January 18th, 2008


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can cats get colds?

I'm concerned. I have 3 cats. a week ago one of them started breathing weird.. almost congested. it sounded similar to when you try to suck up the last bit of soda out of a can with a straw. now my other cat has just started to breathe the same way. could it be that they've caught a cold? or could it be something more serious?
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Do you like jelly beans?

If so, what's your favourite flavour?

Least favourite flavour?

I love sour lemon, carribean coconut and pomegranate. I hate banana split, cafe latte and CINNAMON. Yuck.

ETA: French Vanilla & Mint sorbet are also delicious!
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so we have a new water heater. mom was broke, so i covered the cost. $700 for a new unit and installation. i am beyond broke now, tqc. this is huge for me.

i have a job that i work 15-20 hrs a week and it keeps me busy. but it's not enough. i'm also going to be observing in an elementary school 5 hrs a week starting next week, more than likely. is it crazy for me to think about taking on a work study job at school?

i usually tutor with the dss office, but there are other things on campus... the only one i can think of is library worker off the top of my head. i'd really like to do something other than tutoring because that's just more teaching i have to do. what kind of on-campus job should i look for?

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How long does it typically take for a doctor to realize a pregnant woman is in labor?

What is your favorite book series?

Do you enjoy listening to video game music when not actually playing a game?

If you've read the Earth's Children series, who do you dislike more: Broud or Attaroa?
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1. Have you ever been to strip club? If so, what was it like?

2. Would you?

Edit, 3., what would you think of an SO who liked to go to strip clubs?

I want to, and might tomorrow, but I don't know what to expect.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What's the last thing to make you laugh so hard you couldn't breathe?

We just got a new dog. She's about 8 months old, a terrier mix. She's really excited all the time and loves to play. I was watching her while my mum took a shower. She really wanted to go to my mum though, so I cracked her bedroom door and let her in.

My mum just came out and kinda glared at me. She said
Collapse )
I cracked up so hard. I laughed for about two minutes while she just stood there and glared at me. 
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My friend has been bothering me about this show she can't think of. It would have been on in the late 80's early 90's. The show was hosted by some greasy looking guy and it was set in a garage/warehouse. There was also a dead dinosaur skeleton puppet. She thinks his name was bones. According to her in one part of the show he would stick his head in a hole and there would be a baby puppet inside with a big head.

Anyone know what it is?

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how much do you make a week?
what do you do for work?
how much money is in your bank account right now?

501 per week (my husbands income)
my husband works, while I stay at home
checking, 501.33
savings, 75.00

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 My boyfriend has a Motorola Razr from Sprint. He got a memory card that came with the phone, but we can't figure out where it's supposed to go in the phone (I guess the phone has a camera part on it). 

I looked at the Motorola manual online and there was a section on SIM cards, but I thought those were already in the phone before you buy it. Can someone tell me where the memory card goes? 


I found the user guide and it was where you said, behind the battery. However there is a disk in there already and the memory disk they gave him is too big to fit anyway. 

Thanks for your help

Mineral Makeup

Has anyone ever tried that bare essentials mineral makeup? Any thoughts on it? I think I want to buy it...there's a store in the mall so I might go check it out, but if you buy it online you get a better price.

Homework question (lol?)

So I'm thinking of signing up for Elance, because we could use the extra cash and my job is very slow at the moment. They want a tagline for my "business", and that's where you guys come in.

It's described as a "brief one-liner about" myself, and all I can think of are terrible one-liner jokes. I'm calling on you, oh lovely TQC... what should my tagline be? I am a professional editor. If you'd like more info, let me know.

Srs and non-srs answers appreciated!
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If these were sexy Vegas shows, which one would you be more likely to see?

Sadism du Soleil - high acrobatic show centered on abuse
Stomp (on me) - people hurt themselves to a catchy percussive beat
Furries on Ice: an erotic tale
Beauty and the Beast:: hot beastiality action
Grandmama Mia - sex with the elderly, as set to an Abba soundtrack
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Have you ever spoken to anyone famous on the phone?
Which famous people have you met in real life?

I think I talked to Mo Rocca on the phone earlier today. He called our radio station and asked to speak to someone who works here, who wasn't in. So I asked to take a message and he left his name and number with a 917 area code (for New York City). Then I looked it up and he's a panelist for NPR, which is what our radio station plays. And it sounded like him.

