January 17th, 2008


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Do you have an astigmatism? Or do you know anyone that has one? Could you show me a picture of it? I have one myself but I've never met or known anyone that has one.


edit - Ahh. My apologies everyone, see, I have one myself and its visibly noticeable. I'm reading up on it just now and I didn't realise that it wasn't always visible.

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Do you agree with the theory that people who sterilize and antibacterial-ize everything are more likely to get sick than people who live in dirtier (still clean and tidy, just not... super clean) environments?

What about the belief that some people have that if you go to the doctor a lot, you get sick more often?


In just over a week I'm going traveling for a year.
Israel for 10 months, and in 2 months I'm squishing in Poland, Germany, London, Amsterdam, France, Italy and Switzerland.


don't panic

living preferences

Would you rather live in:

a) a fairly small apartment in a really nice neighborhood


b)a super huge, fancy apartment in a not-so-nice neighborhood?

edit: "not so nice" doesn't mean "shankings on the corner every night," guys. it just means it isn't quite as jovial in the neighborhood option A is in.

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1. Which country do you live in?

2. Were you born there? If not, where were you born?

3. What is the one thing you love most about your country?

EXTRA: Write a couple of the first lines of your national anthem!

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hannibal skull


Does your city/town have good, cheap, reliable public transport?

If they did, would you use it more?

If they do, do you use it daily or do you drive/walk/ride your bike?

What city has the best public transport you've ever experienced? Which one has the worst?

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What is your favorite 'smoothie' type recipe?

I am getting a bit tired of the one I make a few times a week for my breakfast. Would you please share some recipes for smoothies?

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I get a liftshare with my brother and 3 other people.
As there is one too few seats, me and the oldest from the other family share who gets a lift and who gets the stupidly early bus.
Yesterday, she had an exam, so I let her take my place on the share.
Do you think she should have offered to swap today?
Got Rat

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Oh TQC, I have moved out with my boyfriend but I am but an ignorant child!

I need to wash my bed sheet, but we don't have a clothes horse or dryer....where do I put it to dry?

How do I cook jacket potatoes?

Do I need to hide my snake if 'pets aren't allowed' in this rented accommodation?

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would you rather have..

no taxes and no services or lots of taxes and lots of services?

a society with a few really rich people and a lot of really poor people or with everyone clumped in the middle?

10,000 books or 10,000 dvds?

a huge car that gets 2 miles to the gallon or a small car that gets 30 to the gallon?
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Do you find the more sex you have, the more you want it?

Do you like to strip for your partner?

Do you like to talk during sex, or do you prefer silence?
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today's playlist.

1. If you had to make a playlist for the day with only 10 songs on it, which 10 songs would you choose for today? You can change your playlist tomorrow, but you have to listen to only your 10 songs all day today.

2. Would you change your playlist tomorrow? All 10 songs or just rotate out 1 or 2 songs per day?

Asking because I've abandoned my ipod and taken to making youtube playlists for convenience and usually keep it around 10 songs and rotate them out one or two at a time out of boredom every few days.

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Random questions:

1. for the ladies: if you had to choose from one of the following options, which would you go for?  
a) an upper body you are happy with, but chunkier than you would like tummy/hips/thighs-wise OR
b) small chest, puny arms etc. and ripped abs, thin thighs Please note that I didn't say FAT for option A, just chunky... and the question is meant more aesthetically, not health wise... (but feel free to answer either way- that's just the mind set I was in when I thought the qustion up- I gained a bit in my middle that I want to lose, but I'm LOVING my boobs right now...)

2. For those  of you who play video games:  When you play, do you try to finish as quickly as you can, or do you try to acheive all the goals and complete the game/levels with 100%?  I try to get a perfect score, but my son just runs like hell to get to the end

3. If you watch Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants, who is the bitchiest team?  Who is the best?  I hate the redheads, and I love Hollis & Gina 

4. What's been bugging you lately?  I've been getting the urge to smoke again lately, despite having quit on May 1st last year.  Also, people leaving a "D" off the end of words has made me irrationally angry (ie: he use to be nicer, but now he isn't.  He's suppose to be cool..."

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I need (NEED, NEED ,NEED) a day off....WHAT should I do to convince my neanderthal boss that a day of rest is a good idea?

