January 21st, 2008

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Best Friendz 4EVR

TQC, I don't feel like calling my bff tomorrow to see if he wants to hang out because he's been iffy lately and I hate calling people when I don't think they want me to call. If he was a true friend he would call me, right? Should I call him tomorrow or assume he hates me and cut him out of my life entirely? Pls advise.

Who is your bff? How did you meet/become bffs? Pics? Anecdotes? Do they read your mind and call you when you want to hang out with them? Am I being needy?
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Has anyone here (or anyone you may know of) eloped? Where did you go? How did you celebrate it? What was your families' reactions (or the families' reactions of the people you know)? I'm just curious. Thanks in advance!

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I struggle with my weight.
I'm 145 pounds, 5'7.
I eat right and workout 3 or 4X a week.

I've been thinner but it requires enormous calorie restriction.
I've been bigger but I'm frankly not impressed with how much work I have to do to get mediocre results.

My question is:
Should I just try to stop caring and eat whatever I want?
(The consequence being I will get bigger and probably less satisfied with how I look, but I won't be so boring and obsessed by numbers.)
Also for the women out there, does it ever get easier?
Do you ever stop caring?

I kind of now the answers to these questions but I guess I need to know that other people also struggle with their weight like I do.

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i want to buy a game for gameboy color. which types of games will be compatible with this?

there is a dr. mario for game boy on ebay. does that just mean that if i use it in my gameboy color that it'll work but just wont be in color?
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What's the last really nerdy thing you did?
Why did you do it?

I just downloaded several of the songs that are on Rock Band to learn them better. There's a tournament in two weeks and I want to win my share of $500.

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If a homework question says "define blah" and you write the definition out of the book would that be considered punishable plagiarizing?

Would white or black furniture look better in a white room with white baseboards & doors?

If you could buy anything right now what would it be?
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My laptop won't start. When it was last on the battery was at roughly 30% when I shut it off. I went to turn it on and it's not turning on.
The light that says that the computer is plugged in isn't flashing when it should be since it IS plugged in.

You guys got any ideas what's going on and what I should do?

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So a good friend of yours (we'll call them D) has, for the past month, managed to cancel on you every time you made plans to hang out, which totals about five. Each time, they've canceled to hang out with another friend. This friend is ranked equally with you (meaning neither one of you is the best friend of D). D prefers members of the gender opposite that of the friend they have been hanging out with, neither person drinks or does drugs, and neither person is especially rich, which rules out that D is using them for sex, drugs, alcohol, or money. Neither one drives, either. D broke plans that were made to make up for breaking plans earlier that week. Several times you have declined other offers to go out because you were under the impression that you would be with D.

TQC, would you give D the big fuck you, or continue to put up with their shit?

What's your favorite flavor of Pop Tart?

If you could have any pet, what type of animal would it be?

Edit: Since Michigan is shaped like a mitten, which is supposed to help keep you warm, shouldn't Michigan be warm?

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1. Non-Australians, have you shipped anything to Australia? Was it expensive?

The reason I ask is I just sold some boots on eBay, and the auction indicated it would cost $10 to ship to the US. Well, I just received payment from the winner and it turns out they live in Australia.


Edit: I'm going to find out costs tomorrow, and will contact the buyer to let him know he'll have to pay the rest of the shipping costs, or I'll issue him a refund.

2. For those of you who collect things, what do you collect?

Sex Toys

Have you ever bought a sex toy online? If so, can you tell me some online shops that are reliable and fast in delivery (it's not that I don't want to get it 'as soon as possible,' I just don't want to shop at one of those places that take weeks to process)?

And, which one(s) did you buy? Give me the name, the URL, or the description... something that I can use to check out the product. Do you know a really good one for G-Spot stimulation? Or a vibrator that doesn't make a really loud buzzing noise?

And, TQC, do you know where to buy gay sex porn DVDs? Most places sell straight stuff or lesbian porn. But, where to get the gay stuff?
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I had my fist stroke at the age of 53. Since then none of my hats look good on me and I can't stop eating sea food. I love to shop for new socks, and every Sunday I make sandwiches for my lunches for the rest of the week. So I ask you...

1) Whats a good job I can get where I'm required to not wear a shirt?

