the yard to keep warm every once in a while.

Well, a couple of raccoons have been coming by, and I've fed them. I thought they were scavengers. I had no idea they killed small animals, I just thought they'd eat them if already dead. Last night they came buy again. We watched, joyfully, as they chomped on cheese its and golfish crackers. They were so cute.

This morning one of my rabbits was found dead. Mauled. Fur everywhere. I'm in shock, but not total disbelief. I can't believe the raccoons would betray me like that.

Tonight I want to close the other two rabbits in their cage, and shoot the raccoons if they come by.

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you kill the raccoons or simply accept the loss and accept that it was your fault, that the rabbits should have been inside, or at least locked in the cage at night.

EDIT: I posted this almost immediately after I found out. I would never have really shot the animal, but I was angry. Next time I see them I'll scare them off. And I will be locking up the rabbits at night from now on. And I didn't know they were predators...excuses excuses. But I just want everyone to know that I'm no longer even thinking about killing it because it was my fault and I'm mad at myself and I can't turn back time.

Why is it that everyone but me knew not to feed raccoons?
I had no idea they killed, I thought they were purely scavengers.
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[info]verytaken's post had me checking my bank account online, and lo and behold, I found a charge for $539.40 from Comcast on my credit card. We've been with Dish Network for over 3 years, so after checking with my husband to see if he knew anything about that, (he didn't) I called my bank to dispute it. This is the second time in 2 weeks that we've had to put in a DNR (Do Not Recognize) for charges on our credit card. (The first time was not from Comcast.) We're getting new credit cards and hopefully, the charge will be reversed like it was the first time.

1. So, have you had something similar happen to you? If so, what happened?

2. Do you think having that credit card cancelled and a new one opened will affect my credit?

3. What colour is the wall on your right?
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not sure who else to ask...

Last month the orthodontist put brackets on my teeth and inserted 8 spacers. Yesterday I went in to have one spacer that had fallen out replaced. They told me that they put the wrong number in on my first visit and put in eight more for a total of 16. I went in to the office today for my first adjustment & to have an expander put in. He removed the bottom spacers & the wire. He had trouble getting the expander in. It hurt really, really bad. They said that I had plenty of space & my teeth were just sore from having the spacers in for only one day. It hurt so bad that tears were running down my face, I started whimpering, and I was shaking pretty bad. So another ortho came in and she got it in. They asked if I had taken ibuprofen (which I had). She was trying to do something with the spring so its attached but I couldnt handle the pain any longer. I told them I needed them to stop and leave because I couldnt calm down.

How fucking normal is that amount of pain? I'm supposed to return on Thursday (I HAVE to) to have the bottom corrected and the top expander put in. They also have to put my top & bottom archwires back on. Needless to say I am terrified and I dont want to go back.

Do you have any advice for me at all, please?

(Also, I went to the doctor on Friday & he told me I had shingles which definitely causes my nerves to be bad... I dont think this has a GIANT effect on the ortho thing but I wanted to add it in case)

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Where do you live?

About how much is a movie ticket at the theatre you go to most often?

If you were in the mood for something sweet, what would you choose to eat?

How about salty?

What's your favorite flavor of soda?

Chesterfield, Michigan.

Uhhh. Tickets are like $7.25 usually, sometimes I think they're $4.50.

Red licorice.


Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist. :( But I think it's only for the holidays.

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My new office is FREEZING as it's like 2 degrees here and we're located in an old mansion. It would be acceptable to keep slippers under my desk (where no one can see them, I have my own office) so I can put my feet in them while I'm not up and walking to the copier or to a meeting, y/n?

Can anyone recommend otherwise office appropriate footwear that would look okay under slacks and are super warm or lined? I'm like four seconds away from getting out polarfleece and a hot glue gun to line my heels myself (and this is obv. a bad idea.)

