January 13th, 2008

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I ended up using some of the money I had to order foods.

So now that I have some money left and a full tummy, should I pocket the rest of the money or give it back to my inlaws?
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Do you think it's kind of a cop out to be a missionary (Christian, from America) to Europe?

What food item would you recommend from a stereotypical international food aisle? If you're not American, assume your country is represented in said aisle.

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How dumb is it to post the following on your myspace:

a. IRL pictures of marijuana plants (not drawing or paintings but actual pictures)

b. pictures of yourself smoking weed out of a bowl

and why?

ET fix a typo.
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If you enjoy dark chocolate, what's the highest "percent" cacao you've ever tried? Did you like it? When talking about chocolate made for eating, not baking chocolate

What's the darkest you enjoy before it becomes gross?

1) I've tried 86% cacao chocolate from the "Ghiradelli" brand. It was kinda yuck, but after a while I didn't mind it.

2) Around 75% is great, for me.
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Psychologists, Psychiatrists...and Financial Advisors?

 My mom really pissed me off today when she said she doesn't believe in the concept of psychology or think what psychologists do for a living is "right". Apparently all that their job entails is "being good at talking" and they "only want people's money." This came after I told her it would be good to seek out a financial advisor on how to plan for the future in terms of investments and stuff. Of course, she dismissed their merit, too.  

What she said especially pissed me off because 1) I'd been seeing a psychiatrists for the past few months for depression/anxiety (she knows this), and 2) I'm taking a bunch of psychology classes in college. She then went on to say I'm stupid for making my life so complicated with "all this therapy shit". I just about died. I was so pissed off and speechless I didn't know what to say. 

So my questions are:

1. What do you think about psychology? Is it useful and does it actually *help* (edit) people?
2. What are your opinions on social-psycho-therapists? (therapists, financial advisors, etc.)
3. How do I go about convincing my mom that they're not fakes? (this one is a long shot, but oh well)  
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Deodorant Immunity

My current deodorant brand (Secret Platinum) no longer works. After several hours, my pits smell like sour mashed potatoes with a hint of baby powder.

I switched to another brand (Degree clear glide on with the black dress approval), but I want to use men's deodorant because I think men's Degree works better than the women's stuff.

My question: Will switching to men's deodorant alter my body chemistry to where I'll become immune to women's deodorant?

Someone warned me when I was using men's deodorant after gym and said that if I kept it up then I'd have to use men's deodorant products forever because women's would no longer work for me. I want to know if it's true or pure horseshit.
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EDIT: Hahaha, posted an entry from my journal here by mistake because I'm a twat.

Mmk. I'll change it for a question.
I've got to cook a dinner for my boyfriend tomorrow, but he's vegan and I'm not. Can you recommend me any tasty vegan meals?


So I'll probably regret posting this later but on my journey to my lovely neighborhood Hooters tonight it got me thinking(I know right?)...AND NOW...I come to you TQC!

If you could, and had to choose, what type of 'sexual' job would you pick to do for a living?
Hooters waitress?
Call girl/guy?
Porn star?
Shot girl?
Give me something. I'm curious. And tell me why, so I can have some sort of amusement. And what would your outfit consist of if you weren't all naked?

And if you met someone you really liked who was to be in the adult industry would you be able to have a serious relationship with them?

(P.S, Yes I'm being serious, I've always kind of wondered what options people would pick if they really had to. Haha.)
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yesterday and today, i have been sorting through all my sister's old crap (she moved out over two years ago, and i was FINALLY given the go-ahead to trash her abandoned belongings). amongst the wreckage i found a BUNCH of nice bibles and other assorted christian literature. I WILL NEVER USE THESE BOOKS, ever, so i want to get rid of them.

where should i donate them?

a church
a thrift store

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TCQ, My MP3 player is stuck ON and frozen. ETA: Its a Sansa.

I was turning down the volume while I worked out and it froze with the screen lit up. It wont turn off or change songs or anything. I tried to plug it into the computer to get it to re boot itself and it hasnt. I dont want to go for my run without music.

