January 15th, 2008


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What activities or lessons did you take as a kid? Did you just end up quitting them?

I did club soccer, violin, and piano off and on

And Girl Scouts, horseback riding, ballet, and tap and maybe something I don't remember

Random Q's

1) Are you inhibited or uninhibited?

2) Are you following that Dance War Carrie Ann vs Bruno?

3) Are your nails nicely manicured or sloppy?

4) Are you a neat freak, a slob or somewhere in the middle?


1. Ladies, how long was your longest period?

2. Those who have been tested for AIDS, how often do you get tested and what's the testing like?

3. In the shower, soap or body wash?
Got Rat

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My boyfriend and I LOVE Italian and Mexican food.

But every meal we've had in the past three to four days has been completely cheese-orientated (pizza, enchiladas, lasagne, cheese sandwiches, cheese on toast, pasta bake)

I'm out of ideas as to what we would love that doesn't include so much cheese!

Any recipe ideas what we might love?

I've just moved out for the first time and I'm struggling a bit with ideas, though I did cook chicken in a sauce tonight. woo!

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Which do you think are more physically appealing - implants or real breasts?
Have you ever worked for Teleperformance? How'd that go for you?
Have you ever told anyone that you hated them? Who/why?

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How do you, personally, go about asking a person out on a date? Do you try to make it a friends-only type of outing and see where it goes from there, or do you make it clear from the start that you are interested in them? Do you have a different approach for people you are friends/friendly with?

Why on earth would tampons be in the "Family Planning" section in Walgreens?
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ok so i was hanging out with these guys today that i didn't know and i was sitting on the floor (it was in a pool place), they said why are you sitting on the floor for i said i liked it, cause well i do.
and then one of them said she likes to sit on the floor and they start smirking, does that mean they were thinking of it in a sexual way?
like sex on the floor?

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1. How soon after having sex can you take a pregnancy test?

2. Friends with benefits: can it work? Why or why not?
( feel free to share your own experiances)

3. What's jury duty like?
veggie chaz

unhappy things

When coming across somebody in eljay land that is almost certainly hurting her/himself, how can you help them? Is there some way to report the user? That would probably make it worse boo.

I keep stumbling upon anorexics' journals and it's starting to get to me :(
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hannibal skull



Do you do your bra up in the front and turn it around or in back?
Do you prefer back or front closing bras?


Can you take a bra off a woman without looking at the hooks?
Can you do it one handed?
hannibal skull


Based on a good number of posts of late...

What are you relationship deal breakers?

What do you consider to be a successful date?

And one for everyone...what is your favourite time of year?
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Do you get creeped out by your own reflection if you happen to walk by a mirror at night?

(especially if you have blonde hair and are so white you glow in the dark such as myself)

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Alright TQC, I need your help naming my new puppy!

What should I name her?

(I'n the past I've named my dogs Chev, Tori and Holley. I'm looking to stick to the 'car' theme) 

EDIT: Thanx people. Got some lovely ideas. Will go home and try a few out to see what suits her best!
Lego Head


Okay if you live with other people and get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom do you flush then or just leave it till morning so you don't accidentally wake anybody up?

If you walk in on your SO masturbating and they haven't noticed you yet what do you do? Turn and walk away? Help them finish? Stay and watch?

Where is your favorite place to masturbate?

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My best friend and I have decided to read such books as He's just not that into you: the no-excuses truth to understandind guys.  Have you ever read any books like this?  Did they help you to understand guys?

Have you ever looked into getting a piercing license?  Why is it so expensive, and why is it that you can train on teh intarwebs?

My left boob hurts.  :(  Why?
Bravo Seinfeld


If you graduated from college and/or high school, did you go on any graduation trips with your friends?

Where did you go? 

I'm graduating in May and I want to go somewhere fun with a few friends.. but I am not sure if I want to go somewhere far (ex. St. Maarten, Bermuda) or just stick around New England and go rent a house on the Cape or up in North Conway.. 

Marriages that have an impact on your life questions

1. Think of your favorite celebrity crush. They get married one day (or divorced and remarried) to someone who looks exactly like you. Would you feel like, damn, I had a shot?!