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 Inspired by a recent post: What are some words/phrases that really bug you when people use them incorrectly or mispronounce them? (for example: Dashboard Confessionals, Gameboy Advanced ;), nucular.)
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(no subject)

1. Favorite Shakespeare play? Othello

2. Favorite Shakespeare villian? Iago

3. If you were to portray one Shakespeare character on stage, who would it be? Lady Macbeth

(no subject)

If you've ever seen the movie The Warriors you know they have a whole bunch of different types of gangs in the movie and everyone in a certain gang dressed sort of alike. There was the pimp gang, the overalls and roller-skates gang, the black karate gang, the baseball fury gang (who wore baseball uniforms and facepaint), there was even a mime gang (god knows why).

Question is, if you had a gang what would your gang be called and what would they dress like?

Also, what do you like to put in your salad besides the regular veggie stuff?
I like a little fruit in mine, some oranges, grapes or strawberries.
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You know how they say that if you gain weight, you get more boobs and butt? I lost ten pounds this summer through running for an hour everyday. So does that mean that if you lose weight, you will lose boobs and butt, or do they stay the same? My boobs appear to be have moved up from 38A to a 32 or 34B.

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1 - Who are your favorite comedians?

2 - Ever been to a comedy show?

3 - I'm really getting into a lot of comedians now and I am dying to go to a show on March 22nd. Except I'm not sure how to get the tickets because it's not being sold on ticketmaster? Do you call the place the comedian is going to be at to buy advanced tickets? How does it exactly go?   (Got it thanks!)
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mr jummy

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Apparently my computer thinks my new "learn how to be Dutch" book is as lame as I do and doesn't want to rip the CD... It keeps spitting it out the second I put it in. I'm 93% sure this is a Windows Media Player problem, so:

What program do you use to rip CDs? Is it way more awesome than WMP?

And, of course and unrelated question- What is your favorite kind of flower?

I'm partial to daffodils, myself.
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(no subject)

Okay, since the last post was such a big hit.

Will you post a random picture of an individual that you got from a search engine? (yahoo, msn, google.. etc)

it cannot be a celebrity/athlete/musician/someone that you know/someone that you know through someone else..

it has to be a COMPLETE stranger. then let us pick out a name that we think best suits them.

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(no subject)

What do you like to eat when you have the stomach flu and vomit up everything you eat? Is there any food that always seems to sound good when you're nauseous? I can always eat grapes, even if nothing else sounds good.

Also, in what way are your friends unreliable?
James Franco joint

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At my university, we have BlackBoard, a website where all our classes and info is, and we submit some assignments on there and such. You can do mass emails to your entire class, if you miss an assignment or notes or something. I have gotten 3 from this one guy, who keeps changing to subject to "Why won't anyone give me notes?!"

My question: would you give your notes to someone who asked like this?
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 And for those of you who don't want to read it:
2. What's for lunch/dinner?
3. If you could be friends with any actor/actress, who would it be?
4. What about a character from a show movie?

(no subject)

 I'm 17 and I've taken 17 college credits already. I'll graduate from high school within the next month and seem to be having a meltdown from all the stress of finishing things up, dealing with a boyfriend, and getting ready to go across the country for college.
My question to you is should I A) continue taking the last college class I enrolled in (which I hate, by the way) so that I can get it out of the way for when I go to college full-time 
or B) say forget it and go get a job?

help TQC!
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Not to sound like an infomercial: Anyone struggle with depression and getting out of bed?
I tend to go through productive spurts, where I workout, do everything I should and then I get really tired & unmotivated and will spend anywhere from 1 to 4 days in bed.
I'm in school so I don't have the typical 9-5 day.
Anyone else get the hermit syndrome? How do you fight it?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to convert *application files from a program for a pc to be used on a mac?
I had a friend swear that she was able to get the CS3 for PC to work on her mac, and I figure if this was true, and someone could show me how, or point me to where I could be shown, it would save me a lot of money. >.>

Is it snowing where you are?
Are you hoping that work/classes/etc get postponed/canceled so you can go home?
Do you have green hair?
Did you dress like a bum today, or feel like you did? I know I feel like a bum, but these are comfy clothes.
*whoops, needed to clarify that. ack.
Light the Way

Paper Questions

A couple of fellow classmates and I were discussing this huge 20+ page analytical paper we have to write for our Senior Seminar class. I was surprised when more than half of them admitted to paying money to have someone write their paper for them before, and will probably do the same thing again with this paper we have. So....