Any suggestions what to do? :*(


FIXED!!!! :)

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Are there any Harry Potter, Torchwood, Doctor Who, CSI (all three), or House versions of sgastoryfinders ? That place is awesome. I find so many different fics from others asking about one they've read before.

My grandma gave us some huugge eggs that she got from someplace that said they can't sell them because they're double yolked. Why wouldn't they be able to sell them? Have you ever heard of something like this, or did my gram mishear or get shit information?

Why do the eggs taste funny? I've had double yolked before, but these are brown eggs and not the white grocery store ones. The only time I've used brown eggs, it was in baking.
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Recordnerd.com's playing up for other people too, right?
Everytime I log in it goes to 'add to list' and 'edit list', has a black banner underneath and when you click either one of the buttons it just tells you to log in again. Does that site EVER work? *pouts*

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Okay this is a stupid question, but I'm checking out on forever21.com and it has a box for "address name". What do I put in that spot?

BTW it has seperate boxes for first/last name and the actual address.

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1. If you read any, what is your favorite personal blog written by someone you don't know IRL? I'm suddenly addicted to this one.

2. What is your favorite quote or song lyrics that basically say ... things are going to get better, tomorrow is a new day, etc.?

3. Do you take on the stress or anger or negative feelings of the people you're close to? What about people who are just near you but you don't have much of a relationship with them (e.g. coworker, boss)?

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Dentist Questions: 

1. Have you ever had a cavity? Have you had to get it filled? 
2. If so, did it hurt?

I went 21 years without a cavity and now I have two! I have to get them filled on the 25th, and I am nervous as to what to expect. 

School questions: 

1. How far in advance do you buy school materials such as notebooks, pens, folders, etc.? 
2. Is it weird that I have my entire organizational system for my classes laid out (Last year I did folders, but the folders ended up being too small for all the papers I had, so this semester I have planned to buy a giant 3-ring binder and dividers and just keep all my stuff in one binder). 
3. Trapper Keepers- too eighth grade? Do you use one?

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The only college I applied to recently accepted me.  My best friend wanted to go as well, but can't afford it.  After I told her my news she flipped out and told me I couldn't be scared because she had worked so hard to get in and it was easy for me, and my family could afford it more than hers could.

So, TQC, when you were accepted at a college of your choice, were your friends supportive or did they try to bring you down?

Jam or jelly? 
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My cousin told her mother that she was going to a Marines pool party... for recruitment. I'm calling bullshit on this one. Do you think that the Marines would have a recruitment pool party?? This seems very fishy to me, and I think she's lying to get out of being grounded.
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University of Phoenix

Are the online degree programs through University of Phoenix a rip-off?

If you are currently getting your degree through U of P, how do you like it?
If you have already earned your degree through U of P, what did you like and dislike about it?
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I have a new bedroom, which I can decorate any way I want.
It's two rooms knocked together so has a little bit of wall on each side sticking out in the middle.
There are eaves at either end; one has a sort of poking out window and one has a skylight.

Any ideas as to how to style the room?

[ So far I'm having a sink in a recess tucked into a cupboard, and fairy lights in the wall where the first window sticks out. That sort of thing ]
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What do you think of the idea of chocolate frosting on sugar cookies? Seems like an easier way to get dark colored frosting than adding a gallon of food coloring. But it sounds weird to me.

People who don't like frosting can just ignore this and go back to their joyless frostingless lives.


well, my mac is pretty much out of space and I am way too poor to buy an ext harddrive anytime soon, so I'm burning all of my movies onto DVDs...

I wanted to try to use iDVD and put like, 2-3 of them on a single DVD accessible via different main menu options in iDVD... (make sense?)

Has anyone done this? How'd it work out? Can you even do this?

(my files are around 1-1.5 GB each and are mp4s)

Favorite female singer...

Who is your favorite female singer?  Why do you like her?  Does her voice break your heart? 

