January 16th, 2008

Kill Bill - Elle
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When was the last time you had to shit but literally had no time?

Do you think America's education system is flawed?

Should I write a satire on abortion for an assignment? I have some great ideas for it.

How do you go about answering *every* post in TQC in one day? Is this even possible?

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Warning: large content behind cut, ignore if you want.
Halfway Smile

Four ?s

1) Without looking it up on wikipedia, google, imdb, or something else, do you know who Brad Renfro is?

2) What's your favorite movie featuring Kevin Bacon?

3) Do you like bacon?

4) If the FM radio station you listen to most frequently fired all of it's DJs/On-Air personalities, would you stop listening to that station?

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Is it just me or is the following incredibly wanky?:

My blog performs the movement of its own composition by reflecting on the act of writing and by using language that draws attention to its own structure. As a performance, the act of writing is a relational act, it connects domains together through this movement, thereby encourage the reader to become present to the perceptual movement of reading. Drift. My blog allows you to wander aimlessly. Explore adjacencies. My blog begin anywhere, because not knowing where to begin is a form of paralysis. My blog is here, near you in the cyberspace.

That kind of pretentious dickery always seems to annoy me more than it does other people.


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1. Does swiss chard taste any different from kale?

2. Do I have to thaw frozen shrimp or will it be okay if I I just cook it in a hot saute pan without thawing beforehand?


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I spy with my little eye....a deleted post!

Who's a naughty chicken, then?

(For those that missed it, it was gcslashrox asking if you flushed or not if you went to the toilet in the middle of the night. S/he left it, not wanting to wake people up, BTW. I think that's just gross. I hate surprise bowl o' pee when I wake up in the morning :P)
Eternal Sunshine

Dog name

I'm getting a dog and hopefully after a month of waiting I'll be getting her this week. She's a black half lab/half pit with some white markings. I'm looking for a name with the following qualifications:

  • Needs to be a word before it's a name, so anything like Sandy is just okay but something like Poppy is better
  • It should be two syllables
  • The name should be able to be expanded somehow. Armella doesn't work but Sandy works as it's short for Sandra Sue.
  • It works for a girl and won't make people just assume she's a boy, so Butch is out but Lampshade wouldn't be
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What names do you have in mind that fit the bill?
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(no subject)

if you have used i-doser, does it work for you?
what dose gave you the best results/"high"?

i smoked a bowl and did trip1 last night and i started seeing things, it was neat.
chan marshall

(no subject)

Do you have sleeping problems?

I am in a state where i literally can't sleep at night and then i pass out at around 10 am. I am going to see a doctor about it cause nothing seems to be working.

Do you like tangy snacks? what is your favorite?

Lime and black pepper chips. Samboy chips as well.

to make-up/skin care users

Where do you buy your make-up/skin care products? Discount store, department store, Avon Lady, Marykay Lady, drugstore, on-line, etc.? Do you have a product you 'just can't do without'? Do you stick completely with a certain brand or (like me) use all kinds of different brands? Do you try new products when you see America's Next Top Model/whoever in those glossy magazine ads urging you to try the newest lip gloss, skin renewing lotion, etc?
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What can I do to make my mouth stop hurting?!
I've got this bump or cut or something where the cheek meets the gums and it's killing me. I tried oragel, but it only numbed the surface (as well as my tongue. nur). I've also tried gargling salt water, which is the most unpleasant activity ever.

What was your last dream about?
All I dreamed about last night was the stupid cardiovascular system.

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I'm going back to college today in my pickup truck. It's raining and I can't fit all of my non-waterproofed items into the cab. I have the use of a huge tarp, what is the best way to secure my belongings so that they stay dry?
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1. Have you ever brought a lunch/snack to work only to find out later in the day that someone stole it out of the fridge!!!???

