January 19th, 2008


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Can you recommend a good Northern California winery?

When you buy wine from a store, what do you usually buy?


ETA:  I highly recommend V. Sattui if you're ever in the Northern California area.  I would like to visit others though... which is why I'm asking.  =)

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Would you be sad if someone you only knew online passed away?

One of my friends from World of Warcraft lost his battle with cancer this afternoon and I feel sad even though I never "really" met him. :(

And before anyone brings it up: no, it's highly unlikely he faked his own death. I also play with his wife, his sister, and his dad, and several of his "real life friends."


Have you played Peggle? It's a Popcap game, but I'm too lazy to post a link.

If not, will you try it?

Is it not the most addictive game ever?

Wanna play with me?

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My roommates are having a party, and I just got home and everybody's already drunk (I'm sober). It's only midnight. I just sprained my ankle. Should I awkwardly hang out sober? Get drunk and party? Or stay in my room and ice my poor foot (it's really swollen)?
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Online RX

Ok guys, flame away all you like but...

I need muscle relaxants. BADLY. For some reason (though I am young) my back/shoulder muscles are EXTREMELY TENSE all the time. It causes me a lot of pain.

Have you ever tried ordering pills online? Any website recommendations? Does this actually WORK? I'm afraid I'll get rat poison rather than Skelactin. Know what I mean?

Yeah guys, I have health insurance. But guess what? No actual MD will prescribe muscle relaxants to ANYONE except old people thanks to drug addicts.

whiskey sours

Hmm so Ive been searching the 'net from the easiet recipe for a whiskey sour...found one that was just sweet n sour mix and whiskey, easy enough. My question to you all is what brand of whiskey and sweet and sour mix should I buy? I dont know any brands at all...except Jack Daniels.
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I need a reason to wake up in the morning... :(

Okay, not really.

Will you guys tell me your favourite baking recipes? Stuff like cakes, cookies, um, pretzels, I dunno.

I need crap to do on my days off, and baking seems to be a great plan. Anyone who wants to come over to help get rid of my experiments can. If you can find me, natch.
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I just recalled an image from my childhood, and I think it's from either a movie or a TV show.

A little girl gets a balloon hat placed on her head (I think it has a tail or something) by an adult who made it. There might be a little boy too. It's a prize, or something special. There might have been balloon bracelets/gloves too, but I might be overthinking that.

I'm 20, so somewhere from ten to fifteen years ago I saw this and was struck by this balloon hat concept.

Does anyone have an inkling of what this image in my brain might be from?
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1. For those of you who take your laptop to the bathroom... What do you do to keep the computer from burning your legs? Mine is sitting on my lap right now and it's sorta warm through jeans... I can't imagine how hot it would be to rest on bare skin.

2. For everybody... have you ever been to a sex toys party? How about a Tupperware, Pampered Chef, or Mary Kay party? Have you been to parties featuring products other than these? What was the product? For any product (including those I listed)... will you tell me about the party?

3. For everybody again... what's the coolest death scene you've seen, from any movie? Coolness can be measured by drama, blood&guts, comedy, filmography, etc. The "Don't Stop Me Now" scene from Shaun of the Dead doesn't count... so there. Nanny nanny boo-boo.
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Talk to me

It's 1:30, my AWESOME boyfriend is in bed, and I'm not close to sleepy.
So TQC, want to talk?
Whats on your mind?
Are you hungry?
Are you horny?
What are you wearing?
Are you drinking?
What the hell is on your mind?

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So who believes in ESP, even a little bit?

I believe slightly in it, but obviously it's a lot less accurate than movies would have you believe. I think it's very abstract. I want to know more about it. 

Also has anyone read "The Polished Hoe"? It's a book I'm contemplating reading right now

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I just drank way too much wine (like five or six glasses). I knew that it would make me miserable, and I knew I would end up throwing up before the night was over. Why do I have no self-control? (Not just the wine, but I can't help but pick at every scab I have, for example--doesn't matter that I know it'll leave an ugly scar). Do you have self-control?

I'm sorry this is one of those drunk posts. I never wanted to be this person. :(


I have a wordpress account.
I have my normal blog, and I want another blog that no one who reads my normal blog can see.
If I resgister my second blog under my same wordpress account, can anyone connect to it through my first blog, or do I remain anonymous if I choose?
Does this make sense?
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Which would you rather be?