EDIT: Should I just suck it up until I go on vacation next wekend?
FYI my last day off was 16 NOV 2007.

EDIT 2: How does one apologize to a bunny?
Give a dog a home

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Some of you may recognize this plot from Law & Order: SVU the other night.

A 14-year-old boy rapes 3 girls (ages 10-12) and a boy (age 10) on several separate occasions. He says he did it because he saw it in movies/porn, and that, when they cried and begged him to stop, he kept going because that was what the people in the movies did, and they didn't really mean it. His lawyer says that he did it because the media poisoned his brain and showed him that this is considered normal and acceptable behavior.

Do you think he is guilty, not guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect?
What should his punishment be?
Do you think he should be tried as an adult or a minor?


For those of you that eat meat, would you eat meat that came from a cloned animal? Would you even want to know?

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Little bit of birthday equitte...

How do you politely tell someone you can't afford to eat at the resturant they've picked for their birthday dinner? I love him dearly, but I'm about to go back to school and start living on my own (in the next month), and I really can't afford to spend $50 on a steak dinner (at a place where you actually have to buy the vegetables seperately...), and then go out to the movies, and get him a birthday present. I could just not get his birthday present, but I've already found it and I'd much rather give it to him than eat a steak, if you know what I mean.

Is there a way to get out of this without making a fuss? I can't really skip the dinner, he's only invited four people, and I don't want to make him feel like he ought to change the resturant.

Job-scouting elsewhere

Where's the best place in the USA to look for a good, steady job? And by best, I mean busy. I'm not looking for a bunch of licenses, degrees, and other red tape.

Do state income taxes apply? If so, how much and do you receive yrly refunds like you would w/ federal?

ok real questions this time

1. I'm flying to DC tonight. I haven't flown domestic in a few years, it's always been US to Canada or Canada to US. I just need my driver's license and my boarding pass, right?

2. Do you think it's possible to be obsessed with your SO? I think that my buddy's girlfriend is obsessed with him. He thinks it's just love. Thoughts?

3. Speaking of SOs, have any of you American TQCers married or been engaged to a non-American, who was going to come to the US to be with you? Was it difficult to get them approved and everything, or is it easier than just going on your own?

4. ETA - I bought this new face wash thing that "guaranteed" clearer skin in 24 hours. My skin is getting exponentially WORSE after I've started this. What gives? Does it get worse before it gets better?
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tqc, my water heater is leaking. it's 20 years old and it's all rusted out at the bottom. i came home from school to take a shower this morning and there's not tons of water, but we are well beyond the dribbling leak stage. it hasn't flooded the bathroom yet but it was sure trying to. and i've cut the power to it at the breaker. i see the water shutoff on top but mom said to leave it alone in case it's rusted too.

what would have happened if i hadn't come home today, o wise tqc? if it lost too much water could it have overheated and burned down the house?

will you please tell me something to cheer me up? i'm having a really crappy day.
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can anyone tell me the website where you can trade your books? people request them and if you send them your copy you get points that you can later use to acquire books yourself?

i've heard of it a few times but i forget the name! thanks :)


Do you get along with your in-laws or SO's parents/family?

I do, they are awesome. I also work with my sister in-law.
My family loves my husband and he like them. Well the ones I talk to, ha!
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Jumping Jesus, I'm so lame.

My SO and are are celebrating our 21st birthdays on Saturday. Neither of us are experienced drinkers, and we've maybe been to three social events with alcohol the entire time we've been alive. Seriously, we are clueless about drinking basics. So the questions are:

1. I'm expecting around 12 (+/- 3) people to show up to our little event, so what kinds of alcohol do I need to buy, and how much? If it helps, I think everybody will prefer mixed drinks/shots to beer and wine.

EDIT: BYOB is not an option, sadly.

2. Is it usually cheaper to buy the booze at a liquor store or a supermarket? (We are so embarrassingly broke. Money-saving tips are greatly appreciated.)

3. Also, all of our music is either video game soundtracks, foreign, or from internet memes. What do the cool college kids listen to these days?

4. Entertainment? Should we drag out the TV and hook it up to our old PS2/have somebody bring over Guitar Hero and required gear? HALP.

5. And finally, I have 4 cats. What are some tips for making things easier on my allergic friends (besides the obvious vacuuming and dusting)? Opening the windows is not an option--I live about 10 feet from a noisy, busy road.