2. Have you ever stolen someone else's lunch/snack out of the community fridge?


what do you do everyday that benefits your physical health? anything you think fits this question is an appropriate answer.

i just started taking fish oil caplets and i keep burping up a fishy taste. it's pretty sick but they have omega-3 fatty acids and are good for me! especially since i'm not big on actually eating fish. i also take a women's multivitamin.

also, has anyone read "you: on a diet" by drs. oz and rozem (that might be spelled wrong)? what'd you think? i read it last night (hence the fish oil this morning) and to be quite honest, i really liked it. it is very interesting to learn about how your body processes food as well as the emotional component to eating. they also use simple and cheap suggestions for food and exercise, and acknowledge the role of alcohol and sex in dieting. anyway, i liked it.

internet strangers! I'm freaking out!!!

1)Ok, I can't get into this class I really need. One section professor said I can't get in, but I don't know who the other one is. I emailed my advisor about this. What should I do?

eta: I've been wondering this for a long time. do other people need other people to help them feel bad about themselves or does this just make people feel better about themselves?
ADD distracted by shiny object
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Wireless Antennas

You know, those little thumb-sized black or gray ones that come on just about every regular 802.11b/g wifi card?

Are those standardized, could one interchange the antennas from one card to another?  or brand?  my friend lost hers...
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Does anyone have that lj icon that quotes from Leviticus saying why homosexuality is wrong, and then lists other (very common in modern times -- like lobsters and bunnies) things that Leviticus has rules against? Or a text that lists these?


(no subject)

How often do you have time at school or work to surf the net?

How often do you take advantage of that time?

If you don't work or go to school, how much time do you spend online each day?
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So I have been writing letters to James-my-ex-therapist for about a year and a half now. He helped me a lot when I saw him, so we like to keep in touch and exchange niceties.

Sometimes I like to FedEx him strange and/or provocative things. For example, I have a tarantula that molted, and I sent James the exoskeleton. I think he has come to expect this type of oddness from me.

Anyway, the question: What weird and/or provocative thing should I send him next? Serious and especially non-serious answers, please.

ETA: Who's crazier, me, or the therapist?

Perhaps I should send him this page printed out.

(no subject)

1)Okay you young hip kids, what are the most entertaining youtube videos?

2)If someone likes Kelly the 'shoes' chick what else will they like?

3) Have you made any youtube videos if so, supply the link.
WW - Bartlet's Ringer

(no subject)

1. Why do AM and FM transmissions sound so different?

2. 100% of the stories on any LJ mocking community are embellished yes?

3. A company just emailed and asked me to update our contact info using a VCF card. Why did that make me so mad?

4. What luxury item are you jonesing for right now but don't really want to spend out on?
a sushi
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1. I have a bleach kit and reddish brown hair dye. Should I bleach my hair first or just do the brown?

2. Do you have any plants? What are they?

I have one tiny cute lavender plant I just got from Target for $3.
Terminus' Scar

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God is actually an author. The world around us is their story. So although they may love us all (as characters in the story) and although some of us may be good people, they have to make us suffer (even the good people) to keep the story interesting.

1. What do you think of this theory?
2. Is this sort of God good or bad?
3. Does this theory conflict with your own God in any way?

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attack days

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 What would you think of a dog named She-ra?  As in, He-man's sister.

Would your opinion change depending on the breed of dog?

What about a Chihuahua?  A Mastiff?  

I'm thinking less emphasis on the RAH! part and more on the She part: Shee-rah.

(no subject)

1: What is your favorite thing to do alone(except masturbate)?
2: Do you watch something on t.v. to make yourself feel smarter(like the History Channel)?
3: Do you ever get lost when someone is talking and they completely change the topic?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Why does my cat not cover up his poop in the litterbox???? He used to do it; he covers it up outside, just not in the litterbox.

It smells so bad! How can I help get rid of the smell? I have a box of scented Baking Soda that I sprinkle on it (or dump (haha, dump)) and I have one of those little automatic air fresheners set for every 7 minutes, but I walked down the hall, and a good seven feet away from my room I was hit with the smell of cat shit.
I'd let  him out to go poop, but he never goes to the door, he just goes to the box.

I was at the Post Office a bit ago and I held the inner door open for a guy (probably a good ten-fifteen years older than me). He smiled and thanked me and then rushed to get the outer door.
"Let me get that un fer ya. S'my job." And he kinda grinned. I grinned back and thanked him and went to my car.