Right now I'm on the edge between Norah Jones, Rebbecca Martin, and Michell Branch.  But really, I just love female blues singers. 
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What kind of stuff did explorers take on their ships?

For some reason, my Google skills are weak today. I'm trying to find a website that lists what kind of supplies (food, medical, etc.) explorers in the 1400s needed to take on their ships. Specifically, I'd like to find what kind of stuff Christopher Columbus brought along on his trans-Atlantic journies. Could you help me find a site with that information on it?

I've found the ship manifest with the names of the people on board, and copies of Columbus's ship log, where he wrote about what happened on board each day, but I can't find a list of how much food they brought and what kinds, and stuff like that.

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if you nudged into someone on purpose that you know and you hate him but kind of want to talk to him, yet you ignored him the last time he tried to speak to you, what would he think if you nudged past him while smoking a cigarette?
i'm going to do it purely for my own amusement, i think

Sunday Six!

 1. One of my friends is constantly hinting/insinuating/whatever that she thinks her job is more difficult than mine because I work in an office, and she works for an airline.  While I'm sure her job is hard, she knows NOTHING about my job and this pisses me off.  How and where shall I kick her ass?

2. My camera broke.  It's 2 years old and out-of-warranty. I've already had to pay to have it repaired once before (about a year ago).  Should I try and get it fixed (the zoom lense won't shut, and the camera wont turn on) or junk it and go new?

3. Do you have a store you can go to without feeling like you need to be prepared with an arsenal of knowledge? Aka, where they won't try to take advantage of you.

4. Girl scout cookies are awesome? Y/N? Favorite kind?

5a. When you're eating healthy (or if you always eat healthy) do you try to avoid restaurants?
5b. When you do eat out, do you let yourself break the rules a little?

6. How was your weekend?
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'Cart' online shopping system

Websites such as amazon.com have shopping cart systems, where you choose what items you want to buy, add them to your 'cart', and then purchase your 'cart' of items when you're done cyber-shopping.

Where could I get a cart system (preferably free) for a website I want to create? Any links or places I could get one/ look for one?

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What are three electronic gadgets you wish you had? 

My answers: 

1. A space heater because my work is really cold. 
2. An automatic car starter so I can warm my car up without actually sitting in the car
3. A laptop computer.  

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I have some creepy neighbors that claim to be pretty Christian. They homeschool their children so the schools don't force things upon them. 

They are pretty proud of the fact that they don't pay for internet and use the wireless networks around them. Would you consider that to be stealing? Do you think it's ok to jump on someone else's wireless network and use it all of the time just because the people dont have a secure network? 

I think that they are hypocritical assholes and are teaching their kids that it's ok to "steal" for lack of a better word. 

edited: they refuse to send their kids to public school. Sorry, was in a hurry typing.

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Ok, watashi am really sorry if this is a dumb question but i'm too embarassed to ask anyone in real life.....

My boyfriend has been telling me I need to start wearing a bra because if I don't then when I get older my boobs will sag. But I am absolutely terrified to do it, because have you seen like thos Victoria secret ads?? It looks like the bras are SQUEEZING their breasts and putting a LOT of pressure. I really really REALLY want to have kids and I'm scared if watashi start wearing a bra, will it put a lot of pressure on my boobs and kill the milk? How safe are bras, exactly?

My friend wears a bra and she's black so she probably has a ton of kids, but I noticed her boobs are like really big, and I was wondering if it is because her bra is putting pressure on them and it makes them swell up? It looks painful.

Please respond, aragato!
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There's a car sitting outside my house, it's been there for hours. I just noticed there's PEOPLE INSIDE THE CAR, I have no idea how long they've been in there.

What should I do?

What are they doing in there?
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TQC, the kittens we adopted a few months ago have barbed fangs. Literally, barbed.

Have you ever seen a cat with teeth that look like fish hooks? Are my kittens actually demons in disguise?