BONUS!: I'm not terribly worried about food, but if you want to suggest some tasty nibblets that won't make my guests hork on the carpet, I'm always open to recipes.


I came home yesterday to my husband asking if we could get a Bubblegum Rat Snake. Now  I was so disgusted by the name, I had to see this snake in person. This snake is actually very pretty and doesn't look like a shaven pink rat with red eyes. It's a deep pinkish red striped with dark pink eyes. i dunno. i would call it Sunset Mouse Snake if nothing else...

But Still, those three words should not be put together. DISGUSTING!!! 

1. What other words should never be put together to describe something that is actually pretty?
2. Is a rose by any other name still a rose?
3. What would you rename?

macro - procrastination cat
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LJ questions

Do you ever post private entries in your LJ?
What types of topics do you consider private?
Do you have a sekrit LJ just for entries you don't want anyone to see, for whatever reason?

Edit: Do you tag private entries?
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For those of you who go to/have gone to a gym, can I ask you a few things?

What are some of the best chain gyms out there?
The worst?
What makes the good ones good, and the bad ones bad?

The YMCA isn't an option here, it's SOLELY a place for a)boarding homeless guys O_o, and b)kids' daycare shit.

I'm thinking of Curves, since I almost joined one before I moved over here, but any other thoughts would be A+. :)

I'm in Niagara Falls, NY, for what it's worth.

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I know that having a typed CV (resume) is preferable for employers. Personally I prefer it as well but right now I have no way of printing at all. My handwriting is neat & tidy so I want to write it out. Do you think employers will think any less of me if my cv is written rather than typed?

Does a computer use up more electricity than, a tv for example?
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I have to buy high school graduation presents for six of my friends but I don't know what to buy. High school graduation is a big thing in here Finland but the problem is that I'm quite short with money so I can use max. 20 euros per present (15 pounds/30 dollars). So, do you have any suggestion on what should I get for them? We always give plates and bowls and such as presents to each other but since graduating high school is so important I want to give them something more personal.

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1. Have any of you joined the Peace Corps? If so, was it a positive or negative experience? Where did you go?
2. If not, have you ever considered joining or does the idea not interest you? What country would you want to volunteer in if you did go?
3. Would you ever join the Peace Corps with your wife/husband?

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worst prof ever?

toss up between the guy who never showed up for class* and the most disorganized guy ever. The most disorganized guy ever also didn't show up for class and didn't tell us. Also, his assignments were confusing, and everyone always failed.

*but should I send him a get well card? Do you send your profs get well cards?
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1. Do you take lots of pictures?  Show me the last one you took!

2.  Do you prefer mushy/soft pillows or firm pillows?

3. If you go out to those bars which are filled with people looking to hook up, who usually gets picked up more - you or your friends?  How do you feel about that?

4. If you could be a contestant on any game show, which one would it be?
how funky is your chicken?

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My SO and I always order the same thing when we go into this mom and pop deli to get subs. As a result, we can say "the usual" and they remember what we get. Mine is a modified version of one of their menu subs (to the point I almost think I'm a pain in the ass), so it's even more cool. She always remembers exactly how I want it made.

I always thought that it was just something that only happened in movies/TV shows, and I'm impressed.

Anyone else that familiar with food places or something similar?
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Have you recently caught yourself with your zipper down in a public place?

I was sitting at my desk after having recently returned from the restroom, and there was my fly wide open.
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Girly stuff

So, what's your skincare regimen?

Please include products used and time spent ; )

I ask because I went to a dermatologist this morning, and now I have four creams and lotions I'm supposed to use (some twice a day, some every other day, etc.) and before my daily plan was "use soap when in shower...rinse."

(Edited to fix a typo, oops!)
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Similar to my question yesterday:  

Would you rather visit Candyland or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? 
(I can't decide on book, Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp so if you pick the factory, please expand on which one)

Which place at these candyworlds would you most look forward to visiting? (the gingerbread people, Princess Frostine's palace vs. fizzy lifting drinks, Inventing room, etc.)

Which place  in these candyworlds would you like to avoid?
Kissing Parts

Soooo ...

"The Golden Compass". Read it or skip it? Why?

(I haven't seen the movie, and I don't plan on doing so until I read the book. I'm a little weird like that.)
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Dating questions

If you're dating someone new, and you find out what they do, which of these jobs could you tolerate?