I've met Anthony Rapp, and Deanna Casaluce and Mike Lobel (both from Degrassi).

Bruins - shadow

Horray for toddlers!

My son managed to lodge a lego in his busy ball popper. Ive tried a wooden spoon and I was able to get it almost out, but I cant budge it any further. And now I cant get it back to the other side. Any ideas?
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posted to parenting101 and my own journal as well.

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The receptionist for my company is trying to get everyone to pose for pictures while "eating" donuts. Apparently it's some sort of a project for our marketing department.

Would you pose for her? Why/why not?

(You don't have to actually EAT the donut, so it doesn't matter if you dislike donuts)

Will you tell me about any weird photo projects you've done or participated in?
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1) Hi, how is your day going?

2) In the past few months I've been working out more and more, and it shows. Unfortunately, I'm getting a little "bulky" from muscle gain. How can I continue to tone up and lose weight without looking like a linebacker? (running and DDR have made my legs especially...solid. haha)

3) Do you have the time, sir or ma'am?

4) Do you think it's rude to call a non-old woman ma'am? Please state where you live.

5) What is your opinion on "popular" clothing chains such as American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister?
The Receptionist Classic

I hate my health plan

Ladies that use IUDs: do any of you by chance get these through Kaiser? Or know if IUDs are covered in prescription plans?

Or, actually, if you're on birth control of any kind besides The Pill and have Kaiser, what are you on?

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Today's topic is long distance relationships.

Are you in an LDR right now? How is it? How often do you see each other, or talk on the phone?

Have you been in an LDR in the past? Why are you not in one anymore? i.e. did you break up, or did one of you move to where the other lives?

Do you have any advice for my new guy and I? He lives about 2 hours away, only a ferry trip, and it costs about $25 round trip.

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Can I lick the moisture from your eyeballs?
Can I suck on them?
Can I chew the corneas off?
Please? It would make me very happy.



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I want teh Photoshop

I want photo shop, but I really don't feel like dishing out 100,000,000 bucks for it. Anyone out there have any *leads* on where I can get this for cheaper.....or......?
Any programs out there you find are better than photo shop? Or at least close?

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Do you know the difference between the flu virus (influenza) and the cold virus?

Are you one of those people that claim it's the flu, when it's really a cold virus and you just dont know the flipping difference? 

edited to make it not as awkward.

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Have you ever written a letter/called to complain to a company about something they did?

Have you ever wanted to?

What for?

Any tips on eloquently emphasizing the main theme of "Hey, you're a fucking retard" in this Collapse )
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I'm going to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (from Whose Line is it Anyway?) in Phoenix tonight.

1. Is anyone here going to that show?

2. Have you ever been to a Colin and Brad show? What did you think?
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After you finish washing and drying your laundry, what do you do?

A. Promptly fold and put away your clothes
B. Forget that you even did your laundry until a few hours after it's done and then fold it and put it away
C. Just leave your clothes in the dryer and take out separate items of clothing when you need them
D. Leave your clothes in the dryer longer than you intended to and get all pissy when you take them out because they're wrinkly and mutter vaguely obscene thing as you iron them and put them away
E. Take your clothes out of the dryer and shove them in your dresser
F. Take your clothes out of the dryer, put them in a laundry basket and fold them later
G. Take your clothes out of the dryer, put them in a laundry basket and never fold them
H. Something else
I. Somebody else does your laundry
J. You can't remember because reading this made your brain die just a little bit

Also: Why does Frank always nibble on wires? Wouldn't he get electrocuted and die?
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I find you attractive. I'm attracted to you.

Do these two phrases mean the same thing to you?

If somebody said either of these phrases to you, would you think they meant "you're hot," "I wanna bone you," "I wanna date you," or something different?

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"Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog."

Today my instructor said it was Rolling Stones and if we found a copy or scan of it we'd get extra credit, because Rolling Stone is so protective of it that they don't even have it on their web site.
I've been looking, and I keep finding shots of it on National Lampoon magazine, references to it on National Lampoon...

Was he wrong, and it was National Lampoon? Or is he right and NL just spoofed it?

(And if it *is* Rolling Stone, anyone have that scan I'm looking for?)

Edit: Yep, yep. Just sent him to http://www.magazine.org/Editorial/40-40-covers/7.jpg

Hoping the extra credit offer still counts, when it turns out it's super easy to find when you're not looking for the wrong one.