2. Hypothetically, let's say your parents are divorced (if they're not), and your SO's parents are divorced (or, hypothetically you have a SO with divorced parents). One day, your mom is missing, and so is his/her dad. You're both concerned and confused, until you get a call from a Cruise ship that they're on. Your mom and their dad got married. All along, they've been hiding their love from you guys, but behind both your backs, they had a satisfying relationship, and just took it to the next level. This means you and your SO are now stepsiblings.

Would you keep dating, or break up because, well, family shouldn't date family?

It's all about you

How long into a conversation do you start zoning out if the other person is talking about something uninteresting? 

Are you the peace-maker in an argument and do you keep adding fuel to the fire?

Are you ever rude on purpose to be left alone?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Dear TQC,
I have torn apart my ENTIRE house from top to bottom. I even spent a couple minutes bawling my eyes out. I am so late to school it isn't even funny. I have a valet key, but it got smashed, thus smashing the chip, and it will only unlock the doors. The only place left to search is in the confines of my computer, I shit you not. And, speaking of which, the only other thing that's coming to mind is I accidentally flushed them down the toilet or something.


What was the last thing you lost?
Did you find it?

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1)what's the weirdest local commercial you've seen?

jerry springer endorsing a local canadiate.

2)Are really young babies kinda gross?


3)does it make sense to name your baby after a street?

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What do you think of Collapse )

Imagine the most scenic view you have in your area. Now imagine that there's a little pocket that had 10 of those guys...how would you feel about that?

What do you think when I tell you it'd take 750 of those guys to match the power from 1 coal plant?
night porter

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There is a midget sitting next to me in the computer lab. Usually I would just ignore him like anyone else but I have been in this "diversity and multicultural studies class" and I am feeling very enlightened. What should I say to him to let him know that I am OKAY with his differentlyabeledness?

Also there is an AZN to my left. What should I say to him?

Work abroad/toast

Have you ever worked abroad?

Do you know of any agencies that allow you to work/intern (possibly with a stipend) in Australia, New Zealand, or pretty much anywhere in Europe that don't require YOU to pay THEM? I've looked all over the Internet and can't find any so I assume they don't exist...but I thought I'd try anyway. I'm not in school so I can't go through an educational institution.

What do you eat on your toast?
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Have you ever had the drink known as a Red Eye (Clamato mixed with beer)?

If so, how would you describe the taste (besides tasting like Clamato and beer)?

If not, would you want to try it?


Do any of you get waxed?
I get my eyebrows waxed and I ALWAYS break out after. It goes away rather fast, so it's not a huge issue, but why does this happen.
I have tried washing my face right after and not washing my face until I go to bed, nothing helps.
Any idea why?
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What's a good book that you think needs to be made into a movie that's never had a film version before?

Who would you want to direct it?

Are there any books that already have movie versions but need a better remake?

What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

Also, do you think to much CGI makes movies worse these days or better?

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What was the last scary dream you had? Or just any scary dream if you can't remember the last one?

If you were stuck in a horror movie, which monster/murderous creature would have you scared the most?

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Someone posted something similar to this along time ago, but I forgot where.

1. How are you gentlemen?

2. The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

3. What's this box doing here?!

4. Who's footprints are these?

5. Why do you keep touching me?

6. Do you know why we stopped the car?

7. Kupo?

8. Can you think of any other amusing questions asked in video games?

9. If you couldn't give half a shit about video games, what was the last DVD you bought?

Annoying Earworms

I don't know if everyone calls them earworms, but that is what I call those songs that you just can't shake until you listen to them all the way through. Do you ever get them? Any nightmare ones you can't get rid of? Any you like to get? Any today?

I had a weird mashup stuck in my head yesterday...shout to the lord, by god knows who mashed with Cherish by the association I believe (shivers). I guess I just kept seeing the commercial for the christian music on sunday night.

Today I have a song stuck in my head by the Fratellis...not sure which, but two of my friends made best of 2007 mixes and gave me copies yesterday...Thanks guys.

Anybody at your work make best of cd's and give them out?
Give a dog a home

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Poll #1121623 tickyyyyyy

What vacation would you most like to take?

All-inclusive cruise
All-inclusive resort vacation
Book everything yourself tropical vacation
Other (in comments)

Are you spoiled?

nkotb - joe - yay

"Your door is ajar"

I can't for the life of me remember what movie this is from. Can anyone help?