A man is married for some number of years with some number of kids in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a nice car and a nice job.....but he has a mistress.

The wife doesn't know. She thinks their lives are perfect and she is pleasantly happy with her life.

The mistress knows and she feels sensual and desirable but knows he goes home to another woman at night.

The man is conflicted. He loves both women equally but differently. He doesn't want to lose his lifestyle or his wife or break up his family. But the mistress provides excitement and passion.


The man
The wife
The mistress

Why? Please share in comments.

"None" is not an option.

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Sorry for the double post..
this will be the last one today

When is the last *memorable* time you slept/made out with someone?
Do you daydream about sleeping with someone?
How often?
What about dreams?

I have slept with two people since I broke up with my ex and they were quite hilarious drunken romps, but they had no emotion in them whatsoever. 
Every so often I daydream about making out/sleeping with someone ( a crush, the ex), maybe once every couple of weeks.

I've been having more vivid dreams. It's strange because in my conscious life I've been pretty unhorny lately but I have crazy dreams and wake up wondering what's going on. I even dream about sleeping with people who I definitely don't want to! weird..

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Today I went to the South Florida Fair. They had an exhibit behind a tent called "The World's Smallest Woman" with a tape playing saying things like "Only 29 inches tall!! Feet the size of bottlecaps!" It was one dollar to get in, and the booth promised my money back if it wasn't a real human. I paid the dollar because I honestly didn't believe it would be a real person. I got into the exhibit and sitting on a stool was a well-dressed black little person looking very disgruntled, rolling her eyes. I didn't get a very good look because I hauled ass out of there, I felt so disgusted with myself and the entire concept of it. Unbelievable.
Have you ever been to a "freak show"? What was there? How did you feel while viewing it and how did the "freaks" react to you, if at all?

I also saw "the world's largest horse" and "the world's smallest horse".
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Is white noise annoying to you?

Do you have a white noise machine?

I sleep with a humidifier and a white noise machine, but it bothers some of my friends when they sleep over. I can't sleep without the noise, though :(

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What's the worst tasting thing you've ever eaten that you've cooked?
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What's the best 'fixer-upper' you've made? (Packaged food with your own element added to make it 'homemade'ish)
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What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming week?

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How do you get a grumpy 18-month-old male cat to get along with a spastic, 6-8 month-old female terrier mix?
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TQC, why in the name of crap would I have a $128 hold on my checking account? It's Bank of America if that means anything, and my largest transaction this month was $54 at Walmart (yeah, stfu =P) the other night. Halp?

ETA: I do have one "pending" transaction... Panera Bread for $8.43.

MOAR ETA: I think I've reached my quota of "change banks!!!!" comments (aka more than one) and since I'm not going to do this, you can stop now ;)
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What would you do with a million dollars? I'll tell you what I'd do, two chicks at the same time, damn strait always wanted to do that and I figure if I was a millionaire I I could work that out. Chicks like guys with money, not all of them... but the kind that would double up on a dude like me do.
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What criteria/policy do do newspapers and magazines use when transcribing quotations of imperfect speech? In other words, what is the general policy that decides when to do a non-verbatim transcription and to what extent (for all levels of imperfect speech)?

I ask in the context of people who did not speak something perfectly either by mispronouncing something, rephrasing things mid-sentence to make sense, using bad grammar or by other forms of imperfect speech.

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in your personal, romantic relationships, what do you and your SO consider cheating? does a certain degree of cheating determine if you'll consider taking them back? is this a long distance relationship? if you've been in a long distance relationship, did you have different rules and boundaries?

is there anyone left who actually enjoys "hey there delilah"? every time i hear it i want to puke.
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My roommate is apparently an amazingly sound sleeper.  Her alarm wakes me up (despite the wall between our rooms) and yet she sleeps through it and it rings for like half an hour at a time.  How can she sleep through the annoying beeping?  Do you sleep through your alarm?

Will you tell me about your favorite teacher?

When you see people who you went to school with, weren't friendly with, and haven't seen in years, do you stop to talk, do you just say hi?  Do you ignore?  What do you do?