One part of me was thinking. "How nice! Chauvinism isn't dead!"
And yet another went "What a fucking pig! Like I can't open the door for myself?"
And another "Who cares what the motive was, it was nice"
"You held one open, he held one open. Just being polite"
And the last one "Haha, that first moron in your head said chauvinism instead of chivalry. You're an idiot" 

So, which voice in my head would you have been agreeing with? Well, yanno, besides the obvious last one. :D

Does that little narrative  indicate to you that I need more sleep?

Edit: I just saw a commercial for tonight's Wife Swap, with the clown family. Should I watch it, even though I'm terrified of clowns, just to see pissed off clowns?
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Can you help me remember the name of this movie? I hardly remember anything about it other than a scene or two. Three (?) vampires invade a town and group of high school students, and they get girls to fall for them. In one scene, the vampire takes the girl on a boat ride in the dark, and when she turns around, he scares and kills her with his vampire form. But the most outstanding thing I remember about this movie is that a boy called his sister's boobs "canoobies." Does anyone know what I am talking about?!
odd enthusiasms
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(no subject)

What are 5 things (other than a tent and clean drinking water) that you consider essentials when camping?

Okay, you've got the 'essentials' packed and you still have room in your bag/the car! What three nonessential things will you bring along, and why?

If you don't like camping, do you know this based on experience? If so, how long did you last on your first camping trip before you decied that you didn't like it and wanted to go home?

What does your desk look like right now?
Got Rat

(no subject)

I'm allergic to my pet milksnake, Seth.

I thought that maybe if I washed my neck after letting him wrap around it while I watched TV I'd be okay, but a few hours later my neck has become spotty with itchy bumps.

Is there anything over the counter I could use for allergic reactions? I have an interview next week!
I'd usually just go to the doctor no problem, but I just moved house and don't have any transport to get to my usual one, or even the closest one to this place.

Lila vs Rita

If you're a Dexter fan, Lila or Rita?

Me personally? They're both hot, but Lila really accepted Dexter for who he was and was prepared to build a relationship with him despite his extraciricular actvities. Plus, I thought she was hotter.

If you're not a Dester fan, WTF is wrong with you? (other than the obvious "I live in a cave in the woods with my shoe collection")

24 hours of smiles

within the last 24 hours,

why did you fake smile  - why did you feel you had to? how did you feel about it?
why did you smile sincerely?

fake smiling is not courtesy - i (wish i could entirely) defy the common practice - it should be abolished as a norm.

(no subject)

a) Are there people online that you have been talking with for more then five years but never met? How many?

b) If so, do any of them creep you out with their intense interest with you?

c) Do you have a Deadjournal?

d) For how long have you had a deadjournal?

e) Will you go and get a deadjournal so we can ask questions on deadjournal.com/~randomquestions?

f) Will you draw a self portrait and post it here?
You guys who don't want to suck. :-P

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Pink Shoes

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What's the difference between cake mixture and cupcake mixture? (if any)

I have a packet cake mix for a full size cake but I want to make cupcakes, can I just follow the normal directions and then take them out of the oven whenever they look done? (I'm assuming cupcakes will cook faster than one big cake)

What to Do?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have Thursday and Friday off.

If I do not work I will be angry that things that are moving too slowly for me to finish today will not get done until next week.

If I work, I'll be angry that I'm working on my day off.

Which would you do?
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Stranger things have happened

First post! Show no mercy!


1. Do you drink coffee? For the flavor? For the caffeine? What's your favorite variety? How do you like your coffee?

2. I am thinking about getting a dog at some point in the unspecified future. I like large breeds better, and I need to be able to leave it crated or unsupervised five days out of the week when we are both at work. We do not care about slobber or shedding, but our homeowners insurance does not permit: Pit bulls (so sad, they're cute), GSDs, mastiffs, Akitas, etc.- the usual 'aggressive breeds' bullshit. What breeds should we consider?

