January 20th, 2008

MALL-- crash

Job Interviews

I always bomb interviews. I usually fail with questions like, "Why do you want to work for ____?" What do they expect you to say? How would you answer this question?

Do employers really pay much attention to last names?
Some of my friends and family members are under the impression that employers are apprehensive of hiring me because of my last name. This sounds like bullshit (and really stupid). Maybe my resume just sucks!

(no subject)

Why is it so hard to be truly happy, even when you should be?

Also: What is the oldest you think people should be before they are too old to ski?

The reason I ask is because I was looking on the website for the nearest ski place and it said, "Seniors 70 and over: free ski lift ticket."
But how many 70 year olds do you know that ski?
That just seems dangerous.
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(no subject)

1. What is the *unique* name for Chinese noodles that have been deep-fried so that they'red thin, flat and crispy (about 1 cm wide)? They are light brown and shaped roughly like flattened Cheetos.


Chinese restaurants tend to give them away for free with other food and I LOVE them. I've heard them called 'Chinese noodles,' but that's also the name of all other noodles which are Chinese.

2. What is the name for the Asian delicacy or type of restaurant where they take live rats, cut them open while they're still alive and cook them alive?

I remember seeing something on TV about it years ago, where people would select a live rat (or the chef might in some places) and it'd be fried. Many of these Asian (actually in Asia, not the U.S.) restaurants weren't that wealthy and would go out and fields and such to find the rats. While cruel, it was interesting to see the still-beating heart and insides of the rat.
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I used Final Cut Pro for a project around five years ago. I remember almost nothing about it except that it wasn't that hard to figure out, and I didn't like it.

I have to write up my resume for an application and my husband says I need to write down that I have experience in Final Cut Pro. I feel like that's lying because it was so long ago that if you put me in front of it today it would be like starting at square one.

Plus, I said I'm skilled in "editing programs" so I figure that covers my bases and in an interview I can say, "Sure, I used it years ago, but I'm confident I could pick it back up in no time."

So my question is:
Should I list it as a skill or not?


Have you ever exaggerated on a resume?

Have you ever outright lied?

Examples if you have 'em!
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This is SO unlike me D:

So TQC, there's this cute boy in my life. He makes me get butterflies in my stomach and act like a giddy middle-schooler who has her first crush. Naturally, I hate him for it, but so much so that I'm falling head over heels for him. I met him over New Years break in NJ and since then, we've talked every single day since, and he calls me every other night or so just to say goodnight. Since when do boys do that!?

Would it be absurd to drive from Ohio to Providence, RI for him? We've casually hinted at the idea of me going there or him coming here. Should I just wait until a tour takes me up that way? I have no idea when that would be, but east coast tours are pretty frequent, especially this time of the year... Or should I just find an excuse to take a convenient trip to Boston/Providence area? IS THIS MOVING TOO FAST? :(
how funky is your chicken?

Uh...yeah. So...theoretically....

How do you decide which over-the-counter yeast infection treatment is best for you?

EDIT: Thank you for your help! I went with Monistat 1.

ALSO: Only I would be met with a group of 16 teenage boys at the check out line of a 24 hour supermarket at 2am. When the place is otherwise empty and I'm buying itchy vag cream. Only me.

(no subject)

Cat owners: Does your cat curl up generally in a similar spot? Or, does it prefer random locations?

My boyfriend's cat will make himself comfortable on the most random of spots, like the middle of the doorway, or the stairs. It's dark on the landing and he's currently curled up at the very top of the steps. Weirdo.

If you still snuggle with a blanket from childhood, would you please raise your hand?

(no subject)

google is failing me tonight.

i just got an oil change the other day, and now i'm getting a weird chemical-y smell coming through my a/c vents every once in a while.

any idea what's wrong with my car? along with the oil change, i got my air filter replaced and i have a transmission problem, if that helps at all.
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1.Is there anywhere i can play Uno online for free?

2. Is there anything similar to big brain academy online at all?

3. Is it just me or do you have to highlight text on most sites to read it?. I have been to the optometrist and they told me i don't need glasses so i am confused.
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(no subject)

Does it upset you when people go through things in your bag (purse, backpack, etc.)?

How about in your room?