Slacker Saturday

1: What is the biggest expense in your house?

2: What movie should I watch today?
  a: Blades of Glory
  b: Stranger Then Fiction

3: What time did you get up today?

4: Anything fun coming up for you?
5: What is your favorite Bill Murray movie? 
Sun glass

Kitten poll!

Poll #1123936 What to do with tricky kittens?

It looks like a cat & her two kittens have decided that my patio is a nice place to live -- we first saw them out there last night, and they were all curled up in my chair this AM.

Eek, wild cats!
Aw, cute!
They are leaving diseases all over your patio, you know.
Well, your patio looks like a nice nest.

What should I do about the kittens & cat? I already have one very nice, healthy, mostly indoors and skittish cat.

Adopt the cat, and both of her kittens
Adopt one kitten
Adopt both kittens
Catch them all and turn them into animal control/humane society
Just keep shooing them
Put a fence up around the patio
Find homes for them
Something else (explain in comments, please?)

And since you're so nice to take my poll, how's your day starting out?

Edit: I live in a SoCal apartment community and am 99% positive that these cats are feral, do not belong to anyone.  There are a TON of cats around here.
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How long is before long?

(eg: if you saw this email " Well at any rate, ill be home before long, so ill see you when you wake up" two hours ago...)

Did one of you eat my boyfriend?

What's the high temp. for your area supposed to be?

0 F  DX
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1. It's my little bro's birthday today, he's turning 14. What nice thing can I do for him, outside of powerleveling his WoW character?
2. Can you make up a good word for the feeling of being with someone you adore and just feeling liek you could stay like that for all eternity?

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Have you ever been to a benefit concert?
What was it benefitting? Who Played?

Also, If I wish to take pictures at this concert I'm going to tonight (inside venue, kind of dark) should i set my camera on night scene or what?
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I have an account with Rhapsody, which means I have access to a ton of music.

What do you suggest I listen to today as I recover from this hangover?

Just give me suggestions of songs (include the band name so I know I'm getting the right song) and bands and albums you think I should listen to today.

I like pretty much everything, so just go crazy.

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A story from my neck of the woods...

Horses found malnourished, removed from owner's care.

(Note: No pictures in the link, but still a disturbing story. May be trigger-ish.)

1. Is it really all that hard to take care of horses to the point where their ribs and hipbones aren't showing?

2. What should happen to the (hopefully) former owner of these horses? Is the impending jail time/fine appropriate? Or should he face something steeper?

3. Do stories like this make you lose your faith in humanity?

4. Will you help me laugh/restore my faith in men/go 'awwwh'?
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Have you ever been standing in your kitchen completely nude when someone unexpectedly comes to the front door and inevitably sees you naked through the window?

Has your dog ever attacked the mailman?

What's the last thing that came out of your crotch?

Raccoon eyeliner - attractive or no?

And we're off! But what's the destination?

Which movie, which movie??

I'm going to the movies tonight, and I really can't decide which movie to see. Which of these do you recommend?

Charles Wilson's War
Mad Money
Elsa and Fred
One Missed Call
In the Name of the King *edit*

(the other ones showing either don't interest me at all, or I've already seen them...)

Thanks in advance! :)

Which would you rather?

Scenario A:   You and your husband lose your virginity to each other. You have 3 kids with him. He gives you the option of working or staying at home with them. You have a few nice things and you have no problem paying the bills. BUT... you know he doesn't love you. You know he only married you because he thought that you were his only option and he is with you now solely for the sake of your children. You know he is not attracted to you or interested in you in any way.

Scenario B: You have a fiance whom you live with. He was previously married. (You were not) He has to pay a rather large amount in child support every month, plus you have your regular bills, which you are almost always behind on. He works approximately 70 houirs a week, and you have to go to school and work, both full time. You're both under an extreme amount of stress, which sometimes affects your relationship. BUT... you know that he is madly in love with you. He wants you to have your dream wedding and he feels bad that he doesn't have more to offer you at the moment.

EDIT: You are completely in love with the man, in both scenarios.

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1.I was just watching Meat Loaf's old "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" music video and wondering, what exactly is "that" thing that you wouldn't do for love?

2.Did you know that music video was directed by Micheal Bay?