3. Name one work of fiction I absolutely must read. Extra points if it's scifi/fantasy.

ETA: Rephrasing #3 to contain a question!
What is one work of fiction I absolutely must read?
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(no subject)

1. Do you eat pretty quickly or rather slowly?

Last week I worked on a hamburger for almost two hours and so far I've clocked in 47 minutes on this taco salad.

2. Do you have trouble eating in front of other people? Does whether or not they're eating as well make any difference?

3. Are you fat (a sociologically relevant question)?

4. Are you ugly?

5. Stupid maybe?

(no subject)

Poll #1122365 6 Degrees of Limb Separation. Morbid questions follow

An eccentric, mentally unbalanced billionaire is convinced that his leg is under control of the Devil, and wants it cut off. He'll have a room full of the best doctors and prosthetic engineers in the world with him so save his life. He'll pay you $1,000,000 to hack off his leg with a fireman's axe. There will be waivers and other legal documents in place to guarrantee that you cannot encounter any legal troubles resulting from this decision, that it was entirely his and you were instructed how to best administer the severing blow. It'll probably take a few good swings to complete the deal. Would you do it?


The hackjob was a success! He enjoyed the situation so much, he wants to cut off your leg at the knee with a different but similar (sterilized) axe. If you let him cut off your leg, he'll pay you $25,000,000. The doctors will immediately reattach your leg, or offer you the best prosthetic money can buy (out of the billionaire's pocket, not yours). You will be given some painkillers (within reasonable dosage), but nothing can truly deaden the pain of having half your leg hacked off with 2-3 heavy blows. Would you let him do it?


(no subject)

What was your worst injury?

I have been pretty lucky, I believe my worst was when I was younger and roller skated down this steep driveway and lost balance. I fell on my tailbone and could not get up for like 10 minutes. It was hard to sit and get up for a few days after too.
Terminus' Scar

(no subject)

1. What did someone do today that pissed you off?
2. Would you have been less pissed off if you expected them to do it?
3. What did someone do today that made you smile?
4. Would you have been less pleased if you expected them to do it?
5. In general, do we react differently to the actions of others if we expect a certain behaviour from them?
Mitty box

(no subject)

What's the most expensive thing you've ever lost?

I lost my husband's wireless headset for the xbox. It was 60$. =( I think it's somewhere IN the couch, but I can't find it anywhere! I feel so bad.
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Miroku Turn

(no subject)

What's the best pet name you can think of?

I wish I had a hedgehog, because I'd name him Prickly Satan. Edit:/b> But I do not think that is the best one because there are too many awesome names I could use for an animal.

Do you ever get nostalgic/homesick for a place/time you've never been in?

What is your favorite Easter candy? Mine is Cadbury Creme Eggs. I would do just about anything for a couple of those.

alcohol and debauchery

My 21st birthday is on the 22nd (a week from yesterday).

What did you do for your 21st?

Do you regret anything you did on your 21st?

Did you get sick on your 21st?

And finally...

What do I HAVE to do next Tuesday night that would make my 21st complete?
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Do you usually tell people when they upset you, or do you wait until later? Or not tell them ever?

When was the last time somebody said something that was hurtful, but they didn't see anything wrong with it (as in, it wasn't meant with malice, it just hurt)?

Is it a better response to just not reply or to say what you're thinking even though it's hurtful and drama-inducing?
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(no subject)

How would you tell your roommate that she's not allowed to wash the dishes anymore?

I started putting away some plates and discovered that there was greasy unwashedness on the undersides. Some were pretty bad.

Besides, it's my assigned chore to do all the dishes. She does other cleaning tasks and sometimes cooks for the both of us in exchange for me doing all the dishes.

(no subject)

I'm don't know how many English law students there are lurking around here, but I thought I'd give a it shot.

Re: http://www.aqa.org.uk/qual/gceasa/qp-ms/AQA-LAW5-W-QP-JAN05.PDF

Question 4b, the psychiatric injury question. Pat is clearly a secondary victim. But when I first read this I thought Oliver was a secondary victim too (he wasn't an any foreseeable danger when that accident happened).

