January 14th, 2008


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Heyyy...My friend used to have a video (YouTube, I assume) that he really wants to find back. He explained it as, "This Asian dude waiting for the PSP release...it was an interview, and the interviewer asked something like, 'This is crazy; why are you out here waiting for this?' and the guy responds, 'Only babygamers wouldn't show up for this release...and I'm no babygamer!'"

I've done some searching, but I can't find this elusive not-babygamer. Help?
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omg, you guys, it's back to school in eight hours and i can't decide what to wear! D:

what color sweater should i wear?


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For those of you in college.... 

1. How do you like your classes so far?

2. My first day is tomorrow. What else should I bring besides my book, notebook, planner and  a writing utensil?
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How many hours of sleep do you have to get to function normally in class/at work?
How many hours of sleep do you have to get to function like a human being in class/at work while not looking hung over or high? (eg: no stuttering, stumbling)

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How do you get over something that your brain logically knows you need to get over, but your heart feels it's wrong to get over and you just want to go back in time? I feel like I'm not supposed to get over it, like this is where I belong and there's no other path for me. But my head knows it could never work.

Have you ever felt this way about something?

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1. Are you a fan of the movie Napoleon Dynamite? Why or why not?

2. Do you watch the Food Network? If so, what's your favorite show?

3. Which do you like better, winter or summer clothing? 

ETA: I didnt want to make a new post, so: what's the word for that thing in the back of the book that kinda sounds like appendix or index or something? My friend and I are trying to figure it out and are searching google but we can't find it!  Uh, never mind. It was appendix. We're dumb. :)
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Do you enjoy making breakfast? What do you enjoy preparing/eating the most?

A: I love everything about breakfast. I love making pancakes and cooking breakfast for other people. I would love to be a breakfast chef in a cafe. Not a greaser joes truck stop though haha.

I think i like watching pancakes cook the most, and flipping them. And when everyone wakes up and you have cooked something amazing. Ahh

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what's the last thing that really pissed you off?

mine: it's 3 am & I've got to be up for work at 7:30. I can't sleep because my mother is snoring loud enough to wake the dead.. and she won't stop :\
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1) Why do my friends look at me weird for ordering my Vietnamese food without bean sprouts?

2) Why do they look at me even weirder when I tell them that bean sprouts taste like grass?

3) What's your favourite Vietnamese dish? Mine is Bun Ga Nuong.  I had it twice last week, at two different restaurants. I tried some kind of garlic chicken during a third visit, but it wasn't good at all.

4) Is Bun Ga Nuong authentic Vietnamese or is it Americanized, like TexMex or Chop Suey?

5) What's the name of the techno song in Little Miss Sunshine that's played during the acrobat's performance during the pageant?

6) Are there any other places besides USPS that I can get a PO box at? I don't want my parents knowing I have a second bank account since they have access to my other one and can see what I spend.

7) If I get permission to paint my room, what colour (s) should I paint it?

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1. What questions do you think gets asked too much in TQC?
2. Who do you think is the most active member in TQC?
3. Which one is your longest toe? Your big toe or your second toe? Does it weird you out?
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What do you consider to be the "4 bases" of sex/relationships?

1 - Kissing
2 - Over the clothes touching
3 - Under the clothes touching and possibly clothes off
HOME RUN - Sex of some description (oral, anal, vaginal)
TV Addiction


I'm not entirely sure how but I somehow thought the first part of that Terminator TV show came on at 9pm Sunday.

So, I missed it.

I blame the Communists!

How was it?

Oh, and just cuz I love promoting this guy's stuff: Clicky!
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Flower drying.

Hi all, first time poster here... Just wondering: I got a rose from my grandfather's funeral and I'd like to press it/dry it to keep it around... Does anyone know the best way to go about that? I looked online but I was wondering what everyone's personal experiences were.

Bella / Alone in Woods


Does anyone know where I can find the ringtone from "One Missed Call"? I've tried looking for it online but I don't know which sites to trust & which ones I can't.

Anything helps.
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When I was little there was a movie. It was about 2 kids (a brother and sister) and something happened and these bird like life size things came out of the mirrors. While the parents were having a party these things started coming out and wrecking havoic on the party. I have no idea what this movie is called. Do you?

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How often do you clip or file your fingernails?