Bounty hunter
Bigfoot hunter (weekly treks in the woods looking for it. Your date plans on making a big score when bigfoot's captured)
Port-a-potty suction operator
Military recruiter (coerces young people to join the army/navy/etc. through any means possible)
Porn site owner
The kind of orderly whose sole job is to shave the privates of people going into surgery
Makeup artist/boom mike operator for pornographic movies
Singing telegram
Pizza delivery boy/girl
Their job is to scrape dead animals off the freeway
3-card monty in the park

Assuming that they were given a clean bill of health (genital-wise), would you rather date a 28-year old who was a virgin, or who had slept with over a 100 people?

The non-virgin

Which of these religious types would you sooner date?

Born-again christian
Reform Jew

Which of these is the absolute worst thing to do on a first date with someone you like?

Sleep with them
Have a frustrated crying session
Audibly fart in front of them
Be caught with your fly down. They tell you it's open, while trying to hide a smirk
Get retarded drunk and need to be helped home

lj and real life

 are your real life friends on lj?
are they part of tqc?

i mean friends you knew before you went to lj or tqc, not ppl you met through lj/tqc

did you drag them to lj/tqc or did they drag you or what?

when i'm on campus, i wonder if i am interacting with someone who has an lj account and if we have interacted through lj and i don't know it...
hywh on a bike

video games live

hi tqc!

i want to buy tickets to see video games live as a surprise for my bf, but i don't know if i should get floor tickets. when i went to see trans-siberian orchestra while floor tickets were amazing, i couldn't see the entire show because i was quite close to the stage but it was an amazing experience nonetheless, and i was wondering if any of you have gone to their shows and if so, where you think the best area to sit would be?

thanks in advance!

for those who don't know, this is video games live: http://www.videogameslive.com/

/edit: i bought some pretty awesome floor seats. we can always see them next time they come around and get a different view.

NEW QUESTION: what was your favourite show that you attended? it can be a concert, a play, anything! will you share your experiences with me? <3!
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Can you recommend some good relaxing music? that isn't classical as such. I am listening to a lot of Air, Blonde redhead and lost in translation soundtrack & Bjork, & a silver mt zion + set fire to flames. I think you should listen to all of these.

So what is your favorite quiet music?

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Some personalities just don’t blend well. N/Y?
Are there certain races, religions, or groups you can not picture dating or marry?
Please explain why your personality would clash with what ever race, religion or group you list.

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Have you every used Half.com to buy textbooks?

How long did it take your books to arrive? I need them by like Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest. If I ordered them today, do you think I'd get them by then?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) A woman I work with gets calls from one of her kids, and I honestly don't know/can't tell if its a boy or a girl. I don't want to ask her, either, haha.

My question is, is it rude/disrespectful to inform her of a call by saying "Your kid is on the phone"? I have no idea how many kids she has, their sexes, or anything.

2) This company buys lunch for the employees every friday. Should I get salad or pasta tomorrow?
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I'm getting really annoyed with people at my school, and would like to return the favor, so...

...Is there anything that tends to annoy college students? Not disruptive annoying like weird noises and stuff, but personality/style/behavior-related things.

Brownie points for things that would bother hipsters, snobs, or single-minded school-obsessed types, but anything that annoys college students or 18-25 year olds in general would be helpful. XD

Oh, and I don't live in a dorm, so anything relating to that wouldn't help much.

P.S. Would acting like I'm obviously not studying, especially during midterms or finals, make people wonder why I'm not studying, or would they just not notice? I'm not sure if sitting in the halls between classes quietly playing video games while everyone else is going over their notes would make people give me funny looks or if they'd just ignore me.

(I'm fully aware that this is childish. :P I'm just fed up and want to shake people up a little.)
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drop it

Smelly breath

This is embarassing.

I nearly always have bad breath. I ALWAYS need gum or my breath is horrible. I have no cavities or gum disease, and I've had my teeth cleaned recently.

It seems to get worse when i don't eat for a while and I always have a bad taste in my mouth.

I brush and floss--still no help.

Anyone have a similar issue like this? I'm thinking about bringing it up at my next doctor's visit.


So if you had a bunch of money and were going to get a custom color Macbook, which color(s) would you get? http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-30-macbook.aspx

If you hate Macs, if someone gave you $3000 and held a gun to your head and told you you needed to use the money to buy a custom color Macbook, which color(s) would you get?