1. Have you ever used any of those websites that write papers for you? (dopapers.com, masterpapers.com, etc.)

2. If so, what reason(s) do you have for doing so? Did you get "caught"?

3. If not, would you ever consider doing it? And for what reasons?

4. For those who think it is wrong, would you tell the professor if you knew that someone submitted a paper that was not their own work?

At work

A Few months ago at my office we put "pink slips" in everyone's mail box that had smiley faces on them and said funny things, or like fortune cookie notes. What are some other things we could do? We have roughly 40 people.

What have you done in your office that's funny?

Oh jiz.

Are you comfortable being naked in front of your friends? Male and female.
If so, are you ever?

Do you ever talk about masturbation with them? Male and female.
Does it make you uncomfortable?

Yeah, nothing good is on TV.

'allo 'allo

1. do you have a land-line phone?
1a. if so, do you have it through a phone company or through a cable company (like do you have your phone line through AT&T or Comcast)?
1b. if digital/cable, do you like it? what has your experience been like? any noticeable differences between digital and non-digital/cable?

2. do you like cheese?
2a. if so, what kind?
2b. if not, why?

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Made by Ninjaguydan. <3<3

omfg white castle.

I had the pleasure of driving back and forth from Kansas City to West Palm Beach, Florida recently. While stopping for lunch, I realized one of the things I've been missing in my life: White Castle. KC took out all the WC around here in the early 2000's, so I've only had the frozen burgers before. The fresh ones were heavenly.

Do you like White Castle?
Is there one near where you live? If so, where is it?
Where the hell is the nearest one to me? I found one in O'Fallon, Missouri, but that's pretty damn far for a tiny burger. :(

I now know what Harold and Kumar were raving about.
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

If you have pets, and a job, and leave your pets at home for 6-8 hours a day while at your job, does that mean your pets are a purchasable accessory?

If someone believes that what they are doing is right, then are they still a terrorist?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been in a car when the air bags deployed? What did it feel/sound/smell like? Did you sustain any injuries?


2. What subject(s) are you knowledgeable enough in that you would feel comfortable teaching it at a moment's notice?
hate pimentos

(no subject)

1a. Have you ever been "in trouble" at work? 
1b. If you have, was it your fault, and how did you react?


2a. What are you having for dinner tonight?
2b. Are you eating that because that's what you really want, or are you eating that because it's all you have/it's healthy/whatever?

(no subject)

What's a book you've been intending to read but just haven't gotten around to it yet?

I've been meaning to read The Kite Runner for ages but I never seem to be in the right mood for it.

(no subject)

Which names/titles do you feel uncomfortable being called by other people?

When i'm a customer, I feel weird being called "ma'am". I don't mind being called "miss".
I'm 20, but I prefer being called a "girl" because I don't really feel like a "woman".

(no subject)

Actor Heath Ledger found dead

What was your reaction when you found out about this? Mine was, "Did you find this on a rumor website, or a credible source?" because I heard it from someone sitting down the row from me at work...and he's known to find stupid rumors that end up on Snopes as false.

I really liked Heath Ledger... this is sad.

Edit: Didn't check my friends list before posting. Sorry...

(no subject)

hi guys! so a few days ago i posted about going to paris and what i should do, and im here and i realized that there is sooo much to do, and your suggestions were great!
but i would love some more suggestions about where to eat, because even though there are a million places, there are only so many "good" places.
soo for the paris goers in the tqc- where do you suggest i eat?


(no subject)

To those of you who rejected someone and then later on fell for them... what was it that changed your mind?

What's temping like? What skills do you *have* to have when you're just starting out with it? Any tips?
I <3 TLV


1a. Do you have two first names? (One in English, and another in a different language)
b. If yes, what language is your non-English name in?
c. Which name do you prefer?