I have to file mine down at least twice a week or they get so long they drive me nuts. Is this about normal or do my fingernails just grow freakishly fast?
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American Movies

Does anyone out there love the National Lampoons movies as much as I do??
I'm watching European Vacation right now and am LOVING it!
If you like the Lampoon movies, which one is your favorite?
Favorite quote or moment?
And how about Police Academy, do you enjoy these as well?
*I do*

The Indianapolis Colts

1. Any colts fans out there??
2. Is anybody extremely disappointed in yesterday's game??
3. Who do you want to win - The Chargers or the Patriots?
4. Who do you think will win??

Go to fullsize image

My answers:
1. I love the colts. Die-hard fan.
2. I'm so disappointed. It really makes me mad that it's the topic on all the sports shows, too. But, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering how obvious it is that the Patriots are going to dominate the Chargers. At least if the colts were playing them it would be a game.
3. I hope the patriots kill the chargers. I used to hate the patriots, but I don't anymore.
4. There's no question: the pats are going to kill 'em.

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leave your turntable on

[hopes no one has a bad Candice story]

Do you have preconcieved notions about men/women with certain names? (Inspired by this article)

I tend to assume that all Michaels are smug bastards who become frat boys because of a Michael that I knew in middle school, and Kevins are all weird (good weird or bad weird). I've only personally known one Jessica (that I can remember), and she was a total introvert and she wasn't particularly popular (even though she was pretty).

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I'm going to go to the movies today, but I have NO idea what to see. there are several movies that interest me..

which movie should I see?

I Am Legend
One Missed Call
Sweeney Todd
The Receptionist Classic

A Plethora Of Q's

Thing the First: My niece turns thirteen this week (!) and I'm really stumped as to what to get her. She wasn't much help when I asked her ["gift cards" but didn't say to where...]. Do you think taking her for a pedicure is cool or dorky? Or would I be better off going with a gift card for iTunes?

Thing(s) the Second: If you buy/make Valentine's Day cards, who do you buy/make them for?
Do you go for the mushy lovey ones or do you go for the cheesy/funny ones?
(I saw a Star Wars musical one and I came *this* close to buying it. If only it had been a better punchline inside...)

Thing the Third: Have you ever been to a live stand-up comedy show? Who? What was it like?
(We're going to see Louis CK soon, it'll be my very first live show. Woo!)

And finally, Thing the Fourth: Did you watch any movies this weekend? What'd you see?
(I watched "In The Name of The King" and "Caveman" [an older movie, total B-flick].)
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If you're about to take medicine and the pill falls on the floor, do you take it anyway or throw it away and take a different one?

Edit: I ask because some/most people won't eat food that touched the floor.
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I know that there was recently a post asking what (if anything) you do for friends/SO's when they're sick, but my question is a little more specific:

-My boyfriend is probably going to be getting his wisdom teeth removed over mid-winter break. He claims he can take pain well, but I've seen him when he's sick, and he's just a big baby. What, TQC, can I do to try to make him feel better/not hurt so much/etc?

-How do you pronounce the "Tso" in "General Tso's Chicken?" I've heard about four different ways, all from the waitresses in my most favorite Chinese restaurant...
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Can you tell me who can deliver food in the zip code area 85260? I forgot lunch and I don’t have my vehicle today. :(

If you have a SO or are married do you still have that lovely dovey feeling?
How would you describe your feelings towards your partner?

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What is your favorite body part?


eta - later today I have to go to the eye doctor. I hate the eye puff test. It freaks me out.

What's your least favorite part about going to the doctor? (any doctor)
this is yet another thierry henry icon.

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I'm going to Barcelona for spring break in March with a couple of friends and we're basically going to spend two weeks checking out the nightlife... but we have no idea where to start. Is there anyone that's been there that could give us recommendations of places to go? Obviously I can look online but I trust actual recommendations way more!

Resume Question!

I'm in the process of revamping my resume, and I'm not sure how to account for one particular job that I've held.

From May of 2006 to January of 2007, I worked in retail, then because of illness I had to stop working for a long time (I was going to school during this time as well), so I quit my job with the acknowledgement that I'd most likely be back when I was well again. In October 2007 I started working at the same position (no job in between), with wages as if I'd never left. I'm not sure how to put this on my resume, though. Do I put it down as two separate "jobs," do I put it down as if I never left, or is there some other way to cover this absence on a resume? I'm not looking to leave my current job, which is only part time, I'm just looking for a second part time job.