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i overheard someone telling someone else they got a free credit report from the three bureaus without doing it online.  however, i came into the conversation towards the end so i couldn't get all the details.  does anyone know how i could do that?
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If you heard someone say (on syndicated tv, so there's evidence) that their actual lifelong dream was to win the $20,000 in the bonus round on "Family Feud", would you find that a little pathetic, amusing, or something else?

What lifelong dream are you most serious about achieving?

If you have a lifelong dream that may seem kind of silly to others but that makes no difference to you, will you please share what it is?
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1) My birthday is this Sunday, January 20th. I'm going to be 24! :o) When's your birthday and how old will you be?

2) My brother and I are 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, and 3 years apart - NO JOKE! If you have siblings, how far apart are you?

Family relationships

1: Are you closer to one parent then the other or both?
2: If you have siblings, what is your relationship with them like?
3: If your parents are divorced, how has that affected your relationship with them?
4: If you have children, do you parent at all like your parents did, or differently?
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Never Never Narnia

I'm gonna see how long I can ride this question theme (not much longer probably haha):

Would you rather get caught in Never Never Land, or Narnia?

Who would you most like to meet there, and who would you most want to avoid?
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When will someone discover a cure for AIDS?

When will someone discover a cure for cancer?

Looking at it from a religious aspect, do you think the new cloned human embryos will go to a heaven or hell or are they soulless due to not being created at the hands of God?

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1. Is there a song that everyone considers a "classic", but you can't stand it?

2. Is there a song that made you cry when you first heard it?
"Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. I don't even know WHY.

3. What do you think of season finales in TV shows? Are they even worth watching? (Edit: As in, do you think that they are too hyped up and drag on too long?)
No way. The cliffhangers are lame, and if they kill someone off, it's a secondary character that doesn't change anything in the plot.

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I am temping for someone while they are on leave for the next few months.
Today I had to send out service request to third parties that assist us.
I was faxing the information to all the third parties since I was given no other direction.
Out of twenty third parties one of them called up and said they don’t take service request by fax.
He wants me to email the service request individually.
Any other day I would oblige and think nothing of this request. But today I am swamped and I feel like I am everyone’s assistant by doing these little tasks.

Would I be out of line to tell this third party to scan and email the service requests themselves?

Should I even have to readmit my paperwork by email?

Do you ever get irritated when coworkers whine about what their other assistant did (burped, fed and held their hand while crossing the road)?

Tell me something that bothered you this week.
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1. I  did the 50 book challenge last year and still read the community.  Some people are already up to 15 completed books for the year.  And not Dr. Suess, but long, adult, difficult, blah blah blah books.

how is is possible to read that many books already?  No school?  No work?  

2.  I spilled on myself today.  Do you spill on yourself a lot?

3. What is your favorite number?  Why?

4. Do you make personal calls at work?
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1. Do you watch Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1?

2. Do you think showing the program or one similar to it to young people would help cut down on drug use and why or why not?

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I slept so late today (I woke up at 1.20pm) thanks to taking Nytol last night. Now its 220pm and I dunno what to do with the rest of my day.

What should I do?

I cooould...

 - Study
 - Sleep
 - Stay online
-  Get some errands out the way
 - Watch some movies
 - Housework

Something else entirely?
Cartoons - Scooby Ghost

Hai, TQC! Decide my future for me!

Should I drop my Economics class?

Reasons why:
My teacher is a grad student.
He's very hard to understand due to his Romanian accent.
His lectures are mostly ramblings about his life in Romania and what it was like growing up under communist rule.
I get nothing related to economics out of these lectures.

I'm really not sure if I should drop it or not. It's not unbearable, but it seems like a waste of time to go to class, since I get absolutely nothing from his lectures.

Edited for tl;dr.
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1) People who wear makeup: Are you adventerous with your eyeliner? What's your favorite brand/color?
I just recently tried "Mark" from Avon and I love it.

2) What color clothing besides black looks best on you?Blues and Pinks look best on me.

3) Could you tell me some facts about your most eccentric/weird/etc friend?
My friend Jeff is a metrosexual in every sense of the word. Anyone who isn't a close friend of his quickly thinks him gay, even I did at one point, but he's not. He's just REALLY into his personal appearance. We go shopping together, hell, we even share tips on different moisturizing products. He hopes to be a TV personality someday (he already has a show on local TV and is in college for telecommunications and broadcasting). He also says he is DEFINITELY getting Botox as soon as even small lines begin to appear. Heh. Many would find a guy this looks-oriented(but only about himself, he doesnt seem to require perfection with ladies, but then again he's never had a girlfriend) distasteful, but he's so damn funny(He openly admits he's bland and says if he owned a store it'd be called "Jeff's house of Navy and Khaki") and he's one of my best friends since kindergarten.