My problem is, surely the exam board wouldn't have given two victims in the same category. That means that Oliver must have been a primary victim. Does that mean that he became a primary victim when he went into the house?

Baked Potato Bar Wedding

You go to a wedding and at the reception there is a baked potato bar with all the fixin's, including but not limited to 4 oz bbq beef per person, shredded cheese, steamed broccoli, chives, butter, sour cream, and real bacon bits. There are also cold cuts, cheese trays, fruit and veggie trays, and beer. Lots of beer in a keg. As well as soda, bottled water, ice tea, and lemonade. Edit: There is also gourmet breads, spinach and artichoke dip, and some other dips oth hot and cold.

Is this wedding reception awesome?

Or lame?


Why do ppl take things that isn't theirs:

For everyone that takes pics, makes art.

If you are an artist, you need to read this:

Petition: [link]

I'd say more, but really it's pretty self explanatory, and quite sad how much they can do about it and just don't when it comes to taking and selling your work through photobucket. If you agree with this article on theft and printing of stolen items on photobucket please sign the petition.

Does this help?
matthew wig

(no subject)

I have a very fragile relationship with someone who was once considered to be as close as a sister to me. Our friendship spans 15 years - since we were 3. Things happened and now we're not as close but we're rebuilding our relationship slowly but surely. We barely see each other every three months so when we do it's nice.

We're supposed to be getting together tonight for a few hours but of course, I'm sick. I never, ever get sick but of all times my body decides it hates me it has to be today. All I want to do is lay in bed with my tea and not move. The thought of finding the energy to take a shower is laughable. SO - Do I suck it up, shower and go meet her while I'm feeling horrible or do I lay in bed like I would really like to do but risk not seeing her for another few months?

ALSO - what is your comfort food when you're feeling icky?

I just made my Dad run out and buy me froot loops because I'm a 5 year old.
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Date Q!!

Do you have a crush on someone? 
            What movie would you like to see with him/her? 
                      At home or at the theater?
            What food do you wanna eat?  
            Other Comments?  
Do you have someone? 
          What movie have you been begging them to watch? 
                    What movie?

           Favorite meal?

           Other Comments?

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(no subject)

 Why is it that when I resize images on Photobucket and then post them somewhere, the image is not resized!?  I hate this!

 If I use the excuse that my laptop is 5 years old, the touchpad doesn't always work properly, and can't stay on more than 5 minutes because it is infested with STDs viruses, do you think I have a good chance at a MacBook for my birthday next month?

(no subject)

It is really grey, dark and miserable here in good ol' Blighty at the moment. What was the last holiday/vacation you went on? Please share a picture from that holiday? and extra points if it is sunny warm and smile inducing =D
two hearts

(no subject)

How do you feel about people talk about things that probably they shouldn't? Sort of like a "hanging out the dirty laundry" type of situation. Does it annoy you as much as it annoys me (scale of 1-10 I'm at 10)?

My friend who's still in high school always talks about drinking/drugs/other self-destructive activities when she's at school. She did when we were in school together, and now that I've graduated she talks to me about how she talks about it at school. It's ridiculous. She's such a fucking attention whore. She got a DUI a while ago and she talks about it constantly like it's a badge of honor.

How do you tell someone that what they're talking about really is only interesting to themselves? (i.e. "So I woke up this morning, and I brushed my teeth and straightened my hair, then I went to work where this girl like, glared at me and I was like yanno wtf is your problem you know? And so before I clocked in I went into the break room and blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah, blahblahblahblahblahblah..........")

Would you do it nicely? If it was a friend? Would you just shut up and deal with it?

(no subject)

Did anyone here use Prodigy®?

If so...
- do you remember your user ID?
- what screennames did you use?
- what chat rooms did you hang out in?
- do you remember the Cats?
- did you ever play Carmen San Diego?
- do you still keep in touch with anyone from that program?


i've had a cat for 10 years. i got her when she was less than 1 year old. up until semi-recently, she was always well-trained when it came to using the litterbox--hardly any accidents. within the past year or so, she's stopped pooping in her litterbox. she always, always pees in it, but only poops in it about 10% of the time. also, when she does this, she usually poops somewhat near the litterbox (it's in a room and she basically poops right outside the doorway). we've tried changing the brand of litter and she still does this.
anyone have any idea why?