I would ask my boss for advice but my original store manager isn't there anymore and the new one is dealing with the stress of being thrown into this new position so I don't want to bother her if I don't have to. :(

May 2006 - January 2007 : Worked at one position
January 2007 - October 2007 : Was not working due to illness
October 2007 - present : Working at original position again

Help me TQC!

Answered! Thank you!

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Is there anyway to set a timer on your computer to limit internet use? It seriously sucks up ALL my time, and there are tons of things I could do that are way more productive. If I have a timer, I wouldn't use it as much and do more work, go to the gym, and clean more. 
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I haven't been sick all year. Leave it to me to get a cold as soon as I get to Italy. I have a cough, congestion, sneezing, fatigue, and just general shittiness. What should I do?

A. Keep on willing myself to not have a cold, like I do and home and what I've been doing since I got here.
B. Eat a lot of oranges, keep taking vitamins, and sleep more.
C. Suck it up, go to a pharmacy, and try my luck at getting medicine.

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How many times in your life have you really been in love?

How many times did you think you were in love but later realized you weren't?

Do you ever get tired of answering questions about love?

Is it worse to be the owner of a lonely heart or the owner of a broken heart?

(no subject)

Do you believe two people can fall in love in a matter of days/weeks? Do you think the love stories in movies like Garden State and Titanic are realistic?

If not, how much time do you think needs to pass before one can say he or she is in love?
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Geeky Girls
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Relationship Questions

What is the most memorable date that you have had?

For those of you in a relationship, how long was it before "I love you" was said. In what context was it said? Who said it first? How long have you been together?
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Terminus' Scar

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1. What are you afraid of admitting to yourself?
2. Have you ever lied to yourself for such an extensive period of time, that you started believing the lie to be true?
3. If you believe something, and everyone else believes it, does that make it the truth?

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1. If your friend came to you and said he or she was a transexual, would you help them raise money for sexual reassignment surgery?

2. Do you check out movie review sites (like rottentomatoes) before you decide to see a movie?

3. I'm eating sushi for the first time tonight. What should I order?

4. Have you ever asked your friends so many questions that they set a quota for how many you could ask in the future?
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Someone just gave you a million dollars! You can only spend it on material goods (no traveling) and cannot spend it on essentials or to fix your debt. What do you buy?

Do you spell it blond or blonde?
James Franco joint

Financial Questions.

I normally don't let myself get in this much of a jam, but family emergencies came up over winter break, and I am now short on money.

Collapse )

How much of the credit card bill should I pay?
Should I use the American Express card on clothes which I need, or save it for the bill, or use it on food...or something else?
I talked to my mom about her giving me some money (she pays for my food, since I pay for tuition and housing), and she said that she wouldn't give me anymore until I was about to run out. Should I just pay the whole thing and then ask her for money?

Also: How did you go about buying your first car? This is vague, but I am also in a jam there, too. Trying to be an adult is hard. :(

Dr. Evilcorners

I wish to create a Death Star in space, the size of a small planet, with the power to destroy worlds. What energy source should I use to power it?

Windmills (to catch solar winds)
The 'Clapper'
Dilithium crystals
Harvesting the energy from thousands upon thousands of apes masturbating to simian porn
Few thousands 9-volt batteries
Water powered
Entirely clockwork
Hydrogen cells
None. Gotta do it old school, middle-ages style. Death Star weapons will consist only of catapults

So, there I am, in my Death Star, with my weapons poised on the world's capitals. What should my villainous demands be?

Proper energy source to power my Death Star
Anna Kournakova and Carmen Elektra, extra-strength Viagra
Timeshare in Yosemite
Year's supply of caffeinated drinks
Lock Britney Spears in a cave, so the world will finally stop talking about her
Amendment to the Bill of Rights that the American People have the right to never again be presided over by anyone from the Bush family
Piano lessons
My own Mini-Me

What should my deadly minion fighting units be?