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Poll #1123587 Jenkheads

Which would you sooner do?

Jenkem (assuming it's not an urban legend)
Your first cousin

You'd sooner date someone who was doing ____

Their first cousin

If jenkem became a problem among our kids, to th the point where the government had to ban it as an illegal substance, could one be arrested for 'illegal contraband' if they didn't flush their poop in a timely fashion?


Let's say 'jenkem control' would be impossible to maintain, and you read how certain diets contributed to a better high. Such information, however, isn't known among the commn jenkem-sniffing crowd. All you'd have to do to be a jenkem peddler would be to adopt this diet, save each poopie in bottles, and sell them to street kids for $$! Since your poop would be the best, shitheads would choose to patronize your services over anyone else's. If all of this went exactly as I described, would you become part of the Jenkem Cartel?

Yes. Easy money, hard to get busted over, since everybody poops
No. It's illegal
No. It's just ewww
Arrested Development
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Hey, hey. Anyone here know anything about Aberystwyth University in Wales? Specifically their English program?

I am thinking romantic thoughts of dancing away to Wales, and even though Wikipedia says it's a big tourist center, Aberystwyth looks pretty sweet so far.

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My printer won't work. :( It just prints out a plain white page. The ink level is fine. I just changed the cartridges a week ago. I've tried turning it off and back on and unplugging it. Nothing seems to work. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Thanks in advance. 

It's an HP Photosmart C4240 All-in-One, if that helps. 

(x-posted to computerhelp)
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What is something interesting that most people have not heard of?

(For instance: recently, "semi-identical" twins were discovered- twins who had come from the same egg, but different sperm. Random stuff like that.)

ETA: Fraternal twins come from two eggs being fertilized from two different sperm. Scientists just discovered a few months ago that it's possible for two sperm to fertilize one egg. http://discovermagazine.com/2008/jan/semi-identical-twins-discovered is the article.

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1.) When referring to an animal of unknown sex, do you usually call it "he" or "she"? Does it depend on what kind of animal it is? (all cats are instantly girls)
2.) When was the last time you found yourself wearing somebody else's clothes?

iPod Shuffle

My sister and bro-in-law bought me a nifty seafoam green iPod Shuffle for Christmas.

Of course, I hand it over to the boyfriend to figure out, as I am usually technologically retarded.

He got it up and runnning. He put some music on it for me, assuring me it was in the right format and all that jazz (he works on computers for a living, so he definitely knows what he's doing).

It worked fine for a day.

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I was also the one who posted not too long ago about how my mom and aunt want my boyfriend and me to have a Catholic wedding. Update to that: my mom told me last weekend that if it's not Catholic, she and my father aren't going to help us pay for it. (I don't think my dad will be happy about this, seeing as I think he's on my side about the whole thing.)

So what can I say to her when she brings it up again, as she inevitably will? My boyfriend and I are NOT engaged yet, for the record. So I want to say something polite, but vague, anytime she brings it up.

(Serious and non-serious replies are welcome!)
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If someone came to you and told you they'd do everything they could (within reason) to make your life the way you wanted it, what would you ask them to do?

(So basically you can't ask for like 38462432492 dollars and you can't ask to change things that no one can change. Also, no superhero powers. :P)

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Does anyone know if there is maybe a second picture like Collapse )?
My boyfriend loves the picture, but the way it's hung in our living room leaves the wall kind of lopsided, and I was hoping there'd be a similar style poster we could get to even out the room.

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If you were to receive a coupon book for cheesy things like "One Free Back Massage" or "One Free Car Wash" from your SO, what would you most want a coupon for?

Top 3, please. Serious and nonserious welcome :)
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

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This is possibly a silly question, but oh well :) Basically, I ordered some Smart Balls, and before I start using them I want to confirm whether or not they're silicone. I tend to see descriptions say it's a safe plastic, somewhere it might have said it was silicone, but it was packaged with a sample of silicone lube--and as well all know, silicone toys + silicone lube = the end of the world, so I'm guessing it's not silicone, but I thought I'd ask. Anyone know?