I am tentatively considering this even though I doubt I'll go through with it. I'm thinking either Envy or Hybrid for the whole thing.
warhol zebra

college stuff

I was recently offered damn close to a full ride to a university, but not to the one I'd like to go to. If I write a letter to my preferred school telling them this, do you think this would encourage them to give me more money?

What else can I do to encourage them to let me go to their college for free? Srs and non-srs answers welcomed.
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A few of my students keep talking about Okie/Oki/Oky Bananas; they told me he was a slimy banana who scares people. I googled it but didn't find anything. Have you heard of this guy before? Or is it something they made up?

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My ex just added me on Myspace.  We haven't talked since mid Dec. except on Xmas where he decided to be a jerk and miss me and make me say to gtfo because I didn't want any shit.  I'm stupid and actually miss him though.  Add or don't add?  WWJD?

MY SISTER'S PUPPY IS COMING IN A FEW HOURS!  The puppy and the crate together only weigh 5 POUNDS!  What are you excited for?! 

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I filed for unemployment in July of '07.  I got a new job in August and was laid off again in October.  I filed for unemployment again and the form stated that it was a continuation from July.

Does the government send you W-2 forms if they're sending you unemployment checks since you're still technically earning money?

Should I expect one or two W-2's since I really filed twice in 2007?

Gone to my happy place by neversince

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About twenty-twenty five years ago my mum watched a movie that had a particular scene she remembers. A woman was sleeping with her lover when her husband came home. Lover jumps into the closet while wearing a luminous condom. Husband fucks the wife, finds the lover in the closet and they fight. Pretty much all you see is two glowing cocks, one read, one green. She thinks possibly John Ritter was one of the actors but IMDB so far hasn't helped.

Does anyone know what the title of the movie is?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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When hanging with a friend or SO, and need to take a crap, do you tell them that you're going to poop, or just that you are using the restroom and allow them to make assumptions when you're gone for a few minutes?

Are there certain people you will tell "I am going to poo"? Who are they?

How long do you usually sit on the toilet when pooing?

Do you multi-task when pooping? If so, what else do you do?

(no subject)

1.) TQC, I eat extremely healthy 5 days a week, and work out 6 days a week (strength training, weight lifting with 10 lb weights and power walking)... but it seems one day a week I completely pig out. I eat healthy things, like oatmeal (homemade with quick oats not the packaged stuff), yogurts, etc, I just eat ALOT of them.

:/ How damaging is this? Will I gain weight?

2.) Have you ever been full but still wanted to eat?
epic shit

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I came across a passage in a book recently which mentioned a couple nationalities from the early 1600's that I've never heard of before.

"...The Spanish Inquisition was a nightmare from which many of us still cannot awaken. And yet we Ponentinis, whose forebears esperienced that great dispossession, are just one group, one set of memories. There are Hollanders, Tedeschis, Levantinis."

So who the heck are Ponentinis, Tedeschis, and Levantinis? I've tried Googleing them and haven't come up with a thing. If it helps, this scene is set in 1609, between a Rabbi and a priest in Venice.

ETA: In the book "Knowledge of Angels" by Jill Paton Walsh, there's a word that's use a number of times. I think it means 'to convert to a religion', but I'm not completely sure of that. I believe it started with 'poly' and it isn't a well known word. What's the word?

Also, are there websites where you can look up the definition of a word, without knowing the word?


How do you know if you pulled a muscle or if you're just sore?

I am trying to decide if I can go to the gym or not. I increased the weight on my calf extensions (I guess by too much...) & today I am limping, it hurts to the touch & I can't straighten my legs completely. It's especially painful to get up after I've been sitting down for a while.

Should I just go to the gym & hope the muscles will loosen up, or will I make things even worse? 

(At the gym I run on the treadmill & do light strength training.)


Can you recommend any other comms that are quick and light-hearted like this that you enjoy?
i am not interested in the drama type ones where people are mean and gossip~

mods - is this post inappropriate cause it's talking about other comms?


edit: yeah i would like a good comm where you can bitch about any topic. kinda like questions like this comm but a place to throw out something pissing you off? thanks
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I haven't made a post here in a few days, so here are some stupid questions:

Boxed mac n cheese: Spirals, elbows, or some other shape like dinosaurs?
Boxed mac n cheese: Store brand, or Kraft?