3.Does that amuse you as much as it does me?
Michel Bay. (lol) No wonder the video makes no sense!

4.What's your favorite music video?
(bonus ponits if you got linkage)

EDIT: Micheal Bay is the guy that directed "Pearl Harbor" and "Transformers", fyi
i say, old bean

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have you ever woke up thinking you slept for over a day?
did you? have you?
is it fun or do you wish you hadn't?

what's something that sounds like a good idea, but probably isn't?


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So I got this in the mail today. It's from some place called the ~Global Cash Flow Network~, but when I looked it up, it didn't say anything about their epic sweepstakes.

Are they just being creative scammers or did I magically win 57,000 dollars that needed to be confirmed on January 16th?

Will somebody call 1-905-616-3092 and find out who sent me this?

And why do they say they're from Arizona when it was postmarked from Canada? Do they have super magical powers?

edit: I'm not that dense, I know it's a scam. No one gets the lulz, do they :(


What should I have for lunch?

My cabinets are pretty much full of junk...my refrigerator is pretty empty...

These are my choices:

Mac and Cheese
Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles
Chicken Noodle Soup
Sausage Totinos Pizza
Cheese sandwich
Chicken nuggets
Frozen waffles

I've got about $6 and a limited amount of gas. In town we have Subway, McDonalds, Little Caesar's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, and a couple of independently owned burger places.

So TQC, what should I eat!?
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I have a friend who is supposedly my best friend, but when she hangs out with other people, including friends who she doesn't like, she NEVER invites me and then tells me all about it afterwards.  Should I confront her about this?  (We're actually on the phone now...)
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1. What's the best movie you've seen recently? (The Darjeeling Limited)
2. I googled it, but I want personal opinions: How long do you let your nails get before getting a manicure? I have recently stopped biting mine, and I'd like to partake.
3. Any plans for the three day weekend? Any suggestions of what I should do in a rainy, cold, college town?
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I have an interview for an internship at the Canadian Cancer Society for position of public relations officer. Basically, I would write press releases, speak with the media, do some fundraising gigs and attend press conferences. I have my eyebrow and tongue pierced. Should I take them both out for the interview? You cannot see the tongue piercing when I talk.
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Book recommendations

I always look for books recommendations based on past books that I've read, but I was hoping you all could suggest some books based on what my favorite movies are? It might sound totally crazy, but a story is a story whether on film or in a book, so why not?
-Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (Amélie)
-La Vita è Bella
-Good Bye Lenin!
-Edward Scissorhands
-Pan’s Labyrinth
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Moulin Rouge!
-Big Fish
-Little Miss Sunshine
-The Shawshank Redemption
-Back to the Future
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Hey TQC, should I:

A) Eat a salad, DDR for an hour, shower, have something for lunch, then go to work at 6?


B) Shower now, sit around watching TV, have something for lunch, then go to work at 6?

Not going to work is not an option, I need teh monies D:

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hey this is a weird question but im looking for this song. idk the words though. its like a dance song always played on the radio and it goes "woop woop".lol does anyone know what that song is called??
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Inspired by a few comments in this post.....

If a person has been cheating on their spouse and then stops, should they come clean and confess?


Is it more selfish (for one's own conscience) or unselfish (for the other's right to know) to confess previous unfaithfulness?


It probably sounds like I'm in this situation to keep thinking about it; but I'm not, I'm just bored. =)
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1. For those of you who use Picasa, is it possible to get another account with it? I'm running out of space on my current account, but I still have (and will have) tons more photos to upload.

2. What are some free webhosts that are good for photos? Piczo is really good for pics, not so much for organizing them into albums (which is what I want).
EDIT: I don't mean sites like photobucket and imageshack that are image hosts... I mean webhosts... like freewebs, tripod, piczo, google page creator, etc, that have really good image tools.
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How do you feel about snow? (Where do you live?)

What's the furthest you would go for a concert (with just one musician/band)? What's the furthest you HAVE gone? EDIT: Assume you've got about the amount of money you have now (but you can scrape together more by selling things, etc., just be realistic - you're not a millionaire).

What do you think about this game?

What are you doing tomorrow?


I love snow. It's snowing here in Atlanta right now, big fat snowflakes. It's the most snow I've ever seen - about two inches.