2) What did you have for dinner? Did you use any pepper?

3) Can I have your best friends fathers e-mail address?

(no subject)

a) Has anyone seen down live?

b) Have you ever heard of someone named "Hope Dregg" (sp?) who is a musician?

c) Have you ever been injured at a concert? How? What came of it?

d) When was your last tetanus shot?
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If you had an identical twin who'd committed some heinous crime and was wanted by police everywhere, where would you go to hide out and try to avoid being attacked in the street by an angry mob confusing the two of you?

Just a random thought that popped into my head.

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Have you ever been in so much pain, that you have almost like a religious experience/start pleading with a god you don't believe in? And making promises that have nothing to do with said pain?

I just spent the last 2.5 hrs praying to throw up because my stomach has never felt so wretched in my entire life.

I've never been so fucking thankful in my life.

And for the record, I don't know what was wrong with my stomach, I didn't eat any meat (salmonella), anything unusual, anything in excess, or consume any type of alcohol, and I don't feel sick otherwise or haven't prior to this.

ponyboy sup

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Thanks TQC...last night I had a crazy dream about the Duggars (the vagina = clown car post). Have you ever dreamt about something/one from the Question Club?
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Is there a website that can show me how much tax I get taken from my paycheck. I've tried looking, but I can't seem to find it. I need an Australian one.
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for those who are married...

1. Is your wedding ring brand new (as in right from the jewler) or is it not so much (as in specially designed/modified from an old ring or piece of jewlery, or like a grandmother's / relative's ring recycled)?

2. Was the cost of the ring / size of the ring an important thing to you?

3. How long have you been married?

3b. Does your significant other wear their ring? (I know some guys just dont like wearing their ring even if they are sublimely happy in marriage)

4. Do you think its more significant for a woman not to wear her wedding ring or a man not to wear his?

4b. If a guy stops wearing his wedding ring and hasn't worn it for over a month is this coincidence or is it a sign that he's losing interest in his marriage?

ETA: in regards to 4b after everyone has said maybe he takes it off for work ect. His job is not as such that he would need to nor does he and its been pretty much superglued to his hand since becoming married
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not on the Big Screen first

There is a very little known thing in movies that is so rare, as far as I know, that I suspect most people don't know about it. In fact, before starting to do this I did a little research about the only instance I knew just to confirm it, which was tricky as I didn't know the name of it and all I could recall was the lead female actor, but it turns out my memory was working fine. As stated, this is the only one I'm aware of and I'm posting this to see if anyone knows about any others.

You probably know of Linda Fiorentino through any number of films, she's been in a lot and is very recognizable. I like her, she makes me all warm in my happy places. She once did a movie called The·Last·Seduction which I originally saw on late night HBO but was stunned a bit after that when it popped up in theaters...

...a movie that came out on the small screen first.

Do you know of any other movies that came out to cable or was rentable before it was on the Big Screen?
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Cloverfield and Spasms.

deeeaaar everyone,

1. About that Cloverfield movie...Does anyone know what the monster is yet? If yes, do tell. Also, I read the newspaper yesterday and it recieved a rather poor review...so I don't think I want to see it..but it's killing me not knowing what the monster thing is. What did you think of it if you've seen it?

2. Recently, I started doing Pilates at home..only very light, beginner stuff...but the point is, I keep geting spasms in my legs which prevent me from stretching them in certain positions....Does anyone know if anything can fix spasms? I mean, I'm going to try beat them by stretching very very lightly in the bad places and then building up to how it's meant to be, but...is there something I can do to actually rid myself of them?

(If you intend to go and see Cloverfield and don't want it spoiled for yourself, maybe you shouldn't view the comments that may come from this post...)

I'm bored

I was supposed to have to day off, but my boss changed his mind, so I'm at a closed office and bored.

1. Are you off of work/school today? If so, what are you going to do today?

2. What are you the most anxious about right now?

3. What was the last movie you watched? Was it any good?

4. What was the last meal you cooked? Share the recipe?

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OK, so guys. I have kind of a problem. My friend Chris works here at my house during the week, cleaning the yard up and feeding the cats and cleaning their litterboxes. He was working here on saturday, cleaning up the yard and stuff. I was here before he left, but then I left to go pick up my boyfriend so we could go to a concert. I got a phone call from him on the way to picking my boyfriend up telling me that he lost his watch.