There's a car chase. The door gets ripped off. The stupid automated responses keep saying.. "Your door is ajar!"

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Is it normal for two real estate agencies to be able to show the same house? We were shown a house by our realtor and there's another realtor showing the house to others. We said we wanted it and filled out paperwork to get the ball rolling, but now the other realtor says she has to show it to someone else. Is that weird?

ETA: I'm talking specifically about renting a house with fixed rent. They landlords aren't selling.
Snoopy Enterprise

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Do you have snow tires for your car? How much of a difference do you think they make in the snow compared to something like all-terrain tires?

I'm thinking about getting a set, but I was just curious to see if there really was a huge difference in driving in the snow.
Tom shaming you

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When staying in a hotel, do you sleep on top of the comforter or under?

I used to work at a hotel (I'm not sure if I should say which) but we were only required to wash the comforter once a month. Mostly, it wasn't even washed that often :-/

What hotels do you think actually wash their comforters often?

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I had two cups of regular coffee at breakfast this morning at a restaurant. Decent coffee, not amazing.

I am tempted to make espresso and have a latte here in my apartment. My lattes are amazing.

Too much caffeine for one day, y/n?

Also, does it bother you when people change colors or font size or add italics/boldness to their TQC posts?

I bold the questions if I have background explanation or my answer in the post. for example: my post today. However, it bothers me when font sizes are irrelevant to the text or silly colored.
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When you buy a hardcover book with a sleeve on it, do you keep it on or take it off so that all of the books have a pretty uniform look to them?

I take off the sleeves, but I save them.

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Use your psychic powers, TQC! In the past week, two of my coworkers (both from Taiwan) have asked me if I was dating anyone and both been very shocked that I was not. Being acquainted with a little of Asian tradition because of Japanese language courses, I know that Asians will go far out of their way to be polite. Is this Asian politeness or are they genuinely shocked?

I asked a friend at work about this, and she said she thinks they are genuinely shocked because I am a flirt. How does one know if one is a flirt?

For those who are (strangely) not interested in my love life (or lack thereof):
Have you ever gotten a TB test?
What is one thing that you just cannot help but lose seemingly all the time?

Gamers & Cellphones

Are There any gamers in here?
Are any of you on gamespot?
Will you be my gamespot friend?

Do you have US Cellular? 

If so, I need some help, I got a new phone a few weeks ago because mine had some issues, I had backed up my numbers previously on "my contacts backup" (which was good)  BUT they couldn't get the numbers off my phone because it wouldn't stay on long enough.. I have added the IMPORTANT numbers by hand to my phone but I want to add the rest, When I click the update phone button on the website my phone thinks for a while but the numbers never appear, am I doing something wrong?

It's only Tuesday

1. What was the last dream you had that really bothered you?
          I keep having dreams about being pregnant. I know I'm not but all these Hollywood types just popping out babies are really messing with my subconscious.

2.  If you have a vice, what is it?

3.  I just transfered to a new college out of state (IUP) from a comm. college back home and I didn't think I was going to get homesick, but I really am. I don't know anyone here and the girls on my floor don't seem too friendly.
What did you do to cheer yourself up if this happened to you? Will you cheer me up?


TQC! I'm so upset! I had a sticker on my jacket, forgot about it, and then washed it (with the sticker still there).

How do you get leftover sticker-gunk off fabric? (Specifically, fleece just like this.)

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Do you know what sofrito is?
Do you make sofrito?
What do you put in your sofrito?
Why can I only find one recipe when I google sofrito?
Is sofrito called by any other name?
Give me a recipe that uses sofrito.

Btw I don’t need the sofrito recipe since I grew up making it.

If you have no idea what I am talking about here are some questions for you:
What is your racial background consist of?
Why do some black people hate other black people?
Why do some black woman hate when white women date black men?
Why do some Hispanics hate when Mexicans are called Hispanic?
Please post a family recipe.

Student Loans!

I have already finished Community college and paid for that all on my own, Now I am going to be attending The Academy of Arts University in SF... I will have to apply for a loan, So I am just curious for those of you in school what loans do you have? How are they working out for you?