I'm planning a trip to LA, from Atlanta, next month to see a band at their first two American concerts! I've never traveled for a band before.

I'm fascinated. Been playing it for like an hour, despite the fact that there's not a lot to it.

My roommate is taking me to lunch at a pasta place down the street from our apartment. He's so sweet.
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so im going to paris on monday for the first time ever...and im really excited! besides the obvious tourist attractions, what else should i check out?
clubs, certain cafes, shopping, etc?

anything would be appreciated! thank you!
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help me buy crap

Guise, my desk at work is rully rully boring.

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Unfortunately I can't pretend it's my birthday all the time, so that stuff isn't even there anymore. I'm halfway there - I have 6 pictures up, a calendar from despair.com (pure awesomeness), a cute little radio, and a small ivy plant. It still looks boring and empty because it's so freaking huge. What other crap should I buy to put on my desk?

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I'm asking this because it's quiet and I'm slightly bored, not really because I want to start wank* - I'm more just honestly curious.

You go out to eat with a friend/date, and you pay (the whole bill).  The server is pleasant, prompt and accurate with everything - iow, quite adequate service.  The total bill comes to $30 - how much are you personally going to tip? 
Also, where do you live (because I know it varies by area)?

To be clear, in this scenario you have no reason not to leave a tip, and I'm curious to know how much the amounts might differ by person and area.
if you don't live in a country with customary tipping, feel free to skip this one or imagine what you'd tip if you were visiting in the US and eating out.

*I don't care to debate the practice of tipping - I'm just asking about theoretical amounts.

And more for everyone:
What time did you go to bed last night? - was that fairly typical for you on a Friday, or later/earlier than usual?
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I'm calling out from my 2nd job tonight because if I don't I'll be working like 15 days straight and I'm going to explode D:

What is a good reason to call in on a saturday night? I'm going back tomorrow afternoon, so it can't be like, food poisoning or anything.

Is being up all night sick a lame excuse?
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Dear Dr. LJ

On the roof of my mouth, in the very back, I have a strange little bump. It is about the size of a large whitehead, and it looks like one too. My mom said it looked like a 'pus bubble.' It is a little red around the area, and is a little sore.

WHAT IS THIS!? Will it kill me?!

(no subject)

What do you think of people who pierce their kids ears at a very young age? As in before they have any real say in whether or not they actually want it.

I saw a little girl who isn't even a year old this afternoon with very red and very obviously newly pierced ears. She kept waving her hands around her face as if she was trying to figure out what the hell just happened to her and I couldn't help but feel bad for her. I know for some it's cultural and I'm not begrudging anyone their tradition- but I know the mother in passing and the only culture she's a part of is white trash and I suspect the only reason she did it is so the girl will look more girly and cute.

(no subject)

I'm wearing a black dress with purple bits tonight. What colour lipstick goes well with purple clothing?

Do you hide from service people?

I don't like to be the one to deal with delivery guys, plumbers, real estate agents etc. I don't like having to have someone in my house, and I also don't know what to do whilst they're there; I don't want to hover 'round & bug them, but I don't want to be out of sight either, in case they need me, or in case they're stealing stuff.
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food q's galore

1.I'm going to California Pizza Kitchen in a bit, what kind of pizza should I get?
www.cpk.com is their website, check it out.

2.Do you find Anthony Bourdain handsome?
very :-D

3. Would you ever eat any of the foods Andrew Zimmerman samples on "Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmerman"?
Yes, I would eat everything, eyeballs and all.

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i heard "say my name" by destiny's child in the car today and i remembered that i'm going to a party tonight with a '90s theme. i want to bring a CD with a bunch of sugary pop songs from 1998 and 1999. i have some songs in mind but i'm probably forgetting a lot. what should i put on it?

edit: i have a tentative list now! these are all from 1999 except one or two. i may make a separate cd for 1998. what do you think?
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puppy dog

(no subject)

do you base your decision on what movies you go out to see or rent based on reviews?

do you use websites like rottentomatoes, which ones do you use?

what do you think about the whole issue of people letting critics decide everything for them?is there such a thing as standards?

how much will it cost me to take a bus or train to nyc from Gainesville, Fl.?