2a. If you don't have two names, do you wish you did?
b. If yes, what language do you wish you had another name in?

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(no subject)

I carried some groceries home, it was about a 15 minute walk. I must have cut off the circulation to my left middle finger because it was numb when I got home. It's not as numb, but not 100% now. Dr LJ, did I do nerve damage or something?

Also, yesterday someone from here was kind enough to give me awesome feedback on a letter I had to write. What's the last nice thing TQC has done for you?

What was the last thing you cooked?

(no subject)

Heath Ledger died. :(
TMZ has learned that Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger has died in NY.

He was found dead in his bed in one of his residences in Soho by his housekeeper at 3:35 PM ET today. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe it was not a crime.

The 28-year-old actor has a two year old daughter with former fiancee Michelle Williams. He was set to play the Joker in the upcoming Batman film "The Dark Knight."

Story developing...

Who's next?

from CNN:
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Actor Heath Ledger is dead, the New York Police Department said Tuesday.

Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. The Academy Award nominated actor was 27. Ledger's housekeeper found him dead in his Manhattan apartment, New York police said.

He died at 3:26 p.m., they said.

The New York Fire Department received a call at 2:27 today responding to a "cardiac arrest call" in New York. They found an unresponsive male dead at the scene.

In 2005, the actor played Ennis Del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain," about two cowboys who had a secret relationship. The role earned him the Oscar nomination.

from msnbc
NEW YORK - Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan residence in a possible drug-related death, police said. He was 28.

According to WNBC, Ledger was found with pills strewn all around him.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the Manhattan apartment believed to be his home. The housekeeper, who went to let Ledger know the masseuse was there, found him unconscious at approximately 3:30 p.m. ET, according to the New York Times. After receiving no response from the actor after shaking him, they called authorities.

Updated, 5:45 p.m. | The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan inhabited by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28.

(no subject)

1.) How many Heath Ledger questions do you suppose there will be tonight & tomorrow? We're already up to seven (counting this one) in the past half hour.
2.) What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

(no subject)

Was going to the gym today useless since on the way home my friend and I got Slurpees and when I arrived at home my mom handed me a McChicken?

Colored jeans: yay or nay?

Will you comment with your most colorful icon?

(no subject)

So my best friend is always complaining about how she always has crappy purses. She doesn't have a ton of money to spend, so I figure I'll get her one for her birthday. I'm not sure what brand to look at, though. I have a Dooney and Burke that I love, but that brand's way too expensive for my budget at the moment. So, basically, I'm looking for a nice quality purse in the 50-150 dollar range. She hates when brands plaster their logos all over the purse.

Any ideas? (Ebay stores, websites, etc would be greatly appreciated. Doesn't have to be a brand)
  • icyblue

Nautical Themed Songs

I hope this won't be TL;DR. I am a part of a choir, and our theme for our show this year is a nautical theme. We're having a talent show, and all the acts have to fit with this theme, too. Two other girls and I want to sing a song in the talent show. We were going to sing "River Lullaby" from the Prince of Egypt, simply because it was water themed and pretty easy (we are kind of running out of time), and because it had three verses, so each of us could sing one. But we can't find an accompaniment track for it. :(

So do you have any suggestions for a nautical song three time-crunched sopranos could sing?
licky ktty

(no subject)

 Im seeing this guy that is almost the perfect package for me. I say almost because #1, he has a g/f in another country that he is thinking of breaking up with...and choosing me instead so im kind of sharing him for now. #2 He drinks more than i prefer. He is the perfect package in every other way that he has his life together. He is a f/t  student with good grades, works with disabled adults on his time off school, is kind, loving, sensitive....and GORGEOUS! How long should I wait on the sidelines to see if he chooses me over this other girl?
pushing off

(no subject)

I got a new laptop and lost all my bookmarks. I've found almost all of them, but I'm still missing one that I found really important.