For those of you that are in, or who have been in a long term relationship:

Did you find as your relationship progressed, that your passion for your partner lessened or dissapeared all together?
Did this end the relationship or did you find a way to re-gain it?
How long was the relationship?
(This can be sexual passion, or even just the excitement of spending time with them, etc)

For those of you who do not fall in the above category:
What is the most recent "new" food that you've tried. Did you like it?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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How do you find a notary?

I need a "certified true" copy of my diploma for a grad school application. Supposedly I should be able to have the college I graduated from do this but they are being difficult and don't have any idea what I am talking about. The Department Secretary at the grad school said if they aren't willing to do it, I could take the diploma to a translator and have them do it. Is that the same thing as a notary? And if not, how do I find such a translator, as I have never heard of such a thing before.

(no subject)

You give away a free item (or free items) that you don't need on Freecycle or Craigslist. The person picks them up and then you later find out he/she resold them for money. How do you feel about this?
Spiral of Light


 TQC, I am a poor university student in need of laundry money.

I would go to a store to get a 20 changed to loonies and quarters, but they only do that if the cashier opens their till for a transaction and there's absolutely nothing I need to buy. Well, I need groceries, but it's too soon to get groceries and my laundry can't wait. (I wouldn't want to drain a cashier of loonies and quarters anyway. I used to be a cashier and it sucked when that happened, so I wouldn't want to do it to anyone else.)

So my question is, if I were to go to the bank and ask to get a 20 changed to loonies and quarters, are they allowed to do that?
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Did you ever play that game where someone tells you two truths and one lie and you have to guess which is the lie?

Can you guess which my lie is?:
1. I love winter.
2. I'm a girl.
3. I have nine piercings.

Your turn!

What is the most amount of money you have ever spent on college textbooks for one semester?

(no subject)

A friend of mine and his girlfriend have been having a lot of relationship trouble. They broke up a couple of months ago, but got back together very quickly, as in within a few days. I work in a mall near them and when i was on my break right after they got back together, I saw her (or someone who really looked like her) making out with some other guy. I didn't know if it was actually her because I wasn't too close, so I didn't say anything. A couple of days ago while I was on break, I saw her (and it was definitely her this time) with the same guy.

Should I tell my friend about this? Should I tell her I saw her? Should I just keep it to myself?

Why does she hook up with this guy in the local mall? I mean, come on, now.
  • cpl593h

I'm a dumb foreigner

TQC, this morning I went to the outdoor market by my house in search of food and laundry detergent. I came back with food and color-safe bleach. I immediately recognized the italian words 'Cleans perfectly! Protects color! Gentle!' but I didn't spot the tiny word in the corner for 'bleach.' Cleaning supplies here are rather expensive and if possible, I'd like to avoid buying another product.

SO. If I run my clothes through the wash using color-safe bleach and water only, will I destroy them? I already cut the soap on my laundry at home, so I wash with mostly warm water anyway. I handwash delicates, so I'd only be using this on cottons, jeans, socks, etc.
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Do you know Metallica? my SO asked me not long time ago. I don't know where he got the idea from, that I might not know them. He knows what kind of music I listen to and that I for sure know about them because of my music taste.

What's something weird your SO has asked you?
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Do you have a calendar this year? Mine is InuYasha and all my friends make fun of me. :\

What's made you happy today?

Do you like yogurt? Do you prefer naturally flavored type yogurt, or the kid-aimed artificially flavored yogurt (like go-gurt, Trix yogurt, etc.)?

I was having trouble wording that question, does it make sense?

When was the last time you went to the hospital?

Does anyone remember talking to me about custom earrings? I can't remember who it was. :(

Would you like to hear a stupid joke?
hate pimentos

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What was the last thing that you did that felt really, really good?

it's a little tl;dr, but here's mine...

Collapse )

also, why does my white cat sleep on the black chair while my black cat sleeps on my white comforter?  why can't they sleep on things that match their color?
The Receptionist Classic

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TQC, I really have to pee and I've been putting it off for like, two hours now. Well, my side is starting to hurt because of it. AM I GOING TO DIE?!
EDIT! Crisis averted. I'm not going to die [yet].

What is your favorite salad dressing?
a sushi
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite meal that you can cook? Dish and dessert.
2. What is your favorite limited edition candy, chocolate, snack?