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So due to the amazingness of craigslist.com I got about 15 boxes of material for sewing, SCORE!

I opened one, and there is MOUSE POO in the box.

Would you keep the stuff, or throw it out?? I was planning to wash everything anyway, but I really don't want to throw all this awesomeness away. It was sitting in a storage unit for quite some time, so that's how it got there.

Advice? Suggestions?

Does anyone else do this?

When I dislike someone, I get into this intense inner conflict with myself. Then because of that, I try to get to know the person that I dislike more...to try to understand that person more so I can allieviate my dislike for him or her, even if my reasons for disliking that person is a "good" reason.

Also, if most people dislike someone, I feel more inclined to get to know the disliked person more than anyone else in the room. It's like I'm scared that I'll subconsciously accept everyone else's lowered opinion of that person.

I don't even know why I do this...
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candy-coated questions

What is your favourite flavour wine gum?

If you don't like wine gums, what's your prefered sweet of choice?

What the hell flavour is the white/seethrough-ish one meant to be?


Unrelated: what do you think of Jamie Oliver?

(no subject)

1) are you an omnivore, vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian? (or something else, if i'm missing anything)

2) do you have any type of problem (this could include just thinking it's stupid) with veganism and/or vegetarian-ism?

3) if so, why?
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I am generally really liberal on the subject of censorship. I don't think TV should be censored, or movies, or anything like that. There are plenty of devices for parents to use to tailor what their kids can watch on TV, and they can avoid what they don't want to personally see for moral/religious/whatever reasons. But today, I was eating at a restaurant with my friend, and 2 tables away from us, there were 6 sorority girls (I am not stereotyping, they had sweaters/shirts on, all 6 of them) and 1 boy. This is a family Mexican restaurant, with about 10 or 15 tables sat, most of them have kids at the tables. These college kids start screaming and fighting, telling each other to fuck off, and basically screaming every obscenity I can think of. I nearly went over and told them to calm down, because their were kids in the restaurant, and it was a family establishment, not a shitty restaurant on campus or a bar.

Would this have made you angry? How would (or wouldn't) you have reacted?

Do you curse?
Do you curse in public when you aren't in a small group of friends or something like that? 
Sean and Julie

Breakfast, yum.

When you travel, do you choose the hotel/motel you want to stay at by whether or not they have a continental breakfast?

What is your favorite part of the continental breakfast, if you partake of it?

What is your favorite breakfast to get when you go out to a restaurant?

And lastly, what is the name (and/or website) of your favorite restaurant to get breakfast at?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a friend that can make you smile at pretty much anything?
What would you do if you had a persistent crush on that friend?
Would you worry about feeling that way?
Destroy it in the fastest way possible?
How would you handle it?
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(no subject)

Do you know someone who was sexually taken advantage of? (I hate saying the R word.)
How did you react when you found out?
If you are the person it happened to, how do you deal with it sometimes?
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(no subject)

Might've been asked before, but:

How many fingers do you use to type?

Edit: I use 7. Including both thumbs. Though I only use two to type actual words (the rest are for enter/backspace/shift/space).
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I just got a mac because of a class I am taking is about learning Final Cut Pro, and I have no clue about Macs and would like to not be stuck in school when trying to do projects and stuff.

1.What useful things can I get to put on my mac?
2. Have you ever made a transition from mac to pc?
3. Is there anything out there that can make the gui look sorta like windows xp to sooth my frantic soul?
3b. Or should I just suffer and get used to it?
4.Are you one of the people who are great with a pc and can zip through and do all sorts of stuff, but become a semi idiot when dealing with the mac?

I still have my pc because all of CS3 is on there and I didn't want to have to buy the mac versions (meh) and at the moment I am resiting the urge to switch over to it. :(
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A couple of wedding questions

I have a couple of wedding related questions I wonder if anyone can give me a hand with.

1. If you use a justice of the peace to officiate your wedding, will they travel to your wedding location, or are they confined to a courthouse wedding?

2. Does your marriage license have to be issued in the county in which you live, or the county in which the marriage is taking place?

3. If indeed it IS possible to get a justice of the peace to travel to your wedding site, do they have to be from the county in which you live, or the county in which the wedding is taking place?

These are pretty n00bish questions I know, but I would appreciate any help all the same.