So, TQC- Where's Chris' watch?


last night I dremt (sp?) about being in a car and driving into a flooded road.
then while I was napping just now I dremt about being in a lake that had too much water, and this time I was on a peir that was mostly underwater, I slipped and fell in and had to struggle to get my clothes off so I wasn't weighted down. Then I was able to climb out safely.

what does this dream mean?
what did you dream last night?
how funky is your chicken?


Has anyone ever been in a lease where the appliances are furnished for you, but it's your responsibility to repair them if something goes wrong?

Does that even make any sense, since they're not YOURS? You don't take them with you when you leave.

I can understand for something that's your fault, but if it's just a freezer that's suddenly not freezing or something...

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TQC, why is my school so dickish about the computers their students choose to use?

They supply IBM ThinkPads to all those in majors requiring a laptop. Except the computers are crap and they glower and bitch when you bring them a computer that isn't an IBM machine (for, of all things, to have the internet set up since it's a secure network).

Srsly. I have to have my Mac "approved" to be able to use it for my schoolwork. The hell? O.o

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So would it be possible to serve on a small city/town's council and still be the owner of, say, a popular restaurant in the town?
I need to know because this character I'm creating is a pretty big name in this "suburban-sized" town and he holds some status with city hall.
Either that or what else could he do to be well-respected and known throughout?

edit: Perhaps he could be the President of the Chamber of Commerce?

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Is it illegal to send porn through the mail to an unknowing recipient, if you know that the recipient is over 18?

Googling didn't indicate one way or the other. I don't want to google too much about porn while at work anyway.

This would be in the US, but it will cross state lines.

(no subject)

what do you live in?

other (will explain in comments)

do you wish you lived in something else?

other (will explain in comments)

(no subject)

What is the economy like in Puerto Rico?
Is it expensive to live there?
Why would you not live on this remote island with tin roof homes?

What are you thinking about?
How do you feel about the polar bears on the endangered list?

Do you think it be cool to run a marathon at the North Pole?
Did you know you could?

I am going to fast for the next month.
Want to make a bid of how long I last?


My fiance and I are moving into an old remodeled farmhouse up in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere, NY in March 1st. One of the perks of our new house is 20 acres of property that we get to do essentially whatever we want with. We want to start growing our own vegetables, but having grown up on Long Island where the soil is poisonous we don't have any expereince.

TQC, can you recommend any books on gardening for beginners?

Or any resources, really.

What would you do with 20+ acres of property?

We've got a pond and a stream, so we're covered for swimming and fishing. :)

Stuff to do

So, my best friend is coming back and when he does, he'll be 'homeless'. He was seriously considering sleeping in his car, or trying to bring a tent with him on the plane. As a result, he's staying with us. (and just to make it easier for him since he has no flat right now). He'll be looking for a flat/unit straight away but it's going to take him a while, at least a week I'm imagining.
Before he left he was hanging out with me every day, for three weeks. Before that it was more three or four times a week. For hours on end usually as well. But, we always had some time by ourselves every day, even if it was just a few hours between him going home at 3 am and me going to his house at 11 am.
Now he'll be sleeping in our family room, we'll be doing the cooking for the family, and I can't like, just wander off to my room for a bit because he has no where to wander to himself. [if we were *living* together, I doubt any of this would be a problem, but it's like... no way to really get away from each other... ]
 We'll both be looking for houses, he wants me to go with him to see them.
Now, the question is... what are some things we can do to keep ourselves entertained so we're not just sitting around going 'oh my god i'm so bored' and start getting bored with each other? What can I offer him as things to do while I'm I dunno, in the shower or doing household chores? Where are some places we can go to get out of the house for a change of scene? Any other ideas?

We've never fought, and I'm only rarely pissed off at him and it's n ot from seeing him too much it's from some stupid things he's said while not thinking. And I am terrified that ... something will go wrong with this situation. I'm really looking forward to him coming actually.
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(no subject)

1) Would it be a stupid idea to go walking/running on the treadmill when I have a cough and general throat/respiratory suckiness today?