When was the last time you played keep away with someone's stuff?

Did you ever sneak out of your house as a teenager?
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(no subject)

why do people get upset when someone disagrees with them? if some jackass on the internet agrees with you, do you feel like you're more right?

if you were homeless, what pretext would you use to con people out of their hard-earned money?

have you ever been party to a 'sympathy fuck'? were you the one putting out, or were you the pathetic loser?

what is one physical feature about your self that you would change if you could magically alter it? what about your personality?

wtf is your problem, anyway?

if your current romantic partner suddenly developed some sort of condition which made it impossible for them to have sex, would you stay with them?

did you call that phone number whatsherface posted awhile ago? did anyone answer?

wtf is my problem, anyway?

what would it take for you to try to fight a perfect stranger? how far would you have to be pushed? what if they were smaller than you? what if they were bigger? what if they were crippled?(wheelchair bound, elderly, mentally retarded, a yuppie, etc)

(no subject)

Okay, apologies for posting again so soon but I I don't know whether to laugh or not!

I got a message on LiveJournal from someone who asked if they could talk to me. I don't know them and they have no friends, nothing. I said okay, what can I do for you? Long story short? He is just sad and scared, looking for someone to talk to, cause of medical stuff, people torment him. Turns out he is a boy born with an extra girl gene, he has girls smooth face and body, full female boobs, girls body shape in general.

So! I guess this is spam! But what if it isn't?!!! What serious/non-serious things should I say to this poor person?!

(no subject)

tqc, what did you do tonight?

I went to a manson concert in orlando & witnessed the return of twiggy. then I drove 2 & 1/2 hours back home.

it's nearly 5:30am.. why am I not sleeping? this is srs bzness.

also, what's your favorite kind of pie?

(no subject)

1.) I am in need of very VERY strong coffee. I dont have time to make it at home, I have to pick it up before work.

Where can I buy coffee that will get me the most caffeinated? I live in Oregon, and example places of where I could go include:
Burger King
Dutch Bros
Java Crew

2.) Help me decide what movie to rent: I want to rent something that will make me laugh. What funny movie should I rent?
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laptop question

So my left click button on my laptop is being weird. It feels like it's half down so when I press it, it doesn't really press in and I just very barely have to touch it and it will "click" (even if there's no real clicking sound because it's already down too far). There is nothing stuck in there, that I can see, getting in the way. Anyone else ever have this problem and is it fixable?

(no subject)

How long do YOU think bed pillows SHOULD be kept before being replaced? You know, due to dust mites and all.

How old are your pillows?

Whose icon in TQC (other thancherrybaby; she's a given) is the most recognizable/most easily associated with the user?

Dvd Burner

Do I really have to own a dvd recorder to burn any video types into a dvd disc? I know that those avi. files need to be converted into dvd files first, but do I really need anything to burn those into a dvd disc, so that I could play them using my home dvd player, other than my dvd writer?
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(no subject)

1. Do you know the words to The Little Mermaid's song "Part of that World"? By husband just laughed for 10 minutes because I knew almost the whole thing. Tell me that I'm not the only one.

2. What Disney songs do you know all or most of by heart?

3. Would you ever buy condoms off the internet?

4. Would you use no-name (as in, not name brand) condoms?

(no subject)

Would you rather...

1. Love to hate or hate to love?

2. Have someone you love mad at you or have someone you love severely disappointed in you?

3. Find you parents having sex or have your parents find you having sex?

4. Have to kill a puppy or have to kill a kitten?

5. Be a hobo that everyone loves or be a rich bastard that no one likes?

6. Be eaten alive by fire ants or be burned alive with acid?

(no subject)

I have to study all day.

Where should I go? These are my choices:

1. The library.
PRO: quiet, close to my house, has amazing views of the bay.
CON: full of my intense classmates, it's a chore to go get coffee, I go there all the time.

2. Coffeeshop #1.
PRO: cheap coffee, big tables, usually has parking nearby.
CON: a little dark, bad music, sometimes people are loud in there.

3. Coffeeshop #2.
PRO: full of other studiers so it's pretty quiet, big tables, good food.
CON: coffee is a little pricier, parking blows in the neighborhood, I was there yesterday.