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I am writing an admissions essay for a program next year and it says to ~describe your leadership~ experience. Um I was a member of many organizations and shit but I wasn't ever ~president~ or anything so what should I write? D:

edit: I wrote it, yay. :]

I <3 TLV

Oops, I did it again! XP

1. How many times do you need to injure yourself in the kitchen before deciding that cooking just isn't for you? (I cut open a finger AGAIN today - this time it was while slicing a bagel. Have the kitchen knives pwned me or should I keep trying? XD)

2a. Is anyone else watching Predator on Spike right now?
2b. Which is cooler - Alien or Predator?

3. What's the cutest thing your pet has ever done?

4. Do you have any word tattoos? If so, what do they say? What font did you get it in?

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You know that Jay and Silent Bob skit on VH1's "I Love the 90s?" about who they would go gay for.

Is there anybody you would go gay for?
Or if you'er already gay, is there anyone you would go hetero for?

Sorry in advance to all the bisexuals out there who can't answer this one.
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For anyone who knows anything about the book of Genesis:
It says "And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters."  And then God creates light and so on.

I understand that the deep is the oceans, and it was dark so God created the sun...but does this mean the Earth was there already there, according to the bible? I probably sound really ignorant, but that is the point of me figuring this out. I come from a Catholic background, but I myself am not.

Shit, I'm an idiot. I was looking right at it. I have no excuse.

And for those of you who don't know...
What kind of car do you drive, and how many mpg does it get?


Anybody ever been on a safari?

My trip to Kenya this April is probably going to be cancelled because it is too dangerous right now - where should I go instead?

I am thinking Tanzania, but I don't know much about it. Anybody ever been?

(And don't say Egypt, because I am already going there for 3 weeks. Think safari.) 

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 I have some Kraft mac n cheese, but no milk.  If I make it without using milk, will it be gross?

Has YOUR sister gone to the store to buy food?
-No.  There is no food and I went to Rite Aid for the mac n cheese, but didn't realise I needed milk.  Ugh.

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My mom and I are looking to move. We found the perfect house, but it has a propane heating system. We've done some research on basic numbers and stuff, but does anyone have any experience with propane heating? Stories? How much has it cost you? Really, any personal experience. Even if all you have to say is, "My grandma had it and she made good cookies." ANYTHING.


ETA: We live in Washington. So, if you're from the West Coast/PacNW, you are even more helpful.

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I'm a sophomore in college. I have two brothers, aged 9 & 7, who got their pictures taken for baseball last spring. Our mom gave me a two pins, a brother on each pin.

Would it be completely nerdy to wear them on my back pack?

I really would like to, since I only see them a couple times a year and I am so proud of them. Just curious.

How many people are going to assume that these are my kids? (people tend to assume this anyway, whenever I'm in public with them)

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You find a great little house in a decent town. However, the house is on the border of a fairly dangerous town (we're talking within 50 feet). Would you consider purchasing it? If your answer is yes, would that change if you planned on raising children there?

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Do you have Fred Meyer where you are? What about Joe's Sports (formerly GI Joe's)? Safeway? Albertsons? Have you heard of these stores?

Have you ever assumed a chain was national and then when other people from other places hadn't heard of it your mind was blown?

ALSO, where can I get a kerosene lamp at this hour? I was thinking of trying Fred Meyer and Joe's. POSSIBLY TARGET. They have those everywhere, right? Do they sell kerosene lamps?
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Have you ever tried ear candling?

Basically, you insert a thin straw like object in your ear, not right in the canal, you then light the top of the object and it draws the wax and dirt out of your ears when it burns down.

(no subject)

What does it mean when an apartment website advertises that a unit has "washer/dryer connections"? Does that mean it doesn't actually have the W/D in the unit, that you have to buy them or something?
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I love reading too much symbolism into books and movies. Are there books out there that talk about symbolism in popular books and movies? Or maybe just a book that has common symbolism?

edit:Because si_infuria answered with theirs, what symbolism do you see in a book or movie that maybe no one else recognizes?
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How terrible of an idea is it for me to go out tonight even though my classes start tomorrow at 8:00AM? I'll definitely go to my morning classes no matter what. Hm... I won't be drinking or anything, I'll just probably be out late.