It was a sight that included an insane information about drugs. All kinds too, like caffeine as well as the usual suspects. There were graphs for the peak times and expirences galor. I believe the URL started with an E, but I'm not exactly sure.

Does anyone know what site I'm talking about and could you link me to it? Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks guys, it was http://www.erowid.org/

What was the worst book you ever read?

Teh Ladies Only!

So i started looking for my grad dress today.. and i am just sold on the fact that when i find it i'll know.

Until then..

What was your grad dress like?
What about your wedding dress? (if you are married?)
Have you been a bridesmaid? What was the dress like? Any really bad dresses?

Thanks in advance

(I'd prefer pictures for all.. but who am i to stop you from not putting pictures?)

What to do...

So, I just found out I'm going to be stuck here at work for another 16 hours. The only form of entertainment I have is the internet, so I'm asking all of you, if you know of any websites that will keep me entertained and can kill hours pretty easily? I can pretty much go into any website, I can't download anything, and I can watch videos, but there's no sound. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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(no subject)

 If you've ever quit a job, what did you say to your employer? 

Did you sit down with them and have a conversation about it, or did you say something like, "I'm quitting" and hand them a letter of resignation?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
  • tynyx

(no subject)

If you ex sends you a remarkably nasty and uncalled for email through out which he continually calls you a slut and calls your intelligence into question in regards to your relationship with another person...which obviously not his business in the slightest...would you respond to it?

If so what exactly would be the type of thing you would say in the response? (i.e. would you take the high road and just tell him to mind his business or would you try and cut him back with cheap shots and stoop to his level just for the chance to let him have it)


Who died?

Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger

(no subject)

Poll #1125885 Reality Shows

Best 'American' reality show?

American Idol
America has Talent
American Gladiators
America's Next Top Model

What would be better than 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Kayaking with the Stars
Breakdancing with the Stars
Algebra with the Stars
Lapdancing with the Stars
Luging (to use a luge) with the Stars
Spelling Bee with the Stars
Kickboxing with the Stars
Competitive Eating with the Stars
Sumo Wrestling with the Stars
Snakehandling with the Stars

Best kind of reality shows?

Where celebrities do marginally impressive things, and the American public calls in and decides who sucks the least
Complete nobodies with talent. Americans call in and pick the one who's the most attractive or least annoying to win
Attractive girls competing for modelling contracts
Anything where Donald Trump is involved
Cooking/fashion/(what have you) show featuring a bunch of motivated talented folks, where the winner is selected by a panel of people who work in the industry
Bunch of people with arguably low qualities living together in a house for an extended period of time
Teams of people compete against each other in events around the world
People stranded on an island, competing against each other, perservering through the elements and general reduction of creature comforts
Annoying kids being put in their place by some nanny
Annoying spouses forced to pair off with other annoying spouses
Fat people competing against each other to see who can lose the most weight
Dating shows, where one attractive person who inexplicably can't find a decent relationship is forced to date from a pool of available members of the opposite sex
Like above, but with some twist in it, like the guy's an idiot or dirt poor or she's really a man
Complete slobbish packrats, living in squalor and clutter, are rescued by perky, neat people, who makeover their shitty hovel
Gay guys makeover clueless straight guys

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Does anyone know of a website where users submit their artwork and it's then either voted on by other users or judged in some other way and the winner wins some amount of money (I think it was $20,000) and they get their artwork made into a t-shirt?

A guy came into my work today and was wearing this really cute yellow t-shirt with a robot on it listening to some music with a little girl so I commented on it and he told me about this website. I thought he had said it was called friend list or friends list but I just tried typing that in to the navigation bar with various endings and nothing came up. Then I googled friend list and variations on keywords I thought might pull something up but couldn't find anything. I know it's a long shot, but I'm really hoping someone here might know or be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks guys, ilu!

EDIT: SOLVED! Thanks guys, it's threadless which I've totally been to before but now it's not going to kill me not knowing.

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where would you rather study for a semester?

belgium (leuven)
ireland (cork)
ghana (accra)
new zealand (dunedin)
australia (canberra)
australia (perth)
none of the above
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Quick fix?