(no subject)

the only ways i really ever eat eggs are scrambled or deviled. however, i would like to try making some eggs in a different style this afternoon---TQC, how should i prepare my eggs today?
ETA: are soft-boiled eggs any good?

(no subject)

What is your favorite part of the movie Amelie?

If you haven't seen it, what's your favorite part of your favorite movie, and what movie is it?

If you were forced into a time machine, and forced to go into the past, but able to chose what era..when would you choose? where?

Would you rather your s.o. be too skinny or too heavy?

Are feet gross?

(no subject)

Do you like the smell of new laptop/computer?

Do you try your hardest to keep it smelling that way?

yes! I'll admit to sticking my face right on the keyboard to snatch the plasticy essence!

(no subject)

I went to Carrows to pick up some breakfast to go.  I've never gone to a diner w/out eating there, so I wasn't sure about the tipping etiquette.  I paid in cash and the manager gave me my receipt and change.  Since I wasn't sitting at a table, I didn't know where to leave the tip.  Obviously I couldn't just write it on the receipt like when you pay with plastic.  I asked the manager that rung me up and he acted like he had never heard that question before.  I figured I should have left a tip because someone prepared my food and someone brought it to me but maybe that's not customary.  The only difference was that I wasn't sitting at the table and I didn't have a real plate.  I'm not even sure who I was tipping.

1) If you go to a diner but don't eat there, should you leave a tip?

2) Who got my tip?  Maybe the guy whose section I would have sat at?  Maybe the manager that took my order?

3) When you go to a diner, what do you usually order?
I always get French Toast.  <3
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(no subject)

For those of you who are/have been in university/college, what was your residence experience like?

My answer: Ever since I've come back from Christmas holidays (and even sometimes before then) it has been nothing but awful. My neighbour is a jerk and regularly wakes me up in the middle of the night, some new jerk down the hall woke me up last night at 4:30, I don't have any friends in my building, the friends I was supposed to get a house with for next year got a house without me and always hang out without me and it's driving me away. The food here isn't that great either. And my uni is in a boring city.
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(no subject)

I have fallen head over heels in love with someone who is my complete doppelganger, from the good to the twisted and dark.

-Have you ever known someone who was so like you it's scary?
-Ladies: sex on your cycle. Y/N?
-What do you think of Wheat Thins Toasted Chips in Parmesean/Asiago flavor? I can't get enough of these things.
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Entertain me plz

My sister and I play this text messaging game where we type in random letters and the other has to come up with what they stand for. eissirk and I did it yesterday and I thought it might be fun to do on TQC. You come up with the sentence, then come up with letters for the next person to comment on.

So, what does 'imptiaz' stand for?


Scenario # 1:  You have a 13 year old daughter.  You walk in on her in her bedroom doing one of the following activities.  Which would you rather her be doing and why?

a.)  Drinking alcohol.
b.)  Smoking pot.
c.)  Having sex/oral sex.

Scenario # 2:  You have little to no food in your house and no means of personal transportation.  Which do you do?

a.)  Call your friend and bribe her with Taco Bell (your treat).
b.)  Call your booty call and bribe him with sex in exchange for feeding you.
c.)  Eat nothing.
d.)  Eat really old, unappealing food.

Laptop AC Adaptors

The adaptor for my laptop died.

It was a 180 W 19V 9.1A adaptor

I am borrowing an adaptor from my Brother in-law who has a similar laptop, it is 135 W 19V 7.1 A adaptor. Despite the differences, it is able to power my laptop.

I am looking at getting a new adaptor off of E-bay.

Should I spend the $50 to get one that is the 180 W or $20 for the 135W?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find a video of Donovan McNabb doing his rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" after scoring a touchdown? Possibly from 2003?

YouTube and Google fail me this afternoon.
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Need help finding a song

I listened to a country song on 98.7 the other day, and now I can't remember anything about it except that it mentioned rain in the chorus. The singer is a man. I tried looking up country songs with rain on google and youtube, but I can't find it. Anybody have any ideas?
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1. My sister and I are house sitting for our parents while they're on vacation. Yesterday all their smoke alarms were going off for no reason so we called the fire department to come check it out. One of the firemen was HOT, and not because he was on fire. Wokka wokka. We should start an actual fire to get this unbelievably attractive man to come back over, y/y?