Should I just not sleep tonight and wait until around 11:00AM tomorrow when my classes are over with for the day to finally catch some z's? I haven't really been able to sleep lately anyway.

Any vegans or dairy allergies out there?

I have recently discovered I am allergic to dairy.
I was wondering what products are best to buy if you cannot/will not eat dairy.
I tried rice milk today and i loved it! But i was wondering about other substitutes. I've read some things online (which lead me to try rice milk instead of soy milk) but i'm looking for first hand experiences here.

So, any recommendations?
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Does anyone know what book or story had a scene where a kid was trying to write poetry, and came up with "This is ink. It is pink. Do not spill it in the sink"?

What was your favourite book as a child?


The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles - Julie Andrews Edwards

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I have to do a 10-page book report for my History class. The book must be non-fiction and can be about any US events that happened from 1877 - present. All the obvious topics like the Civil Rights Movement and Kennedy and The Great Depression are already taken.

Do you have any suggestions for topics or books? I wouldn't mind doing a little more work and research to be able to write about a cool/interesting topic.
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My neighbor (he lives in the apartment behind mine) has been yelling "woooooooooooooooo", "yessssssssssss", "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatheeeeeeeeefuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" and slamming shit around for the last hour or so. My couch is against the wall that separates our apartments, and this shit is so loud and strong that I can feel the vibrations in the cushions as I sit here internetting.

lead me

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cingular/at&t ppl -- have you gotten a weird propositioning text message on your phone tonight and the number is from all 1's and 0's?

did cingular's database get hacked or something? this has happened to two other people i know and the only thing in common is our phone company.

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do wet vacs (vacuums) really work?

half of the carpet in my mom's bedroom is soaked.. squishy soaked, with water >.< we're going to buy a wet/dry shop vac to dry it tonight. good idea, y/n?

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BREAD is just about the only thing we have in the house (but it's potato bread so I'm a super happy camper).

What's the best thing to put on toast?

I want to try nutella...can I get it just anywhere? (I haven't yet looked.) Or do I need to go someplace special?

ETA: I went out and got some and WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD THIS STUFF BEFORE.

Petco returns

I recently bought 2 Egyptian Leopard Frogs from Petco. Problem is, I don't think I can take care of them the way they deserve. I just bought them 5 days ago. They are in excellent health. Would Peto allow me to return them?


After you've completed your grocery shopping, and loaded your sacks into your bike/car/wheelbarrow, do you return your cart?

(assuming you used one)

Does it depend?
On how far the cart corral is?

What if you see the cart jockey gathering them up?
Do you bring it to him/her?
[lost] Goodbye lost

Odds and ends.


How would you describe your complexion?

What is your skin cleaning regimen?

Will you show me a pic of your face?


What trait do you like in a woman other than a hot bod and big boobs?

Do you prefer older or younger girls?

How tall are you?

Will you show me a pic of your face?

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Can you think of songs about college?

All I can think of is "I Wish I Could Go Back to College" from Avenue Q. And I guess "Give it Up" by The Format

Do you follow sports? Which ones, and at which levels?

My family is into college & professional football, professional baseball, and college basketball. I really don't care about any of them
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résumés are hard.


What do you have you in your "skills" or "skills and interests" or whatever section near the bottom of your résumé? Are they all directly related to your field or the jobs you tend to apply for? Do you have any on there that are just personal interests?
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Random Questions!

Do you like iHop?

When was the last time you were at an iHop?

I choke myself at night with my own hands. This results with morning ligature marks, how do I get rid of them before work?
EDIT:: Its a nightmare thing. I do it in my sleep. Well, I assume I do it. I sleep alone, hugging myself or a stuffed animal, with locked doors, and I wake up with my hands around my neck. This is only on the nights I have dreams I am being choked to death.

Did anyone miss me while I was gone? (I assume no)

Does anyone here use surfthechannel.com to watch movies/television shows? Have you noticed how slow it has become since the down time earlier in the week?