2) I don't have much of an appetite. What should I eat to help make me better?

3) When is the last time you cried when you were not sad? Why were you crying?

(no subject)

How did you get to be so cute?

What is the most you've done in order to avoid someone?
ETA, why were/are you avoiding them?

What are your quirks?

What magazines do you subscribe to?
Which ones would you like to subscribe to?

(no subject)

What's your worst roommate story?

My roommate borrows my clothes, then goes to bars and brings home random guys while pretending to be me. She pretends to have my job and tells them stories that I've told her before. I thought it was funny the first time, but I guess it's working out for her because she's done it 2 more times in the last month. It doesn't really affect me in any way, but it's getting kind of weird. I don't know what to do about it. What would you do?


When you weigh yourself in the morning and find that you lost weight,(if you are trying to lose weight) do you tend to eat more that day? Do you eat things you generally would avoid?
I woke up this morning and am much lighter than yesterday so I want a bagel with peanut butter!!!

damn you, Michigan

I did my taxes yesterday and apparently H&R Block is holding my return hostage in a "secure data center" until the government will process it in February. This is because I claimed an education credit and Congress hasn't settled the Alternate Minimum Tax garbage, so for some reason those things are connected and I don't get my dolla dolla billz immediately. I also ended up owing the state, which has never happened before. I made less than I did last year but I'm now divorced so that's probably got something to do with it. WTF, taxes. I don't get you.

Any tax surprises for you this year?
If you're getting a refund, how much will it be?
If you owe, how much?

My federal refund is $2005 and I owe $104 to the state.

You can't handle the truth

So, there's this new gameshow, Moment of Truth. They ask you questions while you're hooked up to a polygraph and if you answer "truthfully" you win money.

1. If you were on the show, is there something they could ask that you'd rather risk lying than tell the truth? Your loved ones are in the audience.

2. Do you think you could fool a polygraph?

3. What's something you would want to ask a loved one on a show like this?

4. What's one of the biggest lies you've ever told?

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Have you ever gotten a professional massage? What was it like?

My SO's mom is a massage therapist, and for Christmas she gave me a gift certificate for a free massage. I have to use it by the end of the month. I'm kind of nervous because I have no idea what to expect. Will I have to strip naked for my boyfriends mother? Ick. I know they use cloth to strategically cover all your private parts and stuff, but I'd still feel very uncomfortable being that exposed.


My laptop display isn't working properly - the bottom third of the screen is all distorted and looks like it is smeared. It's totally unworkable. However, if I hook a RGB cable from my tv to the laptop, it displays just fine on the TV.

So far, Dell has replaced (under warranty, hooray): the LCD screen, the mother board, the heatsink and fan assembly, the ram and the CPU. Same problem. They're going to try another LCD display. What do you think is wrong? Demons? Zombie demons? Gremlins?

What's the last thing you made from scratch?

I love it.

No matter how old you get, does it make you feel like a little kid again to wear your dad's boots, jacket/any other item that may be too large for you?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

New York City, baby!

So my boyfriend and I decided we're going to New York City next May (May 2009). We're traveling by Greyhound (it's cheapest) and have found a few cheap hotels as possible lodging. We're gonna do all the "touristy" things, like the Empire State Building and Central Park. We'll probably be there May 18-23 (or whatever that M-F is).

1. Do you recommend any other places for us to see while we're there?
2. Cheap but delicious places for food? We don't want to spend more than $30-$35 a day, if possible.
3. Things to avoid?
4. General safety tips?
5. Anything else?


(no subject)

What's the best secret you've ever had to keep? Was it one you had to keep from everyone, or just a few select people? Did you tell everyone that you could? Did you tell anyone that wasn't supposed to know? Did you tell it to the internet?

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(no subject)

Is anyone else having issues accessing hot mail via Mozilla Firefox?

I can't access mine at all

I keep having to jump on the Mac here to get my email.

I hate the interwebs.

(no subject)

Roughly what percentage of the music you listen to on a regular basis is in English (or your native language)?

Do you enjoy music more if you understand the lyrics?