Clones, in white armor, who can't seem to hit the side of a barn
Armored bears
Killer bees
Oompa Loompas with catapults, which fling those evil squirrels at interlopers
Chuck Norris
Furries, who will sacrifice their bodies to protect me
mr jummy

Another haircut question

Dearest TQC:
I am in desperate need of a haircut. I have thin thinning hair and when it starts to get longer it gets -really- scraggly and horrible looking. If I was awesome, I'd get a mohawk or something, but I am not awesome, so I think I'll have to stick with slightly more traditional looks ;)

Collapse )

I really like Katee Sackhoff's haircut in Battlestar Galactica, but I'm not sure if it's the right way to go... I haven't had bangs for a veeery long time. So, do you think this is a good style or a bad style for me? Any better suggestions? I'd shave it off, but I have a lumpy head and no-one needs to be exposed to that ;)


Hi Everyone, I am new here. Here is my first question(s) for you guys:

1.Why did you buy the car you currently have?
2.If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be?

1. I own a 67 Chevelle because it was the car I always wanted and it is bad ass. I also have an '02 Silverado because ever since I saw that model I liked it, it's white and extended cab. That is the only color I like on that truck.
2. I am happy with the ones I have actually. My husband has a 72 Camaro so I tink we are good on cars for a while :)
I hate you go die Roxo

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For those of you who've had your wisdom teeth out, how soon afterwards did you feel ok enough to work?

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. All four of them. I was able to arrange it so that I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off of work, but I didn't think to ask for Monday off. Monday is MLK day and I don't have to go to class, but I'm worried that I might have to work while still feeling like shit. I work in a coffee shop, a job that involves both standing a lot and talking to customers, and I'm worried that my mouth will hurt too much to make talking all day comfortable, and also that whatever painkillers I'm on might make me too woozy to stand for long periods of time.

I'm probably worrying about this too much, but I'm rather nervous in general about the entire procedure. Due to past experiences with a really bad dentist I have a pretty large fear of getting dental work done in general, plus this will officially be the first time I've ever been "put under" or had anything approaching surgery done to me. I've heard a lot of stories about how awful getting your wisdom teeth out is, and as the day approaches I just get more and more scared. Can any of you guys help quell my fears? :(

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You are on the train and know that someone will be meeting you at the train station. The train is diverted onto a different track and ends up on the opposite side of the track on the inbound side. The train always arrives on the outbound side so this is unusual. When you get off, you look around and don't see the person who is meeting you on either side. Do you wait on the side where the train dropped you off (the wrong side) or do you cross over to the other (usual) side?
Dr H - Hammer Penis

Airplane Tickets

What online booking websites you use to make your flight plans?

I'm trying to see my LD SO and I don't have the  money to spend a lot on plane tickets so which sites do you use to get the best prices for plane tickets is really the question

Edit: I have like 1000 or so miles with United, but I don't know what those "frequent flier" mile are for (I don't completely understand that whole thing, I fly a lot, so I figured I sign up for them, but I don't quite get what they are for...
Bus or Penguins

Monthly Budget

My DH and I are looking to purchase a home - we are reevaluating our budget to make sure we are making the right choices in how much we spend. My question is, is there a general rule of thumb of how much money you should have left over each month, after all debts and other expenses are paid? I'm talking the mortgage payment, car payments, student loans, credit cards, utilities, groceries, etc. Basically, so you have some extra cash to go out to dinner if you want, see a movie, or any of the other little things that pop up.   

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My boss just gave me a cup of chili from Wendy's, which he says he brought to work on Tuesday (last week) and he said I could eat it. Do you think I should eat it even if its been here for almost a week?(It was inside the fridge)
edit: ok am not eating it.

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what is your favorite Hershery Kiss?
what would you suggest as a new Hershey Kiss flavor?

I like the new New York Cheesecake flavor that just came out.
I like they need an amaretto flavor

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Does anyone have any experience working at Walgreens?
Does anyone else naturally type "Wargerns", instead of Walgreens?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the maximum level of bored), how boring was your day today?
What do you wish your life was like?

Group work hate!

In my Sociology class we had to get intro groups for a presentation.  I was in a group of three with a guy and another girl.  It was due today and over this past weekend I said I would do it and give them stuff to present (so that they would at least be doing something since I was the only one who had done work until that point).  

I texted the girl this morning to see if she or the guy had done any work on their own so I would know how much to present compared to them, and she said she worked all weekend (later I found out this meant she was AT work, not working on our project).  She didn't even show up for class!  So I asked my teacher if we could do it tomorrow because I thought she had material.  