2. When you were a kid, how did you imagine your life as an adult?

3. The hand sanitizer they provide for us at work looks exactly like semen. How can I use this to my advantage to play hilarious pranks?
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(no subject)

Before many of us could give good advice, xpinkxamazingx deleted her entry.

So TQC, can you give your answers here about why her boyfriend doesn't want to use the L word and freaked when she said "ILU, BB" accidentally?

And furthermore, why did she delete? Was it also an accident? I know it made me sad. How about you, TQC?

(no subject)

I can't find an answer for this anywhere.
I'm trying to rip a few CD's on my macbook.
This is going fine except for two which just aren't happy.
They're perfectly legitimate, and are barely scratched as opposed to some which are completely scratched but work ok.
They've ripped fine in the past on other computers.
They go in, and whirr a bit, but just get spat back out.
What's going on? How can I sort this?

[ I don't want to hear a load of crap about Macs thanks ]


1. How many pair of socks do you have?
2. If you live with a partner/significant other(s), do you share socks with them?
3. I am in search of cute socks on the cheap! Do you have a website to recommend?

(no subject)

1)what do you think of preordering items off amazon?

2)when you play video games, do you always search out the FAQs first or do you want to surprise yourself?

ta: is anyone else obsessed with chocolatier 2?
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(no subject)

i'm going to paint the walls in my new art studio within the next week. i want to have a neutral beige color on all the walls, and then in a light brown, paint a silhouette of a nice big tree in one of the corners, and have some animals somewhere, like deer, rabbits, birds, etc.

BUT I AM STUMPED, TQC! i can't figure out what type of tree i want!

so far i like oak, maple, or horse chestnut.

so, tqc: what kind of tree should i put on my walls? do you have a better suggestion than the few i listed? note: i have art skyllz, so go crazy.

if you were able to paint anything on your walls, what would you paint?

EDIT: OH HAY LOOK GUYS! i was exercising my google-fu and i found this image. this is kind of what i have in mind, but i can totally make it a lot better than that. but, yeah, just to give you an idea of what i'm thinking.

(no subject)

I was watching "Cannibal Holocaust" with some friends the other night and the repeated rapes and animal killing scenes lead us to a long debate about what's acceptable to show in movies and what's not.

So TQCers, are there any other movies out there that you think go over the line as far as showing too much gore/violence/rape/etc.? (I'm assuming these movies are within legal limits of the law, this is just a imho type question)

What are they? Examples of them going over the line?
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(no subject)

Ok, this came on back in November. "America's Most Hated Family." Basically, a documentary about the members of the Westboro Baptist Church and someone actually living with them for a time.
Did anyone watch this? What are your thoughts? I had it Tivo'd for a while and just started watched it and I'm absolutely disgusted that someone could create such a horrid cult and pass this on to innocent children.
For those who see this, could you manage to live with these people for as long as the journalist did?
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(no subject)

I was at a cocktail party last night, and because my friend kept handing me giant mugs of appletini, the evening is a bit of a blur. I opened my wallet this morning to find a big chunk of money that I didn't have before in it.

How could this money have gotten in there? I can't really imagine someone putting it in there for any reason, though I was drunk enough that someone could have given it to me and I don't remember. It's a big enough amount that I don't feel comfortable keeping it without at least trying to find where it came from.

(no subject)

When you and your significant other go out, who usually pays? Do you pay separately? Do you take turns?

My boyfriend hardly offers to pay and it's getting on my nerves. I have a feeling he thinks I should pay almost all the time since my job pays a little more than his does. Ugh.

Coffee question

Okay this is a really gross pre story to my question. I got a coffee awhile ago at the gas station, added some chocolate creamer and some sugar, then drank most of it and accidently left the cup in my back seat of the car. Since I never ride back there I completely forgot about it.

After cleaning the car out the cup smells like alcohol. Really strong alcohol. Now, can coffee turn into alcohol (or something in the coffee) or is it more likely that when my brother borrowed my car he used my nasty cup to do shots?

(no subject)

OK, so I never post in here, but I figured -- what the hell.