Anyone out here use the Smart Balls? Are they as awesome as reviews claim?

And I was flipping through some ads for Ulta and they sell a few lines of these Bare Minerals type makeup. There's like, Bare Escentuals, ID minerals, Pur Minerals...what on earth is the difference between them all? Is there one that's considered better, in any way?

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My apologies for posting again so soon but y'see I loves TQC so so so much. I can't stay away! You should be flattered more than anything.

Right. So. What do you do/what would you recommed I do for feeling sad/down/stressed? All answers welcome except those that involve leaving the house. Have you seen the weather out there??

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Poll #1123608 Paging Dr. ????

Who would you rather have as a doctor?

Dr. House
Dr. Dre
Dr. Mario
Dr. Phil
Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
Dr. "Hawkeye" Pierce
Dr. Doggie Howser
Dr. Who
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Dr. Evil
Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Dr. Frasier Crane
Dr. John "J.D." Dorian
another eyecon

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Hey, TQC.

Where's my wallet?

It's a black leather bifold men's wallet. Not too much cash in it, and you're welcome to keep it, but perty please give the wallet back if you find it!

(Found it!)
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What sound effect would you give an abortion?

I am imagining this conversation:

Person: Yeah, but what if you get pregnant?
Other person: Yeah but if I get pregnant.... [sound effect to signify abortion]
Dr H - Hammer Penis


Collapse )

Edit: Forget the above question, the ideas of strangers for something permanent on my body all of sudden seemed like a bad idea, so new question...

What do you prefer:

Firefox or Explorer
Sex or Cuddling
Pepperoni or Cheese
Indiana Jones or Hans Solo
Batman or Superman or Spiderman

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Poll #1123700 This or that

Goobers or Raisinettes?


Phone calls or text messaging?

Phone calls

Coffee or tea?


Charlie Brown or Linus?

Charlie Brown

Laddie mags (like Maxim) or girlie mags (like Cosmo)?


Mohawks or faux-hawks?


M&Ms or Skittles?


Tigger or Eeyore?


Thongs or boy-cut underwear?


Better on a sandwich? Mustard or mayo?

happiness left a note

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I'm gearing up for my first century (100-mile bike ride) this summer. However, the really good scenic routes near me are really only about 30-40 miles or so, and I'm not a fan of doing a lot of loops. If I'm riding that far, I want it to be interesting the whole time. Any advice on picking a route? 

Any other advice for training for this? So far my longest ride has been about 35 miles.
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Have you ever had anything 'ruined' for you? (for example, my boyf says Rascal Flatts was 'ruined' for him because his ex-wife used to listen to them non-stop)

Do you think it's stupid to allow someone to ruin something for you?

Do you know people who have had things ruined for them?

Does it irritate you when they claim something has been ruined for them (esp. something you like?)

Should I constantly listen to Rascal Flatts in front of him because he makes a point of trying to change it whenever it plays on my iPod?
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What word do you think you say the most? What's your "favorite" word? (e.g. something you make a point of saying just because you like it)
What do you think is the funniest-sounding word in the English language? What about the prettiest? Or the ugliest?
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Has anyone seen that special on The Discovery Channel that aired sometime around summer...
it is called "Into the Lion's Den." It was about this guy trying to come into closer contact with this pack of lions ovber the course of 12 months. It was a 2 hour special. I am aware that there is a newer one about "living with tigers." I looked online to buy the original on DVD, but now that the new one is out, the older one simply does not exist anymore. If anyone knows what this is or knows where I can find the DVD, please let me know! Thanks.
The Party Dream

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1. Have you ever had acupuncture? If it was for a specific ailment, did it help with it?

2. I bought some ear buds at Walmart. There was no nice way to open the package, so I had to rip it. I tried them on, and they do not stay in my ears. Are they still returnable?

(no subject)

a.) Chuck Norris vs Mr T?
b.) Favorite Chuck Norris fact?
c.) Favorite Mr T fact?


a.) Chuck Norris
b.) Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill.
c.) The wrath of God is outmatched only by the pity of Mr. T.
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Has anyone here ever been an Apple Store employee?

If so, can you tell me how not to horribly fail my interview? I'm very qualified, but just a little terrified.

If you're any kind of retail monkey, what was your most recent bad customer like?

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All right TQC, I'm trying to make a decision.