About 20% for me, which is pretty sad considering my entire music collection is about 90% English. I like music better when I can understand the lyrics, but I don't pay attention even if I do unless I'm really focusing, so it's not a huge deal. I should add that I mostly understand French music, which is a huge portion of the non-English music I listen to. The rest is mostly Portuguese, which I don't understand.

(no subject)

i've come to realize that i don't drink enough water. not just the daily recommended 8 cups of water or whatever, there are days where i go with drinking barely a glass of water. i don't drink much anything else either, i don't drink soda, and i barely drink tea or coffee. it's starting to show since i'm constantly tired and i'm starting to have killer migraines and everyone i have talked to has told me that it is probably attributed to the fact that i'm dehydrated.

so tqc, i come to you to ask, how do i keep myself hydrated and make myself drink more water? it's not that i don't want to drink it, i just don't ever feel the need to. one of my friends suggested that i buy a camelback and REI and strap it to myself so i always have water and will be forced to drink it. i don't want to go that far though.


Which of these movies would you most like to see turned into a Broadway musical?

Child's Play
Point Break
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Sleepless in Seattle
My Left Foot
Harold and Maude

Which of these movies would you most like to see turned into the next Disney cartoon?

Saving Private Ryan
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Terms of Endearment
Knocked Up
Boogie Nights

Which of these movies would you most like to see remade?

Gone with the Wind
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pretty Woman
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Christmas Story
Breakfast Club
Sound of Music

(no subject)

People are always asking me when I am going to have children. I tell them when I am financially capable of having them. Usually people laugh at this comment as if what I say is pure ignorance.

Do you think it is impossible to wait till you are financially stable to have kids?

I realize there are some numbers you won’t be able to plan but I don’t think wanting to be stable is some amazing feat to accomplish.

Do you think these people that laugh at my interest of responsible are ghetto. Y/Y?

I also like to mention I am not married. I have an SO for over six years but still that is not the same as being married.

I am going to be twenty five in Feb. :-P
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(no subject)

I returned my Econ books to the bookstore on Saturday, around 1:30pm. The refund was for $130 and they ran my debit card through to put that money in my account. It's now Monday, and this money still hasn't shown up in my account. There's no hint that this transaction went through at all. When should I expect to receive it in my checking account? Is it delayed because this is a holiday weekend?


For the ladies and the men who wear their underwear:

1. Where do you usually buy your bras?
2. Have you ever had a professional fitting?

I'm sick of uncomfortable bras that give me either fake-looking mannequin boobs or squished boobs. Plz recommend.

(no subject)

Saturday night I went to a rock concert where I got squished into the crowd literally to the point of where I couldn't breathe. I also got elbowed in the side.

my ribs and abdomen are still so incredibly sore that I can barely bend over. and it hurts to breathe in deep..

tqc am I dying/what's wrong with me? have you ever been injured at a concert?

(no subject)

If you knew someone in real life, and you came across them on the internets, and found out they were a total asswipe and not at all like how you knew them in real life, would that change your opinion of them? Would you stop talking to them? You you talk to them more?
happy monkey

(no subject)

what would you do if you found out that your boss told one of your co-workers that she'd fire you if only she could find a replacement for you?

(the reason she wants to fire you is because she thinks you're not going above and beyond her expectations or job requirements.. and the only reason she hasn't found a replacement is because she can't find someone who has your skills, and will accept the pitiful pay that she offers)

would you confront him/her?
would you work harder?
try to find another job (even tho its impossible to get another one)?
quit right away?
how would you feel about the whole thing?

ETA: if you say that you'd quit or try to find a new job... why wouldn't you just work harder?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

1a. What's your shoe size?
b. Above what shoe size (US women's) do you consider someone's feet to be big?
c. Below what shoe size (US women's) do you consider someone's feet to be small?

2. From your personal experience, is it true what they say about men with big feet?

3. Are webbed toes neat or gross?

(no subject)

Can you make your penis move?
How does that actually work?
Which way can you make it move (left, right, up, down..ect)?
Can you do a trick with your penis?
Please show if possible. But if not please do explain.
Ever smack your partner with your penis?
Did they like it? Were they shocked?

What was the most exciting event for you last week?

What is the most annoying question a coworker can ask you?

Do you need to make boundaries for your parents?
What are these boundaries?