I tend to have playlists on my Winamp/iPod that are "themed". I have 80s playlists, 90s playlists, "fuck you" playlists...but I don't have a "sappy love songs" playlist, and I want one.

So, TQC -- hit me with some sappy love songs.



We went and saw "The Bucket List" last night. There is a part in which the two characters are sitting in Egypt, looking at the pyramids and Morghan Freemans Character tells Jack Nicholsons character that the ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, you were asked two questions by the gods that would determine if you got into "heaven". So I thought I would ask the questions....

1. Have you found joy in your life?

2. Have you brought joy to others?

My answers:

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
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I am looking for food suggestions.

I stick mainly with fresh, organic foods. I'm not a vegetarian, but I still really like vegetarian (and vegan) foods. My body functions best on a high protien diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I try not to eat a lot of processed flour or sugar because that makes me feel wonky and sluggish.

However, I'm getting sick of eating the same stuff all the time (salads, sushi, grilled fish, chicken).

I'm a graduate student so I don't have much time to cook and I don't have much time to go home or go out to get food during the day, so anything I can make that can be made in bulk and taken for lunches is a plus.

So, TQC -- what are your favorite things to eat that would incorporate these criteria?
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Targeted more towards the heavy shoppers.

I'm an associate at the Bay in Canada, and the powers that be have decided to take away our blazer vests, and give us these directions as of March 7....

"Professional, all black, but fashionable. Style yourselves after the Macy's associates."

However, I've never been inside a Macy's. Instead of venting about how much I hate that an American bought out the longest lasting company in Canada, I ask you....

What do employees at Macy's wear?

As an eighteen year old girl who takes her style cues more from Venus than from Vogue, what should I buy?
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(no subject)

On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being REALLY COOL and one being SUPER LAME, how cool would I be if I got a tattoo of a chocobo on my ankle?

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framing question

I have a set of 12 pictures that I would like to frame and hang on my kitchen wall. The pictures are square, 9x9 and it seems impossible to find cheap square frames in that size.

Now I have two options:

Either I cut them to size and put them in regular 5x7 frames (which is possible but I'd rather display the whole image because they are so pretty) or I leave them like they are and put them in a larger frame (11x13 maybe)

The wall in question is pretty long so I'd rather go with the second option but I'm afraid that a square picture in a rectangular frame wouldn't look good.

What would you do?

edit: I'm not in the US so cheap framing at craft stores is not available.

(no subject)


Is it wrong that I am actually intrigued by this? I was reading the positive reviews and wondering how the hell that many people bought this and tried this. This guy has a 99% satisfaction rate with people who say things like "I can't believe it worked!"

What do you think the 3 steps to the "secret of invisibility" are?
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(no subject)

Oh, TQC! I need to make sure I am not crazy! Help me out here!

My friend just got into a fight with her boyfriend this afternoon. He got up in her face and started screaming at her from about, oh...two inches from her face.

So, she hit him. She slapped him because he was scaring her and she was pretty sure he was about to hit her, though he's never done so before. So she hit him first, sort of a weak slap, just to get him away from her.

I was there, I saw it!

Anywho, she says that he's now telling her she was wrong. She hit him, that's crossing a line and she should have walked away if she felt threatened by him.

I've been telling her to just dump the fucker, because to me, you DO NOT get up in the face of someone you supposedly love and respect like that. He was ASKING to be hit, in my opinion.

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Random questions

1. If you have ever taken Xanax, did it make you gain/lose weight? 

2. Do you play the guitar?  If so, what are your favorite songs to play?

3. What book are you currently reading? What is it about? 

4. Do you keep a diary or journal?

5. If you answered yes to the above question, do you write or do you sketch?

6. What is your favorite way to excersize?

7. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 

8. Could you please reccommend a few good bands for me to listen to? I need some inspiration! Anything folk, rock, alternative, indie, techno... no punk please :) 
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Adopting Animals

I have 4 rescue animals that I adopted. 3 of them are dogs and 1 is a kitty, my other cat was a present. I have a big house and a nice back yard, I just now got a phone call from one of the local shelters asking if I would be interested in adopting a black lab puppy that was thrown out of an apartment window and has a broken leg. I already have 3 dogs and 2 cats but I can't find it in my heart to say no! What should I do? Should I run down and adopt the puppy right now?