I'm a 50 year old first grade teacher and I'm considering entering the World of WarCraft. A friend who is a confirmed addict is working quite hard to get me to join and I must admit, I'm sorely tempted. He's already corrupted my roommate.

Right now, you all are my only evening entertainment.

Should I take the plunge?


is it weird that I think that new yorkers are more educated, or at least a little more educated then other people... because we get a free newspaper at every corner in the morning
Supernatural (Sam in Watercolor)

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How long was (or is) your longest relationship? Are you still in the relationship?

How short was your shortest?

How long was the best relationship you had? Are you still in that relationship?

(no subject)

My computer security check just said it found 4 high or very high "vulnerabilities" on my computer. Does this mean my computer has a virus? Where could it have come from if I'm on all the same trustworthy sites? What do I do if it's a virus?
Big Bang Saber

Sickness and Disease!

1. What is your current ailment, if any?

2. What's your favorite sickness?

3. Any fun(ny) home remedies?

1. UTI. my very first and I hate God/Deity-or-lack-thereof-of-your-choosing for allowing it to happen when I am insurance-less!
2. I loved it when I had the chicken pox, it didn't itch. it just gave me a few red bumps. It got me out of school and my friends got to come over to try to catch it from me.
3. My mom thinks pepto bismal will heal everything. from heartburn to heart attacks.
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

What did your mom/dad/grandma/general caretaker do for you when you got sick when you were little? What made it special?  Is the routine you've adopted for yourself when you get sick now reminiscent of what was done with you when you were small?
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i do not like vista. more specifically, ms word 07.

if any of you have it, know all those neat buttons and stuff at the top, and you click the tabs and it switches to other ones? the buttons are always up there. well somehow i've managed to make them disappear unless i click on the tab, and i want them back!

how do i get them back where they belong??
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How important is career advancement in your chosen field?

How excited are you about the next Star Trek movie teaser trailer?

Why is my computer refusing to auto-eject each cd when it's done ripping, despite having done so reliably every other time I've tried?

I've been accused of only liking snow because I don't have to drive in it. Who loves snow and also drives in it?

Edit: I mean list these in order of most hated to most tolerable, or something. I don't mean tell me what you have in your house. How would you rank infestations of ants, fleas, roaches, spiders, or rodents in your home? Which is the most undesirable, easiest to deal with, that sort of thing. Is there a common household pest I've forgotten?
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Do you get annoyed with the blatant product placements on TV? (example: "Let's use our Chase Advantage Card to buy these ingredients." or "We'll check our messages on our T-Mobile Sidekick. It's so great for quickly sending and receiving texts and emails!")

They just drive me nuts because they are SO blatant. If someone is going to try and sneak a commercial in on me, I'd at least appreciate some creativity.

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Have you ever had a parent/family member/friend who was convinced that all of your failings as a person were directly connected to your internet activities?

What are your favorite internet activities?
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I am so angry at my boyfriend right now

Ok..........so we just found out that *we* are pregnant a few weeks ago, he is a very busy man. And I UNDERSTAND that. But when we are home TOGETHER I always feel like he puts off spending time with me. He cleans his office or yadda yadda. So then I find something to do...*without complaining mind you* But the moment he is done with his crap, he expects me to jump up and watch a movie or whatever and it REALLY bothers me! This is the second night in a row that we were going to spend time together, and its not until MIDNIGHT that he asks what I want to do!!!!!!!!!!

*Is this me being a bitch because of preggy hormones?
*Is my boyfriend just a selfish dickhole?
*Should I go take a looooooooooooooong bath and ignore him for the rest of the night?
*Should I punish him with great sex, and as soon as its over, I jump up and work on a crossword puzzle?
*Any other opinions?

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Every time I fill up a glass of water from the tap it's cloudy at first and then the cloudiness slowly dissipates and the water is clear. Is this from minerals, dirty pipes, or what? My parents are too lazy to get the problem fixed if there is one and I am the only one in the house who drinks tap water, so...am I gonna die?

Is Pinkberry making its way to the "other" 48 states or am I just seeing it all over the media for no reason?

Do you have any superstitions/beliefs that go completely against your overall philosophy? Why do you think you have them?


When seeing a movie, do you prefer to go alone or with people?
Does your answer for the previous question change depending on the type of film?
What snacks and beverages are you most likely to consume?
Whereabouts do you like to sit?
Favourite genre of movie?
Do you clap at the end of the film?
Do you wait for the credits to roll? If you wait to the very end, what are your reasons?