Fettucine Alfredo and Key Lime Pie
Ghirardelli Chocolate Peppermint Bark
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Oh, college

I have to write a personal statement. It must display why I'm a sterling and perfect student, why I'm committed to graduate study, why I want to go to school THERE, and how I plan to change the world with my degree.

1. So, consider the highest degree you have earned/plan to earn. How would you change the world with it?

2. How committed are you to studying?

3. Why did you pick the school you did?

Collapse )
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Isobel Mahariel

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1) Are women in the (U.S.) military allowed in combat? I've been typing all sorts of phrases into Google trying to get a yes or no answer, but it's not quite working, haha.

2) Do you think women should be allowed in infantry positions? Why or why not?

3) If you think they should be allowed, do you think the infantry units should be co-ed? Why or why not?

(no subject)

How do you define politics?
Would you call yourself a political person?
Do you think politics is important? why?
Does politics turn you off? why?
How about your family and politics?
Do you discuss it at home?
Any interesting family political stories?
Are you following the primary election?
Who do you support at this time?
Do you plan to vote in the future?
Who is your favorite President in U.S. history? Why?
Anything you wish to add?
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(no subject)

For those of you who are married, do you still celebrate the anniversary of the day you started dating your SO?

For those of you who are not married, do you think that it is reasonable to continue to celebrate your dating anniversary after you get married?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) I'm currently working on making a filing system more efficient. It's a numerical system based on open orders, so naturally one week a certain set of numbers will be more prevalent than the rest(example: right now the 5000's are very numerous, but last week the 4000's were. They gradually got filed away into the closed files and now there's only a few lower 4000's, and still some higher 4000's, such as 4800-5000.) . I need to keep them in file folders numerically(preferably 100 at a time. For example, 5200-5299), but I don't want to waste labels by making a folder for every interval if they'll be unused/seldom used fairly quickly.
Do you have any suggestions for how to make the best use of the folders?
I apologize if this makes little sense :(

If you have no input on this, here's some other questions:

2) What is the weather like where you are, currently?

3) What's the worst place you've ever slept in? Why was it so bad?
dr. horrible ; slipping

(no subject)

I need two textbooks by this Saturday. I don't want to buy them from my college book store because they cost about $200 all together (and they're all out of used ones). I'm thinking about buying them used from half.com, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get here in time. What should I do? Do you know of any other online places I could get cheap textbooks from, and quickly?

(no subject)

I really need some help. I desperately need to find a song that's either zombie, "dead alive" or nightmare themed, with maybe some creaky or cemetery sounds, hopefully with some lyrics to match. So far I have Enter Sandman. Could you suggest some?

edit: It also has to be appropriate for a dance recital with 5 year olds in it. Basically no curse words. We are dancing zombies in a nightmare.
  • daqenue


I was watching Discovery or some other science channel, and these big tea companies (Lipton, Tazo, etc.) were talking about how their tea blenders have to maintain consistency of the flavor, despite changing conditions in the tea crop. The tea blenders also create new flavors for the company. One particular blender spent years in Asia and Africa to develop his palette.

How could I become one of these tea blenders? <3
Apples and Oranges

Tall Elves

What is the strangest thought or outburst that you've had today?

I was talking to my very tall friend, and I randomly told him that if he was an elf, his name would be Tinsel.

(no subject)

Do you think it's weird for people to go to the funeral of a person they don't know and/or aren't related to?
(e.g. the funeral of the victim of a high profile crime, or the funeral of a celebrity)
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I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite kind of nut?

2. Cutest baby animal?

3. Do you have any bumper stickers on your car? If yes, what do they say?

4. If you could change your skin color to something unnatural (like green or blue) would you? What color would you choose?

5. If it were possible to surgically attach a functioning tail to a human, would you want one? What type of tail would you want?
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(no subject)

Okay, so my housemate wasn't disgusted by 2girls 2 cup and she wants to see some seriously fucked up porn. She was grossed out by goatse but close scrutinised tubgirl for corn.

What are you favourite fucked up porn links?
happy monkey

(no subject)

*sigh* why do i keep forgiving people and giving them second (3rd, 4th, 5th) chances and then feel like shit when they do the same hurtful shit again?

can you tell me a current fantasy of yours? (it doesn't have to be sexual)
macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

Do you have a Myspace?
A Facebook?
Do you post slutty/drunken/pot-smoking pictues of yourself on either?
Does your profile extol the virtues of getting wasted?
Do you know that future employers troll those websites looking for dirt on prospective employees?