(no subject)

at the risk of subjecting myself to ridicule as a huge dork, where can i watch star trek: the next generation on tv? it used to be on G4 and Spike, but I think they've both taken it off the schedule. the official star trek webpage also appears to be outdated as to where i can watch it. thanks!

Help me!

I'm applying for an undergraduate TA position, and I need to write an essay (500 words) about why I'm interested. I've written about 400 words, and I'm stuck. Would anyone be interested in proof-reading it and offering suggestions? It would mean a lot to me.


It is my Mums 50th Birthday this Saturday. I want to do some nice things but am short on ideas.

1 Anyone have any good cake recipes to share? I don't mind what flavour etc just ideas or pictures

2 I plan on decorating around the house with banners but what else could i do?

3 For her present i plan on getting a digital camera. Nothing too pricey just something fairly basic. Any recommendations?

Thanks =)

(no subject)

1. Have you studied a language? If so, which one(s)?
1b. Are you actually good at it, or have you forgotten everything?

2. Do you usually post pictures in picture posts, or do you avoid it at all costs?

3. Is the Loch Ness monster a myth, or REALITY?

4. What country were you born in? What country do you live in now?

(no subject)

I work with a woman who always does this thing on her computer when I go into her office - like she's closing out of a website.
Is she surfing porn on the Internet?
Do women do that?

I keep catching this other woman I work with looking at me. I'm like 10 years older than her.
Why do you think that is?
Should I say something?
What should I say?

(no subject)

There was a post a while back asking what had made people happy today or something, and someone answered that TV Links was back up again, at a different location. I forgot to bookmark the new site and for the life of me can't find that post...did anyone bookmark the site?

Three questions.

Why does my 24 year old stepdaughter insist on cranking the stereo up full blast when she is the only one in the house?

Why does she refuse to turn it down when either my husband or I come home until we tell her to?

Would it be wrong of me to put my foot into the speakers if she continues this behaviour? (It is actually the stereo that we bought before she moved in with us, so I wouldn't be destroying anything of hers.)
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Ability to petition

I work in the corporate office of a retail chain in Texas.  Today, they broke the news to us that they are integrating us with another team and are taking away our manager, whom we all adore.  She has brought a lot of positive changes to our team and has greatly raised the job satisfaction of our team members.  We are discussing the option of writing a petition, getting all of our signatures on it, and presenting it to the higher-ups to reconsider this decision.

In your opinion, how effective would this petition be, and what is the likelihood of us all losing our jobs over it?

(no subject)

What does it mean to be an understudy for the lead?

That you weren't good enough to be in the actual performance unless necessary?

Or that you're good enough to almost be the lead?

Because if you were an understudy for the lead, it must mean you're really good...but why wouldn't you have an actual part?


Does it bother you when someone calls you the wrong name? Like someone that you work with?

Do you get a little/lot annoyed when you call your SO and they don't answer?

Me, usually no, but today it happened and for some reason I keep thinking about it.


Sometimes, if I really need to talk to him. I also understand he is busy though. I just called to see if he wants anything from the store and he didn't answer.

(no subject)

 One of my managers opened the other day and went home when I got to work.  However, he came back at ten and when I saw him he had a poster, then he left with this projectionist chick.

What are they up to?

How many of you actually enjoy getting cockslapped?

(no subject)

I can't get onto this forum that I run. I seem to be the only one this is a problem for. The server times out. I can get onto the other forums that the guy who is hosting mine is hosting as well. What the heck is going on and what can I do about it? It's been doing this for about six hours.
edit: problem solved!

(no subject)

1.) I have heard very different stories about "Cloverfield." My husband and I are trying to decide whether or not to go see it.

If you have seen it, what did you think? Would you reccomend it?

(no subject)

1.  How do you usually meet new friends?  Specifically, how did you meet your best friend and/or significant other?

2.  I want to use Myriad Web Pro on AIM, but want other people to be able to see it as the same font I do.  Do you have this font on your computer?  Can you use it on your AIM?

3.  Do large real estate companies, such as Long & Foster, have rental homes available?

4.  In what order do you worry about the following: money, health(including weight), social issues, school/work, family matters

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The Dude Abides

Old ?s

1) How long have you owned your oldest pair of shoes? Do you still wear them?