Dear TCQ,
I am visiting my family in bumfuck, MA and I stupidly left my capo back in Virginia.
There is nowhere within a half hour drive to get a capo, and it's 7:42 and I want instant gratification.

What can I use in place of a capo?

I've already tried:

Tying string,twine, rope around the strings.
Tying string to a piece of leather.
Rubber bands.
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

Why did you go to the hospital last?

What's the last foreign object you've had in your body? (Not food or drink)

Have you ever thought of some REALLY good questions to ask here and then forgot?

What is the most stupid thing you've ever e-mailed somebody in a position of power higher than you?
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(no subject)

Let's say someone asks you on a date/for your phone number/whatever. You really don't know them at all, and have no interest in dating them. How do you normally turn them down?

I always say I have a boyfriend. They normally back off. Some guys are creepy and don't take the hint, though.

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What are several key items that a high-schooler needs when she heads off to college? What are several things (under $100) that I could afford to buy for her? She'll be living in a dorm, btw. She does not need a computer or similar items.
not my dog...but about the same

art question

Where might I get a really big piece of scratchboard soon? I would prefer black with gold underneath but anything would be fine.
How expensive is it?
My options are Michael's, Hobby Lobby, a couple of little art supply stores, and I think that's all...unless there's another big chain art supply store I can't think of.

(no subject)

1. Tomorrow, I have nothing to do, so I kind of want to break into my boyfriend's dorm and prank him somehow, because I know he will be gone for most of the day. What would be a prank that's funny as opposed to annoying?

2. What do you do when you're incredibly bored (besides TQC)?

3. What's the name of your favorite clothing store?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

1. Who and/or what do you sleep with?
My husband, Miso, and a large stuffed mushroom.

2. What calender(s) do you have?
Sleeping kittens, wild cats, and fantasy art.

3. This morning my neighbors were the loudest I ever heard them - they woke me up screaming "FUCK!!!". I also heard "THE NEIGHBORS CAN HEAR YOU!!!" I was half asleep so I didn't think to then, but next time should I just yell back for them to shut up?
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Would you vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he were allowed to run for president?

Edit: If you live in California, do you think he is a good governor?

Do you think that it is unfair that someone can't run for president just because they weren't born in this country?

The Dude Abides

The Future ?s

1) Have you answered any questions in this community that were/are posted in the future according to the journal archive?

2) How would you rank the Back to the Future movies (ex. Part II > Part I > Part III)?

3) In A Christmas Carol, which was your favorite of the Three Spirits?

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Hey guys. I'm bored and tired of hearing about Heath Ledger. Soo...

Could you pretty please recommend on-line RPGs? I've done text-based, mainly. I've done Imperian, Howrse, random LJ RPs, although I don't like Gaia. Message-board-based works too, although I'd prefer a multi-player. Thanks!

PS: I know I'm a loser. Get over it. :D

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 Trying to find a song..

It's a rap song, but you can tell it's mixed... Tori Amos' "horses" is in the background ... "I got me some horses to ride on, to ride on..." and then who wants to ride with me, etc. etc. by a black rapper.  Any ideas?
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Good news!

XD I'm having a baby :D

In celebration, post your

top 5 favorite girl names:

top 5 favorite boy names:

(The more uncommon, the better.)

1.) Maija
2.) Eisley
3.) Emma
4.) Gweneth
5.) Ellie

1.) Uri
2.) Lewis
3.) Victor
4.) Ivan
5.) Sascha
Beast mode!

(no subject)

Should I wait an hour for the dryer to finish and then make my bed with sheets fresh from the dryer? Or make my bed with other sheets now and go to bed in about half an hour?

If it makes any difference, the sheets in the dryer are gray and the other ones I'd use are bright green.
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(no subject)

1. A)Who makes that makeup cream that looks like a white cream when it comes out of the tube but changes to match your skin tone as you rub it in?
B)If you've used it, does it work well?

2.Does Collapse ) make you want cake?
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