Halp computer woes!

 I was at school today finishing my power point and when I tried to put it on a cd it said  I needed to install a cd copier.  Wtf?  So I emailed the file to myself and tried to download it but my compy keeps freezing.  How am I going to get it on a cd buy 1:00 pm tomorrow?  I dunno what to do!

 Are breakfast burritos superior to all other foods?  I think so.
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(no subject)

1a. Who do you think is the dumbest person in TQC?
b. What about the most entertaining?

2. If you could only watch one TV channel for the rest of your life, which channel would you choose?

Getting to know the candidates. Possibly biblically

These are the top 8 contenders for American President. Let's size em up.

Who's going to win the Presidental election?

John McCain
Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Hilary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
Some other Republican
Some other Democrat
Surprise! Third party candidate's taking all
I'm not an American and have no opinion
I'm an American and have no opinion

They're all on American Gladiators! Who would get the furtherest

John McCain
Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Hilary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney

Who is probably the most intelligent?

John McCain
Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Hilary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney

Who's probably the least intelligent?

John McCain
Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Hilary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney

Lastly, who's probably the kinkiest in bed, or who probably has the most alarming fetish?

John McCain
Barack Obama
Rudy Giuliani
John Edwards
Fred Thompson
Hilary Clinton
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
wedding cake faces


Is it fair that I am dicking around on the internet, shopping and whatever and my Husband is painting the bathroom?

It was his idea to paint it.

I made him a drink though :)

I have to spend my holiday gift cards sometime, right?
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DOOM, srz bzns

Dear TQC

Two years ago I leant my friend my copy of Doom Collector's Edition. I would like to play this game now, but recently I had to reformat my laptop so it is no longer installed. He is saying he will post it back to me along with my iPod, but this I doubt.

I can not afford to re-buy it. I am skint.

So, TQC, what shall I do?

So random

1. According to my dear guy friend, more guys like heavy women than are willing to admit it. I say, if this is true, where's my goddamn action.  What do you think? Y/N? Opinions? Randomness? True facts?  and so on...

2. Speaking of friends of the male variety, how do you distinguish between your male friends and female friends in conversation?  If you don't, how WOULD you if you had to?  For instance, above I referred to my friend as a "guy friend" instead of just friend.  I might call my female friends "the girls" or "girlfriends", ect.   You might also say "lady friend." 

3. Bought anything recently?

4. What's your boss like?

5. Hi?

Cue addictive zombie-like American Idol music...

1) Do you think it is sneaky that LJ now makes you upgrade in order to create a poll (or am i missing something)? edit: i have been informed that they were always a paid feature. i forgot that i paid in my former lj life. ty.

1) Are you going to watch American Idol this year?
2) DId you watch it last year?
3) Any other years?
4) Wtf happened to Jordin Sparks? She, or whomever is in control of her, really dropped the ball.
5) Did anyone else notice that Blake looked like a Ryan Seacrest clone with a wider face and how creepy it was that he always stood behind him on his left shoulder?

8 or so unrelated questions for today (I am feeling greedy)

1) What's your definition of "judgemental"? Do judgemental people bother you? Do you have any judgemental friends?

2) What's the most you have ever paid for a purse (for yourself or someone else)? What's the most you would pay, assuming you could afford it (i.e. what price do you think is simply ridiculous for a purse, no matter quality or brand name)? If you have one, do you care about your purse being brand name?

3) If you got married or are married, would/do you have a shared bank account with your spouse or keep seperate accounts?

4) What's a good job for someone who finds fulfilment in creating tangible things but is bad at math and not very artistic?

5) Do you think everyone who likes movies should make it a point to watch movies that are widely considered to be "classics"?

6) How many hobbies / recreational activities do you partake in regularly? If you frequently find yourself forced to choose between them because they happen at the same time, how do you go about picking which to do? Do you find yourself frequently missing out on a hobby/recreation because of spending time with friends (and if so, how does that make you feel)?