Was it unreasonable of me to text her and say if she doesn't email me something to present or at leat show up tomorrow to present the materials I prepared for her, that I would tell our teacher she didn't contribute at all?  I don't mind if I did the hard work and they present because then they're at least participating, but to not do anything at all really bothers me.  What would you do?
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My cousin is a MaryKay pusher consultant and brings up every opportunity to try to sell us products.  One of my New Years resolutions was to take better care of myself (thus take better care of my skin), so I decided to go back to MK.  I've been using some MK that I bought last summer but my cousin insisted it's for the wrong skin type even though she hasn't seen the physical products that I'm using.  She just goes off my description.  Per her suggestion, I bought all of the products she suggested for me that was $113 before tax.  I got a default courtesy e-mail from my "cousin" (MK wrote a letter closed it with my cousin's name) and it said I would be contacted later for payment info.  My cousin e-mailed me and told me that she charges $6/s&h.  I was a little disappointed that she didn't offer a discount but I wasn't that upset because, hey, that's how you run a business.  I was a little more disappointed when she wouldn't ship my products for free because she's always pushing us to buy it and I was sort of doing her a favor.  Still, I wasn't surprised because I understand that she's running a business.  I got the e-mail confirming my home address and the grand total.  She said that I can send a check to her address.

I was seriously like "WTF?!"  I didn't see a disclaimer anywhere on the website that says she only accepts checks.  I don't have $127.  I will by Friday but I'm still hesitant to pay for it because I feel tricked into buying it.  I think it was unfair for her to practically force me to buy MK from her and get me to almost take out a loan from my husband and parents.

What would you do?

Do I have the right to complain to the corporation since there wasn't a disclaimer regarding their stiff payment policy?

The products have a money back guarantee.  Should I return them and get my money back? 

ETA: I thought I would be able to pay with a credit card and pay it off in two weeks.  I didn't know she would ask for payment ASAP.  I just thought the website was a little deceptive.

I would like your two cents please.

A little background info: I've been playing soccer since I was five, but I got burned out and was also going through a mental funk, so I "took a break" from last season. After realizing how much I miss it, I want to get back into it and was thinking about trying out for my school's team.
I'm a little out of shape for my personal standards, but I've never been the fastest, even at peak physical condition. I've been working on getting back into shape for the past two weeks.
Tryouts are in a month, give or take.

1. Should I proceed in trying my hardest to get in shape and try out, or is it a lost cause? Honesty and comments appreciated. It's going to take a lot of strength on my part to get over my social anxiety problems and try out, and I don't want to make a fool of myself in the process.

And for those of you who don't want to help shape my future:

2. What was the best thing that happened to you today?
regina happy

Power outage!

How do you entertain yourself if your power goes out, you're all alone and both your laptop and cell phone batteries are dead?
This just happened. I read for a little while, then tried to teach myself to knit once it got too dark to read. I also spent a hefty amount of time staring at cars going by.

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Quick question, in the newest Motorola razr, is there any way when you have a ringer id to make it so that it only rings when the person calls you NOT when the text you? and how could i do this? Thanks! =]

(no subject)

Inspired by this post.

1. What's your name?

2. What do you think your name says about you?
[interpret as you wish]

3. Do you find that you have similar traits to people of the same name?

Edit: Me!

1. Anna

2. Unusual, but not unheard of.

3. I've found that other Anna's I know are sociable but observe rather than get completely involved.
We're also creative.

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Do you think it's likely to get accepted from top tiers like Columbia or Williams or John Hopkins (or something up there like that) if someone has a 4.0 GPA in 2 years of community college, but like a 2.5 (and failed all classes during junior year of high school during one semester) in high school? Also, in about 6-7 different clubs and vice president in one of them and educational event leader in another. Never took the SATs, but am scared to because I might get a low score from slacking in high school. I would really like the schools to not require the SATs for transfers, but it's probably unlikely.

(no subject)

I read that before having your hood pierce you have to make sure your clitoris anatomy is correct for either a vertical or horizontal piercing. What exactly are they looking for to determine if you have the correct anatomy?
Evil Me

(no subject)

Do you know that Macro that is a picture of a cat in a car that says "I don't know where I'm going with this..." or something to that effect? Will you post it?

If not, will you post your favorite macros?
  • matsu

dear tqc, please fix my computer. thanks.

All of a sudden a few days ago, my computer screen started having these orange lines in it. It's not in the actual computer, because when I turn it off they go away. I tried to take a screenshot of it, but then I realized you guys' monitors would be working fine so there might not be any lines. If you can't see them, the lines are sometimes orange, sometimes green. They're these little dotted lines that appear all over.