2) Do you have clothes you've owned for more than 10 years that you still wear fairly often?

3) What's your favorite hand-me-down (doesn't have to be clothes)?

4) Do you like Ragú® Old World Style pasta sauce?

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Does your other half play an instrument?

What instrument does he/she play?
The Flute

Do you think they are talented at it?

Can you suggest some music to me?

ETA: to get a general idea of what I listen to: The New Pornographers, The Postal Service, The Postmarks, The Shins

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1)are you ever surprised at where celebs end up?

I am. boyz2men playing the special civil rights game for the grizzles? a bit far to fall..

2)my heels look crusty. do you guys use special rocks, scrubs, whatever to keep your heels looking cute? I don't understand girly stuff.
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Good evening tqc-ers! 
I have a transatlantic flight tomorrow (it's about 8 hours) and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to wear to keep myself comfy for that long and how to entertain myself? Also, the movies showing will be:
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
3:10 to Yuma
Balls of Fury
Rush Hour 3
Control and
Any recommendations on what I should watch?


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For those of you with SOs:

1. Would you say that you are equally matched, intelligence-wise?

2. How romantic is your partner? Does how romantic they are now differ from how romantic they were when you were first dating?

3. What are you going to be doing for Valentine's day? If you don't have any plans, what is the most memorable Valentine's day you've ever had?

For everyone:

1. How do you feel about the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

2. What is your least favorite holiday/why?
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If you've ever been a bridesmaid, what costs were you expected to cover?

How much does it typically cost to dye shoes to match a dress (the bride wants them dyed)?

If you had a bridal shower for the bride, how much money did you pitch in as a bridesmaid (if any) to cover shower costs?

The bride is not being picky about our hair, but all the other bridesmaids are going to a salon to get theirs styled. Should I do the same so I don't look like the odd one out?

I'm a bridesmaid for the first time, so I don't know what's really expected of me. The bride is my sister and all the other bridesmaids are friends with each other (so I'm already feeling like the odd one out even though I've met most of the girls a couple times).

How can I make all this less awkward for myself? These are all very girly girls and very outgoing. I'm more of a tomboy and rather shy, especially in situations where I don't really know the people.

Mitty box

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I fell down the stairs today. Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

I'm so sore! Do you think I'll be better by Thursday night when I have to go back to work?

What has been the high point of your day?
What has been the low point of your day?
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    sore sore

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When you're hungover and/or vitamin deprived and/or dehydrated, what do you crave?

I crave orange juice. To the point that I go out and buy an entire carton and drink the whole thing in ten minutes.

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What is it called when the government sends out checks to people in hopes that they will spend the money immediately and boost the economy?

edit: tax rebate http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/columnists/article3228105.ece?openComment=true

edit again: for the tl;dr

He wants the Internal Revenue Service to mail out rebate cheques to all taxpayers. The Administration hasn’t publicly put a number on the plan yet, but officials say they are thinking about $800 for individuals and $1,600 for families. In total that would inject about $150 billion (£77 billion) into the US economy. That represents about 1.2 per cent of gross domestic product, a not insignificant amount. If Congress can get its act together, that would be in people’s pockets some time over the summer, perhaps just as the slump is really starting to hurt.

A proposal doing the rounds on Capitol Hill would reduce or eliminate the rebate for people earning more than $85,000 a year. It would also find ways to get money to people who pay no taxes, as they would gain nothing from a rebate. Democrats also want to increase spending, perhaps with some money aimed specifically at the moribund housing market

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Sooo...what's your "true" sign?

Your astrological sign was determined by the position of constellations 2200 years ago. Over time, Earth has tilted on its axis changing these positions...and maybe even your astrological sign! Let the science of Astronomy explain the phenomenon of precession, which caused this shift. Click here to find out more.
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Random Q's

1) If you're able to vote in the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections (18+, US citizen, etc.) but are choosing not to, what is your reason for not voting?

2) How old were you when you graduated from college? If you haven't graduated from college, how old do you plan to be? (undergrad, grad, just be specific)

3) Let's say you HAD to relocate to another country, which one would you choose and why? Also, where do you currently live?

4) Other then LJ, what are some of your favorite websites that are ridiculously entertaining?