7) Are you aware that when a new Chick-Fil-A opens they give away $250 worth of coupons for free chicken sandwich combos to each of the first 100 customers the morning they open? Have you ever camped out overnight at one of these and if so was it a good or bad experiance?

8) What's the longest you're personally aware of 2 people knowing each other before they started dating?
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Photobucket question

Is there an easy way to download all the pictures in your Photobucket without going through and downloading each individually?? I think you can also buy a CD, but I'd prefer a free option if there is one.
kiv dancin.
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please, please, please tell me he's wrong.

okay, so my friend, thrashbluegrass,  says that sometimes women in public will wrap their hands in toilet paper and then catch the poo to prevent any splashing noise when they are in a public restroom.

have you ever heard of this in your life?

have you ever done this?

please, please, PLEASE tell me this is not true.  i think tbert (my friend) is out of his mind and trying to develop a new fetish.

ps   feel free to go to his LJ and tell him how wrong he is.  

don't be so jellis.

Did you see me on ESPN last night?

How cool is it (on a scale from 1-10, with ten being "OMG YOU WERE ON FUCKING ESPN?????????????? ROCK STAR!!!!!!") that I was on ESPN, interviewed for the pregame?
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i am dubm.

Are there words you just can't type correctly to save your life? I always type "resluts" when I really mean "results". REALLY, THAT'S WHAT I MEANT. Also, I always add a "y" to the end of "Florida".

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who wants to explain the election process for the american presidency, as well as the ideologies/agendas of current candidates (democratic, republican, and other), as though you were talking to a complete idiot?

would be really useful. (idiot is me.)
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Halp, Dr. tqc!

I got a burn on my inner wrist about... 5 months ago. It's healed beautifully, if you don't know it's there, you can't see the scar. Every once in a while, it'll itch for a few minutes, but I figure it's still healing. (It was a really bad burn) Tonight, it started to itch like crazy. I pulled up my sleeve and found that I had hives on the scar, but no where else. I wasn't wearing new clothes, I didn't try any new soaps in the last week or two. Is there any logical explanation whatsoever for my freaky wrist?

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You're a Senior in High School.
You failed a few classes and the school tells you that you're not going to graduate unless you go to Summer School.

Should you just drop out now and go to get your GED or wait out the year and go to summer school?
EDIT: This isn't about me. lol I'm 20 and graduated HS 2 1/2 years ago.


When a perm starts to wear off, what does your hair do, and how long does it usually take to completely wear off? If I got a perm once and didn't bother with upkeep what would most likely happen in the in-between stage?
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What gets you off?

I'm tired of all these college posts.
What makes you HOT!!!???
Is there something you desire sexually that you think may be unique or strange?

When you order a taco, do you like a hard or soft shell?

(no subject)

If you have Verizon Wireless cell phone service do you know why my boyfriend can record sound bits and use them as ringtones and I can't (I can record sound but not use them as ringtones)? Do I need VCAST?

And I know you all work there so don't tell me to fucking call.
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What are some things that YOU stock up on that might be considered weird to stock up on?
ie. pregnancy tests, white t-shirts, nail clippers....

What are some things that are common to stock up on that YOU only buy one usage at a time at a time?
ie. toilet paper, water bottles, envelopes....
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(no subject)

My baby cousin had her picture taken someplace, and my aunt had the sample photos up on her fridge. They had a watermark across, it was the name of a website. Apparently it was for a contest- you got your child's picture taken and the winner would get a set of prints free. I'm just looking for the samples online, but I can't for the life of me remember the site.

Do you have any idea what the website would be?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

(no subject)

to anyone that watches The L Word...

is it worth buying season 4 of the series?

i've heard from people that season 4 was really lame and that i should  wait to buy season 5 and just recap from there whenever it comes out
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(no subject)

My manager has a big sign posted in the back room.

It says "You are here to make MY job easier".

Do you think it's the employees job to make the managers job easier?

Or is it the managers job to make the employees job easier?
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My boyfriend was admitted into the hospital yesterday morning. This is the second time in four months.

I normally stay with him when he's in, but about an hour ago, he told me to leave.

What can I take him tomorrow to make him feel better? He can't have any food or drink right now, and I don't think he's particularly fond of flowers.

Furthermore, what can I do to make myself feel better and not so hurt tonight?
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