So, my question is: what's wrong with my computer?

Relationship question

I'm 23. Married with 1 child. I've been with my husband for 8 years.

I'm stressed out. I've had a nice string of health issues. I work two jobs and go to school.

I never go out. I stay at home and play video games.

I've finally come to realize that this really isn't that good for my mental health. I need to get out and have some fun.

Problem? My husband is a homebody and he really doesn't like the idea of me going out with my friends if it involves going anywhere besides one of their houses.

So..should I sit at home and make him happy? Or should I go out and have some fun to make me happy?

If I do decide to go out...what should I do? I've only been to one bar.

Both serious and non serious answers are welcome.

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Pot Luck Weddings... Are they for real?

I've been invited to one. I think it's stupid.
EDIT: There are like 250 people coming. How do you make that much food? What if your dish was the ~best~ but you only make enough for 20? Hmph.
  • sejabop


It seems that whenever I cut a lemon up to throw into my drink, I always chose the slice that has the sticker on it. So I have a floating sticker in my beverage.
Does this happen to you?

What do you wear at bed at night?
*naked or bath robe*

When you go to a Chinese buffet...what do you put on your plate first?
*noodles of any sort and crab rangoon. fresh seafood if they have it*
  • tndb


Me and my boyfriend are having a 3 month anniversary this Saturday, and I want to do something special for him because I love him lots. I'm thinking something extra special, super sweet and ridiculously awesome. The problem is, I don't know where to start, so, dear TQC, can you give me any ideas or share your stories about sweet things you did for your SO's?

Also, what have you done together with your SO that has brought you emotionally closer?
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Both pups

Finders Keepers?

So my roommate and I just went to Wal Mart - and driving out of the parking lot we saw some bag lying in the middle of the lane. So we stopped to see what it was - it was a (cheap) Durabrand toaster!

I already have a toaster that works just fine, but we picked it up anyway. There wasn't anyone around that looked like they could have dropped it. We figure someone put it on the top/back of their car, took off, and it fell off.

So we are thinking of just waiting a couple of days and taking it back to Wal Mart and say it was a gift that we don't want. Can we have some store credit!

Are we bad people for doing that? What would you do if you had found a brand new abandoned toaster in the parking lot?

(no subject)

1)what do you do if you turned in a book from the public library, but they don't show you as turning it in?

2)How much did you spend on books today?

$73, but coming back for more.

3)do people who say [insert name here], you guys know [insert name here?] annoy you?


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I want to paint something very similar to this (see picture behind the cut) on my bedroom wall but I'm not sure how to go about it. Are there such things as giant stencils or something? Are there people out there who actually do this as a profession who could do this for me? you know, giant tree painting people ;). I have zero artistic talent (actually, I'm pretty sure my artistic talents go into the negatives...) so drawing it myself would end in ultimate.. disaster, no doubt. What would be the best way to go about having this done to my room? 

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I had this 'game' I suppose you could call it in my dream a few nights ago, but woke up before I found out the specifics. I kept going back to sleep to try and see what happened, but to no avail :(

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So TQC, what happens next in this 'game'? What is its purpose?
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Is anyone here in the SCA?
How long have you been?
How did you get involved?
Will I see you at Pennsic this year? Haha

Also, have you registered a name and/or device?
How was the registration process for you?

I've been in the SCA for about two years. My boyfriend and his family play a lot so they got me into it originally. I was at Pennsic for a few days last year, but this year I'm going for the full two weeks!
I'm currently in the process of registering a name and device. I'm trying to hurry the process along because my boyfriend thinks I'm going to get my Award of Arms in April, but I'm nervous I won't have everything passed by then.
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study abroad

Have any of you ever been on a study abroad trip in college?
What kind of experience did you have with it?

I'm thinking of going on a 3 week study trip to Italy, but I'm not sure if it's worth the $4,000.
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My SO and I are experimenting with loose teas. We bought a nice organic green jade tea, and are using a French press to strain. The tea room we purchased from, as well as most internet sites, say to steep for 2 minutes.

I'm sorry, but only steeping for 2 minutes makes the tea taste like water.