(no subject)

So I'm thinking of getting a wacom tablet for drawing and stuff, aaand since I know pretty much nothing about tablets, I kinda need some help. :C

1. What would you recommend that's not too pricey?

2. If you own a wacom tablet, what kind is it?

3. What do you like/dislike about it?

4. I was considering this tablet. Is it any good?

(no subject)

Hey TQC ellenspencer wants to know if we'll do her homework. Ready? Here it is:

Using 3 examples of Supreme Court decisions, explain how the Court has affected policy agenda in our country.

How has the notion of equality changed in the US since our founding as a republic? Have expanded rights for women, african americans, native americans, and other groups made our nation more truely equal? explain.

feel free to IM me: xEllenjustsaid

(no subject)

What is an amazing movie of epic proportions? Movies that come in series, like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, are awesome to know about too.

What is the longest movie you've seen? How was it?

What is the longest video game you've played? How was it?

Cooking Mama for the Wii: awesome or waste of money?

(no subject)

What's the stupidest/most painful thing you've ever done for the sake of beauty?

I rubbed cayenne pepper on my lips earlier to see if it would plump them. It did, but I'm sure the attractiveness of my trout pout is a bit detracted from by my cries of pain and the ice cube I've had to my mouth for an hour.

(no subject)

Do you like it when it snows? Why?

My answer: Absolutely not. I don't like being cold and it sucks driving in the snow; I'm always afraid I'll get into an accident- plus, if it snows overnight, that means I have to wake up extra early to make sure I get to school on time. :(

Bah humbug
epic fight - pwnd
  • saltyj

(no subject)

What's your favorite Flannery O'Connor story?

Can you tell me where to find her story "Revelation"? (I might just check at the library tomorrow seeing as nobody can find it online.)
love at first bite...

sleep suggestions...

Do you normally sleep on your side, stomach or back?

What are some suggestions all you back sleepers could give to someone who normally sleeps on their side/stomach?

Reason I ask:
Is because I have a knee problem currently that has me only laying on my back.
I can't seem to get comfortable, or this position ends up hurting my lower back (which has always been an issue).
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
race w/ yourself

(no subject)

I got this page-a-day calendar full of "would you rather" posits.  Today's was sort of a fun, silly one, so here you go -

If you had to choose, would you rather always have to wear:

a Klingon uniform and make-up from Star Trek
a Storm Trooper uniform, including helmet and face mask, from Star Wars?

This is probably more aimed at people who spend a lot of time in TQC and those who notice and remember icons more than usernames.  I've noticed an increase in the number of "House" icons as of late.  I started using mine when we redid them for the holidays, but now I'm wondering if I should reset my default to the one I used prior to that, the one shown here.
What do you think, TQC - this one, or keep on using the House one?  Other suggestions welcome too, of course.
nana smoking

(no subject)

Has anyone seen Across The Universe?
The closest showing to me was like 50 miles out so I couldn't go.
Also, what does a squeaky strained cough mean after breaking a high fever?
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Do you have any pets?
What are they?
Why did you decide to have them as pets?

What was for dinner?



2 Cats, whom I adore and a bunch of fishies

I LOVE cats. I love animals in general, but cats are my fav., my husband loves having an aquarium. I like fish, but don't know how to give them the proper environment. So that is all him :)

Sauteed mussels, chicken wraps and a glass of wine!
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Typing Monkey

(no subject)

My pre-schoolers really like the word "banana"; I would like to make them a CD of songs about bananas and other fruits. Any suggestions?