(no subject)

Tick-Tock. I want to write a story where there is a "timed" event. It can be a quiet thing; it doesn't have to be some big-boned, thrilling cliffhanger. While this event takes place, I would also like an inner story with a deeper, more complicated, and subtle meaning to it.

EG. Outer story: A boy whose parents are separated goes to a concert with his dad and girlfriend. His mother tells his father to bring him back at 6. The concert doesnt start until 7. The son keeps telling his father he has to go home and study. His father does not care. He gets home at 10:30.
Inner story: The boy thinks that getting back home in time will save his parent's marriage.

What would your Outer/Inner story be if you were writing one?

Or, what should mine be?
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wacky family nonsense

TQC, I need your help with something that is totally old meme. There's a Discovery Health special on now about the Duggars, and I really want to show the bf that macro with them that says something like "not a clown car". Does anyone have a link or the image itself? Thanks muchly.

ETA. Thanks, you guys are awesome. They've had 5 kids since that picture!!

ETA 2. Nope, just 3 or 4 kids since.
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(no subject)

Do my ear piercings look wonky?

I mean the 2nd holes, at the top. I wanted them sort of high because I'm stretching my first holes and I didn't want the 2nd ones to get in the way. The little spot on the right ear (the one with the star) is where she pierced it the first time and it ended up being lower than the one on the right, so she pierced it again and it ended up higher. Blah. Anyway, do they look stupid being so high up? And slightly uneven? I can't really decide if they do and if it's worth it to take them out and have it done again.
Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

Do you know what chicken bog is?

If you know what it is, do you like it?

Where do you live?

I'm trying to figure out if chicken bog is just a southern thing or not, since a friend from Wisconsin and another from Arizona have no idea what it is.

Edit: Changed the second question a little.

(no subject)

So, I've applied to grad school and my first choice school just let me know they're going to fly me out for their graduate weekend in March. The other day I received an email from a professor in the department that said he wanted to talk to me about a couple of projects he has going on in his lab. He's calling me Tuesday afternoon.

1. Is this basically a preliminary interview for a research assistantship or another opportunity for research/funding?

2. How should I prepare for this? I'm going to read a few of his latest papers and am going to try and brush up on vocab/concepts... what else?

3. For those of you in grad school (particularly engineering or a science), how did you decide who would be your major professor? Any tips??
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(no subject)

In less than two weeks, I'm moving into an apartment all by my lonesome. I've never lived alone before - always with roommates, a significant other, or my parents. So I pose three questions to you:

1) When you got out on your own, what did you forget to buy/pack?

2) What thing(s) would a normal person need on a regular basis that they may forget to buy/pack? (Like Q-Tips! I have to remember the Q-Tips!)

3) Any tips in general for being on my own?

I've Googled and have gotten a billion and a half lists, but I was wondering what y'all thought.

(no subject)

ok tqc
i had a tube of conditioner in the bathroom, the one you get when you color your hair, to use weekly.
well, i went to use it today, and, surprise, it is not in the bathroom.
my brother says he didnt throw it away. so did his gf (she doesnt live here, although she thinks she does, and she cleaned the bathroom last week). also, the the shelf it was on now has my brother's new body wash on it.
i checked under the sink.
in the medicine cabinet.
in the trash.
no where.
i know i didnt touch it.
so, tqc, who threw away my conditioner?
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(no subject)

Poll #1124656 Super Bowl XLII

Why will you watch?

Commercials, baby!
Tom Petty at halftime! \m/

Meh. T'will be between a knock-up artist and a Manning. If not for the uber-expensive commercials, I wouldn't bother.

(no subject)

Have you ever answered your own question while you were typing it out?

I just did. I was trying to decide which laptop to get, so I spent 30 minutes listing all the pros and cons. I totally just made my decision (macbook pro!).

(no subject)

Where I live there is no public collection of trash. You have to buy a sticker ($150 dollars)and that allows you to take your trash to the dump. Our landlord told us when we moved in that he would come every Saturday and pick up the trash for us and take it to the dump.