Are we doing something wrong, or can it steep for longer without breaking open the tea heavens and getting lightning bolted on our heads?
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fer real, yo

when you go to a restaurant and try a dish for a first time, do season it (salt and pepper) before you try it, or do you taste it and then season it?

edit: i am so glad ya'll agree with me. my friend coats every dish with salt and pepper every time and i CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT.

Workout Videos

Do you have a favorite workout video? If so, what is it and why do you like it? If this question has been asked (and I missed it) please point me to the link.

I need some recommendations for some new cardio. I am tired of the elliptical, treadmill, and stepper.

Alternate question: How do you kill the Silver Surfer?
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1) How many times a day do you poop?

2) What's your favorite restaurant to eat at?

3)Are you Democratic or Repulican?

4)Who do you think will become the next president and how do you think they will do?

5)What's the most embarrassing haircut you've had?

6)How often do you do community service?
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Most embarrassing moment at work?

Mine was fairly recent.. Last November, a co-worker caught a terrible stomach virus. The symptoms decided to show themselves shortly after we opened. She was miserable and vomiting so frequently that she couldn't leave the back room. We work at a small, family owned tuxedo shop with limited space and no hot water.. Only the two of us were there and she was sick for the rest of the day. I was doomed!!!

The next day (Sunday) I felt queasy and barely ate. I work alone Monday afternoons and knew I really needed to be at the shop. I felt fine, so I went.... ...

About an hour after I got there my stomach turned on me.. pain, pain, pain. I had a few customers and tried to ignore the disgusting churning of my intestines since I wasn't nauseated. (I thought to myself, ''How will this nasty bug show itself?'').

I was measuring someone... I bent down to take his outseam and it was all over for me. ...

What began as churning ended with the worst diarrhea I have ever experienced.

I ran to the back room..
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Where is my Zim DVD?

Should I go grocery shopping in the freezing-ass cold tonight and cook real food, or shop tomorrow and eat crackers and green beans tonight?

When you're sad/angry/upset, and you feel tears coming, do you hold them back?
What's your strategy for doing so?
Does crying make you feel better, or does it get you more worked up and feeling worse?

What do you feed your cat?

kitten nursing!

My kitten Iggy has this little "nursing" problem. I first got him when he was seven weeks old - I am assuming that he was just weaned a little too early & still feels the need to nurse...
He's a little over 4 months old now & he nurses any chance he gets until he passes out (sometimes he'll do it constantly for a good 20 minutes), it's not really a problem per se, it is kind of annoying.

What would YOU do in my situation?
(it sometimes wakes me up at night)

serious & non serious answers welcomed.

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If you have a deferred student loan where you don't have to start payments until Jan. 2012 and you don't spend a good portion of it, for example 3000 dollars, can you pay them that back now and then not pay again until 2012 or is it once you start paying you have to keep paying?
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1.  So early this morning I kept waking up bcuz my heart would randomly start beating really fast...Does this sound serious to you?
2. Who's the coolest person you know? EDIT: what makes them the coolest?
3. Do you need a vacation? To where?

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Do you understand what menstruation is all about?
Are you the type that thinks that menstruation can be controlled by women?

I asked this becuase my friend was telling me her bf wanted to have sex but she said no becuase she was on her period, so no sex during the period. Then an hour later he said "is it over now?"  How dumb is that?

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if i spilled water on my hp pavilion dv5139 laptop, and half of the keys aren't working, if i disassembled the laptop and replaced the keyboard myself, would that be too hard? advice?
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Without using a pay site, what's the best way to find someone you haven't spoken to or seen in years?

Edit: They're 45. I've tried Myspace, Facebook and classmates.com already.

EDIT-EDIT: I found her. Apparently she passed away. :(
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i can't even boil water?

Every time i make pasta, i can't seem to keep it at a rolling boil without it all foaming and boiling over.
If i turn it down just a little it stops boiling completely. It's either boiling over or not boiling at all. This is an electric stove.
wtf is my problem*, TQC?

*(my uhm, pasta related problem. Though i will take suggestions about any of my other problems that you know about or can imagine.)
I <3 TLV

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1. Have you ever been able to contact someone who you met years ago and have no idea how to reach? I met a guy at a summer program in 2003 and I'd like to get in touch with him - but all I know is his first name and what state he's from (plus I have a photo). How likely is it that I'll be able to find him again?

2. Related to the above, has anyone here done the FALCON Japanese program at Cornell?