5) Do you watch nip/tuck?

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Does the song "Buy UA Drank" enrage anyone else?

Calling a drink a drank is such a pet peeve of mine, along with woke, as in "Are you woke? I'm woke." dashgkljfdahkljfdh

Is anything pissing you off tonight?
TL;DR, Teal Deer

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Am I the only one seeing arrows next to comments?

Also, I have basically decided that I am going to by a laptop with my refund moneys. But I has a problem, I dunno where to buy one,AND I don't know what specifications I'm looking for. I'm looking for one that will be good for net surfing, e-mail, picture editing, movie watching, the occasional online game and fic writing.

What specifications should I be looking for?

I could get it off overstock.com but am not sure which are the best deals.
But I could also get one from walmart.com because I get a discount and they have free site to store which would totes save on s/h. yay that.
Then there is usanotebook.com which looks good too...but argh... this is why I needs yalls haylp!!

Is a refurbished laptop and  bad  thing? Just wondering.
What specifications should I be looking for?
Is it possible to get a really good laptop for under 1,000 dollars?
What is the oddest compliment you've ever gotten?
I had a customer see me standing at the door (I was door greeting that night) and she sighed heavily and said. "Ugh, I don't want to go shopping now. My favorite cashier isn't on a register." ^_^ kinda made my day. Okay so it's not really odd, but cashiers don't get complimented at all very often so meh....

antm quote

 today on an old episode of america's next top model lisa d'amato was trying out and was talking about her life. she said something like, "i think my heart is too big for me sometimes..." anybody know the full quote?


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What's one thing that your SO does to you on purpose, to gross you out?

My husband sticks his finger in his belly button and puts it up my nose, it smells so bad.

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I have a friend who never really bothered to put much effort in to our friendship or anything in life. I sponsored her for The Race for Life event, after being reminded on about 8 occasions. I never heard anything about it and looking on her journal I found that she postponed it so that she could go to a Formula one open day or something. Then the day of the event there was only an entry about getting drunk and being felt up by some guy.

I sent here the following text, "one thing has bugged me. Did you ever do the race for life thing"r.

The response I received was, "interesting that you didn't just ask me before now about something that bugged you so much also flattering that you should assume it would be related to laziness. I could have run the 5km of road on my own i suppose. No i haven't bothered  to do it yet. Because of the floods it was postponed till earlish next year. Do you really wonder why i don't miss you?"

I called the charity and the event hadn't been postponed. So I asked them by text about it, and they blocked me(and my girlfriend) on every website. What do you think of this person? And what would you do - let it go, demand the money back or let everyone else who sponsored them know?

oral allergy syndrome

Do you get a weird itchy/tingly/etc feeling in your mouth when eating walnuts?
what about other foods?
Do you have any pollen allergies?
If you do get that feeling in your mouth when eating certain foods, do you eat the foods anyway?

O_o Massive Penis Alert

What do you define as a fast?
Do you think fasting is considered an eating disorder?
Do you believe in fasting?
What is the longest anyone has ever fasted?
Do you think you die if withstane from food for eight hours?

Do you have anything against fat people?
Have you ever seen a obese persons girth and think "what happen?"

Do you eat just the sprinkel frosted topping off donuts?

Do you ever show other people your poop?
How about if it was really interesting?

Have you ever pooped and type on the laptop before?

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when you get the feeling that you're about to fart, do you get ready to hold it in or do you just let it loose?

can you remember everything you ate and drank today?

have you been watching any of the america's next top model marathons on VH1 or MTV recently?

if you HAD to choose: obama or clinton? why? nevermind, been asked recently.

how was today for you?

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i really like life drawing and billie holiday right now.

what/who do you really like right now?

EDIT: OMG, does anyone else get the "fuck you fuck you...billie holiday liked to lick balls" lj snapshot/snap-up/pop-up whatever-the-hell it is thing when you mouse-over the billie holiday wiki link??? wtf?
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My coworker told me he thinks most people wear white underwear only. He said this applies to both guys and girls. I do not have any plain white underwear, I only have a few pairs that are white at all and they have some kind of print on them.

Do you wear strictly white underwear? Mostly white underwear?

Do you think most people wear white underwear only?