This is what I have so far:
Fruit Salad - The Wiggles
Peaches - Presidents of the United States
Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) - Harry Belafonte
Apples and Bananas - Barney
Bananas in Pajamas Theme Song
Banana Phone - Raffi
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(no subject)

1. There was a book I used to read all the time as a kid called "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. Have you ever read it? obviously yes for me

2. Do you write slash? yes, but only in my super sekrit fanfiction journal.

3. If so, what fandom(s)? the daily show/the colbert report and whose line is it anyway?

4. (Not related to the slash question, though it can be.) Name one of your OTPs. anderson cooper/paul dinello

5. (Ditto.) Name one of your OT3s. ryan stiles/colin mochrie/greg proops

6. Is there a squick in fanfic that you won't read, no matter who the writer is or what the pairing is? Mpreg.

Employment at Abercrombie and Hollister

I am located in Myrtle Beach SC and am currently working at Victoria's Secret doing most of their Merchandising and want to get into the Merchandising field. I also need a full time, with benefits job and am finding next to nothing. I need a job as of yesterday so I don't really have all the time in the world.

I saw that A & F have a "Manager in Trianing" program and that one of the manager positions is "Visual Manager" which sounds like a perfect fit! Plus it is full time with Benefits and we have both a Hollister AND an Abercrombie in our nearby mall. I try to apply online but that doesnt work so I go into the store. I go into A &F first as it is the first one I see. I talk to the current MIT and she brings me to the computer and I fill everything in. She says she will have the Store Manager call me and I thank her and leave. I then go to Hollister, explain that I am very interested in the position and that I have already gone to Abercrombie but am interested in going through the program with them if Abercrombie doesnt have an opening right now. Hollister says to give Abercrombie a week and then come back. I thank them and leave.

I get an email saying that my application process isnt complete until I get an interview and should go over to my mall and schedule one. I bust ass over there when I know the store manager is working so I can schedule the interview earlier than later as I really want this job. The Store Manager then informs me that their District Manager is in charge of the hiring but that she will print the applications and give them to the DM the next day and that the DM should call me to set things up. Well, the DM was supposed to have been there yesterday and so theoretically I could hear from them any time now.

I figure I give them until Monday and then go in and talk to the Store Manager again and also say that I am going to go apply at Hollister even though I am still very interested in working at Abercrombie since when I talked to Hollister it seemed like they actually had spots open where as I did not get that impression at Abercrombie and as I said..I needed the job yesterday.

What else should I do? Can I do? Anyone who have worked with the company before have any suggestions or advice? I really like the company and the position sounds PERFECT for me and there really isnt anything else... and I am running out of money....


today's obsession. you may want to scroll

1)If you were allowed to sit in a class, and were allowed to join a project group, but when you talked to the teacher about whether adding another person would still be a problem, they said it was. what would you do?!*

*continuation of the "I can't get into the class I need saga". I feel horrible, if it helps. things tried: emailing profs. showing up to class. begging. puppy dog eyes.


I'm currently watching Night of The Living Dead (1968)

My friends love all the original horror movies such as this, Dawn of The Dead etc etc.

Do you prefer the originials or remakes? Why/Why not?
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1) When you're in a public restroom and there is a paper towel dispenser and an air dryer, which do you use?

2) When you're in a public restroom, do you think it's weird when they don't have mirrors?

3) If you drive a Ford Focus, do you like it?

4) When you go to a buffet, do you get all your food before you sit or do you do you make frequent trips?

5) What is your night time routine?

6) What is your morning routine?

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Generally speaking of infants/toddlers/kids/teenagers/beyond...

Poll #1122523 Boys or girls?

Which do you think is harder to raise?


My co-workers were talking about this today, and as I have no idea personally, I thought this could be interesting.


I'm trying to get some ideas together for a fundraiser for my neghbors. The husband has cancer and is dying and they have 2 children ages 6 and 10. I know that I want to set up a fund at a bank for the kids but does anyone have any other ideas as to what kinda of things we can do for a fundraiser?
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Haruhi disappearance
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I'm going to Anime Boston in march, and I have the strangest urge to dress as an internet meme.

If I were to choose any widely known meme, what should I dress as?

Yes, I know. Lamesauce, right?

*note: I probably won't actually do it.