Thank you in advance!
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Dear TQC,

Is sharing your clean socks with someone else gross? If so, how gross?

Do you think it's unethical to read letters of recommendation written about oneself if you have the opportunity? Would you do it anyway?
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So let's say I'm interested in moving out of home for the first time. Getting an apartment, a housemate, all that jazz.

None of my friends are on the lookout for a housemate at the moment, so I'm reduced to looking through 'Housemate Wanted!' ads. When I go to meet these people, and see their apartments...how can I tell that they're not serial killers who invite people to live with them, only to kill them on the first night and steal all their stuff? Basically, how can I not end up with a psycho housemate?

Tips and tricks from people who've been there? Also, any tips in general on moving out for the first time?

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How do you handle someone who goes through a bunch of different phases per year, and during these phases thinks that this new product/lifestyle choice/technique he's obsessed with is the *only* way to go about doing things for *everyone*, acts extremely righteous about this particular choice and tries to get everyone else to go along with it, and then after a few months gets over the phase and denounces it completely? Then, during his new phase, when someone points out that maybe it's not the be-all end-all of everything since he did a 180 on his last phase, he pretends like he never went through the last phase to begin with.

Do you know anyone like this?
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Does anyone remember the question I asked about text message harassment last night?

Well, it ended up getting pretty bad... They kept me up for about another hour after that, sending me really obscene sexual messages. So basically, I'm pretty pissed.

EDIT: I was mostly joking around but I didn't mean to break any rules.

So, to still make me feel a little vindicated, does anyone feel like giving me some non-serious suggestions on how to get back at this person? I don't really intend on doing anything more about it, but it'll give me a little laugh.

Also, I'm already in the process of getting the number blocked on my phone.
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Have you heard, tqc??  John McCain is the winner of the SC republican primary! 
Did you have a guess as to who would win?  Are you as excited as I am? (at least an 8 on a scale of 1-10)

Collapse )

Completely unrelated, do you know who Regis Philbin is?  If so, if you were asked about the person he liked most, who would you guess, other than the more obvious choices like his wife, family, or his co-host(s)?

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what do you think of a person who says this to someone?

"And your still fat and have really bad acne thats why you always take side profile pictures haha You'll be lucky if you ever get someone to fuck your fat ass and saggy boobs."

what would you do if someone said that to you?
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Do you have a word that you absolutely detest? Not because of the meaning or connotation or, I don't know, bad associations-but you just really hate the sound of it? And it rends your soul to hear it? What is it? (mine, I think, is nipple. eeeugh.)

Do you have a word that you LOVE-again, cause of the sound of it, not the meaning or whatever? (mine is loins-as in "gird your loins" "fruit of my loins" ,etc... hahahaha!)


Why does the fucker just stand on his pad for five minutes when I place him there, but shits on the carpet the second he gets away!?

He's so cute he could poop in my mouth but I want it on the PAD!

Is your animal dumb too? 
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On January 4th, I won an item on eBay for $6. I paid it like 4 days after the bid was over...and I still haven't gotten the product yet. I e-mailed the seller twice asking what the deal was...but he/she never responded back. Should I report them for the item I never received or should I wait until Wednesday or something...? I know it's really not a big deal because it's only $6...but I'm broke and I'd regret it if I paid for nothing.

Stole this from Writer's Block:
What do you do when you're in the car alone?
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I just noticed my hard drive making clucking noises.  In addition, mysterious lag out of no where, especially when those sounds are happening.  I'm going to back up everything as best I can.

Am I screwed y/n?
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Houses and Jobs

For those who own houses - for how long did you rent after graduation before you bought a house? Why? (Need to save up, wanted to be more mobile, etc)

What is the best online job search that you've had success with? If I want to move out of where I live after I graduate, is that the best option to find a job in another place?

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What did you have for dinner?

And TQC, will you cheer me up with some cute pictures that you like?
My new year has been beyond terrible. I was rear-ended when I was stopped and pushed into another car, so now I have no car to get to school in less than two weeks (not to mention a car for just getting around); my parents have also proclaimed their undying hatred for my boyfriend and the fact that we met online and inevitably kicked him out of the house (he was staying at my place for a week to visit), and now my puppy is sick.