If you had you estimate your current nudity percentage, what would it be? Ex: If you are covered head to toe with a blanked that would be 0% Edit: totally nude is %100
Did you lie on the last question?

Do you use the speakers that came with your computer or did you go get your own?

I know this would never happen, but lets say you actually read this post and decided not to reply with either answers or snark. How come? and does this question annoy you?
Zach Braff

(no subject)

1. My family is having a get together for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. We were thinking of renting out a mini mansion in the New England area(Newport, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Block Island, etc) Do you know of any good websites to begin my search at? There's 28 of us and meeting July 24-27 if that helps.

2. If you were to start a band, what would you name it?

3. What's your favorite outdoor activity?

(no subject)

1)how old were you when you learned to read?



my mom was convinced reading was on the 'test' for kindergarten, but instead paper cutting was on the 'test'.

3)if you know kids, when they are learning to read?

the 5 year olds are using 'word banks'

4)what's a funny kid related anecdote?

I knew a guy who built a computer for his four year old.

(no subject)

I will necessitate a second job over the summer to save up for college stuff.  I already work at a movie theatre, where I have to deal with stupid customers all the time.  I went in to this job already hating people, and having poor people skills, but I've gotten mildly better and only stay because I like the job and the people I work with.

So my question is, what is a good job where I wouldn't have to deal with people?  I briefly thought about working at a day care or something, because I like kids, but I know there would be that one crazy mom who would yell at me for exposing her kids to tattoos and piercings or something.

happy monkey

(no subject)

1. is it slightly normal/okay if i feel like i wanna throw up either during or after a kick boxing class? i mean.. i'm not going to die am i?

2. for those of you who exercise... do you always feel good after a workout? or do you sometimes feel discouraged or what not?
for some strange reason i feel a bit depressed and down, and working out usually helps lift my mood. i was fine when i started to work out but after i just felt depressed. its the strangest thing.

3.how's your new year's resolutions going? you still keeping at it? or you totally threw em out the window? what were your resolutions anyway?

(no subject)

When you get ready to cry does your nose hurt?
Are those community recreation classes any good?
I am thinking about taking a belly dance class at the community center; is it worth the money or should I find a dance studio?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

When you have a cold, how many boxes of tissues do you go through?
I'm on my 2nd box since yesterday. :(

Are you craving anything right now?
Pickles and mac n cheese.

Do you have a picture calendar? What's the picture of?
There's a white cat sleeping in a box.

Does anyone else fancy Anthony Bourdain?
abominable snowman
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"We took you off of the schedule because we don't have any hours available for you" = fired.

Y / N ?

EDIT: Question number TWO: If you said YES, should I finish the hours I've been scheduled for (two shifts), or should I say screw it and stay home??
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What happened last year?

What do you think were the most important news stories of 2007? Worldwide, or just to you, or anything.

ETA: I'm pretty much blanking out besides Bhutto's assassination, Harry Potter 7 and Virginia Tech.

Edit #2: Time Magazine came through for me. Yay monks and Petraeus!

why do they care

Have you ever known someone who generally acted like an cocky bastard only concerned with shallow things in life who suddenly one day strikes up a conversation with you about how they're concerned for you and generally not acted like they've always acted before? And this came out the blue? How do you react to that?
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If you see a woman your age, regardless of fashion style&what-not, under 5'2", does it change your opinion of her as opposed to an average height woman (I have no idea what the average height is, but I'm assuming it's around 5'5")? (e.g. would you find her child-like, innocent, naive...?)
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Is it only in the U.S. that both parties have to sign the divorce papers for a divorce to go through?

Doesn't that suck? You can be trapped with a horrible partner because they wont sign some damn papers. Can you get out of the marriage somehow if this happens?
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1. why must love amazingly sweet and amazing and good and joyous ect. and at the same time be so absolutey horrid?

2. why is it that everyone's (well not everyone, that is an exaggeration but I know a good 10 - 12 people I know both online and off) significant other is being a huge pain in the ass and/or untolerable asshole lately?

3. are you the type that has a set age at which you want to be married at? If so why?

4. do you want to get married or would you rather be single/dating forever?