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When your wisdom teeth start to come up does it feel like the back of your gum is going to fall off? Or is the back of my gum just gonna fall off? (it's only one side)

Should I suck up my embarrassment and go to the dentist? My parent's haven't taken me in 7 years.

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What's the word to use to describe someone who is really good at picking up things from subtle clues. I keep on thinking of deduce, but that's not it.

My situation is that my friend wrote me an e-mail blatantly stating several times something she wants me to do, so I want to sarcastically say, "Since I am pretty [WORD], I can tell you want me to do this for you.

Please try to help me think of this word?

Edit; I was thinking of deductive reasoning. Thanks for playing!

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Think back to games like M.A.S.H.
I'm looking for more games like that to play.
The kind where you answer questions, write things down, and they tell you about yourself or the "boy you like", things like that.
Do you know of any for me and my friends to try out?

So there's this book, right...

And I read it like...four years ago.
I believe the name was Monkey Wrench.
This book was about a video game company who created a murder mystery video game, then suddenly these people start dying just like they were in the video game.
Then this detective starts finding clues about the killer and finds out it was a hermaphrodite.
It's a really good book.
But here's my problem.

I don't know who wrote it...
I DO know that it's not by Edward Abbey, Douglas Brinkley or Liza Cody
You wouldn't to happen to know the author would ya?
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So my husband decided to get drunk with a friend and then clean the house. He thought being drunk would help him be more motivated for some reason. I told him it was a horrible idea. After several hours, the house is worse than when he started and he has thrown up and passed out in the bathroom, leaving me to clean up the mess.

1. Would it be immature to taunt him with "I told you so!" after he wakes up?

2. What was your SO's last "bright idea"? Or if you don't have an SO, what was yours?
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In order to be covered on my dad's health insurance I need to be a full time student. I go to community college and they have 2 spring terms - the 15 week, and the 10 week. IN GENERAL if I took 10 credits in the 15 week term, and 3 in the 10 week would that work? I don't see why it wouldn't as I'd be taking 13 credits but I'm a worrier. I'm concerned because for a little over a month I'd only be taking 10 credits. I plan on calling them tomorrow to find out for sure anyway. I hope this made sense.
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My LCD monitor has a dead pixel I think. One pixel is red all the time. If i press on it it'll turn the right color for a little while. Is there anything that can be done or am I to be forever annoyed by the
red speck of DOOOOOM

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Anyone own a mac and know how to clean the case?

I've googled how to clean my macbook, but nothing has worked.

It looks like yellow dots, almost like grease stains..  where my hands rest on the computers case. It isnt't like the normal stains I've seen on my old PC's where the space bar got all smooth from wear. It looks like maybe when I sprayed my perfume it got stained on the case. I've tried Mr. Clean Eraser :(

Any ideas?
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When did you first get internet? What browser did you use?

Do you consider yourself wise? Do you know anyone who you would consider wise?

What kind of food did you hate as a little kid? What do you think of it now?

Did you enjoy high school? Why or why not?
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I'm using Windows Movie Maker (uh huh) to strip the audio from some clips and re-synch it (as it's out of synch). Whenever I import the video, however, it cuts them from minutes long to seconds long, and re-importing them isn't helping. Does anyone know how I can get around this?


Does anybody know any good (better than Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, anyway), free video editing software, for the purpose I stated above? ETA: I'm looking more for programs people have used, rather than just google results. Has anyone used VirtualDub? Any good?
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Last night, after I was asleep for about three hours, I was awoken to the feeling of something pressing down on me from about my middle back to the top of my head (I was sleeping on my stomach), and the sound of... a very loud noise Sounded like a person trying to make a weird monster noise... like "ALKJfas;odjf;ak!". Kind of deep, sharp, and very sudden.

My dog didn't do it, and after looking around after waking up, I'm fairly positive it wasn't a cat either. What the hell was it that woke me up last night!? It freaked me the fuck out.
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I didn't get anywhere with my movie question, but maybe you can all help me remember the name to a song (or the band who sings it!).

Anyway, it's about taking an amputee, mounting it on your penis, and spinning it around like a record. DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS SONG?!

It has been killing me for days!