We've been here since December 15th and he has picked up the trash....ONCE. You can imagine it's getting to be slightly ridiculous. My boyfriend calls the landlord multiple times a day about that and the fact that we don't know where to send our rent so the check has been on our fridge for almost a week.

What would you do about a landlord who is impossible to get a hold of?

My relationship woes

I met my fiancée when she was an exchange student here from Japan. We went out for a while, got engaged, and then she moved back to Japan to finish college. After college, we planned for her to move back here.

All was fine until a week ago.

We got into a fight. She accused me of being emotionally unavailable, of not understanding her, and of not knowing anything about her. She asked me what her favorite color was (maybe to prove to me that I don't know anything about her), which was an unfair question because her favorite color changes every week.

It has been over a week and she hasn't spoken to me and won't answer my calls. She's in Japan, so it's not like I can just go over, knock on her door, and ask her what is going on.

So, TQC, how long do you wait until you just consider it over? She's my fiancée, but there comes a point when I have to figure it's all lost, right? What would you do to work this mess out and either come to a resolution or end it?
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I want to get my hair cut tomorrow. What do you think I should do with it? I don't want it super short, but I want it to look cute. If you provide pictures, will you please tell me how to explain the cut to whoever cuts my hair? If you don't know, it's whatever, but if you can, that would be very excellent.
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Dear TQC,

I love my boyfriend. In fact, I'll probably end up marrying him. I love having sex with my boyfriend. HOWEVER, I am (if one were to take my sexual history in entirety into account) used to having sex for like 30 minutes. With my boyfriend, it's more like 8.

I love having sex with him so much that I want to have it for longer.
How does one accomplish this without medicinal intervention?
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Why is it that casserole recipes say to let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to overnight before putting it in the oven? I never understood that. I mean, with my casserole recipe at least, it's pretty simple. Just cheesy potatoes--cheese, potatoes, sour cream, and salt and whatnot. It's not like I'm marinating a chicken!

What are some awesome, semi easy to make casserole recipes out there? I'm lazy and casseroles can last me a long time!

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what's the last thing you 'lol'd' at?

mine: "It's not her fault she is gourgous she cant help it and to bad guys would rather have looks over brains who would want a girl smarter then them???"

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Have any of you read this book: Salem Possessed The Social Origins of Witchcraft by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum ?
I found it sitting on top of a trash can, and thinking if I should read it or not.
Would you read it?
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 My fiance's dad has a book about MLK: His Dream, Our Nightmare. It says that he had a  prostitution ring and all kinds of crazy shit. Have you heard of that before?! Do you believe it?

Do you like crescent rolls?

Extradite for student loan debt?

We've discovered that student loans are not relieved if one declares bankruptcy. So my friend has the grand idea to move to another country [for a multitude of other reasons as well as] to avoid paying off his student loan debt. Would the U.S. try to extradite him [private company loans, not Federal loans]? Or, what if he moved for a decade or so and then came back - would lenders try to get him then?

I think he's a moron. He needed the money to go to school. [He didn't need the ridiculously high interest rates]. He has every obligation to repay!
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Can someone please explain a commercial to me? Specifically, the Wendy's commercial with the guy wearing the pippi-esque wig, talking to the Abraham Lincolns? He says something about "my ninety nine forgotten lincolns", which i'm guessing relates to their new burger that is only ~99 cents~...but why would there be 99 forgotten lincolns, not like, one? ugh my brain is not working :(

lol i get it now

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What do you consider to be an acceptable amount of time to spend talking to/emailing/visiting your parents after you've moved out and are not financially relying on them? What about in the case where you're still financially relying on them somewhat?


What's the longest college paper you've written in a day?

What was it on?

I have a 6000wd paper on the West Indies Federation due in... 17 hours. I have 1000wds done, and I have to sleep for at least six hours.
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My computer had a driver die in it, and I lost all my music. I had this one song on it, and now I'm trying to remember what song it is.

All I remember is that it's a guy singing and he's talking about how he never thinks about his girlfriend, and then lists all the times he thinks about her. I was thinking the lyrics went something like, "I never think about her, except for. . ." but I couldn't find anything searching that.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Edit::The songs starts off with the band members talking about the girl.

I figured it out. It's "I'll Never Miss That Girl" by Marshall Dyllon. Thanks for all the help!
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