5. What makes a good wedding present when the couple has been living together for the past three years?

they already have pretty much everything I can think of and they didnt register anywhere so I'm really stumped as to what I could get that wouldn't be lame, like obviously I dont think its that appropriate to just give cash.

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I'm 18, live with my mom and don't have to pay rent. Should I have put 1 or 0 on my tax exemption forms I filled out today? I'll make about 1000 a month.

edit: W-4 forms.

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So I have this old PC (well, three or four years old?) that no one uses anymore since we all have laptops. anyway it's all slow on the internet and it won't let you log onto anything that requires a username and a password... i'm sure there's some virus-y stuff going on. What can I do to fix this? Bring it to Best Buy or some place similar?
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I just got two books from the library today, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, that a friend recommended I read. I have no idea if they'll be any good or not. Which one should I read first?
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Do you sell handmade crafts/jewelry, etc, online? Where? Can I see your store?

Where is your favorite place to buy handmade crafts? (or favorite person to buy stuff from?)
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I can't help but laugh when I see how hard Rachael Ray tries to have a cleavage.
Have any of you noticed this?? *her attempt for cleavage*

I also can't help to gawk at Tori Spellings very, very strange cleavage.
Have any of you noticed her bizarre rack?

And am I the only one that thinks *Lilo* had a boob job? y/n?

I think natural breasts are sexier. Do you?
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What smell reminds you of old people?

What smell reminds you of your childhood?

What smell reminds you of your first friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/special person in your life?

What is one smell you can not stand?

Bread and other things

Okay I know it's not the most perfect show ever, but does no one other than me and my family enjoy the old Britcom from the 80s, 'Bread'? I think it's so cute! Here's a link to an explanation I made of it once, for those who don't know it which would be most of you.

Also does anyone else think that this is hilarious?

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:D Lano and Woodley FTW.

What show do you wish you had people to squee with over?

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ok so every time i right click on my computer mouse the "save target as" button is disable(like is grey, where you cant click it)...is there anyway that i can get this button to work again?

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Anyone may answer this time.

Should we or should we not publicly fund fallout shelters for those who HAVE to live near a nuclear contractor? I am esp. interested to hear from NHS advocates. If you're already opposed to the adoption of an NHS, I think I would already understand your reasoning behind opposing it. Basically, you think it won't work in this country. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.

For those of you who live in a maritime climate like Oregon, do the sts ever freeze on you in the winter? I know it rains there most of the time from Nov. to March.
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So I was searching eBay for cheetah plushies, and I found a leopard plush that was listed as a cheetah. So I sent the seller a message telling them that it was a leopard, not a cheetah. I thought that they'd reply with a thank you, since labeling it correctly would help it sell.

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WTF is wrong with some people? Have you ever met a seller who seemed so determined to lose business?


okay so i am going to this thing called the ipop convention and i was wondering if anybody knew anything about it?

like how much did you pay? was it worth it? ect...


what are the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and what were the reactions to this treaty, and how was it connect to the fourteen points speech by woodrow wilson?
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Do you do anything entertaining in your sleep? Talk, walk, have sex? Other stuff?

I do something my old roommate used to call "subconscious bear mode." If someone is making noise in my immediate area while I am asleep, I become exceptionally violent in my sleep, thrash around, growl, and may throw objects toward the source of noise. Later, when I actually wake up, I remember nothing.
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Can you help? Hollywood Trivia Q

Im not sure when, but definitely between the 80s and 90s, Hollywood played a great trick on people by making up a fake director. Actors would play along and say he was a real pain to work with and a total diva. No one had ever seen him but it was widely believed he was such an egomaniac, he wouldnt come out in public a lot...

Something like that...

During the premier of some movie, the actors and everybody involved revealed the truth that this director who had actually "directed" many movies, was really a made up person, comprised of many great hollywood actors and directors. A great hoax, I feel.

Do you know what I'm talking about
What this "director's" name was
What movies he made

I cannot for the life of me remember who was involved, the fake director's name, or what movie was associated with him.

Thank you everybody!
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At my residence, there's a pretty audible hoo-hoo type of noise coming from something/somewhere. It sounds like an owl, but it happens occasionally during the day (much more frequently at night) and since I'm in a considerably urban area with a lot of noisy American students, I have a hard time believing that it actually is an owl.

So TQC, what is making this noise?

PS - It's not the wind.